Beautylish Lucky Bags Launch 12/26!

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BeautyLish Lucky Bags are launching 12/26! Here is the link. Here are the details:

1. What are Lucky Bags?
Lucky Bags are mystery bags of beauty products (plus extra surprises if you’re really lucky). This year, we’re offering four types of Lucky Bags:
• Original Lucky Bag ($75 for $150+ of products)
• Lucky Bag XL ($150 for $350+ of products; available in the U.S. only)
• Get One, Give One (buy one Original Lucky Bag at $150 and we’ll donate two more Lucky Bags to teens at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital)
• Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag ($75 for $150+ of JSC products)

2. What is a Get One, Give One Lucky Bag?
This year, you can do good with your Lucky Bag purchase. If you buy a Get One, Give One Lucky Bag, you’ll receive one Lucky Bag for yourself, and a second will be donated to teens at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Even better, we’ll match every donation, so you’ll get to donate two Lucky Bags with your purchase.

3. What will I get in my Lucky Bag?
Lucky Bags are filled at random, so there’s no way to know what your bag will contain—it’s a surprise! Rest assured that your Lucky Bag will include $150 or more of products. All XL Lucky Bags will include $350+ worth of products.

4. Can I choose which products/brands I receive in my Lucky Bag?
Original and Lucky Bag XL are filled at random with products from various brands on Beautylish. Every Lucky Bag is a surprise—that’s part of the fun! Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bags are filled with Jeffree Star Cosmetics products only.

5. Will my Lucky Bag or Lucky Bag XL include products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics?
Lucky Bag and Lucky Bag XL may include Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag will include only products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

6. Will my Lucky Bag include products that don’t normally ship to my country?
Your Lucky Bag will only contain products that are eligible to ship to your country. Our normal international shipping restrictions apply.

7. Will my Lucky Bag include products that work with the skin tone I choose?
Lucky Bags are filled at random (it’s part of the fun!), so we can’t guarantee the contents of your bag. However, we try our best to make sure that Fair-Medium Lucky Bags contain products that complement fair to medium skin. Dark-Deep Lucky Bags contain products that are better suited for deeper skin tones. We don’t include foundation or concealer in Lucky Bags.

8. Do Lucky Bags include gift cards? What happens if I lose my gift card?
Some extra-lucky Lucky Bags come with Beautylish gift cards. If you receive a gift card, treat it like cash—we’re unable to issue a credit should you lose it.

9. How many Lucky Bags can I purchase?
You can purchase one Lucky Bag every year. Please note that we limit one Lucky Bag per order, customer, shipping address, and payment method.

10. When will I be charged for my Lucky Bag?
You will be charged right after you place your Lucky Bag order.

11. Can I use Flexible Payments to pay for my Lucky Bag?
Sorry, Lucky Bags are not eligible for Flexible Payments at this time.

12. Can I purchase a Lucky Bag if I have an open Flexible Payments order?
Yes. However, if you have a past-due payment on an open Flexible Payments order, you will not be able to order a Lucky Bag.

13. Can I return or exchange my Lucky Bag?
All Lucky Bag sales are final, so they’re not eligible for refunds, returns, or exchanges.

14. Do I have to pay for shipping?
We charge a flat-rate shipping fee for Lucky Bag, Lucky Bag XL, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag. This allows us to include more products in each Lucky Bag while keeping the price below retail value. The shipping fee varies by destination:
• United States: $10 for original Lucky Bag; $15 for Lucky Bag XL
• Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany & France: $15
• Everywhere else*: $20
Shipping is free for all Get One, Give One Lucky Bags.
*Lucky Bags are not available in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand at this time.

15. When will I receive my Lucky Bag? 
Lucky Bags ship on or before January 21, 2019. Shipping times vary by location. The estimated date of delivery will be displayed during checkout. We ship via economy service so that we can keep costs low and include more products in your Lucky Bag. International orders may be subject to customs clearance procedures, which may cause further delays.

16. Can I order other items with my Lucky Bag?
Lucky Bags must be purchased on their own, but feel free to place a separate order for any other items you need.

17. I live in California, Pennsylvania, or Texas. Will I be charged sales tax?
Yes, Lucky Bag orders shipped within California, Pennsylvania, and Texas will be charged applicable sales tax.

18. I live outside the U.S. Why can’t I order a Lucky Bag XL?
Due to shipping restrictions, the Lucky Bag XL is only available within the United States.

19. I live outside the U.S. How do duties and tax work?
You will be charged duties and tax at checkout. Duties and tax are calculated based on the subtotal of your Lucky Bag.

20. Do you ship to my country?
We ship Lucky Bags to all countries listed here except for India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Please note that Lucky Bag XL is only available within the United States.

Are you going to grab any of the bags? Want to see one reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. What is the purchase link?
    Thank you!

    • The link will be emailed to those that signed up for early access.

      • When will the link for public access open?

        • I’m wondering this too. I got the email over an hour ago saying that I would get the link in an hour and I’m still waiting.

          • I got mine 25 minutes ago. Have you refreshed your screen? As of right now, only the $75 original and $75 Jeffree bags are available.

  2. Sign up is closed!

  3. what time does the sale usually start?

    • Once you sign up to be notified, I believe an email will be sent tomorrow to let you know. 🙂

      • Received an email about early access but the part about time was cut off. Does anyone know what time early access starts+

        • After reading your comment I checked my emails, and the one I got said early access starts at 9am PST tomorrow. However, I’m guessing this isn’t the early-early access time since I don’t shop at Beautylish. If I remember correctly, I think early-early access starts an hour or two beforehand. Also, last year some people were able to get the bags earlier than the stated time, so it probably won’t hurt to start refreshing a good half hour or so beforehand… especially if you want to try to get a coveted XL bag. 🙂

  4. One thing to note that I don’t think was mentioned above (unless Beautylish is doing it differently this year) is the XL bags are typically available first (via early access which is earlier than the “early” access everyone gets by signing up through the link) to those that spent at least $1K during the year at Beautylish. From what I’ve seen the past couple of years is that only very few customers who didn’t get that early-early access actually was able to snag a XL bag. Some were able to get one by purchasing it right when they got their link (so keep refreshing! some links went live before the stated time), and it seemed like some would be “re-stocked” during the first hour or two. I just thought I’d mention in case they’re releasing the bags the same as prior years, so people aren’t surprised if the XL bags aren’t available shortly after getting their link.

    • Oops, nevermind… it looks like MSA released some earlier comments mentioning this after mine posted. The order of posts get awkward when this happens. 😀

  5. I’ll just make a significant donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
    Don’t need makeup, don’t know the charity mentioned.

    I decided after a few other ” giving” boxes that the best way to truly give is to skip the goodies and donate directly to the charity. Just my opinion, of course.

    • The charity is the local childrens hospital in San Francisco, CA where beautylish is located.

  6. The XL bags seem to have the best value but unless you are one of their “special” customers who have spent $1000, they sell out before it opens up to regular customers.

    The only way not to be super disappointed is NOT to compare your bag with anyone else because there are some bags that are extraordinary and some bags that are just okay.

    I didn’t get a Denona palette last year or any Charlotte Tilbury which I really would have liked. On the other hand I didn’t get a Wayne Goss spoolie which I really DIDN’T want so it was fine.

    The value was definitely there as I discovered a really wonderful Becca undereye brightener and I got a great Wayne Goss brush. The other items were very high end highlighters and anyone who subscribes to ANY beauty boxes has double lifetime supply of highlighter. The highlighter was so beautiful that I stashed it away thinking I would use it for a gift because I hated using it for a few uses since I so seldom highlight

  7. They should really consider giving a fifth option—get one give one xl—it would be $225. You get your $150 plus a $75 ‘give one’ which they match funds for, so that you’re still giving the two extra bags to teens. That way you still get the XL bag and do good at the same time. I want to do good but I don’t want a small bag. Does that make sense?

  8. I’m so excited. I just recieved a private Email from the Ceo. And I get an early access pass. I love Beautylish. They ship my products over night and because I’m in SF. Where their located. I love it.

  9. Does anyone know if the XL bags is only for people that have spent at least 1,000 dollars this year. Also, will the regular bags all be random? Or will the people doing the donation receive a better selection.

  10. I did not get box last year but I closely watched the discussion on MSA forum about unboxing the box. A lot of people received Natasha denona pallets and other high end pallets. There were high end brushes, oribe product. I think the best value will be in $150 box but last year it was sold out to premier members and only regular box was available. I want to try to get XL box if I can.

  11. 150 bucks plus shipping….no way?!?!

    Better option is to subscribe to New Beauty Testtube. For basically 40 bucks you get $250+ worth of product from them.

    • The Lucky Bags typically feature brands we don’t otherwise see in sub boxes – Charlotte Tilbury, Wayne Goss, full size Omorovicza that isn’t the mist, etc. The money spent to RV received ratio is lower, but it’s products that are generally not found in boxes like Test Tube (nothing against Test Tube – had some great finds in there too!)

    • Aren’t these a lot more higher end brands though? I thought they had Natasha denona last year.

    • These items tend to be a bit more “posh” if you know what I mean. lol I have never lucked out with getting one but have the $150 earmarked for this year and I WILL get my Lucky bag! Haha I had a super soft black friday and BTBF as far as subs so this will work out for me. I mean some of those Denona palettes are $100 ish each so the value is def there. The only thing I’d love to avoid are highlighters and lippies, here’s hoping I get lucky. 😀

    • These boxes are not low quality like Sephora boxes or other surprise boxes. They often contain $100 plus palettes. Beautylish mostly sales high top level beauty brands.

  12. How is customer service if stuff arrives damaged or expired??! Thank you.

    • They’re great. I called last year because my eyeshadow had cracked and they immediately sent a new one – didn’t even ask for photo proof

    • My experience was different. I received the Jouer highlighter set but two of the three shades were the same. I emailed about it and asked to be sent the missing shade. They told me that the set was an extra to my box and it was a FAVOR to me. And that this is the time when Beautylish unloads defective items on the masses.

  13. I think these just are make up. Am I correct?

    • I think the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag is makeup only. I’m not sure about the rest (because I don’t subscribe to Lucky).

    • I got a mix last year – makeup and some skincare.

      • Did you think it was worth it? I haven’t ordered from them before.

        • Not the person you asked but they are worth it if you use a lot of different products and can make something work for you. I wasn’t happy with my box last year but I tend to use the same things over and over and like a more natural look. Last year I got highlighter drops that we’re too dark for me, a highlighter same story, a Becca brush that’s supposed to be used for your whole face never used a tiny bottle of bioderma, tiny dry shampoo, and horrible eye shadow pallette I’d rather use the money and go in Ulta and buy want I actually want

        • For me personally, yes. I’ve purchased a bag the last two years. I’ve gotten lots of nice, high-end brands I wouldn’t normally purchase. ABH palette, Natasha Donona Palette, Jeffree Star lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow, and more.

          If you are the kind of person who can be excited/happy with what you have and not potentially compare your stuff to others – yes. They’re called lucky bags for a reason – some people (randomly) get really lucky bags indeed, and others just get the promised value. I’ve always felt like it was a good deal, even if I didn’t love everything I got.

          If you look at the hashtag beautylishluckybag2018 on Instagram you’ll get a good idea of how bags vary (though of course some people get the $150 ones and those vary greatly too).

    • You can watch unbaggings of last years bag on YouTube if you are curious what types of items they send.

    • From the unboxings I’ve seen & from my own experience with getting them the past couple of years, they appear to typically be primarily makeup (including makeup tools) with maybe one or two skincare items thrown in. In my case, I can’t recall having received any skincare items unfortunately for me. The closest to “skincare” I had received was a Bioderma micellar water (which appears to be in most, maybe even all, bags), and a setting spray. Since I’m mostly interested in skincare I found I gifted most of my items. However, even though I’ve realized the Beautylish bags aren’t for me, I definitely see the value of these boxes!

    • Oh! And the packaging is some of the best I’ve seen. They take great care in wrapping (with both bubble wrap then tissue paper) each item and “wrap” all contents in a really beautiful printed paper.

  14. Here is the URL from one of the posts that doesn’t show images: “”

    • That is a link to a fabletics review.

  15. Hi Liz! Is anyone else having problems viewing images in posts when using Chrome? The weird thing is that there are a few posts that are showing images, but most are not (when using Chrome only, Firefox seems to work OK).

    • Does the url have “amp” at the end? If you take that out it will look better this site looks horrible in the amp version. Although I can’t see comments on the amp version so maybe that’s not your issue…

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