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Kidbox Girls Clothing Subscription Review + Coupon – Fall 2018

Kidbox is a kid’s clothing box that “combines cool brands, meaningful savings and a mission to clothe children in need.” KidBox ships 5 boxes a year (spring, summer, back to school, fall and winter) but they will notify you before they ship in case you want to skip a box, change your child’s sizing or even their style preferences.

Kidbox offers a few options: the Baby by Kidbox for sizes Newborn-24 months, Kidbox for sizes 2T-14, and a new Kidsentials, socks and underwear on-demand service.

This review is of the Girl’s Fall box by Kidbox in size 6.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Kidbox

The Subscription Box: Kidbox

The Cost: no styling fee, pay only for the clothes you keep or pay $98 to keep the entire box (free shipping both ways)

COUPON: Use code TRY10 to get 10% off your first order + free shipping!

The Products: 6-7 clothing items based on the size and style preferences you select

Ships to: U.S.

Good to know: If you keep the entire box for $98 you can also select a cause and Kidbox will make a donation to a kid in need such as a military family or foster child. What a great idea!

Kidbox Fall 2018 Review

Inside our box was a $30 off coupon for their new Dream Box pajama collection for sizes 2T-12 and a bag for us to use for returns as well as a magazine.

The magazine featured two sides. The first featured information and articles for parents, including some stats on bullying.

The second side was marked “No parents” and provided some articles for kids, a meet the KidBox team section as well as some recipes and even a Bingo game for them. Fun!

Inside this envelope were some nice alphabet stickers, our return label, and a booklet that outlined the box process and featured a note from our stylist.

There was also a section that gave details on their giving back program which was also featured on the bottom of the box. For every full box that is kept, Kidbox will donate a box of clothing to a child in need and I love that they showed us exactly who they are sending boxes to this season! This is a great incentive to keep your entire box and feel good about it.

This booklet also includes an invoice which lists the retail price for each item as well as the KidBox price for each item. Our retail price total was $276.48 while our KidBox total is $208, but if we keep the entire box, the cost is $98.

Kidbox Club Free Gift Mini Bunny

We also received this mini stuffed bunny, which the kids were happy to play with right away!

Cotton On Girls Bow Headband – Retail Price: $9.99 (Kidbox Price: $7)

My daughter loves to accessorize, so this was a perfect pick for her! I like the style of this one with the slouchy fabric and nice bow. The little silver stars with sparkles are a cute accent too!

Miki B Girls 2 Pack Camo Legging, Size 6– Retail Price: $34 (Kidbox Price: $26)

I don’t think I’ve ever put my daughter in anything camo before, it’s not really my style, but I ended up liking these on her a lot! They are pretty thin leggings, and I definitely think the retail price is a bit inflated for the quality, but leggings are something that she wears all the time and I love that there is one fun pair and one basic pair so she can wear them with anything.

French Toast Girls Criss-Cross Neck Tee, Size 6 – Retail Price: $12 (Kidbox Price: $9)

This is just a basic long sleeve black tee, but the bottom has a little bit of a flare to it and it has the cute criss-cross detail at the neckline. I promise it isn’t too tight on her neck! It’s just how she was standing. The price on this was definitely reasonable too!

Here is the full outfit (she chose the shoes!). I think that it’s a cute, playful outfit that she can run around and be comfortable in!

PS from Aeropostale Girls Metallic Puffer Vest, Size 6 – Retail Price: $42.50 (Kidbox Price: $32)

I’m pretty sure this is her favorite item in the box! We just passed down her vest that she wore last season to a friend and she was sad to see it go but thrilled to find this one in her box. I love the bright color and the nice metallic shimmer at the top. The back also has that cute cinched detail! Definitely, a great choice, although I can’t imagine ever paying that retail price for it, which makes me appreciate receiving it in this box even more!

Vigoss Girls Patchwork Denim, Size 6– Retail Price: $34 (Kidbox Price: $26)

I immediately disliked these jeans because they were so busy and actually felt a bit thin and not soft at all, but once she put them on, I actually came around to them! I think all of the distressing is actually sort of cute on her little legs, but it also might just be because it’s paired with my favorite item in the box! They are also slightly loose and lightweight so she was comfortable in them.

Samara Girls Stripe Sweater, Size 6X– Retail Price: $59.99 (Kidbox Price: $45)

This sweater! It’s so thick and nice, but soft and not itchy at all! The knit is actually really nice and I don’t see her snagging it, which I guess explains the high price tag! Another reason I am happy to receive it at a discounted price like this! It is definitely a quality sweater and something about this whole outfit gives me 80’s vibes for some reason. I love the look and that it is just a bit baggy on her meaning we can layer underneath if we need to!

I love the little heart detail on the chest and that it has this tiny split on the sides. I want one in my size!

Masala Baby Girls Black Jumpsuit, Size 6 – Retail Price: $84 (Kidbox Price: $63)

Okay, I saved the best…err worst…for last! This jumpsuit is just crazy to me but so fun! I think in theory it’s really cute and if it didn’t swallow her up then maybe I could see it working, but the way it fits her is almost comical. I’m still trying to sort out how I feel about it!

It does have really fun details like the pattern of the fabric, the subtle red glitter throughout, the gemstone buttons, the red lining on the pockets and that lace detailing on the front, plus it is a very thick and nice quality material. Maybe we can try it again next year when she actually grows into it! What do you think of this jumpsuit?

Verdict: I was impressed with all of the extras we received in this box, especially since there is no styling fee. The magazine, bunny, and stickers were all nice bonuses. As for the clothing, there were a lot of items that gave me pause when I first opened this box, but after trying them on, I really ended up loving everything, (jumpsuit excluded…I think!) and I loved how well these pieces all worked together to create full outfits instead of just separates. Some of the retail values felt inflated to me, but when you consider what a discount you get, it really makes it more affordable. For $98 that means each of the 7 items (counting the leggings as one) has an average value of $14, which I think is fair, especially if you consider that keeping the entire box means one box will be donated to someone in need! Overall, I’m happy!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Your box will be personally curated for you based on your child’s age, style preferences, sizing, and Kidbox’s current/featured stock!

Coupon – Save 10% off your first Kidbox and get free shipping! Just use code TRY10.

Value Breakdown: The retail price of all my items add up to $276.48 but the Kidbox price is technically $208, but with the discount from keeping a full box my total is $98! That’s about $14 per item.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of Kidbox? Have you tried it yet?


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Written by Brandi Dowell

Brandi Dowell

Brandi has loved the idea of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013. Now that she’s a mother of 3, she loves finding unique boxes to educate and entertain her kids while enjoying some more pampering boxes for herself. Her favorites these days are Lillypost, KiwiCo boxes & Wicked Good Perfume!

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Comments (10)

  1. I finally got my first box! Some hits, some misses. I was a bit disappointed that there was only one clear winter item (a sweater dress) and nothing else warm in the box – no proper pants, just five pairs of thin leggings, lol. Your fall box looks warmer than my winter box.

    Style wise, I was pleasantly surprised. Everything chosen was a style my daughter would love, something I would love to put on her, or at least something that would harmoniously fit in with her current wardrobe. They are all items I would have picked from a store rack to consider purchasing.

    Durability wise, I wasn’t quite as impressed. I specifically put ‘durable’ under the list of likes but many of the items she got were fast-fashion. One of the Jessica Simpson sets (she ended up with two) was particularly terrible – the style was cute but the sweater top was paper thin with loose threads. The thin jeggings it came with fit OK, but as I was putting them on my daughter the button popped right off! It was just a fashion button so she can still wear the jeggings, but very disappointing.

    I did opt to keep the box as it was only $73 for everything, and I *should* be getting an email with instructions on getting a Dream Box for free – so for the two boxes that is a great deal even if not every item is perfect.

    But for future boxes, I am on the fence. Considering that some items were fast fashion/not durable, I realistically probably wouldn’t have paid more than $60 for this selection of items in the store even if it’s full price RV is $263.

    But to break it down:

    Miki B Cheetah print boatneck top: RV $26 and Kidbox price $19: I would have preferred a picture of a cat to the print. It was OK, but my second least favorite item in the box. Not warm, just a typical kids top I’d generally not pay more than $5 on sale for.

    Miki B Legging set, one gray and one with stars: Cute leggings, but with this set the total of leggings in my box is 5! I would have much preferred a nice pair of jeans. Nothing special quality wise – no better than leggings I would pick up $2-$4 each on sale at Children’s place. So why is RV $32? (KB price $24) On the plus side, they both pair well with the Miki shirt.

    Jessica Simpson 2PC Peplum Top & Legging set: This cream and blue set is gorgeous! (It says purple but reads blue to me…very French vibe!) I’m a bit worried as I generally have bad luck with Jessica Simpson maternity or kid’s items actually lasting fabric wise, but I loove the style of this. I’ll try to make sure my daughter wears it more for dressier occasions than for play. RV $39.50, KB price $30.

    LOSAN Girls’ heart print tulle dress: This is the star of the box for me, and probably the only item I would have kept if I was paying the Kidbox price and not the whole box. It’s a soft grey proper sweater dress (warm!) with hearts and a tulle skirt peeking out from underneath. It looks and feels well made. This is the sort of piece I was expecting from this box – a higher end brand than what I would normally buy but with quality to match. It even came with it’s own hanger in a proper little garment bag! RV $38 and KB price $28 – the one garment I feel the quality matches with the price. I can see this dress holding up through all my little girls as they grow.

    Jessica Simpson Girl star print top and jeggings: I mentioned the quality issues of this one already with the thin fabric and the button falling right off! At least it’s cute and my daughter seems to find it comfy, so it will be a play outfit until it falls apart (which I assume will be sooner rather than later as the top is already fuzzing and pilling as she wears it about the house..) RV $39.50, Kidbox price $29.00, which seems vastly inflated given the low quality. (It gets points for a cute design though with the stars and criss cross back of the neck – and the button was a cute detail until the garment needed to actually be worn…)

    BEBE Girl’s sweater and legging set: I love the style of this – it’s a heathered dark red sweater with roses, and the pink leggings have a rose detail as well. So cute! Unfortunately it’s a fashion set, not a practical winter fall set, which seems to be the theme of my box. It’s a very thin sweater with thin leggings, rather than a proper sweater with proper pants. This might turn into more of a spring outfit as I doubt she could wear it on cold days. RV $42.50, KB price $30.

    Design History Foil print star dress: My second favorite item in the box! This black dress is so pretty with it’s gold star print and tulle overlay and butterfly sleeves. The underdress is 100% cotton, which is nice. It’s more spring/summery in fabric and style, but if worn with a jacket it should be fine. But it’s also the highest RV item in the box – RV $46 and Kid box price $37, so if buying pieces individually I would have passed. It is worth a bit more due to quality than some of the other items, though.

    Sooo…mixed feelings. If most of the items are going to be the fast fashion inflated RV tier, it’s not a box I will be interested in long term. I was interested in the quality brand for a discount + seasonally appropriate aspect (Since it’s often hard to find seasonal items on sale during the same season.) But only two of the selections (Losan and Design History) and maybe the Bebe (it was fashion vs. winter wear, but appears well made) appeared to be more durable/better made than the typical discount clothing I shop for online.

    • OK, their customer service is great~!! A lady was able to answer some of my questions (for example, since I ordered my Winter Box at the tail end, they were low on warmer item inventory. They’ve heard a lot of feedback from customers wanting more seasonally appropriate styles, so they are working with their buyers to make sure that is taken into account more in future.) They are even sending out a replacement style for the Jessica Simpson (a diff style, not the same outfit, since I had issues with the fabric and not just the button falling off) AND put some notes for my stylist so I won’t be getting Jessica Simpson, Miki B brands, or quite so many leggings in the future 🙂

      I look forward to seeing what my New Year’s Box will hold!

  2. I thought the jumpsuit was a Halloween costume. Like a semi-gothic ninja.

  3. I honestly thought the jumpsuit was pajamas at first! Not a favorite.

  4. I like that the box lets you buy the whole thing for a much discounted flat fee!

  5. I think your daughter looks cute in everything! The jumpsuit…I’d buy the whole box and give the jumpsuit away as a charity write-off. I really don’t know why anyone would make an outfit for a child that requires getting completely undressed in order to go to the bathroom. Seems like a setup for tears to me. I think the outfit would be cuter (and probably would have fit better) if they had made it two separate pieces. Ah well. Live and learn, right?

    • Agreed! The whole box was great, minus the jumpsuit. I will never understand why those are a thing, both for kids and adults. I don’t want to have to have either my daughter or myself get naked to go to the bathroom. I feel the same way about rompers.

    • Thanks, Vanessa! I didn’t even think about the bathroom aspect of that jumpsuit since I knew she wouldn’t be wearing it anytime soon. Very good point! 🙂

  6. The jumpsuit is not cute, is overpriced, and it will be hard to go to the bathroom.

  7. I actually think the jumpsuit is kinda cute in it’s own unique way. Perhaps the legs could be hemmed or as you mentioned, save it for when she grows into it. It would go well with some red sequined flats.

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