Better Than Black Friday is Almost Here! Get the Details!

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Are you ready for our Better Than Black Friday event?! It’s this Monday, November 19th, and it starts at 1 PM ET! 

If this is your first Better Than Black Friday with us, it’s amazing and you don’t want to miss it! We work with our favorite subscription boxes to get you exclusive deals that are actually better than their Black Friday deals!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The first deal starts at 1 PM ET.
  • A new deal launches every 10 minutes after that.
  • Some deals are available for a very limited time, some deals are limited inventory, etc., so you’ll want to grab them immediately if you want them.
  • This year we have a few new brands in the mix – based on reader request!
  • These deals are BETTER than the deals you’ll see from these brands on Black Friday!
  • There’s still time to enter our giveaway kicking off this event:

One lucky reader will win 20 (yes, 20!) one-year subscriptions to have their BEST YEAR EVER! 2019 will be just subscription boxes non-stop!

Starting in January of 2019, one lucky winner will get subscription boxes every month (and quarter) to some of our favorite subscriptions!

Enter Now!

Head over to the Better Than Black Friday page to enter!

Please note, due to shipping limitations, this giveaway is limited to US residents 18+ years of age only.

Prize Details

One grand-prize winner will win a one-year subscription to all of these amazing boxes!

  1. Allure Beauty Box – Total Retail Value $150
  2. BarkBox (Regular or Super Chewer) – Total Retail Value $329
  3. BeautyFix – Total Retail Value $300
  4. Birchbox – Total Retail Value $110
  5. Bombay & Cedar – Total Retail Value $646.80
  6. Box of Style – Total Retail Value $349.99
  7. BoxyCharm – Total Retail Value $231
  8. Breo Box – Total Retail Value $525
  9. CAUSEBOX – Total Retail Value $200
  10. Coastal Co. – Total Retail Value $396
  11. FabFitFun – Total Retail Value $179.99
  12. Gentleman’s Box – Total Retail Value $400
  13. GlobeIn (Monthly Artisan Box) – Total Retail Value $506
  14. Happy Rebel Box – Total Retail Value $380
  15. Ipsy Glam Bag – Total Retail Value $110
  16. Margot Elena Discovery Box – Total Retail Value $179.99
  17. POPSUGAR Must HaveTotal Retail Value $270
  18. Pura Vida – Total Retail Value $150
  19. Say It With A Sock (+ Christmas Bundle) – Total Retail Value $153.99
  20. YogaClubTotal Retail Value $680

Are you excited for Better Than Black Friday? Let me know if you have any questions!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So… is it done? It’s 4:30 p.m. here (EST)– seems like it’s done? I thought it was going to be more of a bigger deal…

  2. Wallet has been safe so far 🙃

  3. I’m so excited! I finished my Christmas shopping early and have some money left over, so I’m hoping to find something fun for myself!

  4. Where are the deals posted? I’m so lost haha. So excited!!

  5. I’m sitting here in bed all cozy with my last year blankets from MSA better than Black Friday and my coffee and I can’t forget the wallet…I’m so excited. I think I have 10 boxes already on the way. What do I tell my neighbors when they see all these boxes? Thank you Liz for all you do for us sweetie. I love and adore you always.

  6. Super excited!! I keep looking at the clock and wishing it was 1:00 Have fun everyone!

    • Haha, me too! So excited 😁

  7. This would be so amazing to win. I’d have to share some of this awesomeness with my family of course! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  8. Liz I want to know who won!! There’s no forum anymore for the person to announce it.

  9. Sure am glad I have tomorrow off! This.will be my 1st BTBF with MSA

  10. I am so excited about this contest. If I win all those boxes I already have a plan in mind. I work with adults with severe mental illness and I want to be able to share some items with them. They are all on fixed incomes and beauty products are low down on the priority list, but I’m sure it would boost confidence.

  11. Oh, I bet the Animal Society’s could use the boxes,, for the.. KITTENS!!.. Anyone else think so?
    I’m a huge pet love and love this place!! Are there one of a kind things, listed, for BF.. like lipstick or is only Box Sub? What’s everyone’s fav sub,.. is it a secret/ .. Enjoy the Holidays~

  12. This is my first Black Friday here-do I just come to this website? Will there just be new posts with codes every ten minutes?
    Also, is there an archived post with last year’s deals? Thanks so much!

    • Brenda – If you search this site with “btbf” (or the whole thing), you will bring up many of the deals from last year. You’ll also be able to read the comments about them, which came later (once some mystery boxes, etc. were received). They make good reading!

  13. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I can’t spend any more this season. But that does not mean I will not look at the deals!

  14. awesome deal 1pm cant come any faster

  15. This is my first Black Friday here-is there an archived post with deals that have been offered in the past? I’d just like to get an idea of what to expect. Also how do you get the deals? Are they just codes? Thanks!

  16. Omg!! I’m so excited I got a few friends to use my link. Good luck to everyone who entered! Ty MSA!!

  17. Favorite day of the year….. been here every year and it’s always fun fun fun. Deals every ten mins is crazy. Last year i swear it was every hour. Thank you Liz and Eric and the WHOLE Subscription Addiction Fam!

  18. Hi, can anyone tell me what types of deals they typically have? Is it deals on products, deals on cheaper sub boxes, all of the above? This will be my first year and I had no idea this was happening!

    • I’m wondering that too, and if the deals are announced on a specific platform?

    • Some of the past deals are % off subscription, one time purchase special box, discounted past boxes, free past box/boxes with purchase of November box, free item with subscription, mystery boxes.

      • Yes! I’d also add, some offer discounted annual subscriptions, too! It’s such a fun day and series of sales!

  19. Wow – what a stellar list of boxes. Winning would be like Christmas all year!

  20. Yippy!!! I look forward to MSA Better Than Black Friday more than Black Friday itself! Have fun everyone!!

  21. Any spoilers or teasers???

  22. yay im hoping to get most of my Christmas shopping done with all these deals! Hope theirs some good kid boxes as well so i can snag some for my nephews! yay this will be my first year doing this and so lookong forward to it!

  23. This will be my 3rd year watching the deals & buying deals on Better than Black Friday with MSA. I’m so excited! I’ve been looking forward to this all month.

  24. Liz, Is this like an all day thing? Or just an hour or so, considering deals are coming in every 10 minutes? TIA

  25. Will you have a deal from Boxwalla?

    • I was wondering that!!! I am hoping all istednon the MSA giveaway list wil have specials. Maybe my opportunity to try Margot Elena… 🙂

  26. Yay !!!

  27. Thank you so much for all your efforts on getting us phenomenal deals and the giveaways. I would absolutely love to win the giveaway, but I’ll still wish everyone good luck! That is one amazing giveaway Liz!

  28. Best giveaway ever!!!! Thanks so much Liz!! 🤞

  29. Hope everyone has a yummy feast with their loved ones & good luck with this drawing!

  30. This will be my first Black Friday with MSA and my birthday is that week, too! So excited!

    • Happy Birthday! Good Luck!

  31. So excited! I LOVE MSA Better than Black Friday! Thank you for doing this Liz! 💕 Can’t wait to see the deals! 😊

    • Yay!! ❤️

  32. This would totally make my year!! I’ve sent several messages to friends by clicking on the link but am not receiving points for any of those entries; am I doing something wrong?

    • I believe you’ll only receive entries if your friends enter the giveaway as well, hope that helps. Good luck!

      • Ohh ok! Good to know! Thanks!

  33. I love the deals…my wallet..not so much! lol. They are awesome and thanks for putting them together. I have a request: Could you please announce who wins the contest? I always wonder who is actually winning them all and I’ve never seen anywhere that we can find out. After so many years of being here, I’d love to know if a friend has won!

    Good luck to everyone and happy Sub shopping!

    • I second letting us know who won and I’d love a way to get notifications when deals pop up. I’m off next week and I’ll try to stay by the computer, but not sure I want to be glued to it all day.

    • Yes, we will announce the winner to this big giveaway in a post like we did for last year’s big giveaway!

      And moving forward for all weekend giveaways, we’ll announce the winner of the previous week’s giveaway in that post. Thank you for the feedback!

      • Where do I enter? I don’t see a sign up

    • Yes a winner with name announced would be great

    • Yes I need to know who to be jealous of!

  34. Awesome! Can’t wait! 🙂

  35. I wish I didn’t have to work that day so I could participate!

  36. so is it better to be subscribed to a box that you’d like to get a good deal on? Or is it better to already have a subscription. Just an example, Ipsy… if you want to get a good deal on an annual sub and they are offering one, would I already want to be subscribed?
    Anybody in the know on that kind of stuff.

  37. Are the companies offering the deals the ones listed above?

  38. I hope there is a good deal in PopSugar! I would love to gift the Winter box to some of my staff for Christmas!

  39. Poised & ready for Monday! My daughter says I’m addicted to sub boxes. I say no, but then she points out that I’m literally visiting (multiple times a day) a site called “MySubscriptionAddiction.” So thanks, Liz, for making it obvious. Lol! Couldn’t you have called it “I don’t have a problem & I can quit whenever I want?” 😉 looking forward to the holidays with my MSA deals.

    • Lol! I’m also on this site multiple times a day. 🙂

      • I’m guilty of this as well!

    • Same! I check this site several times a day.

    • Yep…my son thinks I’m crazy. I spend a great deal of time reading reviews, comments, etc. It truly is my addiction. With all the boxes I’ve received this year, I don’t have to buy Christmas gifts for my nieces, my son’s girlfriend or my mom! I just put together boxes for them with all my extra stuff.

  40. I look forward to this all year long, lol…I can’t wait!!

  41. This is UNREAL! Happy Holiday’s Liz!

  42. This is my first and I’m so excited! I’ve been holding out on subbing to a few boxes waiting to see what sales there are! Fingers crossed!

  43. This is so awesome of you guys! Would also be super neat to see whoever wins do some reviews of their new fantastic subscriptions!

    • That’s a GREAT idea! I could see how that would be a lot of work, but what a fun way to share with the rest of us! I’m really happy to see more new and diverse people doing reviews here in the last year or so. It makes an already great review site even better. Thank you MSA!!!

  44. I am so pumped like a child going to a candy store! Cleared my afternoon for the event minus picking my child up from school.

  45. Oh myGosh, I’m some excited Liz. I’m going on my Fifth Black Friday with you and it’s a blast. I can’t wait.

    • !!! We go way back 🙂 Thanks for spending Black Friday with us! Hope you get lots of awesome deals next week!

      • Thank you darling Liz….I’m staying up until midnight as I’m getting a deposit. So I’m going to sign up for Rachel Zoe and PS if it’s still available. And then I’ll wait for next Fridays deals. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. Lol.
        Liz also everything looks awesome on you so it’s easy to sign up and your always honest too so it makes it easy to buy the Sub your reviewing if you recommend it. You should see my room. I have boxes every where. What do you girls/guys do with all your boxes? I have so many but I don’t want to throw them away.

  46. This is so cool. Thanks!

  47. So excited! Thanks for all the effort in organizing this event 🙂

    • Yay! Glad you are excited, too 🙂

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