Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2018 SPOILERS!

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We have the spoilers for the October Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! FYI – There will be some variations. We do not know how many variations there will be, but 1 variation included:

ipsy glam bag plus october 2018

*Glam Bag Plus will always include 5 full-sized items. This unboxing shows six items but we haven’t confirmed that all bags receive six items yet.

And here’s a closer look at the bag! The bag design previously sent out to influencers will be the bag all subscribers will receive: 

FYI – even though this subscription is called Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, and it is a monthly subscription box, you will only get the makeup bag once every three boxes. You will get a makeup bag in your first box. (So this bag is the makeup bag all new subscribers will receive if their first box is the October Box, the November Box, or the December box.)

If your first box is the October box, you’ll receive this bag + 5 products in October, 5 products but no bag in November, 5 products but no bag in December, and then in January you would receive a new bag design + 5 products.

This one is a beautiful faux blush suede with burgundy accents. And there’s an outside card pocket:

Here I am holding it to give you a better sense of scale:

What do you think of the full spoilers? (FYI – you should be able to see what you’re getting in your first Glam Bag Plus on 10/2).

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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  1. It’s not that any of the items are *bad* per se, but I already have enough similar types of products and shades to get through first and am not a fan of accumulating more of the same. I’m hoping my bag will be a better reflection of my beauty profile, since this isn’t. If not, I’ll likely sell my entire bag.

    • I’ll buy your bag if you don’t want it! Email me @ laceydon at gmail dot com

      • You can buy my bag! I’ll email you if the other lady doesn’t want to sell hers!

    • Me thoughts exactly. I just emailed Ipsy requesting that I am downgraded back to the regular glam bag (I had only planned doing it for one month anyway). A lot of people are on the waitlist for this and I have zero interest in these products. I would rather someone who wants this bag receive in the mail than me. I hope they are able to make this request happen, otherwise I will be selling mine too.

    • So I got this bag minus the eye liner…got a lumi balm to oil cream. I’m so glad no liner. I will keep it for a bit. It’s a lot like boxy but better. I still miss the ten dollar bag!!

      • I’m getting the same bag. If the eyeshadow palette was a different smash box one with colors I’d actually use I’d be thrilled. I wish I had waited to sign up for this and stuck with the $10 bag.

      • I actually opened another account just to get the ten dollar bag!!! I think I’m addicted!!!!!

        • I’ll definitely keep my $10 glam bag subscription, even if I decide to try the ipsy plus or whatever they’re calling the full sized product/quarterly make-up bag sub when they get around to me in the waitlist. I’ll just use another email. It seems ridiculous that you can’t have both subs on the same account. I’ll see what people who get the plus bag think of their products next month (and what I think of the spoilers) before I decide whether to even bother with the Ipsy plus sub. I’m supposed to be trimming the amount of subs I have, not expanding them, lol. Actually, I cancelled three of them this month, so I’m not doing too bad. I’ll probably even re-sub if I get through the product overload! 😊

    • I might buy a bag since I was too late to sign up for the Glam Bag Plus, only getting the regular $10 bag this mth but love this bag even better, wish I was getting it!

  2. It has been stated in many places that there will be variations for Plus, so it’s possible the items from the September influencer bags could be included or other items, and this variation doesn’t include the Purlisse spolier from the Ipsy site. All these makeup items are from the makeup article with spoilers on their site. I doubt most people will get all the items pictured, unless they only have makeup selected in their profile. But, none of us will really know until tomorrow.

    I’m just hoping I don’t get the eyeliner because they just sent it to me a few months ago.

    • Yeah and they better not give me the highlighter since I got it in my September bag that I only paid $10 for!

    • What scares me is the Purlisse is the only item mentioned that’s not reflected in the spoiler and I’m hoping there is a much broader range of variations…

      • There’s also a LMXI pure Nilotica hand and body melt and R+co hair product.

  3. I see all these negative comments on here about the bag , I personally would be grateful for anything I receive because receiving these product is all about trying something new , something you don’t see yourself going into the store and buying.

    I know everyone has their opinion but keep in mind there are people out there that would be happy for anything they get , like myself. I’m really excited about this box even if I don’t wear that color eyeshadow it would be fun to experiment with it.

    • Agreed. I had hooded eyes so I have heard plenty of times that I should wear matte eyeshadows, but I accept that most people don’t have that issue.

      Everyone seems to expect different boxes to offer different types of products AND brands from each other as if they work together to ensure there aren’t repeats. I actually had to buy mascara because I ran out and apparently don’t subscribe to enough boxes!

      Plus most individual items are worth the cost of the box, so if you really hate EVERYTHING you can just sell it and get your money back.

      • I have hooded eyes and I have actually been told to avoid matte eyeshadow, except as a brow bone color, because it makes the lid seem smaller. A shimmer or metallic applied to the lid and then blended out just above the crease will balance your proportions out. (That being said, I have zero interest in glitter eyeshadow.)

      • I have hooded eyes and wear mostly shimmers and I think they look better on me than all mattes.

    • I completely understand why people are happy. This bag targets a very specific group of people. Unlike the bag they sent influencers.

    • Neally, I am with you, I would be excited to try something new, but unfortunately, black eye liner and highlighter is not new.

    • Yes, we are paying $25 for over $100 worth of products. If you want to receive exactly what you want, then go to the store and buy it!

      I see these subs as a good way to cheaply build your makeup collection. Do I need another black eyeliner? No, but I’m grateful that I’ve never had to buy one at Sephora or Ulta and I know I can give it someone who wants it.

      These negative comments are rude and unnecessary.

      • >These negative comments are rude and unnecessary

        Lol, really?

        They advertised skincare items – (bait) and then they give a bag with no skincare items (switch)

        Maybe you will be happy with anything, but some people have standards and when a company charges over double what the regular bag cost $25 but still includes items like the morphe highlighter that they have already given out this month in the $10 bags customers are allowed to be upset

        Calling comments made by other peoples justifiable mild irritation “negative, rude and unnecessary” is frankly, the most negative rudest and most unnecessary in this entire comment section.

      • No they are not unnecessary, people are entitled to be disappointed and Ipsy KNEW there would be huge backlash over the Morphe highlighter and especially that eyeliner. The hoops people jumped through to get this bag Including doing ipsy’s job for them by recruiting THOUSANDS of new customers just to get off the waitlist. Signing up for 2 bags just to keep the original sub and ect. I think the comments are completely necessary IPSY Deserves to at least hear how people feel while their laughing their way to the bank. If you don’t understand why people are upset you must have been living under a rock.

    • I can’t believe people are complaining about this, I’m thrilled! I think this is way better than Boxycharm! So excited.

    • Thank you!!!! Finally someone besides me whose happy receiving this! Very well said too 🙂


  4. I would use the tarte mascara but that’s it. I’m glad I waited and stuck with my $10 ipsy bag. I’ve been happy with it the last few months and didn’t have an urge to join the waitlist/upgrade. Hopefully the other variations are a better match for those that subscribed.

  5. Absolutely nothing here remotely reflects my profile or review history so I am remaining hopeful that tomorrow will reveal an entirely different set of products. Ipsy is FAR FAR better and much more experienced at catering to a broad subscriber base and my experience with them over the years leaves me hopeful they have prepared an edit for non-tweenagers.

  6. Ugh!!!! Horrible!! I was hoping for skincare NOT all makeup!!

    • My sentiments exactly, not everyone that is subbed to Ipsy likes makeup, hoping the variations will include some skincare.

    • Wow, this is so different than the bag that influencers received last month. Had I known this is what I could expect I would have just stayed with boxycharm instead of giving Ipsy $27 this month for the same type of products. I know that it will be based on your profile but how closely did they follow our profiles with the $10 box? So far not so good.

      • Totally Agree! Such a let down after seeing what they sent out to the Influeneters! While i knew we wouldn’t get the exact same items, I had hope to some degree of higher quality skincare products to be included! I will hold my tongue until I see my personal spoilers tomorrow! Fingers crossed! May the odds forever be in our favor ladies! HAHA!

        • I’m new to subscribing to Ipsy, well I once was a subscriber many moons ago, but just recently started again with a subscription for my daughter and when the Glam bag plus option came about, I took the upgrade, but what is this Influenster box you keep referring to?

          • There was a box in September to show what could possibly be in the Ipsy plus bag. It was sort of a this is what you could expect type thing. It had he same make up bag with Sunday Riley, Sol De Janeiro, Morphe, Tarte and Buxom inside. Liz actually did a review on MSA of it.

    • Me too! Hope my bag is nothing like the one show here.

    • I actually didn’t bother signing up for the waitlist because it appeared to be all skincare not makeup. Not that I need more of either.

  7. The value is there and a few of the items are awesome …..but that eye liner for the first box?!??! COME ON
    I think the influenster box wowed everyone and this is underwhelming compared to what they received. I really hope there’s variations.

    • Ipsy really screwed the pooch on this one, huh?

      NO ONE wants Eyeko eyeliner and to include luxury skincare in the box that got us all to subscribe and replace it with a skincare item that is sold at a discount all the time is really crappy. Or you get no skincare at all? Not cool, Ipsy.

  8. As much as I love Smashbox, I’m not so sure I would need a glitter palette and prefer my palettes to be a mix of mattes and shimmers. However, the pans can probably be popped out and one or two colors put into a magnetic palette, and some of the individual shades look pretty fun! Still though, I think I will stick to the basic Ipsy for now. The products aren’t bad (save I don’t wear eyeliner and rarely wear mascara) – but I have a lot of makeup from subs over the past year. So while the lip balm is pretty, I have a lot of similar things! And I have a zillion highlighters (including some from Ipsy.)

  9. It’s definitely NOT the same level of the Influenster bag!! Bait and switch to get us to sign up and then under-deliver. That smashbox palette is all over in TJ max. Didn’t want it then and don’t now. The eyeliner is ok but seriously received it in 4 of my subs already- including ipsy. Pretty disappointing!

  10. This is horrible compared to what they sent influencers! Way to scam us.

  11. I hope I don’t get this one. I want the Tarte mascara but other than that nothing really interests me. This definitely wouldn’t fit my profile.

  12. If I get this variation I will immediately cancel! Including my $10 monthly subscription. Total bait and switch! None of this appeals to me.

    • I couldn’t agree more

    • Same here, I was already on the fence about cancelling.

    • I was underwhelmed. I dropped back down to a 10$ sub.
      I can use the stuff they sent, but I am really disappointed after all the hype. It’s not the same caliber as the promo bag sent out. :/

  13. I’d use part of it, but I’m still hopeful they matched me to a skincare variation even though it is Purlisse from the spoiler rather than SJD or SR like they teased with…

  14. I like it! I haven’t tried that mascara, and would like to. A good lip balm is always used, and that palette looks beautiful. The eyeliner I’ve tried and love. The highlighter..I have so many. But overall I think a good box. Excited!

    • I agree. I love the mascara, so I’m excited to get more. I think the lip balm is a perfect fall color. The palette looks fun!

      I’m exited for this.

  15. It seems like everyone is disappointed because they want more skincare, but I signed up for the regular Ipsy because I don’t like Boxycharm (was instantly sick of Pur products) and wanted more makeup.

    Definitely goes to show how much of an impact other makeup boxes have on our impressions of what’s good. Since I subscribe to BeautyFix, I don’t particularly care for skincare unless it’s very impressive. I am sad to not get the Sunday Riley, but have high hopes something will be coming around the corner since winter is the dry season. I didn’t even come close to using up the sunscreen I got for summer, so I expect I’ll be sick of moisturizer in a month or two!

    I could use a serum or face oil, though. I hardly ever get them, even as samples.

  16. I am disappointed no skincare (especially with the Sunday Riley and Bum Bum in the influencers bag) and it looks more like Boxycharm than I expected. (I cancelled Boxy to upgrade Ipsy.) That said, I would actually be pretty happy with this variation. The smashbox would be pretty as an accent with my many matte boxy palettes, I’d like to try the setting spray since my skin gets dry in the colder weather and tinted lip balms are one of my favorite items so it does feel seasonally appropriate and fun.

  17. The value is definitely there, just not for me. I much prefer the first bag all bloggers got. After all the hoops Ipsy made us jump through to get this bag, I can’t help feeling a bit disappointed.

  18. Purlisse is on their home page and it states the Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask is one of their favorite items in the Oct glam bag plus, so I have my fingers crossed I get a different box than what is above.

    • Cool, I didn’t notice that on their website until I saw your comment. That mask looks nice and I’m a sucker for masks…now I’m even more curious to see what variation I get when the reveals go up.

    • Same here!

  19. They charged me 3 times for this box 😾

  20. OMFG I was dying when I saw the first reveal of the Glam Box but what a bait and switch! Seriously, people signed up because they thought they were going to get what was in the advertised bag but this is BS. Glitter eyeshadow for Halloween? Typical filler eyeliner and mascara that everyone has too many of cause they come in every box. But $25 is a deal but still I don’t do business with companies that are deceitful and advertise one thing and give another less expensive version.

    • If anyone thought that they didn’t read ANYTHING. It’s been posted all over that October would NOT have the same items as they sent in Sept.

      • This.

      • Seriously, you are awesome for this comment.

        They have been saying that since the first (PR) box released. People had their chance to downgrade, and they didnt. I personally feel like this glambag plus is blowing boxycharms october box out of the water.

        • Exactly I posted on Reddit comments Ipsy posted saying October would be different and people still would not believe it . I think this month looks better I hate skin care and neutral palettes so bad! I only buy colorful shimmer palettes.

    • Ive never tried the mascara
      ..and i get 2 ipsys (recently got boxycharm up until this month) and allure.

      I am super excited to try it if i get it. I absolutely love Tarte.

  21. And now we are not a good start….black eyeliner and another highlighter. For this items I have Boxycharm, they never fail me to send this items over and over. I was hoping Ipsy takes another road and put more skincare. Disappointed!

  22. I really just feel like everyone should be happy about whatever they get .

    • Ummm…Do you work for your money?

    • A huge amount of people will not be happy about this.. Its a bunch of glitter and an eyeliner that a ton of people have already received. Ipsy likes to pretend that everyone wears eyeliner, when a lot do not. This bag is a joke.

    • Why? It’s not like this is a charity or is given to us for free. We paid for it. If it’s stuff we don’t like, why should we be happy with it?

  23. By the way, for those people who saw the regular Ipsy red bag and want it, I made a new second account this morning to get it, and first they said I’ll get November bag, but an hour later got an email asking if I want to skip the wait list, so now I’m getting the October bag. I may be looking forward to that more than this Plus bag.

    • did you use the same credit card for 2nd account. The site is not accepting my card for a 2nd account. It says billing error. Even though they charged me on the 21st and are sending me the Sept bag again……

      • I use a credit card for my first account, and used paypal for the second. That worked just fine and will allow me to keep track of the two accounts even though they’re basically using the same credit card.

        • I didn’t even see paypal as an option….I will have to go look again.

          Ok, I made another account….yes another account and used paypal. I’ll cancel the other one. Heck with it. They are going to try to charge it tomorrow. I feel like this is going to be a problem every month using the same card. Thank you for your help

          • I get another sub for my daughter using a different email address but the same payment method. It hasn’t been an issue.

        • omg, they are not sending me a bag until November…………………….

          November 5-10
          We’ll prep your Glam Bag and email you a tracking code when it ships.

          • I got that same email, saying that I was getting the normal bag; but on the wait list for the box. Then I got an email saying I was off the wait list & would receive the box in November, normal bag in October. Then they charged me for the box on 10/1 @ 25$. But it also said they started fulfilling on 10/5 & I would get the box. So now it’s 10/8 & no update. I’m confused.

  24. I’m disappointed.

  25. Hmmmm I’m not mad at it; but I wouldn’t pay for that stuff either. I do like the Smashbox palette though and the setting spray. But no way would I pay $25 for Ciate London.

  26. They charged me today. Sadly, I intensely like highlighters, black eyeliners, and anything by Smashbox.

  27. Liz – Is this an actual variation, or some of the items in each variation? I know these are featured on their page right now, but they show some looks you can do with one or two of these items, and not all of them. They’re all “sparkly” and I would think it a bad idea to send out a whole bag of sparkle.

    • I believe this is an example of one box variation. But I will reach out to verify.

  28. Glad I decided not to upgrade. It’s not a bad box; these just are aren’t the sort of items I’m interested in. Curious as to why there’s no skincare item included, considering the box given to influencers featured a Sunday Riley product and Bum Bum Cream.

  29. I don’t mind the eyeliner, I found a sample eyeko to last a long time and worked fine. But glitter eyeshadow…not such a fan. So is customization no longer a thing with Plus? Why even have a profile?

  30. I really hope this is not the variation that I recieve. I don’t use highlighter. I have oily skin so I jump away from anything dewy. I don’t like tinted lip balm. I may regret cancelling my boxycharm for this.

    • Couldn’t agree more! I cancelled Boxycharm for this as well :/

      • I had canceled ipsy to get boxycharm. I really liked the customization but was tired of tiny samples. I can always pass whatever I wont use to my nieces just like I did with boxycharm but I would rather get things based on my profile. Here’s to hoping 🤞

  31. Not into the eyeliner, but otherwise I’m ok with it.

    • Same. I have enough eyeko eyeliner to open my own store at this point.

  32. Where are the advertised full size tarte, sol de janeiro, and suday riley items?????

    • That was September’s bag, which as far I can tell was only given to reviewers/influencers.

    • Maneater is Tarte.

  33. I feel like I got SCAMMED by Ipsy plus! Not even 1 product is the same as the amazing Bag that has been sent to Youtubers…

  34. I was so excited for the Glam Plus but these spoilers are not exciting… Highlighter, mascara, and eyeliner are a dime a dozen in every single sub box offered. I’m sorry but there is nothing special about these items. The palette may be interesting but it definitely feels like the wrong season to offer it…. I am simply disappointed…

  35. I would have been happier with my regular Ipsy bag. I will have to downgrade/cancel. I cancelled boxycharm from palette, eyeliner and mascara overload! I have so many tarte mascaras I think I could open a store! Ipsy regular was at least looking at my likes and dislikes. Of course the first bag sent to the influencers had high end skin care. I also enjoyed Ipsy bc I could try new to me skincare and makeup. I am disappointed. Unless they actually do look at my likes/dislikes and see that I said NO to eyeliners and mascaras and eyeshadows. I guess TBD.

    • I agree with everything you said…right down to canceling Boxycharm (just canceled this month) I’m going to miss my ten dollar ipsy this month!

  36. I actually like these products more than Sept bag. I only use sparkly eye shadows and did not like neutral Morphe palette at all. I am also happy not to see any skin care.

  37. The test box they sent out last month was spectacular but this is just like boxycharm. Going to be a hit or miss and a lot of slots are going to open up for the waitlist people. Everyone was hoping for a box like the bloggers received last month. Hopefully they will work out the kinks.

  38. So far I like the actual bag

  39. UGH. I feel so deceived and hope that I don’t get that variation.

  40. Is this what everyone will receive, or will there be variations?

    • There should be variations. We’re not sure how varied the boxes will be though.

      • Thank you, Liz!

        I really hate that mascara, and besides I have mascara checked off in my Ipsy profile altogether.

        I certainly wouldn’t mind the palette, though.

        • I meant to say unchecked. Just went back to my profile to make sure.

          I have a million mascaras as it is that I don’t know how I’ll use up before they dry out.

        • Omg these are so not what I wanted. They’re not high end brands. Gross! Some are even made in china. Beyond disappointed.

  41. Talk about a bait & switch!!!!

    • Seriously!!! I thought they were promising a bum bum cream and the other items advertised in their promotional images. This looks nothing like that! What an utter disappointment. There is not a single item there I want, and it costs 2.5x as much as my regular monthly sub! What a rip!

      • it has been said many times over in these comments that we were not getting the stuff the beauty influencers got in those promo boxes/bags. I do think this is a $21 box and not the $26.50 they charged me……………..

        • @IMHILLY… Ipsy has been mandated to begin charging tax in certain states. However 6.50$ does even seem like too much for tax. Im in OH and recieved an email stating my state now requires ipsy to charge tax on my online orders. Maybe this is you too.

          • $1.50 for the tax $25 for the bag……I did get the email they were charging us tax. I ended up with a billing error on the other account I made to get the regular bag. I can’t seem to fix by updating my card over and over again…

          • I also received an email that they would be charging tax for my state (SC). My ipsy plus was $27.25

    • That is exactly what I said on a post about the “waitlist.” What a disappointment!!! There isn’t anything new in this bag. All old stuff companies are dumping off their stock.
      BAIT & SWITCH PLUS!!!!!!!!

  42. This would have been a great bag for me. Too bad I’m still waitlisted after over 2 years with Ipsy. Maybe next month (or the month after, Lol.)

    • 2 years seems like an awfully long time. You might want to check that ipsy emails aren’t going to your spam folder.

      • I think she means that despite being an ipsy subscriber for over two years, they still put her on the waitlist for glam bag plus. (Not that she was the regular ipsy waitlist for two years.)

        • You’re right! My reading comprehension is off today.

    • Im sure spots will open for next month. I know of at least one spot that will open!! Lol

    • You might check that ipsy emails aren’t going into a deleted or spam folder. Two years seems like an awfully long wait time.

    • I’m getting it. I would be happy to sell or trade some items with you. my Facebook is alasha hildebrand churchwell so you can remind me.

  43. It’s just one variation so I might not even get these items. The Eyeko eyeliner is amazing BTW. I still use my deluxe size every day!
    I wouldn’t use this particular Smashbox palette but then again, I can gift or sell it. Will probably use everything else. I’ll know tomorrow what I’m getting.

  44. I can tell already I’m going to regret upping my sub to the Plus. Based on what I see, I will use the mascara (can’t remember if I’ve tried it or not) and the balm. That’s it.

  45. I’m not mad at it, but wondering if some will still be personalized but everyone get the palette?

  46. Lol! So nothing like what the influencers received in theirs. Not even close. I’m guessing these spoilers will kill a lot of FOMO for the people still on the waiting list. This. Looks. Awful.

  47. Bye, boxycharm, this looks much attractive personally to me

  48. A lot of people are so mad at this but I’m not. I would definitely use the spray, highlighter, mascara, and the Lillie. I see the items I won’t use as gifts. Win win!

    • Lippie*

  49. No fomo, not my type of items thankfully. Hope those who ordered enjoy them.

  50. Awww man, I’m just here for the comments regarding that Eyeko liner. 😀

    (I laughed out loud when I saw the spoiler, and had to tell a co-worker it was just a funny email I had just received. ha!)

    • Lol Luna, I will seriously be so mad if I end up with another Eyeko liner. I’m always giving them away! I can’t believe they’re putting them in the first box, after the awesome influencer box they put out last month. Hoping for some better variations. I’m interested in the ciate spray and the eyeshadows, and maybe the lip gloss. Fingers crossed there’s more good stuff coming!

    • Ha – right? This whole bag has zero appeal to me. Not even kinda tempted!

    • Glambag Plus is a monthly subscription. Did you not read the FAQs and the posts here on MSA?

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