BoxyCharm February 2019 Confirmed New Spoiler Update!

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We have more spoiler info for the February 2019 BoxyCharm box!

All subscribers will receive:

A Pretty Vulgar Highlighter or Bronzer. Here are the possible shades you could get:

  • Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B – Bronze Mannikin
  • Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B -Sun-Kissed Snitch
  • Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan highlighter – Sparkling Sass
  • Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter – Glimmers of BS
  • Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter – Glow Up

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

One version of the box will include:

Variation #2 will include:

Every subscriber will receive:

TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Primer

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the February box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Got my box today! My card says 3 but it’s exactly the contents of what’s shown here as #2. The highlight shade is Glow Up and the lip is English Rose, a pretty shade. And there is a cute little primer nub in the stick too.

    • Did you get the Farmacy cleanser?

      • Yes!

        • Well, I’m hopeful that is my variation then, since the spoiler email showed I was getting the Glow Up highlighter.

    • Did yours come from Georgia?

      • Yes Lb, from Kennesaw Georgia

        • TY

  2. I received variation 4 today with no shipping email. It contained Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter – Glow Up, Tula face masks, Grande Lips in Rebel Taison, the BTS mascara and the TOS primer. If anyone is interested in swapping entire box for entire box, let me know! I looking for a variation with the SDJ coco cabana/ PV bronzer.

    • That was supposed to be Grande Lips in Rebel Raisin*. Oops!

  3. According to Instagram, var.#4 is Tula masks, Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan highlighter, TIS Primer, Grandecosmetics Plumping liquid lipstick, and the TF mascara. Box wt is 0.9. This is really kinda sucky!

    • I totally agree! The influencers get the best boxes and they don’t even pay for them! And, I come on MSA and see these awesome variations, which I never receive! It’s so frustrating! The 4pk masks retail for $26 and we are only getting two, so a value of $13. How is that even remotely fair?

      • I got 4 masks. There’s two in each pouch. Still not thrilled with this variation, though.

  4. I signed up to receive a second box because I think I’m getting the sheet masks and I really wanted the cleanser so 🤞🏼 I get it in at least one of my boxes

    • Good luck! I tried that a few times and no matter when I ordered the second box —my addiction drove me to try to find a way to “beat the system”)— I got the exact same variation. I’ve always gotten #1 except maybe twice in several years. Every time I ordered an additional box it was #1 as well. So clearly I wasn’t able to get two different boxes but hopefully you will! I have heard of people doing it successfully but after the 3rd try I gave up.

      • Oh man! Well, if it doesn’t work out this month, I will just cancel my second sub. I just thought I would give it a shot.

  5. Ok Charmers,

    I always seem to get the lesser valued box. After doing some digging, I was told that it depends on the shipping facility the box is shipped from. My box is shipped from Georgia. For those of you who also have their boxed shipped from Georgia, do you feel like you also get screwed every month or no?

    • Yep mine is shipped from GA and I always get variation #1.

    • Same here and always version 1… The cheapest of all variations… It seems like the non variant items are filler products too.. False lashes non stop, strange color lip sticks and so on..

      • Have you guys ever talked to CS about this? Are they accommodating if you don’t like the specific variation you receive?

    • I always receive mine from Georgia. Up until last month, I received variation 1. Month after month. Last month I received variation 2. This month variation 4. ( Tula sheet masks, grande lips, glow up highlight, tos primer and bts mascara)

      • That’s the one I’m getting. If you go and look at Boxycharm’s unboxing on YT, it does not mention the Smashbox or Grandecosmetics lipstick, which I feel is a little misleading to me!

    • Yes and yes. Now that I know I’ll always get screwed, I think it’s time to unsubscribe!

      • Me too. Cancelling.

    • Absolutely! That explains why every time I tried ordering a second box, to try and make sure I got certain products, I still got variation #1!!! What a waste! I tried this at least 3 times. 😄
      Thanks for sharing this!
      And I’m glad to hear that others agree that #1 is usually the worst variation. I know I’m getting the bronzer from my sneak peek email, so I guess I’ll get the box shown above with the SDJ and eye pencil. I’d have strongly preferred the Farmacy, just like I desperately wanted the Farmacy mask from a while ago. In fact I believe that was one of the months I ordered a 2nd box. I would’ve been okay with the SDJ if I hadn’t read so many bad reviews for it, mostly due to the scent. This basically means I will only like the mascara,. I have 2 deluxe samples of that primer already and it’s nothing special. I love PV packaging but I already own a ton of bronzers, many still brand new. As far as the eye pencil, I already have a few of these and can’t remember if I have this particular color. I do know I have plenty of eye makeup in that shade or close already. So for me it’s almost a complete bust this month. I’m giving Boxy one more chance in March but I am 99% sure I will cancel after that. I’m loving Ipsy Plus so much I doubt I’ll even miss it.

      Before people flip out on here (because God forbid if you have a negative opinion of something), let me say I know Boxy is always a great value for the price. And I know they can’t please everyone all the time. I’m just saying that I really loved Boxy for the first 2 years. But these past 6 months or so I have felt more disappointment than excitement when I open my box. I definitely think having so many more variations than they used to is a negative factor.
      And maybe as I get older my needs have just changed to preferring skincare over makeup. Obviously there are plenty of people that are consistently happy with their boxes and that’s great! So please understand I am not “bashing” or “hating on” them. 😄

  6. For those of you who are receiving the PV highlighter in Glow Up, there is a possibility that you will get the Tula sheet masks and a Smashbox lipstick instead of the Trestique!

    • Well there goes the only item I was interested in.

  7. Just got my spoiler e-mail, and it spoiled the 3 products that everyone is getting, that we already knew about! Ummm, that is not a spoiler!!!

  8. According to my spoiler I am getting PV Highlighter in Glow Up. LOL

    Useless to me, hopefully one of my daughters will want it. 🙂 I am definitely not in the demographic BC caters to. Me and my disposable income need to find a better outlet. 😀

    Happy for those that are thrilled, for those that are unhappy, I feel your pain!

  9. Enough of the warm colors that look awful on my cool toned skin!! I review every warm item they send me low and explain why. I’m sure they could manage a cool tones highlighter. I also give very unfavorable reviews for black mascara, black eyeliner and false lashes, but they send them every chance they get. If the spoiler above is correct, I should receive a trestique lip which I will love… unless it’s warm

  10. Why!!!! Spoiler: bronzer in mannikin. The one I didn’t want…. -_-

    • Me too. Its too dark.

    • Me too! My skin is pale with pink undertones. I received an orange lipstick last month and now I am getting a dark bronzer. Maybe it will work, but I hope they start referring more to the beauty quiz.

    • Happens to me every. Single. Time. If there is a variation that’s dark or orange…. guarantee I’ll get that one.

  11. I just got my spoiler email and I’m getting the highlighter (Yay!) but it doesn’t tell me whether I’m getting the Farmacy cleanser or the Tula masks

  12. My spoiler email shows I’ll be getting the highlighter in “Glimmers of BS,” which I love but already own. If that’s accurate, anyone want to trade for any of the other Pretty Vulgar products?

    • Oh man! I was wanting that one but got Glow Up! Lucky lol

      • Do you want to trade? Glimmers of BS is amazing (fav highlighter in my whole collection) but I already have it!

        • Really? That would be awesome!

          • Really! They’re so light they’ll be inexpensive to send, too. Send me an email at eric1953 (at) umn (dot) edu and we can keep in touch when our boxes arrive 🙂

          • I just sent you an email. Let me know if you receive it 😃

  13. Personally for me this box is so-so. I’ve been subscribed a long time. I love the value of the items and I usually gift what I don’t use. So hopefully next month will be better. If not I’m going to unsubscribe for a little while and someone can take my spot. I love getting the surprise in m mailbox everymonth.

  14. So tempted to sub for this box. I love the mascara, so its the cost of the box. But I really only want the first variation, so I’m not sure its worth it.

  15. Just watched the Boxycharm unboxing on YT and Charmers are going to either get a Tula Mask, SDJ, or Farmacy cleanser. I am going to be livid if I get a sheet mask over SDJ or Farmacy!!

    • I totally agree Kenley. Love Farmacy, & not a fan of sheet masks.

    • I know 😭…

    • One of the variations with the sheet masks has a Smashbox red lipstick in it instead of the eye pencil and other lipstick featured 😢 Really hoping I don’t get that one

    • Agree.

  16. Trying to hold myself back from subbing bc I’m really eyeing the first box with the SDJ and the box with the Farmacy….with my luck I get neither variation. I’ve never subbed to BC so not really sure how it works in comparison to Ipsy/Ipsy GBP. Are there any new subscriber promotions for BC?

    • Not sure on the promotions, but BC does not use a personalization quiz to curate a box specific to you like Ipsy does. They are planning on adding that feature in the future, but right now the beauty quiz you fill out upon subscribing is useless. I have only been a subscriber for a couple months and I’m already thinking about cancelling due to lack of personalization. I prefer my GBP honestly. BC did announce that they were going to be using our beauty quiz for “one item” for our March box though 😒 This box is an awesome value but not worth it to me if I’m going to be giving away half the stuff I receive

      • Thanks for the reply Kenley! I’ve been on the BC sidelines for quite some time and am getting very tempted with these current spoilers. It’s too bad that BC doesn’t offer much personalization though. Like you, I don’t see much value if I’d have to give away half the stuff bc it didn’t work out for me. I may give it a try this month since I’m good with at least knowing I’d be getting the primer and BTS, two products I for sure would use.

        • You’re welcome 😃

      • They arent utilizing the profile quizzes just yet.

    • What is SDJ? And with GBP can you customize your options?

      • SDJ = Sol De Janeiro. The name brand of the cream in the first variation of spoilers. 🙂

        • Ohhhh!!! Thank you Nina. I thought they were referring to another subscription box. 😆

  17. This looks to be a blah month for me personally, though the PV will make a great gift eventually. 🙂

    I can always use primer and mascara, hoping to get the Farmacy, other than that don’t really see anything I want. Crossing my fingers March is more suited to me 🙂

  18. I’m really not feeling this box this month, which is a shame since my Boxycharm is the one box that I’m usually the most excited about. I can use the mascara, and I don’t care whether I get the eyeshadow or the lippie, as it will be used either way, but I don’t use primer, bronzer or highlighter at all. I just hope that the skincare item will be something that I can use. Hopefully next month will be better.

  19. I know they don’t take our beauty quizzes in to account but I am super hoping I don’t get either of the bronzers. I wish they had put the fair skin shade in as well. However, that shimmer swan highlighter in Glimmer of BS looks gorgeous, Fingers crossed!!

    • I do not understand the beauty quiz…. none of my boxes were based on the quiz.I am not into the “bold” shadows ect. Also, why have a quiz, you do not get a box that is sooooooo not close to my color preference. I am done with BC. Take care

      • Well they haven’t started implementing the quiz yet! I believe they said starting in March they will begin to.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the quiz data was being used like a survey until they’re able to implement it for personalization.

      • Exactly. They can use the accrued data to find out which types/brands of items people are mostly into and try to tailor boxes to the most popular for now.. at least until they can use the quizzes for personalization

  20. Wish I could make my own variation; I want the bronzer in #1 and the cleanser in #2

  21. I am hoping for box variation #1. I love Boxycharm. It is the best out of all my monthly subscriptions.

  22. Most of these look like items I can actually use. I’d rather get a bronzer, though not the warm one. I also prefer a Nudstix lip crayon over an eye crayon because chances are I won’t use the latter.

    • If I get the lip crayon, I’d be willing to trade with you possibly if You get the eye crayon! It is hard for me to get a lip that works for me!

  23. Both boxes are awesome I am hoping for variation #2 because I am a brown girl that hates bronzers in boxes because they are never the right color for my skin.

  24. Does anyone know any tips or tricks they can give me as to “how to get the box they want, or how to get the variation you want of the boxes”

    • Boxycharm doesn’t use the profiles, so afaik there’s nothing you can do.

    • They said they were going to be using your beauty quiz to customize the box this month, but we will see how accurate that is!

      • No, it’s one item next month.

        • Wow a whole item! Ipsy is just looking better and better

          • Nope, David, you get what is curated, so you never know what you are going to get. You do not have a choice, just a box, hoping you get what you like, which for me has not followed my account quiz. So, you are stuck with what they send, personal sight unseen, does not exist with BC. Just my opinion,and experience. I am no longer a sub. Take care

          • Agree, ipsy is looking better and better

    • Nope, David, you get what is curated, so you never know what you are going to get. You do not have a choice, just a box, hoping you get what you like, which for me has not followed my account quiz. So, you are stuck with what they send, personal sight unseen, does not exist with BC. Just my opinion,and experience. I am no longer a sub. Take care

    • Umm nope there’s isn’t any trick you get what you get

  25. I hope I get variation 1. I really want the nudestix eye pencil.

    • I’ve been really wanting to try Nudestix as well! Hoping for box 1 *crosses fingers*

    • I’m really wanting that one too!

  26. Hoping for Bronze Mannikin. The highlighters are very, very shiny.

  27. Needless to say, Boxycharm is one of my favorite boxes!— fabulous products at a great price. I always love this box!

  28. Please let me get the Farmacy! I’m almost out of the cleansing balm I got awhile back. I’ve never gotten a lip color I would actually wear, so meh on that.

  29. Hoping for version 1! I have the Farmacy cleanser and it doesnt work for me at all and I’m a Farmacy junkie lol So I really dont want a second bottle!lol

  30. I’m definitely hoping for variation 2 since i just ordered the coco cream. I loved the last farmacy item we received. I usually get variation 1 but with all the ones last month i ended up with 4. I just really don’t want a bronzer. I’ve never been able to use them on my fair skin. I was going to cancel this month and just couldn’t do it…

  31. 🤞🤞🤞So hoping for variation #2. I love Farmacy & want to try that cleanser. Also would prefer the lip glaze since I don’t use eye pencils. (Don’t use highlighters or bronzers either, & I keep getting them. In fact, I think I already received the same bronzer before).

  32. I am hoping for version two…Really would love to try Farmacy clean bee… hoping …hoping…hoping…Have a great weekend..

  33. Both look great Iat first I wanted the coco cream but those are itty bitty jarsv&!i love everything I’ve ever tried from farmacy soni hope to get the second box but will be happy with either

    • How big are the sol de janeiro jars that are coming in the box?

      • They are a 2 oz jar. Not the 8oz jar. It’s a travel size not trial size.

  34. Well, if there’s one thing I don’t want more than highlighter, it’s bronzer. At least it will look really pretty gathering dust.

    • There are lots of places, like shelters, where you can donate any unused cosmetics and skin care items that will be glad to get them for the women there. Why don’t you put together a package of the things you don’t want that you’ve received in your boxes and find a local place to donate them? I’m planning to do that in the near future.

      And if I get option 2, I will gladly trade the Farmacy cleanser for the Sol de Janeiro cream. If there’s one thing I will probably never need to buy again in my entire lifetime, it’s cleansers! Is there a place on the website where people post items for trade? I’d love to find one; there are a few things I *didn’t* in Boxycharm and the Allure box that I would love to trade something for!

      • There are a couple of groups on Facebook for buying, selling or trading Boxy items.

    • You could sell it or give it away.

    • Someone replied mentioning women’s shelters but if there aren’t any in your area food banks often accept toiletries and personal items that people get to choose from too!

      • Yes. I’m going through my stash and plan to make different categories. Gifting, donations, etc. That said I still would like to receive items I can personally use and so I give feedback in case they read it. (:

  35. So hoping for the PV Glimmers of BS highlighter

    • Me too

  36. I seriously hope I get the cleanser and not the sdj lotion.

  37. Liz it is 1 am go to sleep
    But also pretty vulgar has such great packaging

    • Haha total night owl. Can’t help it 🙂

      • Haha! Same.. so I was thankful for this little gem of information 🙂

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