POPSUGAR Must Have Winter 2018 Box SPOILER #4

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We have the latest spoiler for the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box!

All boxes will include:

Winky Lux Sugar Palette – Retail Value $25

This palette has a gorgeous sparkly cover, and the shades include matte, shimmer, metallic, and glitter:

Here is a closer look:

All the names are sweet themed:

And the pigment is amazing! Here they are swatched:

What do you think of the latest spoiler? Want us to do a tutorial with this palette?

And in case you missed the previous spoilers, this box will also include:

Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon – Retail Value $35

You’ll want to keep this extra special book on your coffee table all season long. Reese Witherspoon invites you to learn more about her southern heritage, including everything from a delicious recipe to tips on how to throw a memorable party. Gorgeous photos and Reese’s lively writing make this lifestyle book a total page-turner — it’s certainly not your ordinary cookbook.

This book is big! 304 pages, hardcover, and I think it would make a perfect hostess gift if you don’t want to keep it to yourself!

Melinda Maria Designs Sabrina Pod Necklace – Retail Value $98

Timeless yet fashionable jewelry can be tricky to find, so we did the hunting for you. This 18k gold-plated or sterling-silver plated necklace can be worn long or looped twice, depending on your preference. We love that it looks just as pretty on its own as it does layered with your other favorite necklaces. The hammered pods are all a little different, making each piece unique. Consider this your Winter go-to accessory.

And here is the gold version:

Here it is on:

And looped around twice:

And here’s the silver version on, too:

What do you think of the latest spoiler? Are you picking silver or gold?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Uncommon James 100 Percent Handmade Cotton Fringe Throw – Retail Value $118

Cuddle on the couch with this chic, versatile throw that Uncommon James created exclusively for our POPSUGAR Must Have Box. The piece was made in partnership with Tribe Alive, a company whose mission is to promote female artisans, ensure they’re paid living wages, and provide safe work environments for them. The soft material and contemporary look make it the ideal throw to incorporate into any space. Cozy nights in just got so much better.

This creamy white throw blanket has tassels on the ends, and fringe accents throughout. It’s giving me Anthropologie vibes and I love it!

Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

It measures 65 x 50 inches (fringe included). It’s 100% cotton, and dry clean only. (FYI – we put it in the dryer on the refresh setting – 15 minutes steam, and it came out perfectly.)

It’s large enough to cuddle up with on the couch or to accent your bed:

(Shown on a queen size bed.)

The weight of the fabric isn’t too heavy/thick, but it’s substantial enough to give you warmth. I’d say it’s about a medium weight.

(FYI –  This box value is $350+ and includes 7 items. This does not include additional special extras!)

New subscribers can sign up here and use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So when are we getting another spoiler. I saw something on PS website about essential oils, so I am wondering if that will be enclosed in the box also. It was under the interview with Uncommon James/Laguna Beach Kristin C. Or better yet, when is this box shipping, or a review.

  2. Would love to purchase the blanket/throw if anyone is looking to sell theirs! lily.abolghasemi @ gmail . com. Thanks!

  3. This box is looking waayyyy better than the winter FFF box. That was looking awful. That acrylic throw in FFF. That ugly glove set. no.

    • I passed on the winter FFF as well. The Popsugar throw definitely wins in the comparison (100% natural cotton, vs. acrylic – I always prefer when subs use natural products and it also gives a base value beyond the brand name) and I like or can use everything else spoiled so far.

      • With the holidays coming up, its gonna be REGIFT CITY!!!! (for a few of my boxes!)

      • Same here. My annual FFF subscription was up for renewal and decided to cancel because the standard is just sub par when you compare with boxes like this. I’m also more into natural/eco-friendly products. FFF seems to have turned into a mish mash of random plastic stuff that just ends up getting wrecked or donated.

  4. I originally had a I think a 6 month subscription. Thought it would auto renew at the same subscription. Nope, been paying monthly ever since. Is there someway to upgrade my subscription to a longer term? Or do I just buy a new subs? And if I’m ‘resubscribing” can I use a discount code? I’m so confused! Thanks in advance!

  5. Anyone know when these are supposed to ship out?!

  6. @LizCadman Do you know when you’ll post the review for this box or more spoilers? I kinda like 2 of the items but am waiting to decide to purchase when I know what else inside.

  7. Here’s a vote for a tutorial!

    • Marne is working on it! 🙂

  8. My last Popsugar box was the Winter 2017 one. Up until then I loved everything I received. 2018 disappointed me including this one. What happened? My wallet however is happy. Ha!

  9. I am actually excited about this box because I can see me using the items in the box. I have managed to miss out on a lot of boxes that had included throws so I do not have burn-out on that item . I do like the necklace. I was considering buying the Resse Witherspoon book it is a nice addition for me. I have a ton of palettes but it will not stop me from adding another to the collection.

  10. Well, my daughter has a nice palette for her Christmas stocking…

    I do like the winkylux brand. We met the owners at IndieBeautyExpo in the Spring & they’re ridiculously nice.

    • A vegan makeup brand and a meaty animals cookbook in the same box….so strange a world this is.

  11. Not too impressed with this box so far. The throw looks nice, I think the necklace is absolutely horrendous, the book is okay and the palette just looks cheap.

  12. I just cancelled my subscription. I have given them two seasons in hopes that the purchase price would equal the items but I continue to be disappointed.

    • I agree with Brandy and just cancelled by subscription.

  13. I wouldn’t mind getting this box if it went on sale. Full price is too much at this point. But I could use everything in the box so far.

    • Not bad with the coupon though, $20 off!

  14. Thank you for the code. I decided to try this box, just started getting the FabFitFun and CAUSEBOX boxes and have enjoyed them turning them into gifts for others and myself. This box got my attention, in the past I have been unsure if I would use the items or who to give them to, but this box is promising so far, the code makes it worth a try. 🙂

  15. I have a Winky Lux palette from a Boxycharm box. The shadow quality is good (especially for the price). Their palettes are also great for travel. If it’s not your cup of tea, it would make a great stocking stuffer.

  16. I really hate to say anything negative about this box in general, since most of the time I like most of its contents. But…this box is disappointing for me. The eyeshadow palette is way too ruddy for me, the necklace looks cheap, the book is meh. I love the blanket, but can’t justify the total cost for 1 item – plus, all the postage I’d spend to swap all these items add to the cost of the box. I’m treating myself to the NM box this year – hope it’s good!

    • Same here! I was ready to subscribe when the blanket spoiler was released because I loved it so much, but the subsequent spoilers have been absolutely worthless to me. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find something else to buy instead!

  17. If Popsugar wants to clear the warehouse sometime down the line and sell this box at $40, I’ll take it then, enjoy most of the products, and foist the Reese “Do you know who I am” Witherspoon book on an unsuspecting enemy.

    • LOL! I thought it was Alicia “Do you know who I am” Silverstone. That book seems a bit trite (yes, I actually am being catty there), but you never know…

      • It’s Reese “do you know who I am” Witherspoon, for what it’s worth. I would hate to have Alicia pay the price just because they look similar.

    • Exactly. The book and its author made this box easy to ignore. Her problem is that I do know she is.

      • I would like to get it for just the throw. I would not gift the cookbook though, I would just toss it and enjoy it that way.

  18. Are they still going to do the $100 men’s and women’s holiday boxes?

    • no

      Will PS MH still have Limited Edition boxes?

      We will no longer offer Limited Edition boxes; however, we will continue to offer cobranded and surprise
      assortments throughout the year

    • no
      Will PS MH still have Limited Edition boxes?
      We will no longer offer Limited Edition boxes; however, we will continue to offer cobranded and surprise
      assortments throughout the year

  19. Another made in China pallet. Nope.

    • Ah, like the Tarte eyeliner we buy here.

    • I’d be ok with a pallet of PS merchandise 😆, WinkyLux actually has good shadows especially the palettes. A lot of items are made in PRC and I don’t avoid them just because that’s the country of origin, IMO there’s a big difference between made in China and sold in China.

  20. This is turning out to be a solid box, cookbook excluded. I can deal with the cookbook though since the rest of the box is nice.

    I bought one but I keep changing my mind about the necklace color.

    I can wear both gold and silver.

    I have tons of palettes but I like this one. It has some nice unexpected colors in it. And it is not all sparkle. Just enough.

    Now for the Neiman Marcus box, I am going in! I have saved money for it!

  21. Well I’m getting excited! With so many people unsubscribing, I’m hoping to score this one at a decent discount. I was on the fence with the throw, since it’s white, and I’m a clumsy person. The necklace is nice enough that I’d consider it, but not something I needed. I’d enjoy the cookbook portion of the book, especially the cocktails. But this palette speaks to me. I might need this box after all. Just not at full price.

    • I agree. I canceled after seeing the book spoiler, but I like the palette. The color swatches are very pretty. But I won’t pay full price, that’s for sure.

  22. Jennifer Garner has a video on her Instagram account of her doing her hair the way Reese does in her book. It’s cute.

    • Instagram is why I love Reese Witherspoon.

  23. I actually like the palette 🙂 I liked a wink lux shadow I got from Ipsy (did not like the cream highlighter from Birch box at all though) so I’m glad it’s eyeshadow. Several of the shades look light enough for nice highlight shades. And a sparkly lavender for the center lid highlight sound fun for winter. So far this box is pretty good for me. 🙂

  24. P.S. What happened to chocolate candy, gift cards, maybe even something Christmasy!!!

    • You are thinking of the Neiman Marcus box.

      • Actually they used to include a food item in most boxes. Last winter’s LE box had those fantastic caramel filled chocolates included. They were so good.

        • Hopefully there won’t be food in this box.

          I don’t like snacks in boxes since I am vegan.

        • Last December we got a delicious Wild Ophelia chocolate bar with sugar cookie in it, that was so good!!

    • I bet we will get that kind of stuff in the Neiman Marcus Box. We usually get a $50 Neiman Marcus gift card.

      • Last year’s gift card was only 25.00.

  25. So funny to me that everyone hates this box and loved the fall. I like the winter box so far because it’s really basic—cream throw, simple necklace, pretty coffee table book, eyeshadow palette. I don’t get a lot of boxes, so basic works for me whereas huge scarves, chunky cuffs, and purple lipstick don’t work with my body type and coloring. To each their own.

    • love them both! live in warm climate so don’t often use fall/winter items like warm scarves but still like them!

      def don’t **need** more eyeshadow but it looks really pretty and could easily gift so all good

      have $20 credit and tried to use MSA code but can not use any credit w/MSA code (even with new account, bummer!) keep waiting to purchase this winter box as so many times i’ve bought LE’s in past years to then see them on sale just after! wonder if black friday will have any surprises?! hmm..

      a few people have posted that they purchased this box for $30, clueless as to how?!?

      really miss monthly box so much + hoping for spoilers on NM x PSMH too!

      • Those people meant that they were going to buy the book anyway, so that brought the cost of the box down for them.

    • I’m on the same page as you, Leah!

      I’ve been a long subscriber of Popsugar, and the Summer was iffy, and I hated the Fall. I like going for items that are practical, rather than fancier items that I won’t use.
      A blanket could always be used around the house, especially for guests or for decor. The necklace is simple and very easy to pair. WinkyLux isn’t the fanciest brand, but it doesn’t need to be. Their eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and easy to use. Their palettes are fun. The cookbook is fine by me, maybe I’ll find new discoveries. I hated the cuff as I felt it was too much and not subtle enough. I also think cuffs are not trendy in fashion today. A purple lipstick? I’ll NEVER use, especially not for everyday wear to work.. I already have a phone case with a wallet back (a lot of people I know do as well..) and was I the only one who thought the gold metallic looked cheap and too young? Definitely not for me. I’m so excited to see what comes next! I’m hoping a candle or a home item.

  26. I was pleased to see the neutral colored throw. It will go well with any color decor and does not appear too heavy for those of us who live in milder winter climates.

    I do not wear eye shadow and always gave the palettes to my daughter and daughter-in-law. They have so many now they don’t want any more.

    Whoever said the necklace reminded her of fishing lures——–thanks a lot. When I wear it that is what I will be seeing!!!!!

    • that’s funny! had to go look but i’m seeing sand dollars not lures! xx

  27. I may sit this one out for the first time ever. I have so many throws, don’t like the necklace, do not need another eye shadow pallette and definitely wouldn’t use the cookbook.

    I will put the $$ towards the NM box, which I am buying the day it goes on sale!

    • I am soooo curious about that box!! Dont have the cash though, sigh.

  28. If only we could power our cars on the tears of sad box subscribers…

    When I saw Winky Lux was the spoiled brand I was hoping for one of those clear lip balms they’ve been promoting on social media. The palette isn’t for me but it will be a nice stocking stuffer for my daughter.

  29. The inclusion of the palette makes no sense. This is what I would expect in a cozy winter/entertaining at home box (since PSMH initially seemed to be on that track with the throw and cookbook):

    -neutral yet stylish throw (check)
    -cookbook/coffee table book (check, even though I don’t care for the book chosen)
    -cozy accessory (slippers, socks, robe)
    -luxury candle or diffuser
    -high-end skincare item geared toward cold weather (lip scrub, hand cream, body butter)
    -a household/decor item geared toward entertaining that could double as a hostess gift (serving tray, flower vase, etc)
    -a high-quality paper goods item (agenda, thank you notes, etc)

    • NSB, I’d buy your box.

      I was looking forward to a skincare item. This palette is for a GNO.

    • I would definitely buy that box! Not sure why they thought including a pallet would be a good idea….

    • I’ll take that box !! That is what I was hoping for toi, but a candle, winter scented. And slippers.

      Summer eyeshadow, no.

    • Forget about $75, I’d happily pay $100 for your box… really unimpressed with this box so far.

    • Love those items for a box! Unfortunately, that would retail to about $500 – $600, I think. And of course, some people would complain there was not a makeup item. Nevertheless, your box sounds amazing!

    • The palette was included bc it’s sparkly and fun for Christmas and NYE.

  30. Glad I unsubbed! This box just isn’t worth it for the price. Same old items every time.

  31. This is really disappointing.

    • Well, at least the decision is easy for everyone. Most folks are YES or NO.

  32. Oh bummer…I was hoping it would be the slippers! Man, Popsugar sure just popped my balloon.

  33. This is probably one of the filler items just like how causebox had the real her pallete. Hoping for a candle. Maybe they’ll spoil more items after seeing that ppl are disappointed by this spoiler.

  34. At $55 for my first box, each of the 7 items is about $8. So far I would absolutely pay $8 for all these items, I’m just waiting to see the whole box and then I’m going to snap it up! Even for $75, it’s about $11 per item which is still worth it to me.

    • Exactly!

  35. LOVE the comments that don’t post for whatever reasons???? Just wanting to know why on earth a palette is included in this box since they are grossly overdone in every beauty box out there……. thank God for that throw and book….. 🙁

    • There wasn’t a palette in the FabFitFun fall box this time, and depending on who you talk to, the box was kind of awful. I kind of signed up for these in part for the palettes, so I’m glad to get one in this one. It seems like everyone is liking the throw, though. I’m starting to wonder if there shouldn’t be a seasonal throw box with optional add-ons. I might subscribe to something like that!

      • I like that idea………… I would totally go for that…. !!

      • Little lace box totally did that. They offered what I think was called “cozy throw” which was going to be a quarterly thing. Of course, that company then basically imploded and never sent any further boxes for any of their subscriptions. I’m still traumatized.

        • I paid for 2 yearly subscriptions from Little Lace box, one for me, one for my daughter in law for Christmas. Little Lace kept promising, month after month, that they would deliver, than they went out of business when it was too late to dispute with my credit card company. Never got any refund.

  36. If it was a skincare, not a palette, I would be in. I loved throw, necklace is nice, book is ok.. but pallette…Now its pass for me.

    • Totally the same here!

    • Yep…a steady descent with each new spoiler.

      • I agree. Not into the eye shadow at all. Hoping the next spoiler is a winner so I’ll want to sign up. Glad I didn’t sign up with the first spoiler, though.

  37. I have a necklace very similar to that from Talbots from years ago. Every time I wore it at least one person would comment about fishing lures. I didn’t think of that when I bought it, obviously, but with so many people commenting I couldn’t unsee it so I never wore it again but I still have it. And now I can’t unsee it every time I see it here.

    • I can totally see that now! Lol I love fishing, so a necklace that looks like fishing lures is perfect for me! I think the gold looks less like lures, since silver is traditionally how they come.

      • Yes, gold is definitely the way to go. The one I have is silver.

  38. cancelled. Throw is nice, but not in that color. I can see my dog/kid ruining it in 5 minutes. Necklace looks like something I could find at Ross. Palette is meh.

    • Would love your throw is you’re looking to sell yours! Thanks! lily.abolghasemi @ gmail . com.

  39. Seriously, this is THE WINTER box……. why on earth a palette when they are grossly OVERDONE by every beauty box out there…….. what happened to cozy?? Cozy is a nice candle, a great body lotion…. huge disappointment !!!

  40. I don’t hate or love anything in this box. I’m an annual subscriber and will get this anyway, but it doesn’t seem as well-put-together as the summer and fall boxes. I also wish that subscription box companies would stop assuming everyone loves fringe and tassels.

  41. I’ve been on the fence, but I’m out. It’s all fine, but nothing that really turns my head. I have so many untouched palettes. I never thought I’d tire of seeing palettes in boxes, but here we are.

  42. Hmm, I’m starting to lose interest in this box (the throw was so promising, but that’s the only thing I like so far). Liz, do you know when winter spoilers for the other popular women’s lifestyle/fashion boxes will be posted (RZ BOS, Happy Rebel, PSMH x NM, and FFF)? Trying to decide where my money will best be spent.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. With every spoiler I lose more and more interest in this box. Sigh.

      Another palette. I get it that Popsugar attracts subscribers of all ages, but I struggle to think of a single person over the age of 14 how would benefit from purple glitter eyeshadow. I suppose if it were to arrive before Halloween it could complement an old school witch costume. But otherwise I think this palette will go to my friend’s 6 year old who likes to play dress up.

      Oh well. I still love the throw.

      • I am glad to see someone who will rock glitter eyeshadow. I am 64 and I rock it when I go out at night. Not heavy but just enough to add some bling to evening lights!

        Old and basic are things I have never and never will be 🙂

        • You are exactly the type of person I aspire to be.

      • @Noelle, your comment “I’m so sorry you grew old, basic, and boring” is extraordinarily rude. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s views, but personal attacks are uncalled for.

        • I agree. That is a personal attack and is uncalled for. This should be moderated and removed .

      • I’m 36, and I will totally wear the purple glitter eyeshadow.

        • Meg, me too. I’m 38 and will rock that shadow. It has fun nite out or holiday party written all over it.

  43. What a bummer. I subbed to Popsugar because I was tired of palettes from other subs. Ugh.

  44. So far the value for me is a zero 🙂

    I don’t want a natural colored throw – For $118 I can get exactly the throw I want to go with my decor. Ditto for the necklace.

    I honestly don’t understand the appeal of spending $250 for items that aren’t exactly what one would purchase. Even if one doesn’t have access to shopping in person, there are a multitude of internet shopping sites with beautiful stuff for far less than the inflated retail values they use.

    • Just to clarify – this isn’t the $250 Neiman Marcus box. It’s the $75 Winter Box. (And if you are a new subscriber, you can get your first box for $55 with our coupon.)

    • It’s $75, not $250. I think you’re thinking of the Nieman Marcus LE box. This is the regular quarterly one.

    • Besides the price discrepancy which has already been addressed, I like sub boxes because they do push me out of my comfort zone. I cannot tell you how many things I’ve ended up loving that I NEVER would have purchased myself…and didn’t expect to love. That is the fun.

  45. I’m glad I don’t like the palette and the necklace, makes this box an easy miss. I agree this box seems oddly curated or not curated.

  46. I’m conflicted.

    On the one hand, not super excited by another eye shadow palette.

    On the other hand……oooh, glitter, so pretty!!

    I’m like a squirrel when it comes to glittery things.

  47. This is an exclusive for the PSMH box. While I think some of the shades are pretty, and I’m interested in seeing how I can work the purple and pink, this seems like a pretty uncoordinated selection of shades. Maybe I’m just not very imaginative?

    When I got the email, it said to click to SEE how the editors are using the palette. But it’s only arm swatches. I really wish they would have showed the looks they actually did. Maybe MSA can do some looks?

    • Purple eyeshadow is very nice for brown eyes. If you use one of the neutral shades on your lid and the purple shadow on your crease, it will probably be prettier than you’d expect, as long as it’s blended nicely.

      • Thanks Samantha. I have blue eyes :oP and winter brings super pale skin for me. So I’m a little afraid of the purple. The pink I can probably work with, but the purple might wash me out. Maybe I’ll just save it for summer! :o)

        • If you feel like the purple is too dramatic, you could always use it as a liner. That’s what I do with bright colors that freak me out. For some of them, if it looks nice, I’ll eventually build my way up to a full lid. 🙂

    • When I looked at the swatches I thought the same thing…an odd, mis-matched palette. But I totally admit I’m relatively inexperienced so I’d love to see an MSA tutorial and get schooled!

    • I love to use the bold, glittery colors in palettes as eyeliner. Gummybear and Cherry Pie in particular will make green eyes pop, and Sprinkles is just fun. Unlike most, this palette is actually tempting me to get this box.

      I can kind of see the theme and curation for this box. I hate to call it “princessy” but that’s the type of person these items belong to. It’s for the lady who never quite outgrew pink, sparkly, fancy things. I know many women like this. Heck, I am a woman like this.

    • Maybe that’s the hip new thing, wearing around eyeshadow swatches on your arms.

      • Hahaha! Hmmmm I’ll have to try that, see if I get some attention for my new, bold look.

  48. The curation of this box is all over the place, it doesn’t feel cohesive at all. I’m surprised given that the fall box was extremely cohesive and thoughtfully curated.

    • I agree completely.

  49. I have been a loyal PS subscriber for 5 years. I was so excited to see this item until I saw that it was made in PRC (China). I do like the other 3 spoilers though.

    • Wendy, some high-end brands like Smashbox and Tarte also have their products manufactured in China (that are sold here to you). FYI.

      • I do not buy/use skin care or cosmestics that are made in China. Period. I like winky lux, the palettes they sell on the website as well as Nordstrom are made in USA.

        • I am with you. I do not buy or use any make up or skin care or food made in China. The risk is just not worth it.

          • Do you use iPHones or buy cars?

            Now everything is made in China.

            It bothers me but I do like the palette enough to want to use it.

            I just wish sub boxes would get the hint that we do not want makeup made in PRC.

            I am hopeful that any makeup in the NM box will be more luxe and not made in Asia.

  50. Thank God for the throw and the book…………

    • Amen.

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