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BoxyCharm November 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box Variation 2 + 3!

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We have the full spoilers for the November Boxycharm box – 2 new variations!

Source: Instagram user Kimkardashian

Box #1 Variation:

Source: Instagram User

Box #2 Variation:

Source: Instagram User angelacruztube

Box #3 Variation:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the November box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Apparently there was a variant 4 box because I got the…

    eye shadow palette
    gold drops

    • What is the weight of your box?

  2. Has anyone else received a email from boxycharm saying that they sent out the wrong email for spoilers?.. I did….Now I’m wondering what they are sending me I’m supposed to get my box next week and now im wondering what is the box…. I really want the makeup brush cleaner….

    • Same here. My box is projected to show up on Thursday.

      I, too, would like the brush cleaner, and even the eyeliner since for once it’s not liquid.

      But, yeah, no more lashes, or at least not until I learn how to apply the dam things.

    • I got the email explain gin that my spoilers were wrong, but i never received the initial spoiler email 🙁 So i have no clue of what is for sure coming in my box on Thursday. Im excited about the brushes. With BoxyCharm i have been able to replace all my cheap drugs store brushes with High Quality brushes. I to am tired of lashes. The bush cleaner would be amazeballs.

    • I got the same email but I never received the first so I have no idea what is going on. Are we getting another box. Im confused.

  3. More False Eyelashes!! GRRRR!! I guess at least it looks like I will be getting new brushes.

  4. I also received my summers eve box today. It is a variation of the September box. Pretty Vulgar Nightingale palette, Becca primer, Laura Geller blush, Butter London liner, Hank & Henry lipstick, and brush set. It’s a really great gift with purchase!

  5. My spoiler showed the bottle of brush cleaner. But I got yet another black eyeliner and eyelashes I will never use. I’m giving makeup kits to all the ladies this year with so many things I’ve collected from boxy. I’m most excited about the CoverFX !! I’ll be keeping that for myself

  6. Mine is 0.8,spoiler email shows I’m getting the brush cleanser and a secret rectangle,hoping it’s the tweezers.

  7. I am getting:

    Cover FX Glitter Drops – Nova
    Ace Beaute Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette
    Luxie Luminous Eye Set
    Fake Lashes (hate it)
    Bodyography Makeup Brush Cleanser

    Overall, I am happy with the box.

  8. Have y’all’s boxes shipped yet? Usually I have a shipping notification so far but not yet! Please share your shipping dimensions!

    • My box shipped and I’m going to be stuck with the Jonteblu eyeliner. My box weights only 0.7 lbs. The only variation without the Jonteblu eyeliner weights 0.8 lbs. I’m not happy.

      • My box is the same weight as yours. I wonder from the spoiler email if that “shadow picture” is the actual shape of the last item? Mine is shaped like a bottle, but looking through the variations it doesn’t quite match the boxes.
        Lashes is confirmed but the mystery shape sure doesn’t look like tweezers or an eyeliner (yay) maybe the brush cleaner? lol Guess I have to wait one more day to find out what’s in the box. Lucy did you see your spoiler?

        • Yes, I’m getting the lashes and my secret item look like a bottle too.

        • Lashes and the bottle icon also. Hoping for those tweezers though.

        • Getting the bottle of brush cleaner. My mystery item is a rectangle… is it the lashes? Or the tweezers? I really wanted the lashes. I’m thinking it’s a rectangular box with the tweezers inside. Boo, I wanted variant box 1 🙁

          • I am confirmed lashes.. I’ll swap you lashes for tweezers!

        • How do you know what comes in your box? It doesn’t tell me anything on the site… or do you have to wait til your box ships?

    • Sorta, but no. I just received the spoiler email. Have not received a shipping email. I have 2 tracking numbers in the FedEx app, one from 11/2 and the other 11/5. Both are still pending.

  9. OMG! I saw a picture of somebody’s arm after applying the CoverFX nova glitter drops… LOL!
    It reminded me of Smaug after he was immersed in melted gold!

    • I appreciate this reference!

      • Me too!

  10. Shipping labels have been created for my November box and my Summees Eve box!! I can’t wait to see what’s in the mystery box. It’s weight is several ounces heavier than my subscription box.

    • How can you tell about your SE box? Did you get an email?

      • I have the free FedEx app and I can see the tracking numbers there. I have to open a browser and type in the tracking to see more details. The purchase order number contains SUMMERSEVE in it.

    • I’m curious too since I got a confirmation last month that I’d be getting one! 🙂

    • Mine too! My regular sub came today and it was .70 pounds. My Summers Eve box is gonna be here tomorrow and it weighs .90 pounds. Hmmmmmm? I don’t see any variations with that weight for November’s boxes, so it is a mystery. Cannot wait til tomorrow!

  11. I seriously cannot wait to try Rose, Poppy, and Primerose on that Ace Beaute Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette. I hope I get the first variation, because I don’t really want a brush cleaner when I receive brushes pretty frequently enough to switch out. (:

  12. Hoping for the 3rd variation (not interested in the lashes or the jonteblu eyeliner) but I’m interested enough with the non-variant items that I’ll be happy no matter what. The glitter drops are something I would never ever purchase but I think it will be really fun to play with! And who doesn’t love a warm palette and Luxie brushes? This is why I love Boxycharm.

  13. The lashes are made of real siberain mink! So basically innocent animals were tortured for our vanity.

    • They are faux mink. Only nylon fibers were harmed 😂

      • Are you sure? They have a portion of their site telling animal activists to “hold up” because their mink comes from ‘natural shedding’ and the animals aren’t hurt to get their fur. Of course, this is false because this just leads to them being kept in small cages without medical attention or socialization or any quality of life.

    • They’re not mink they’re made out of silk.

  14. Does anyone know what extra thing we will be receiving if we got the repeat item last month. Just curious

  15. Please let my box have the nice pair of tweezers and no lashes or pencil eyeliners that will dry out! *begging* Is this too much to ask Boxy?

  16. Did anyone else recieve an email that said you would be getting an extra item this month because they accidentally sent you a repeat item last month? I’m wondering if it will be an additional item from this month’s box options or something different.

    • I got th email also and have been waiting for someone to post what the extra item is lol I’m very curious

    • That would be lovely…

  17. Just want the tweezers…don’t care what the 5th item is lol.

    I am also going to be getting the Summer’s Eve free box this month! Someone said it’s not May’s box that it is actually a random assortment I.e. not a specific box but I have no supporting facts for this. It’s just gonna be an early Christmas gift for myself.

  18. I’m actually happy with any variation. I like everything in every option honestly!

  19. Is it too late to cancel for this month? I would use the tweezers only. Disappointed in my ipsy plus reveal today and in the boxy spoilers. Time to make some cuts. I’ve had boxycharm since the started, maybe I need a break.

  20. I have two daughters, 4 nieces and thier friends who I give what I don’t use/need/like to for Christmas. They all love it! I separate it all out at Christmas time to whatever thier skin tone/makeup preferences are. Some of them didn’t even wear makeup until I started giving it to them. This makes year 3… I get the fun of the boxes and great Christmas gifts! 💜

    • I bet they love that! My daughter is 13 and would be ecstatic. Great idea 🙂

  21. I’m ok with any variation cause after next months Boxy Luxe im canceling boxy. I always get the worst variant of the boxes so I’m gonna stick with Ipsy Plus cause I love my box last and my box reveal was great this month also.. it just seem better than waiting every 3 months for a nice box from Boxy

  22. please send box 2

  23. I was charged $22.89 for my boxycharm for November. I`d like to find out why.

    • Me too. Did anyone contact Boxycharm to ask why they charged us $1.89 more this month? Please, let us know!

      • Taxes its a new law

    • In certain states they have to charge tax now. I also began getting charged extra (Indiana) in the state I’m in.

  24. So glad I cancelled last week. I wasn’t feeling any of the spoilers that had been shown. The newer spoilers only confirmed I made the right decision. Hopefully they’ll pull me back for December.

  25. Please, Please, For the love of everything good and decent, no more lashes!!!

    • NO KIDDING!!!! I’ve received so many false eyelash sets from Boxycharm, NO MORE!!
      I keep seeing comments from others about getting an email from Boxy in regards to getting an extra item in this month’s box due to getting a duplicate in prior months boxes.. Did anyone that got duplicate false lashes multiple times get an email stating we’d be getting an extra item? I understand getting the same item isn’t fun but the duplicate item most are complaining about was a nice high dollar one, not false lashes over and over.. I emailed them but got a generic response stating, “Tough titty”, in so many words of course 🙂

  26. I know I’m in the minority here but I think those tweezers look dope and I don’t own any double ended ones. I also haven’t tried false lashes since I was a teen (it was a mess) and wouldn’t mind giving them another go.

    • Get good glue! It makes all the difference. The tarte glue that was in allure this year is awesome. I never wear lashes, except for Halloween. When I went to put them on I was expecting it to be a huge process, but it went so smoothly. That glue is magic!

  27. While I’m still looking forward to the palette and the brushes, now that I know the glitter drops only come in one color and it’s one I can’t use I’m pretty eh towards this. I just got October’s box and I got yet another brown lipstick (Bow n Arrow), despite being so hopeful with all the other color options.
    I keep holding out hope that the color preference profiles will finally come into effect, but it never does. I’ll wait to see December spoilers, but I think it’s finally time for me to accept that these boxes do not favor my complication (which is fair enough, pale cool toned girls like me can find lots of other options, WOC friendly boxes aren’t as common) and cancel until such a time as color preferences can be used.

    Also, the lashes, way too many lashes. Hoping for the brush cleaner instead.

  28. This entire box is a nightmare for me, no matter what variation

  29. There aren’t a wide range of variations this month. The items that are variation are really interchangeable with the others. And at least there isn’t any skincare or Pur items this month.

  30. Please variation 2!! No lashes

  31. I left boxy for ipsy plus and ipsy is more fitting for me cause I like skincare. But this box is nice and I hope someone is enjoying my spot!

    • Same. Love Boxycharm but I cut the cord and moved on. Ipsy Plus has been ok. First one i liked it. The second one I really like minus one item so not too bad. I have cancelled most at this point. Allure and Sephora Play no longer wow me and this months BeautyFix I’m skipping. Good for my wallet LOL

  32. no more lashes PLEASE

  33. I Totally AGREE…No Lashes or tweezers …Pretty pretty Please!

    • I’m with you. Please no Lashes or tweezers

      • That’s funny because I’m actually happy about the tweezers! I was thinking that I needed a new set the other day, so I’m hoping to get some this month. Just one of those things about sub boxes I guess.

        • Same! I want the tweezers. Wouldn’t mind the lashes, either. I finally got some glue and am sure I’ll destroy a pair or two learning how to put them on.

          • Me too! I just don’t want the Jonteblu eyeliner!

  34. I usually get variation#1 but I like all the variations this month. I got a tip for applying the lashes and it works great. Add a little mascara prior to putting on and the tarte glue from the allure box is amazing💖

    • I want vari #1 too, if I dont get the lashes ill be bummed!!! Also got the tarte glue from allure box, I love it as well, amazing! What is your lash tip? Please share 🙂

  35. I would be happy with #1 or #3
    I don’t want any eyeliner and especially not from jonteblu. And I love tweezers ❤
    Does anyone know if boxy addressed the issue of us all only receiving 3 full sized items last month instead of promised minimum of 4? I’m not mad about it but it just felt shady.
    And box value is only $105 this month,Kim K promoting one of their lowest (?) Value boxes is a bit surprising to me.
    I love luxie brushes but I would love to try other brands too. I like to sample new and now I’m sad because it looks like my ipsy glam this month is looking like old boxy repeats.
    Idk they know we get multiple subs they gotta keep it fresh.

  36. I’m glad I am not the only one that is over all the lashes!

    • I just got lashes in my box today. I thought we were taking that quiz awhile back so they could kind of know what we don’t want. Well I guess that was a little misleading, bc I’ve been giving bad reviews for all the lashes I get. I do not use them! I also said I don’t like lashes in the quiz.

  37. On a side note, glad to see they didn’t go so crazy with the variations this month! Also, is Nova a new color of the glitter drops? I don’t see it on Sephora.

  38. Hoping for Variation #2! I’m curious about the glittering eyeliner. But I’ll be happy with #2 or #3. #1 not so much, but my sister uses lashes so I can give them to her.

    • @Shawna…. I saw the fX drops in nova for sale on Beautylish yesterday.

      • Yeah… The color is described as Coppery-gold glitter…

  39. I’m not getting this month. I have palettes with the same shades. The rest doesn’t thrill me. I wish I could skip instead of pause. I was signed up for Boxyluxe I still cancelled. Not really feeling the spoilers for that either. I’ll wait for the regular Boxycharm spoilers for December or next year. I’m happy with Ipsy Plus.

    • I mean skip or pause instead of camel. Like Ipsy does.

      • The spell check did that. Its cancel not camel. Its to early! I was up at 6 waiting for add ons on Ipsy.

        • Pausing ones you don’t like is a good idea, I should have done that! This month is one I could have gone without. I’m ok with whatever one but I don’t NEED any of it 😊

    • Me too, much better deal. The variations are still a bit unfair, especially when 2 of my products were old and nasty, but overall Ipsy Glam Bag Plus takes it.
      Has anyone else got a response from Ipsy in regards to the Popsugar lip product and the LXVMI (or however it’s spelled) expired stuff? I got an email back stating I’d be getting 2 extra items in my next month’s box and a $5 credit. I got the $5 credit and thought I’d be getting 2 extras in November.. Thought wrong… I got an email from Ipsy with a tracking number but it didn’t state what it was for. I figured it was my November box.. Wrong again, the package came in yesterday and it’s a tiny sample and mask…. I hope these aren’t the replacement items. Anyone else get this??

  40. I would prefer the third variation but I always seem to get the first. I don’t wear false lashes, so that particular product doesn’t interest me.

  41. Any of the boxes will be good for me, I am here for the eye pallette. Would love to get the eye lashes, but my box karma is low apparently (side-eyeing you, ipsy).

    No eyeko at all this month, so that is a plus.

  42. Hoping for variation 3! I would like to try both the tweezers and the brush cleaner

  43. So funny Boxy sucked me INTO lashes!!!! I love them now but I tell you the Tarte glue (Allure) is super nice!

  44. I got the notofication of variation 1 but I prefer variation 2… could I change it? Suscription #915704

    • How did you see what variation you are getting?

  45. Well depending on which variation I get…at least there will be some brushes and tweezers (I hope) that I can use. The rest will go into the ever growing donation box.

  46. I am hoping for variation 1. Don’t want/not interested in the cleaner spray.

  47. Personally I’m hoping for variation one! But at the very least I hope I end up with a variation that has the tweezers because my current ones suck and I’d love to not have to buy a new pair : D Plus the palette is the main reason I signed back up ( and then the palette spoiler for luxe got me to sign up for that lmao ) so I know I’ll be happy no matter what!

  48. Keeping my fingers crossed for variation 3🤞🏻

    • Me too!

  49. I would use everything in each box except the lashes but I could give away or swap those! It really looks like a nice month, very usable items! I took a long break from Boxy and came back last month, donated the palette to my SIL who wears brighter colors than I do. So far so good 🙂

    • Same. Tho I almost always get the variation 1.

  50. Please god not the lashes
    Please god not the lashes
    Please god not the lashes
    Please god not the lashes

    • I second….
      Please god not the lashes
      Please god not the lashes
      Please god not the lashes
      Please god not the lashes

    • I Hurd this statement lol
      Please God not the lashes
      Please God not the lashes
      Please God not the lashes

      • Third **

    • 4th.

    • Anything but more lashes I will NEVER touch!!

    • I gazillion….
      Please god not the lashes
      Please god not the lashes
      Please god not the lashes
      Please god not the lashes

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