FabFitFun Winter 2018 Box Spoiler #1!

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We have the first spoiler for the FabFitFun Winter box! If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

And here’s the first spoiler:

Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw – Retail Value $49

If you aren’t familiar with Mark & Graham, it’s a Williams-Sonoma brand that specializes in gifts and monograms!

This blanket measures 50”w x 60”h. Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

The blanket has a two-tonal color scheme, and it’s available in this warm beige or a cool grey:

(Annual subscribers will be able to select the color of their choice.)

The material is 100% acrylic and super soft!

It has fringe on two sides:

And it’s hand wash only.

My favorite thing about this blanket is how cozy it is! This is definitely a blanket for snuggling with a loved one!

What do you think of the first FabFitFun Winter Box spoiler?

Here’s the upcoming spoiler/add-on/selection schedule, too:

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • October 30th – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #1
  • October 31st – 2 PM ET – Add On spoilers
  • November 1st – Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for annual subscribers
  • November 2nd – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #2
  • November 3rd – Noon ET – Customization open + Additional spoiler reveals!
  • November 4th -Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for everyone

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am super excited for this. Going to get the grey. Living in NorCal it’s always cool and I love throws. Have them all over my home and use them daily. Hand washing, ha… I don’t hand wash anything. Just use super low dainty setting and then air dry and haven’t had a single problem so far xo once again fabfitfun has my heart…

    • I’m the same; don’t believe in hand washing!!! Lol

    • I’m with you, never handwash. Front load washer on gentle, no issues. Unless it chenille, gentle/cool setting on dryer too.
      Those with a top load washer and agitator, put it in a large laundry bag, wash on gentle.

  2. Honestly, I’m expecting this to fall apart as soon as it’s unwrapped. I always check reviews on the brands we get that I’m not familiar with, and let’s just say the reviews for Mark & Graham are not kind.

    • Wow, the reviews are staggeringly bad! However since this won’t be monogrammed, there’s a chance it will be just fine.
      Still excited that we basically get the value of the box with the first item!

    • oh my gosh, the reviews!! Every single one is terrible. I think this, plus the person who mentioned that they upped the price on their website to give it a higher RV, is definitely keeping me from subbing this season.

      • where are you seeing reviews at?

  3. I am a throw ho(arder). So send me all the throws! Super excited for this. Probably will end up swapping for another so I can have both colors.

    • Lol!

  4. I, for one, am glad FFF decided to throw in a blanket …it’s more like a throw but whatever. It’ll go on my couch with my other throws. Helps to layer when it gets chilly…

    Last time folks were complaining the Fall box wasnt “autumny” enough… this winter box at least has a throw that gives me the good warm winter feels….

    I’m going to try to wait until we know what all is in the complete fff box before getting my panties too tightly wadded

  5. This is the ugliest blanket I’ve ever seen.

  6. Wow, why are people being so negative? If you don’t want it, cancel your subscription. When you live in Southern California, light throws, sweaters and blankets are really nice!! I hand wash clothes every week that cannot be washed in the machine. It is part of my normal SoCal routine. There are other boxes that offer thicker items, go for them. I personally won’t order those subs because they aren’t tailored to our warmer weather. Make your choices, but please don’t blame the company for making theirs. It’s their company!!! And that makes it their choice. Try to find peace in your decisions, it’s a nice lifestyle really.

    • It is a chance people take with sub boxes. Personally I like sub boxes. No I am not overwhelmed by this spoiler but there are more to come. The good outweighs the bag for me at FFF. Like I really loved that shower gel in the Fall box. And I liked the umbrella and the Glam Glow masks and the beauty blender. So it was worth the price for me.

      • oops…..stupid syntax……and autocorrect.

    • I’m super impressed that you have the time & patience to do all that hand-washing!!!

      I wish that I could, but my life is just too busy to make time for this- And it’s perfectly ok with me 😉

      But also, “to each his/her own”, right? I think it’s great that MSA provides a format that people can voice their opinions about sub box items! In fact, if companies are SMART about consumer research, they would read these too! It’s important that FFF create a box that will appeal to the widest variety of customers. Not everyone will love everything, but they are entitled to voice their opinion, yes? 😊

    • I’m super impressed that you have the time & patience to do all that hand-washing! I wish that I could, but my life is just too busy to make time for this- And it’s perfectly ok with me 😉

      But also, “to each his/her own”, right? I think it’s great that MSA provides a format that people can voice their opinions about sub box items! In fact, if companies are SMART about consumer research, they would read these too! It’s important that FFF create a box that will appeal to the widest variety of customers. Not everyone will love everything, but they are entitled to voice their opinion, yes? 😊

      • 100% agree.

      • That’s so me! Anything that can’t handle my usual laundering, watering, etc routines needs to live somewhere else 😂

      • Here’s how to semi-painlessly hand wash something:

        Put it in the sink or tub or other place that will hold the item, enough water to cover by a few inches, and some soap (I like the most famous one for handwashing/not sure if I am supposed to say the brand name.)

        Wander off and leave the item after gently swishing it in the soap for a bit so that the soap gets all over your throw, sweater, et al.

        Come back after doing chores, or whathaveyou, and hit the drain open switch/device. Walk away and let it drain if it will take a significant amount of time otherwise wait a few and refill. Reswish for a couple of seconds.

        Wander back and fill the sink (etc.) again if you didn’t already. You painlessly washed it once, twice, now swish a bit more to help rinse the soap. Depending how thorough (and how much you oversoaped it, you’ll get used to it) the first rinse was, rinse a time or two again until you’re happy that your item is rinsed properly and ready for hanging.

        Under no circumstances stand there and wash the item start to finish. 9/10 of the work is in the soaking so don’t bother standing there watching it soak; you’ve got far better things to do. So what if it takes a few hours start to finish. You spent very little actual time and you got more steps in by walking back to the bathroom or wash area several times!

        As David S. Pumpkins says, “Any questions?”

        • I have a top loader washing machine, and I do this same routine but in the washing machine. It holds more than my sink and I can do a lot of items at once. I could do it in the bathtub but I live in an old farmhouse and don’t want to carry everything upstairs. Hand washing doesn’t have to be hard 🙂

        • Or you can just wash it on gentle in the washing machine. I’ve been doing that for 30 years and never had one problem. I don’t hand wash!

    • Totally agree. People on this site tend to be negative. Must be really fun for MSA writers to read 🙄 It’s a $50 box with $300 dollars worth of items. To me that’s a good bargain and it’s a fun to be surprised or get things you normally wouldn’t buy for yourself. Instead of complaining that an item doesn’t perfectly fit your lifestyle, you can take your $50 and buy something you really like.

    • Thank you. I don’t like how negative people are either. Part of what I love about FabFitFun is that they pick out things for me.

    • It’s not negative, it’s constructive criticism.

      Glad that you have time to make handwashing a aprt of your routine. I literally don’t know one person who has that kind of time.

  7. This is perfect for stashing in my office for when it’s chilly or when I need a little nap!

    • Yes!!! Great idea!

    • Or for keeping in the car or when you travel by air. It will be useful for me. And I don’t worry about washing it on hand wash cycle and then air drying it. No biggie at all.

      I got an acrylic mermaid blanket from them and it was super soft!

    • great idea! I’ll probably end up doing that too

  8. Too bad it wasn’t in the fall box it would’ve made for a great Sack Boy costume from Little Big Planet.

  9. Not impressed. Too thin, hand wash?? Also from the pics, it already looks like it is pilling. A big thumbs down.

    • lol. I’d wash it anyway. It is just plastic. Man made material.

      • It’s probably “hand wash” because it’s going to snag like crazy, not so much because of the material composition

      • Lol, where do you think the dinosaur juice came from!😂😂😂

  10. I was looking forward to seeing this spoiler. I am so underwhelmed! It is thin, so what’s the point? Also, hand-wash only? Sure, because we are in 1800s, we all have a big bucket for hand washing throws and there is plenty of warm breeze in WINTER to dry this. I live in an apartment and can’t do anything with this throw. They might as well had said “disposable blanket” for guests or travel. I don’t buy things that need to be hand-washed. This will go in the washer, fingers crossed. I can’t gift it knowing the gift recipient will have the same issue. Even if I were to hang it from the shower curtain rod to dry, it would probably make the whole apartment humid. Why such a poor choice FFF, why?

    • I would try washing it on a gentle cycle, cold, with lingerie wash or woolite, in a lingerie bag or tied up in a pillowcase, to keep it from snagging on anything. Then probably drying it over the shower rod like you mentioned would be perfect. Acrylic dries very fast, especially a blanket as thin as this one!

    • Thats an incredibly negative outlook. How often do you end up washing throws anyways honestly??? Go get a blanket from Ross if this one doesn’t cut it for you. But until you know for sure why not wait and see?

  11. The throw looks very thin… definitely not worth $39-$49. I’m glad my annual sub will be over after the winter box, I tried it for a whole year and for the most part I didn’t need (or want for that matter)any of the items that were sent.

  12. My rings are going to snag a hole in this throw so fast.

    • Agree! It looks like it’s not made well, and won’t last long at all.

      • They look like Granny’s bloomers. But seriously FFF quality is not that great. I enjoy the boxes but they are nowhere near Popsugar’s quality.

  13. I’m not really thrilled by this spoiler. When you are waiting, so excited… And then it’s a gauzy looking brown blanket. I just am not very excited. Sorry, but kinda reminds me of the tea towels, meh

    • LOL I agree about those towels! What was that?

    • I love those towels! I’m hoping I can get more in the addons!

  14. I love it!!! Will keep it or gift it, depends on what it feels like “😊

  15. I love it, I think its very universal for everyone. Considering how many people FFF tries to please I thing they do an amazing job. I don’t know why people are always complaining.
    I cant wait to see other spoilers and add ons!!

  16. Why I I tell myself lies? I’m going to cut back and stop subbing to so many? I have too much stuff to use it before getting more… why do I lie to myself??? Lol

  17. Meh. Not wild about this spoiler, or the inflated RV.

    Hope the rest of the box is better!

    I’d say I’m here for add ons, but I am about shopped out on those!

  18. My comments are not posted again.

    I think it is a bit sad looking. Thin and wrinkled.

    But maybe it is better than what I see.

    My main bedspread is beige but I gravitate towards the grey. But I am getting a white throw from PS. So I don’t know what to do.

    • Liz devoted an entire post about comments. Search for it so you can see why it might be happening.

      • OK! Thanks! My last comment posted fine so it is a moot issue now! 🙂

  19. I just joined FFF and this blanket is ok. I hope to get more exciting items. I got the fall box when I signed up and was happy with the things I received even though I signed up pretty late.

  20. Looks like the start of another great FFF Box!!

  21. Perfect! Will take a throw over a poncho any day!

    • Yes!!! So happy this is a throw instead of a poncho or huge scarf.

  22. Did they really just arbitrarily raise the price by $10? Some internet sleuths had found the throw on the Mark and Graham website when it was called the Monogrammed FabFitFun Blanket for $39, not $49 that it’s claiming now. You can still google it and look at the cached page. They’ve taken it down from the live site. SHADY as heck.

    • Yep. Very shady as always with FFF. This throw is pathetic looking. It makes the Vince Camuto tote look haute couture. I way prefer the throw in PopSugar’s box.

      Everything about FFF is fake and contrived.

      I will likely cancel my membership to FFF when it is time to renew.

    • I agree. Super shady. That said, I got the whole box for $30 with that coupon glitch so I’m probably only really paying $3-$4 for this. So I’m happy. I just don’t really get why you’d order from that company and not use the monogramming service- it’s the whole point.

      • I also got it for $30 using a code. Was it really a glitch? How so? FFF originally sent it out. Thanks.

    • That IS shady AF!

  23. Give me all the throws. Perfectly pleased with this spoiler!

  24. Its a cute throw but it doesn’t look very quality. I think that’s what I’ve been missing from FFF-the products seem to be getting flimsier and flimsier. Oh well. I’m pretty much in it for the add-ons these days 🙂

    • I think you just helped me figure out exactly what’s been bugging me! When I’m paying $50 for anything (take that as you will – either for the box as a whole or imagining that the individual items are actually worth the retail value listed) I have one expectation, durability. But instead, I’ve been finding that the FFF items feel super cheap and not long-lasting at all! I don’t expect jewelry to change color like Five Below jewelry would, or blankets/scarves to disintegrate when they’re opened, etc. It’s such a bummer!

  25. Really? Another throw?? I think this is my 3rd from FFF. At this rate the next few items will likely be a candle, coffee mug, and another cheap rose gold necklace. *sigh* Hoping they would be more original.

    • Looking at the picture, I’m thinking we’ll get a mug and hopefully the cozy socks. Also hope for a packet of Hot chocolate mix. Not sure what else to expect. I wouldn’t mind some extra long matches (for the fire).
      Don’t see the throw in the pictures. I see some nice sweaters & pillows, but I don’t expect either of those items.

      • I hate to say this but it is the most pathetic throw I’ve ever seen. It looks so cheap. It looks so wrinkled and sad. FFF’s quality is slipping with every box.

    • I agree! I laughed a little when I read your comment, because fall/winter is getting as predictable as spring/summer with subs. With all the beach waves sprays, body glow/glitter, highlighters…etc. Then let the scarf and or throw in every box begin, come fall/winter.

    • I agree it’s not super original! But then again, I’m not sure what would constitute original at this point? Seems like likely options for a Winter box are throw, scarf, poncho, umbrella…all of which have been done. What would be your suggestions for something original? I feel like personally after subscribing to boxes for several years, there’s not much I haven’t already seen! 😉. I’m decently happy with this spoiler…to me it’s much preferable to a scarf or poncho. I think it kind of gets to a point where if nothing seems original/we’ve received multiples of everything…maybe it’s time to stop subbing. I haven’t ever bought anything from Mark and Graham myself, but I’ve gotten their catalogs and know that it’s fairly pricey. I’ll probably use the throw myself… But if not it will definitely make a good gift.

  26. I’m confident that the reason for the hand wash instructions is to keep the fringe from tangling. The fabric is perfectly washable, and I will just replace the fringe with a hem.

  27. Kinda disappointed with this spoiler. Pretty meh for FabFitFun. Some of the survey options they presented me with awhile back were much more exciting. Hoping to be wowed by the next one!

  28. Looks like neutral throws are the thing this year. I’m fine with either color but I have a fondness for gray so I’ll go with that. I can’t see any reason to handwash an acrylic piece. Cold wash gentle cycle/hang dry/air fluff should do just fine.

  29. I’m do glad my washer has a handwashing function

  30. I LOVE blankets!! I want 1 in each color!! I always wash & dry everything regardless of care instructions & I’m sure it will hold up just fine.

  31. I have a feeling my cats are going to try to steal this one. And then get their claws stuck. I do like the subtle color combos though.

  32. Not too exciting considering I have more throws than I need. Will probably be gifted.

  33. For being the first spoiler, I am very underwhelmed. Looks more like a thin wrap than a blanket.

    • I agree. Very thin and looks like things will catch on it. Not subbing unless there are some great spoilers coming.

  34. Perfect! I hope we are able to choose which color we want included in our box.

    • If you are an annual, then you can

  35. I crochet afghans with acrylic yarn all the time! I also do not hand wash them and they machine was on gentile cycle just fine! I also dry them on low setting and they don’t shrink at all! So, even though it says to hand wash, I think machine wash will do just fine! This blanket does look cozy for Winter, but I have so many blankets that I have made already so I am going to give this as a Christmas gift to someone!

    • Good to know!

    • My grandmother and mother both made acrylic throws and I have washed and dried them for over 40 years and they still look great!

  36. Not happy about this item. First; it looks cheap like it would snag easily. Second; the care instructions are too high maintenance. Third; it’s called a personalized throw but it doesn’t come personalized nor do we have the option. Four; it reminds me more of a rug. LOL. Well unless this is a customizable item (I doubt it) I’m stuck with it. One miss for me, fingers crossed the rest are hits.

    • I agree, not thrilled. Looks cheap and is certainly not cat compatible. Like the POPSUGAR throw so much more.

      • The Pop Sugar throw is dry clean and white! That would be a lot worse to use around animals.

  37. will 100% machine wash this anyways and hope for the best. I’m not going to be handwashing a throw blanket – just nonsensical

    • agree! I am blanketed out with other subs, was going to make first FFF, will have to see what other goodies are in here!

  38. Ugh to acrylic and WTF to a hand wash only throw. Acrylic will dry much faster than a natural fiber but the logistics of air drying a blanket inside in the winter is tough. I love the idea of a blanket but is it too much to ask for one that can be machine washed?!

  39. Do only annual members get to select their color? Or will everyone?

    • It is usually just annual for color options, though I think last quarter it wasn’t so who knows now!

    • Only annual members get to chose color for the throw. Also this is not one of the extra customization choices, so you cannot get 2.

      • *choose

  40. I was just looking for a snuggly throw blanket, perfect timing! Just hoping to choose colors or get grey!

  41. I’ll take the warm beige!! 🤗

  42. Hope I get the beige. Instructions state: Hand wash only, do not bleach, iron, tumble dry or dry clean. – if I cannot tumble dry – how will I dry it? It looks lovely! It’s great that the first spoiler does pay for the box and everything else is just bonus.

    • Probably line dry?

    • I wash my pottery Barn acrylic throws on gentle and throw them over my drying rack. Works great.

    • Hang dry. I have to air dry several of my blankets, and sometimes I’ll just drape them over a couple kitchen chairs.

    • May be able to do no heat tumble dry?

  43. A hand wash only blanket.

    Super convenient.

    Ready for spoiler #2

    • LOL Agreed 💯%

  44. Yes! I love it! Now to decide which color i want!

  45. It looks like it will snag easily

    • my cat will destroy that in one sitting

  46. The throw is great and all but Buckles in his sweater! Oh my….how adorable. (And I’m loving your hair too, Liz.)

    • agreed. your hair looks great liz! i go lighter in summer but i love my autum/winter darker shades. and woot on your dog sweater too!

  47. Will all subscribers get to choose the color?

    • If you noticed below one of the pics, it says only ANNUAL subscribers get to pick the color.

  48. I’m kinda meh about this. I feel like we’ve had some iteration of this every fall or winter…

    • We received a scarf last fall and a poncho last winter. I never received a blanket / throw from FFF. I love the grey one! It will look beautiful in my house. Excited! (and yes my cats will love it).

  49. Looks super thin. Is it warm at all? The popsugar throw looks so warm compared to this.

    • That one is cotton so I’d think this one would be softer and warmer.

  50. Sounds perfect for Winter. So glad for the grey color.

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