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BoxyLuxe March 2019 Spoiler #1!

We have the first spoiler for the March BoxyLuxe box! 

Each box will include:

Morphe Cosmetics 15H Happy Hour Palette

What do you think of the spoiler?

If you sign up now, the January box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe in September.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Comments (120)

  1. Ugh Morphe eye shadows are the worst! No pigment, just awful. What a waste. Same colors of every palette they’ve sent recently. I will wait for another spoiler but after other disappointing boxes I may have to cancel. Next spoilers had better be amazing!

    • I agree, starting several months back with Crown the palette colors have been the same. This is definitely not a “luxe” item, but I never thought the box should be called “luxe” anyway. They weren’t offering luxe brands, just more stuff. Voters chose the name though, not Boxy.

  2. I never tried morpheus before but I do want to try 1 of their products. If they offer this in the regular box I will get the regular. If they offer in boxyluxe depending in the other spoilers then I will get boxyluxe.

    • You can only get BoxyLuxe if you are subscribed to BoxyCharm.

  3. These BoxyLuxe boxes look really nice, but the problem is, I just don’t want to be subscribed to Boxycharm the whole time in order to qualify for them, for multiple reasons: I don’t need that much makeup (especially considering how much I have already), I actually don’t often care for what’s in the regular Boxycharm boxes, and I really can’t take the frustration of the variations, let alone such a ridiculous number of them!

    I wish BoxyLuxe was available *separately* from Boxycharm similarly to how it is with Ipsy and Ipsy Plus.

  4. The same colors again?? Can we get away from this color palette?

  5. I feel like a lot of people are making comments based solely on the price of the palette. Many of my $20 palettes are better than some of my high end palettes. Morphe makes some great eyeshadows. Some are just ok. But I’m still really excited for this palette.

    • The cost of the palette, the business practices , and my experiences with Morphe products are why I’m down on the Morphe palette. I think their shadows go on like cheap shadows. The pigment leaves something to be desired. They lied about reformulating shadows in the past. They’re about the bottom line and not about creating a beautiful product. This is not a luxe or prestige product and shouldn’t be in a box that’s supposed to be luxe. Furthermore, if the Luxe part of BoxyLuxe is just a name and doesn’t indicate the type of product we should expect, BoxyCharm is misleading their subscribers and should change the name.

  6. I really hope this is a variation. We’ve had so many red toned palettes recently and Morphe has several other similar sized palettes with much more interesting color stories. Fingers crossed!

  7. Would it kill them to give us a cooler toned palette for once? I don’t mind getting palettes, (I actually enjoy it) but practically every palette I have gotten with the exception of the shimmery Tarte one has been the more red, pink and orange toned colors which look awful on me. I know the warm tones are in right now, but not everyone loves it. I’m just disappointed that they went with this choice.

    • We received the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale in September and it was a cool palette. Also, we received the PUR palette in October and it wasn’t necessarily warm either. I didn’t even receive a palette last month, and we got the Tarte shimmery palettes this month. I think they have been easing off the warm palettes, but you know a lot of people complain when they don’t get the popular colors. I actually feel like they’ve been mixing it up pretty good.

      • I’m generally very flexible and content with what I get from both Ipsy and Boxy. In December, many of us got the Violet Voss palette, which was also orange/pink/red toned. I dont remember the Pur palette. I just looked and it is in my stack to give away.The very top rows are orangy peaches mixed with bright colors. Others may disagree, but I still consider that to be the warmer toned shades. I get people want what is popular, but I am racking up palette after palette that I never use. The Tarte might be used as highlighter, but its all shimmer shades. I guess I would have felt better had they gone with cooler colors after the VV palette in Dec. Oh well. Maybe next time!

  8. I like the colors but not sure about the value. Will have to see what the other items are and if they are truly “luxe”

    • Ugggghhhh Morphe isn’t luxe at all. I’m so glad I cancelled. I thought I cancelled early enough to not get January’s box but I didn’t so I’m stuck with that too.
      At least December’s like box has a Violet Voss pallette!

  9. Morphe isn’t an expensive brand but I got one of their palettes in another box and it turned out to be really nice quality which I wound up using a lot.

    My problem with this Morphe is that the colors seem to duplicate previous palettes

    The last box was really nice as I thought the Lancome blush and Estee lipstick were great – high quality and colors actually worked for me – not the brown zombie lipsticks I usually get.

    • I received those too but in my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! Never got a Morphe palette in Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

  10. I’ve never tried a Morphe palette so I don’t mind. Yes, we would all rather have high end brands but surely one of the reasons for subs is to allow all kinds of brands to be in the spotlight and give us a chance to try them. And as long as they’re still promising a total box high value, I’m happy to wait and see what else is coming.

    • Thanks for saying that, it is a good reminder and made me feel better and, I can agree with your sentiment. :))

    • Exactly! I think it’s really easy to get caught up in the “I want” mentality and forget how cool it is to be able to get deals like this or afford a sub box. There was a time when I went from having everything I could ever want to having absolutely nothing and I’m finally on my way back up, so I feel lucky to be able to do stuff like this!

    • You make a good point. Morphe isn’t at the top of my list, but it could mean something REALLY amazing is in the works.

    • every year I buy my nieces a palette. It is usually the newest from Urban Decay that they ask for. However, this year, they asked for the 35W and 3502. I was shocked. They are make-up fanatics. They love the palettes. It was good for me as I saved about $100.

  11. I’m trying to decide I’d I should cancel luxe and keep the normal, or just be done with Boxy for a fit. I’m tired of the same thing every month and only being able to use half the box. I give the stuff I don’t use to people I feel can put it to use, but it’s money wasted. Anyone else feel like me?

  12. Doesn’t seem very Luxe to me. I’m betting this will also be in the regular box, the same way the first Luxe spoilers in Dec were also in the regular box. They’ll have to do MUCH better than this, if not.

  13. Liz,

    I am wondering if it’s possible for you to fix the issue with comments not posting? It is very frustrating! I have written five comments this morning and yesterday that didn’t post. I was only stating my opinion (which is the whole point of writing a comment to these posts,) and I wasn’t being rude or attacking anyone in those comments at all. No swearing either. I was trying to be helpful too by providing info to someone else that made a comment, but I couldn’t get anything to post. I love this site and I understand some comments should not be posted and need to be sensored, but if you were to look at mine, you would understand what I mean. This happens all the time on this site and not only to me. Can you please look into this? Thank you so much!

  14. It’s nice to see BC continuing to add new brands to the box, even if you don’t care for Morphe , at least it’s not another PUR palette or ColorPop, and at least it’s not all shimmer shades. The palette looks to me like the right side is pretty cool toned so I think it looks like one of the more inclusive palettes we received lately. I’ve never tried Morphe before, so there’s that as well. That being said, if I receive another brown lip color from BC I will cancel. I’ve received three of the same KAt Bow n arrow lips from them and two or theee other hideous browns. I’m sure after the blowout job they did on December with the elemis skin care product, there will be something equally awesome in this Luxe box. At least I hope so!

  15. Morphe? A less-than-underwhelming palette? Nup.

  16. Same shades again…ugh!!!! I keep asking for a pretty plum shade palette & keep getting reds & browns!!!! There are plenty of other colors & palettes out there! I’m beginning to feel like this is now being geared towards a way more younger crowd! Just saying!!!

    • You can express your preferences, but they’re still working on how to port it over to improve personalization.

      I’m signed up for Luxe, but that palette is way too close to the one they shipped in December.

      May have to cancel; only question is how soon.

    • Yes!! Thank you! Or taupe colors!

  17. Happy I cancelled my sub to BC last month but I just want to make a quick point. When everyone voted on the name for this box, “luxe” was the version that won. That didn’t mean BC was going to be putting luxe products or high end products in the box. The idea of the box was for subscribers to get a larger box once every three months and they would put “larger” products that didn’t fit in the regular BC box in them. They never said they would be luxe products. I hope that helps to clarify it a little for everyone.

  18. Am I the only one who suspects this is a regular march spoiler as well? Wasn’t the first December spoiler the palette or straightener? Plus the cost and possible variation fits with their normal style.

    • Hopefully BC will add a TON of great skincare or something to boxyluxe, since this is such an inexpensive palette. If they were going to do morphe they could’ve at least done the Jaclyn Hill palette or the James Charles….

  19. What happened to the rumor of the 15N???? I wanted the 15N so badly. So tired of pinky, warm shades I could puke!

  20. Not impressed. In the past the pallets have been the focal point of each box, so I’m surprised that this pallet made it into a Luxe box. We’ve gotten so many pallets with these colors last year so I was hoping for something colorful and fabulous for March. That said, I really like that Boxycharm is moving more toward high end skin care in their boxes so this may be a sign that it’s no longer about the eyeshadow and that there are some great products coming. Fingers crossed!

  21. Hmm I’m not sure I see Morphe as luxe.

    As a person who prefers cool tones, I’m also a bit over red/orange warm palettes, too.

  22. Eeeek.
    Not even remotely luxe. I’m not a fan of Morphe as a brand. There have been some issues with their collab palettes and the pigments they used. There has been some question of whether or not they pay the influencers they hire for their work, which leads me to wonder about their business practices and whether they pay the people who don’t have a social media platform. Seriously considering cancelling the luxe box. September was good. December was okay. This is not a great spoiler.

  23. I wouldn’t mind getting a Morphe palette on my regular Boxycharm but I’m disappointed to learn that I will be getting a $16 palette in my BoxyLuxe. From a Violet Voss palette to a Morhe one… it’s just not right. Hopefully the next spoiler will be something more exciting.

    • I agree with Lucy, I think this would be a great regular Boxy palette (even if I’m not a fan of Morphe), but this is in no way something I’d expect to see in BoxyLuxe. It makes me glad I cancelled Luxe after all the December spoilers were in.

  24. Canceled my Luxe subscription. Nothing luxe about this! Not even giftable with those shades. Also disappointed that the straighter came in normal boxy when that is why I upgraded.

  25. When Boxy first began talking about Boxyluxe, the idea behind it seemed to be, this was a way to use product they did not have enough of to use in the monthly boxes. They gave a few name options out and Boxyluxe for a name won. They did not give indication that the products included would be more ‘luxe’ than their monthly boxes. I think people are holding this box up to a standard that Boxy never intended. It is just extra goodies for a good price.

    • good point.

      • Kind of like ipsy glam bag plus not having a bag any more 😂 oh what is in a name

      • Haha Ipsy sent out an email survey recently asking if Glam Bag Plus still made sense as a name or if they should consider renaming it even! At least you can’t say they’re not trying.

    • No, they did advertise for higher quality products! It was in a few emails I received. It was the whole reason I joined it.

    • I agree with you. People voted on the name, either Luxe or Plus. They probably should have just gone with plus and there wouldn’t be the false expectations. As long as it meets the minimum value, I’m Ok with it. I don’t expect to like everything from every box and my nieces sure love getting what I can’t use! Always a win for me!

    • I respectfully disagree. They repeatedly sent emails that touted all the high end brands that would be in the upgraded box. They even said “luxury products” in several emails that I received as well. So I don’t see this as a misunderstanding on the part of subscribers, but rather Boxycharm making promises they are not keeping.

      • We have been receiving high end brands in the luxe boxes. Juice beauty in September and Elemis in December just to name a couple. The retail value on these are insane and it is great to try out new products you normally wouldn’t buy at a fraction of the cost. Like you are literally paying an average of 5$ for a product that retails for 89$ (Elemis). Nothing to really complain about here. I love the Elemis and plan on repurchasing when I run out.

  26. I’m surprised this is in the Luxe box as it’s a pretty cheap palette. Plus these warm shades we keep getting do not work on me at all. I’m guessing from the other comments that I’ll have a hard time swapping or selling it. Here’s hoping we get some better spoilers for that box!

    • I’m hoping since it on the lower end that means the other goodies will be to die for. Plus the violet voss was spoiled early and I lost my excitement for it but still love it.

  27. Just cancelled finally after overload. This palette is $16 and you can use coupons at ulta on it so I’m fine with skipping this one! Also just got the hideous Ofra dark red lippie in my box so I’m done. I literally always get the lowest value box and most unwearable lip shades. The value is always there but I’ve trashed so many full sized products after asking people if they wanted and declining.

    • Donate to women’s shelters! They gladly take the item and it makes them SO happy

      • My local womens shelter stopped taking my make up donations.

        Even they’re on overload from all the similar stuff I’ve donated.

      • This is too funny!

        Certainly puts things in perspective, doesn’t it.

        I also thought every time I saw the recommendations to donate on here, “Yeah, I am sure the homeless women really need my Manna Kadar highlighter/bronzer combo…”

    • Nicole do you recall which variation number you are? The number on my card is #6. You sound like me! I feel as though I keep getting the box that has the least value! And don’t even get me started on the lip products and colors! 😠

      • I so agree with the lip colors. I am fair skin so I prefer neutral colors. I have yet received a lip color I use. All purple, dark red, orange, dark brown. All too dark. Not my taste. Several eye shadow pallets I can’t use bc all too dark too but it’s still a good deal. Hopefully they’ll come up with the personalization option soon.

  28. I’ve never tried Morphe, so from that perspective it’s cool, but I agree with everyone else… this doesn’t feel “Luxe” to me at all. So that’s disappointing.

  29. The first spoiler is usually the hero item. Morphe is popular in youtube/Instagram/influencer land, but not as a luxe product. Drugstore price point. So not looking promising for Luxe. And the palette is another warm-toned brown palette. I’m choosing to be optimistic and hope that the next spoiler makes it all make sense.

  30. I just got my last box and I’m not sad that I cancelled both luxe and regular. I loved boxycharm so much till it just started going down hill, I can maybe use half the box most the time. I rather save the money and spend it on something I know I will love. Loved that I got to try all sorts of products but when I’m paying money for them I want them to at least be my skin tone or more colorful tones. Btw I hate my tarte rainforest what ever it is, it’s stupid shimmer shades with one matte 😒 LOVED the ofra lipstick tho 😍 got mine in Havana nights

  31. Why are people so bent out of shape over a palette? BoxyCharm is a heavy makeup/beauty box. Almost every box will have an end Eyeshadow Palette. This isn’t new. If you don’t want a makeup box, I suggest you get a different subscription.

    • We want a luxe box. If morphe says life to you then I’m sure so does Walmart

      • Hee hee hee. 😂😂😂 Michelle you put it perfectly.

      • Actually, I find it to be a little strange that everyone is so bent out of shape over items not being high end enough when “Boxyluxe” is literally just a NAME. When they announced it, nowhere did they say it was going to be a box that was specifically geared towards more “luxe,” high end products and brands. It’s just supposed to be a bigger box that contains more goodies than what you’d normally get and it helps them use up the inventory of products they have that they don’t have enough of to send out in regular Boxycharm (they DID say that.) Think about it, they’re sending out a bunch of full size products for only $50. That’s pretty damn good if you ask me. But apparently everyone else thinks that $50 should get you, what, 8-10 full size luxury brand items?! Sis please! There are other sub boxes for high end items and believe me, none of them would ever be that cheap for that amount of product.

        This is the FIRST spoiler. While I agree morphe can be hit or miss sometimes, acting like spoiled princesses and calling it drug store brand (not saying you are so please don’t take offense- I’ve seen way worse comments) seems pretty crazy to me. For the people who want all luxe items in their boxes, like I said, go find one of those subs. But I guarantee that aren’t any where you’ll be paying $50 for ten full-size products!

      • Wow, Michelle, not very nice! Is it really necessary for you to be so snarky to someone over a makeup box?
        Not even remotely humorous, Julie!
        Save the mean girl behavior for another site! I truly wish Liz would block comments like yours and hopefully spare someone’s feelings!

        We, as subscribers, voted and chose the name BoxyLuxe. It was never meant to be inclusively representative of what was included in the box. Rather, Boxycharm explained it was most likely going to be product they wouldn’t get or have enough of for the regular Boxycharm box. There was some speculation that if it was a limited quantity, it may possibly be more expensive product, as companies weren’t willing to give excessive quantities.

    • It’s because it’s a cheap palette (drugstore price point) and the same warm tones that we just got. If it was either different shades or a “Luxe” brand palette, I’m sure we’d all be more positive. It’s more of the same… only cheap!

    • Because it’s a Morphe palette that retails for $16. That is not luxe in any way, shape or form. They sent a beautiful Violet Voss palette in the December box, so putting a Morphe palette in is very odd to say the least. It might be a nice palette, but it’s not luxe.

      • 👏👏Exactly👏👏

  32. Well I sure wish it was the 15in like we originally thought I already have this one it’s been out forever I don’t know why they continue giving us old stuff

    • That’s what bothers me the most; it seems like we get a lot of older, closeout type stock.

      • That you have to expect, just to keep the box’s price point where it is at.

      • All of Boxycharm products are overstock or discontinued products. I check the KVD lipstick and it expired in 2017. I received it in 2018.

  33. I don’t need anymore eyeshadow palettes. I have over 50 of them and a lot of them came from Boxycharm. I wish we can opt out them. This month I’m getting the Rainforest of the Sea vol III, which I already own. And from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus I’m getting the Violet Voss HG fun size palette. I got the full size from Boxycharm last month.

    • I’m getting the same palette which is the only one of the three that I already had. 🙁

  34. Posting again because MSA filtered my comment for some reason. Okay, so this is a easy NO/PASS for me. How is the first spoiler for a premium luxe version of a box going to be something from Morphe? Morphe, in my experience with several palettes(gave them a chance) have terrible low quality, eye irritating shadows. I’ve had better luck with LA Colors from the Dollar Tree. I’m already underwhelmed with Boxycharm in general so unless they throw in an expensive serum from Tatcha or Sunday Riley/ Drunk Elephant in this box im not renewing. This palette should be in the regular box and even then I’d still side eye it.

  35. Morphe palettes are reasonable priced and this one doesn’t speak to me as LUXE. I’m starting to become underwhelmed with Boxy Luxe…the best box was the very first one. This is a sixteen dollars palette.

  36. Blah for me too. My daughter likes this brand but never tried it, I’m assuming bc of the Instagram people who made a collaboration, but I’m too old to care about that and she actually wouldn’t even go for these colors. I have too many palettes already so if the next spoiler is t decent I’ll cancel.

  37. No offense to anyone, but Morphe should never been included in something considered Luxe. Their eyeshadows are low quality and eye irritating from personal experience with at least three palettes. I may have to cancel. this could pass in the regular box but not the premium box. no thanks

  38. I just don’t feel like Morphe belongs in the luxe box. Also, this has me concerned that this is what they chose for the first spoiler. Not a great forerunner!! Might be skipping the March luxe if the next spoilers are as underwhelming…

    • Maybe they’re holding back a great choice item? We can hope!

    • I don’t think Morphe is a Luxe product. I purchased a Morphe set at Ulta
      For $12 on sale. I returned it. I didn’t even want to try it. I’m not crazy about Boxycharm. I got same ugly palette in two boxes from Boxycharm. Ugh!

  39. Honestly I’m going to hold off making a descion about whether to cancel the Luxe
    and just get the regular box until more spoilers come out.
    This palette is pretty boring in my opinion and I have so many that are similar in color.
    Who knows maybe the other products will make up for this simply because its only a
    16.00 dollar palate. We shall See.

  40. Morphe is not luxe. Put this in the regular box. I’m sick of warm toned palettes too. Just might cancel.

    • It would be nice if we could choose warm or cool tones.

      • Yes. Or if they could at least alternate month to month between cool warm and neutral colored palettes.

      • That would be nice. It seems like all we ever get are warm toned palettes.

      • We got Laura Lee palette with bright vibrant colors but people were outraged with it and asked for warm toned colors.

  41. Meh

  42. Morphe is supposed to be a decent brand, it gets alot of high ratings from people as a budget friendly but great choice. I’m open to the brand BUT, yes, of course there is a BUT, LOL, we just got that Violet Voss Palette and it looks like similar shades so I’m kinda bummed about that since I’m guessing this is our “hero” item for makeup. I love that VV palette, I actually depotted a bunch and it’s in my favorites zpalette. 🙂 I’m still in cause well, it’s only $30 which I am ok with AND I am a skincare junkie so I’m anticipating a nice high end item in that category.

    I may be cranky cause I just now, opened my Boxy that just came and it was a total, complete miss. That’s so rare! There is always something I can get use out of, even if it’s a $10 item so I can kinda rationalize the sub. lol

    If anyone is up for anything fromthis months box hit me up on the swap link on my name. I got the Tarte Vol III palette ( it’s very very pretty but again similar to the VV shades), the brow pencil, briogeo and ofra lippie in Havana nights. ( tempted to try this, it’s a deep red but I KNOW I won’t).

    Anyways, looking forward to this box.

    • How is it $30? Luxe is $50. If it were 30 I’d be a lot happier about cheap Chinese pigment palettes.

      • If you are already subbed to boxy you are paying a bit less than the $30 to “upgrade” to the luxe. Since I am a subscriber I am already in for the $21 a month. Now, if you are only signing up for the luxe editions yes, it amounts to $50 out of pocket for you. I think their business model is meant as an extra “bonus” option rather than a self standing subscription ike Ipsy Plus is.

    • I was going to say the same thing! I’ve never tried Morphe so this is a good way for me to try it without actually having to go buy it, but almost all the shades look very similar to a shade in the Violet Voss. Morphe has so many different palettes I really wish Boxycharm would have negotiated a different palette or saved this for another month.

  43. Wasn’t this the palette that was in the very first Ipsy GBP that went out to all the influencers? If the next BoxyLuxe spoiler is Sunday Riley, I will LOL so hard!

    • That’s exactly what my first thought was

  44. My daughter is in love with Morphe, but boxyluxe is out of her price range … Morphe does seem like a more regular box price point though…. curious to see what else will be added….

    • Apparently this is a $16 palette sooooo maybe she can just get the palette?

      • That’s exactly what I told her…. which was why I was trying to figure out why it’s in the luxe box. She’s actually wanting a bigger $39 palette from Morphe, so she’ll probably eventually get that instead.

        I’m not subscribed to the luxe box, I just signed up for the regular box this month. This spoiler alone does not inspire me to upgrade … but I guess we’ll see what else comes out.

  45. This brand does NOT say “Luxe” to me. Glad I haven’t upgraded. Still waiting to get off the waitlist for IGBP, though. :/

  46. Could this be more meh?

    • Yes! Eyeko black eye pencil!

      • Ha!

  47. I have never tried Morphe and am actually looking forward to this palette. I’ve heard good things…

  48. I actually love the shades in the palette and look forward to playing with it!

  49. Another #&*@($& palette.

  50. I am in Boxy’s website right now cancelling the regular monthly and the luxe but am hesitant to pull the trigger. I may wait for a 2nd luxe spoiler before cancelling. This spoiler doesn’t appeal to me and I’m hoping the 2nd does not so it will make it easier for me.

    • NO Morphe. I am out!

      • Jane: I don’t get it…what’s so bad with Morphe?

      • Morphe can be pretty shady (they love to artificially limit supply to drive demand, they said they remade the Vault palettes in 3 weeks when that is possible given shipping from China, etc.) Some love them, but I refuse to buy them. Plus it’s drugstore. There’s nothing luxe about it.

      • Very shady issues with their influencer collaborations. And the quality is very low quality.

      • I agree, I don’t like them for their shady ways. They put their brushes up too high when they came out & their palettes are chalky at best, I never bought them just used them at the store and was like wtf these look awful! I don’t understand how people buy them!

        I cancelled my boxycharm, I’m glad that I haven’t bought it again. It’s going down hill! I can buy better things for myself then they are giving out. All they ever give me is dark liquid lipsticks when I’ve contacted CS to tell them please stop giving them. I’m on a no buy so this is out for the whole year, bye boxy not sad to see you go!

      • Same here on a No buy for the year and cancelling this and Ipsy glam didn’t really hurt at all. I sat down and made a chart for all of 2018 and when I saw the items I kept vs the items I didn’t I was appalled at the money I wasted.

    • I’m right there with you. February spoiler is meh and so is this one. I’m on product overload and trying to decide between this and Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I’m waiting for a couple more spoilers too.

    • Personally I would wait for the next few spoilers, bc that waitlist 😑
      That’s my plan anyway. This is a standard box item at best so fingers crossed on a miracle lol

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