Box Of Style Black Friday Early Access! $25 Off + Free Beauty Bundle!

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MSA has exclusive early access to the Box of Style Black Friday Deal! New subscribers can use coupon code BFGIFT25 to save $25 off the Winter Box + get a free beauty bundle worth $162!

The Beauty Bundle includes:

  • Smith + Cult Noonsuite Palette – Retail Value $44
  • Oribe Lip Lust Creme Lipstick – Retail Value $42
  • OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil – Retail Value $77

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style is regularly $99.99 a season. This brings the cost down to $74.99 – $14.99 an item. Your first box will be the Winter Box. Check out my review of the Winter Box – it’s my favorite box from Rachel Zoe EVER! 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I never got my Winter Box or this set. I paid for the full year subscription. I received an email on January 9, 2019 that they missed my order and will be processing it right away and that they ran out of this set – instead they are sending me the Kopari Lip Love and Coconut Rose Toner. I have both those items and not only do I not want them, but they are no where in value to the items promised. I am also being sent some jewelry from the Zoe collection as compensation with a value of $100. I haven’t received anything or any kind of response and today is 1/23/2019. I have no idea when I will receive my box or what the heck will be in it, but I am worried about a bunch of these boxes and us consumers getting scammed.

    • It is February 5 and I still have received no box and no explanation. I have emailed them several times to no avail.

      I finally threatened a class action lawsuit on their Facebook page and lo and behold, I get an immediate email response that my winter box less a lot of stuff will be sent overnight. I am very angry with this. Liz, you should contact them because I got this deal and a year long subscription because of you and your reviews.

      • Ludicrous. They totally deserve a class action lawsuit, they are so shady and irreputable. I ordered in the wee hours of the morning after the beauty bundle posted and I emailed them after to confirm, which they did and I did not receive two of the items. And yet they promoted the Oribe lipstick a week later. What is that?

      • I replied to your comment but it did not post.


    • I keep getting emails from them saying they are so busy they cannot get back to me yet. Ya, if they weren’t cheating everyone, they wouldn’t have all of these emails to respond to. I contacted both Oribe and Smith and Cult. Oribe says this “I am very sorry but this is not an issue that we would be able to help with as I am not aware of Box Of Style being an authorized distributor of Oribe. This issue would have to be taken up with Box Of Style. Thank you and have a Happy New Year!”
      Smith and z Cult had this to say just this morning: “I reached out to my contact at Box of Style and she let me know that if you reach out to their customer service team that they will send you the missing products!” Well I’ve been reaching out for a couple of weeks and gotten nothing in response from them, except that they are too busy to respond.
      This BOS stands for more than box of style….
      They have really hurt themselves and I hope MSA will stop supporting them by posting their fraudulent offers.

      • I haven’t heard back either since the, ‘sorry, we’re busy’ email. It’s unacceptable and feels purposely dishonest.

        • Here’s their number if you want to feel really ignored…. 855-254-3440.
          I placed my order 11/23, they advertised the beauty bundle again on 11/24, so they have like zero excuse.

          • Thank you. Hopefully, I will have time and be up to calling them tomorrow. I am really quite angry about their handling of this. I do feel that they have been quite dishonest and intentionally deceptive and, unprofessional and unfair in their response and lack thereof.

          • My reply to you still hasn’t posted. Why ever not? Not cool.

      • Agree – @liz someone needs to do something about it. I bought this because of MSA.

    • They posted another promotion with the Oribe lipstick a full week after the Beauty Bundle promo, so, whaaaaatttt are they talking on about?!?

      • Well, apparently, per my conversation via email with Oribe cs rep named Ashley R, ‘I am not aware of Box Of Style being an authorized distributor of Oribe.’ There is no positive movement happening around this issue at all. I’m sorry I saw MSA as endorsing BOS, my error in judgement.

    • They sent me the same response. I’m furious. What a horrible company! Check out their Better Business Bureau reviews.

    • SAME! Bait & Switch!!! I would NEVER recommend this company – or any rachel zoe branded items – to ANYONE. HORRIBLE. I ordered ASAP and they didnt ship for a month. How was mine one of the ones that was missing items?

      • I received the kopari substitute products today. What a rip off, given that I only ordered for the beauty bundle, the smith and Cult palette and the oribe lip stick. Hard to believe that they can even consider calling that a fair trade off!

    • I’m super mad as well. Total bait & switch. I will never order the box – nor items from RZ website again. In fact, I ordered clothes from Rachel Zoe website over the holidays that I will now be sending back. HORRIBLE Company – Rachel Zoe Box of Style

      • i’ve posted this before but please make sure y’all remove your card details from your BOS account asap – even if you have to go to target and pay a $4 fee for a visa gift card with a zero balance, it’s worth it to not have yet another potential headache – they have charged people for next season’s box even though their BOS account was cancelled

        best advice can think of at this point would be either insist that the $40 off promo be applied and credit issued or dispute charge with your credit card

        • How do you remove your credit card info? I don’t see how.

          • How to change your cc info. If you enter new information it should eliminate the old info. Do like the other person suggested, though and use a debit card with zero or almost no balance. I, too, have no trust in this company at all. I would also suggest you block this company from your cc, and file a dispute with your cc. Be blessed in the process, you are being honest!!!

  3. i received all the products, but my hair stylist strongly discourages the use of Amika products, I do not wear red lipstick nor brown eyeshadow.
    Basically, I got the box at a good price and the Osea oil, of which I have a full bottle already.

    My Luv AJ ring just fell completely apart the second time I wore it. Grossly horrible quality.

    • If I may ask, when did you receive your box?

      • I don’t recall now, but in just few days after Liz posted the 3 item bundle with the discounted box. I had no intention of buying it until that deal posted, then ordered immediately.

        I got everything extra, in a special gold RZ BOS box inside my larger BOS. I think there’s something wrong at this company’s HQ, but I got exactly what I ordered. Also, I got 2 Fall BOS free. They simply thought my first one was lost and sent out a second one free of charge.

        • Wow, that’s remarkable. I am happy you received your items as promised, I wish the rest of us had. Rachel Zoe and Box of Style really need to figure out how to make it right to those of us who did not receive the promotion we ordered under, beginning with prompt communication and some transparency.

      • Did you complain and they sent you the two extra boxes? That’s odd. Did you receive your box in December or January? I still haven’t gotten anything.

    • Please share why your hair stylist discourages the use of Amika products. There is one that I really like so curious.

      • I was wondering this also. I looked up the ingredients and they seem ok.

      • I don’t know exactly why my professional stylist at a top Dallas salon doesn’t like Amika except that she says their products are not as good as what she wants me to be using, based on her experience. As she sells no products herself, I think it’s based on products from Amika she got at a show in L.A. plus results she’s seen on her hair when using them.
        She also will NOT use Redken if I bring a Redken product in from a box, which is rare, anyway.

        I take a LOT of my sub box hair care products in to her when I’m getting services to see what she does with them in my long curly thick hair and also to find out what she thinks about them, and she loved the Oribe styling creme, had good things to say about my Alterna caviar anti-aging collection, and said ” Living Proof is good enough”. Also, likes the Brigeo products OK, and loves the finishing oils from Alterna, with ALL products from Obliphica for coarse hair being her favorites I’ve brought in.

        She uses Obliphica for coarse hair on my hair in the salon, and says it is the best for me. Note that I’ve only received one tiny hair shine product from that brand in 2 years in a sub box and I think it was either from Net A Porter or maybe Look Fantastic. The brand is salon quality, top tier salon quality, she says, and I’ve found the brand does not sell to the sub boxes in the USA.

        • I also have long, curly hair; not thick, however, unfortunately. :)) I’m new to the Amika. I like a lot it but think it needs to be applied sparingly.

  4. Has anyone received any response regarding the missing lipstick and palette? I have submitted inquires on their website, but of course, havent heard anything back. Thanks for any updates.

  5. I am rather livid, I did not receive the lipstick or the palette either, I just received my box today, this is completely unacceptable

    • I’m kinda sad- it’s the only reason I signed up for the box

  6. @lizcamden – do you know anything about them not including the lipstick or the palette???

  7. Hi Liz! I just got my box but only received the OSEA. I did this deal the same day and am missing the 2 other items. I’ve been emailing Box of Style for the last week as I’d been waiting on tracking. I have yet to hear back from them. Is there any way for you to check if they were only sending the one item.

  8. Finally got my shipping notice for this. 2 day shipping YAY!! Should be here tomorrow !! I can’t wait 🙂

    • Lucky. No two day shipping for subscribers. We don’t get our boxes til after Christmas. What a lousy company

      • I feel horrible for subscribers. That’s awful that people buying this box later (including myself) get it by Christmas and you don’t! I’m so sorry.

      • WOW that is lousy!! I thought that all existing subscribers had already gotten theirs and mine was coming in the last round! They should have shipped all existing subscribers before any new ones!!

        • I agree that is lousy!! I am one of the lucky ones I guess, I subscribed Cyber Monday with the $40 off code and I got my back a week ago. Insane that people who subscribed before me haven’t gotten their boxes yet!

    • I got my shipping notice too and should be receiving my box tomorrow. BUT… I also got an e-mail from their Customer Service saying that complete bundle is no longer available, but they will only be sending Osea oil (no Oribe lipstick and Smith & Cult eye-quad). I am thrilled that my box is finally on the way, but super bummed that they are not delivering on promised free bundle even though I subscribed within few hours after the deal was announced 🙁

      • WHAT?! How can they not send what we bought!? First I was mad that they had $40 off just days later, then mad that it’s taken them a month to ship it- and now this!? If I don’t get what I paid for, I will be disputing the charges on my credit card.. I was always hesitant to sub with them bc of the warnings in the comments from all you amazing ladies on here, and now I see why BS is BS!!

        • They just don’t care. When they finally get back to you days later they say anything to make you go away. I trusted them to get Christmas presents for my daughter and now I won’t have the box til after Christmas. Not worth the hassle

        • msa is not posting my complaints against box of style. Tried 3 times

        • I was furious too when I saw the message. But I think I was more mad because how they phrased their response. This is actual quote from their e-mail to me: “Unfortunately the pallet and the lipstick is no longer available, but the oil will be shipping out for your inconvenience.” Can you all believe that now they are saying that they are sending me Osea oil because of my “inconvenience”! I am supposed to get that oil as part of the bundle, not as their “sorry”. I am so over BS!

        • Same here. I’m furious. I really wanted the Oribe lipstick and that’s what finally made me subscribe. I’ll try contacting them to see if they will offer a resolution. If not, then I will contact my credit card company. Isn’t it false advertising? I took screen shots of what was in the bundle, etc

        • It takes forever to get your box,and then when you get it,something is going to break or be wrong. maybe it will have a couple fantastic items though and that will make up for it. This has been my experience anyway. I won’t be subscribing again. I will just swap for the nice items. There jewelry breaks real easy.

        • wonder if they are shutting down?

          perhaps liz can get an answer faster? have you tried facebook or IG too?

          that reponse is not acceptable, they should at least credit the $40 off deal since they could not make good on this!

          in the mean time, pls go to your accounts and switch out your card for an empty visa gift card as they have been known to charge even after cancelled + don’t want y’all to have yet another headache

      • And, they offered the lip stick on another a few days after this one. This company really knows how to test one…

      • omg WHAT?? I did not get that email! I am going to be so pissed if I dont get the full bundle! I was already pissed they offered an extra $15 off a few days later but I was telling myself the bundle was worth the extra $15 so they better include the full thing!! Wow.

  9. I ordered this deal back on Nov 23 and as of today no shipment. I just checked my account on Box of Style web site and now it says I am supposed to get the edition box where SR Luna is not included. The only reason I got the box at the end was because of this product. I am not even mentioning the bundle at this point. Liz, is there a phone number to reach out to the customer service? I don’t want to end up with the box I don’t need and not what I signed up for.

    • Thank you for posting this! I just checked and it is the same for me…the order notice lists the edition contents instead of the winter box contents. I am emailing immediately to cancel and hopefully get a refund. Total fraud!

    • I’m right there with you! Mine shows the ring I selected…but also lists all the items from the newer box. They don’t have a customer service number, and their response times for emails is awful (if you can even get a response at all!). I’m going to email them, (and take a screenshot of my email, showing date stamp on my computer so I have proof) about this. If ordered 11/22, and like you ordered specifically for the SR. I am hoping it’s just a glitch on their site…but if they send me the other box, which I have no interest in, I’ll file a chargeback with my credit card. I like the RZ boxes…but their customer service is AWFUL!

      • I am a seasonal subscriber and my account is showing the select box also. I already received these items. Who wants to pay full price for the same things! No phone number. You have to email them and they don’t respond. Go to twitter. This is a bait and switch.

    • I did also sent them email plus submitted the form on their website and on top of it sent msg through facebook. I am still hopeful that they deliver what was promised to us otherwise I will file complain as I have all the proof if what the product should be vs what they deliver. I hope customer service rep reads our complains and acts fast.

    • I ordered at the beginning of November – no shipping yet. My box contents also lists the SELECT box. I am going to be FURIOUS if I do not get the original winter box. I do have confirmation of my ring selection, so I am seriously hoping this is a glitch. Can you guys update us when/if you hear back from customer care?

      • Hi Ladies, as I said in my earlier msgs, I was upset and furious yesterday when I saw what was listed on my account order that I bombarded customer servuce from all possible angles (emails, complain forms, fb pists, fb messanger). And here is the response I got to one of my requests: “Hi there, all renewing subscribers and new orders before 12/3 will be receiving the Winter Box, with all the great products this season. We are sorry for the mix-up on our site. This is reflecting the new Select Box as we have never sold 2 Boxes in one season we are still figuring things out. We will update the site and fix any bugs as fast as we can. Your Winter Order will be the Winter Box Thanks !” THERE IS HOPE for us!!! I keep my fingers crossed, but will not believe it until I see it 🙂

        • I checked my order and saw that it had changed to the Select box today and immediately sent an email. I hope I hear back soon.
          I will not accept the select box. Nope, nope and nope.

    • I finally received shipping notification that it should arrive Friday. We’ll see, everything coming FedEx has been delayed where I live. Hopefully that’s just so they can arrive as first scheduled and look awesome… Either way, I’m excited!!

  10. I would like to purchase the winter box as a gift using this promo discount code, does anyone know if my friend would get it for certain before Christmas? Also, since I just want to give it as gift, do I get charge if I can’t cancel (after seeing all those bad CS reviews)?

  11. Such a deal!!! I loved the box after reading Liz’s review, and when they sweetened the deal with the free bundle, I caved. Excited for this one!

  12. My experience was super different. I received one of the most wonderful cs. my first subscription was the one that had the Kate Somerville cream… My towel was damaged and they sendme a replacement without any questions. I didn’t want to pay 99 for the next box, so I just email them asking for a cancelation request, Again without any question they just reach to me and letme know that the suscription was Cancel. Im not going to lie I was super afraid to subscribe because of all the bad comments about cs, but it wasn’t true, And I know about bad cs I already receive it from allure even fabfitfun!!! Don’t be afraid and take the risk, you’ll not regret it!!! I already open a new account and take advantage of this awesome offer, just for Sunday Riley!!!!!! Sorry I’m from Mexico and my English is so so….

    • OK, Maria, I’m giving it a try. Hoping that my experience is as great as yours. Thank you for sharing, so many times the positive comments are never stated, leaving us to wonder if anyone has had a good experience. Thanks again. It’s worth the risk, I believe…. Be blessed!!

      • Thankyou!!! Im Really glad to know my experience can help other people. 😉

  13. For everyone complaining about cancellation please let me tell you about a little trick. I keep an old credit card or Visa gift card (with $0 value) around. After I get the box I want, I cancel (or attempt to) then add the old cc info just in case they try to charge me again. I have never had a problem since i started doing this.

    • Thanks Amanda!! I appreciate you sharing your strategy.

    • smart cookie!

      must be a new-ish update, in past, site would keep card hostage with no option to delete, I tried to do this in past when they kept charging my card with no sub!

  14. It does seem it has to be a new account though?

  15. Just placed an order and it doesn’t say anything about the beauty bundle in the confirmation email. I did use the code to get the $25 off with the beauty bundle

    • Liz said below as long as it shows the $25 off (from using the black friday code) you’re good and the bonus gifts will be sent automatically.

  16. Please help. The code for box of style says that the coupon is not valid. I have tried several times since yesterday with no luck

  17. This is for new subscribers only. When I signed in my existing account and tried to use it, I got an “invalid coupon” error

  18. Liz, you’re powerful – can you please try and talk to BOS about their CS? PLEASE! I have been burned by this box so many times and it makes me super mad that they do NOTHING to fix it!

  19. Well that’s nice…I paid full price for my box and added on the Oribe lipstick to try since I love their Oribe hair products. I think everything came out to 135.00 and now your offering the Oribe and eyeshadow and face oil and and the box at 75.00? 😓Where did I go wrong?

    • My sentiments exactly! This is so UNFAIR to current subscribers especially for those like me who have been subscribed to them for years!

      • Totally agree with you all. I have been burned too many times and just sub to the boxes I want and wait for the discounts now.

      • I’ve been with Rachel Zoe since the very first box in Summer 2015 . I always cancel after each season so that I can use any new code and/or GWP offer for the next quarter. Been working out fine for every box since Fall 2015. Each season someone posts about doing this. Never had any issues with CS. I just send an email to cancel well before the next billing date.

    • I ordered mine 2 days before this offer!!!! So bummed at least put the beauty bundle in there!!!!

  20. I feel like I should let fellow MSA readers know about my experience with BOS. I bought the 2016 winter box with the BTBF deal. Didn’t receive my box until February and received the wrong color beanie as well. Contacted CS and they promised they’d ship the correct beanie “soon”, but never did. Not a massive deal to me as everything in the box arrived in perfect condition – I was just happy to get the box finally. Fast forward a year, bit the bullet again with last year’s deal. Didn’t receive my box until APRIL and the OSEA oil had leaked everywhere, all over the stuff. The planner was totally drenched and the faux fur on the stole was greasy and disgusting. To top it off, the eyeliner was missing the box and looked like it had been used. Again, I contacted CS MULTIPLE TIMES – never even received a reply.

    Long story short: I got burned twice, no way is it happening again. I’m appalled at this box.

  21. I’d be all over this except for the watch. It’s lovely, but I wear an Apple Watch and that’s not going to change for some subscription. Without the second hero item, the value goes down a lot. Oh, and before someone says to “give it as a gift” – I can’t think of anyone that would wear it. In my world, unless you’re wearing a fitness watch, you use your phone to see what the time is. I have three beautiful watches that belonged to my stepmom that no one in the family wanted, for this reason.

    • My thoughts completely. My watches collect dust until I’m sorting through things and discover the battery is dead. And the only person I’ve known in the last 10 years to wear a watch other than my dad was a guy who had a Rolex.

      I feel this way when I see planners too. My life is too hectic to remember a planner when I can track everything infinitely better on my phone. (Journals have their uses though!)

  22. Liz – Do you know if the free gifts get automatically added with the promo code? They didn’t show up on the order confirmation.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Same! My order summary just showed the box and the rongs. The $25 off were indeed applied but no mention about the makeup extras. Thanks for the coupon, Liz!

    • I’m wondering the same!

    • Yes they will auto apply. If the $25 discount shows up, you are good!

      • Liz, people who ordered this on 11/23 after seeing your post are now seeing the order switched. I have the total of $79.68 – but it’s showing different items now. No Sunday Riley. No Ameka. No beauty bundle.

        CAN YOU HELP US?
        Box of Style – Seasonal Membership
        Eddie Borgo The Soho Watch, Exclusive
        Jules Kae Vegan Leather Tote, Exclusive
        Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
        Ettika Chloe Tassel Necklace
        Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner

        Luv AJ Ring – Rose Gold, M/L
        SUBTOTAL: $99.99
        DISCOUNT: -$25.00
        TOTAL: $79.68

        • I’ve reached out to Box of Style about this. I will update as soon as I hear back.

      • Liz, I wrote a note on here that I dont see anymore. Can you help us with the BOS? i ordered this deal – but they have now switched my items when I go online to see where my winter box + beauty bundle might be. It’s showing the select (with nobeauty bundle – but still showing the $25 off)

        Can you help us?

      • @lizcadman — since this was an exclusive MSA deal, would you be willing to reach out to BOS to see why they are not honoring the deal that we purchased? Thank you!

        • Hi Marisa,

          This was not part of BTBF and was not an exclusive MSA deal, but we were able to post about it a few hours before Box of Style annouced it. I had reached out to Box of Style about this issue when it first came up, and they said it was a website error, and that subscirbers would be receiving the correct items. Did you receive the incorrect items?

          • Hi Liz! I received the winter box and the Osea oil but not the Oribe lipstick or the Smith + Cult palette. No response from customer service either. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated!

          • Yes Liz. Same here. Got Winter box and Osea oil, but no Oribe and Smith & Cult. So mad!

          • Same thing here Liz. I have emailed them and no response on the missing items. So, I canceled my sub for the future and did get a response that it is canceled. But, no comments at all about the 2 missing items, and I was very clear what they were. I also contacted both Oribe and Smith and Cult to let them know what BOS had done with a bundle including their products. I’d want to know if my businesses name were being used by another company to make sales and then them not coming through with their offer. I just feel it’s a shame that MSA supports a business that treats its subscribers this way. I’m not blaming anyone but BOS, but the way businesses are becoming, it might be good to weed out the ones that don’t come through. Many of us take the word of MSA as endorsement. Why not? You are all generally right on!!!

          • Hi, Liz –

            I also ordered on 11/23 and was supposed to receive the bundle with the Osea oil and the Smith & Cult eyeshadow and the Oribe lipstick.
            I received my box yesterday and the Osea was the only extra. Additionally, on the packing slip, it stated that my box was ordered on 12/9. Maybe on 12/9 they weren’t running the bundle deal, just the oil? I don’t know, but I definitely know that I ordered on the 23rd and have the email confirmation of it.

          • Same here. No shadow or lipstick and no response from customer service by email or Instagram. Though when I emailed CS at the beginning of December I was assured I’d be receiving my items. The shadow and lipstick were supposed to be nice gifts for family members. This whole experience has been infuriating.

          • Has anyone heard back from customer service on this yet?

  23. This looks like a really good deal, but the customer service, shipping and ease of canceling ratings are really a turn off. I just can’t let myself do it.

    • I agree. The deal is great. The winter box looks amazing. I am excited I am getting it, but only because I had so much trouble cancelling my annual subscription. I would love to see the company work on improving the cancellation policy and customer service. If it weren’t for those two factors I would have probably started a second subscription to use as a gift, but just can’t risk it.

      • The worst part is that they do it on purpose. It’s really not difficult for them to add a cancel button. I’ve seen much smaller boxes have them included. Yep, Box of Style is purposefully making it nearly impossible for everyone to cancel so that they get stuck getting the box. They should be more confident of their products.

        • How DO you cancel if you want to?

          • In the past, I just went into my account online and cancelled after receiving my first box. It was the easiest cancellation of a subscription box ever.
            From reading these comments though, maybe they have changed it since then? Guess ill find out!

        • It looks to me like they have a cancellation option, that’s where the ratings kind of confuse me. Maybe it’s if you are an annual subscriber then it’s hard to cancel? If you are month to month is it easier? If you go into ‘contact us’ from the upper left set of options, one option is reason for contact and that has a drop down menu with one choice being ‘request a cancellation’ do they not respond to the request or is this new?
          See, I really want this box and I get stuck between reviews

          • They take forever to respond to a cancellation request. It’s the reason a lot of people are hesitant. Idk why they don’t just let you cancel through the site, but I think it’s because some of us give up and wait out another box or two due to frustration.

          • Like Anna said, it does take them a while to get back to you. Also, if I remember correctly, they only have certain times that you’re allowed to cancel. They also told people that they would cancel their accounts but never actually did and they got billed again when it was renewal time.

            Honestly though, if you LOVE the boxes and are okay paying full price for the next box if they don’t cancel you in their small little cancellation window, then I’d say go for it. It’s a great box but customer service makes things very frustrating.

          • I agree that their CS is sorely lacking! But…deals like these are so good that it is worth it to me to deal with it, and start a new subscription under a new email address in order to be able to get the deal!

            To protect myself, I make sure I take a screen shot of my cancellation request, making sure it includes the date/timestamp from my computer…that way if BOS doesn’t respond in a timely manner, and ends up charging me for the next box, I have proof of the day/date of my cancellation so I can get my credit card to refund my money. Thankfully I haven’t had to file a chargeback yet…but I’ve had enough other issues with them that I just assume it’s a matter of when, not if, something like this will happen. To me, the deals are good enough that it’s been worth the hassle.

        • For other subs, I’ve purchased a prepaid Visa and registered it online with only a zip code for billing. Purchased the sub I want and no hassle of additional charges because the card has been depleted of available funds. Maybe this would be a solution, although not as convenient?

  24. When do they ship the winter box?

    • Early Dec for new subscribers.

  25. This is one I was waiting for. I love every item in this box. The discount and the bundle are a great deal.

  26. Sadly, they only have M/L options left for both color options on the rings but I still ordered a box. Hopefully it won’t cost too much to get it resized.

    • I wouldn’t bother getting it resized. I got a Luv AJ ring set through FFF and it turned my finger green within a few days. The rest of the box makes this totally worth it though!

    • Thanks for letting us know the smaller size sold out. That makes it unwearable for me and makes me sure I don’t want to order the box. I don’t like the purse and have way too many products so all I could really use is the watch, which I want but not enough to pay $75. I got the last 3 boxes and had no trouble with CS ordering, making selections and canceling every month so I could resub with a new email and use their coupons.

    • not sure if it’s back in stock now and wasn’t when you ordered, but they still have the S/M rose gold option available (only S/M gold is sold out) 🙂

      • ok ignore me, it allows me to choose it at first but at checkout, it says it can’t be added because it’s out of stock

    • The love aj jewelery is trifling cheap and prob wont make it long, dont bother getting it sized. I went into this box knowing that was a “throw away” item of sorts and wont last more than a couple wearings. The rest of the box is nice though.

  27. I am SO tempted, this is such an amazing deal. If only they had a cancel button on their site, cuz I cannot deal with how difficult it is to unsubscribe with them. It’s just such a mess. 🙁 Really want it though, but can’t do it.

  28. My husband is gonna be lecturing about this purchase but I said if it was $30 off I was jumping on this deal. Really can’t beat this deal. I already have this palette unopened and red lipstick is usually not for me but if it’s oribe then I will try and make it work! Thank you so much Liz!! This really made my day. There is no mention of the bundle when checking out so I’m hoping it will come along with the box.

  29. Dang it! I ordered this with the 25$ off code the other day. Now I wish I had waited. I have 2 Osea oils already so that would have been a nice xmas gift for giving… but the lippy & quad are really nice to keep!

  30. I subscribed yesterday at $85 with no bonus. Guess I am screwed then? Or do you think they would at least honor the free gift part of this deal?

    • I would definitely contact them and see if you could get the deal. I had a similar thing with this box having a free item and my experience is that they just don’t care. First and last time I ordered from BOS.

      This is one sub it’s better to wait wayy into the season for. They always seem to have tons of extra boxes. Anyways, hope they help you out!!

  31. This is the one deal I’ve been waiting for. So glad I waited. I love everything in this box and now a great bonus!!!

  32. hmm…..

    already bought PSMH + a few pieces of Monica Vinader jewelry and christmas gifts as black friday turned into black tuesday this year! do like the box but do not like their customer service…

  33. This is such a good deal but I have already spent SO MUCH MONEY.

    • that’s what I was thinking too!!

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