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Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription Box Review – November 2018

Brandi Dowell
ByBrandi DowellNov 5, 2018 | 49 comments

Stitch Fix
3.5 overall rating
255 Ratings | 56 Reviews

Stitch Fix is a monthly clothing and styling subscription service. When you sign up you take a pretty in-depth survey of your sizes, your style, and pricing preferences. After choosing when you’d like to receive your delivery, your stylist handpicks 5 items based on your preferences. The fee for this service is $20, and that includes free shipping and free returns. And if you keep any of the items they send you, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total. (If you keep all five items, you also get a 25% discount!)

My items are reflective of my style and price preferences, so your Stitch Fix may be completely different!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About Stitch Fix

The Subscription Box: Stitch Fix

The Cost: $20 styling fee (pay for whatever items you keep minus the $20 credit)

The Products: 5 clothing and accessory items selected for you based on your Style Profile.

Ships to: U.S. only

Good to know: In addition to Women’s and Men’s options, Stitch Fix launched Stitch Fix Kids! Check out our reviews to learn more.

Stitch Fix for Women November 2018 Review

This is the invoice that was sent in the box. As you can see, it provides specifics on the brand, size, and price of each item. They also give instructions at the bottom for how to check out and either purchase or return your items. My total came to $244, but with the 25% off (which they take off BEFORE deducting the $20!) and the $20 credit, my total drops down to $163. That’s a savings of $81 on these items. 

This is my style sheet that includes a note from my stylist and features the five items I received along with different outfit suggestions and accessories that might pair well with them. This is the second month in a row that I requested to have no red items in my note to my stylist. I also asked for a cardigan and no gray as well since they have been sending me a lot of gray lately. I do like that she mentioned styling one of the items with a previous shirt I purchased from StitchFix, which made it feel personalized, but unfortunately, it seems like she ignored my requests for no red or gray.

Arnold Fuzzy Cardigan by Cotton Emporium, Size L – Cost to Keep $48 (Return)

This is the first option for cardigans that I was sent and this one is super cozy! It’s sort of a taupe color when the lighter and darker threads all come together. This is so soft and very thick and I think if it was thinner and had been longer, I would have really liked it. Unfortunately, the thick knit made it feel really tight on my arms and it just felt a little short on me, overall.

Rojer Asymmetrical Hem Hacci Knit Top by Bobeau, Size L – Cost to Keep $54 (Return)

As you can see, even though I asked for no gray in this Fix, I was sent this gray top. I actually sort of liked the asymmetrical hemline, but the shirt itself was really thin and the quality did not seem great. It felt like the sort of shirt that would quickly lose shape and end up looking frumpy. It was also not so flattering on the tummy, which I was able to hide in the photos a bit, but I would not be comfortable wearing it in public.

She was able to act as my tummy blocker for this one!

Luca Two Pocket Duster Cardigan by Pinque, Size L – Cost to Keep $44 (Return)

While this duster is not necessarily red, I would definitely say it is in the red family, which was really disappointing. The material is a thinner, lightweight knit and I went back and forth on keeping this one because I liked that it was long and had pockets, but I just was not crazy about the burgundy color or the placement of the stripes. I think it really accentuated areas that I’d much rather downplay.

Mackenzie Henley Blouse by Fun2Fun, Size L – Cost to Keep $44 (Return)

This shirt is listed as being burgundy in color, but I really feel like it’s pretty close to being just plain red! As for the shirt itself, it’s a thin, flowy blouse and the material is nice and silky, but just thick enough that you don’t have to wear a cami underneath which is nice. I loved that the bottom was so long and that it had nice details like a button at the back and also the sleeves that could be rolled up. The two things that kept me from keeping this shirt (other than the color) were the fact that it gapped at the bust, which is always an issue for me, and I just don’t have a need for a dressy blouse like this at the moment.

Sophia Brushed Knit Dress by Kaileigh, size L – Cost to Keep $54 (Return)

This is the last item in my Fix. Again, this is probably not a true red but is listed as burgundy, which is still in the red family. I am just not sure why my stylist was not able to completely stay away from reds for this fix and last month‘s. I do like this dress a lot; it was flattering, I could easily nurse in it and the sleeves were longer, which is great for fall. I also love the v-shaped neckline on both the front and the back. I didn’t really like the pattern though, as it was a bit busy for me and I was really hoping for a top this month, so I ended up sending this back.

The Verdict: I was really unhappy with my Stitch Fix this month since I specifically asked my stylist for no red or gray and out of five items, four of them were some form of these colors. I was actually so perplexed (and annoyed) by this that I reached out to customer service to find out why my request was ignored when I know my stylist saw my note since she knew to send a cardigan. They didn’t provide much of an answer, but were great about it and rolled over my styling fee credit for next month. They also went ahead and updated my style profile so that future stylists would not send red or gray. While was appreciative of this, I still feel like a note to my stylist should have been enough to ensure that those colors weren’t included in this Fix. While this month was a complete bust, it inspired me to update my StitchFix Pinterest board so I am really hoping that will help and that next month my love for StitchFix can resume! 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Stitch Fix curates its boxes based on each individual’s preferences as well as what’s available. What you get might not be the same as what I got, but you also might get something that fits your style and body even better than the looks above! Sign up and see what they choose for you!

Value Breakdown: This box cost $20 with free shipping and returns. The total retail value of the items inside is $244. The invoice lists the cost of each item next to it, but if I keep all 5 items, then I get a 25% discount. The $20 styling fee for the box is applied to the purchase no matter how many items you keep, and in this case, it would bring the total down to $163. That’s a discount of around 33% for these items.

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What did you receive this month from Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for women, men, and kids too! You tell them all about your style and size preferences through their style quiz, and they send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. No two Fix shipments are alike and each one is hand-picked just for you. Keep wha... read more.
Brandi Dowell
Brandi Dowell
Brandi has loved the idea of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013. Now that she’s a mother of 3, she loves finding unique boxes to educate and entertain her kids while enjoying some more pampering boxes for herself. Her favorites these days are Lillypost, KiwiCo boxes & Wicked Good Perfume!

Brandi Dowell
Brandi Dowell
Brandi has loved the idea of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013. Now that she’s a mother of 3, she loves finding unique boxes to educate and entertain her kids while enjoying some more pampering boxes for herself. Her favorites these days are Lillypost, KiwiCo boxes & Wicked Good Perfume!
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If you read around you’ll find that StitchFix has MAJOR issues with their inventory. I considered applying for a job as a stylist but spent some time reading reviews from current stylists and learned that oftentimes they can’t accommodate even the most basic requests because the inventory of available clothes is so extremely limited. I don’t think I’ll be using StitchFix anymore.


It’s too bad you don’t like darker reds or burgundy because they look great with your skin tone.


Love that dress!!!!!!!


Personally, I think that dress looks AMAZING on you 🙂 But I’d also be super upset about the red/grey thing. Hopefully next month is better!


I had an identical problem. I lost weight and had no shorts that fit and requested new shorts. I updated all my sizes and measurements and specifically said I needed smaller shorts as all of mine were too big. I know they read the note because I got three pairs of shorts. They were just all in my old sizes, so nothing in the box fit. I sent everything back and sent an email expressing my frustration and disappointment in wasting $20. They refunded my styling fee, but this is not the first time they’ve ignored all or part of my note. More like the 4th time. I decided I was done taking risks on fixes. If you can’t pay attention to my requests and updates then you’re not invested in me as a customer and I don’t need to use your services. I know a lot of other people have really great luck with them, but I never have. No matter what I requested or pinned.


I find I do much better telling them what I do want as opposed to what I don’t want.


Stating what I would like, and very concisely, such as “Need a neutral, lightweight sweatshirt type sweater” also works very well for me but, then, the best overall fixes I’ve received are typically when I tell my usual stylist to surprise me. Personally, I don’t like to be surprised but my stylist seems to have a great grasp on what I’ll wear and what I won’t.


That seems so frustrating to me. Part of the purpose of this service to help people figure out what they like, and most of the time I’m not able to articulate what I DO want, just what a don’t want. It’s what keeps me away from Stitch Fix 🙁

Beth L

Changing your stylist is major because if you get one who doesn’t do her job you fix can be awful. First fix was scary and the lady didn’t hear a thing I say or looked at my pinterest board. I asked for new stylist and then I would tell her things J wanted from others peoples fixes because they were likely to have. I even waould say i want a green bomber jacket. Dark high waisted jeans with the distressed look. She is a great stylist and would add everything I asked for and if they didn’t have that she would add something very very much like it. I had to say what I wanted and she did the rest. I can see how it didn’t work for some but I think having a great stylist who reads is very important.


I have only had three fixes so far (I get them as needed, not automatically) but the best one was when I asked for what I specifically wanted, rather than what I dont want. I bought everything in my last fix. I agree with the person who said it’s probably an algorithm thing. However, I thought the cardigan looked great on you. I wish they would charge less for their clothes. I’ve had to exchange one due to tearing. And another shrink and tear.

Anna L

I have found it more helpful to ask for specific colors and styles that I do want, instead of what I dont want. It’s easier that way. My most recent fix was a total success. First time I purchased the whole thing. Not sure if it’s an algorithm thing or not. I hope not, since it’s supposed to be personalized styling by a real person. My biggest issue is I wish the prices were lower. I’m debating checking out some other boxes.


I feel your pain! I’ve had that problem with Stitch Fix a lot. So much so with my last box that it will be the last I ever get from them. I lost a bunch of weight and updated all my sizes and said in the note that I had lost weight and needed summer shorts and they sent everything in my old sizes. Everything was too big and fell right off me, but they sent three pairs of shorts so I KNOW they saw my note. I sent them a message saying how disappointed and confused I was and They refunded my styling fee, but I decided it’s not worth the effort and the disappointment for me to continue to use their service. There are plenty of options now and I had really good luck with Wantable.

Liz L

I think the duster looks amazing on you!


Did we have the same stylist this month?? EXACTLY the same has just happened to me!! 4/5 of my items went exactly against what I had stated I didn’t want. My opening line said no muted or dusty pink and EXTREMELY PICKY with florals. Looking to add color to my closet. My second line stressed fitted, structured tops only and nothing flowy. I received a muted/dusty pink cardigan, heavy floral top, a bell sleeved gyspy flow top (that I had previously given the ‘thumbs down’ on the daily ratings) and a black sweater. I know she somewhat read my note as I had asked for tops only this fix and received only tops. I had the same stylist as last month and she did great so I purposely requested her. I have no idea what was going on with her this month. I honestly thought they had confused my stylist with another with the same name as it couldn’t have been further from the mark but apparently it is the same person.

Brandi Dowell

That’s so frustrating! I have been happy with this stylist in the past too, so maybe it’s just something with their computer algorithms like another reader said!


I’d been thinking of trying Stitch Fix again, but after seeing that they only sent you ONLY things in the 2 colors you asked not to get, there’s no way in this WORLD I’m going to end up with anything orange or yellow ( the colors I HATE).

The thought of what they did to you makes me feel really badly because that’s my orange, and yellow. If SF sent me a mustard colored cardigan, it would be so hideous to me, even just in the package.


My stylist is the bomb I’ve gotten 3 fixes and kept two entire ones and a partial of the other. I get another one in a couple weeks.

Beth L

Same ..loved my stylist and her name Ansley ….


Geez. Can’t they redo a box and send you a new one this month? (Assuming you would be interested in that.)


I think you look good in red! But I understand there are colors I don’t like. Does your profile reflect no red and gray?

Brandi Dowell

It didn’t say no red or gray before, but it’s been updated now! So next month will be the real test!


Dis you ask for “no red or grey” in this fix?
I read on a FB board that they use an algorithm to read your comments so if you say, “Please, no red or grey,” the algorithm only reads “red/grey.”
This would explain your problem, my problem, and many comments I have read saying Stitchfix is sending items/colors/fabrics customers have specifically asked them NOT to send.
I am going to only put my “wishes” on my next fix note to see if it helps.


I have also been very frustrated with my fixes lately. My profile is specific and I repeatedly ask for items that are mostly natural fibers but they keep sending me boxes full of rayon and polyester! Same story with skinny jeans and chambray tops. I have returned multiples of these items and they keep sending them. I’m totally ready and willing to pay a premium for high quality pieces, but I mostly get junk.


Ugh, the exact same thing happens to me. I ask for natural fibers and every month, bring on the acrylic! I think they mostly carry cheaper brands, but it doesn’t seem like cotton should be too big an ask.


This is why I have never signed up to the clothing sub boxes. I think a lot of them have really low price points which typically mean synthetic materials. I’m wearing natural fibers 95% of the time unless I’m in the gym then it’s recycled polyester all the way!
I think if you signed up for a clothing sub like Trunk Club, then you would be getting the natural fibers you desire, it would just Cost a little more.


This is why I have never signed up to the clothing sub boxes. I think a lot of them have really low price points which typically mean synthetic materials. I’m wearing natural fibers 95% of the time unless I’m in the gym then it’s recycled polyester all the way!
I think if you signed up for a clothing sub like Trunk Club, then you would be getting the natural fibers you desire, it would just be at a higher price point.

Brandi Dowell

That is frustrating! I wonder if it’s an inventory issue or stylist selection? Customer service was very responsive, so maybe they’d be able to help!


What is up with your stylist? I would be ticked!! How hard is it to stay away from 2 colors?


It does seem that maybe she was confused; those are definitely in the red family. That aside, with your dark hair and light skin tone, the red looks fantastic on you.

Brandi Dowell

Thanks JennyB! I’m definitely coming around to red, but I just need some other colors in my wardrobe at this point! 🙂


I think everything looks great on you. That being said, it might help emailing customer service. SF is based on computer algorithm. It might be picking up on colors as requested key words instead of items you don’t want.


So does that mean the “stylist” isnt actually a person who can read but instead some kind of AI with a human name?

Brandi Dowell

Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping happened! And that it doesn’t happen next month! Lol


Its like she got it backwards and that you wanted those colors. Wow, so badly curated this month. I did like the long burgundy sweater on you tho!


MSA, there was nothing wrong with my comment and i agreed with the reviewer. Your automatic comment filters are obtrusive to reader participation at this point.


So its not just me who thinks that there is something a bit militant is happening to the comment censoring on MSA?
My 100% truthful comments, that let people know that the cosmetics line NARS has begun testing on animals in order that they would be allowed into China, were blocked. NARS is no longer cruelty-free (which was an attribute that they used to be so proud of).
Personally, I would like to know if a brand that I used to buy had decided NOT to be cruelty-free anymore, and were testing on animals for no good reason.


I feel that way when sometimes my more negative comments don’t get posted right away! But what’s usually happens is that I have a typo in my email address or name so it thinks I’m a new user and I think they always screen comments from new users.
For some reason my login info doesn’t auto fill on my phone and I’ll make a typo when writing it out, then it takes longer for my comments to appear. But I’m sure there are certain words that raise flags and a comment needs to be audited first before it is posted.


I commented maybe a couple of hours ago and it’s still not showing, it does seem to be happening more frequently but sometimes I think maybe I typed my email wrong since the save email feature is gone unless you’re signed in.


I too dislike colors in the red family for my clothing, so I do understand why you would be disappointed to receive so many burgundy and reddish items. It’s almost like the stylist is either trolling you after your last review or misread your preference as “Please send me all the reds!” However, the items do look great on you, so theres that.

Brandi Dowell

I know! It’s so hard to tell if it was intentional or not! And thanks! 🙂


Why did they send you an entire box that consists of the two colors that you specified NOT to send???

Burgundy is a dark red – but it is indeed a red (can you also specify “No Burgundy” as well?).

Both of the other items are grey to me.

Considering your requests, this is really poor curation; I would send everything back as well.

Brandi Dowell

My thoughts exactly, Rosemary! 🙂


You are so lovely and I just feel like these pieces were not suited for you and did not do you justice! Hopefully they will listen next time and give you better colors and less dumpy unstructured items. Thanks for the review!

Brandi Dowell

Thanks so much, Nicole! 🙂


Totally love the Mackenzie Henley Blouse and the dress! both lovely.


The cut of the dress is cute but the print is super busy, I wonder if you specify solids if that would help. The lack of attention to details like color preferences would annoy me too. I appreciate the honesty of your reviews.

Brandi Dowell

Thanks for reading, Anna! 🙂 I usually don’t mind prints, but this one was just a bit much!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.