GlossyBox December 2018 FULL Spoilers!

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We have FULL spoilers for the December Glossybox!

The December Glossybox will include:

Variations items include:

Jafra Lipstick in Spiced Plum, Haute Berry, Hot Toddy, or Royal Ruby OR Jafra Royal Jelly Lip Liner in Victoria

Kaleido Astrolight Highlighter in Electric OR Kryolan Highlighter in Cashmere

What do you think of the spoilers?

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  1. Well finally I received my glossybox it was okay I’m going to cancel. One of the items the variation items I got neither lipstick nor the lip liner look I’m paying a lot of money and I just feel like I’m not getting the best bargain for my buck so I’m going to search around for a different Beauty box subscription in the same price range anybody have any suggestions cuz I really need some I’m already maxed out truly I am. I am foxy Lux I am Ipsy Glam I am Birchbox I was soon to be not glossybox so if somebody could point me in the right direction and I be so grateful

  2. I have recieved my box today and with the exception of a face mask everything is a miss. I so hoped for the lipstick – and I got a horrible “nude” shade. I don’t use any powder except for Guerlain Meteorites. I don’t use lip glosses. I have a gazillion highlighters. Selling and gifting.

    Oh, well, next month might be better.

  3. I just listed everything but the powder, this box was a total miss for me.

  4. Today is December 11th, 2018. I just received one of my December 2018 Glossyboxes (variation #3). It’s sooooooo beautiful. Everything is full size, this month. In this variation, I received the Jaffra lip liner in Victoria and the Kryolan highlighter in Cashmere. The Becca gloss is absolutely stunning. My other box should be here tomorrow. It’s also a variation 3. I hope it has the lipstick, instead of the liner. Either way, it’s a winner of a box.

  5. I updated my account on the 8th & got charged & just got shipping conformation But the box says sold out I sure hope that they send me the December box & not a repeat

  6. December box is sold out. Looks like a great one!

    • I was able to order the December box just now

  7. The banner on the top states FULL SPOILERS. Not sure if it’s a typo or these are all the items

  8. Has anyone else recieved their “November box”, but it wasn’t the November box.

    • Yes, my guess is they ran out of the regular box. I received their limited edition box in lieu of it, which is a higher valued box and better box so I was not upset lol. What box did they send you?

      • It was the repeat of the November box with the Invisibobble, toner, small candle etc. I don’t use toner or invisibobble so I’m not happy

        • That was the October box, are you still waiting on November?

          • Ah yes, correct, that is October. I did get November and got the holiday special as well as the Advent calendar (waiting for that one ) but the December one seems to be the repeat of Oct and I am waiting for them to respond to my message.

          • Maybe I’ll get lucky and my next box will be a repeat of October, lol. I liked that box much more than November. But that’s not right, they shouldn’t be repeating a box you already got!

        • If you get a repeat of an entire box, contact them and ask for a refund, you are paying to try new products, not receive their leftover surplus boxes. I have been a subscriber since 2013 and have noticed within the last two years that Glossybox does a lot of dupes/ repeat boxes now😕 which honestly with their variations shouldn’t be happening.

      • Was it the Holiday Limited Edition?

        • No the Pacific Amore Box

    • They send me the limited edition amora pacific box instead of my November box but i didn’t complain because it was a better box

      • I know! I feel like we lucked out with their mistake! But they have messed up so much over the years with my account/boxes that I definitely don’t feel guilty on this one!

  9. Any suggestions on how to keep track of product age? Many beauty products don’t have expiration dates. Do you start keeping track of months when you begin using, or when received?

    • You keep track once you open it. Most beauty products will last at least a year once opened, except for mascara ( 3-6 months) and lip products (6-12 months), but that’s due more to sanitary reasons than product degradation. Depending on the product, as long as it’s still sealed, it should last a few years without going bad.

  10. The Glossybox site says there will be “a total of 6 full size products in your December box”. That sounds amazing and I hope that is true! So far a great box…

    Do we have any idea of what the sixth item will be?

    • Don’t be surprised if that changes and that magically disappears from their website…they’ve been known to do the switch and bait….

      • You are so right! And they are so unethical! Now it says 5 products…I even made a screenshot of the previous advertising. This type of marketing behaviour just breaks trust in the company. What will be next? 5 deluxe samples instead? The content of the box is still good but Glossybox people need to stop that mediocre strategy, because if they can’t afford what they advertise, the y better stop cheating their customers. And if it was a web’s maintenance mistake, It would have been a more honorable strategy to throw a cheap sixth item in that box. I really like this sub, but I won’t give my hard earned money to companies like these.

  11. Hmmm I got the same box I got in October, I contacted them hoping it was an error.

  12. Hi Ladies, Any suggestions on how to know if a product is expired? I have so many lotions, cleansers, creams…💕💕 and the end of the tubes don’t have expiration dates. Is it safe to use after the product has been in my pile a year? Would you think that the 12 or 6 month expiration is after you open and begin using? Thanks for any and all tips!!

  13. Great box! I’d really love the Kryolan highlighter, but I have too many subscriptions (and too much product).

  14. omg I want! when do I have to sign up by to receive this box? I can’t order it til friday!!

    • Until December 30.

  15. UGH…I have too many subs…..but I just had to get one more!! This all looks lovely!!

  16. I have 14 subs! I do not need it! I do not need it! I really do not need it!! Danggg….I broke down and got it lol!! My name is Sharon and I’m a sub box addict.

    • Nah, if you were truely and adict, you’d have them all…right?

      • Hey! You’re funny, but NOOOO…Lol!! Addiction: (noun) the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Dependency, habit, problem. Soooo…..I really wouldn’t need to buy ALL available sub boxes in order to be dependent. I do love them though 😉

    • Lol

  17. I pulled the trigger and signed up!

  18. Sadly a total bust for me.

  19. Whoa! I never thought Glossy would step it up. Here I am canceling or pausing boxes that are disappointing and suddenly glossy is…actually not too bad! I dont necessarily need these things, but so glad to see it’s not cuticle oil or body lotion.

    • I too am on the verge and probably will cancel only because every month they seem to forget an item or two and it’s a pain in the butt for me to have to work so hard to get those items back to me when never should have been missing in the first place

      • I think for some reason they despise me LOL I have no idea why

  20. Beautiful! Can’t wait!

  21. My guess is the only full size items will be the lip products. The Luna product interests me.

  22. I just signed up today and I’m pleased with this being my first box. Considering I just paid $12.83 for each of my next three boxes I’m very pleased with it.

  23. I love it… The Becca gloss looks gorgeous.


  24. Love love love the box but I want none of its contents

    • Haha same here, except I’ll use the Copper and Crane. I’ll be swapping the rest.

      • How do you swap? I am assuming there are websites? How does shipping work?

        • Right here on this website. Shipping is paid by each person sending their items.

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