Allure Beauty Box Flash Sale – Free $79 Caudalie Serum!

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Allure Beauty Box Flash Sale! For the next 48 hours (or while supplies last), you can use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a free full-sized Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum ($79 Value).

FYI – this deal may expire before the 48 hours is over if they sell out. The serum may take weeks to arrive after the box. Make sure to scroll down on this page to confirm you see the serum before purchasing:

(FYI – Allure has let us know they fixed inventory issues since their last gift with subscription offer.)

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the February box. The February 2019 box includes:

Allure Beauty Box is regularly $15 a month. Use this link to save $5 off your first box and get the free serum!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Never received my December Sunday Riley CEO serum. It was my first time ever subscribing to Allure.
    Why are these kinds of promos being advertised here when Allure isn’t following through?

    • So sorry to hear you still haven’t received your serum. Have you reached out to Allure?

      • I didn’t receive it either. They insisted that I didn’t subcribed through the link. Fine……

      • Yeah, they replied in January that they were shipping me a gift, but couldn’t provide tracking and to expect it to take 3 weeks. That was 5 weeks ago.

        • Wanted to update that my Sunday Riley CEO Serum did arrive! It took a very long time, but Allure came through.

      • Also didn’t receive it. Replied that the offer was not valid for the link I used to sign up. Love to know how they pick and choose who gets the offers they advertise! Not happy at all.

    • I never received either. I filed a BBB complaint, and they provided me a tracking # on Feb 7th said they sent a complimentary box instead so BBB closed the case. Guess what, the tracking is still not available by today and the complimentary box never showed up.
      Good job of keep lying.

  2. Before you jump for the free item I signed up in November and was supposed to get a free Sunday Riley serum and I never received it . I email them many times and never received a response

  3. I subscribed to Allure when they were offering this same full sized Caudalie serum back in December I think it was.
    It arrived in my 1st box with all of the other items, no problems whatsoever although the 1st box DID take a few weeks to receive as I was a brand new subscriber. Caudalie is an expensive high end, high quality product line. Ive used the Caudalie eye serum in the past and its amazing as well.
    The next month (January?)
    the new Sunday Riley items were in our boxes. To die for! Loved that box so much I ordered a 2nd one through Amazon as well. (Using my same name & mailing address & email address no less). Everything arrived beautifully. No issues there either.
    Ive now received my February box too and was pleasantly surprised to not only find I had 7 products, most of which were all full sized. The Wander mascara, Brow Gal, a new brush, a full sized Malley lip gloss, eyeshadow, face mask. Sampler of Mamonde facial wash. But then? An EXTRA item. I received a necklace with a $58 price tag on it and a separate Thank You card saying they hoped I enjoyed the necklace as An EXTRA thank you for being a customer, etc.
    Did anyone else receive the necklace in their February box? I just cant believe I received all of this for $10+change. Wow. So far im a very happy girl. 😊

    • You have been luckily gifted — So glad you have been loving your Allure experience and products. I have been subbed with them for about a year continuously and just added a second box a few months ago. I have yet to receive an extra thank you gift. Though it would be a very nice surprise to receive, I am still extremely happy with my Allure boxes.

    • That’s awesome! I actually found an email in my spam from them saying they apologize that my Feb box was arriving so late but it has shipped and they also said that I would be receiving a special something to make up for it. Maybe that’s gonna be it??

    • Wow! That is pretty lucky. Generally I also had positive experience with Allure. When I canceled last October they sent me a free box with all full size products and offered me 4 months for $10 each month. I only replied in January and they still accepted it and sent me the full box with nail polish. They sent me tracking emails for both January and February and the boxes came in great shape, no missing products and the pouches are not damaged. I’ve been using the red pouch at work for my key card and lip balm for weeks and it has held up fine. Knock on wood, I hope our luck continues to hold up.

    • Received my box today, did not receive free necklace, instead received insert with $25 gift at Gorjana(generic code is Allure25 for anyone didn’t get the insert). My variant item was Doucce fine line liquid liner. Btw- the Mamonde smells heavenly!!!

  4. ok…before you dive into free offerings. let me say I joined in December thru amazon. the offer was 2 free mally lip glosses…TILL THIS DAY I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THESE LIP GLOSSES….and yes I have contacted allure every few weeks about this….they say it will be in a few weeks….liars….look ALLURE JUST SEND ME MY 2 FREE MALLY LIP GLOSSES…..PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….

    • when you enroll through Amazon you don’t qualify for any of the free offers. They are only available through Allure itself.

      • Actually they only changed that in February before then Amazon subscribers still received a free gift it was just usually a random item.

  5. I’ve heard from reading reviews with allure that it takes forever to get your first box. I just resubscribed about two weeks ago, will February be my first box and will I actually get it in February? 😂

    • There’s a good chance it will be March but you’ll get it. If you don’t use usps informed delivery it’s a great way to keep up with packages.

  6. Currently, I have (2) Allure subscriptions. The second account was added to get a free serum promo a few months back which I did receive. I did not contact Allure for updates on the serum status — I fully knew that it would likely take months for it to arrive separately to my mailbox. If anyone is interested, it took about two months to arrive. I figure it was a FREE product and Patience is a virtue. Allure has amazing products in every month’s box that significantly exceed the monthly charge. It is incredible that they are so consistent to offer these amazing products at this price point.

    For those that have not received your February box but have been charged, you are not alone. I received one of my Allure boxes last week but am patiently awaiting for my second box to arrive. No worries that it will arrive — It just needs a bit more time to get to me 🙂

    Of all the subscription boxes that I receive, Allure is hands down my favorite. Such amazing products — Truly a treat to receive each month!

    Also, as it has been stated countless times….. If you ever need to contact Allure customer service, please do so via telephone with kindness. Emailing tends to be rather non-productive.

    • Exactly, because of how amazing the products are they probably are receiving hundreds of new subs daily. The website says 20 days till you receive your first box. Imagine the logistics for 600k plus subscribers. I dread people complaining. My first box took 20 days till I received the shipping info. I’m thankful for Allure offering such high quality products.

  7. I just had my purchase refunded with no explanation. I signed into my account and I can see no order history or anything. It just tells me to contact cuatoner service. 😑

    • customer

    • If you are trying to make another account with the same name they will refund it and cancel. Doesn’t matter if it’s a different email address. If you want to make a 2nd account you have to change the name. I don’t know if that’s why they did it to you, but I just thought I would mention it. 😉

  8. Wander & Claudilie drew me back in.
    This is a no brainer….
    Wander mascara doesn’t clump. Also I DONT experience the typical “uncurling” of my straight eyelashes after applying.

    Thanks for checking on inventory!

  9. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!! Many people who ordered during the last promo, including myself, were assured they would get the product but have been waiting 3 months and after multiple emails still do not have the Sunday Riley they promised nor the unspecified substitute item they promised after they failed to provide that.

  10. Giving it one last chance.

    • They’ve said they’re out of stock.

  11. Liz, someone posted on another chat, that they called & were told it was OOS 5 hours ago. Could someone reach out and check on this? It’s still advertised on their website so I’m hoping it isn’t true.

    • I called 3 hours ago and they were out of stock.

    • Confirmed with my contact at Allure that they still have plenty of inventory currently, and they are working with customer care to make sure they have that accurate info. Hope that helps! Sorry for any confusion!

      • Thank you Liz!

      • Hi, Is it sent in the same box? Thanks

        • Yes, it’s in the box!

      • Thanks, I hope it comes.

      • Thanks, I went ahead and took a chance. I didn’t try for the last Caudalie offer because I thought I would get the SR which i didn’t. Anyways hoping I get this one!

      • Hi Liz! Is the serum still available?? I was thinking about subscribing again!

        • Sorry it has sold out.

  12. Liz,
    Someone posted on another forum that they called allure 5 hours ago and were told it was OOS already. I ordered before that but many are still ordering because Allure is still advertising it on their website. That would clearly be illegal advertising & I hope it isn’t true.

    Maybe someone from MSA could reach out to Allure and find out for certain?

    • I called them and they said it’s not in their system to REORDER because they are going to need them for new subs. The reason I know this is bc I asked the girl if they would sub this serum for the SR serum I never got and she said it’s not in their system for that reason. Hope that helps

      • Hmmm, I called and they said they were out. I was a new subscriber in Jan and subscribed without any deals so with this great offer I requested they send me this. She was quite nice and said they already sold out but will send me a SR product instead. Pondering if I should call back.

  13. I’m looking for some Gorjana discount codes to put in goody bags for a group of girls if anyone is interested in swapping theirs.

    • Email me your address and I will send mine to you
      ascullion666 at Gmail . Com

      • Actually I have 2 I can send you

    • I’ll send you mine! Email me at michellekappes at 😉

    • I have one if you still need
      fkirby at gmail dot com

    • The code doesnt even work. And all it is is ALLURE25

  14. Has anyone tried this serum? How is it for normal to oily skin? (not sensitive and I never dry out, but I’m acne prone so it can’t be too heavy.

    • I have Flora, and I love it! But I have normal to dry skin. It’s very light & I believe it has healthy, clean ingredients. I think it’s amazing. I feel like my skin glows when I use it.

    • I have also tried it, and I too have normal to oily skin – it’s my favorite! I feel like it’s one of the few products that visibly improved my melasma (although that could just be a coincidence). Regardless, it makes my skin feel great!

      • Thanks you two! I have dark spots and acne scars I’m trying to lighten too.

        • Flora, I think I have actually read that it is good for improving those issues over time but don’t remember where I read it.

          • Thanks! I checked it out and read some reviews (which I hope aren’t fake lol) it is supposed to help with those issues. Cross my fingers that I will actually receive it, when I signed up just now there was still a pop up that showed the promo.

  15. I just subscribed and clicked the banner for this free gift. When I checked out, I didn’t see it on my order confirmation page or email. Did anybody else encounter this? Does that mean I won’t get it?

    • The same happened to me. Nothing in the email saying I got it. I had cancelled after the January box disaster and decided to give it one more shot today. If I don’t get the serum I will be upset. I just got my January bag today, missing the eyeshadow and the nail polish was shattered. It will be another 6 years before I get it replaced. I am not even sure why I bothered signing back up, sigh.

  16. I’ve had terrible experience with allure in the past… My credit card expired and for the life of them they couldn’t figure out how to get me billed for later months. After many phone calls and emails, I still never got billed or got any boxes.

    Then I purchased them through Amazon with no issues. I had to unsub due to budgeting constraints. With this offer, I resubbed. I am very nervous that they won’t send me the box or I’ll have cancelling issues! If I don’t get the serum, I’m unsubbing…

  17. Disappointed that MSA would promote this so hard with no caveats to readers. Especially since I can see in these comments that many people never received the promised Sunday Riley CEO serum, an issue which MSA did know about & post about.

    To anyone trying to redeem this promo: make sure you take plenty of screenshot during the checkout process showing that the promo does exist & that you used it, & be prepared to do battle with customer service to actually receive your promo item. Allure is not trustworthy.

    • Battle? They don’t even respond. Still waiting. Finally cancelled and considering making a complaint of fraud with my credit card. Fool me once….

    • The last time the caudalie promo was offered, it arrived quickly inside the box. It might be worth trying.

      • I got mine with the box. No issues with the serum delivery.

      • Same. I have unsubbed and resubbed several times and have always gotten my free gift, including the Caudalie last time. The S.R. promo is the only one that was a fiasco. It’a a great box and a really good value. I have had zero issues with canceling, receiving referral items etc. Their C.S. department does need a lot of help because they typically have no idea what is going on with promos and such, but they still get to keep my money for putting out a fantastic box

      • Me too! I got it quickly with no issues…on a second account and then I cancelled it lol because I already get allure, but I LOVE that caudalie serum,

  18. I’m still waiting for the CEO from last promotion. It’s just a lot of bs

  19. Liz,

    Do you know if they have to use this link to get the caudelie? I got a referral link that says I’ll get some sunday riley samples if they use my link to sign up, but would they still be eligible for the Caudelie?? thanks !!

  20. I already have the February box, and it’s my least favorite of the past several months, but I’m still tempted to sub with another account to get the Caudalie promo. I got a sample of this from a Sephora PLAY! box and loved it but dropped it on my bathroom floor and it shattered. 😭

  21. If anyone hasn’t tried it, the Caudalie serum is amazing!

  22. I signed up… the box is worth the risk for me at $10. I love the other version of that mascara.

  23. My comment still isn’t showing up. What gives? Why was it filtered in the first place, I would like to understand?

  24. Just resubbed. Hopefully this new Wander mascara is good. I’ve bought two of the others in the maroon tube and they both dried out after only 3 uses, but the first time I tried it, it was amazing!

  25. This is such a great box, that I *almost* don’t care if I get the gift.

  26. I never got the Sunday Riley serum from the last promotion they offered, last November I think. Not falling for that again, besides super bummed with the February box I canceled.

  27. Just as a warning…

    I got charged for January and February but have not received any of the boxes.

    When I emailed Allure and asked where the boxes are and to cancel future boxes, they just said they’ll refund me in up to few weeks.

    I’d rather buy things full price than deal with consistent horrible service by this company.

  28. Snagged this deal. Great for my aging skin!

  29. Thank you so much for the email, Liz! That serum is awesome and I could not have purchased more quickly. I am anxious to see what else is in the box! 💖💖

  30. Bummer. I should have read the comments first. The serum got me to finally sign up, and I did the annual since it’s such a better deal. Oh, well, the actual products look awesome and I’ve been eyeing for a long time so I’m still excited to get it. Here’s hoping I’m lucky enough to actually get the serum, though!

  31. Thank you Liz for the email are you signed up for alert. My box for ten bucks and hopefully the bonus item will be included what a deal WooHoo for me

  32. Got my Feb box….love it….

  33. Buyer Beware! I signed up in November for the Sunday Riley promotion. After two and a half months they sent me an email that they were out of stock and would send a substitute item but never did. I finally called on January 22 to cancel my subscription but still got charged for February. It’s not worth the frustration and the hassle of dealing with their customer service to subscribe to this box.

  34. I ordered it just now hopefully I get it lol if not I’ll just keep harassing them til I get it but I’m sure they will send it eventually

  35. This promo got me to sign up last time. They even sent a bonus nail polish. I love this box.

  36. One other point: The variant item is not just Doucce or Mally. The third variant item (which I received, and I’m happier with it) is a Laritzy lip pencil in nude.

    Yeah, to the newbies: Allure is a great box with terrific value. Just don’t count on getting that Caudalie item, and you’ll be fine!

    • I don’t know about that, because I subscribed for the first time at the end of last month and I’m talking the last week of the month and they did end up sending me a tour o I don’t know about that, because I subscribed for the first time at the end of last month and I’m talking the last week of the month and they did end up sending me The ultra highlighter and liquid lipstick and another free item I believe it was nail polish so they’re pretty good about sending the freebies out with it

    • I recieved Laritzy as well and was surprised

    • I snagged this deal last time…the serum came with my first box!! It was amazing, I used the whole bottle already!! I cancelled Allure this month, I wonder if you can take advantage of this offer twice!!

    • I am so with you on that one girlfriend.It is my favorite beauty box by far….I have been a subscriber for years on and off but this last year they blow me away month after month.

    • Yes, just got my box last night, I got the lip pencil too. And I’m also missing the brow gel in my box.

  37. Get this, I gave a one year gift subscription to Allure beauty box. I was supposed to receive a “beauty bundle” for doing so.
    When I never got it, I called. I was told no, you must have been hallucinating, there never was such a promotion. But we sent a KVD liquid lipstick. I said I never got it, so Allure said they would resend.
    Then I get a LETTER, as in snail mail, saying we ran out. Tough luck. No offer of a substitute item.
    Allure is unbelievable. Literally. If they said the sky was blue I wouldn’t believe them.

    • SAME thing happened to me! I never got it-called, said it would resend, got a letter they were out, no mention of substitute. I emailed and they of course said they would send a replacement….which I never got.

    • When they told me I wouldn’t be getting the Sunday Riley from the November promo, they said they had mailed me another gift instead, but that I would not get tracking info for it. This was weeks ago. Guess what never arrived? I can’t believe how dishonest and underhanded they are with these promos. The only reason I haven’t cancelled is they keep only charging me $10 a month for some reason.

      • Serena, the same thing happened to me. They said they were ending “a beauty bundle valued at $100” as a replacement…that was a month ago….kind of done with allure. To top it off they made me look incredibly stupid because I got someone to sign up at the same time as I did and they didnt receive their Sunday Riley either.

      • The same thing happened to me, but I did get the gift the other day so keep your eye out 🙂

        I did just sign my boyfriend up for this offer lol so let’s hope I get it this time.

      • I was supposed to receive a Sisley Paris item in place of the CEO, I was told today wait until March 8th. After being told in Jan to wait 3 weeks.

  38. I just subscribed but my order confirmation does not show that I will be receiving the Caudalie serum. Should I assume that I will receive it if I have confirmed that it’s on their webpage or is it supposed to be in my order confirmation?

  39. Surprisingly, not only did they actually send me one of these when I signed up for December (which is the first time they’ve ever sent me a promo item I signed up for), they sent me a second one when I called their CS team about the lipstick missing from my box. I definitely didn’t ask for it, so not sure why it happened. Finally a happy accident from them I guess.

    I know they’re not great, but if you hound up their phone line, they have always righted the wrongs. Email is worthless though.

  40. Too bad I already subscribe to this box.

  41. I’ve always received my promotional offers from allure, even if it took awhile.

    • Same.

  42. I signed up the last time they offered this and my serum came in the same box as everything else.

  43. Great luck for those who actually received their promotion items. As for me, I’m still waiting in the two Mally liquid lipsticks promoted when I signed up in November. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!!! when dealing with Allure.

    • I am still waiting on my Caudalie Serum from the promotion in December. I feel your pain.

  44. Tempted, almost did it but backed out. Getting a second subscription can be a hassle. They combined my and my daughter’s accounts last time I got her a gift subscription despite the different names and email addresses. I would get her another subscription (she gives me her anti-aging stuff so that’s awesome) if they did a better job keeping the subscriptions separate. Ahh well.

  45. Received mine last time they did this in December about two weeks later. I’d say go for it. It’s a good deal.

  46. I actually did get mine last time. Granted not ok with the while supplies last part this time around.

  47. Last time they offered this, I signed up and I DID receive it.

    • Me too

    • Me too. My serum actually came in the monthly box with everything else in about 2 weeks.

  48. For anyone who signs up, please post when you receive the serum. Just curious.

  49. Right, just like they sent us the Sunday Riley CEO.
    I still can’t believe a company of this caliber would resort to such tactics.

    • I received the Sunday Riley CEO but I signed up for 2 or 3 months of boxes I didn’t want and was afraid to cancel until I got the bonus so not sure of the savings.

      • Well, the Sunday Riley promo was in November, and I’ve been subscribed ever since. Still nothing.

    • I never recieved the sunday Riley promotion, was told many different reasons such as it must be lost in the mail, it was on the way to me and i should get it any day, and finally that i never signed up to receive it…… total bull. That was the 2nd time i signed up for a promotional item and did not receive it. Its really a toss up taking a chance on this company.

      • I signed up for the SR too and never got it. Got a bunch of stories about it. Also got charged for my Feb box but still no tracking and no box. I’m going to cancel through allure and just get it from amazon from now on.

      • I also never received my Sunday Riley, which was the only reason I signed up. They never once responded to a single email I sent. I just gave up. ☹️

  50. LOL, while supplies last. I am not falling for that one again

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