BeautyFIX November 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have more spoilers for the November 2018 BeautyFIX subscription box!

Each box will include:

What do you think of the November BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. As of publication, if you sign up now, your first box will be the October box!

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. OMG, I just joined beautyfix November box, it looks great, I love skincare products…I hope i like beautyfix….

  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a guide on storage of facial products, e.g. serums, oils, etc.? I see people mention the refrigerator and I have wondered since I live in a hot climate.

    • My dermatologist said that you really only have to worry about it with unstable vitamin C products, like l-ascorbic acid (and throw it out when it gets yellow and opaque).

      But I keep other products in the fridge, like eye masks and some hydrating serums, just because it feels so nice.

      • If you like the cooling effect putting masks, creams, serums, and other skincare in the frig for 10-20 min before use. However I would verify that products are supposed to be stored at such a cold temp before keeping products in frig all the time.

    • I don’t think the optimum temp is refrigerated. I am a skincare junkie and my bathroom has no windows so it stays cool even though I live in the desert, TEMPE Arizona. I keep all my skincare in a deep medicine cabinet and I found great storage containers at Dollar Tree, they are the clear plastic makeup organizers at $1 each so the price is great. Everything stays at the recommended storage temp. I think exposure to sunlight and artificial light is something you should avoid. I think anything that can do that will work. Refrigerator temps are too cold and you don’t want to mess up your products.

    • Yes. I only keep a couple of masks in the refrigerator that are more organic that have a shorter shelf life. Specifically two masks … that I couldn’t get to initially. No oils. I have found that I use one for my eyes that wasn’t as successful as hoped, on my neck and decollete. I try to keep as much unopened as possible that I am sure I do not want to gift.

    • I live in California & my make-up & skin care has taken over my walk-in closet. So I blacked out the windows to get rid of the sunlight. I do keep a couple of my serums & face masks in the fridge. Everything else is stored in the closet NOT IN THE BATHROOM. I keep nothing in the bathroom. I am not an expert but I spend an exhausting amount of time reading about things lol. I found this article on a birchbox website (I removed some stuff to make it shorter). I read a bunch & this one seemed easy enough to answer your question. Most of your makeup and skincare will be fine at room temp if you can keep them out of direct sunlight. “Sunlight will accelerate the aging of a product by heating it up, which can break down active ingredients,” explains Frey. Counter tops and vanities that aren’t in the sun get a passing grade, more so for products that come in dark packaging (which blocks UV rays). But it’s best to store the majority of your products inside cabinets and drawers to keep them safe. Cool temperatures can extend the shelf life of some products. Clear space for any skincare products with retinol or vitamin C—the cold temperatures slow down the degradation of both ingredients. Stashing your polish in the fridge can help get rid of clumps, though you have to shake it more to get rid of separation. And reshape lipsticks that melted in your purse or car, just be sure to take them out once they re-solidify—the chilliness can cause the oil and wax to separate over time. Skip the Bathroom Vanity The steam from your shower is not doing your products any favors. “Water can condense on the surface of certain cosmetics and start to generate mold,” says Frey. Move any bath salts and scrubs, powders, and anything that doesn’t have a really strong seal (think compacts and eye shadows) someplace dry. The same goes for any tools, like your Beautyblender, that can become breeding grounds for mold if continually damp. After cleaning it, let it air dry outside of the bathroom. Avoid Freezing Temps Too According to Frey, extremely cold temperatures can be just as harmful to your products as heat. Emulsions like lotions, creams, and conditioners in particular become very unstable if partially frozen and later thawed. If you live somewhere were it’s freezing during the winter, remove them from any window sills, and relocate any extra products you’re storing in the garage or basement.

  3. So usually I am not excited for a bunch of creams but this month I am!
    I am finally on my last bit of the Juice Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer I can’t remember which box I got it in.
    But I am excited to try different creams that may be better than the Juice Beauty.

    May seem like a boring month but excited for all the moisturizer.

  4. Facial oils, along with oil cleansers, have made a dramatic difference in my oily skin.

    I usually make my own, but looking forward to the Lancer to see how it compares to my combinations.

    A gifted Beautyfix started my sub box subscriptions and it’s still my favorite box. I think it’s going to be hard for any box to outdo October’s for me, that was just an amazing box.

  5. I wish they would start sampling some eye creams and serums. Swapping to my winter routine and like to see what’s new.
    Happy with this month. Not an oil fan but keeping an open mind. If I don like I’ll use on back of dry hands. They’re aging faster than my face!

    • Another great idea.

  6. BeautyFix is my most fave sub!! I dont wear alot of makeup…so I do appreciate all the skincare! Last month’s box was awesome….this month looks pretty good, although Im not real big on facial oils. But I will try! Looking forward to a great December box!!

  7. Love it all. Lancer expensive, also the elemis cream is expensive. I’m a huge caudaline everything in this box. I’m a skincare addict. I love tarte blushes never tried the Ursa wipes new brand for me. Other than perfume I’m stoked. Husband has chemical sensitivity so I have to stay fragrance free or Mello fragrances, natural ones are ok. This is my only sub now. I wasn’t as in love with October box as I am this one.

  8. I don’t use facial oil so this box is a miss for me because I don’t know how swap-able it is. I’ve had two of these Lancer Omega Oils in swaps for a few months (from LookFantastic) and no one has requested them :(.

    • I’m shocked lancer is such a sought after brand I assumed it would be coveted on the swap board!

    • For those of you that swap, how do you price things? For example, this Lancer oil is worth $75. Do you swap it for $75 retail value or for the paid value that MSA usually breaks down from the $24.95?

      I used to swap on MakeupAlley. Is there a rule that the newbie has to send first due to mistrust?

      • I use RV as a general guide. Also it depends on how old the item is and or how sought after the item is. Use your judgment on that. Sometimes I will wildly over-swap for an item I really want. And yes, the newbie needs to have five positive feedbacks before she doesn’t have to swap first. Feel free to ask questions of your potential swappers. Most people on this site are very very helpful. And remember, everyone was a newbie once. Swapping is a fantastic way to get a lot of value out of your boxes and also to make good swap buddies, even actual friends!

    • If you end up being stuck with the oils and don’t like them on your face, they work great in hair. I rub 1-2 drops on my hands and distribute it over my wet hair ends before I dry it. Try it first with just one drop. You can also mix a drop or 2 when you put on body lotion to make it a little heavier for the winter.

  9. I only get Beautyfix occasionally but they had me at full size Lancer oil. It’s one of my favorites and I’m almost out of Omorovicza face oil so good timing.

  10. Oh no…I was going to join beautyfix this month but this box does not look good to me…not worth the money.

  11. It sounds corny, but I’m most excited about the face wipes! That brand was sampled in my Birchbox awhile back and has become my favorite. I purchase them with my Ace points since they are super spendy. Even getting one or two is a big deal to me! This is my third Beautyfix box and I have loved every one of them so far! Great box for skin care.❤️

  12. I love Beautyfix, but this box seems skimpy.

    • I was thinking the same. Seems like every few months one is little less stellar. Guess we’ve been spoiled lately.
      I still think it’s a pretty good deal. I just broke a bottle of pricey face oil a couple weeks ago, all over my bathroom floor. :’( So I’m excited to try this one as a replacement.

    • It does seem like there’s not a lot of ooomph but we are getting some really pricey brands… and maybe they intend to WOW us for December

    • I agree. But if you look back it was time for a weaker box. The past 8 months or so has been 8 or 9 items and awesome stuff. Yes I’m not really into this months but I do need the oil and I will use everything so it’s still marvellous. I’m hoping to be blown away by all my sub boxes next month. Historically December is a good month. Fingers crossed

    • It’s weak because they’re including crap that’s been in all the other beauty boxes (I have 4 Caudalie sorbets so I already know it’s just okay, and so many of those Tarte park ave princess).

      Aside from value, i come to beautyfix for originality and to try things I’ve never seen elsewhere or isn’t usually included in sub boxes. This box seems too mainstream…

    • Agreed

  13. Hmmmm BeautyFix is my favorite box but this month seems just okay. I was really hoping for 2 full size. So 3 face creams and a face oil. I guess I’ll use the creams during the day and the oil at night. Though I shouldn’t complain, I’m really excited for the oil and bronzer and Caudalie is a great brand.

  14. My card expired YESTERDAY. How was I still charged TODAY for this box??? I did not add my new card! Not happy. Will be calling tomorrow to cancel this box.

    • They may have sent you a notice that they attempted to charge, but that doesn’t mean it will be approved by your card. It will probably be cancelled once their Beautyfix system gets the notice the charge won’t go through…

      • No, its clearly pending in my bank account. Which means it was authorized somehow. Dermstores email to me also states my card was charged too, not attempted. Thank you though. I’ll get it figured out one way or another.

      • No, its clearly pending in my bank account, which means it will go through. Dermstore also sent me an email stating they charged my account. Not sure what’s going on. Thank you though.

        • I have had plenty of pending charges not actually go through.

          • My bank is not like that. I bank with a credit union. Once it is pending, it comes out. I’m glad yours doesn’t do that, wish mine didn’t.

    • That is most likely on your credit card company. Some allow recurring charges to go through as a “courtesy” to the cardholder, despite expiration of the prior card on file.

      • No, its clearly pending in my bank account. Which means it was authorized somehow. Dermstores email to me also states my card was charged too, not attempted. Thank you though. I’ll get it figured out one way or another.

      • My bank is a credit union and they’re super strict. They have never allowed a ‘courtesy’ charge in the 15yrs I’ve been banking with them. This would be a first if they did ok it.


          • It’s not my credit union. I received tracking info, not only through email via Dermstore, but also through USPS. I highly doubt Dermstore would already ship a box that they don’t think has been charged. I’ve been charged, not pending anymore, it went through this morning. As far as negative? Have you read all negative on this thread and the other negative comments on the spoilers this entire time and comments on theirs too? No? Carry on then. Thanks for your negative input as well. None of any thread I’ve ever read is 100% positive.

    • I’m sure it is nothing to freak out about. Slow down… . There’s no sub box expires card conspiracy.

      • That’s funny, the charge cleared my bank this morning. No conspiracy here, just truth and facts. Thanks though.

        • Most retailers use Visa account Updater (VAU)or Mastercard bank automatic billing update (ABU) and numbers are shared between merchants for recurring and non recurring payments. You can opt out of the programs.

          You can search with the acronyms and opt out.


    • !!! 😀 !!!

  16. Showing my ignorance…what’s the difference between an oil and a serum?

    • Never mind…found this, in case anyone else is wondering. Sounds like I would want a serum rather than oil:

      A face oil adds hydration and nutrition.
      A serum does something bonus – it brightens, slows the onset of lines and wrinkles, it tightens, it exfoliates, etc.
      Serums can be essentially a face oil blend with an extra ingredient(s), or it can be an oil-free base of aloe or an emulsion of oils and floral waters, or any number of other things. Serums vary wildly in texture and use. Some replace your face oil (because it’s basically one), and others are sticky and do not wear well alone at all and must be layered with a face oil or cream.

      • Oils are great. Use both especially in the winter. Use very little everyday or twice a day you will fall in love. I have dry skin and I’m 44 so fine lines and some krinkles. And use it all and my skin looks great. I still get carded often. Give it a try. If you shine too much or feel wet st all you have used way too much. It’s about the size of a nail polish and will last months with daily use so you can see that a little goes a long way. I hope you love it

  17. Amazing box, everything is awesome!

    • I agree. But if you look back it was time for a weaker box. The past 8 months or so has been 8 or 9 items and awesome stuff. Yes I’m not really into this months but I do need the oil and I will use everything so it’s still marvellous. I’m hoping to be blown away by all my sub boxes next month. Historically December is a good month. Fingers crossed

    • My box shipped already I got the tracking number around 4pm. Awesome!! And since there aren’t any aerosols they are shipping USPS so it’s a 2-8 day delivery time!!!

  18. I think I may just pass on this month. It’s a great box, but I have all but the Lancier oil already.

  19. Looks pretty darn great to me! This is my favorite sub. Always something new (and quality) to try. Even when I’m not so sure about something, I end up loving it.

  20. Well, the bronzer would just make me look like an uncooked turkey that was stuck under the broiler for a couple of minutes, but the rest of the stuff seems like it might be good.

  21. Hmmm…. not happy with this month at least could have add two full size items?? Oh well.😕

  22. This sub is amazing!!!

  23. Weird, all of the spoilers out before November.

    • I think if sub don’t show spoiler early before a month it mean it’s going to bad month??

  24. Okay fine… I’ll re-subscribe for the full-size Lancer oil. 🙂
    (everything else looks great too! not a single thing I’d gift. yay!)

    • We love you Luna! You have exquisite taste in skincare!

      • I agree! I learn new things from Luna’s posts and she’s always so positive.

        • In my refrigerator, the Luna shelf holds my Mahalo bean. Ayuna. Josh cacao mask… there’s room for more.. hehehe .. good thing too! With earthwise and SkinOwl coming. This box looks storage safe. I don’t think you refrigerate oils though I worry a little they may go rancid if kept too long.

          • I’m so happy to hear that you liked the Mahalo bean mask!!! That’s seriously my most favorite mask out of any wash-off masks I’ve tried. 🙂 I actually used the Josh Rosebrook Cacao mask for the first time last weekend, and I really liked it too! I know people say it’s a dupe for Mahalo’s Bean mask, but besides the coloring and the fact they both have cacao, I kind of couldn’t see the comparison in order to call it a dupe. What do you think?
            I also thought I’d share to not be alarmed if your JR mask ends up drying out (I hear that’s a big complaint about that mask… it dries out in the jar fairly quickly… like in a few months time so people end up throwing it away. 🙁 ). I’ve had mine for a while, and it’s currently like a play-doh/putty consistency, but I just scooped out a little, added a few drops of an essence, and it was like new! 🙂

          • Typically oils last for quite awhile since they don’t contain water. I’m not sure how it would keep in a fridge, but as long as you don’t open it until you’re ready to use it, and don’t expose it to extreme temps and light I’m sure it’ll be fine. 🙂 I remember when Boxwalla had that first really expensive African Botanics serum in their box a few months ago the owner of the either the box or brand (I can’t remember which) confirmed that the oil is good for at least two years if unopened, and I’m sure that rule would apply to most, if not all, oils. 🙂

        • Thanks Sue! 😀 Beauty boxes are a fun thing for me (along with being part of the MSA community), so it’s fairly easy for me keep an open and positive frame of mind when it comes to them. 🙂 and if one starts to rub me the wrong way for whatever reason (bad CS, bait & switch, repeats or types of products I don’t want, etc.) I cancel and move on so I can continue to have fun with indulging in my “little” (ya, right!) addiction 😀

          • Luna thank you for always staying positive and focusing on the items in the box, whenever I see your name on a post I’ll stop and read it just to make sure I’m not missing any good info. Cheers Love!

      • So true! I always look for Luna’s comments. I’m anxious to try the Lancer oil even though oils are not my thing. Winter is a good time for me to use oils.

        • Thanks TK! I have fun reading your comments too! 😀

      • Awww, thank you so much Claudia!!! That really means a lot to me. 🙂

    • I’m a Luna fan too.

      • I’m a fan of yours too Sharon! I remember you from the forum too 🙂 I wish MSA would bring that back!

      • MSA should do a Q&A with Luna! My top question … How does she work through all of this skincare in a timely manner?!

        • Haha…. well, it’s definitely a never ending work in progress… good thing I wash my face at least 730x/year (wow, that seems like a lot! I’d think my face would have fallen off by now!) and products actually last for quite awhile, especially if not opened until they’re used. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh you guys!!!! I’m seriously blushing right now! You’re all too sweet, and seriously you’ve all made my day!!! 😀 I can’t even begin to say how much I’ve gotten from all of you in the MSA community over the years, so I truly am moved. 🙂 Mwah!!

      • It is because we have all tried had successful boxes based on your recommendations. I am just in love with Beauty Fix … which was one of your first recommendations for me when I mentioned I loved Allure but wanted more skin care. I float away sometimes due to trying a new box and budget restrictions but not for long. I bet Liz loves you too! I love the fact I am getting another Caudalie – Vinosource Sorbet 15ml. I really like that. I tried the JR mask and It’s okay. I have been using it on my feet (an idea I got from here actually)

        • Ya, Beauty Fix is definitely one of the best boxes out there. It was one of my gateway boxes into the sub box world a few years ago, and I feel a sort of sentimental loyalty to it. 🙂 While I’m trying my best to limit my sub boxes for now, BF will always be on my radar and one I’ll let reel me in when the heart eyes spring for any spoilers. 🙂

      • I’m pretty new to sub boxes, but I learned very quickly to watch for your comments and take them seriously, Luna! You have great insight and you communicate in a really fun but informative way. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!

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