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POPSUGAR Must Have Winter 2018 Box SPOILER #2 + Customization!

We have the latest spoiler for the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box! And you get to pick the metal of your choice!

All boxes will include:

Melinda Maria Designs Sabrina Pod Necklace – Retail Value $98

Timeless yet fashionable jewelry can be tricky to find, so we did the hunting for you. This 18k gold-plated or sterling-silver plated necklace can be worn long or looped twice, depending on your preference. We love that it looks just as pretty on its own as it does layered with your other favorite necklaces. The hammered pods are all a little different, making each piece unique. Consider this your Winter go-to accessory.

And here is the gold version:

Here it is on:

And looped around twice:

And here’s the silver version on, too:

What do you think of the latest spoiler? Are you picking silver or gold?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Uncommon James 100 Percent Handmade Cotton Fringe Throw – Retail Value $118

Cuddle on the couch with this chic, versatile throw that Uncommon James created exclusively for our POPSUGAR Must Have Box. The piece was made in partnership with Tribe Alive, a company whose mission is to promote female artisans, ensure they’re paid living wages, and provide safe work environments for them. The soft material and contemporary look make it the ideal throw to incorporate into any space. Cozy nights in just got so much better.

This creamy white throw blanket has tassels on the ends, and fringe accents throughout. It’s giving me Anthropologie vibes and I love it!

Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

It measures 65 x 50 inches (fringe included). It’s 100% cotton, and dry clean only. (FYI – we put it in the dryer on the refresh setting – 15 minutes steam, and it came out perfectly.)

It’s large enough to cuddle up with on the couch or to accent your bed:

(Shown on a queen size bed.)

The weight of the fabric isn’t too heavy/thick, but it’s substantial enough to give you warmth. I’d say it’s about a medium weight.

(FYI –  This box value is $350+ and includes 7 items. This does not include additional special extras!)

And Add-Ons are available, too! This season they are featuring 25% off Wander Beauty:

New subscribers can sign up here and use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (94)

  1. Did anyone else not get a notice that customization was open for the necklace? I have checked all my email folders and nothing, but now I’m too late to do my pick. Do you customize right when the spoiler comes out? I thought it was like FFF where Customization opened at a certain time. I am so angry!

    • I’m having the same problem!! I keep getting silver stuff and I never wear silver. I’ve been checking for an email but got nothing! Another waste of a piece of jewelry… not that the necklace is that cute anyway!

  2. How do you customize this box? This is my second quarter. When I signed up for fall, I customized the bracelet, but I was waiting for a message from them to pick my winter necklace color and never got one! Now my status says gold was selected. Why didn’t I get a notice to pick???

  3. Anyone know when they’re going to be releasing more spoilers (and if it’s going to be before the billing date)? I like the throw, but the necklace is not my style at all so I’m not sure if I should cancel or not.

  4. I really like both spoilers. Wish my box would arrive tomorrow! I usually wear gold jewelry, but have decided to let the finish be a surprise. When I have done this in the past, I have always received silver. Trying to build my silver collection anyway 🙂

  5. I don’t like the necklace, but maybe it’s nicer in person. I didn’t expect to like the cuff from the Fall box, but I do. I only wear delicate chain bracelets, so getting used to this cuff took some time, but once I did, I enjoy wearing it. And I don’t even own any costume jewelry!

    As for the inflated RV – look at Alexis Bittar, for example. He works with plexiglass, for Pete’s sake!! But the prices are quite handsome. Supply and demand.

  6. I ordered the winter box because I have been eyeing popsugar for awhile, and the fall box looked like it was full of things I would have liked, so I took the leap. Not at all excited about these first two spoilers. The throw just looks like a disaster and the necklace looks pretty generic. Hopefully the rest of the box will be better. I might be giving everything away as holiday gifts.

  7. Anyone else having trouble using the code?

    • FYI – coupon only works for new accounts. If the email you are using has previously had a POPSUGAR account, it will not work. Hope that helps!

  8. I was on the fence with the throw (really love it) but that necklace pushed me over! I love the design – I think it will be great for layering and I think the textured organic look is so lovely. I got the silver as I do like silver better with plated items.

  9. How insanely boring. You can find this necklace at any target or department store on the planet there’s nothing to suggest this doesn’t cost 9.99 from the clearance section so why would I spend so much on the box? Same with the blanket, I guess I’m saving money not re-subbing to popsugar this time!

  10. how are people picking their add on’s and customizing? I don’t have those options and FFF states it is NOT OPEN yet.

    • This is Popsugar, not FFF.

  11. Anybody who has made their picks for this box… did you get to make any other picks? (AKA who has more spoilers? haha)

    • Nope, as of today, only the customization for the necklace and add-ons (pictured above) are available. Hope there’s one more custom item!

  12. Help! I have never cared about jewelry and coloring before. Would one color complement or contrast with skin tones? Or does that not really matter. My impulse is to go silver, because I have blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and yellow undertones, but maybe that makes me a “warm” in which case gold might be better. I need a mom lol

    • I’ve always heard that “warm” tones (tan easily) are better complimented with gold and “cool” (sunburn easily) with silver. I have dark brown hair, am pretty light skinned and burn like crazy (thanks to my Scottish ancestors) and have always preferred silver and warm reds, oranges, yellows, etc clash with my skintone. But I know alot of people are really more “neutral” and wear either. But in reality it’s totally up to you and what you like!

    • With warmer undertones, gold will probably tend to look best on you. BUT always pick whatever you like best!

    • I think silver sounds lovely for you!

    • Gold would probably suit ‘better’ as it goes well with warm undertones, but that doesn’t mean silver will look funny. The color/saturation of clothing is going to affect how washed out or vibrant you look more than what jewelry you wear will. I have yellow undertones and I love gold jewelry because it really enhances that. Most of my jewelry is either gold tone, rose-gold, chocolate, or copper because of my undertones. However, I can still wear silver and sometimes get it.

      So while I’d recommend gold, it really comes down to what outfit you think you will be wearing it with most and if you really like one color over another.

    • This get complicated. You might actually be a neutral like me. My skin tone is technically cool toned as my veins are blue when I look at my wrist, not green, which would indicate a warm tone. But my light brown hair and green eyes are warmer toned. I can rock gold and silver equally well. I’d look at your winter wardrobe and pick which tone will compliment your clothing best, like another commenter who normally likes gold, but wears a lot of black in the winter, so she went with silver. I own a lot of long gold necklaces, but all my silver necklaces are short, so I’m going with silver.

    • Hi! I also have dirty blonde hair and my skin has clear yellow undertone preference. My eyes are blue-green/aqua.

      I LOVE silver jewelry, and it’s trendy. But unfortunately silver jewelry doesn’t love me, to the great disappointment of my hipster ex.

      Go with what looks good for you, despite even your personal preferences. If you use warm foundation, go with gold.

  13. Did anyone else think at first glance that in the 4th picture the necklace looks green?

  14. I don’t like the necklace, but maybe it’s nicer in person. I didn’t expect to like the cuff from the Fall box, but I do. I only wear delicate chain bracelets, so getting used to this cuff took some time, but once I did, I enjoy wearing it. And I don’t even own any costume jewelry!

    As for the inflated RV – look at Alexis Bittar, for example. He works with plexiglass, for Pete’s sake! But the prices are quite handsome. Supply and demand.

  15. Plated jewelry? No, thanks.

  16. I like the necklace for work travel, actually, bc you can wear it two ways that are both professional-looking and it isn’t so valuable that you’d worry about it (at $55 for the box with the promo code, each item doesn’t cost that much).

  17. I ended up paying $35 for the box so it looks pretty decent at that price point 😋

    • Wow – how did you end up with that mega-discount?

      • Discount could maybe be because of referrals?

    • yes, please share!!

  18. Does someone know, please, when the deadline is for cancelling the Winter box?

    • I think customization closes November 2 and billing happens around then. I just cancelled–these are probably the two big ticket items and I don’t need another blanket and can’t stand plated jewelry! Maybe I’ll end up buying if another spoiler or two seem worth it.

    • According to the Popsugar Must Have website FAQ’s, October 15 is the billing date.

      • Oh! Thank you! I love the blanket but the necklace is not my style. Similar thing happened last quarter, the bracelet was not my style but the other items compensated and so I got the box. Not sure I will this time around … it looks like I have a couple of days or so to make up my mind.

  19. Prepared to give you all of my money Popsugar. Love these first two items. How much longer you think we have to customize? I just want to wait it out al little bit longer…and maybe purchase as a reward when I get a new job. LOL.

  20. I guess I’m in the minority here but I’m not a fan of the necklace. It looks like something I’ve seen in mall stores many times. I wish it were a bit more fashion-forward or unique, like the throw. I’m bummed that this necklace makes up such a large part of the RV.

    • Nope, you’re not alone. I don’t care for the necklace either. 🙁

      • Same here. This may be the first popsugar box i am skipping in years.

    • Same. I love the throw but the necklace seems to be a completely different aesthetic. It definitely looks like something I could buy at Kohl’s. Not a bad thing but just not something that I would want.

  21. The name and hallmark are what make the costume jewelry valuable. Sometimes they bring in way more than real sterling. Look at David Yurman. He works in mostly sterling and now aluminum. I collect DY jewelry and have sterling pieces that cost more than my no name 18 kt gold.

    It is all in the name of the designer. Not necessarily the metals in which they work.

    • Yes but it’s still PLATE. That’s the part I can’t figure. /shrug

      • I know, solid genuine silver itself is not that expensive at all…

      • There are different degrees of PLATE. If you do not like it though it is certainly your right to dislike it.

        I have always found PS jewelry offerings way more high quality than FFF. Their jewelry is awful!

    • OT – Amyr – did you see DY did a cuff this month with pink pearls for breast cancer month + a % goes to charity and it’s stunning!! wonder if it’s limited to only this month or will be available longer, if you know, pls share! thx!!

      • It is the Solari collection which is new and he is donating 20% of proceeds to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

        Anything David Yurman, Eddie Borgo, Kendra Scott, Tom Binns, Gas Bijoux, Alexis Bittar and Roxanne Assolution makes is gorgeous.

        And other than DY most are PLATED! Gasp! I love high end fashion jewelry! I am an avid collector. And I think this necklace is lovely!

  22. Pretty! I love organic but not clunky jewelry and this is perfect.

  23. I love the spoilers so far and this would be an easy yes if the throw didn’t have to be dry cleaned. And since it’s a cream color it will get dirty pretty easily, requiring it to be dry cleaned more frequently.

    • It’s cotton I would think this could easily be hand washed. Grant it in the bathtub since it’s so big 😉

    • I think if you washed it on cold gentle in your washing machine, then you’d be fine. I’d hang to dry though since cotton tends to shrink if there’s heat.

      • I wash several dry clean cotton items on hand wash/wool setting and hang to dry then use touch up cycle on dryer for about 15 min.

    • There’s some discussion of laundry tips in the first spoiler thread. It shouldn’t need dry cleaned only! Washing/rinsing on cold/gentle is fine, and tumble dry on a gentle cycle with low or medium heat – but be sure to take it out before it is completely dry so as to not ‘cook’ the fibers. Lay flat or line dry the rest of the way, and fluff it a few times before using again.

  24. I like the necklace and quality-wise I was happy with the MM pieces that came in Sugarbash previously. @Liz – are you a red-head now or is that the lighting?

    • That’s just the lighting. Still brunette! 🙂 But I’m thinking of making a hair color change soon…

  25. I already own a necklace that looks almost exactly like this one and I have never once thought about looping it around. Not once! Thank you for the idea, Liz!

  26. Love the spoilers so far but hard to choose between the two metals!

    • Agreed. I would like to have the 18k gold plate because I own very little gold or gold toned jewelry. I’ve actually changed my preference twice already. N NOW I’m thinking how good the silver will look with the silver cuff we got in the last box. N ive just purchased a beautiful gray & black poncho that both pieces will look great with. Ok. Convinced myself to switch back to silver. Lol.

  27. Silver! Yes!

    This box is making me happy, so far! It’s looking like it will be a great winter box.

  28. The necklace is much better than the earrings in the Summer box, at least. But a RV of $98 seems ridiculous.

    • I’m really getting sick of inflated retail values. So over them, can’t take them seriously. *eye-roll*

  29. I still haven’t even gotten my fall box that I paid for on 9/2. I’ve reached out to popsugar and all I heard was we’d check into it.

    • That’s nuts – I just ordered the Popsugar Fall box on October 1st, and mine is out for delivery today! I hope you’re able to sort things out!

  30. Does anyone know when this is supposed to ship?

    • The first half of November.

      • Thank you!!

  31. It’s lovely!
    Still, since I don’t need a tasseled, hard to wash throw my cat will chew, I’m still not buying at this point.

    • I just don’t get this throw like why all the tassels it looks like one of those higher end pieces that nobody buys because of how ugly it is and then it is suddenly 90% off to get rid of it. I would’ve loved a nicer throw TBH

  32. Love it ! I picked gold ! Nice we get to choose!

  33. What a gorgeous necklace

  34. Like it so far. I’m glad the Fall and Winter boxes (so far) worked a lot better for me than the Summer box…but I often like those seasons better anyways. Just also wanted to say I REALLY like that PS started the customization for jewelry colors. It makes me much happier as a subscriber because I favor silver but I also know I’m in the minority so I lose out most times when there aren’t variations. Now I wish they would start offering substitutions for earrings…not all of us have pierced ears!

  35. I like it! I love the Stella&Dot cuff that is coming from Sugarbash too!

  36. I received this brand from another box before. It made my neck itch, must contain nickel. Much happier with the sterling silver necklace I am getting from Ellen. I’d already cancelled since I already have new throws for the season and this reinforced my decision.

  37. I got three necklaces from Melinda Maria from Sugarbash. I liked them, nice quality!

  38. Melinda Maria is a high end jewelry designer. I like the necklace especially worn doubled over. But both ways work for me.

    I love both colors – so difficult to make decisions.

    I will probably go with the gold.

    PS follows a curation theme.

    Accessory: (?)
    Home: Throw and Candle maybe
    Jewelry: Necklace
    Makeup: (?)

    I still think there will be more items in the cozy category. And I am happy it is not those slippers. Those would be awful to customize IMO.

    • I think the makeup will be the rose gold lip item they showed on Instagram 😉

      • I just saw that! I would love a metallic lipstick to wear over my darker lipstick for the holidays! It isn’t something I would choose every day but I had been wanting a metallic for the holidays!

  39. I can’t wrap my head around plated jewelry with a value of $98, yet I keep seeing it over and over in sub boxes. That should at least be sterling… can someone please explain these Uber high values for plate jewelry? If it was sterling I might sub this box but I just can’t justify it to myself for costume jewelry.

    • A lot of designer jewelry does better than non hallmarked jewelry. I collect jewelry and always want hallmarked jewelry. They do better on the resale market.

      Look at Kendra Scott and Roxanne Assolutin. Both are highly sought after.

      Melinda Maria is a great brand!

    • That gets me too! I’ve gotten gorgeous sterling and natural gem pieces from the Hunger Site and other Greatergood Stores for less than $20, and I even got a couple months of Treasure Box which sends out two sterling/natural gem pieces + extras – I estimated those pieces RV was around $25 a piece from similar pieces I found. I’ve gotten several pairs of sterling and freshwater pearl or other natural gem earrings at Nahoku for between $10 and $30. So I agree it’s weird to see costume jewelry in subs with price tags four times that!

      But then, the base cost of sterling silver and natural gem jewelry is higher – so I can see why it would be harder to source for sub boxes at a discount. Many places I am sure are willing to let things go at cost for the marketing boost, but I doubt many businesses can let things go for more than it costs to make them.

      • I’m a jewelry addict and have a fortune invested in non-severable gifts ( wisdom gained from working for a divorce attorney ladies) and I routinely purchase estate pieces in sterling and gold for far far less than the RV I see plated pieces going for in sub boxes. Thanks for the education ladies. I guess it’s all about the brand name.

  40. Hmm. I wear more gold but the gold plated things tend to get dull.

    I wear more black in winter, so I guess I’ll go with silver. LOL. I don’t like to choose metal colors. 😉

    • Good point – now I am not sure which to pick! Lol.

  41. I love the necklace! Just these two spoiled items make me glad I ordered.

    • I agree! Even if I gift everything else, for the $55 I spent, these two items are great!

  42. I like it! I’ve been looking around for some more statement-style necklaces since the more delicate ones I lean towards I find don’t work with my warmer clothes and scarves. I’ve almost bought some hammered disc station necklaces, so I think this one will work well. I like that it can be looped around twice as that is probably how I will wear it. I’ll probably get the gold since that seems to go best with my skintone.

    The one downside is that since the RV on it is so high, together with the throw that’s over $200 of the box value – but jewelry is generally the least important item in lifestyle boxes to me. (Normally because jewelry is very hit/miss in terms of style, and most lifestyle boxes seem to send out plated stuff that seems inflated in RV.) So jewelry being a hero item isn’t my preference.

    In this case, though, I do like it and am happy with the spoilers so far – which is good since I already bought the box and would have been a little disappointed if I ended up hating the jewelry.

  43. Love the outfit Liz! You look so cute and fall-trendy!

    • Thank you! 🙂

  44. Rarely comment, and I hate to be negative but I agree. Even beautiful Liz could not make that necklace look good. Do love the throw!

    • I think she makes it look great actually 😊

      • Me too!

  45. I really like this necklace! The first subscription box necklace that I will actually keep – WINNING! I chose silver!

  46. I like both spoilers. I was hoping to not like them so I wouldn’t feel bad skipping the winter box

  47. I love long necklaces! Can’t decide which color to go with.

  48. Love the throw, cannot stand the necklace… hmm. Was hoping for more cozy spoilers!

    • I’m glad this necklace appeals to other people, but it’s not my taste at all. Looks very costume-y to me, despite supposedly being an upscale brand. I was hoping the second spoiler would knock my socks off like the first and convince me to join, but now I’m more ambivalent than ever.

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