Ipsy Glam Bag Plus December 2018 SPOILERS!

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We have some spoilers for the December Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! Thanks for the heads up, Kristy! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in December. There are variations every month, so you may not receive them in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are some of the items being included in December:


What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I really don’t love these particular spoilers, but I’m still on board. In the last two months I’ve had some misses but at least two redeeming items that I would absolutely have paid $25 for if I’d been given the opportunity to purchase just those items. (The purlisse mask, man-eater mascara and morphe highlighter in the first box and the IT palette and FAB cleanser this month). So even if I don’t love these I’m hoping the rest of the box will make up for anything I don’t care for. And thanks to the influencer box I have major FOMO that if I switch back I’ll miss out on a Sunday Riley product so I’m in for a while anyway since we saw the BumBum cream and a Tarte blush two months after the influencer box.

    • I agree even though I will only use the Mascara and eyeliner, (both added to my pile) and the Purlesse from last month. Excited that I am getting the Bum Bum cream and IT palate this month. I’m just gifting all the other items to my co-workers as I have been doing for over a year, but now they get full size items 🙂 I will stay with the Plus Sub because 2 items are still worth the price.

    • I’ve got a tarte blush palette and the bum bum cream in my box this month

      • What size was the bum bum cream just curious?!

        • its the mid size one that’s $20 the travel size 75ml

        • Not big enough for MY bum!

        • 75 ml

        • Not sure of the exact size but I do know it was bigger than the one BoxyCharm had.

    • Same here
      One of the blushes is discontinue. All those products are left over, same with other items they had ( the Tarte blush palette and the itcosmetics palette are old products that no longer sell in Sephora)
      I still can’t get over the way ipsy deceived everyone with a fictitious box that was only sent to bloggers and not to its paying members.

    • I paid for my December bag never received it emailed you (ipsy) numerous times no response! today they (ipsy) took another dip in my debit card for January’s glam bag yet have NOT gotten my December bag!

  2. I wish we could pick from ANY color they have, I would definitely pick Power Grab lipstick and Magique blush!!! Omg those two shades are beyond gorgeous and perfect for me….but since we have to pick from these I guess it would be Never Enough lipstick and the darker blush.

  3. Those blushes are gorgeous!!

    • Agree all 3 are beautiful. For me ipsys glam plus has been blowing it out the water. I’m ready to cancel boxy after December and just stick with ipsy. I hope they keep up the great work they have been doing!!

      • I am not impressed with Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. They keep giving me products that I don’t have marked on my beauty profile and stuff that I review low. I never get anything that pertains to me. They did the same thing to me with the regular bag. I really wish they would let us pick some items out. I may cancel if next months is a bust.

        • yeah and it’s worse when you see the other options people got the same month are items you would have wanted…… what good is personalization when it doesn’t work.

          • Yes I switched back to the sample sized bag after this month’s bag. I have eyeshadow and creams on my profile and they send my the blush and cleanser, which are not on my profile. At least when I got samples, there were things I wanted.

      • I canceled Boxy after November. It was getting really repetitive (brands and item types) and I’ve been loving my ipsy plus bag.

  4. I love both Lancôme and Estee Lauder! The Estee Lauder lipsticks are some of my favorites or I wouldn’t have 3 or 4 that I paid $30 for. I would love to see skincare from these brands too, they are the best.

  5. I really love both of these brands. I just wish IPSY Plus would include SKIN CARE products from either/or both Estee Lauder and Lancome. Both of these lines have some brand new facial serums and creams that I really want to try.

    • Now skincare from either I could really get behind!

      • There was a TechCrunch article about Ipsy plus ans brands they plan to partner with most were in the influencer bag, so will probably be included in later boxes.

        I can’t post link or it will be filtered out you can Google the article though.

    • Love both brands but I really don’t wear much lipstick.I wish they would add more skin care to that would be awesome especially from these 2 brands finger crossed that more more like skin care to and they add more.

  6. I’m excited to see Lancome in a beauty box. It was the first cosmetics brand I used, and the quality of their cosmetics has consistently been excellent. The Haute Couture color is way to bland for me though – and those are the colors ipsy regularly bestows me with.

    I would not use any of those Estee Lauder lipcolors though. Additionally, there is hardly any variation between the three colors.

  7. Why are everyone’s comments posting but mine?

    • I’ve been having the same issue.

      • Aaaaand of course that posted!😆
        It must not like my longer comments!😂

  8. I like all the shades of lipstick! Also looking forward to a creme lipstick instead of matte.

  9. I may email ipsy customer service and ask to be excluded from lipstick. Yes, I think I will. I love both brands, but lipstick is very difficult when it comes to color preference and I often get shades I’m not a fan of. The quality of Lancome and Estee Lauder is excellent. I’m definitely loving my plus upgrade. This month’s is a winner for me and I’m excited about next month, too. For those displeased, I know hundreds of women waiting for a chance to get the box. They’ll love you if you decide to cancel.

  10. I emailed ipsy about a complaint and they gave me the option to choose one of these and I went with the lancome hot couture because I’m not into lipsticks and this is the most pleasing shade to me.

  11. I have my fingers crossed for Lancôme! My mother uses Lancôme religiously and it was the first makeup I ever tried. I remember being 12 and she would give me the juicy tubes from her sets 😅. Now and then she still gives me some of the things from her sets she buys and I always love the quality. My most used highlighter as of late is theirs as well as their monsieur mascara and their kohl eyeliners! Love love love Lancôme.

  12. I want the colors strapless and eclat❤️❤️

  13. Haha, wish I could get both the Lancome shades. I typically do a 2-shade look, & those would be perfect.

    Not thrilled about the Estee Lauder lipstick, since this seems like a way to offload discontinued/unpopular shades. (And I am also not a lipstick person, lol.) It looks like Strapless *might* work for me.

  14. These are great brands, I love them! I’m 32; in the I’m not sure if I’m young anymore age group lol

  15. I’m 42 and I guess I’ll give this to my mother…or just cancel so I can get boxyluxe

    • On the bright side, this is December’s box you have plenty of time to cancel, then someone on the waitlist will get a spot.

      I felt the same about Boxycharm so I canceled (that was when that had a waitlist) it was nice that someone that would enjoy the box was getting off the waitlist. I didn’t use the majority of the products from Boxycharm.

      The beauty box market is very saturated so it should be easy for everyone to find boxes they enjoy,

      I don’t really get the comparison to BoxyLuxe since it’s twice the price of Ipsy Plus. BoxyLuxe is same price as Laurel & Reed, The Klog box, Pink Seoul Plus and Detox box.

      • I cancelled Boxycharm too and theoretically gave someone my Luxe spot. After three years with them I just got tired and wasn’t using a lot of the products. I thought I was going to have FOMO after I cancelled, but I don’t! I am loving the variety in ipsy. They have historically had more collaborations with brands and in two months of plus I have received a unique variety of products and brands. Since I pay tax for boxycharm, this only cost me $2 more dollars for what I personally like better. Bring it on ipsy.

      • I cancelled too and I still dont have any FOMO. Im glad I cancelled, and now recieve the Ipsy plus.

        And you are right. I dont understand it either, boxycharm Vs. Ipsy plus is a better comparison, rather than boxyluxe.

        • I agree 100%. I saw those month’s boxy and really didn’t want anything. With the exception of the lipstick, I loved everything in my glam bag plus this month. Now I just wish it would finally get here 😂

  16. Yes!! Loving These spoilers and excited to see the rest of the products in the December bag. Ipsy is doing better slowly but surely with the glam plus bags. I’m happy to see both of These brands in an Ipsy plus bag . Keep it coming please!!!

  17. I wonder if they’ll have these as add-ons like they did the palette. It’ll be worth it if you can choose the shade.

    • That would be nice.

    • I was upset that the shape tape wasn’t available to add on this month! Last month I didn’t get that chance, with the Plus bag. I have wanted to try it for awhile, but have tried SO many concealers and none really work great on my dark circles, so I’m not buying the full size with the risk of it not working for me.

  18. I’m not sure where this idea comes from that certain brands are exclusive to an age group- why? Because Estee Lauder and Lancome have been long established? Does that mean I’m not supposed to wear Fenty because it’s a newer brand that has a younger woman at the helm? I’m 42. What would keep me from wearing lipstick from either Fenty or Estee Lauder? They are both quality brands with quality products. SMH.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! These are good quality brands regardless of age. I’m 24 and my favorite foundation of all time and the only one that I continue to repurchase is Estée Lauder double wear. It’s my holy grail of foundations and I also like their facial serum. It has nothing to do with age but quality.

      • Estee Lauder has a pretty great deal for a huge makeup collection (Something like $440 in value and 12 full size items) you can get for $68 if you buy $45 or more in product. I almost bought some double wear foundation today at Macy’s so I could get the add-on deal! But eventually I decided I have plenty of makeup for the moment so spending $120 even on a great Estee Lauder set didn’t make sense. I love Estee Lauder foundation though – they were the first nice foundation I got and other than the counter lady getting my shade terribly wrong (she matched me with some weird orangy brown I could only wear in summer) the quality of the foundation was amazing. I should have taken it back for a better shade but didn’t know I could do that at 16.

      • I also swear by Dbl Wear. It’s one of the top ranked foundations. Estee Lauder and Lancome only have that reputation b/c previous generations used them. They’ve been around that long for a reason.

    • That’s a good question. I think partly it’s because they’ve been around longer, so by default the older generation used these brands as there weren’t as many options available in years past. But partly it’s also their branding – their ads and messaging and even the salespeople they hire. Everybody can use what they like but mature skin has different needs and these brands know how to target them. Lancome skin care is way too over-perfumed though for my taste.

    • For me it’s just because my Mom wore Estée Lauder in the 80s. I have always associated the brand as an older brand worn by women older than I am (I’m 38). It’s not a brand I wear or have any interest in wearing. I’m sure the products are fine, but they don’t excite me.

  19. I’m about ready to CANCEL this glam bag plus. The two I have got sucked! My 10.00 bags have been AWESOME! This makes no scene

    • I already paused my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus for November but now I want to just keep pausing it until there are actually PROMISING spoilers. I can’t believe I missed out on bum bum this month, but I just KNOW that even if I hadn’t paused this month they still wouldn’t have sent me the item I actually wanted.

      I’m starting to hate Ipsy.

    • Why did it suck?

    • I switched back to the sample sized bag after this month’s bag. I have eyeshadow and creams on my profile and they send my the blush and cleanser, which are not on my profile. At least when I got samples, there were things I wanted.

  20. I am happy to see both brands and products. After 2 months of fiasco this is something really expensive and luxe.

  21. So why can’t I find “never enough” or “strapless”? The only color NOT discontinued is Jealous which sucks so I don’t have high hopes for the other colors not for sale anymore. I gave this a fair chance but I’m honestly still upset about the “influencers” bag. Bye Felicia. I’m out.

    • You have to google for the other colors. Never Enough is a ‘warm coral’ though it’s pictures look pink to me. Strapless looks like a rosy neutral. Strapless is probably the only shade of the three I could wear which is a little disappointing, but it’s neat to see Estee’ Lauder in a sub box!

  22. As a marketer, I wonder if more older subscribers upgraded to plus. It would make sense because older consumers have more disposable income. So good on ipsy for figuring out their targets, younger consumers for the $10 brand of lesser known cruelty free brands and older consumers for more established department store brands.

    • I’m 44 and I stuck with the $10 sub. I actually think that the truth is closer to the opposite of your premise – younger (in their twenties) people went for the “plus” sub because they get excited about bells and whistles and ipsy’s social media hype. Older consumers maybe go for the straightforward, fun-to-experiment $10 sub.

      I recently visited my old college. The bookstore added a makeup section (seriously?) with brands like Smashbox. I wouldn’t pay $24 for a lipstick, but I guess that the 18-22 crowd does.

      Your premise is also flawed because ipsy never said “the plus brand will feature department store brands for those of you who still have flip phones!” Having Estee Lauder and Lancome in this upcoming plus box was a surprise to all of us.

      • Ditto to all I am 44 stayed with $10 box and won’t pay $24 for lipstick!! Although on my Ipsy survey I am 25 because I want the glitter not the wrinkle creams!

      • The college bookstore Makeup counter is mind boggling. We struggled splitting a pizza 5 ways! L’Oréal lipstick was a splurge to us!

      • I read an article sometime last year about a trend creeping into college bookstores where they were including makeup sections and designing them to basically look like a mini Sephora or Ulta. It had pictures of maybe three layouts at different bookstores, and they actually did look like mini beauty stores!

    • Another flaw to your idea, Oct had a glitter palette. That’s probably geared more towards the younger crowd. Neither of these brands are only for the “older” generation.

      • I just turned 40 in June and I love using the Smashbox glitter palette. I wear glasses so it just adds a sparkle to my eye looks that I love.

        • I’m a bit older than you, Crystal and I have used the blue glitter from that palette! It’s not as sparkly as it looks but whoa! So pretty!

          • I didn’t think I would love that Smashbox palette as much as I do. I use it at least 2-3 times a week for work makeup looks.

      • I turned 40 last month and I keep grabbing for the Smashbox glitter palette. I find it to be very wearable. I work in an office on the executive floor along with the legal team. It’s way more versatile than I originally expected it to be.

    • I would beg to differ. If your unsaid assumption stands that department store brands appeal more to older customers, it makes more sense to allow younger customers to try them in a subscription so that they too can become part of their customer base. After all, the goal of subscription boxes is to attract new customers who may not be familiar with the brands or products.

  23. I’m excited about the spoilers for December. Lancôme can be used on eyes,lips and face. The Estée Lauder lipstick is actually great quality as well. If the color of the lipstick doesn’t work for me, I can easily gift or donate it.

    It’s easy to accumulate a lot of products when you get beauty boxes, imo it can be beneficial to take breaks and use the products from previous boxes.

    These are the types of products I expect from Ipsy ,lately lifestyle boxes seem to be makeup & skin care heavy too. I’d prefer to get less beauty products from lifestyle boxes.

    I don’t get the comparison of Ipsy Plus & BoxyLuxe since Boxy is twice the price of Ipsy Plus. Ipsy Plus was never marketed as luxury brands. FWIW I appreciate not seeing Pur all the time.

  24. I was going to cancel but now… I love both these brands. I just spent around $270 on Estee Lauder this week taking advantage of a promotion they were offering. Now I may be able to add more to my collection. Now for the rest of the spoilers.

  25. Tempting! I love that the Lancolm can be used on eyes/lips/face. I wish the Estee Lauder was in better shades and there was more control over that – but I might be finally tempted to upgrade!

  26. Super happy with this! These are really nice brands.

  27. I’m impressed – finally expensive high-end brands. That’s what I’ve been expecting to see all along instead of unknown Pur, for example.
    Not that there’s something wrong with Pur but in all honesty for the most part the quality of that brand is not that great.
    Lancome and Estée Lauder has been there for decades and are respectable brands. Very exciting to finally see them in supscription box!

  28. I don’t get this, but would like this one. I’ve never seen them in a box before, but I’ve purchased from these brands and know they are great quality! Glad to see brands that aren’t traditional to these boxes!

  29. I’m not sold on the eyeshadow, but that’s ok. I don’t think I have tried Este Lauder, so I’m game. I feel like these two brands might have reached out to Ipsy to market to a younger crowd, as a lot of us (myself included) seem to think these brands are a little “old” for us. Which is funny, since Beseme does so well! Haha. While I wouldn’t have picked these for myself, it will be fun to see if they can win me over!

    • Besame*

    • Estee Lauder was my first big makeup purchase as a teen! They had an amazing gift with purchase set so I splurged on a full price foundation to get it. The quality was top notch, I used the lipstick and blush and other items until they ran out. The downside was the lady at the counter did a terrible job matching my foundation shade, so I could only wear it in summer or by mixing if with a lighter, cheaper brand. I still miss that blush, lol.

    • The Lancolm monochromatic is actually for eyeshadow/blush/lips – you can use it anywhere or all three for a monochromatic look.

  30. The cruelty free thing I understand but if that doesn’t bother people, I don’t understand what the problem is, cause you never see high end items like this and I’m super excited

  31. Perhaps it’s because of the original bag they sent out that we keep hoping to see something like that instead of ‘gift with purchase’ left overs in colors that are unusable for 90% of skin tones from product lines that my grandmother wore religiously. The bags are nothing like what we were led to believe IGBP would be like. That’s my issue anyway.

    • Canceled . Done.

      • Imo the Influencer/October bag were very similar both had
        skincare product
        body product

        Subscribers even received an extra item.

        • The quality and branding of the two bags were opposite ends of the spectrum. A useable Morphe palette that you could create a whole look from vs a glitter palette of horrible quality and totally unusable for a huge percent of the market…a Sunday Riley full size coveted skin cream vs a rancid smelling difficult to use product I’ve honestly tried and fail to see any benefit from…etc etc the only saving grace to the October bag was the Purlisse and mascara. It’s not about generic number or catagory of item. It’s the insinuation Plus would include coveted and full spectrum items, not items that largely got thrown away or handed to my teenagers. My $10 bag, however, has been GREAT. I guess maybe my expectation was that I’d see full size items of the items sampled in the $10 bags. Now THAT would be wonderful.

          • Yes! 100% this! I was hoping the Plus would be a full sized version of the $10 bag at a minimum. The influencer bag was amazing, but the follow-ups have been lame in comparison. You’re so right – not all palettes are created equally! For example the brand Cargo consistently is low rated and performs terribly, but the new palettes are priced around the same as the Smashbox palette. Similarly priced doesn’t equal similar in quality. Same product category doesn’t mean anything either. I’m still not jumping on the Plus. My $10 bag is better and I don’t believe they can customize/personalize using only 8 products.

    • Uhmm… these colors are very universal, where are you getting the 90% of skin tones from?..

      And the fact that a product line has existed for many decades does not somehow mean it’s antiquated.

    • Agreed. I won’t wear any of these colors and they do look like gwp leftovers. I’m waiting to see if maybe one great spoiler could change my mind – otherwise I’m cancelling and gonna spend my $25 toward makeup and skincare that I’ll actually use.

  32. Seriously? Is this some kind of joke? This is ten steps backwards!!
    I’m done. I can’t.

  33. Very promising start. Plus in December I’ll be excluded from getting highlighters, so it’s all up from here

    • How will you be excluded from highlighters? Do you mean you out that as lowest priority?

      • You can e-mail ipsy and opt out of two categories. So for example you can opt out of highlighter and eyeliner if you want to.

    • I wasn’t supposed to get any highlighters or dry shampoo. Guess what came? BOTH. So don’t hold your breath.

      • Not selecting items on your profile does not exclude you, but emailing ipsy will. They offered to do that for me last month, and I passed but I think I’m going to request to be excluded from lip products. It’s too much of a crap shoot with color.

  34. I don’t understand the dynamic of people who are unhappy with what they are getting.

    Both Estee and Lancome are high end brands – a lipstick and what appears to be a blush/eye shadow are generally useful.

    In terms of color, it’s nice to get a lipstick that IS a color instead of a brown or a nude that doesn’t work with my color. What appears to be a bright blush often works well depending on application – I got a Pretty Vulgar blush that goes on very deep but blends out beautifully.

    Why subscribe to a beauty box if not for the element of serendipity. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. What doesn’t work is given to my friends and family – it always works for someone in my circle.

    If you don’t want to chance getting stuff that isn’t exactly to your taste, buy exactly what you want at the store and don’t get any beauty boxes. For me, it’s a form of entertainment and I get pleasure in having stuff to give to friends. For essentially the cost of a few lattes at Starbucks or a movie ticket, I have fun opening and trying on stuff – and have gotten some amazing stuff 🙂

    • You couldn’t have said it any better!! There’s just too much expectation from some and I personally enjoy getting different things to try! Last time I checked, that was the point of these subs lol

    • Amarante,

      I like your positive attitude! 🙂 And I totally agree!

      • Signing up for sub boxs is to try different things that’s what I sign up for if I wanted a Pacific thing you go out and but it. I think Ipsy is doing a fantastic job for $25 yes there are times I don’t like certain things or will not use but almost always at least 2 products I will use and love worth way over 25.00 the other items I put on the side for gift bags stocking stuffers donations many things to do with the other products to make someone else smile. I sub to try new things if I want a certain thing I go and buy and also love opening them my mailman probably thinks I’m crazy ladies hope you enjoy your day and boxs.

    • Thank you!

    • Could not have said it better! If they want the $10 Morphe Palette so much they should probably just buy it. 😐

  35. I guess I’m in the minority but, I actually like the blush.

  36. There’s been some sort of highlighter every month so far…nothing is catching my attention at all, my oct and nov bags have not been great…def not impressed…I’ll wait a little before I downgrade back to the $10 bag. For some reason I’m feeling like those are better! Especially this months, my Ipsy sample bag is better than the plus loll

  37. Ehhhh…not for me. Wasn’t really happy with this months or last months box either. I get Ipsy and Ipsy Plus and thinking of cancelling both. What is a good box that I can get in it’s place? ($35 range)

  38. I’m digging it… Looking forward to December’s box. 🙂

  39. Both of these brands are not cruelty free. I will be skipping December for sure. I am bummed about this. Ipsy, please move to CF brands so many boxes are doing now. There is literally no reason to support brands that are not CF anymore.

    • I second that. I cancelled.

    • You can’t impose your views on everyone. All you can do is make your choice by either buying or not buying.

      • I voted with my wallet and canceled my box. I didn’t say everyone should cancel their boxes. .. THAT would be imposing my views on other people. But seriously, in a world with so many CF choices, it’s a no brainer if you do care about animals.

    • I third!

      • I absolutely agree. But since this is their first slip I will simply review products negatively and point out the non cf factor. If they mess up in January, bye bye

        • Dr Brandt’s isn’t CF either and I’m getting that in my November bag. I reviewed that negatively. With so many good CF products out there I just don’t get why they continue to support brands that aren’t. 🙁

  40. Yay! I hope I get the Lancôme. Also happy to see a lipstick and not another liquid lip.

    • I agree it is nice to see an actual lipstick even though i love a liquid lip too…I loved my November bag!

  41. Will we be getting a bag this month?

    • It’s supposed to be every 3 months so I think the next bag is January

    • I previewed my November box in the app. They have a graphic that shows your next 3 deliveries and which one is the box + bag.

  42. Eh, I already have those. 😒

    It’s interesting to observe people (myself included) being unhappy about receiving quality, expensive items. 😄

    That should tell us all something.

    • Which colors of the lipsticks & or eyeshadows do you have & can you share your thoughts on them? Good? Great? Blah? The EL jealous shade looks way to pink to me

  43. I personally love those 2 brands, but I’m not feeling those crazy colors! Hoping there are some more neutral tones!! Nothing worse than a great makeup but can’t use bc crazy color!!

    • I think either of the 2 Lancome shades are usable, but only one of the EL lipsticks is a neutral, strapless. So I’d strongly prefer that over the bright pink or bright red. It will be interesting to see if they’re taking into account our profiles. I only have neutral lipsticks checked, so I should receive the neutral foiled this month and the strapless next. But who knows?

  44. This is great! You never see full size Lancolme Or Estee Lauder in sub boxes! I’m excited for December, Especially since my November box was horrible!

  45. Very happy!

  46. I’m sorry what is wrong with Dillard’s ours carries same brands as Nordstrom ????! While I’m not a fan of the lippie Lancôme is by far better quality than Tarte

  47. I think I’m done…

    • In fact I think I’ll try for a second boxyluxe instead

  48. Not captivating me so far.

  49. YIKES! These spoilers are terrible. Ipsy had better leak some WAY BETTER spoilers fast before EVERYBODY skips December!

  50. Noooooope. Will be skipping this one. Both Lancome and Estee Lauder aren’t cruelty-free, and feel incredibly dated to me. Very odd to see them in a subscription box.

    Something about them screams Dillard’s to me.

    • What’s wrong with Dillard’s? I’ve been ever been there!

      • Nothing, it’s a department store. It just has a very specific aesthetic to it that isn’t very modern or contemporary. It feels like someplace a grandmother would shop.

        There isn’t anything wrong with that, but it’s not what I would expect from ipsy.

        • Dillard’s has a lot of hip young clothes and makeup and accessories. They have a little something for everyone. But yes these brands do feel very retro, just bc the brands have been around for decades.

        • You must be really really young……grannies? They carry junior sizes too…..and it certainly is not an old lady store.

          • I’m not saying Dillard’s is an old lady store, department stores are a very dated thing, just like malls – they’re not particularly modern. I feel the same way about the two brands. They remind me of my grandmother in that she used to shop there and purchase these brands. I’m not saying it to be rude or offensive, it’s just where my mind goes.

          • I’m in my 30s and I’m excited about these brands. There is a reason certain brands have been around for a long time, they’re that good. People act like longevity in a brand is a negative thing, really doesn’t make a bit of sense.

        • What’s granny about a $32 lipstick? Everything has to be the noise and stark stripes of Sephora?

          • I know many people love these brands, but I’m in my early 30’s and they feel like something an older woman would purchase. Which isn’t ipsy target market, which is what I found odd.

    • What is wrong with Dillard’s? They have nice things.

      I don’t think they are that great but they aren’t incredibly dated by any means. The eye shadow shades are not for me. The lipsticks are just OK.

      But remember this is not the entire box.

    • Expand your horizons.

      Lancome is carried at Bloomingdales and Saks and Nordstroms as well as Macys. It’s considered to be a fairly upscale brand as well as being far more prestigious than Pur or the ubiquitous bellepierre.

      Perhaps it skews old to you because it’s been around a long time but they have some amazing products such as their mascaras which regularly make the lists of best products. The formula for their eye shadows is also really nice and the have on trend colors that are continually being released.

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