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Coastal Co. – Better Than Black Friday 2018 Deal!

Beach-inspired apparel and accessories subscription Coastal Co. has a Better Than Black Friday deal for MSA readers:

Now through 12/1 get $30 off your first seasonal box with code MSA30 (only valid for first-time orders) -OR- a Nixon Facet Watch (up to a $250 value) PLUS free shipping (reg. $4.95) on your first box with code MSAWATCH (while supplies last)!

*Please note: Only the discount will show up in the cart. Coastal Co. will reach out within 24 hours to ask your choice of rose gold, gold, black, or silver when you choose the watch.

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If you sign up now, your first box will be Winter 2018. We have a peek at a few of the brands that will be included in the Winter box. (Thanks for the heads up, Amber)

This season, we’ve teamed up with Alternative Apparel to create a super comfy, limited edition fleece to keep you warm, yet beachy on those chilly winter nights. Other brands featured in the Winter Box include: Krochet Kids International, Pirette, Salty Cali Jewelry, Richer Poorer, Corduroy California, Maui Soap Co., and The Republic of Tea.

The Subscription Box: Coastal Co.

The Cost: $99.00/season

The Products: 6-8 pieces of premium, beach-inspired apparel, accessories & lifestyle products. Total retail value of $180+

Ships to: U.S. for $4.95

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Comments (70)

  1. I have to say, the customer service is great, I still don’t think the box is worth it, but they are listening and trying to hear what people are saying. I spoke with Winnie who seems to really take in all the feedback given to her, so hopefully things will get even better. For now, since the price is on the high end, I’m out. But I would love to see an every other month sub with the price lowered. Maybe if you don’t like the box is doesn’t sting so much, lol.

    • I was an early subscriber and only received an extra t-shirt. A bit annoyed that they were doing promos for new subscribers. I should be getting my box this week, but I’m pretty sure it’s my last.

      Was very excited about these boxes, but disappointed in summer and now in winter

  2. Someone on Instagram posted a picture of the winter box. I’m not a fan of the hat they received and was hoping for the one in the pic above. Sometimes these companies can be deceiving with their spoiler pictures. Fingers crossed I get a different color!

    • I liked the one they showed in their box but I did not get it, and I don’t like the one I got 🙁
      So I agree!

      • *I meant in the spoiler box above

      • Is yours brown?

      • No, is yours? Mine is light grey, (totally different) and not heavy. The one in the spoiler looked nice and heavy for Wisconsin weather, lol.
        Is yours like the one in the box, just a different color? Why does it look like it has a split in it?
        I posted a comment with pros and cons to the box but it’s not showing up yet 🙄 again

      • I got my box today and I absolutely love it. The necklace is so pretty, the candle and spray smell amazing, I don’t love the graphic on the shirt but it’s super soft and nice, I got a pretty brown hat which isn’t at all like the picture but I love it more (the slit in the picture is probably for a ponytail), the mug is a really pretty shade, the socks aren’t anything amazing but nice socks, the watch is amazing and I liked it so much I took it to get sized today. I do think the price us high but I think they are sourcing brands that are trendy, socially responsible and several (maybe all) are made in the U.S.

      • Oh see now I’m more upset, (but I’m over exaggerating, lol) but I literally wanted THAT hat because of that slit, hoping it was for a ponytail. I have a TON of hair and have never been able to wear a winter hat because of it (they don’t fit my head/hair) So I was hoping and hoping and then I didn’t get it. 😞
        If that’s true about being made in the U.S., that’s great, but I don’t remember seeing that, they should make that more known. That does push prices up. That sweatshirt still isn’t worth $60 imo.

      • I have really fine hair unfortunately 🙁 I love a slouchy beanie so I was pretty happy with mine.
        Not all of the products were made here but the necklace was and I think the candle and spray are. Krochet Kids have ethically made clothing and I like that I know who made my hat. I appreciate that they are sourcing companies that at least seem to be better than some others.

    • I suppose for reference, I’ll comment on the rest of the box also. The socks are some of the roughest socks I’ve ever felt, not soft at all. The sweatshirt is a little thin :-/ but fine. The hat is not the one posted in the picture above, (which I like better) mine has a much more crocheted look and has way more holes, won’t be warm here in Wisconsin. The mug was cute, the candle smells divine and I love the little necklace. The oil spray is neither here nor there for me, I’ll use it, but wouldn’t pay for it. It smells good though! I would NEVER pay $100 for the box alone. I did get the watch and it is huge and very heavy, I may even put it up for swap. So the box is a complete miss for me. Will be canceling.

      • Well, to be fair about the hat, this box is supposed to be “beachy” meaning, lightweight items for “Coastal” winter. So the hat isn’t going to be heavy winter wear. I live in Ohio, so I understand the need for a thick, warm hat. But I still love the hat, and I love how it looks worn. I think the sweatshirt is perfect, and not thin at all, but then again I don’t wear super heavy tops because even in winter, I tend to sweat. My mug is my new favorite for work, and the candle is sitting at my desk and smells amazing even though I can’t light it. The necklace is gorgeous, and I love love love the scent of the oil spray and I’m so excited to have a full-size Pirette item. We got a sample of the perfume oil in the Fall box, and I’ve been using it so sparingly because I just love the scent. I haven’t tried on the socks yet, but if they’re like the Oct 2017 PSMH socks, they’re wool, and therefore going to be rough.

        All that being said, I think for $100 there could have been at least one more item for the value, but I got the BF discount, so for $70 I’m happy.

        Also, I did get the watch in the last box, and it is heavy, but I wear it all the time (and I have teeny wrists). I had to take it to a jeweler to remove links.

      • Good points, but it does say they send items for your climate knowing we don’t all live by the beach, lol. The socks don’t have wool in them, plus they are sooo tiny 🤷 Not sure if you agree about the sweatshirt being thin or not, but I have 5 others that are thicker and didn’t cost the RV of $60.
        I definitely agree it could have used at least one more item, it just seems they are charging luxe prices for NOT luxe items. And I totally agree, that candle just smells yummy, but I haven’t had a chance to burn it. Sort want to wait for summer, but not sure I can.

  3. I how the fleece is generous in size! Winter needs to be baggy. Add layers. The first box had shorts that we tight. Not good when you’re busty. The fall box shirt awesome – I wear it a lot and it’s cute and can be worn under something or alone. I love that clothing is in the box. Praying this fleece is a good fit!

  4. Hmmm. I emailed my watch choice (rose gold) at 1:54 PM yesterday, and got a reply today saying they are out of that color. But I see that yesterday at 4:08 PM and 6:21 PM Pamela from Coastal Co. was posting on here that they had watches in every color. It bothers me a bit that they’d tell people all colors are available when they still haven’t seen all the color requests. I’m just disappointed because I replied to my email of what color I wanted within an hour of getting it, but still didn’t get my first choice color.

    Oh well. Maybe it’ll be good for me to branch out from rose gold and have something that’s yellow gold for a change 🙂 It’s still a great deal and I’m looking forward to getting my watch.

  5. I just signed up a few weeks ago. Can I cancel that order and reorder this promo with the watch? I wanted the watch last time but didn’t order in time to get the fall box.

    • I would email their customer service and ask. Their CS seems responsive…it’s definitely worth a try!

  6. This is my new favorite box! Fall was my first month and I love everything! They ship quickly and seem ver spot on with CS.

    I read the comments and emailed customer service with my watch choice – they replied back fast with a positive confirmation!
    (I requested black)

    Wish I was a local and could check out their shop…

    • This box is amazing and the customer service is spot on! I got the black watch also! Loved the Fall box it was awesome. This watch is beautiful! If anyone is on the fence with this I would suggest getting it just for the watch alone!! It really is gorgeous!

  7. I couldn’t take it anymore!! I caved, I want that watch. Now watch (no pun intended) I won’t get the color I want, lol. Should’ve done it this morning.

    • Pamela – welcome to the tribe! Excited to have you joining. We still have inventory remaining in each color, so you should be all good 🙂

      • Coastal Co -I don’t know if you’ll see this, but two different people emailed me with my color request so I emailed both of them back, BUT then I changed my mind about the color 😬 aaaand then I emailed both of them again to change the color…lol. Just a heads up.

      • Hi Pamela! hahaha all good! We’ll make sure you get the correct color 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Thank you!
        Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

      • Hi…I just sent an email that my Nixon Facet watch was missing…I had emailed after ordering, requesting Black, and received a confirmation from Winnie on Nov 19th. Can you please help? My sister raves about this box (for women), so when I saw the Black Friday deal come in I promised my wife the watch promo…

        I ordered the men’s box and am pleased with all of the contents!

      • Ooo, can you share what was in the men’s box? I was thinking of getting that one.

      • Update: My Nixon watch is shipping separate, and I received confirmation that it’s on the way.
        Excellent customer service, ON TIME SHIPPING 😊

        The Men’s box is great! I customized sizes and they sent everything spot on. If you’re an annual subscriber, you can also customize colors and/or variation items.

        Fall 2018 (Men’s):
        Imperial Motion Chino lounge pants, slim fit (like sweat pants, but a thick cotton twill). ($55)
        Lost Enterprises long sleeve Henley shirt ($30)
        Super thick cotton socks ($25)
        Nixon Comp Surplus watch (digital, army green/black) ($60)
        Jettylife hat (water resistant material) ($18…estimate)
        RV $170-$185 (before Black Friday additional watch).

        pictures here:

  8. The winter box looks so lame compared to the fall one. Not sure it’s worth the money. Very disappointed 😔

    • I’m super excited! The fleece looks like it may be from 30A and I am a big Richer Poorer sock fan.

  9. Does anyone know who got the Fall box whether the watch is battery operated or self-winding? I’ve been looking for a good all around self-winding watch – trying to avoid ones needing a battery.

    • It is battery.

      • Thanks!

  10. I just ordered and it accepted the MSAWATCH promo but didn’t allow me to select a color, did anyone else have that issue? After I placed my order on the confirmation page it just said promo code-promo on it….hopefully it worked.

    • Angie, it sayd that Coastal will reach out to find out what you want.

      I’m still undecided if I want this. I really want that watch, but I’m not loving the spoilers…
      The longer I wait the better chance of me saving money I guess, lol.

      • Thanks Pamela, I went back and actually read the whole post, lol! It’s a great deal, I have the watch and it’s gorgeous, I like it so much I wanted it in another color. If you’re on the fence I would say go for it, the watch alone is worth it and the winter box looks great! Hope that helps.

      • Haha, I’m so on the fence I can’t climb down. Thank you for your thoughts though. Honestly I think I’m gonna sleep on it. I’ll see if I can make up my mind tomorrow. My middle name should have been waffle 🙄

    • Hi Angie! Thanks for ordering. Customer Service has reached out to you via email to request your choice of color! Unfortunately, the way the promo is set up, we can’t have the customer select the color at checkout, so Customer Service is reaching out via email as new members join using the MSAWATCH code.

  11. Do we know if the box they are showing on the website is the winter box? Or just an idea of the box?

    • Hi! The box currently on the site is the Winter Box. Just to clarify, the hero image on the homepage is just a collage of all sorts of items that have been in boxes, but any box specific images are now winter.

      • Ok but we do not know what the hero item will be for the Winter box yet correct? Thank u!

      • Could the hero item be the winter hat? It’s shown on the page that they’re saying is a collage of “hero” items. I’ve been wanting to try this box but this winter edition doesn’t look like a good fit for me if it is only the items shown in the box on the website.

      • I am mostly curious about the jewelry item as I don’t see it in the box …deciding for a gift 😊

      • Hi Tara,

        Sorry for the confusion. When I said “Hero Image” that is a term for the first image when you arrive to the website (it’s the banner that has a collage of different products from recent boxes). The hero for winter is the custom Alternative Apparel Fleece. The jewelry item is a necklace. It’s hard to see in the image b/c it’s a delicate/small item, so doesn’t stick out in the photos. Hope that helps!

      • Feel free to leak a few spoiler photos! We won’t mind ! 🙂 loving this sub box so far. The last two boxes are different than other sub boxes.

  12. Is your watch color choice guaranteed i wonder? Don’t want to buy and be stuck with gold or silver…

    • Hi Dawn! The watch choice is on a first come, first serve basis. We currently have inventory in all colors, but the inventory is expected to run out. If we don’t have your desired color at the time of purchase, and you don’t like any other colors, we’ll give you the option to switch to the MSA30 ($30 OFF the first box discount). If you don’t want the $30 OFF discount, we’ll be able to offer you a refund.

      • Thanks so much!

      • Is the watch battery operated or self-winding?
        Also, do you have any more Fall boxes left?

      • Hi Donna! The watch is battery operated. I believe we have a handful of extra Fall Boxes set aside. If you reach out to [email protected], we should be able to accommodate. Please mention you’re from MSA, and I’ll alert the team that you may be emailing!

  13. Do they only have southpaw watches?

  14. Super excited for this one!! I’ve been watching and intrigued by it for a while now…

  15. will the fall or winter box be the first box? any spoilers for winter yet?

    • Winter box, and yes, there are some brand spoilers that I emailed to Liz and mentioned in a comment here, but both were ignored, and I believe my comment wasn’t ever even posted. 4 brands featured will be: Alternative Apparel, Aloha ‘Aina Naturals, Salty Cali, and Krochet Kids

    • Looks like fall is sold out. Looking for spoilers now…

      • and finding nothing 🙁

      • thanks for looking I was unable to find any as well.

      • There’s a picture on Instagram with the box open. It’s hard to see what all is in the box though.

      • Is it of the winter box? I can’t find it. A link would be fabulous!

      • Went back to see pic but it’s not on their page, it’s a sponsored add that pops up every so often

      • The pic is on

      • I keep trying to post brand spoilers but it keeps getting blocked.

    • I can’t tell if their website is showing spoilers or not? They show a box full of items but nothing is stated. If that is what is in the box (a beanie,a shirt,a mug,etc.) I’m not sure it would be worth the $70 (with coupon) to me.

      • That’s the pic I saw on Instagram

    • Winter box will be your first box. Spoilers have been added to the post! 🙂

      • Thank you!

  16. OHHH, I soo wanted that watch when it came out. I’m a right handed person that wears her watch ON the right hand, so I like that the knob (I’m sure that’s not it’s real name, lol) is on the left side of the watch.

    Does anyone have this that can say how big it is? I’m only 4’11” on a good day, so really big accessories look a little silly on me.

    • I believe it’s the 38mm watch, so about an inch and a half in diameter. I have this, and I have really skinny wrists, so I had to have additional links removed, and it doesn’t look huge on me.

      • Thank you Amber, I’m so torn on this, but I appreciate the answer.

  17. This is the best deal so far! The watch is great!! Other contents of box are very high quality; love my palm shirt and swell bottle 🙂

    • I agree..I love this box and have received some great items that I regularly use and wear!

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