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Petit Vour Vegan Subscription Box Review – January 2019

Petit Vour January 2019

Petit Vour is a monthly vegan beauty subscription box. It’s a great box if you’re looking to try out new vegan and/or natural beauty products.

Petit Vour January 2019 open box

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Petit Vour January 2019 all contents

About This Natural Beauty Box

The Subscription Box: Petit Vour

The Cost: $18 a month (Canada – $23 a month, Worldwide $25 a month)

The Products: Vegan and cruelty-free makeup and beauty minis.

Ships to: the US + Worldwide!

Delivered via: USPS

January 2019 Petit Vour Review

Petit Vour January 2019 info booklet Petit Vour January 2019 product list Petit Vour January 2019 bonus info

Each box comes with a folded card detailing the items included, and the prices of the full-size versions.

Let’s dive in!

Petit Vour January 2019 mascara Petit Vour January 2019 open mascara Petit Vour January 2019 mascara bottom

Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara in Stargaze, 0.25 fl oz  –  FULL SIZE! Retail Value $14.00

I love the packaging on this mascara. It is so luxe and pretty! I had really high hopes for this tube because I generally love anything by this particular brand, but this formula fell short for me. It didn’t make my lashes much fuller, though it did make them darker. I have sensitive eyes so I have been looking for a more natural mascara, but I am not convinced this is the one for me. Do you ever have those days where your mascara doesn’t work? Like, randomly your favorite mascara just looks terrible? I am hopeful that maybe my lashes were just having a diva-day and this might be a product I revisit later.

Petit Vour January 2019 underarm bar with packaging Petit Vour January 2019 underarm bar back info Petit Vour January 2019 underarm bar Petit Vour January 2019 underarm bar side

Kaia Naturals The Underarm Bar, 4.4 oz – FULL SIZE Retail Value $22.00

I am so confused by this product. The idea is that you apply it on top of your natural deodorant and it makes it even stronger. I have tried and failed multiple times to transition to a natural deodorant because I have yet to find one that actually works the entirety of my normal 10 hour days. (If you have recommendations, drop them in the comments!) This bar was so hard that even when I rubbed it on the back of my hands and on my armpits it didn’t seem to leave anything behind. Is this normal? It does contain charcoal and apple cider vinegar, so I totally believe it has some powerful magic, I just couldn’t figure out exactly how to make this work. I should also mention that after my failed attempts, my husband took this into our shower and has used it for THREE DAYS thinking it is a soap. He wanted me to pass along that it was a good soap that smells great and he likes that it is a “soap on a rope”. I do not have the heart to tell him that this is not soap.

Petit Vour January 2019 plum oil with box Petit Vour January 2019 plum oil info Petit Vour January 2019 plum oil detail

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil, 3.7 ml – Estimated Value $8.88, Listed Value $20 (Buy 30 ml here for $72.00)

I love beauty oils! Though this sample is on the smaller side, oils last me a really long time, especially if I use a toner before application like a responsible adult. This is plum oil, which smells very much like almond oil, but more fruity, and well “plummy”. Eight times more powerful than argan oil for free radical protection, this oil is also high in vitamins A and E, which means super healthy and happy skin. I like to sleep in my face oils since they usually don’t work well under my makeup. This golden liquid made my skin look very dewy and refreshed when I woke.

Petit Vour January 2019 box wipes duo Petit Vour January 2019 lavender box wpe Petit Vour January 2019 lavender box wipe back Petit Vour January 2019 cucumber wipe Petit Vour January 2019 cucumber box wipe back

Box Naturals Cleansing Towelette in Lavender – Retail Value $1.50

Box Naturals Cleansing Towelette in Cucumber + Witch Hazel – Retail Value $1.50

I always enjoy having these hand towelettes in my purse and both of these scents are beautiful. I generally will use them for makeup removal or just to freshen up my neck and shoulders in the summer.

Verdict: This box has a value of $47.88, which is a good value for an $18 beauty box. Though a couple of these products were complete misses for me, I have always considered Petit Vour as an incredible way to learn about and try out some of the more obscure and rare vegan beauty brands out there, and though this month’s box wasn’t my absolute favorite, this is still a super fun sub and is worth every penny of the $18 cost. Also, Will got a new “soap”, so he’s happy!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box is still available! This page will tell you which box you will get when you sign up.

Value Breakdown: At $18 for this box, you are spending approximately $4.50 per item (when considering the pair of towelettes as a single item.)

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What do you think of the January Petit Vour box? What was your favorite item in this box?

Petit Vour

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (31)

  1. The Kaia Naturals Underarm Bar is a soap, your husband has it right. You use this for under your arms while taking a shower before putting on your deodorant, it helps it last longer regardless if you’re using a natural deodorant or not. It can also be used for stinky feet or anywhere you need an extra clean. But use it as a soap!!

  2. Please click on your link for the Underarm bar and then read how to use it haha. It tells you exactly what to do. I would think a reviewer would do this. It is supposed to be in the shower and is like a soap for your armpits! Your husband had it right for the most part!

  3. I think the Holi(Stick) Deodorant by AGENT NATEUR is hands down the best. Its pricy for sure but THE best in green beauty. I bought my husband the No.5 which is the male version and he loves it. I love No.4 version!!

  4. LAVANILLA hands down!!! Just the plain formulation is my favorite. They make lemon vanilla, coconut vanilla , grapefruit vanilla, lavander vanilla as well as the new elements (air/ earth/ water) line mentioned already.
    Don’t like the smell of elements that much.

    However, it is $7 for the small deoderant for .9 ounze. They also sell a “sports” formula that is for working out. It is stronger, but I like the smell more of the plain one.

    I have tried EVERY natural deodorant. This one is the best, although Tom of Maine works well and can often be found at regular stores.

    You will likely have to reapply if you are going to use natural deodorants. I keep mine in my purse, reapply in the bathroom or especially if you feel dampness. Not a big deal.

    My only tip is to put it on first thing when you get out of the shower and also have it be the first product on your underarm (before lotion).

    As for the detox process. I think its a bit blown out of proportion to sell more products.

    Try to just wear the natural stuff on your days off and on workdays wear the aluminum stuff until you can switch from an “anti-perspirent” to a “deoderant” (no aluminum in deoderant usually). Wean yourself off it slowly.

    Although when I just looked up Lavanilla they sell a underarm mask you apply twice a week and it has a brush applicator. Its a brand I trust. I bet you could get they same effect with a charcoal face mask, and if you get ingrown hairs you can use a touch of acne product (dermotoligist told me I could also do this on my bikini line).

    Good luck! Don’t give up! I think its worth it just for peace of mind.

  5. Way of will is fantastic and worked well for my husband after surgeries and being laid up for two months – first month he could not stand up so all he got was sponge baths and WOW made a stunning difference.
    Personally I use a mineral rock which the first few times did not work for me but then I realized you have to rub it on vigorously. It kills bacteria that creates smell so won’t stop sweating but just odor. But not sweating is a terrible idea that prevents body from unloading toxins so I love my rock.

  6. Captain Blankenship Lime & Vetiver cream deodorant. I buy it from Dermstore.

  7. I’ve been working on finding the perfect pit combo for a long time now… last summer I bought one of those metal ‘soap’ bars one keeps in the kitchen to rub one’s hands on to remove onion & garlic smells after chopping them. I used it in the shower after soap/rinsing (as I had read) and I don’t think it worked very well.
    Apple cider vinegar worked pretty well (using a natural deo after- I was using Taylor’s) but a process.
    So I am dying to try this soap/paste! I would love it if we did another thread in the Forum about this. I hate thinking I could be the stinky girl in class!!!

    • Being that ‘stinky girl’ is my nightmare.

  8. I’ve been using the Kopari deodorant and it works the best for me so far, easy to apply and keeps odor away all day, and I’ve tried quite a few other natural brands. That Oh My Gaia sound interesting though!

    • Another one to add to my test list! Thanks Liz!

  9. You need to detox your armpits for about a month from aluminum. It’s gonna be a stinky month, but during that time I used several charcoal face masks on my pits and that really helped (maybe twice a week I’d put one on before I showered and then rinse).

    I use Schmidt’s full-time like several other reviewers mentioned, and I literally never smell. I live in Florida and I sweat a lot – so that’s saying something.

    • I wish I could hibernate for the month until the “smoke” clears! Thanks for the tips! <3

  10. I haven’t transitioned yet to natural deodorant, either — my understanding is that it is common to be stinky for a while while your body adjusts. (which explains why I haven’t switched over yet!)

    So if you’ve only been giving natural deodorant a road test one day at a time, you probably aren’t getting the true experience of how the product works.

    • I just wish I could be away at a beach and away from people while the stink runs its course!

  11. I LOVE the Schmidt’s deodorant. You have to warm the stick up in your hands first or apply under your arms and then hold your arms down to “melt” the deodorant before you can spread it around but it works ALL day for me.

    They have a bunch of scents at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $3.99 and a few on clearance for $1.999 if you want to try them. They have an unscented as well.

    • That was meant to be $1.99 lol

    • Sorry but Schmidt’s is the worst deodorant ever made. While it does work and smells good, it’s very irritating after several days of use, crumbly, greasy, leaves white marks on dark clothing, and yellow stains on white shirts. I’ve only heard a few people who actually like this deodorant and it always shocks me how they can stand using it. I don’t have time to melt deodorant to get it to spread; that’s just crazy! Reminds me of that crystal deodorant you have to wet first. Target and other drug stores carry several brands that work just as well but don’t leave greasy white marks on your clothing and they are all in the $4-5 range (Tom’s, Green Goo, Jason, etc.)

    • I did get a green tea sample from that brand that I was obsessed with but it only lasted about 5 hours. I will have to give it another go!

  12. My son has been using The Under Arm Bar as a SOAP all weekend long. It lathers great! It works very well for his active lifestyle at keeping away odors better than any of the national brands have. He has been using it in conjunction with a Schmidt deodorant and has had no armpit odor for the past 4 days now! Mom is truly impressed!

    • I am glad my husband wasn’t the only one! Hooray for no smells.

  13. The Plum Beauty Oil looks like the winner in this box.

  14. I’ve tried Schmidt’s and Lavanila’s Detox and Lavanila’s Sport and either Earth or Air–some sort of element, the one that was more “grounded”. The Schmidt’s has not worked for me anywhere near as well as Lavanila (which I buy at Sephora, btw, if you want to try it). Just bought Tom’s of Maine’s Mango, or something like that, but haven’t tried it yet. I’m up for trying the Erin’s recommended Oh My Gaia, if I can find it at Whole Foods or somewhere other than having to place a $50 for free shipping, etc

    Natural deodoranting is hard, y’all.

    • Just this weekend I saw Marshalls had a whole bunch of Lavanilla deodorants this for something like $7.99 (I can’t remember the price, but they were a few bucks less than $10). Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone wanted to try that brand. 🙂

    • So hard! Thanks for the tips and for reading H!

  15. The underarm bar is literally a soap, found these info from their website.

    How to use:
    – Moisten the bar and create a paste.
    – Apply to odorous areas (underarms or feet.) in a circular motion.
    – Leave on for 30 seconds before rinsing.
    – Use daily with the takesumi detox® charcoal deodorant.

    One of the reviews said this product is good to get rid of skin tags! Can’t wait to try because I have one or two on my neck, very small but still annoying…

  16. Heheheh, funny <3
    It kind of is a soap in that it is meant to be moistened and apparently rinsed. It's a pre-deodorant preparation. You probably don't have to say anything to hubby unless you want to have it back. :))

    • My husband and I after trying several natural-type deodorants appear to have settled on the Native brand deodorant. It’s a little spendy, thus the experimentation. We have found it to be effective for an entire day regardless of activity.

      Daughter, 19, uses it also, says it works better than the other ‘natural’ ones. She still keeps a ‘regular’ deodorant on hand for high-activity or high-stress days.

      My 15 yo son reports similarly. It is effective for him on non-rigorous sports days.

      Initially, me and the kids complained that it was sometimes hard to apply — ‘pulling’ a bit. This was solved by holding against our skin for a few seconds to warm the bar before continuing to apply it.

      Overall, we are pretty happy with its performance, just wish it cost a little less. My husband goes through his the quickest, then daughter, me, son (alternates). Shipping is free so that’s nice and easy.

    • Oh my, I was using it AFTER ontop of my deodorant. Maybe I steal it back and try again?

  17. I’ve tried tons of different natural deodorants, & my daily one is called Oh My Gaia. They’re a small company & make such incredible different scents, all of which smell fresh and real, rather than artificial. I teach high school & my students will often compliment my “perfume”…which is really just my deodorant. They also last at least 12 hours in my experience. Of course, if anti-perspirant is important to you they won’t work for that.

  18. The kaia naturals detox bar is soap. Directions are to moisten it, make a paste leave under arms for 30 seconds then rinse off. I hope that helps.

  19. LOL, my husband would have done the same thing XD well if it doesnt work for you, at least the product wont go to waste lol

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