BoxyCharm December 2018 Spoilers – All Product Variations!

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We have the full spoilers for all the products sampled in the December Boxycharm box!

The December box includes:

PYT Mini Straightener OR Suva Protege Palette

Wander Beauty palette OR Pretty Vulgar Setting Powder

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the November box will be your first box! (Check out November spoilers here!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I get it to our veterans subscribers perhaps why they didn’t enjoy the Box. After all how many pallets can win really have or need but in the bright side what it has helped me do is to provide Christmas gifts to all my girlfriends yay

  2. Anybody else notice that the Luscious Angel Eyes primer is listed at $35 value, when it is actually sold for $14 online?

  3. My box weighs .8 lbs and box size is 7 by 7 by 7. Anyone know which variation this is? I really don’t want the straightener. I have hair past by butt and a friend of mine who got it said it’s TINY!

    • If you get the straightener I will happily trade!

    • Tiny, but works really well. I have a ton of hair (fine but thick and to my mid back) and had half my hair straightened in less than 10 mins.

  4. My box arrived today. So happy to get the setting powder, love the packaging! Got the Suva palette, lip liner, and the charcoal mask I was hoping for! Tarte lippies are always a treat. Quite happy!

  5. I got the setting powder and it’s not something I will use. Would anyone be interested in trading? I could really use the straightener and would trade multiple items for it.

    • I I’ll trade you. I have the blue straightener

      • Are you on swaps?

        • Yes or we can send pics through messenger. My name is Marjo Passamonte.

        • May I ask you what is swaps website address, app or page? Thank you.

  6. I finally got my tracking number and the weight is listed as .1 lbs. I’m hoping that means I’m not getting the straightener but does anyone know which version that would be with that weight? They also changed the size of the box from 6 by 6 to 7 by 4 by 1.

    • If you get the straightener I would be happy to trade!

    • What did you get? Mine says 1 lb also

  7. I was very disappointed to get the palette instead of the PV setting powder. I am maxed out on highlighter palettes. I really should cancel I have so much stuff, but I just can’t (yet) 🙂

  8. If I subscribe for boxylux today, will I still get it this month even if my other box is on the way?

    • No. There is a waitlist for Boxyluxe

  9. I’m usually relatively happy with them, but I’m honestly really annoyed that some people got the mini iron valued at $75 and then some people got yet ANOTHER palette valued at $34! How can they justify some people getting something that’s literally worth half the price? And i looked up all the other variable items and ther was nothing that even came close to making up the difference in value. My friend got the iron and i got the palette – we both pay the same amount each month. Not fair. I’ve been a subscriber for years and I know we all can’t always get the same stuff at the same value, but that’s a huge difference! I’m cancelling my subscription.

    • Value is subjective. Mini irons like that are all over Marshalls and tjmaxx for twenty bucks. All the products included are from companies with major price markup don’t be so caught up on the stated value of your box that Really isn’t the point of sub boxes.

    • I’m a hair stylist and I got the iron, I honestly would have rather gotten the palette. I think the value of that iron is inflated as I have I similar one that is a little bigger and I only paid $15 for it. Be happy with your items, the grass isn’t always greener

    • I agree with you Melinda! I received the eyeshadow palette, which I didn’t care for the colors at all, and the eye liner which is the $5 value one, a tarte lipgloss, the angel eyes primer (which I’m getting in that one time purchase box), and the blush set which I can’t. Just not feeling the box at all. I had cancelled but decided to try it again w all the good possibilities but I feel like I got the bottom of the barrel stuff.

      • I definitely agree, I got this same variation and it was sad to see that out of every category, all of the lowest value items were placed into one box. I would’ve thought a sub box company could’ve at least tried to make the retail values close in all variations.

  10. Has anyone received their Boxluxe with the straightener and PV powder? Just curious!!!

    • I got straightener and highlight palette

    • I got both!

  11. I got my Boxy Luxe and I am super happy. The hair straightener is so useful for me especially since I travel, even the bag with a charger… A charger!!! It’s so useful. The palette is nice as well. The sponge, I am excited to try out especially the Elemis cream. The makeup brushes is what I’ve been wanting to try out. The only issue I have is the mascar and the wander palette. I rather have the setting powder since I have oily skin. Overall, this was such a great box.

    P.S. the theme card was very confusing to me .

  12. Got boxyluxe this month. I’m beyond happy with my box this month! The vv palette, the luxie brush & elemis is all worth it! Everything else is freebies to me. This luxe box is so much better then sept. *clap clap* for bc. I do dislike all the repeat variations, most I don’t care for. The only repeat Id like it the IT brow pencil, it works so well I’ve been using it more then my dior brow pencil.

  13. I’m pretty bummed to not get the setting powder. I’m very fair and the “universal” blush palette is WAYYY to dark for me to use as blush. If I wear warm tones like that as an eyeshadow, I look awful.

  14. I got the PYT, the Wander Beauty, the Tarte in Flaming Hot, the Marajo serum capsules, and the chella brow creme. I’m pretty happy with my box. I don’t prefer sheer gloss but I got the color variation I wanted. No real complaints.

    • Hi what was the dimensions of your box? My box is 9x5x3. I have no idea what I’m getting 🤔

      • Did you get your box? What variation?

    • got this one too!

  15. Yay!!!! My box is here.. Boxyluxe … variation #1…. so very satisfied…. faves are brushes and Elemis … can’t wait to try the palettes. and the grande mascara… I love the tarte gloss, it reminds me of several other ones I love.. popsugar comes to mind but its a beautiful topper.I love having a second charger.. don’t know how good it is but I love having it. The lip brush went right into my makeup bag…. Very good box as far as I am concerned.

    • Got my BoxyLuxe today. Kind of amused that the box itself looks like a regular Boxy, but on steroids.

      I got the Lip Paint in “Insta-Fabulous” – pink-based, very glittery, kind of reminds me of the MAC Viva Glam #4 lip gloss.

      Not excited about the Grande mascara, got a sample of it and it’s okay. I have the Grande primer, maybe it will help.

      Got a Spongelle scrubby thing (basically a soap-infused sponge). They call the fragrance “Blossom Bliss”. *Cough*

      The wrist bag had a portable charger in it. I wasn’t expecting it, but okay.

      Also got the setting powder and the Elemis. My derm weaned me off one of prescription creams, so maybe I can finally start trying things.

      I opted for the Protege palette, since my hair is naturally straight. It feels like a quality item and I should be able to use most of the colors.

      The brush set I have courtesy other boxes and an Ipsy order, but one can never have too many brushes, amirite?

      The Violet Voss palette is in the same color range as the Protege palette and I think a couple of the colors are almost identical.

      It’s probably well worth the $50.00, but I think I’ll be canceling after this month. Too many neutrals.

      • Agreed

      • I got the same box (opted for the proteg palette versus straightener) and was THRILLED to get the setting powder instead of ANOTHER palette (would have been way too much overkill for me at least. I have WAY too many at this point)

        Thr violet boss pallete seems like really high-quality stuff, but omfg I have SO many warm neutral eyeshadow palettes it is crazy! I have actually been using my Nightingale palette from a few months ago more than anything because it is one of the only cool toned palettes I have at this point.

    • Hi what is the dimensions of your box? My box is 9x5x3. I have no idea what I’m getting 🤔 🤔

  16. Hi! Is it a typo, or am I still getting the November box if I sign up now? Thanks!

    • Clicked on the signup link, looks like the first box is going to be December if I subscribe now.

  17. I got the Boxyluxe for the first time and I got billed for it. I’ve been getting Boxycharm for a year now and I haven’t gotten my shipping email yet. I have never waited this long for it to be shipped and I’m getting worried. Does boxyluxe take longer? It just seems everyone else has their box.

    • It does seem to take longer 🙂 don’t worry 💕

    • Lots of people are still waiting on their boxes so I wouldn’t worry too much. Are you signed up for Fedex delivery manager? They always get me my tracking info before Boxy does.

    • With my first Boxyluxe in Sept I never got the tracking, the box just showed up. I got it this time and have already received my box. I usually get reg boxy around the 17th and last Boxyluxe and this one i got way early. Email customer service! You’re supposed to get tracking within 10 days of being charged.

    • I got an email from boxycharm saying the boxes would be shipping out late and that I would get an email with shipping confirmation when the boxes ship.

      Hey, Charmer!

      We understand that you have not yet received your tracking email and we are so sorry! 😰

      Due to unexpected delays, our facility is not able to ship our boxes as quickly as usual, but don’t worry! We are working to get your box to you as soon as possible. All shipments are expected to arrive on or before 12/20, so look for your tracking email very soon!

      Thank you so much for your patience!

      For questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to our Support team at any time! To send an email, please click here.

      Your BoxyCharm Team

  18. So happy with this months box!!!! I am soooo happy with EVERYTHING that I got!!! The yellow mini hair straightener, setting powder, charcoal mask, lip liner in a pink nude color, tarte lip gloss in the color “stripe gold”. One of my favorite boxes ever from them. So glad i did not cancel, lol.

  19. I am satisfied with my Boxy this month. I was most happy about the lavender hair straightener. I also received the Pretty Vulgar powder(sold it), lip liner, mask, and pink lipstick.

  20. My flat iron does not work 🙁

    • Contact them, and see what their resolution could be.

  21. I have been subscribed to boxy for 6 months and have been considering cancelling as between the laura lee month (which was the absolute worst box), and getting the short end of the stick on these crazy variations there hasn’t really been much that’s been worthwhile! But I am so glad I held out and upgraded to luxe for Dec because it’s such a great box! And the value is certainly there…I was so excited about the brushes and they definitely don’t disappoint! I also love the scent of the spongelle. I wasn’t expecting to love the tarte lippie and Violet Voss palette as much as I do, that was a nice surprise! And I am so excited to try the lorac mascara. Such a good box!!!!! The wander beauty palette & wristlet are the only things that aren’t too exciting, but even without counting those, the value is incredible! Going to hold on for another month as Jan spoilers with Tarte and Tatcha look great!

    • My thoughts exactly!

  22. I see so many complaints on here about repeat but Yosef has stated several times that NO ONE will receive repeat products. The only people who may get the products offered in previous month are new subscribers or people who received a different variation in a prior month. If you, by some mistake, receive a duplicate you can chat in and they will fix it for you. It’s not unfair. It’s actually very smart on their part.

    For the value complaints: Boxy is really good about evening out values. If you receive a high value from one “category” you typically get a lower value item in the other category.

    Please people, Boxy nails these boxes out of the park. Try to at least be a little happy about what you are getting for the dirt cheap price.

    • Yes!!! I’ve been with Boxy almost 3 years and haven’t received duplicates. Most problems arise when you subscribe and unsubscribe frequently, I believe.

      • That makes sense about the subscribing and then unsubscribing! That’s not really Boxy fault though. I guess it’s a risk people have to be willing to take if they are going to be choosy.

    • And you nailed it with saying exactly what I was thinking.

    • Absolutely!! Well said.

    • LOL! They are not good about evening out values. They claim they do, but if you actually watch the variations, throughout the months, they do not.

      • I think people are too worried about “equal” monetary value, and it’s been another subject of constant complaint on here that RVs are often inflated, so really, why does it matter if the $$ amounts are equal across all variations? Either you got something you like and will use, or you didn’t. It should be as simple as that. I have NEVER, in 3 years of being on this site, EVER cared if the total dollar amount of what I’ve received is comparable to someone else’s box. If I like the contents, and I feel I got my money’s worth, then I’m happy.

        • Where is the ‘Like’ button when you need it?

        • Money and the value of things seem to make some act very strangely!! I would of used a different adjective, but it wouldn’t post if I did lol. I agree with you 100%, and I just wanna say one more thing about that. No matter what “Value” the variant is, the box is always above what they promise it is supposed to be…

        • The value of things can make some people not be themselves sometimes and no matter what the value of the variant box is, it’s always above what BoxyCharm promises.

        • @Amber- Maybe you are happy now, but wait until you get saddled with a box full of low value things you can’t use, don’t want, that have little to no trade value. I also don’t see why you feel the need to tell people they have no right to be upset just because you are always satisfied with what YOU got.

          • @Rena I never said that nobody has the right to be upset with what they have gotten. I said IF what I received is useful and I got my money’s worth then I am happy. Maybe read my post again?

        • Ding ding ding!!! I am with you girl!

          The monetary value is AT A MINIMUM 5x the retail value for Boxycharm. The expectations for sub boxes have really grown sky high, for what was originally a fun way to try a “semi mystery” box. Now people want all their spoilers beforehand, the highest RV possible and the exact variation they wanted or they aren’t happy (and let everyone on the interwebs know about it). It’s sad because it’s going to be what ends up killing the business model in the end.

          And I stand by my statement that Boxy does a great job evening out the values, because they do.

    • I’ve been subscribed almost 3 years and have never received a duplicate. Even if I don’t love everything, what I don’t is easily gifted. I see most problems are with those that frequently sub and unsubscribe.

    • Wish that were true but I received false lashes 4 out of 6 boxes and I’ve been a subscriber for over 2 years. I also always get the lower end variation. I don’t get a more expensive product in 1 category and a less expensive in another. Maybe I’m just a really unlucky subscriber but ever since variations started this is how it’s been. Is it still a good value, yes. Is it fair, no. Do I feel like they cater to new subscribers, yes. Is this my and my opinion only yes of course.
      I don’t think I’m the only one in this boat either. It seems like the people who complain about others complaining aren’t getting the same variations and duplicate items.
      Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is knocking it out the park for anyone thinking about switching it up.

      • They are not catering to new subscribers at all. I got the lower value items last month and this is only my second box and they repeated the same eyeliner from the November box and I was missing an item also in my December box. I canceled my Fabfitfun to order this instead and I’m already regretting it. I’m not even a person that ever complains about these things either. I’ve been a Sephora Play subscriber for almost 2 years and I’ve never complained about those. I was expecting more from Boxycharm and I’m completely let down

      • Getting false lashes 4 out of 6 boxes is not getting duplicate items unless they are from the same exact brand.

        I’ve gotten lower value boxes from them too but it is ALWAYS more than the promised $100 so it’s honestly fine by me.

        To each their own, I paused my Ipsy plus this month because I did not care for 90% of the items, but will be back for next month.

        I don’t expect to be 100% thrilled with every box I get, but, if I get ONE or TWO items that I enjoy- it has paid for the box and I am happy. I am grateful I am in a space where I have the money to subscribe (I haven’t been able indulge in high end beauty for the majority of my life) and donate what I don’t use.

    • As consumers, we have the right to be happy or unhappy about what we pay for. It is our money after all.

      • Of course you do. If you aren’t happy, you have the choice to vote with your wallet.

  23. Too much of a difference in values here and few products I would have to say eww to. I’m glad I quit Boxycharm when I realized the Kardashians are endorsing them.

    • The Kardashians are endorsing Boxy? Ugh

      • Unfortunately, yes. So I quit Boxy. And now that Ulta carries Kylie and Kim, I don’t shop there anymore either. I hope Sephora never picks them up or I will be just straight out of luck shopping at makeup stores. Lol

        • I’ve kind of had it with Sephora.

          Maybe it’s because between them and my subs, I’ve tried so many that I’m just kind of over all of it.

          The sample rack and Insider rewards bazaar are…. boring. I either have it or don’t want it.

          We’ll see, I guess.

  24. On the high end, $188, low end $109. That is quite a difference there…

  25. I haven’t gotten my box yet, i am getting the luxe box, but the chella brow, angel eye primer, jontbleu liner, and it brow pencil are all repeats within the last 6 months, We should be getting different products not repeats, isn’t that the point to try new items? Next thing you know they will be sending the pretty vulgar eyeliner, and blushes out again. Not fair for longer subscribers. Some of those items I love, but the whole reason i get the sub box is to discover new products, if i really like something and use it all I will go repurchase myself. I hope this is not going to be a growing trend that they repeat items now that they are growing as a business, if they do that people will be unsubscribing for sure. Don’t get me wrong I love my box and I’m not complaining as the value can’t be beat but it’s not a good way to go forward as a company from a business stand point, especially if you want to keep the clients you already have as well as attract new one. Just my opinion.

  26. i am so glad I left it paused for Dec and am hoping for more January spoilers before the 1st so I can decide if I want to go back yet.

    • I think they have released two spoilers but I only remember one…Tarte rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette. I think there will be 3 variations and it should be different than the one they did previously last year.

    • The other one is Tatcha face masks but I don’t know if everyone is getting those. Sometimes they are ambiguous about things and it means variant so no promises. 🙂

  27. I feel like a total stupid dummy…are these items included in the Boxy Luxe as well? I actually like them all, and I am in need of more beauty at the moment, as I had to leave my formidable stash for a couple of months. But back to the whether the Luxe box also gets the “standard” items as well? I haven’t been able to work that out for myself yet (hence my dummy feeling).

    • The luxe box gets 3 of the “standard” items and then several other luxe items. This month there are 9 items total. 10 if you count the battery power bank that comes inside the clutch as a second item.

      • I received my Lux box, it was a variation with 8 items, 9 if you count the Glam AF bag. Not all receive the same number of items.

        • You might be missing an item. We were all supposed to get 9 items this month

        • Check your fold out card and see if there is something on there that you are missing.

          • Thank you both, I checked the card, and they are counting the bag as the 9th item. 🤔

  28. I do NOT like all these variations. I got my boxes on Saturday and it’s only because I got a regular box and luxe That I ended up getting most of the variants that I would want But I just feel like the price difference on all these is really I don’t know what the word I’m looking for is…. more badder?

    • I just reread my post and it sounds like I’m complaining so let me be clear these two boxes are without a doubt absolutely the best to subscription boxes I have ever received in my life I absolutely love both my regular box and my luxe box I feel like the value in them was unbelievable I don’t know how they pulled it off and I absolutely love every single thing I got except maybe the hair frizz capsules but hey it’s something new to try! I just reread my post and it sounds like I’m complaining so let me be clear these two boxes are without a doubt absolutely the best to subscription boxes I have ever received in my life I absolutely love both my regular box and my luxe box I feel like the value in them was unbelievable I don’t know how they pulled it off and I absolutely love every single thing I got except maybe the hair frizz capsules but hey it’s something new to try The items that I don’t love I absolutely love to give as gifts because they’re perfect for my daughters. So I just want to make sure I was clear I’m not complaining I just don’t like all the variations because I feel bad for people who got a box that wasn’t as exceptional as mine Because I’ve been on the receiving end of that every month I’ve been a subscriber until this month. Even my second summers eve box managed to give me the same awful brown Kat Von D lippy that I got three times from them I mean what are the odds of that ? But December ….December made the whole rest of the year worth it

    • My previous well written explanatory post didn’t post so I guess I’ll shorten it up and just say I didn’t want anyone to misunderstand my previous post I’m not complaining the boxes I received this month are absolutely the two best subscription boxes I have ever received of any subscription service ever and I absolutely love both the regular and the luxe box I just feel bad for people who received the variance that they didn’t like because I’ve been on the receiving end of that every month I’ve been a subscriber until this month

      • All your comments show up. However, you don’t need to justify or explain anything. I love Boxycharm, too, but I still think the wide variations this month are particularly strange.

    • I paid for the regular boxycharm and boxyluxe, I rec’d the luxe box. Will I receive another regular box for December?

      • No. You just get the luxe box this month. You were billed 21 for boxycharm and 28.99 for the upgrade. The upgrade is only 4 times a year. So in the months there are luxe boxes you will see 2 charges and the months that are regular you will only see one charge. Those months you will get your standard box. Hope that helps. I’m still waiting on mine I gn it my tracking info monday.

  29. Surprisingly, I received my BoxyLuxe on Sunday morning and got everything here (in one variation). It is a stupendous box and even though I will not use everything, I will most definitely use ALMOST all.

    I got the Hair Straightener and its adorable(!) and something that I will probably use here at home…not in my purse. The LUXIE Brushes are wonderful as usual (glad I just got an extra brush holder), the VIOLET VOSS Eye Palette is beyond wonderful (I knew it) and I now have a full size jar of ELEMIS, a product I have only used in spurts by using those nasty, tiny little samples we get.

    All in all, I am WOWed, as was my partner and he never comments on this stuff. So for those who have signed up for the LUXE box, get ready for a great month…it is exceptional.

  30. Repeats… not good….

    • No one will receive a repeat. If you previously got the IT brow, you will not get it again. Only new subscribers have the potential to get it.

      • I have actually received repeats at least twice in Boxycharm.

        • Yup.. I get the idea is to try and make sure that no body gets the same item twice, but it’s happened.. more than once. So while I understand people saying “yosef said no one will get repeats” it’s the age old tale of “actions speak louder than words”. I also get that if we do get a repeat, they’ll fix it, but that’s really not the point. My other repeat items I just gifted, because it’s not that big of a deal, but I don’t subscribe to gift things.. I don’t know, it’s a little frustrating, that’s all.

        • Did you unsubscribe and then resubscribe. If you did, it’s a risk.

  31. Surprisingly, I received my BoxyLuxe on Sunday morning and got everything here (in one variation). It is a stupendous box and even though I will not use everything, I will most definitely use ALMOST all.

    I got the Hair Straightener and its adorable(!) and something that I will probably use here at home…not in my purse. The LUXIE Brushes are wonderful as usual (glad I just got an extra brush holder), the VIOLET VOSS Eye Palette is beyond wonderful (I knew it) and I now have a full size jar of ELEMIS, a product I have only used in spurts by using those nasty, tiny little samples we get.

    All in all, I am WOWed, as was my partner and he never comments on this stuff. So get ready for a great month for BoxyLuxe folks…it is exceptional.

  32. I’ve been getting Boxy for awhile and I’ve gotten none of the items shown here before the items that came in my Dec box.

    • Strange that you havent noticed that chella and jonteblu are not new items

      • Neither is the eyeshadow primer

        • The IT brow pencil is a repeat too.

    • I’ve been getting BC every month for the past 18 months and sporadically for about 2 years before that. I’ve never received these items before. I’ve gotten items from some of the same brands in the past but not the actual items listed.

  33. I will be SO frigging happy if I get the It Brow Power pencil, because I have about one more day left on mine. Also hoping I get the lip liner since I have received both the Jonteblu and the Chella in recent months.

    • I was thinking same thing on the brow pencil 🙂 … I am always in need of brow products… and I find the pencil works though I can rock with the Chella as well. and I am willing to try the eye primer as well. We will see Friday. I’m sure most of it will be for me with a few gifts.. I’ve got two palettes coming so I am happy about that.

  34. I’d love to get the anti-frizz capsules… This is a “meh” box for me. None of the products are really intriguing.

  35. Chella eye cream AGAIN?!? I love the stuff, but I already have 2 of them! Come on, Boxy!

    • I haven’t received the Chella at all.

      I got the Jonteblu last month, so hopefully not again.

      My box is due at the end of the week, so we’ll see.

  36. I have a feeling these variations will be for people who sign up late in the month. Hopefully not for us who’ve been subscribed for months/years.

  37. I agree with April, I already have the Chella cream, jonteblu eyeliner, Angel eyes primer, and it cosmetics brow pencil so i guess those will be given as gifts if I get them again. I dont know why the past few months they keep giving some repeated items, I don’t think that’s very fair.

  38. Wow, I really dislike the variations… totally feels like they’re trying to get rid of unwanted extra leftover products that nobody wants.

    • Yeah there are definitely repeats from very recent boxes

    • I agree. I’ve already received a great deal of these items. If I get a repeat, I’ll be contacting them for sure!

      • Same! I can’t imagine getting some of these, still trying to unload them on swaps from the last few months! Sigh.

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