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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the January 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

The January 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here are all the products that are being sampled this month. Each Glam Bag Plus will include 5-6 full-sized products:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Comments (210)

  1. Just wanted to mention, the Vasanti lipstick pencil comes with a sharpener in the box. I didn’t even notice it and didn’t know until I saw it in a review. I might have thrown the box out otherwise, not knowing.

  2. Yay! Got my spoilers, and I’m getting 6 products, too!

    – Violet Voss Fun Size HG palette
    – Wander Beauty Mascara
    – Eyeko Liner
    – Vasanti Lip Crayon
    – Hello Honey Good Morning Serum
    – Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub

  3. Not THRILLED with this box. The only thing that made this months worth it for me was the Wander Mascara.

    *Dont use lip scrub
    *Lip Pencil box was empty only sharpener
    *This is 3rd Box I have received Highlighter
    *Dont use the serum got one 2 boxes ago? I think.
    *Pallet is not colors for me

    So looks like donation/giveaway box is growing yet again.

    Going give them a few more months before I decide to cancel.

  4. I’m really curious as to why for a second month in a row some subscribers are getting 6 products while some are only getting 5. I’m really not digging the inconsistency. I feel all should get 6 or all should get 6.

    I’m not sure what I am getting yet, I elected to skip a month when I saw the previews but had regrets when I saw the VV palette. I messaged ipsycare and they graciously allowed me to pay a day late and get this months box anyways! Thanks, ipsycare. Because I paid late the add on option wasn’t available and I still can’t see my previews as I was told it would show up in a few days or so. Fingers crossed for the VV palette. I don’t have much preference as far as other products.

    • I’ve not seen anyone get 5 items in plus and a lot of people have listed their products and some have been posted on R.eddit.

    • Everyone should get 6 items. They discontinued the bag, so each shipment should have 6 products. There shouldn’t be any discrepancy in the number of items, although the actual products will differ, as expected and advertised.

  5. Received my box today, was so excited about the mini vv pallet. I have the full size from boxyluxe but I can use this for my business trips! My Ofra highlighter was missing. I emailed them, hopefully they can send a replacement.

    • A friend of mine was missing her Ofra to

      • I heard back from ipsycare this morning. They are going to send out a replacement 🙂

  6. Is anyone else having troubles with their customer service? I sent two messages last week, still no response 😳 on top of that they sent me a product manufacturered in 2015 and a notification that i won’t be getting my glam bag plus this month even though I’ve been billed for it Jan 1st ‼️ Trying to be patient and resolve but wondering what else i can do if they continue to ignore. HELP

    • Every time you resend your email it knocks your email back to the end of the list, so try to only send one and be patient. I’ve never had a problem with their customer service, they’ve always responded promptly and been super helpful. I believe the best part of ipsy is their great customer service.

  7. I can’t wait for my box to get here. This is what’s in mine:

    ~OFRA COSMETICS – Highlighter in Rodeo Drive
    ~MURAD – Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil
    ~VASANTI COSMETICS – Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil in It’s Your Mauve
    ~VIOLET VOSS – Fun Sized Eyeshadow Palette – HG
    ~HEY HONEY – Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum
    ~BRIOGEO – Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray

    I don’t have, nor have I tried ANY of these fabulous products. I’m really looking forward to trying each and every one of them. ❤ THANK YOU IPSY – You’re Rocking Plus ❤

  8. I swear i got the WORST possible variation (haven’t seen anyone else get it so far):

    – briogeo leave-in
    – eyeko eyeliner
    – ofra highlighter
    – vv palette
    – vasanti lip
    – wander beauty mascara

    the hair product, eyeliner and highlighter are a big no-no, palette is nice but just got the full size from boxyluxe, vasanti lip depends on the color (SO hoping for the mauve) and mascara will be nice to try. The past 2 boxes have both been good fits for me so i’m okay with an off month, but still a little disappointed.

    • You did seem to get a pretty bad variation. From looking at a lot of box variations you seem to have got a $20 Eyeko eyeliner instead of a $45 serum and a $20 mascara instead of a $75 face oil. And that’s just one major difference I’m seeing overall. Just doesn’t seem quite right. That’s one big thing I’ve noticed is that Ipsy hasn’t quite got down variation value in all the boxes. My box wasn’t the greatest but wasn’t the worst. I got
      -Vasanti lip
      -Eyeko liner (just got a few months ago)
      -Wander Mascara
      -VV palette
      -Murad oil

      I’ve seen some people get all 3 of the skincare products and it just seems that those high end products don’t compare to the smaller items like the lip pencil and the millionth Eyeko liner for them to be variations.

      • My box seemed to be on the lower end as well. I emailed them about it, because it just did not fit my profile. They said the only thing they would allow me to do is opt out of something. They would not change anything. I have all skincare on my profile as well as perfume and the only skincare I received is Hey Honey. Granted the products are good , however this month just seemed a bit unfair to some .
        VV palette
        Hey Honey

  9. My bag/box this month includes:
    Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive
    Murad Multi- Vitamin Infusion Oil
    Wander Beauty Mascara
    Vasanti Cosmetics Lipstick Pencil in Mauve
    TokyoMilk Dead Sexy Perfume
    Violet Voss HG Fun Sized Palette

    I’ve heard Ofra Highlighters are the absolute BEST but I don’t need anymore 😩 This is probably my best Ipsy Plus Bag/Box I’ve received since I started getting them in October. I’m so happy I finally got perfume. It’s been 2 years!!! Ipsy usually knows what scents to give out, at least every time I have got one it’s been bomb af!

    Even seeing next months spoilers have me wanting to stay even though I told myself I was done this year with subscription boxes.

  10. Well i didn’t get any of these items this is for January 2019 right?

    • This is for the Glam Bag PLUS ($25 per month). Is that what you are subscribed to, or do you get the $10 Glam Bag?

  11. I got the leave in from testube a few months ago. I really don’t like it and am not thrilled with putting fragrance on my face. I’m mbrossmale at Gmail. I got both the hey honey and murad oil. Looking for the perfume

    • Want to trade your oil?

    • Also would love to trade or buy ur oil.

  12. Murad





    Violet Voss

    & I added Hey Honey as an add-on!

    I already have Ofra, Wander, & Violet Voss from previous Boxycharms & I wanted the Briogeo but I’m happy to finally be off the waitlist!!

  13. If anyone would like to swap their Murad oil for my Hey Honey (or something else on my page), my swap page is linked up top!

  14. I’m getting the following in my Jan 2019 GBP
    – rodeo drive highlighter
    – lip pencil
    – murad lotion
    – hey honey serum
    – tokyomilk perfume
    – violet voss mini palette

    Overall super excited about all the products except the murad lotion which seems to be geared towards acne prone/oily skin but I’m dry. Ideally would love to swap the lotion for the murad oil instead!

  15. I am getting the eye pallet but they are not my colors so i won’t use. Plus i got 2 eyeshadow pallets last month, i think i’m good on eyeshadow. The lip scrub i am looking forward to. The lip pencil i will not use. The serum which i’ve had before and liked. The highlighter which i already own in a travel size but still haven’t opened yet so one of them will be gifted to someone. Lastly i am getting the mascara which i probably will never get around to using. I was really hoping for the perfume. I’ve never smelled it but the notes seem like something i might like. I would love to trade my unwanted items for the item i wanted but didn’t get. Isn’t there a site where people can trade subscription box items?

  16. I really want the hey honey serum. Anybody wanna swap for the murad oil I got instead?

    • I would be happy to swap, are you on the swap site? Mine should be connected to my name!

      • Hi, no I’ve actually never been on the site before. What should I do?

      • Send your email and I’ll trade you and throw in other items!!

      • Do you want to trade still?

  17. I’m so excited for this month,I’ve been with Ipsy for over 5 years and never had issues with them until I upgraded and for that I’m getting a free month and 6 items that I wanted. Ofra highlighter, Murad lotion, Hey Honey, lip crayon, VV fun pallet and Tokyo Milk Fragrance. There customer service has been amazing.

  18. My GBP Love love love!!!

    Violet Voss palette

    Hey Honey serum

    Murad facial Oil

    Vasanti Lip Pencil

    Hanalei Lip Scrub

    Tokyo Milk perfume

    Best value in any skincare/ beauty sub box, IMO

    • Wow! That’s like the perfect bag compilation, imo. Gratz, enjoy!! 🙂

    • This is the best bag! You managed to avoid all the sub box regulars! (Eyeko liner, OFRA highlight, briogeo leave in conditioner)

      • I truly am shocked. 😉 I’d love to post a pic here when the box of all non- regular sub. items arrive but we aren’t allowed to.

        I haven’t added up the value but it has to be high because of the Tokyo Milk and maybe the Murad? IDK, it’s high value to me because I will love it all so much. 😉

  19. it says im getting 6 items!

    eye liner
    lip pencil
    leave in conditioner
    murad lotion
    eye palette

  20. Ugh. Getting the highlighter and eyeshadow palette. Zero interest in either. At least it’s possible that I *might* wear the highlighter (will likely end up in the back of a drawer unused) but, the eyeshadow palette? I never wear eyeshadow. I specifically have no options chosen under eyeshadow on my profile for that very reason. Are we sure they are checking these?

    • Anyone interested in swapping for the lip scrub (the one item I actually wanted)?

    • You can email customer service to opt out of receiving eye shadow! (I’ve read that ipsy still sends something by mistake every so often, but it seems like customer service usually makes it good when that happens.)

      Unchecking things in the survey just means that those are categories of low interest. It does not mean that those things won’t be sent.

    • If you call you can have them note your account that you want no eyeshadows. I had mine changed to no nail polish or hair products and so far the last 5 months they have done good.

  21. No Regrets on skipping Ipsy GBP at all this month

    • I skipped this month based on the earlier spoilers but now getting a case of fomo…. glad you are sticking with your decision. help me just a tiny bit that I skipped. Hope Feb doesn’t suck. do you know if you can skip multiple months at a time?

      • I skipped and got FOMO so I emailed ipsycare asap and they’re sending me a box! The early spoilers didn’t do it justice. I should have had faith!

  22. I am getting six but sadly only one item will be a good fit. 🙁 The rest is going up for swap. My swap id should be linked to my name.

    -VV Mini Palette- I have the HG full size from Boxy
    -Rodeo Drive Highlighter- Just No. I do not highlight and yet they keep coming.
    -Wander Mascara- I have way too many mascaras already. Like a bag full too many
    -Vasanti Lippie- I don’t use lippies, I vape so it would get my mouthpiece all yucky lol
    -Tokyomilk Perfume- I am weird as I usually don’t like this brand of fragrance.
    -Murad Oil- The winner of the box hopefully.

    Even though it’s only one item out of six I will use it’s still a good deal for me. I also added on the Hey Honey serum for the $12 so overall I am good with this month.

    I can understand if you like only one item and it’s a low value item like say the lip scrub and you complain but if you get enough in true value to cover the cost of the box isn’t that a win? And if the value is MORE than the cost of the box then it should be a total no brainer right?

    It just irks me a little seeing some of the comments and knowing that Ipsy is trying pretty hard and for the most part hitting it out of the park. There are still some kinks of course but I give kudos to Ipsy for doing such a good job thus far. 🙂

    Remember, subscription boxes were intended to introduce people to new products or things they wouldn’t have tried themselves in order to make sales for the manufacturers. Not every single item realistically can be perfect for everyone and still have an obscene value to cost ratio. It’s unsustainable.

    Anyway, I rambled on too long, I like the box and am looking forward to next month’s already! Now if Boxy would start leaking some peeks that would be awesome. lol

    • Well said, I totally agree. I just wish the shipping and missing product issues would sort out, hopefully, the will soon.

    • I completely agree with you. Also, how long did it take for you to be accepted to the swap group? I’ve been on the waiting list for months

      • The wait is usually just a few weeks and they typically roll out acceptance in waves. You might want to shoot an email over to [email protected]. I’d bet there are a zillion people who over bought this Holiday season and would love to swap out some. Liz and crew at MSA are usually pretty quick and responsive. 🙂 Good luck!

      • Thank you so much for the advice!!!

  23. DI’d anyone else order add-ons with both glam bag plus and glam bag on the same account?? I ordered 5 total and I’m anxious that they only allow 3? Help please! 💗

    • I was offered add-ons per each also but opted to only do add-ons for one (even tho there was a 4th item I would have loved to try) but only because I didn’t want to deal with delays and item issues on both bags. I’m still awaiting shipping notification on replacement of two missing add-ons from last month and, that bag (with just 1 of 3 add-ons) arrived incredibly late in the month.

      I wish you much luck, some people haven’t had any issues with the add-on process.

      • I did an add on 2 months ago and my bag didnt ship until the end of the month. I skipped add ons last month to see if my bag shipped faster that way and it did. Of course it was delayed bc DHL is the WORST carrier service, but it was shipped timely. I opted for another add on this month tho, so maybe it wont take as long to ship this month. Fingers crossed for all of us add on users!

      • Yes, fingers-crossed for all of us, lol. 🙂

  24. Well, when the spoilers came out I had decided to skip January. But I was wavering and then forgot to. But I’m actually glad I didn’t skip! My glambag plus is:

    –Ofra Highlighter RV $29

    – Murad Multi-Vitamin Oil RV $72!

    – Wander Beauty Maxcara RV $24

    – Hey Honey Serum RV $45

    – Violet Voss Palette RV $18

    – Vasanti Matte Lipstick Pencil RV $23

    I will definitely use the WANDER mascara and the Matte Lipstick… and then the swap value for the rest is really good! If my math is right …. I came up with a total RV of $211! So I am kind of impressed here.

    • I got this same bag. I might try to swap something for the perfume.

      • I’m getting the Tokyomilk perfume, but I also subscribe to Margot Elena box. I’d like to swap for the Murad oil.

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