FabFitFun Winter 2018 Box Spoiler #2!

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We have the latest spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter box! This time FabFitFun is spoiling a choice item! If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

You’ll be able to pick one of the following items:

  • Oribe Dry Shampoo OR
  • H Halston Jewelry Portfolio OR
  • Lele Sadoughi Necklace

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – Retail Value $44

If you haven’t tried Oribe yet – you are in for a treat! It smells amazing! (And it’s so pricey that it’s a luxe treat for me. Usually, I only see sample sizes in subscription boxes!)

H Halston Jewelry Portfolio

This jewelry travel case zips shut and has two different sections.

One for snapping necklaces, bracelets in place…

And another for earrings, and a zippered pocket, too.

Lele Sadoughi Silver Circle Necklace

What do you think of the latest spoilers? What are you going to pick?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw – Retail Value $49

If you aren’t familiar with Mark & Graham, it’s a Williams-Sonoma brand that specializes in gifts and monograms!

This blanket measures 50”w x 60”h. Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

The blanket has a two-tonal color scheme, and it’s available in this warm beige or a cool grey:

(Annual subscribers will be able to select the color of their choice.)

The material is 100% acrylic and super soft!

It has fringe on two sides:

And it’s hand wash only.

My favorite thing about this blanket is how cozy it is! This is definitely a blanket for snuggling with a loved one!

What do you think of the first FabFitFun Winter Box spoiler?

Here’s the upcoming spoiler/add-on/selection schedule, too:

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • October 30th – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #1
  • October 31st – 2 PM ET – Add On spoilers
  • November 1st – Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for annual subscribers
  • November 2nd – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #2
  • November 3rd – Noon ET – Customization open + Additional spoiler reveals!
  • November 4th -Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for everyone

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Btw, love your hair, Liz! You and Buckles are adorable!!

  2. Guess I’ll go with the dry shampoo since that’s probably the only thing I’ll use. Although, I’m overloaded with dry shampoo, it would also make a great gift. I don’t see a use for the travel jewelry thing- since I don’t wear or travel with a bunch of jewelry. It might work for general storage purposes… I don’t care for the necklace.

  3. The way that necklace is attached at the hoop looks insanely cheap to me. These days you can get really decent ‘cheap’ jewelry at Target or clearance at any major department store for under $10.

    • I just noticed that – is the chain glued on? It looks very very cheap!

  4. You and Buckles = Adorable!

    I love his cheery sweater, too!
    Where did you get that? (Or did you knit it??)


    • Thanks! We buy all his sweaters from American Eagle – they have an American Beagle line 🙂

      For reference, size small fits Buckles perfectly. (He weighs 15 pounds.)

      • Thank you, Liz! ❤️
        I’ll have to check that out ASAP!
        My lil fur kid is around 15lbs too, so I really appreciate the size reference!


  5. I will actually use the jewelry travel organizer. It looks slim and easy to pack. The throw is ok. The probe is nice. The necklace. Not so much. A little too plain.

  6. Easy pass. I got sucked into one box because of the Luna. Not happening again. This stuff is lame and looks super cheap.

  7. Ok looks like they are back to their crap off useless throw and ugly cheap jewelry I will never wear

  8. I get surveys from time to time about items I might like to see in this box – the items are always way nicer than what they end up settling on. Maybe they should stop doing the surveys and setting my expectations high, LOL. FFF, if you’re reading, try to get the items in the surveys!

    Meanwhile, I would rather have the socks in the picture. Hook a girl up with the socks!

    • Also, I feel like all the items except the Oribe look cheap this time. Usually FFF is pretty good about not giving out cheap-feeling items. Hope this trend does not continue a la monthly Popsugar, which most of us bailed from.

      • Yes i thought the same thing but i wasn’t gonna say it out loud until I seen other with my thoughts…I don’t care for any of the spoilers truthfully. Even the throw isn’t my favorite but it’s better then most of these last spoilers. This is my last box and I’m not gonna renew. I really want to sign up for causebox but i only hear nightmares from subscribers which breaks my heart. Love there boxes.

        • I’ve really liked the items in Causebox so far.

        • Not a fan of Causebox. They lied to me twice. I sent them proof and called them out and they still lied again. Not such an “ethical” company. Never again.

        • I have been very pleased with Causebox. The quality of the items is a bit higher than FFF has been, and their customer service is remarkable. A nail polish broke in a recent box, I had all replacements within 10 days. Of course if you enjoy FFF’s edit sales, Causebox isn’t that large of a distributor. Also, remember that CB purchases only Fair Trade.

  9. I’m loving the jewelry portfolio! That’s the kind of thing I’d never buy for myself but every time I travel I end up not taking much jewelry for fear of scratching or losing it. I think I’ll end up loving this. I’m hoping I’ll be able to add the Oribe too. I like living proof a little better but not enough to pass up a good dry shampoo for $10. I really like the beige throw too. I think I’m in the minority, but I really like these spoilers.

    • Me too! I travel a lot on business and that portfolio will work better for delicate necklaces than the roll-up that I use now. Or it could be a nice gift for a couple of people I can think of. I checked it out on Amazon – it doesn’t look cheap to me, and I don’t have enough experience with Halston to know if they license cheap stuff.

      These discussions just delight me – the “to each her own” aspect of them. I’ve read discussions of other boxes that hold no interest to me at all, and I get such a smile to see others get so excited about them. This is my first FFF box and I’m super excited about it!

      • The anticipation of the first box! Fun!! 😍
        I still get a thrill on the goodies, despite the snafus. The sales are amazing, and I have been able to try products I would’ve passed on. The focus on the box wow factor seems to have fallen to the wayside. Hopefully they get the mojo back!

    • If you haven’t tried Klorane dry shampoo – it’s a must!

  10. What a weird/random selection! That definitely makes it way harder to choose. But as a person with tons of piercings, the jewelry portfolio could make my life way easier!

    I wouldn’t jump to buy any of these things IRL but I like that this spoiler is a great example of FFF broadening my horizons. 🙂

  11. I’m pretty disappointed with these choices. Dry shampoo doesn’t do a thing for my hair (except make it look worse), I have absolutely no use for a jewelry case or even anyone to gift it to, and while I love the design of the necklace, it’s delicate (so likely fragile) and only silver plated. I definitely wouldn’t ever pay $49 for it (price on her website) but that seems to be the trend these days. Overpriced, cheaply made, although often well designed, jewelry is everywhere. Of course since I am not paying $49 for it, I suppose it might be worth having around for a little while.

    As for the throw, I am fairly neutral. I like the size of it and the material doesn’t really bother me. I won’t be handwashing it though. It will likely become a cat blanket since it’s probably going to end up stained or scratched/torn or both.

    If it wasn’t for the great add-ons (if I end up getting the ones I really want that is) I would be likely be pretty unhappy with this box.

    • OMG…what is the deal with dry shampoo? Why does everyone love it? I’ve tried a couple I got in sub boxes and none of them make my hair feel clean…they seem to leave a residue. I can see how it might be handy for camping when you can’t wash your hair, but otherwise what makes this better than just hopping in the shower and using regular shampoo? Does no one want to shower anymore?

  12. I feel a little weird that I’m more excited about sponsored Add-ons than the customizable spoiler. The necklace is ok, but yay pesto! 🤣 Blanket looks just-ok. I’m hoping for some skin care in the rest of the box…

    • LOL I feel the same way. Pesto is super easy to make, I’ll whip up a batch anytime I have leftover cilantro, or Parsley. But yeah, I was pretty excited about the pesto. The V8 waters, not so much but I’ll definitely try it!

    • Ohh my gosh….i love you for saying that…thank you. Last time i heard about it and i was sad that most didn’t even know but not anymore…..i got them this time ….sweet.

  13. I’m confused about the schedule. Customization opens tomorrow (why Saturday!) at 9am and then they reveal the 3rd spoiler at 11am. But wouldn’t we already know what we are getting already because of customization? Unless this is not a customizable spoiler I guess.

    • Maybe customization is on a Saturday so more people can have the opportunity to customize because they are off work.

  14. Disappointed. I am not going to use any of it. Even as gifts they are not good.
    I hope it is just those items, but the other one will be good. I liked the throw.
    Usually FFF does a good job ! 🙂

  15. I love the jewelry organizer and the dry shampoo!! How big is the Halston Jewelry Portfolio?

    • watch the video…it appears good size.

  16. I think I’ll get the jewelry organizer and the dry shampoo. I wasn’t terribly excited about the Yumi Kim travel case from the summer box, but as it turns out, I had a bunch of unexpected travel and I now use it *all the time.* I bet it will be the same with the jewelry organizer. As for the dry shampoo, it comes in handy for freshening up my permed hair between washes or after a quick workout.

    • The Yumi Kim travel cases are super cute and I would love stuff more like that! This one looks cheap to me.

  17. Is the necklace sterling, or is silver just the color?

    • I think it’s just plated, based on the manufacturer’s website.

  18. Liz do you know if we are able to choose more than one option to add for the extra ten dollars and if yes what are they offering to purchase extras of for ten dollars? It would be great to know. Thank you dear.

  19. I decided to not re-up my annual sub after the fall box. And with the current spoilers I don’t regret it at all.

  20. Going for the jewelry organizer. I wear the same earrings and necklace every day of my life, so I’ll try to repurpose somehow.

  21. As soon as the words acrylic throw were posted I wasn’t feeling it. Better luck next time

  22. Hi guys. Is the annual subscription worth it?

    • Personally I think so, mostly for the customization. Last time I got two boxes, one with my annual sub and one with a quarterly, so I could gift some of the items. In my annual sub I chose that amazing Farmacy eye cream, and in the quarterly I got some of the worst bath salts I have ever come across. Some people got a lip product that to me seemed even worse. Personally I would rather pay a little more to get more products I really want.

      I do understand that when I’m paying a little under fifty dollars for a big box of stuff, I need to have lower expectations on quality, as with the throw. Plus, I’m kind of new to the subscription thing and I don’t have tons of palettes, scarves, haircare items, etc like others do.

    • I think it’s worth it is you are going to get the box anyway; you get all of the customizations as well as first access to the addons. It beats getting a box with all of the customization items that you really don’t want.

      • I’m stuck in the middle of my annual sub with FFF. I say stuck because I could easily have done without the fall box, and there’s nothing so far that I want in this box. I’ll have to choose the least “icky” of the three options, and I have a ton of cozy S&R blankets from earlier sales that I like much better. So does my dog. Bummer.

    • I like it. You do get more options to customize, earlier access to add-ons and sales. They claim you get priority shipping but last season it took me 6 week after paying for the edit things to get my box.

      The downside is you lock yourself into one year of boxes and don’t have any option to skip a box.

      I like the annual sub personally. I like to pay up front knowing I will be 4 boxes during the year! And I definitely like the option of having more customize options.

    • If you see something that you like and would use in one of the boxes, it’s a good way to get products that otherwise might be more expensive to buy. I’ve been a member for less than a year, and one thing that’s nice is that you can cancel your subscription if you want. I get boxes quarterly and I skipped the fall box because it wasn’t that interesting/useful to me. I just cancelled my subscription, but afterwards you can reactivate your account for future boxes if you find you want something in next season’s box.

    • No!

  23. Sad to say, I’m just not feeling it. First time I’m considering skipping. My annual plan is due to be billed this time around. I may just wait for the spring box and start again then. I don’t have anything I really *need* for my add ons, either …

  24. For me…I’m not thrilled with anything in this box yet. That throw looks like it should be in the $15-20 price range. I don’t like the gradient look to it at all. The new spoiler choices…nope..don’t use dry shampoo, that necklace is ugly and I’m disabled and can’t travel anymore, so have no need for the jewelry case. There’s nothing in those choices I’d even want to gift to someone. This box isn’t shaping up to look like a winter theme anymore than the Fall box had anything fall-ish in it. I finally saved up enough to go annual with the summer box. Loved that one, but the 2 boxes since, if I wasn’t annual, I wouldn’t have paid to get them. Sure hoping they get something in this box worth looking forward too.

  25. Sadly I think after these spoilers I am out. That blanket is just not looking like anything special and while I love Oribe, I just can’t with anymore of the dry shampoo! Why not a hydrating hair mask instead of that? I’ll take a peek tomorrow and then see what I want to do!

    • I may be out as well. I have new throws that I can break out anytime and have several deluxe and at least one full size dry shampoo. I’m not interested in the necklace or jewelry case.

    • I cancelled. I checked and it said billing is November 1-10. Since I was on the fence, I cancelled. I can always get back in if there are better spoilers.

    • I’m over dry shampoo too. It comes in almost every box, I subscribe to way more than I should. Plus I have fine, thin hair and it just doesn’t work for me. Also, it’s like hey everybody it’s okay not to bathe for a few days.

      • I feel the same way! I’ve tried somewhere between 20-30 kinds of dry shampoo because so many people rave about it and it’s supposed to be good for fine hair. Wrong! All it does is make my hair more limp and more greasy looking. And no one can say I just haven’t found the right one at this point. I guess the only upside is that so many people love it, it should be easy to swap.

      • You can bathe everyday, (?!) I’ll let you do that, but you really shouldn’t wash your hair everyday.

        Oribe dry shampoo is the best, I am so excited about this!

      • I’m a hairstylist and have reeeeally similar hair to yours. i have a similar problem with dry shampoo, but batiste (from ulta or sallys, like 7-8 bucks a can) is amazing for my hair.

        the oribe though, is INCREDIBLE – its just mega expensive, way too expensive for how much i use it. 😛

    • In this case probably because there’s a bunch of nice hydrating masks in the add-ons for very good prices. I agree about it not being an exciting product though, even though it IS a good one.

    • I agree with you. This is my third FFF box and I am out. I just canceled my subscription. I only really enjoyed my first box. I don’t even know if I can regift the stuff from this last box.

  26. Will go for the dry shampoo – Not a fan of the necklace and I don’t think I’d ever use the jewelry thing

    • Same here….maybe if the necklace was gold….dry shampoo it is!!

  27. I’m so excited about the shampoo. That makes be box worth it for me. I hope there’s are a lot in the swaps too. 🙂

    • Is it better than other dry shampoos, or is it just the scent that makes it special?

      • I’m a huge fan of my Oribe shampoo,conditioner, & styling balm, but honestly; the dry shampoo is nothing special. It actually weighs my hair down and I prefer a cheapo brand from Walmart 🙂

      • There isn’t a whole lot of scent to it- it really is my favorite dry shampoo (and I’ve tried dozens!) it gives it a really nice texture, and works really well! Not every dry shampoo is going to work for every hair type, but Oribe is really high end, and cruelty free- yay!

        • I noticed it has pretty good reviews. I don’t have a lot of jewelry, let alone a need for a jewelry travel case so I think i’m going to get the dry shampoo even though it doesn’t seem the most exciting choice. It’ll give me an excuse to try and make my hair look presentable.

  28. Ooh – I’ve been wanting to try that Oribe. I like the necklace too but don’t wear the ones I have that much as it is. This is good for me!

  29. I think I will get the jewelry portfolio! That will be really useful. I never bring jewelry on trips now because I have no good way to store it.

  30. I normally get all three Popsugar, Fabfitfun and Rachel Zoe. For the first time ever I will have to pass since I do not like any spoiler. I am hoping for Rachel Zoe box of style spoiler’s…

    • I wish Rachel Zoe would reveal the winter box. Pretty soon it will be time for things to ship in time for Christmas.

      I emailed them and was told that November 1st would be the reveal day.

  31. Oooooh, I love that jewelry portfolio. I have a couple other travel jewelry containers that just.. don’t quite cut it.

  32. I’m going with the Dry Shampoo. I’ll definitely use it plus I love the brand. I wish it was the dry texturing spray, love that stuff.

  33. If I buy an extra box in the add on sale will I be able to make choices on the selection items or will they all be randomly selected? I signed up for fall after customization was closed so this is my first experience with the add-on sale.

    • I don’t think so. You could start a new subscription with a different email account and then cancel it right after.

    • No. You can only customize on the account. If you want to customize a 2d box I would recommend sending yourself a referral code and sign up for a second account, then close the account after your box ships. That’s what I did to get my niece a box.

    • Good advice DH and Marie, thank you!

  34. I will choose Oribe if I can only choose one. I can always use a travel jewelry holder and I like the necklace.

    And I think I will get the grey throw.

  35. There are boxes when I want every option, but I don’t want any of these. I guess I’ll go with the dry shampoo, cause maybe I’ll use that at least once.

  36. Meh I usually don’t skip boxes but that blanket looks like my dogs could easily snag it up and the other 3 options I don’t like either.

  37. Could do without the necklace, but would be happy with either of the other two. Amazon has the jewelry case listed at $48.

  38. I love Oribe but I hate Dry Shampoo. 🙁

  39. Not a fan of any spoilers so far. Probably going to skip this box.

  40. Really random. Nothing jumps out but I can definitely pick one and not be disappointed.

  41. Oribe for sure! I’m not a fan of dry shampoo but Oribe is great!

  42. Oribe, yes!!

  43. Cute! Personally, I like travel jewelry organizers with more compartments that zipper shut, but I like the idea of it at least. And Yes, Oribe products smell amazing, so I’ll be going with that!

  44. Oh, God, it just keeps getting worse. I need/like none of these items.

  45. Definitely Oribe! Statement jewelry is great but unfortunately this necklace is just not pretty at all… imho

  46. This keeps getting better!

  47. I’ve always wanted to try this dry shampoo and was in need for a new one…. so this is a plus! Glad they gave us an option of three completely different products to choose from! Hoping we get a coffee mug!!! 😀

  48. Ugh. These spoilers are not for me. Very disappointed!

  49. Do you know if we will be able to add extra choices on for $10 this time? I am loving all of them!

  50. I love all 3 options but super excited for Oribe! Are we going to be able to pick more than one option for an additional $10?

    • My question too! I like all 3 options.

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