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We have full spoilers for the January 2019 BeautyFIX subscription box!

Each box will include:

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BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. What a letdown. A big spray can of water, and dry shampoo, which I never use. Tiny samples of the products I actually use.

  2. I caved in…lol!!! I love the brands sold through Dermstore but I don’t like to pay that much for something I’ve never tried & that’s why I love this sub & think it’s perfect for me! Plus, I’m a skincare junkie! Ipsy Glam Plus has been killing it lately!!! My Dec box was worth over $326 & for the same price as this they can’t be beat but the brand’s here are awesome & for the most part are just a bit too expensive for me to buy without trying first! I did though just sign up for the Jan box last night(5th), so as of last night they were still available! I can’t wait for the Jan Allure & Boxycharm boxes too!!! It seems from the reviews that it’s easy enough to cancel, so I’ll just play it by ear!

    Question!!! Everyone gets the same box, right??I kinda like that, so I don’t feel so jello when I don’t get a product I REALLY want…lol!

    Thanks ladies🌹💖

    • Yes, everyone gets the same box! 🙂

      • Awesome!!!!! Thank you!!!!

    • Yes they are all the same. Love the box!

      • Thanks for answering! I just got my box Thurs & I’m loving it too!!!! I love skincare!!!!!!!

  3. I just resubbed and the last box sucked (not bad products, but TEENY samples). I need another can of Avene Thermal Spring Water like a hole in the head, but the rest looks decent. Gonna give ’em one more month before I consider unsubscribing again.

    • Lol – my daughter just told me she needs another can of the “calm my face down spray”. We both use it so I’m thrilled to get another full size Avene spray this month.

      • You really use that stuff? What does it do? I scanned it, n threw it in my sell box, as it doesn’t look like something I would want, but you have me intrigued.

  4. I just signed up for this box. Does anyone know by what date we have to cancel in order not to receive the next box? Is it too late to cancel after spoilers are released? Asking just in case I don’t like the next box

    • I have canceled on the last day of the month several times & then resubscribed after all spoilers are released.

  5. Good box for me. I re-started my subscription.

  6. This is one of the best boxes they have put out in months! I have been a loyal subscriber for years, and hated the last 2 boxes, but this one is Awesome!

  7. I resubbed both of my subscriptions. December was the first time I had ever unsubbed. It wasn’t a great box and I used the money on gifts instead. 😀

  8. The January box is up for sale now, I just bought mine.

  9. I am seriously considering getting this box because of the SmartLash and the SkinMedica sample (so if anyone wants to swap either of those things to me, please hit me up! Click on my name to be taken to my swap page).

    I have a few questions:

    1. I see some listings for SmartLash from the May 2017 box but the value is listed at $49 and now it’s selling for $29. Can anyone explain this discrepancy? Has the price gone down or is it a case of one person listing it for the wrong price and others copying?

    2. How does SmartLash compare to NeuLash? I’ve been using NeuLash for a year and a half and it’s made a world of a difference for my lashes, but it’s quite pricy (as is the RevitaLash) so this seems like a good alternative.

    3. How does this subscription work? You can sign up for one month and then cancel (as opposed to paying the single box price)? Do they ever offer first time subscriber gifts?

    Thanks for any and all information!

    • I can help with question 3…. Yes, if you’d like, you can sign up for a subscription then cancel so you can get one month’s box for $24.95 rather than $34.95. Beauty Fix is a box I sub to based on the spoilers, so I’ve subbed for one month at a time quite often. It’s quite simple, and I’ve never had any issues doing so. Back in the day (like circa 2016) they used to offer discounts for the 1st box (like 50% off… that’s how I first subscribed), and I honestly can’t remember the last time they did that (however, they could have some time last year, and I’m just forgetting). However, they have offered Black Friday deals where you can get a past box for free with a subscription.

    • There’s 2 versions of the smart lash. The advance ($50) and the regular ($30). The last one they gave out was the advanced.

    • I used this lash serum for 4 months with 0 results. Plus it was 75$ a pop then so I a)if what u hav works don’t change it!! b) b leary of such a low price.

  10. That BKR bottle in the photo is so deceiving LOL…if it had been included I would’ve caved 🙂 haha!

    • Ha I didn’t see the BKR water bottle anywhere in the pics lol!!💕

      • It looks like the picture is updated now and they removed the water bottl. The original post showed a white bkr bottle arranged to look like it would be included in the box, but there was a disclaimer on the bottom that said “ bkr not included”, which many found understandably deceiving.

  11. Liz, do you know what is up with the website showing that the beauty fix boxes are sold out? I would assume that isn’t January is it?

    • Sorry January boxes should be available soon. We’ll post as soon as they are available!

    • I just went on to Dermstore’s website and January is available now & I was able to re-subscribe. 🙂

  12. There are a lot of items in this box I don’t need or want, but I am still wondering if I should get it for the SkinMedica and Ren and SmartLash…

    The bottle would have actually made it an easier sell for me, lol, although not sure how much I would have used it in reality.

    And I wish the HUM was at least a 1-week supply.

  13. Maybe the bottle is just meant to act as a subliminal message to along with the water spray…drink more water, spray yourself with water and your skin will be healthy and glooooowwwwww

    I feel thirsty.

    • Lol me too. Thanks for that. Ha lo

  14. this box looks great, a lot of things I haven’t tried yet….not really into bottles, I mean you can buy them so this does not bother me…I had rather have great products anyway. great box beautyfix, can’t wait to receive this..

  15. i was so excited about the bkr bottle and now im just disappointed tbh :/ december really disappointed me, so this month at least seems better!

  16. I don’t need another bottle. When my husband brings a bottle home they go straight into the donation bin 🙂

    • says it’s not included….bummer cause I love those BKR bottles and the white is pretty. I would have signed back up for that. Don’t need anything else though the Klorane is tempting

  17. After 2 full size serum in my ipsy plus, I’m content on skipping..again lol but come on beautyfix, I know ya got it in ya. I’m waiting to come back

  18. tried to sign up , says sold out

    • Is this really sold out?

      • It often says sold out for the first few days of the month. Not sure why. Usually it isn’t actually sold out and is open for subs by the 3rd or 4th.

        • They mail out all The subscribers boxes first and then once they get those in the mail then they make the box available for everybody else to purchase

    • I think it’s December that is sold out. I have a subscription and they haven’t billed / shipped the Jan box yet. Maybe a bit behind with holiday closures. They charged me on the 4th last month so I expect it’ll be soonish shipping.

    • I don’t think it’s even gone on sale yet let alone sold out.

      • As a matter of fact, I don’t recall any Beautyfix box EVER selling out.

  19. I’m excited! Even without the water bottle.. I have so many bottles already that I’m actually glad to not have another!
    This month has a bunch of great products and that lash stuff is AMAZING! It really works for me! Stoked to be getting more as I ran out a while back and my lashes don’t seem as thick anymore.

  20. Why add the bottle when it’s not included? I was just going to sign up but then read the bottle is not included. Not very cool. Now disgusted.

    • The plant isn’t included either!!! How dare they.

      • Lol andthe marble table too. Geeezzzz

      • The plant I can see as using in the picture to fluff it up. But the bottle looks like it’s included as it’s so noticeable and is actually a popular item for sub boxes. No need to be sarcastic Lydia, Just sayin

        • Agree… the bottle is arranged in such a way to make it appear included. Its almost as if it was originally included when photos were taken and then there wasn’t enough so they didn’t include it in the boxes and they then needed to specify the bottle as excluded!

          • I agree. That bottle was part of the original curation you can tell by the way it’s displayed. I am curious to know what happened.

          • That definitely looks like that is what happened. But why not take a new picture!

        • It’s just another scam, get people excited thinking they are getting one thing, and sign up…then they go, “ummm you didn’t see the fine print, it’s not included” Shameful is what it is and almost predatory.

  21. The SkinMedica HA5 is my absolute favorite skin care product of all time. It makes my skin noticeably more moisturized, reduces the size/look of pores on my checks and by my nose and makes my skin look extra smooth.
    If you’re thinking of trying this month’s box, definitely go for even if just for that sample.

  22. Very excited! I love this box. It is my favorite subscription. Even if I don’t always love everything, I “like” them all well enough…I love being able to sample different things. Found many favorites through this subscription. Like the Avene spray! Looking forward to trying the REN sample, the lash serum and the dry shampoo. I use dry shampoo almost everyday.

    • Completely agree with you…it’s the best sub for skincare. I’ve found so many great products thru this sub over the past few years. That skinmedica product is a HG product for me. I use it daily. It’s perfect for my combo skin.

      • I am excited to try the HA too! Heard a lot of good things about it and it’s too pricey for me just to buy and try. So I am happy it’s in this box!

  23. I literally lol’d at this. They sent that same can of water out not that long ago. Seems like this is the clearing the shelves box.

    • That can of water is my go to during the winter when my skin dries out… it is magical

      • I like it too but BeautyFix literally just recently sent it. That’s pretty bad.

        • Yeah… couple of repeats here…

      • Me too! I was so happy to see this! It’s something I didn’t think that I would love but I do!

      • Me too!! It’s hydrating and also great for hot flashes! LOL. Dermstore rarely repeats items in the BeautyFix box, and this is a great one for a repeat!! 😀

    • I enlarged the video to see the sizes and this is a much larger size than the can they sent out before. Almost double the amount. I was really skeptical about it but it was a game changer for my eczema. It really calms redness down, so I’m very happy to get it. The joke to me is the .5 ounces of the body lotion in this box. That might cover my knee! Happy about the lash stuff, though.

  24. Praise be to beautyfix that we dont have to decide this week if I want to sub or not. Because I don’t really need anything in the box, but I still want the box.

  25. Why include the bottle in the picture? Not cool. 😔

  26. I was stupidly excited about the BKR bottle, then I saw the footnote! Ugh! I wish they would not do that in spoiler pictures! It’s still a great box though 🙂

  27. Including the bottle in that manner is a very poor marketing choice.

    That said, I’m still super excited about this box. I was about to purchase the Avene water, so I’m glad I get to try it here first. I only wash my hair once a week, so while the Klorane shampoo is a bust (I only use my Lush shampoo) the dry shampoo is a hit, and that SmartLash is pretty intriguing too. The rest is icing on the cake.

  28. Wallet is safe for another month. That’s a good thing. Now how about a full size Juice Beauty moisturizer? BeautyFix has been known to do that.

    • Oooh, I may consider re-subbing if they included a full-sized Juice Beauty moisturizer again. I’ll be finishing up a full-size 2oz jar of their Age Defy moisturizer within the next day or two, and I loved it way, way more than I thought I would. It’s so moisturizing and is perfect for these cold winter days!

  29. Damn, saw the bottle, almost resubbed, then NOPE.

    • I know- it’s such a tease!

    • Me too! I was so excited when I saw it in the picture. Good thing I read the list. Bad bad marketing. So misleading. Things like that are such a turn off.

    • I would have subbed if the bkr bottle was

  30. I’m gonna pass I think. Not a bad box at all. It’s just not for me right now. I did however get Glossybox this morning for the full size Avant night cream.

  31. Man, the brk bottle looked like the best part. Pretty sure I am going to skip it.

    • I don’t know where my first comment went, but it’s along the same lines as the rest of you. They sure weren’t thinking putting that in the picture, now everybody wants it. I was all ready to resub until I saw the footnote also!

  32. They sent that avene spring water spray a while back…I still have it from that box

    • I spent the day going through my ginormous stash and found one too. That must have been where I got it. I really need to get through what I have already before I consider re-subbing…

      • I also have a ridiculously large stash even after giving tons of it away for Christmas. I still find it hard to cancel this sub. My skincare addiction is real. This is the best sub for great skincare.

        • Agree!!! I sooo want to cancer but can’t!!!

      • I still have that Avene also unopened. I have everything separated and organized by product in about 12 BF boxes. Unfortunately out of sight out of mind.

        I just bought a craft organizer on wheels with 10 drawers. Purchased the clear but it comes in a couple colors. It’s about 3 1/2 ft tall and each drawer fits at least a full reem of paper. Each drawer is pretty large, perfect for samples. I just put together and it’s awesome. Tomorrow it’s organizing time. The footprint wasn’t large and I just wheel into the closet when not using. I’ll finally see everything. Fingers crossed product is rotated and used more.

        • Awesome idea, TJ! I will look into getting a cart like this for me.

        • I did this too! Except I got a 3-tiered metal mesh “basket” type roller cart – I got mine from Michael’s w/ a coupon but they sell them everywhere. Then I used acrylic organizers so I can have things compartmentalized and upright.
          Unfortunately things in a drawer are still too “out of sight” for me.
          I’m also a “saver” – I take my time using products because I don’t want to run out, now that I know I have another bottle of Avene coming I will go to town using the one I have! 😂

        • Hi TJ,
          I would be interested on purchasing the craft container. Where would I find one online? Thanks.

      • Let me know of you want to get rid of anything in bulk & I’ll purchase it from you for a set price!?!?

    • I use that spring water over powder mineral makeup to get rid of the powdery look, since I put it on heavy. Makes my skin look dewy.

  33. Certainly better to me than last month’s. That Avene spring water is a HG product for me. Spritz it on your skin after toning, right before serums/moisturizers, then 1x again after all your products are applied. It changed my skin!

    • Wow what a great idea! I’ll have to try that

  34. Ughhh why would they put The bkr bottle in the picture!! Lol

  35. I was so excited about that Bkr bottle until I saw the footnote. Still looks like a good box though!

    • Oh my goodness, same here! Thinking I’m gonna pass again though.

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