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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BE KIND. by ellen Summer 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

Be Kind by Ellen Spring 2019 Subscription Box – SPOILERS!


We have some spoilers for the Spring 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box! (Thanks, Kimberly, for the heads up!)

Source: lovealways_erika

Source: lovealways_erika

Here is what we know so far (these may not be all the items):

UPDATE – We have a closer look at more items thanks to flora_chaehwa (Thanks for the heads up, Anna!)

  • Rover – Be Kind by Ellen Edition by Amanda Hedlund & Andrew Grant
  • There’s a blue box in the bottom left corner, any guesses on the item?

More info on the Cheerios:

What do you think of the spoilers so far?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Check out our review of the previous box to get a sense of what to expect!

Be Kind by Ellen

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (65)

  1. I’m going to be selling my entire box, if anyone wants first dibs; otherwise I’ll be posting it on eBay or swaps if I get off the waitlist. The box is sold out now so I’m hoping I won’t have any issues selling it. There’s just nothing in there that I need/will use.

  2. If anyone wants to sell their playing cards, I’ll pay $15 shipped to AZ. I collect Theory 11 cards and these look nice.

    • I’d be happy to. Not sure how to contact you.

    • I’m happy to send you mine when my box arrives; I’m not on the swap site, but my email is victoria h statkey at gmail.

      • starkey*

  3. I’ve canceled my subscription, BUT more I think about this box, the more I like. However, I will wait for the spoilers next time before re-subscribing.

    Bracelet: I love animals and all, but I wouldn’t want to wear something with a gorilla on it (not my style). However, the charm is removable, so I can do that and just add my own.

    Coffee mug: It looks beautiful and is in a neutral color. A practical item, and I’ll use it. At the end of the day, I am happy that it’s something I will actually use.

    Book: my kids love dogs, so they’ll appreciate it.

    Playing cards: Father’s Day gift. My dad collects them.

    Candle: I like how large it is, and comes in a modern neutral container and color. Win!

    Coffee: I’m an addict.

    Calm voucher: looking foeward to using it! Already a fan of the app.

    Cheerios: I hope that mine will have a $5,000 golden ticket. Lol.

    All in all, even if the items aren’t totally you, I think we can see the sincerity in the box, since they are Ellen’s style.

  4. I’m confused. The email that was sent to subscribe to the Be kind box, is this the first one we’re going to get? I’m pretty sure I read the first one will be the fall box. Anyone know?

    • The first one was during the Fall of 2018 so this box would be the 2nd ever be kind box

  5. Liz, are you able to confirm if all of the coffee travel mugs will be white? I’m curious to see if they will be random colors or all the same.

  6. Good box. I will swap the book but probably keep everything else. I think in the long run this box will be a good fit for me.

    • Oof. I’ll have the gorilla bracelet up for swap too. I’ll give this box one more shot because I liked the LE one so much. I’m on the hunt for a good sub with little or no beauty items.

      • Look into Bombay and Cedar 😉

  7. There’s something black and rounded above the Alex and Ani box…maybe a candle?

    • The Alex and Ani is probably the gorilla charm bracelet

  8. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m really excited about that book. I had a dog “guidebook” of breeds as a kid that I begged my dad to buy me from the bookstore and that thing literally fell apart because I would constantly stare at the pictures of the dogs and read about the breeds. Yes, I’m a bit obsessed I guess. LOL. But now, as an adult, I have an amazing rescue dog myself (mutt!) and this book instantly brought back those happy memories as a kid…plus I obviously love the message behind it. I loved the first Ellen box, signed up for a sub without hesitation and so far no regrets!

    • I can just imagine myself crying over the pictures of the dogs because I will want them all so much!

  9. Welp. Buying this without spoilers was a mistake. Unless I get the $5,000 ticket, in which case is was the best decision ever. 😂

  10. The full unboxing video by Ellen is on YouTube. The items you don’t see here are a deck of playing cards and a candle

  11. I always feel like the second an item becomes a “collaboration” it cant be given a retail price that exceeds its cost in the box. They aren’t selling this particular edition of the book on their site and because it says it’s part of the be kind box its already proclaiming to cost even less than the $60 you paid for the box because it’s just one item among many.

  12. I subbed yesterday as a birthday gift to myself and I’m excited! Everything seems very on-brand for Ellen as a person, and there are some new-to-me items. I’ve never seen the Byta cups before and it’s by far the best-looking travel mug I’ve ever seen. And as an aunt and frequent dog-sitter of a rescue Great Dane, can’t wait to see all the beautiful rescue pups in the book.
    PS The teal box looks like a Thrive Causemetics item.

    • The teal box is a deck of playing cards

  13. Interesting and an easy pass.

    I’ve tried (and paid for) the Calm App and I recently canceled it. I find YouTube is better for calming me at night.

    I love dogs but don’t have any in my life so the book is not for me. My sister just adopted a dog but she isn’t really a coffee book person. Plus a $125 book? 😂

    The cup is nice. I’m more excited for the FabFitFun option.

    The bracelet…nope. I don’t know who I could even gift this to if it has a gorilla on it.

    This box does represent Ellen but does it appeal to a broad audience? 😑

  14. I’ll have to say, while not what I was expecting after the last box I love collecting large coffee table books so I hope I do get a book. I’d love a couple more to gift to my dog loving friends but doubt anyone would swap reasonably, as I’m not swapping a Pehr throw for a book. 🙁

  15. Well, I loved the curation of the first box, but adding a dog book to this box knowing that not everyone may not be a dog enthusiast is disappointing. I would love a decor book or another themed coffee table book in this box that would be more universal for everyone.

  16. In the video, you can see a little teal box at the last second. It kind of looked similar to the Causemetics item we got in the winter FabFitFun Box.

  17. Oh dear. I am a cat person who does not want a $125 dog book. Nor do I want a gorilla bracelet. And we use a Keurig. This could be big miss for me.

    • I’m right there with you. But the book will make an amazing gift for my cat sitter (who has more doggie clients). And I can gift the rest of it, too. Just a huge miss for me personally, since I won’t use anything in the box. Win some, lose some.

  18. So disappointed ! I loved the first box so i blindly jumped on this, but there is so far nothing i will use. I am praying that the hero item is not a crazy expensive dog book, my cat will NOT appriciate that, might possibly destroy it so it would be wasted in my house. The bracelet is ok, but pretty plain, and i will not use the coffee or meditation app. Im a sad panda 🙁

    • “My cat will not appreciate that,” hahaha

  19. In the Cheerios video, you will see that one box has $5,000 in it, so be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water 😁

  20. I sure hope there is more than a cup, bracelet and a bowl of cereal in this box. This is HIGHLY disappointing. Hopefully this is just a first set of spoilers.

    • That bracelet is so ugly, too, if it’s the one everyone is getting. Lol.

      • I’m probably in the minority but I think the bracelet is beautiful!

      • Yes…I’m afraid that the bracelet is 1000% not to my liking. I really wish that I hadn’t pulled the trigger on this box.

  21. So I jumped on this box because I loved the first and missed it. I am so bummed if these are the items. Only thing I like is the cup which I do not need. Everything else will be up for swap. Ill give it one more chance in thinking maybe every other box may be a good one. LOL

  22. There is a cryptic video available on Instagram. I counted seven items.

    Byta Cup looks the 16oz
    Alex and Ani Item I bet it is the gorilla item since it’s an Ellen item.
    Calm App Voucher
    Westrock Coffee Item. This is either a sample or coffee coasters due to the size.
    Cheerios Mini Box
    Rover Book- $125 value
    A blue box at the bottom of second layer. It’s a small box

  23. I didn’t get the first box and wish I had, so I was tempted with signing up blindly for this one; told myself I’d wait until Monday and didn’t sign up until yesterday, and of course now there’s spoilers. I’m a bit bummed but holding out hope; I enjoy medication apps like Calm a lot, so I’m hoping it’s a decent voucher.

    • I almost signed up for the Calm app but it is extremely expensive. I wonder if it’s for a one year subscription? If so, it might be worth it for me. I have really bad insomnia and the app would be of good use to me.

      • It’s for 2 months

      • Thanks, looks like I’ll be sitting this one out since the only items I would really want would be the tumbler and Calm sub…unless it’s already sold out which in that case my wallet dodged a bullet lol.

  24. Someone posted a video on Instagram with half of the contents. There is also some dog book called Rover. I actually liked the first box and was sad that I missed it. So far I’m not liking a thing in this box besides the cup so far. Hopefully the remaining items will impress everyone.

    • Apparently that Rover book has a RV if $125, so I’m wondering if that and what we see here is all we’re getting.
      “The beautiful 11″ x 11″ coffee table book will feature hundreds of dogs in approximately 504 pages.”

      • If that is the hero item I will be livid. I like dogs but I would never spend $125 n a dog photo book.

      • Ugh..that should say I would never spend $125 *on* a dog book.

      • Agreed. A dog book? OMG. I’m going to cancel my subscription, lol. Also, who doesn’t already have a travel cup at this point, if they really wanted one?

        I won’t complain because the products do seem to be high-quality, and the styles are very Ellen. They just aren’t for me. Subscription canceled.

      • and i would be thrilled if i got a $125 book about dogs from a $50 sub box!

      • @ jenny – If you will be thrilled then that’s good for you. Some will like this book and some won’t.

      • I thought the same but if you look up the book, you might be more interested. Ellen’s Be Kind box has to do with various charities and raising awareness, etc and as everyone knows she is a huge advocate of animals. There have been various editions of this book over the years, they are photographs of dogs that are or once were living in shelters, and the profits generated have contributed to over $2.5 million for animal rescue organizations.

      • As the owner of 2 shelter dogs, I will be very excited to get the book. Though in truth, I could have used a how to train your dog book more. Also, having gotten a corksicle mug in a BREO box and ordering 2 more from fabfitfun I am excited about the mug because they make super gifts. My coffee stays hot for 4 hours in those things.

      • Lol. Just imagining people trying to swap a book and expecting to get a $125 RV.

      • My best friend’s dog is actually in that book it weighs a ton so it is going to kill shipping costs!

  25. There’s more. But no one is showing what else is in there. There’s a video on Instagram. @flora_chaehwa

  26. I can’t see a damn thing in those pictures! 🙂 I’ll wait before I make a decision.

  27. Soo glad I didn’t jump on this one.

    If this is it, it’s low value with almost NO curation to any theme.

  28. yeah I hope there’s more to it than this. I feel dumb jumping in. The cup seems cool enough. I don’t like the ani and alex bracelet style at all and I don’t drink coffee. I do like cheerios though so…yay? 😂

    • It also seems like these items would not add up to much above box cost? I’m cancelling now before the next box bills.

      • Me too. Cant cancel fast enough. That will teach me.

  29. Thanks for the spoilers! I bought Ellen’s first box blindly and it taught me not to do that again! Glad to know my lesson learned was a good one and I’ll have no FOMO for this box! These items look to be fine or even cool to some, I’m sure but they’re just not for me. Very easy pass. And a very hard pass!

    Also this is my second time posting – my first attempt didn’t populate to the comments so after waiting a little bit, I posted again. My original post will probably show up in the morning sometime haha.

  30. Oh wow! Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to go ahead and order in case it sold out. I LOVED the last box and missed it but so far this would be a huge disappointment for me personally had I gone ahead and ordered. I’m a little sad but pretty relieved not to be spending more money on yet another box. Just when I think I’m starting to get my addiction under control a new box or a great discount code comes out and I wind up back at square one!

  31. I’ll be so disappointed if the items don’t get better. That’s what you get going in blind 😂😂😅😅😭😭

    • I’m in the boat with you! Surely…SURELY there’s more!!

  32. Hmm, a breakfast themed box perhaps?

  33. Thanks for the spoilers! I bought Ellen’s first box blindly and it taught me not to do that again! Glad to know my lesson learned was a good one and I’ll have no FOMO for this box! Very easy pass. And a very hard pass!

  34. Thank you for spoilers! I jumped on the first one immediately and I’m glad I waited this time around. It looks like it could be very cool but not for me! I don’t need any more stuff.

    • Agreed! So grateful for spoilers! I’ll wait for the next box, or something similar to her LE (first box last year) quality. I hope someone from MSA gets the $5000 ticket!!! Goodluck ladies! 🙂

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