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POPSUGAR Must Have Winter 2018 Box SPOILER #1!

We have the first spoiler for the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box!

All boxes will include:

Uncommon James 100 Percent Handmade Cotton Fringe Throw – Retail Value $118

Cuddle on the couch with this chic, versatile throw that Uncommon James created exclusively for our POPSUGAR Must Have Box. The piece was made in partnership with Tribe Alive, a company whose mission is to promote female artisans, ensure they’re paid living wages, and provide safe work environments for them. The soft material and contemporary look make it the ideal throw to incorporate into any space. Cozy nights in just got so much better.

This creamy white throw blanket has tassels on the ends, and fringe accents throughout. It’s giving me Anthropologie vibes and I love it!

Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

It measures 65 x 50 inches (fringe included). It’s 100% cotton, and dry clean only. (FYI – we put it in the dryer on the refresh setting – 15 minutes steam, and it came out perfectly.)

It’s large enough to cuddle up with on the couch or to accent your bed:

(Shown on a queen size bed.)

The weight of the fabric isn’t too heavy/thick, but it’s substantial enough to give you warmth. I’d say it’s about a medium weight.

What do you think of the first spoiler? (FYI –  This box value is $350+ and includes 7 items. This does not include additional special extras!)

New subscribers can sign up here and use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (146)

  1. No one else tired of throws and scarves?

    • Me! I say that but this morning I was looking for a black scarf with grey that wasn’t too heavy for this warmer than usual day. I didn’t have one.

    • I’m not really in to a white throw with fringes. We have 4 dogs, I would rather have something different. This is sooooooo not our style.

      • My dogs would love pulling the fringes out🤣

  2. Are they coming out with Holiday limited edition boxes?

    • No

    • There is supposed to be 1 luxe box during the holidays, probably the Neiman Marcus box, it is always such a hit!

      • Not always.

  3. Hooray for natural fibers!!

  4. It’s cracking me up that you are on this swap site while on your honeymoon! 🙂

  5. I was all set to cancel after the Summer and Fall boxes, (though I did like Fall MUCH MORE than Summer), but this throw looks lovely and has me intrigued. PSMH is reeling me back in!

  6. Love it!!! Can’t wait to see more spoilers!😊

  7. After thinking about this spoiler all day I caved just in case it sells out.

  8. Wow! This throw is fabulous! And, its sale goes to a good cause. I think Popsugar just upped the anty. Way to give Causebox a run for their money. And Fabfitfun, who?

  9. I tried to order it and popsugar geolocated me to Jamaica because I’m here on my honeymoon and won’t let me get around it, saying it’s not available for my area. Won’t even let me into the page. After that bad ui experience I think I’m out, bummer I was totally going to get it. Fix your site popsugar, the only address blocking you should do is when shipping info comes up. I’m not always physically where I live

    • That’s really frustrating. Did you try turning off your location on the device you’re ordering from?

      • Yep 🙁 and know all the tricks I’m a front end engineer. Boo design haha.

    • It’s cracking me up that you are on this swap site while on your honeymoon! 🙂

      • … Please don’t tell my husband 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • When I was in the U.K. I had the same issue. Some websites are specific to country. Luckily msa works in different countries but not all websites do.

      • Yeah it’s a bummer. I am a front end engineer and I used to run a site and have implemented geolocation so I’m particularly sassy about how poorly it was done. You know when things that cross into your particular area of expertise do things very wrong that it’s more annoying than it should be? That’s me right now haha. Oh well I allocated it to my FFF and now I have fabulous add ons!

    • Leah, Do they have a customer service number where you could just call them and order it that way?

  10. Very pretty. I would have preferred a dark gray, maroon, or another fall color. I can see this getting dirty easily in my house.

    • I’d love a darker color too! Then I’d definitely go for this box.

    • Yes! A darker color would have more appeal.

  11. Kristen Cavalleri owns this brand. She opened a brick and mortar store near us in Nashville. Everything from her jewelry to homegoods is super trendy. It all seems to be good quality from what I’ve seen, but leans on the pricey side.

  12. I LOVE it!!!!! I am so glad I signed up!

  13. Easy pass! I had a blanket from last his brand it fell apart after ONE wash cycle. Walmart quality

  14. I’d love to sign up for the winter box, but the site states that we are “automatically signed up to receive an earlier box should it become available.” I really do NOT want the fall box. Am I safe in ordering now?

    • I ordered as well but I want the Winter box not the Fall. I think I will email them to make sure !

    • I actually reached out to them on Facebook with this exact question and they assured me that by placing my order today that I’d be getting the Winter box 😉

  15. I am not into throws because I have so many but I do love the color. Every body has a throw in them this time of year it seems. But I prefer neutrals when it comes to things like this.

    It is only a small part of the box so I am still excited enough to keep my subscription!

    So I am glad I’m in. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  16. PSMH is giving RZ BOS a run for its money. Less expensive, wider variety of items, and early spoilers. BOS used to be my fave fashion/lifestyle quarterly sub, but I have a feeling PSMH might end up being my new fave.

  17. Hmm… will need to see more, but so far this is looking good

  18. Those darling slippers are next I bet. I love them. I have a pair in black and gray and get compliments every time I go to the Dr. My hubby falls me Liz Taylor lol. I love the blanket

    • What slippers?

      • The pink fuzzy ones the model is wearing in the picture where she’s holding a box and the throw is on the couch next to her.

      • What is it about throws and slippers that I can never have too many?

    • If it is those slippers, I will truly pass out! It sounds too good to be true but I am holding out hope that is our customization choice. Size of slippers!

      • Lol amyr, I don’t love those slippers, but I caved due to the throw. I needed one anyway.

      • Actually I was being facetious. I don’t want slippers. If we get these then it may become the Granny box. LOL!

        I want glam!

    • That would reel me back in very quickly.

  19. I have been looking at this box and now with that $20 coupon and the first spoiler I decided to try it out. Love the throw and at $55 it’s a great deal to try. Can’t wait to see what other spoilers come out 🙂

  20. So wonderful! I’m coming for my box

  21. How soft is it? The luxe pineapple throws are still my favorite but I’m tempted

  22. I washed the black and cream blanket and pillow from popsugar in my washer and laid on the table to dry, it did just fine. That blanket stated spot clean only, but it smelt like a wet dog so it had to go in the washer LOL.

    • Did the pillow maintain its shape? I’d love to wash mine

      • The cover comes off the pillow. I washed it, along with the blanket, and it looks great!

      • Ohhhh thanks! I’m going to do this asap

  23. I cancelled but I am weak when it comes to PS. It still give me joy when the box arrives but I am trying to cut back on subs. Plus I do not need another throw. I’m going to wait for another spoiler and if it’s sold out, well then it’s sold out. C’est la vie.

    • I cancelled as well. I got ALL the fall quarterly boxes (PSMH, FFF, Causebox and Happy Rebel) and feel the need to reign in. I could be tempted by additional spoilers though!

      • Don’t forget Breo.

      • I’m so glad I’m no alone in this, lol. They were all just too darn good. I especially love how the accessories from last year’s PSMH Fall box, this year’s box, and this year’s Happy Rebel coordinate so nicely. I said only 1 box for Winter, I have a feeling PSMH will be it.

    • Me too

  24. Liz, do you know when this box supposed to start shipping?
    Is it December?

    • Winter boxes will start shipping at the beginning of November!

      • Just saw Liz’s answer. I bet the site is off my a month. That would make way more sense!

      • That the billing schedule though, glad you posted it because I needed to save it.

      • Oops! 🤦

      • The site is the billing schedule – they will bill end of October, then ship beginning in November

      • 🤦
        Of course it is! Can’t believe I missed that.

      • This looks like billing is October…shipping must be early November as Liz indicated.

      • Oops! 🤦

  25. That throw is gorgeous. Never subscribed but very tempted.

  26. It’s beautiful, but I just saw that Uncommon James is founded by Kristin Cavalarri, who is vocally anti-vax, so as with anything Kat VonD related, I can’t support it.
    RE: dry clean only, I’m guessing they tagged it as such because dry cleaning will keep the tassels from fraying, but it should be fine to gentle wash and hang dry.

  27. Super cute! I definitely wouldn’t spend $100+ on it, but I’m happy to get it in the $55 box! It’ll go well with my living room.

  28. I can never have enough throws, but I doubt this is actually worth $118, and it doesn’t look that warm. I hope I’m wrong. I also will likely machine-wash this on gentle at some point and hope it doesn’t fall apart.

    Sometimes I think the people complaining that the monthly boxes were better may have forgotten how inconsistent the quality and practicality of the items were. Not to mention, many people found themselves hoarding a bunch of items they would never use or had 10 versions of (especially makeup items). I personally think the new quarterly boxes have been great so far and much more practical than the monthly boxes. I have really enjoyed a vast majority of the items I received in the summer and fall boxes.

    • Agree! I love my autumn box and quality of every single item isgreate. I won’t use everything but I won’t be ashamed to gift few items from that box

    • I am liking the quarterly boxes a lot, but to me, they feel like the same experience as the Popsugar LE Boxes. So, it just feels like PSMH is gone. I definitely miss it! Not everything was a home run, but there was enough good to make up for any misses for sure.

      • I guess I feel like the new quarterly boxes are adequately the in-between of the monthly boxes and the seasonal limited edition boxes, both in price and quality. I’ve also been fortunate that I’ve really liked the items in the last two boxes, when I haven’t loved all of the limited edition boxes. I also used my lightweight robe during the summer all the time, and it was refreshing to have a sized item because I’m too petite for the “one-size-fits-all” stuff that has come in other boxes.

    • I think the higher-than-typical cost is probably because it’s fair-trade.

  29. Are the products from Uncommon James fair trade?

  30. I love it! My Pehr blanket from the Holiday 2016 Popsugar Holiday box is one of of my all time favorite subscription box items. I hope this one is just as nice.

    • It’s my favorite as well. So much that I got too. I wish it was bigger though.

      • I also bought 2 of that box with the Pehr throw , we use those so much at my house!

    • My 3 year old and 2 year old each sleep with one every night. They are the perfect size for toddler beds.

    • Yesss. Still love my Pehr blanket so much. It’s a little weathered after a few washes, big dogs, and lots of use. But still looks and feels great!

    • SAME!!! That blanket makes me so happy!

  31. Yay, the spoiler was the throw!! Excited, even if I did just buy two for the guest room. And I love that it is cotton over an artificial blend.

    I just got my Fall box a couple days ago, and I *love* the scarf. The cuff bracelet fit me better than I thought it would (though I think I might find a short ribbon from my craft room to tie through it to jazz it up a little.) The scarf organizer and tray filled some organizing needs in my room, too.

  32. Gorgeous ❤️👍🏻😎

  33. Happy with the first spoiler ! Especially at around $8 an item with the $20 off coupon, excited for more spoilers!!

  34. I have purchased half a dozen or so throws from Pottery Barn and West Elm at very deep discount in the past couple of years. Three of them are still in their package and may be broken out this year. My cats love to snuggle up on them. I have an ivory one that I wash regularly. I’m not sure I need this, I didn’t spend $118 on the 6 I have!

    • Uncommon James takes stuff from West Elm and resells it for much higher. I found out when I saw my copper tongs on KCavs insta. Oh well, good for her for seizing opportunities.

  35. man, I miss the monthly boxes. They were just as good (to me anyway), cheaper, and more frequent!

  36. Is anyone else having trouble with the discount code msa20 ? It isn’t working for me

    • FYI – that code is only for new accounts. If you are using an email address that previously had a POPSUGAR subscription, it will not work. Hope that helps!

      • Liz, Do you know how long the coupon good for? Thanks

      • We weren’t given an expiration date for the coupon, sorry! I think it may be by # of redemptions.

  37. I signed up using a different account. Cannot pass with the discount. Hoping that other items are good, as well.

  38. It’s so pretty…but for me very impractical. I don’t dry clean…and keeping white clean would just be a pain. I’m probably better off holding off.

    • AGREE. For me, pets are the issue.

      • Yep, me too – I have two Bernese Mountain Dogs and black fur all over EVERYTHING is just a fact of life in my house, LOL! Will be swapping this.

      • The upside is that it should be an easy swap! Throws are so popular.

      • popular but expensive to mail!

      • I am so over the dog hair – we have four dogs. So I created a “She Shed” in the basement. Puppy-free zone. Where I can have white throws, white pillows, and can sit after getting dressed to wait for my husband to take me to dinner without getting dog hair all over my dress. The rest of the house, we accept that dog hair is part of our life and even a condiment. Just not in the she shed.

      • LOL, I love it! Unfortunately I never seem to be able to escape it entirely! We were just on vacation on literally the other side of the world, sans dogs, and I was still leaving dog hair all over the bedspreads. Sigh…

      • Ah the shed-free she shed.

      • Lol! I hear you. Pet mom of a black cat AND a black dog. White doesn’t stay white in our household. I’ll be skipping for now.

    • Ditto.

  39. It’s really cute, but 100% cotton from a brand I’m not familiar with makes me nervous for shrinking, and I’m not sure a white blanket that’s dry clean only with two dogs and a newborn is a good idea for me. (Could still be a good gift, but not enough to pull the trigger.)

  40. I’m so excited for this box, this is a strong start! I think it’s beautiful and useful, love the neutral color and the fringe. I’m hopeful that the rest of the box might have a beautiful piece of jewelry, perhaps, a good snack, and maybe a bubble bath or lotion?

  41. Love the style, but concerned about it being dry clean only (especially since it’s white). Liz—do you know if it would just shrink from machine washing, or would it be totally destroyed?

    • I am someone who puts just about everything in the washer even if it says dry clean only, and 90% of the time the fabric is fine. I haven’t tried washing this blanket, so I can’t say for certain, but since it is 100% cotton, I don’t think it would be destroyed. If anyone has additional insight on how to wash dry clean only items, please share 🙂

      • Same here. I never dry clean.

        I just wash delicate, cold cycle and air dry. And if I can’t wait for air drying then I dry items with wool dryer balls.

      • Glad to hear I’m not the only one breaking the rules! 🙂

      • I wash all my dry clean only items (most of my tops) in the washer in cold water and dry on delicate cycle in dryer.

      • I’m an apparel designer and the only things I take to the dry cleaner are Rayon and Wool. Rayon seems to shrink as soon as it’s submerged in water, so I try not to even purchase items with rayon content. Silk is super easy to hand wash and dry.
        But honestly I would wash this on cold, hang dry til it’s like 90% dry then put it in the dryer to soften it up. I lived in Germany where we didn’t have a dryer and I hated how stiff my towels and jeans were!

      • So helpful! And now I feel better about washing everything! 🙂

      • After reading how to’s on The Laundress website we have stopped using dry cleaning altogether. If you ever have a question, you can contact them directly (and I have) and they will give you free advice on how to properly launder the fabric in question.

        This blanket should be just fine in the gentle cycle on cold with mild detergent (Ecos, Trader Joe’s or The Laundress) and no commercial softener (will actually cause it to attract dirt).


      • I wear a ton of dresses and always wash the cotton ones in the washing machine (on cold) and hang to dry. I never have an issue. The only thing I take to the dry cleaners is viscose because it shrinks and warps.

        The only thing that would concern me on this is the fringe, but I think if it’s washed on delicate/gentle, it would be fine.

      • Dryel

    • Putting a cotton blanket in the wash should be fine. Many things say “Dry Clean Only” but don’t actually require it – and 100% cotton is one of those.

      – Wash on low heat (or cold wash/cold rinse), gentle spin. Preferably a short cycle with lots of water if you can.
      – Use diluted liquid detergent – no bleach.
      – Tumble dry on delicate, medium heat
      – Remove when slightly damp so as not to ‘overcook’ it and weaken fibers
      – Line dry the rest of the way or dry flat if possible. If line drying, flip the blanket a couple times to help keep the drape.
      – Once completely dry, gently fluff or shake the blanket out.

      • Super helpful, thank you!!!

    • I worked in dry cleaning for 13 years…I wash everything, dry cleaning is not the best thing to do.

  42. Do you think the coupon will be good until the next spoiler? I’ve never really wanted Popsugar before, but I was keeping an eye on it… and that blanket is beautiful!

  43. Pretty!

  44. I know someone I could give this to for Christmas, so I’m intrigued. Need another ‘yes’ spoiler for me to sign up, though.

  45. Isn’t Uncommon James owned by the woman (by now she is a woman) that used to be the villian on The Hills? This makes me feel old…then again, everything makes me feel old these days….lol.

    • Yes, I didn’t realize! And now I want it more, I loved the Hills hahaha

    • Oh okay – Kristin Cavallari. I had to look it up. Yep, it appears so. When you said “by now she is a woman” I was intrigued because I used to watch that show and thought you were talking about a transsexual and I wanted to know who it was 🙂

      • LOL…nooo! I just meant now she is grown up and can truly be called a woman. I actually only knew about Uncommon James because I caught a bit of her new reality TV show a couple of months ago and paused to check it out. She really seems like someone I’d want to hang out with now….just proves more that “reality TV” wasn’t “reality” even way back then.

  46. Damn it. I’m in.

    • Ah crap. I think I am too.

    • Me too.

  47. I’m intrigued, Popsugar. My cat would be fine with it. He’d assume it’s one more blanket for him to sleep on.

  48. lol no way my cats would destroy this! I’m sure people who dont have pets will like this though 😛

    • This was my exact thought! I have two cats, everything we own is washable if we can help it! And white fabric?! You just know it’s going to be a barf magnet.

    • My thought exactly! The fall box looked great and I am super bummed I missed it, but just signed up hoping winter would be as good. Not looking promising with this blanket. I have dogs and cats – a house full of animals – and if I put this blanket out, the fringe would be chewed to pieces in a matter of days. Hope this box gets better. Very disappointed by the first spoiler.

  49. omg I love this. Soooo tempting, especially with the coupon.

  50. I’m in love!!

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