Play! By Sephora December 2018 FULL Spoilers for All Box Variations!

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We have the FULL spoilers for all of the December Play! By Sephora variations! You have until 12/11 to sign up and get the December box as your first box.

FYI – The sixth product in each December box will be a mystery sample!

Box A:

Box B:

Box C:

Box D:

Box E:

Box F:

Box G:

Box H:

Box I:

Box J:

Box K:

Here are the mystery item samples that may be included in your box:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Play! by Sephora is $10 a month. You have until 12/11 to sign up and get the December box as your first box.

Plus, all Play! Smarts boxes are on sale for $15 (Regularly $20) and Play! Luxe Vol 2 is available for $20! (Regularly $25)

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  1. I just received my play box #367 and its D.

    • I am very disappointed with box #367 (D) and i am considering cancelling. My mystery item is a rouge cream in striking red (should I mention I have pale skin) from the sephora collection making that two items from their line. Can anyone suggest another box they have been happy with ???

      • I don’t even see a rouge cream as an option as a mystery item. :/

        • Raffaella Rose, I dont see a rouge cream either but that’s what I received.

          • I got the same box, and the same bonus item, the Sephora lipstick in red and the liner in nude, oh joy. Sorely disappointed in the year end dumping of samples, ugh.

          • I got the same thing. Really disappointed in the surprise as I was looking forward to a more luxe item.

        • I got that rouge cream too. I’m just annoyed at this point. Do we know if those bonus items were actually listed by Sephora? If so, that’s a bit misleading. I mean, where did that come from if all they are going to give us is a lipstick? I think it’s time to cancel for good and move to Ipsy.

          • I cancelled my s. play tired of them and their ways…I have 2 sub. with ipsy.and you can almost pick out everything you want with them..

        • My box was box A & my mystery gift was a Sephora lippie too…ugh, so disappointed with all my boxes this month

      • Out of Play, Birchbox, and Ipsy I’ve liked IPSY best. Overall value tends to be higher, and sizes tend to be larger (deluxe samples and some full size items, unlike Birchbox and Sephora that sometimes send out very tiny samples!) There is more personalization as well. However, sometimes they still have problems with shade matching! I’ve gotten a couple red/orange lipsticks that don’t match my skin at all. So not every product will be a hit and there are still some I need to gift – but I’ve found every bag I’ve gotten through the main sub to be well worth it. (Although I ordered a past bag as a ‘mystery bag’ and only liked one item, so the personalization of the sub is really key!)

        • Thank you jennifer. : ) I am going to give Ipsy a try. I do expect to receive an item here and there for gifting but lately sephora has had more misses than hits. And yes the sizes of the samples worth trying are very tiny.

          • Ipsy tries really hard to give you things you like. You get to rate the items you got each month, and say whether or not you like receiving that type of product. I like Ipsy better than playbox too.

        • @jennifer I did not realize that you can pick your choices with Ipsy. I may consider signing up in light of this.

      • I have fair skin. I would love to take that rouge off your hands. I just received (my 2nd) Bang Beauty blush in Smoked Peach. I disliked the first so much I guess they decided I needed to give it another try. :/ It is not a color for me.

        • I really like my Allure sub bc I get more skincare. At 60 I’ve figured out my best looks so I don’t feel interested in make up so much. I also like that they offer high end sample products. No sephora brand primers 4 times a year and such. It’s what, $5 more but you may find it more satisfying as I have. I mean, find a sub that meets your expectations best. I choose subs by reading about 6 box reviews done by MSA. I basically do a little research. I have been able to avoid a lot of those shady situations sub companies sometimes get themselves into. Personally, I like subs with good company stability. Allure is a leader after all.

          • Oh and I don’t always agree with the reviews but I get to know what I’m getting with plenty of time to hold a month if I want I’ve had good cs with them. They replaced a box that went missing no questions asked.

          • MissAnn, I agree with you! I’m in your age demo., and love Allure! I get 3 boxes per month, 1 from Allure and 2 from Amazon. I get a great variety of products that way.

            The neatest thing is that they send me free items separate from my subscription boxes every couple of months or so. I got a ( non-fake) Tangle Teezer brush yesterday, so their frequent freebies are fresh in my mind.
            I never know what they’ll send or why, but I’m not complaining.
            The skin care items are really great brands and the makeup is almost always a very useable shade for me.

            I get Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and a couple of small Glam Bags, but a lot of their products are still made in PRC. Sometimes, this is also true for Boxy. I throw the made in PRC items away as I do not think the products are safely made with quality ingredients.

          • I signed up for Allure and will receive my first box today! Play hasn’t been very interesting lately. But I do have to say out of the Play box variations they do a good job of matching me to the items.

      • I’m annoyed too. I got the same box with the Sephora lipstick. They list all these great mystery items and then send us that instead??

        • I have found that ever since Sephora offered the Lux option, their regular boxes have been underwhelming. Compared to the 2017 December box, this December box SUCKS. Addtionally, I received NONE of the items associated with the box I was supposed to receive and two of the items were duplicates. When I called I was told they ran out of items promised (huh? they have 3 weeks to ship and send and they ran out of content?) so they just put in whatever they had on hand. No offer to resend. No offer to refund. I think, based upon other comments, I have to cancel Sephora and consider others: Macys? Allure?

      • I’ve been getting Boxycharm since September. I’ve loved all my boxes. received the December BoxyLuxe box yesterday and I am so happy with the products. I also like how they do the spoiler reveals.

      • I got that box number, too. I will be selling the whole box on Sephora play page on facebook or Mercari, in a way, you get your money back.

      • I got the same box and bonus lipstick in red also. I am also fair skinned and never wear this color. So much for one of the bonus gifts shown. Really disappointed in this box.

      • My mystery item was the Sephora Ultra Shine Lip gloss in Perfect Nude, which I already received in a box and not something I have really used. I was so disappointed and wish she had not posted the choices that the mystery sample would be chosen from. It gave me high hopes and then to receive that item was so disappointing. I haven’t been as happy with my boxes lately and am considering canceling my box. I may give them one more chance for January and a new year but if it’s filled with duplicates and complexion products that I can only use at the height of summer with a tan, I will be gone.

      • I also got the box D, and am so disappointed in the “extra” item being the Sephora rouge cream in red. I was hoping the surprise item would make me feel ok with this box. Like you, I am too fair for “red” lipstick especially since I have thinner lips. I have ended up with way to many lipsticks and hair products, when I didn’t mark any hair concerns in my profile.

      • I got box D too and got the red lipstick. I DESPISE RED LIPSTICK! I’m fair-skinned, blond hair, blue eyes and my profile states that. I look horrible in red lipstick and, it’s just my opinion, but I would think a lot of women would have a hard time pulling it off too. Just a guess, but I read complaints about red lipstick a lot. Why do I keep getting red????? What are they thinking? Put something NEUTRAL in at least. The rest of the box is okay. Just okay. I don’t really wear lipliner. Disappointed in this month’s box. There were so many other good products in other boxes this month that I missed out on. I feel like I got jipped. I re-subbed with Birchbox for three months. Had them before and I’m giving them another shot. I was happy with them before but cancelled due to financial reasons and had to cut down on my subs. I’m going to hang in there with Sephora Play for now. Next month better be an improvement.

      • I was supposed to get #367 but I got Box C, told them I don’t want lip products or primer, that was 3 of my items.. lip products are typically horrible colors from them in this sub, so no thanks. . And I don’t use primer, no time for it but I always get it 🤦🏻‍♀️ The only saving Grace is that my bonus item was the Cicapair. I like the verb oil and will always take makeup remover. I really am THE LEAST impressed with play for all of my subs. I would have killed for the ACV rinse, I like getting hair stuff OTHER THAN Dry Shampoo!

        • Primer takes like one second to use LOL!

    • What was your mystery item?

      • I’m box D and I got IT Superhero mascara. This saves the box for me.

    • Thanks! I’m 367 too. This is probably the worst box! I just resubbed after a year or so and this is my second month. I’ll give it one more month to get better.

    • What was your mystery item?

      • My #367 mystery item was different. Earliest my box has ever came and I got the PTR ride or die mattifying primer…yay two mattifying primers when I’m dry. Obviously the profile means nothing and I wonder if anyone got one of those 15 mystery items because I didn’t and I know others didn’t as well. Are we supposed to be happy that we got 6 items this month? I’m not. False advertisement with those good mystery items and not the right profile items, but it’s not the worst box I guess. Step it up Sephora. Please and thank you.😂

    • I got box D, and my mystery item was Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara. While I am not a huge fan of the Briogeo mask, I will still use it eventually (because my hair is fried from processing and hot tools), I can’t complain- for $10 a month, I am pretty happy to be getting another fresh Lip Sugar (the color is great), the mascara (I am a Lancome girl, and always appreciate having another mini to go in my purse because this mascara is really good), and a few new items to try- the Sephora lip pencil, Too Faced primer and Wander Glowtion. At the end of the day, it was another good box for me. For me, it always feels like they “know me” (and this is probably based on some algorithm of what I am buying from them every month.) Even on those rare, “Meh” months, I feel they are better than Ipsy. But that’s just me.

  2. Anyone know about box #330 or #417?!

    • I have box 417 and that one is Box E with a mystery item of Origins Clear Improvements Mask.

  3. I wanted Box I, but I think I’m Box K, #367, that’s a bummer

  4. Does anyone know which box is 581?

    • Box H

  5. Does anyone know what Box #581 is?

    Box A- 326 Box B-334 Box C-342 Box D-? Box E-? Box F-466 Box G-? Box H-? Box I-599 Box J-? Box K-447

    • I emailed Sephora and here was their reply.

      Thank you for reaching out to Sephora regarding your PLAY! box.

      I know how excited you are to receive your box full of fun goodies. Rest assured we look forward to shipping out the PLAY! box to our lovely Beauty Obsessed clients each month. However, at this time, I am unable to share what samples are included in the PLAY! boxes as we love to keep the surprise factor in receiving your fabulous boxes. I understand the anticipation is frustrating, but I appreciate your patience and understanding.

    • I will be livid if I get J for #367 because I won’t use a single thing. The mascara and hair spray have alcohol denat, lancome has a formaldehyde releaser in it, and I despise glosses and reds. Please for the love of God don’t let it be that one. D, E, G and H are at least a little better, especially D. Let it be D. Amen.

      • I just received my play box #367 and its D.

        • What was your mystery item??

          • A very red rouge cream from sephora collection. Not happy !!!!

          • That’s a horrible mystery item! Most of the ones listed were pretty good and I though would salvage the cost of the box, guess not. Very disappointing!

          • How did you find out what your mystery item is?

    • Box E is 078, I got that one.

    • Thanks so much Angela. I’m getting box 599….not happy about it. This is my last month with Sephora. Last month a got a tiny tube of Tarte Quench hydrating primer and the tube was EMPTY….geesh. Box 599 is one of only a couple of boxes without the Too Faced primer in it, which is pretty much the only thing I’ve really wanted to try. It’s been going into boxes for months, yet it’s never in one of mine. I’m in my 60’s and have no use for a dual sided eyeshadow of foil n glitter. Enough with all the mascaras (I have a ton of them) and hair products I can’t use. The only item in it I will use is the Clinique Moisture Surge, which I love, but have several backups of it since I purchase them. The reg. Ipsy bag is So Much Better and I’m getting Ipsy Plus and WOW…Amazing! Awesome brands and super high quality. 🙂

  6. And of course I get one of only 2 boxes that doesn’t have the mattifying primer and I have extremely oily skin, instead I get a moisture surge item, what a joke! If anyone doesn’t want their primer and wants to trade let me know!

    • I have dry skin and dry hair, yet Sephora sends me primers and dry shampoos in almost every box 🙁

      • I feel your pain 🙁 I think it’s time to email and complain.

  7. Anyone know what 599 is? Thank you in advance. Sephora sure acted like December would be one to remember so I thought full sized would be amazing. Nothing memorable here. 😢

    • Box I

      • Buhhhh. The one box I’d be upset if I got it. I won’t use one single thing out of this box. Not one. Thanks for the info.

        • Same, I wanted F or K, this is annoying

  8. Box #342 is letter C

    • Thanks for that! Sadly not a box that I am interested in 🙁 I really wanted Sugar lip balm 🙁

    • Not the best, but not the worst for me. I had resubbed after serious FOMO from cancelling 😂 What was your mystery item? I have zero interest in Seohora’s BS anticipation and surprise game they are playing lately.

  9. Box 599 is letter I. I’m box 367, but have no info yet.

    • I swear we are the only box that can’t find their letter! 😂

      • Emailed them for 367 and they said it’s a surprise 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Box 367 is D. And the mystery surprise is a red rouge cream from sephora collection. Hopefully that wont be the same for everyone with this box.

      • I have D and I got a lancome mascara. I am happy with my box.

  10. Box 599 is letter I. I have box 367, but still no info on it yet.

  11. Dangit! I’m 367 and the ones I wanted the most are ruled out! (Really wanted A.) Please don’t be J, please don’t be J, please don’t be J…

    • Me too! Really wanted A to try out the texture spray 🙁

  12. How are you guys finding out your letter? I emailed them and they won’t tell me. I’m 367

    • They didn’t tell mine either, mine is 326

      • You get box A for 326.

        • Oh great, I like most of the things in box A

        • I read somewhere else that 326 is box B

          • Sephora sent me an email and said 326 was box A

  13. I haven’t seen anyone else with box #599, that’s usually not a good sign lol. I’m going to be ticked if I get one of the two boxes that doesn’t have that primer. Even though my profile is set for extremely oily skin, I seem to never get the boxes geared towards oily skin.

    • I’m getting 599! Dying to know what’s in it. I emailed customer service to ask which box it was, but they claimed they didn’t know. Liars. 😉

      • Oh shoot lol! Thanks for trying! 😁

    • I’m getting box #599 which Angela posted as letter I (Thanks Angela)
      NOT Happy about it. I really wanted to try the Too Faced primer. Only a couple of boxes don’t have it and of course 599 is one of them. I’ve not been happy with Play for awhile now. Last month I got a what I thought was a decent box with a Tarte Quench hydrating primer. Well..that tube was EMPTY. My box is due on Thurs. If it is box 599, I’m cancelling them and either getting my reg Ipsy sub again (I’m getting the Plus Bag now & Love It) or keeping Allure which I just signed up for last month. Liquid/Glitter eyeshadows & empty tiny tubes just isn’t worth it for me.

  14. Is anyone #447 or know what it is? Pretty sure if I call Sephora’s phone lines will blow up because every time I hate my box I call and complain : ) I should cancel buttttttt I’ve had some great finds in my Play boxes overall!

    • same here kearstin,,….#447 also, I called but they would not tell me nothing..if you find out something please let me know..

    • Just emailed CS and box #447 is box K

      • Thanks for sharing! I like everything in K and am excited to try the caramel lip!

    • Just emailed CS and 447 is box K

      • Thanks a bunch! I guessed F but I’m happy with K. Appreciate your help ladies 🙂

      • Wasn’t interested in the lipliner, but happy with everything else!

  15. Anyone knows which one is 326?

    • I am dying to know too

    • Does anyone know which is 952??

    • Box A IS 326

  16. Box 078 anyone?

    • 078 is E

  17. So happy with my box which is F!! I’m literally so excited about everything in it, because it fits my needs perfectly. I had to call to find out what I was getting but so happy I did! The tarte mascara, two face primer, wander glowtion, Carmel lip balm, and Moroccan oil SCORE FOR ME!! Yayyy!!

    • Which box # are you?

    • Hello Alice,

      May I know who you called to find out which box you got? 🙂



    • Thats the box I want!! What number are you???

  18. If anyone has box D that would be looking to unload it please let me know. I’ll happily snag it from ya.

    *second try since my first didn’t post*

  19. If anyone has box D that would be looking to unload it please let me know. I’ll happily snag it from ya.

  20. Does anyone have box 326 info??

    • Seems like it’s box B, one of my least favourites 😓

  21. 342 anyone?

    • ME but I dont know what box that is and I dont have time to sit on the phone 🙁

  22. I emailed Sephora to find out the contents of Box 466 and it’s Box F. I’m very happy!!

    • Thank you! I’m 466, too, and I’ve been dying to know! F is my favorite, definitely good news! Did they tell you what the mystery item will be?

    • Thank you! I’m also 466 and I love my spoilers lol.

    • Thank you!!!

      I’m also 466, and that’s the box I wanted most of the choices. I could do without the mascara, but I wanted to try one of the fresh sugar products and am excited about the Moroccan oil. I am so glad not to be getting the Lancome or Clinique products. I used Lancome foundation for ages and have enough sample-sized Bi-Facial Makeup Remover to start my own shop.

      I am still waiting for the repeats to start – I’ve been subscribed for nearly a year, and the only repeat I can recall is getting the belief moisture bomb in both a foil and the small jar – and I love that stuff, so no big deal.

  23. How do you know what letter box you are getting? All I know is my order number- order #143.

  24. Which variation is box #367??

  25. I just called Sephora to find out what is in my box. I’m box 334 and that is box B.

    • 334 here, too. So disappointing. Primers break me out, I don’t wear lip color and there are two lip items, the makeup remover will go to my daughter, the cream and surprise sample will have to do.

      I’m one more bad month away from canceling play. The other beauty boxes are killing it and this is turning into a dud sub for me. I even redid my profile a few months back and they’ve gotten worse!

      • Susan, this is a make-up subscription box… obviously it is going to have primer and lip color?

  26. December boxes are usually my favorite because I know I will be getting a bold lip option like red instead of the boring nudes I get during the rest of the year.

    • Those damn nudes! Most time people want to be sent nudes, but not I! Not one more. Just cause I have a “fair” profile does not mean they look good on me. Yuck, no thanks. Threw my “pink tea” in the trash last month

  27. Aren’t these all repeats from boxes we received this year?

  28. How do you cancel this box? I’ve been meaning to for a while and this month has finally given me the push I need. Too many repeats and too much red lipstick!

    • I am sick of the reds, too- esp the sephora liquid / creme one that I have gotten too many times to count! Repeats usually suck!

  29. I finally learn how to use item number of my box to see spoilers and wth, the boxes are letters! #;”&&$&&!!!

  30. Ughhh. Couldn’t resist, I’m a sucker. Used to get Play for about 7 months and tired of very small repeat type products. Hopefully they will see I’m returning and reward me with one of the better of these choices!

  31. Of course I get stuck with the sh*t box AGAIN..

    Two faces primer
    Sephora lip liner
    Trestique lip glaze
    Lancôme makeup remover
    Belief moisturizer

    Beyond ridiculous half the boxes contain mostly high end products and my box has a Sephora lip liner and Trestique lip glaze..neither high end products.. totally unfair as we all pay the same amount for these boxes.. I wouldn’t be as bothered about the low end products and repeats if it was across the board, but it isn’t. Time to bid farewell and move on.

    • I got this info by calling. Not even see what my box number is. I just called and told me what was in my specific box by giving my email. Regret calling them now.. ugggggggggghhh

    • What box number were you ?

    • What box number are you? Thanks

    • Same. Box 334 is box b. Blah!

    • I got this box too and am tempted to cancel.

  32. I just canceled again. I’m sick of being disappointed every month and for me a good month is if there are two items in my box that I will use.

  33. No perfume? I look forward to that each month from Sephora and Macy’s. Otherwise, I like pretty much everything except the hair thickening spray (my hair is already thick and huge) and the hair oil (because nothing is better than Chi Silk Infusion).

  34. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE…….i’ll take box a, f, or k….and korres serum or milk stick. thank you s.p.

  35. If I get that dang Belief moisture bomb again… I’m going to flip my lid. I swear I must have 50 of those.

    • If you ever want to offload them, I’m your girl!

    • Yeah, my teenager loves the belif moisturizer so I’d consider buying/trading for multiple unopened sample tubs! Are you on the swap?

    • same and i don’t find them to be amazing

    • I’ll take them off your hands lol

  36. I am very disappointed in the items. That lancome bi-facil has a formaldehyde realeaser in it. I’m tired of these bad ingredient products. Why can’t we just get clean beauty. I wish we were getting more than just 1 of the mystery items, and I hope mine is one of the clean ones like farmacy. I wish I knew what box letter was #367.

    • I am also Box 367, I hate when they release spoilers with letters and no numbers!

    • I am #367. Let’s hope for a good box this time!

      • I’m #367, too. Has anyone figured out which letter that is?

  37. I resubscribed! But I haven’t been billed yet. I want to get in on December.

  38. I think if they just filled out boxes with 6 samples from all of the mystery item choices it would actualy be a good box for once. Don’t just give us one from that list give us all 6 from that list and people would prob be a lot happier with Sephora play!!!

    • 👍 Agreed

    • I agree. So many repeats and some box have almost all higher end products and some not. Hardly fair since we all pay the same for these boxes..Mine is box B the worst of the worst.

      • I noticed that to! It just doesn’t seem right. They have been doing that to a lot of people lately. And like I said if they can give out such nice products as the mystery sample selection then why can’t all of our products be from those? It’s prob cause they know people will spend there 100 points on those as perks! Ahhh what a shame. Sephora play could be sooo good!

  39. I didn’t mean to share email address

  40. Um…… Haven’t we already gotten all of these products already?

  41. Hoping for F or G, but at the very least, any that do not contain a lip liner.

  42. I’m used to seeing the last four digits assigned to the boxes. Is it too early or is Sephora releasing info differently this month?

  43. Kate Somerville or Sunday Riley, please and thank you!

  44. 🙏Please, please, please let me get that Bum Bum Cream as a bonus item!!!🙏

    • I’m hoping for the Bum Bum Cream too. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time. Come on, Santa!

      • Bum bum cream is absolutely AMAZING!!!💕💌💕

        • what is the bum bum cream??? lol

          Thks Kt

    • I love the bum bum cream. My girlfriend breaks out in hives when I use it. Sadness!!!!!

  45. Is Sephora cleaning out their sample closet? So many variations.

  46. That’s 11 box variations! I hate to say it, but I think they’re just cleaning out old samples. There’s not a single item that’s in all of the boxes. And about half of the boxes have a Sephora brand item along with the major retail brands, but the other half of the boxes do not. And an additional mystery item from that long list? If this isn’t just getting rid of leftovers, I don’t understand the marketing behind it at all. But my pet peeve: those are photos of the full size products, and have no relation to the size of the sample that will be in the box. I still love Sephora, but their sample subscription program is not what it used to be.

  47. I’d be happy with any of these boxes. Pretty good products!

  48. Gotta cancel. 10 bucks or not, sick of the repeats

  49. Is there a way to find out which box we are getting?

    • I read all of the comments and many seem to know which box they are getting but I can’t figure out how to find that information. It’s not under the order info, its still the same old order number.

      • Have to use the desktop version to see the item number

      • I just emailed them and they are saying that they can’t tell me what letter box I am getting so do u have any idea where I can get the info for #326?

        • I emailed them, I have the same box, and they told me the same thing

  50. I think I would be happy wigh most of these except box J. Lights Camera Lashes is one of the very few mascaras that work for me, I love tarte in general, and I love everything I’ve tried by Fresh.

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