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FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box Customization Schedule + Big Change!

Are you ready?! The FabFitFun Spring 2019 box season is almost here! And there’s one big change this season! For the first time, Annual subscribers will be able to make their customization choices before season subscribers.

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • Customization opens to SELECT members: Wednesday, February 6 at 9 a.m. PT.
  • Customization opens to ALL members: Saturday, February 9 at 9 a.m. PT.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first

UPDATE: Flash sale now through 1/16 – click here and use coupon code TREATS to save $20 off your first box!

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

What do you think of this customization priority change?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (79)

  1. I have been an annual subscriber for years. Seasonal customers have just recently been given the opportunity to select items. It used to be that Seasonal got a box. Most subscription boxes do not give you any customizations. I love this subscription! Sometimes I may not like an item. I can swap it or gift it. It a tremendously unique subscription and I have cancelled all others. No one is forcing you to get it. I am not sure why every one has to complain about it. Just move on.

  2. Three days’ lead is just too much.

    I am a new seasonal subscriber (it was a gift). This will be my second box. For my first I signed up pretty late and had virtually no customization options. Because I am seasonal I also got late access to the sale and almost everything that interested me was sold out.

    If I find I have very few customization options because they are sold out to “select” members, I will not upgrade – I will cancel.

  3. I did not sub to fff for fall or winter, tbh I was not into most of the items except for a few and could not justify the purchase of being a seasonal subber that may or may not get the items that they prefer. That is the biggest perk of being an annual subscriber is being able to choose your items vs flipping the coin. I will still stay on the look out for this box, but if they are wanting people to convert over to annual instead of seasonal, I think this box will not last long or the quality is going to continue to go down. The best box was Fall 2016, totally rocked!

  4. I don’t typically leave comments. But no, as a seasonal subscriber, these *big news* make me feel greatful that that I’m free to cancel. Seasonal and annual are equal. They’re both your customers. Annuals already get more perks. In a nutshell,I personally find this decision incompetent, implusive and lacking rational judgement. Trust me, it will repel customers, not attract them to upgrade.

    • Seasonal and annual are not equivalent in the eyes of a business. Since annuals pay for the entire year upfront they are guaranteed customers and provide capital ahead of time….essentially investing in the company.

    • One of the biggest perks advertised for annuals is shipping first. This absolutely does NOT happen and TBH, they should remove it from their website because it’s a lie. I’m involved in the community and for the winter box, I was dead last at receiving mine + many add-ons. Many seasonals had their boxes in hand a month, A MONTH, before I had a label.

      This change will not change the ability for you to select whatever you want during customization; you will be able to get your first choice. The only thing you *might* not give to do is add an additional choice you may have wanted for + $10.

      Also, a huge perk for seasonals is just what you said: you can quit anytime you want AND you can skip a box you don’t want.

      • Quitting/cancelling or skipping is not a perk. It’s a personal choice for personal reason.

      • Quit or cancel is not a perk, it’s a personal choice for personal reason. Also, there is no “skip a box” option.

      • It is a perk since those who are annual can’t cancel or get refunded once we have paid up front. So if we decide we don’t want the rest of the boxes we are out of luck.

      • It absolutely is a perk if you don’t like a box. Also, you can wait until each season’s box is deeply discounted and pay $30 for a $45 box (the cost for annuals) or a $50 box (the cost for seasonal).

        I would have skipped the fall box, but guess what? I was stuck with it because I’m annual. Not a major problem because there were some things I loved (skincare options) and those alone covered the cost of the whole box.

        This is unlikely to cause an issue for most people. Like I said, you’ll still get your first choice for the customization options you get.

        Much ado about nothing.

  5. I’m a new seasonal subscriber, but I’ll be cancelling after this news. Seasonals get to customize fewer choices anyway, whereas annuals get to customize 4 or 5, plus they get early access to the add-ons and edit sales. So, the better/higher value items likely will be sold out on the seasonals’ customization choices by the time they get to choose. The end result is that many seasonals will get no customization choices, depending on how many items FFF has in stock.

    Maybe if the values were about equal on the choice items, it wouldn’t be so bad, but they’re often not.

    Clearly FFF is trying to incentivize all subscribers into becoming annuals, but I think it’s going to backfire. I predict they’ll lose more seasonals than they’ll gain annuals. If FFF wants to reward annuals, how about sending them some extra bonus items, and not just junk either. Nice bonus items.

    • Agreed. I was seasonal and cancelled after the Winter box which was an epic fail IMO.

    • And you get the option to cancel after one box…annuals don’t. That’s a perk select members don’t have. They make most of their money from people who front almost $200 for 4 boxes that are complete unknowns to us. You can wait for spoilers and just cancel your sub. We are locked in, so there better be some decent perks or we’ll bail after our 4 boxes.

      The best part of this membership is the edit and add-on sales. There are some nice brands for so much less than retail I almost couldn’t believe it the first time I shopped. And their customer service is pretty amazing. If you even *think* there’s a problem, they send you whatever the heck you want for free and you don’t have to bother with returns. My coasters started to crack like everyone elses did. The CS rep asked me what I wanted to replace it. I got to pick from WHATEVER they had in stock to replace $20 coasters. I mean…that’s pretty amazing.

      I don’t subscribe for the box at all…I do it for the sales. And it’s not hard at all to get whatever you want in those sales even if you’re seasonal. People drop all the time. I have literally never missed something I wanted.

  6. I’m willing to give the Spring box a chance as I am a seasonal subscriber. However, if I am left with the lackluster items to choose from, I will be forced to cancel the subscription. Unfortunately, I do not have the means to pay all the money upfront.

    • Yeah, if not much left to choose from … me too. That and who knows what other criteria will be changed for the next box and so on (?)

  7. Some people can’t afford to pay for a year upfront. I’ve been with them for a year but as a seasonal for that reason. So essentially we are now punished for not paying in advance. It wouldn’t be a big deal if all items are of equal value. So essentially the annuals get the better items and the seasonal subscribers get leftovers. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll wait for the spoilers and if it appears like I’ll be stuck with items I don’t want, I’ll pass. I believe the annuals should get perks, but I’m not paying the seasonal price for items I don’t like either. Does anyone know when you have to cancel? For example is it before customization starts or can it happen afterwards?

    • Quitting/cancelling or skipping is not a perk. It’s a personal choice for personal reason.

    • Check the FFF website for billing dates. There are 2 different billing dates (for different groups), but the first billing date for the Spring box is Feb.15, 6 days after customization opens for seasonal subscribers.

  8. I took a big plunge and subscribed annually after reviewing years of awesome unboxings. Sadly, I’ve been disappointed since I started in fall. I’m locked in for 2 more boxes then I’m done. It’s fun and I’m glad I get the extra perks of early customization so I can at least feel like I had a bigger chance of being happy by making my own choices.

    • The edit and add-on sales are better than any other sub I’ve ever seen. Full size products for 40-80% off? Give me a break!

      You’ll never see the quantity they offer for that kind of discount. If you want something, they have enough that when the sale is about to end and people drop, you will very likely get whatever you want.

      The brands they carry are some duds, but the majority are legit. Elemis, KarynG, Grown Alchemist, Ahava, Farmacy, Glam Glow, Patchology, etc, etc.

  9. I love FFF! I think its the best sub out there! I’m annual but used to be seasonal, to me it doesn’t matter that we get to choose customization or shop add ons first, everyone pretty much gets what they want anyway. Also,I think seasonals should be treated equally… They are customers just like annuals.

    • Completely disagree. Annuals should get priority. And everyone doesn’t pretty much get what they want. There are a lot of unhappy FFF customers.

      • They should get perks but I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it. Perhaps if all items are of equal value it would be different. However, several people are recognizing a difference in quality between what is offered.

      • Not to mention some people aren’t annuals because they can’t afford it. That doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal customers.

      • Looks like FFF is a company that only rewards rich people. That’s not fair at all. Punishing people for not having money. That’s just wrong on so many levels. But that’s the world we live in.

      • That’s part of life Some people can afford better seats at a concert or a nicer cruise ship or a daily Starbucks or a pass to drive in the fast lane. Some can’t afford a seasonal box or even dinner tonight. Some people get their nails done others save up that money for a trip. People with more money have more choices. You can get education or a second job or save or any number of things to improve your financial situation if you choose too. Not knocking anyone at all for what they choose. If you choose to stay home and get the rewards of spending time and raising your children that’s fantastic but you will lose some financial reward. If you love teaching and choose to become a teacher good for you but going in you know what it pays (not enough) Maybe people who can afford annual have worked for longer, forgone a familly, chosen a high paying profession etc etc etc. I don’t think this new perk really isn’t going to change much anyway. I think you’ll still get your choices but may not be able to add something for $10. Money does not equal happiness by the way it does give you some freedom.

      • I absolutely agree! As an annual subscriber, I’m shelling out hundreds of dollars upfront, I better be getting priority. With that said, why are new subscribers and seasonal subscribers getting their boxes weeks to a month before the annual subscribers?

    • If they didn’t offer perks like this, no one would pay up front. We pay all at once and get locked in to four boxes in exchange for perks like this. Seasonal members get to skip boxes they don’t like since they didn’t pay all at once. I don’t think it’s unequal treatment lol. I think it’s getting what you paid for.

      • Well I’m locked in and being able to customize everything is PERK enough for me! lol

      • I completely agree! As a seasonal, you have the ability to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe only if you like the spoilers. Plus…the box almost always goes on sale, so as a seasonal you have the option to wait until you can get a good discount. As an annual I am “stuck” in that I will receive the box whether I love it or not. While I always feel the value is there, there are times when I would have preferred to skip a box…but it’s not an option. The primary reason I’ve stayed with the annual, in spite of knowing that means I may get a box I’m not that interested in…has been the perks…primarily the ability to shop add-ons and edit sales early. There are some screaming deals in those sales, and many of the items do sell out early. I think it makes sense that annual subscribers should be able to shop and choose first…again, how else will they get people to commit up front?

  10. I left, or rather they told me that since they couldn’t provide me with the service level they wanted to, they erased my info.

    Basically I ordered too much stuff during sales and held them to account for damages and lost items. The damages were due to idiotic packaging. They took a large box, put everything in without regard for weight etc., put brown packing paper and maybe air padding, and sent the box off to East Coast from CA.

    I’d open it and get pissed that things were dented, missing lids and caps (they didn’t take time to tape them,) shattered etc. I’d have sprays missing caps where you could see some discharge. I’d get containers with lids not screwed on tightly so the product leaked, etc.

    I’m disabled and can’t lift heavy things, which I explained to them repeatedly, yet they forgot. The last box I had, Fall 2018, I’d gotten coffee scrub and they’d put it at bottom box, contents shifted and container broke.

    Sent emails and they finally said they wouldn’t be able to replace any damaged items or refund money for damages.

    I kept getting bounced around to different customer service people. All I wanted was for the items I paid for to be undamaged, which I believe to be reasonable. FFF found that unreasonable.

    I got some nice items but also got some crap. FFF seems to inflate the retail value of many items in its sales.

    I’m always tempted to go back when the 40% off sale comes around but I’ve held off so far. I got sucked into buying items I didn’t need so it’s best to stay away.

    I did join Look Fantastic and upgraded to Ipsy Bag Plus and BoxyLuxe, and I’m pretty happy!

  11. Anyone know when they will take the payment out, which day I should say and in February? Or March?

    • Last year was the 20th, they will release the dates closer to the selection date! 🙂

    • The add on sale ends on the 11th at 11:59pm PT so we will be billed on the 12th. I got that info from fabfitfun rep yesterday. I got every question I had answered in that call which was awesome but it took awhile. That poor girl lol she also told me that my shipment for the edit sale already had been put together and gave me a tracking number. I still haven’t received email but I can track it this time at least. The last two times I have received email with tracking info, the box arrived the following day. 1-855-313-6267 is the number for fabfitfun customer care. I’ve noticed several people in this thread have asked for it so there it is. I keep it programmed in my contacts. I’ll try to go back thru thread and put that number as a direct reply to comments where people are asking as well. I would like to give my two cents btw about the new perk for the seasonal members. I think it’s ok for them to get access to customization earlier than everyone else. They already get access to the sales etc ahead of the seasonal. But I think that with this change, fabfitfun should allow seasonal members to customize the same number of items that annual members are allowed to change. This would allow the perk for annual members without punishing the seasonal members. Instead of some seasonal members being disappointed because they were slow to the customization party, they are running the risk of disappointing most or all of them by not allowing any to choose for themselves. It also allows fabfitfun to make more money with the $10 Add Ons for additional items in each category, whereas they don’t make anything extra on those (and seasonal doesn’t get to purchase more) with the way it is set up now. I’m an annual member and this seems more than fair to me. If I’ve already picked everything I want, why should I be bothered if the seasonal members get the chance to also be happy with ALL of their items? The attitude of some of the annual members on here is incredibly tacky. You spend hundreds of dollars upfront? You spent $179, less than what a seasonal member will spend over the course of that same year. If you’re on your second year or beyond, you spent TWO hundred dollars upfront, the SAME as a seasonal member. Let’s not paint it as anything more than what it is. We pay up front so we get some perks, we don’t pay more. We definitely shouldn’t feel entitled to more happiness with our purchase.

  12. Okay my last post in here, just wrote a book and it disappeared. Why not fix this it is totally frustrating! To spend 20 min and have it disappear! Third post this week!

    • I used to comment all the time and now I rarely do because of their filters. You can say nothing inappropriate and your comment never appear. But you’ll get emails all day long on others comments on the same post. Or they’ll approve the comment 24hrs later after 10 other people answered the person’s question, making you look late to the party.

      • Agree. Just posted my heart out the last half hour for it to go absolutely nowhere. I just refreshed and poof! Gone. Any slight mention of whatever they deem not rosy and happy enough and your post goes off to be moderated.

    • I think they have some weird “key words” that trigger posts to be shunted to a moderator for permission, and occasionally I even think that certain IP addresses or email addresses are flagged by them (if your posts are not 100% “this box is all rainbows and butterflies!!!”)

      Let’s test this theory right now… Clicking “submit comment”.

    • This just happened to me as well, and has been happening a TON lately…and I’m not saying anything controversial. Seems like recently it’s been happening way more than it used to…and it’s REALLY frustrating.

      I wonder if this comment will even show up…

  13. I canceled, I do not subscribe annually as sometimes I feel as if I will not use enough to make the box worth it for ma and can just select boxes. Yet, by doing this FFF is almost trying to manipulate their subscribers into becoming annual good business for them because it locks people in hence more cash for them. Yet it almost penalizes those who may not be able to afford an annual subscription or those who have no need for one. These marketing tactics may back fire on them.

  14. Yup time to cancel. This will only mean that seasonal subscribers will get to choose the cheapest useless product customization because everything else that is somewhat decent will be gone. Bad move fff. I’m sure I’m not the only one cancelling. Their products selection for the past 2 or 3 boxes have been really cheap and useless and now it will only be worse. By the way. this can keep writing my comment over and over until it posts. This is the 3rd time and I’m sure it still will not post. Such a shame that we can’t speak our minds even though I’m a seasonal member. Well was until now.

  15. That’s fair enought

  16. Of course my first comment didn’t get posted. That’s just terrible that we can’t speak our minds even though I’m a subscriber. Anyhow, I have been thinking about canceling and now this so I’m canceling for sure. It’s bad enough that their last 2 to 3 boxes have been cheaper products, now this happens and it only means that annual members will get to choose the at least somewhat decent product customization and seasonal subscribers get the cheap useless product customization because everything else will be sold out. They are so hungry for annual subscribers that they’re going to lose many seasonal subscribers. No thanks. I will take you money elsewhere and buy stuff that I actually need and can use. I’m sure I won’t be the only one. Bad move FFF

    • Sorry for any confusion – this was your first time posting from a different IP, and that’s why your comments didn’t automatically get posted.

      • Liz, over the past couple weeks I’ve had MANY comments not show up…and I’ve been posting from the same IP as I always do. This didn’t ever happen before…are there new filters? My posts did not violate any guidelines. Just now I had one post, and another not…and I didn’t say anything that I can imagine would be controversial. I also attempted several times to post a number of well-thought out comments on another thread, regarding a troublesome experience I’d had with another box. I was respectful and didn’t say things I would think would get filtered…and yet none of the comments ever showed! Turns out the box was “featured”, which I’m guessing means they paid…so I’m wondering if my comments were not approved because they were stating problems with a paying customer? I’d really hope comments don’t get censored for not being glowing about a sponsoring sub box…and I wonder if this post will show…

      • Are you sure they didn’t post? I saw two of your comments in the email notifications I got, plus this comment, so three total.

      • The posts did show up later but only some showed immediately. Maybe it’s something weird with my computer that is delaying…I just wrote a response to Liz’s comment at 9:45 PST and as of 9:50 it’s not showing posted at least from my end. Weird.

      • Sorry for any confusion. Our admin system does show you commenting with several different IP addresses. (I am happy to send you screenshots if you like.) I also looked at your comment history and all comments are showing up for me. If there is a specific comment I should be looking for, please let me know so I can investigate.

        Sorry again!

      • Mea Culpa. 😉 I went back and looked at the other post I was referring to and apparently they did eventually post…but with a significant delay. I don’t think they post off of my phone for some reason (or maybe with a big delay.) And I just realized that I probably AM on a different IP from what I had before a few weeks ago as I started using my husband’s alternate laptop a few weeks ago when my own computer officially conked out. So my apologies for sounding accusational, when it looks like it was my issue after all!! But…it is still weird how some things post immediately, and some have a delay even when there doesn’t seem to be a reason for it. Of the posts I wrote here today, a couple of them posted immediately, and others didn’t post til later. I can’t figure out what differentiates it. But Liz, thanks for looking into it. 🙂

      • And I just posted a response here and it didn’t get posted. Not sure why…this is getting really frustrating…

  17. Yup I knew I needed to cancel and I will now for sure along with many other seasonal subscribers because FFF has been just getting worse and worse with their useless cheap products and now this which can only mean that annual subscribers will get first pick to the at least somewhat decent product customization and seasonal subscribers get the cheap crap leftovers to customize their box with. NO THANKS. I will take my money elsewhere. They’re so greedy for annual subscribers that they’re going to lose the seasonal subscribers. Not a good move.

  18. I love this and thinks it’s 100% fair for us annual sub.. we should get extra benifits for being annual .!!! I hate when I go to pick things I want and there gone cause it was open to annual and seasonal at same time.!

    • And what makes you think it’s not the annuals buying more than one item instead of seasonals being able to customize as well? Don’t act like the annuals are not major product hoarders.

  19. I love posting comments and I just wrote one for this thread to help out the other readers and it didn’t post. I spent about ten mins writing it. So frustrating.

    • Sorry that happened to you, it is very frustrating. It happens a lot here, I have no idea why.

    • I agree. It just happened to me too. Makes me not want to bother typing any more than a couple sentences. Very frustrating is right.

    • Ha! Welcome to the club! I will write out lengthy, articulate informational tips only to have them disappear/never post without explanation and it has Definitely made me stop posting as much. ESPECIALLY during late/early hours. I believe sometimes moderators get tired or don’t feel like prof reading longer ones and just delete and pretend you never sent it!

    • It happens frequently to me as well. I sent an email about it and another issue I was having but no response. I don’t mind if they want to monitor comments, but I wish they would figure out why some are getting caught and never posted.

      • I will say the other issue I mentioned in my email seems to be fixed now, so maybe just no response but they fixed it. The missing posts after writing something you put effort into is very frustrating though and should be a top priority, especially since there’s no other place to discuss anymore.

  20. My guess is that FFF lost so many customers after the awful winter box that they are trying to get more annual subscribers.

    • I actually ~liked~ the winter box! I love the Oribe dry shampoo and so right there that made the box value!

      • Exactly the Oribe Dry Shampoo was amazing and made the whole box worth it. I actually liked most of the Winter box. I do think the annual subs should get perks but it it’s just too many days ahead of the seasonal subs to get pick anything you like. I am a big fan of FFF and the value you get on some high end products that I would not normally be able to afford is amazing. However, I think this new perk is not a great idea. Seasonals subs are still valuable customers that they don’t want to lose.

  21. As an on-and-off seasonal subscriber, I’m really glad to see annuals getting more perks. Have felt bad for them, though newbies getting better deals is a thing across the board and it makes sense for a company that’s trying to grow. But like, there’s been such LITTLE incentive to go annual that I wasn’t sure how some people did it. Kinda figured they just had cash to burn, or lots and lots of people to gift unwanted items to. I couldn’t make a full year spoiler-less commitment for only $20 off. At least now it’s a little more balanced.

  22. I’m seasonal and the only thing I didn’t sign up as annual is because I get to cancel anytime if I don’t like any product being spoiled. As seasonal, I dont mind having only 3 customization options as long as I get to pick some items I really like, but if they make this change and won’t be able to snag items I wanted due to being sold out then its time to cancel. Farewell fff.

  23. It has always been this way!!!! Annual subscribers have always been able to make their customization choices before seasonal subscribers.

    • I am an annual subscriber and we customized at the same time as seasonal subscribers. We did get early access to Add Ons, Edit and Capsule sales. This will be the first time we will have early access to customization

    • No it hasn’t. Customization opened for everyone at the same time.

  24. I love this!! I like to see extra perks for loyal, long term customers. It gets discouraging to see so many discounts for first time customers.

    • I agree that it gets discouraging that only first time subscribers get certain discounts and they disregard actual subscribers but just because some of us are seasonal members doesn’t mean we aren’t loyal, long term customers as well… Some of us can’t just hand over that much money at one time so we are stuck being seasonal and therefore seem to be the lowest of the low in terms of these perks, especially now with this new change.
      Maybe it is time to re-think this sub…

      (1st world problem for sure, I am aware! Trust me, I am grateful I am able to even afford seasonal and this is not an actual problem in the big scheme of things!)

  25. As a seasonal I am even more inclined to cancel my subscription now.

    • Ditto.

  26. I cancelled last month after years of subscribing thanks to horrible customer service, so I wonder if the spoilers will be enough to get me sucked in again.

  27. I hope that this box is better than the last. I haven’t been motivated yet to move to annual. Perhaps if they have great choices it could motivate me, but the last few boxes didn’t have anything that stood out.

  28. Well it makes sense, given that some of their popular choices have been running out. I’m happy with the added benefit.

  29. Yay!

  30. I thought it’s always been that way? Annual subscribers always get to choice before seasonals??

    • Yeah…. This is confusing.

    • No, it has always opened to everyone at the same time, leading to the crashes.

    • We just get more choices. Like we can choose 5 items usually whereas seasonal members can choose 2 items. We get first access on things like add ons and edit sales.

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