Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the January 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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The January 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here are all the products that are being sampled this month. Each Glam Bag Plus will include 5-6 full-sized products:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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  1. I’m getting the VV palette, the Murad, the hey honey, the leave in, the lip pencil, highlighter. I already have the conditioner, I don’t do highlighters, and probably won’t use the serum or lip pencil. Does anyone want to swap for anything? My email is mbrossmale at Gmail. I’d really like the perfume

  2. I am getting the palette, the lip scrub, murad, vasanti lip stick thing, THE SERUM 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 and eyeko

    I am so excited about the serum (seriously, I’ve yet to try something from hey honey that wasn’t amazing!) that I almost didn’t roll my eyes about another eyeko 🤣

  3. I am getting the highlighter which makes me think the profile doesn’t matter anymore.

    The Hey honey serum which I am thrilled about.

    The lip pencil which actually looks good as it’s not screaming pink.

    The pallette which is just okay.

    The murad lotion which I will use as I am a moisturizer queen.

    The Briogeo which will be interesting to try as I have incredibly thick hair.

    Not the best box but I am happy enough. Wish I got the scrub or the Tokyo milk but ya can’t have it all

    • You might like the Briogeo. I have very fine, thin, straight hair and often use spray conditioner instead of the regular rinse out kind as most brands weigh my hair down. When I tried the Briogeo (I’d heard SO many good things), it was far too moisturizing for me. So it might just be perfect for you!

      I feel the same about highlighter. I don’t like it, never use it but keep receiving it. I always rate any lip balm/treatment high no matter what and keep it checked in my profile but still didn’t get the scub. I’ve tried many lip scrubs and Hanalei is the best I’ve found.

    • I had no highlighters or nail polish in my profile for my regular bag before upgrading. I got the “free extra” highlighter in my first box in October and now this one. At least there are 6 items again so it’s like another bonus. But ya, profiles do not seem to mean much.

  4. Posting again bc a few of my comments are not showing up for some reason.

    I am getting the highlighter, lip crayon, and wander beauty mascara. The highlighter is crazy beautiful when applied, and the mascara works so well; however, I already have a few of each of those 2 products.

    If anyone is interested in swapping any (or all) of these items for the Murad lotion or the Tokyo Milk, Please let me know and I’ll give you my email.

    I hope this isn’t against the rules, to set up swaps like this, but I have been trying to get registered on the MSA Swap site for months now and can’t seem to get access.

    • I’ve been on the waiting list for the swap site for months too. Anyone know how long you usually have to wait?

  5. Reallllllly wanted the hey honey!!! And was to late to pay for an add on.
    I got:

    Eyeko liner
    Vasanti matte lip pencil
    Tokyo milk perfume
    Wander mascara
    Mini VV palette
    Murad Oil

    • Want to trade your Murad for get honey

      • If she doesn’t, I will! Bummed I got the oil instead of the hey honey!

        • Okay great what’s your contact info?

          • Jen I will trade. My email is babiblues2017 at gmail dot com I’ll be looking for your email. Thanks!

  6. It looks like Ipsy has the Murad products sizes listed wrong, as far as i can tell the lotion only comes in 1.7 and the oil in 1 oz makes more senses that way to

    • Not sure if I’ve seen this combination of products yet but I’m receiving the following:
      1. Hey Honey Good Morning serum: love this stuff! Its actually the serum I’ve veen using for about 2 months now & retails for $45+shipping off their website. Awesome serum n just couldn’t believe it was in this box!! 😍
      2. Ofra Highlighter: I’m fine with this because it’s my 1st one, looks lika great color for me AND it’s a magnetic, refillable compact so thats cool.
      3. The Vasanti lip pencil. I like lip stains so looking forward to trying this.
      4. The Murad infusion oil. As long as it’s really not that brownish/yellow color due to oxidation I’ll b thrilled with this! The ipsy posted picture shows it a darker color. If you view the video on how to use it they show the girl using it n its crystal clear (as it SHOULD b)
      5. Tokyo Milk perfume: if it’s anything like it sounds I’m gonna love it.
      6. The VV Palette

      • Box twins!

        • Yeeeah!
          Hope you’re as thrilled with it as I am. What were the chances of getting the exact same serum Im already currently using?? Lol. That alone makes my $25 investment a win win. All else is “gravy” in my opinion. 💗

          • I’m stoked with my box!

      • So jealous. You’re getting oil and serum! I’m getting lip scrub instead of Murad oil.

        • If it makes you feel any better, that lip scrub is fantastic! I’ve tried so many lip scrubs and that’s my fave. I just ran out recently but hate spending $20 (so I keep foolishly trying to find a cheaper one that works as well.)
          So of course I didn’t get it in my bag. 😕
          Hopefully you’ll love it!

  7. I so wanted the perfume! Another highlighter – boo! Lip scrub – already own it. VV palette – yawn. Hey honey serum – great (although someone mentioned it’s made in China – in this case it will be donated), lip pencil – prefer bullet lipsticks, Briogeo – I was never impressed by it but I’ll use it. All in all – I am disappointed. The value is definitely there, just wrong curation for me.

    • Just curious, why will you donate it, if it’s made in china?

      • I’m guessing because China has to test on animals.

        • Only companies that SELL in China have to test on animals. If it’s made in China & then shipped out of the country, the company does not have to test on animals.

    • Hey Honey is cruelty free. The law in China does not apply to products manufactured for consumption outside of China.

  8. OK box for me this month. Super excited for the palette, and I actually wanted the lip crayon, which is seems a lot didn’t. I have a lot of mascaras, but am eager to try Wander’s. I’m getting the Hey Honey and the Murad lotion, but I would have preferred the lip scrub and perfume. And, of course, there is the Eyeko eyeliner. I get the feeling that every time there is one, there will be 6 items since no one seems to want it, but it’s hard to complain when you have an extra item.

    • Box twins,I wanted the perfume and briogeo

    • Box twins! I am excited for the Hey Honey serum and palette. I love lip crayons, those are my favorites. Murad is good and I have only skin so it should work for me, I just wish it had an SPF. Can’t even complain about another eyeliner when we are getting 6 items!!

  9. This is my first Glam Plus bag. I wish I got the bags too but oh well. I’m getting

    Eyeko eyeliner (my first one so I’m not upset about it yet)
    Murad Oil
    Crush Lipstick Pencil
    Violet Voss palette
    Hey Honey Facial Serum (looking forward to trying this)
    Hanalei lip scrub

    I’m not attached to any of these items so if anyone wants to swap I’m down. I’m on the waitlist though for the swap. The only thing I really don’t like is the lipstick pencil. They will not match my shade. Would really like the Toyko Perfum!

    • How long have you been on the swap waitlist? I applied a few months ago and never received any sort of confirmation or denial. I reapplied today. I really need access to that site bc I subscribe to three boxes and need to offload some of these items 🙂

      • Same – I have a lot of untouched makeup that someone would love – just not me. :/

      • I’ve just got on 🙁

    • Any chance you’d want to trade the hanalei for the wander mascara? I h e one already and one coming in next month’s allure box. I love the hanalei lip treatment and would love to have the scrub to go with.

  10. This is my first Glam Plus bag. I wish I got the bags too but oh well. I’m getting

    Eyeko eyeliner (my first one so I’m not upset about it yet)
    Murad Oil
    Crush Lipstick Pencil
    Violet Voss palette
    Hey Honey Facial Serum (looking forward to trying this)
    Hanalei lip scrub

    I’m not attached to any of these items so if anyone wants to swap I’m down. I’m on the waitlist though for the swap. The only thing I really don’t like is the lipstick pencil. They will not match my shade.

  11. I got:

    OFRA COSMETICS – Highlighter in Rodeo Drive (Meh, prob swapping, I have too many)
    MURAD – Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil (I’m okay with that)
    VASANTI COSMETICS – Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil in It’s Your Mauve OR Berry First Kiss (Meh, depends on the color)
    VIOLET VOSS – Fun Sized Eyeshadow Palette – HG (Meh)
    HEY HONEY – Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum (Excited to try this)
    BRIOGEO – Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray (I can always use this)

    I’m happy I didn’t get another eyeliner or mascara though and I already have the Murad moisturizer. I would have preferred to get the Dead Sexy, though.

    • Oohhh…. Same as me! I’m actually really looking forward to all if my items this Month

  12. I got ths tokyomilk parfum, eyeko eyeline, visanti lip liner, eye shadow paletter, hey honey serum, and briogeo leave in. Im bummed because i was really hoping for either of the murad products. I know I will use the briogeo because i have gone through about 2 bottles of that already and that stuff is amazing. Everything else is kind of meh, and I really was hopong NOT to get the lip liner or eyeliner. Oh well, first month not getting what I wanted, just super bummed because I LOVE murad and really need more skincare at the moment, not more make up.

    • I’ll trade you the perfume for the murad lotion!

  13. If anyone truly doesn’t want their briogeo hair treatment and would be willing to send to me I would be over the moon grateful!

  14. To me, Ipsy GBP has been killing it! 🙂 I have loved every month so far! Ok…everything but the highlighters and not crazy about the eyeliners… but no biggie! The value is incredible. I was really nervous last month with the spoilers, but I am really happy now.

  15. Haven’t seen anyone post my variation yet:
    VV pallet
    Eyeko eyeliner
    Hey Honey serum
    Tokyo Milk perfume
    Vasanti matte crayon
    Briogeo leave in conditioner

    Not thrilled with another matte lippie and eyeko eyeliner, but I am happy with my box! ❤️

    • I have the same variation. Really want the Murad Oil but I am happy with what I am getting for 21$.

    • i got the same and feel the same way! i was really hoping for either murad product though

  16. Is the perfume full size? The pic looks like a large size, but the full size pics don’t look like that bottle. And i can’t get the description to show up on the perfume. I wonder if it’s a sample since I got 6 items?

    • The Violet Voss eye shadow is not full size, it’s “fun size”. So we aren’t getting a bag, instead we are getting a sample size 6th item?

      • I knew the VV wasn’t full sized. I’m wondering if the perfume is a samplenand that’s why I’m getting 6 items. It looks full sized but the photos ones ephora and their website show a different bottle. I have no idea why we are getting 6 and if that’s because of the VV 😩🤣

      • An email notification went out last month telling me the Glam Bag Plus is no longer sending out any more bags, period. Said they’re focusing instead on the products themselves. Maybe thats why we’re getting 6 products? If so, I’m happy about that! I’d rather have another product than another bag. Ive got makeup bags coming out my wazoo 😹

      • In what universe does a 10 pan eyeshadow palette not full size?

        • EXACTLY 🙂 And they are 10 beautiful shades too! This size is sold in their store for $18 each. It’s so much easier to travel with these or put in a purse. 10 shades is plenty to work with to create many different looks with. I’m Super Happy with this bag and all the others Ipsy has sent. Personally, I think they’re doing an amazing job for just launching in Oct.

    • Unless Tokyo Milk made a new size bottle just for ipsy, that is a full size bottle. Should be 1 fl oz. Looks like the same dimensions as all my full size bottles as well.

      • Under “details” in the product description it says the perfume is 1oz, yes.

    • The perfume is 1oz

    • Should be the full size…I think it looks off to you because most pics show the other side where the backside of the label shows the skull peaking through the back of the glass bottle…this just looks like the other side of the bottle…hope that makes sense lol.

    • The full size is only 1 oz, so I assume it is.

  17. I’m quite pleased with my box, this month. First of all, I’m really happy to be receiving six products, instead of five. I’m receiving: Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive, Wander Beauty mascara, Vasanti lip crayon, Violet Voss eyeshadow palette, Hey Honey Silk Serum & the Hanalei lip scrub. I already have the highlighter, but that’s okay… it’ll make a great gift for somebody. I adore the Wanter Beauty mascara, so to get another is freaking fantastic. I’m excited to try the Vasanti lip crayon. I don’t use eyeshadow all that much, but the Violet Voss palette will make a great gift for somebody. I adore the Hey Honey serum, so I’m thrilled to get that and super pumped to get the lip scrub. Great box! 🙂

  18. I’m so unhappy with this box.
    I got the eyeliner again, the wander beauty mascara (which I also got from boxycharm), the VV palette (I just received the full size last month in my boxyluxe) and the Vasanti lipstick, which I don’t have know if I’ll keep.
    I also got the Hanalei lip scrub and the Hey Honey serum which I’m ok with. I’m going to email them and complain.

    • Complain what that they should’ve read your mind and made sure you didn’t already receive these in another box? Isn’t this the gamble we take with sub boxes? Maybe the wording you used was off.

    • DocN… Are you sending a complaint to Ipsy solely because of the eyeliner repeat? I’m just curious because I too got the VV mini of the same palette I just got in BoxyLuxe, and the same Wander mascara from Boxycharm not long ago, which is a bummer, but we can’t really be upset at Ipsy over that. It’s not their responsibility to keep track of which of their subscribers also subscribe to Boxy and/or which products Boxy has sent out lately. In most cases, the value of one or two products alone is well over the $25 monthly cost of Ipsy Plus. Personally I’ve been more impressed with Ipsy Plus than BoxyLuxe (which is double the cost) so far. I get disappointed too, with repeats from Ipsy and duplicates from my other subs but I just accept it as part of my major subscription addiction. 😄
      I find plenty of people to gift to and plenty of good charities to donate to.

      • I’m sure ipsy keeps close tabs on their competition. And they sent me that disgusting Dr. Brandt undereye thing a couple of months ago, when boxycharm already sent it as well.
        So yes, I registered my displeasure at it all: eyeko and the boxy repeats. They want to successfully compete against BC? They should offer better products, not the same mediocre crap.

        • I’m sorry, why are you subscribing to both Boxy AND Ipsy if they keep sending mediocre crap? They both are making deals with companies to send out products.
          It’s business, and the makeup/skincare lines are trying to get themselves out there! If they overlap, that is not their issue…yes, it does affect you (sorry), and you are still paying for each box (with real, hard earned money, I KNOW). But, they don’t know what YOU actually get in your box each month…they don’t send each other emails saying “hey, what did you send DocN this month?” (if they do….well, we have much bigger problems on our hands!)

          i do agree, Eyeko is a pain, and I am hoping to never receive another….

          Dr. Brandt worked for me. I’m sorry you received it twice, but it’s not disgusting…just not useful for you…(I get that…many products I receive are completely useless…). If you like, I can send you my email, and we can swap stuff that might work better for each other!

          Just trying to keep a positive vibe flowing here. It’s only Jan 2…we have a long way to go in 2019!!!!

          Please, no flames for just trying to see more than one side to an issue….


          • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 exactly. Also, I would love to trade email addresses with some of the gbp subscribers so we can swap out items. If anyone is interested, pls let me [email protected] I have a TON of unused unopened items from ipsy gbp, sephora play and allure 🙂

          • strong agree!

            (also, I’ve been subscribing to boxes for barely a year, and I already think I could open up my own Eyeko eyeliner store…)

  19. I wanted to post one more time saying I’ll swap 6products for the Murad Oil? I’ll trade the shadow, liner, lip, leave in, hey honey and perfume!! If anyone is interested please leave me your email!! I’ll send first😊

    • I’ll trade with you, divinestyler22 at gmail, I’ll send with tracking if you do the same

      • Wonderful thanks so much😊

        • No problem, 🙂 I emailed you back, I honestly feel bad your bag was such a miss for you, and thank you also, because I was wanting the perfume so this works out for me too 🙂

  20. Someone please take this blasted highlighter away. They just gave this out in the October box. I missed it then but low and behold I’m getting it now!!!!

    • And take the dang eyeliner too!!!

      • I got the eyeliner in October and now again in January. I don’t wear black eyeliner or use liquid eyeliner. ☹️Of course eyeliner is not checked in my profile but apparently that means nothing.
        I do like the rest of my box:
        Hey Honey serum
        Murad multi vitamin oil
        Lip scrub
        VV palette
        Lip pencil -mauve
        I really wish I was getting the Tokyo Milk perfume.

        • Box twins. I also would have loved to have gotten the TM perfume but, not at the expense of the serum or the oil (if that might have happened) so overall I am quite happy.

          • I didn’t want to give up the HH serum or Murad oil either. I already have the Dead Sexy lotion. Maybe I’ll luck out and the perfume will be in a future Margot Elena box. 🤞🏻

      • I think subscription boxes lose so many subscribers over that eyeliner they would be better off chucking all of them in the dumpster.

      • hi dee
        id be happy to take them! What would you want for those?

        • If you have the lip scrub and don’t want it. That would be amazing

          • Hi Dee,

            I didn’t get this box in time 🙁 however, for lip scrub’s I have The Dirty Lamb Lip Rockz 1oz unopened/sealed inner foil from FFF. Let me know if you’d like that? My sister actually really likes Ofra so I wanted to give her the highlighter and she always wears a cat eye so the eyeliner would work for her too lol.

    • The highlighter in October box was the Morphe highlighter, so it’s another highlighter but not the same one received in October. I’ve received highlighters from Ipsy, Look Fantastic and Allure since October. I always try some and donate or pass them to a friend.

      The Ofra is actually a good product and I’m sure someone would be happy to swap for it.

  21. So apparently they upgraded me to the Glambag Plus (I was charged $25 instead of $10) but when I look online, it shows I’m not even a subscriber anymore!! I emailed Ipsy and they confirmed I’ve been upgraded and that I should be able to see everything online. Uh…no, I can’t. I’m so frustrated, I want to see what I’m getting or that I’m even subscribed!

    • Me too! The app says I am no longer a subscriber, but I got the email today to view my Glam Bag Plus items. I’m thinking the app is glitching!

  22. They need to get better quality products and a MUCH larger variety. With only 11 products, we get 6 and pretty much it’s a crap shoot – ZERO personalization. I don’t need yet another highlighter. Can we try some NEW products?

  23. I am getting the highlighter,lip pencil,hey honey,pallette,murad lotion and briogeo. This is fine but I really wanted the lip scrub. If anyone wants to trade the murad lotion or highlighter for either the lip scrub or Tokyo milk then comment here. I am also on the swap site

  24. I’m getting lip scrub, lip pencil, eyeshadow, highlighter, perfume and Hey Honey. I have indicated in every way possible that I don’t like/use eyeshadow, but I’ve received every one offered 🙄. I’m excited to try Hey Honey. I would have loved to try the Murad oil and get some more Briogeo.

    • This is my box version. In the survey they sent out, they asked if getting a palette was something people wanted every time, so that may be what they’re thinking. I’m really happy with this box, the only other thing I would have wanted was the Briogeo and I already have a stash of it.

    • This is my box as well. Tokyo Milk has been my favorite perfume brand for almost ten years ago, so I’m super excited about that! The only thing I’m not excited about is the highlighter. Ideally I would’ve gotten the Murad or eyeliner there (I don’t know what the problem is- Eyeko is one of the only liquid liners that works for my hooded lids)

      • Eyeko seems to have over saturation the sub box market lately, leading to complaints. I recall enjoying this Tokyo Milk fragrance and it looks like the 1 oz bottle yay!

    • You should email them and opt out of eyeshadow, it will mean you won’t receive the palettes but if you don’t use them it’s nit a loss.

  25. Ugh I can’t get in. I clicked reveal on the website and the email and the page is the same as yesterday. Nothing is being shown. Happen to anyone else??

    • Try clicking on past boxes, then plus, then click January. This worked for me 👍🏻

  26. I am thrilled with my box!
    Ofra – Rodeo Drive highlighter (have this and love it!)
    Murad – multi-vitamin infusion oil (YAYYYY)
    Vasanti – lip pencil (hoping for the mauve color)
    Violet Voss – fun sized shadow palette (YAYYYY! Was hoping for this!)
    Hey Honey – silk facial serum (YAYYYY)
    Briogeo leave in conditioner (the only thing I wish I could swap out for the TokyoMilk perfume – then this would be the perfect box for me!)

    Super happy with this month!

    • I’d love to swap the perfume for the leave in conditioner!

      • If you’re serious – email me! mz_bev (at) yahoo. I tried this one other time, from the MSA comments and the girl kept saying she hadn’t got her bag, for weeks, then blew me off so the trade never happened. So, don’t play with my emotions lol

    • I’m getting the perfume. I know your comment says yayy after murad oil. Just an offer if you are interested in exchange?

      • Hi Jasmine, I really really want the perfume. I am willing to trade the highlighter, lip crayon, and mascara if you’d be interested.

      • Jasmine, I want to keep the Murad. Sorry! Check out Alexis offer tho! Good luck!

    • Box twins! Wish I could have tried the perfume I would have given up my lip pencil to try it but that about it…..lol

      The rest of the box is perfection……good job Ipsy.

    • Yay! We’re getting the same products! I’m quite happy with my box this month though I don’t use highlighter that much!

    Highlighter in Rodeo Drive

    Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil in It’s Your Mauve OR Berry First Kiss

    Fun Sized Eyeshadow Palette – HG

    Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum

    Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray

    Sugar Lip Scrub

    Definitely happy with this but don’t want the Briogeo, Hey Honey, or Ofra.

    • Can I pay for what you don’t want? I would love the briogeo and hey honey

      • Sure! Can I get your email?

    • If you’re interested in trading, I’d love the Briogeo!!! (my swap name is the same)

      • Interested! Trying to figure out how to search the swap site by username. :/

    • I’m receiving the exact same bag! I do wish I had received more in the way of skincare, but I’m still digging this month’s ipsy plus bag

    • I got the same! I am excited though. This will be my first month and I am quite happy with all of it. I can’t wait to try the hey honey.

  28. I feel disappointed every month when I see what I am getting and when the stuff finally gets here I am ok with it. I say I am going to cancel but then I don’t. Cmon, lip scrub and a black eyeliner in one box. They obviously are not matching these boxes. Am I the only who goes through this every month? I am sad.

    • Hey if you got the oil I’ll trade my whole box for it! That’s how disappointed I am🤦🏼‍♀️😂

      • What’s in your box?

      • Are you talking about the Murad Oil? I got that but really wanted the hey honey and the leave in conditioner.

        • Do you want to trade your oil for my leave in and hey honey?

    • Honestly, I don’t always love the stuff, but I usually find one or two items I like, and I know the value is 10000% there. I save the other stuff for gifts, etc. I’ve never felt disappointed.

    • They hardly match my profile, and even the products I said yes to in the quiz, I’m not getting this month either. I’m getting more lip balm which I keep rating extremely low, cause I don’t want it.

      • I didn’t think there was a lip balm only the scrub or the pencil.

  29. So so happy with my box. Getting the hey honey serum, the murad vitamin infusion liquid, the vv pallet, wander mascara, annnnnd then the lip crayon and the highlighter.

    I am always so hesitant to get excited when the initial spoilers are released, but always so satisfied when I see what is in my individual box.

    I want all of my items, but I’m also really wanting the Tokyo milk. If anyone wants to trade the lip crayon, highlighter and mascara for the perfume, let me know please.

    • Box twins! I’m pretty happy but I REALLY wanted the lip scrub. It works so well, but it’s so small it kills me to pay $20 for it. 😄

      The only thing I hated getting was the highlighter. I don’t ever use it and have rated every one terribly to try to avoid getting them. I keep highlighters, blush, AND bronzer unchecked (along with all the corresponding colors) in my profile to try to prevent them but still get one every month (Plus and the regular bag before Plus.)

      Oh well overall I am pretty pleased with Ipsy Plus so far.

  30. I’m getting the palette, hey honey, highlighter, brigeo, Murad oil, and lippie in mauve. Overall quite happy. I had paused when I saw the spoilers but then got major FOMO and unpaused at the last minute. Very glad I decided to get this month, I don’t get Boxy and am super excited about the palette. I got a Morphe highlighter from them earlier, but I like the Ofra one so much more, it’s a beautiful color and I didn’t have a full size. Would have liked the Wander (my fave mascara) but it’s coming next month with Allure so it’s all good.

  31. Is MURAD
    Skin Perfecting Lotion full size, because on Ipsy it say 1oz and on their website 1.7oz?????

    • Hmmmmmm good question? It may come in two sizes. Not sure about that, but I’m gonna check. I’m getting the same thing. 1 ounce is still a good size for a face moisturizer. My Elemis from Boxyluxe is 1 ounce and I haven’t even dented it lol. But most full size are 1.7 ounces.

    • I just checked and on Ultas site it says $40 for 1.7 ounces and on Ipsys site it’s $40 but doesn’t list the weight. Now under the description of our items it does say 1 ounce. So idk lol…I can’t seem to find an answer lol

      • I wonder if they mixed up the size with the Murad oil because under the Ipsy description it says 1.7oz for size and online the oil size is 1 oz…

    • This maybe why they are giving us 6 items this month. I know that are not doing the bags any more but the Murad is technically not full sized and neither is the shadow palette. Just a guess

  32. I wanted the Murad oil and of course am not getting it! I will trade the shadow, perfume, liner and lipstick for the Murad?! If anyone is interested please let me know😊

    • I feel like I never get the one item I love

    • I’ll also add the brieogo leave in spray too! So I’ll trade all 5 for just the Murad?

  33. I can only get 1 item to show from my Glam Bag Plus for some reason. Anyone know why?

  34. I’m getting the palette, highlighter, lip pencil, mascara, perfume, and murad face oil. I’m probably in the minority about not being excited about the perfume, but I’m ecstatic about the face oil so it all works out ok.

    • Would love to swap for or buy the perfume!

      • I’ll swap I don’t want mine

        • Hi J! I really want the Tokyo Milk or the Murad face lotion. Would you swap your perfume for the mascara, lip crayon, and highlighter?? The highlighter is SO PRETTY on, but I already have a few.

    • Box twins

  35. Yayyyyy! I am thrilled with my box this month! Hey Honey, Vasanti lip crayon, Murad moisturizer, Briogeo, Ofra Highlighter, and the Violet Voss mini palette. I also added on the Luxie protools small.contour brush for $3 bc I absolutely love the foundation one I got from BC. I originally didn’t want the small VV palette bc I just got the full size one in Luxe, but I thought about it and it’s actually great to take on my vacations. Ty for 6 items this month Ipsy!! I am so happy I stuck with Ipsy Plus and cancelled my BC instead this month . I had to pick one or the other and stayed with Ipsy Plus bc it’s a lot harder to get it back lol

  36. I got 6 items in my glam bag plus – one was another eyeko eyeliner (that I got in a previous bag). Is this just what they’re doing now to get rid of them? I find this so confusing. I’m not complaining, it’s just so weird.

    I’m getting – Murad, eyeko, vasnati lipstick, Violet Voss palette, hey honey serume, and the lip scrub.

  37. I’m getting 6 products as well.

    Sugar Lip Scrub

    Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum

    Fun Sized Eyeshadow Palette – HG

    Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil in It’s Your Mauve

    Unlashed Volume Mascara (MY FAVORITE MASCARA!)

    Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black (HATE IT) seriously sent a opt out of eyeliner email. I just received Eyeko eyeliner in my first Glam Bag Plus!

    Overall I’m happy:-)

    • I’m getting the same minus the eyeko, so I’m only getting 5 items.

      • that’s a bummer, your the first one i’ve seen so far only getting 5, wonder whats up with it, hopefully ours aren’t all glitched out and we are actually getting 6 items.

      • Nevermind I am getting 6 items. I’m getting the Ofra highlighter instead of the eyeko.

  38. I’m getting six items! My box feels a little makeup heavy, but overall I am happy and think I’ll be able to swap for the Tokyo milk perfume.
    I’m getting the lip scrub, the mascara, the lip pencil, the eyeshadow palette, the highlighter, and the hey honey serum. The palette, mascara, and lip pencil will go up for swap

  39. I got the VV palette, Hey Honey Serum, Vasanti Lip Pencil, Ofra Highlighter, Murad Skin Oil & Tokyo Milk perfume!
    Great Box except for the Highlighter

    • Box twins 🙂 and I agree, great except for the highlighter. It would have been perfect to get the lip scrub instead

    • Same here! I’m ok with the highlighter since we are getting 6 items! I already have it and the briogeo woulda been nice but since I got the hey honey AND the Murad I am happy! I did a tally and our box is worth $229! The Murad is $74 and the hey honey $45 so the skincare addict can’t complain.

    • If anyone wants to trade the Murad I’ll swap my box for it? That’s the only product I was hoping to get. Thank you

      • What’s in your box?

        • Leave in, lip pencil, hey honey, perfume, liner and palette

  40. Couldn’t be happier, personally. I am getting the eye palette, hey honey, dead sexy . And some more eyeko, which I am stockpiling in case of a makeup shortage. Ahem.

    Love my glam plus this month!

  41. I’m getting the palette,highlighter,lip pencil,perfume,hey honey and the murad skin perfecting lotion

    i’m 100% happy with my “bag” this month, no brushes no lashes…no liners for me so im over the moon. i know alotta people are not happy with the highlighter but i missed out on getting ir before but not it now so im happy

  42. My other comment isn’t showing up (shocker) I’m getting the Tokyomilk Perfume, Murad oil, hey honey serum, vv palette, lip crayon in mauve and the highlighter.

  43. I’m getting the Tokyo Milk Perfume, Murad Oil, Hey honey serum, VV palette, Ofra highlighter, and Lip crayon in Mauve (supposedly). I’m LOVING my box, and the 6 items 🙂 I only wish the Hey honey had better ingredients 🙁 I assumed it was a more natural brand.

  44. Does anyone know why we are getting 6 products this month? I’m getting hey honey, vasanti, ofra, Murad, briogeo and violet voss

  45. I’m getting 6 products this month according to my profile and I’m happy with the selection. I was going to cancel or pause but I’m glad I held out.

    I’m getting the following:

    Violet Voss Mini HG Palette which is great because i’m not a Boxy subscriber anymore.

    Murad Multi Vitamin Oil – love skincare and excited for this even though i’m currently using the 111Skin from last month & my Sunday Riley Luna oil from Box of Style.

    Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive – I always wanted this highlighter but never got it. I have two Morphe ones from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and a bunch of smaller ones but wanted to try this shade. I also got the multi colored Ofra one in my Allure Dec box.

    Hey Honey Serum – I love serums and skincare so I’ll definitely try this. I’ve liked other products by this brand when I’ve tried them in the past.

    Vasanti Lip Crayon in It’s Your Mauve – I have so many lippies and usually use liquid lip colors but I’ll give this a try. I like the face scrub by this brand so hopefully I’ll like the lip crayon also

    TokyoMilk Perfume – I don’t know much about this brand or this scent but I’ll give it a try. I hope I like it.

    I’m really happy with the selections made for me because I don’t think I would use the other options with exception of the Murad lotion.

  46. I want the perfume, but I’m not on the swap site. Anyone care for a trade? I am getting the lip scrub, leave in conditioner, hey honey, vv, lip crayon, and highlighter. I also have everything unopened from the winter ME box.

  47. Getting the hey honey, lip scrub, Briogeo, lip pie, palette, and Ofra. I’m happy but really wanted the Tokyo milk if anyone wants to swap! 6 items- didn’t expect that.

  48. I’m getting the hey honey and Murad oil skincares, vasanti lip pencil in mauve, mascara, highlighter and eyeshadow palette. I’m not excited about the last three products, but the skincare makes up for it. I got a highlighter in my first box, so I hardly need another one three months later, but I’m still a fan of my box.

  49. I paused my sub this month, kind of regretting it. I like the perfume and the Hey Honey. But what is with the Ofra highlighter & eyeko eyeliner again…..yikes

    • I didn’t pause because I didn’t realize the cutoff was earlier in the day on the 31st. I wish I had skipped. I’m getting:
      Ofra highligter (this is my 5th one overall from sub boxes and the 1st one was enough)
      TokyoMilk perfume
      Hey Honey serum
      Lip pencil
      VV eye palette

      The only thing I will keep is the serum

      • Oh, looks like I am getting the lip scrub as well. Not a bad box, just not products for me.

        • Hi I’ll be happy to take the Ofra highlighter off your hands, if you happen to be interested in taking the Murad skin lotion off of mine

          • Hi Jerrica! I would LOVE to make that swap! I am getting the highlighter and really want the Murad lotion and Tokyo Milk. Let me know if you want to do this and I’ll send you my email 🙂 Yay!!

            I hope this isnt against the rules, to set up swaps in the comment sections here, but I have been on the waitlist for the swap site for ages and can’t seem to get access.

      • Would you sell the perfume?

  50. I’m getting 6 products as well.

    Sugar Lip Scrub

    Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum

    Fun Sized Eyeshadow Palette – HG

    Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil in It’s Your Mauve

    Unlashed Volume Mascara (MY FAVORITE MASCARA!)

    Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black
    (HATE IT)!!!!
    seriously sent a opt out of eyeliner email. I just received Eyeko eyeliner in my first Glam Bag Plus!

    Overall, I’m happy with my box this month.

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