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FabFitFun Winter 2018 Box Available Now

The Winter box is available now! If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!  OMG40 to save 40% off your first box! (Regularly $49.99 a box.)

And here’s the spoiler schedule:

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • October 30th – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #1
  • October 31st – 2 PM ET – Add On spoilers
  • November 1st – Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for annual subscribers
  • November 2nd – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #2
  • November 3rd – Noon ET – Customization open + Additional spoiler reveals!
  • November 4th -Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for everyone

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (97)

  1. When I signed up a few weeks ago I used the code Treat40 for 40% off. I don’t know if that code is still working or not.

  2. Too bad the code didn’t work for me. No way I’m paying full price now.

    • That’s my feeling as well.

  3. Liz,
    As others have stated on this thread, the 40% off promo code provided is not working. Has it already expired prior to the 10/29 date indicated? Or, is there a new code?

    • Loos like they expired the code early. Sorry I’ll update the post.

  4. I’m so mad that I missed this awesome deal. When I tried yesterday around 2:30 CST the code was not found. I wonder why they said it would be available until the 29th when it was barely available for 2 days?

    • Not even a whole day.

  5. I just chatted with FabFitFun, I verified I am indeed getting Winter 2018 box and not the Editors box. She said that they officially rolled over to the Winter box on October 26th 3:00 p.m. PST.

    • I ordered mine before 3:00. I suspect some people on the phone (like all companies) have people that don’t have correct answers. At lease I hope the lady you talked to didn’t have the correct answer, lol. As of yesterday, mine still said I’d be receiving the winter box.

  6. Super dissapointed with fabfitfun! They used to have the best of the customer service not now, I hate when subscription cant just be responsible of their own promotions.
    This is what they told me
    It was for the Post Fall Editor’s Box since we do not have any promo for Winter Box that you can use and will give you $20 off. I hope you understand.

    Should there be anything else I can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to reach me back. Have a wonderful day!
    Hahaha!!!! Thank you!!!

  7. Talk to someone on live chat last night on the fff site and asked why the code did not work and she acted like she did not know anything about the code and kepted asking me where I seen it and I told her and she acting like she never heard of the site subscription addiction and kept asking me to send her the site page and I did and she just kept giving me the run around and sending her the links and finally I just said forget it! Very disappointed!

    • Drat! I was wondering why this code wasn’t working. Thanks for posting your encounter with their CSRs.

  8. I talk to live chat on fff asking why the coupon code did not work and she said she knew nothing about it….she keep asking where I seen it and I told her and then she acting like she never even heard of subscription addiction site and kept asking me to send her a pic of it and I did then she asked me to send her the whole site and I finally just said forget it! I said as a fff worker you should know this and not just give me the run around like I am stupid or something!

  9. Code is not working for me 🙁

  10. I success used this code earlier today for the winter box. But it appears to have been a glitch- that code had been valid on the editor’s box only and it seems like they forgot to turn it off when they switched to the winter box.

    • *successfully

  11. I used the code last night and it worked. It clearly stated “Winter Box”. When I log in it again says “Preparing your Winter Box”. It also said I will receive an email when it’s time for customization. I also received a copy of my invoice which -guess again- says I’m receiving the Winter Box.

    Stop the fear mongering.

  12. I’m afraid they pulled the promo code because it was not meant for the winter’s box, and they realized the mistake.
    I already got an editor’s box, and will be so upset if I get another.

  13. I set up a new account with the code this afternoon and just checked my account and it says preparing the winter box .

    • It tells me invalid code

    • Me too!

      • My new account says preparing Winter box.

  14. So the code does not work?

  15. According to the FFF website this code is for the Fall Editor’s box not the yet to be released Winter box.

    • Where exactly do you see that? When I put the code in earlier (when it was still working) it said specifically it would be for 40% off of the winter box. I didn’t finish the transaction because I wanted to wait to use a different card than my annual account, but when I went back to do that it said the redemption code cannot be found. Other people also got the code to work for the winter box.

      • It was confirmed on the community site. A lot of people in the past have claimed that when they ordered subs they would get a confirmation from FFF that they would be getting the seasonal box, then when they went back to check their account it showed they would really be getting the between season box (i.e. Editor’s box, Pinterest box, etc.). Also if you check the wording it says the code is good until October 29, 2018 OR while supplies last. “Supplies” is the Editor’s box. The Winter box has not been released so there is no way it could have already sold out. Maybe some people will luck out and actually start with the Winter box, but I’ve never seen them offer this big of discount so early. Maybe they need more subscribers?

      • When you go to sign up, (with or without a coupon) it says Winter. I signed up this morning, with the coupon, got the 40% off and it said Winter. My confirmation said Winter and my account said Winter a few hours later when I went back in. 🤷

      • “Also if you check the wording it says the code is good until October 29, 2018 OR while supplies last. “

        Just curious what you’re referring to with the sentence above?

        I haven’t seen this discount code (OMG40) anywhere other than this posting from Liz.


      • Where exactly on the community site was it confirmed and by whom? I’m a regular on the community and didn’t see anything about this. I did however see a thread about this code and it being for the winter box. The fall editor’s box is also no longer available in the shop. Yes it is unusual that they offered a discount code this early, but I haven’t seen anywhere that said it was for anything other than the winter box. If FFF offocially stated it is for the editor’s box, those that purchased with the code need to know so that they can contact CS to get it resolved.

    • When I used the code earlier today it said that my first box would be winter.

    • Liz, can you provide some clarity for this box – is it 40 percent off the new, upcoming winter box or the editors box? I have never seen FFF offer this type of discount to a box that has not yet been released – thanks for your help!

  16. I just tried it at 4:37 pm ET on 10/17 and got a message that the redemption code is not found. Very disappointed in FFF.

    • sorry, that should be 10/27

  17. It isn’t working at all. That was a low thing to do.

  18. the OMG40 no longer works (it is the 10/27 when I tried to use it) This is the message I get ‘The redemption code not found’

    Did they yank it away?

    • I used it about 10 minutes ago.

      • it no longer works.

      • Same, I can’t get it to work either. (10/27 @ 11:45am in Arizona) But from what I am reading people are saying the box is socks, a mug and a blanket. So maybe a blessing in disguise..

    • I tried it 5 mins ago it worked, but now its not. Liz do you know why since it was good until the 29th. So dissapointed:(

      • Uggh! I was waiting for tonight when the hubby gets home to open a new account with his name and card. Darn it!! Hope this is a fluke and the code works again soon.

    • It isn’t working at all. That was a low thing to do.

  19. When is billing for new subscribers? Do they charge you right away?

    • I just signed up and they charged 29.99 right away.

      • Thanks so much for the fact reply! 🙂

  20. Thank you for the coupon great deal ! I got one.

  21. Would a blanket even fit in that box? Seems like there’s a couple of pillows on the box too, but again, would it fit. The lady is wearing socks in the picture, I think that seems like a for sure thing. I would like those!

    • If it is small and thin enough it would. Think of the Mersea wrap from last Fall and the towel from the Summer box.

      • I have only gotten FFF once and it was the summer box. And I do remember thinking when that box came, is there really a towel in here, lol. So I suppose, a small throw would fit. I signed up right away, couldn’t pass it up at that price.

    • It’ll be the Mark and Graham throw and I think a pair of cozy over the kneee socks…at least that’s what going around the FFF member site!

  22. Does anyone know when we get billed for this? I’m not a new subscriber. Thanks!

    • did you not get billed right away? I am totally out of my subscription box spending limit for the month, but come the first which is also payday lol I would love to get this box but the deadline for coupon is the 29th…Can anybody answer when billing is?? Thanks so much!!!!

      • Every time I’ve subscribed to FFF they billed me immediately, even when my box didn’t ship for a month.

      • Thanks, kind of glad i missed out since there is a possibility the code is for the editors box and because i cant justify another box for October!

  23. Wow this is incredibly tempting. I already have an annual subscription but am seriously considering getting a 2nd box since for sure there is the throw. The last 2 boxes have blown it out of the park for me as did last Winter’s box. Can anyone verify that if I sign up for a 2nd box for this, I will be able to do the seasonal customizations when it opens up next Saturday?

    Also Liz–how long is the code good for?

    • Code details say it expires on the 29th. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you!!

      • it no longer works, Liz 🙁

      • Hi again Liz…code is no longer working, do you know why?

    • How do you know there is a throw in it?

      • FFF community discovered the spoiler.

      • Can you provide the link in FFF community where spoiler is revealed? I’m on their site but can’t find it.

      • Admins shut down and hid the thread.

      • MSA won’t let me post the link, but search color block throw on Mark and Graham’s website to see it.

      • It’s also called the fabfitfun blanket in the Google cached version of the page, and the description reads “As seen in FabFitFun’s Holiday Box!” So I’m pretty sure it’s a definite thing.

      • Yes and it is acrylic.

  24. Is the value low for this box…?🤔

  25. The winter boxes are usually so giftable. $20 off sure makes this prime for Christmas gifts.

  26. How long is the code good for? Does it expire before the 1st spoiler is released?

  27. I am anxious to see what add ons are available this time. I am hoping to grab a few for Christmas presents. When does the Winter box ship?

  28. I have been a FFF subscriber for 5 years and have never seen them offer this BEFORE their box release… tempting to pick one up – does anyone have any idea what the spoilers are? I can’t tell by the box design 🙂

    • Maybe socks?

      • Yes, socks and it looks like maybe a blanket 🙂

      • and thinking about a mug)

    • There’s definitely a throw, but that’s the only thing anyone has figured out for sure.

    • Socks, blanket, mug…..maybe…they’re on the box. I noticed the fall items on the box…does it always have hidden “easter egg” clues like that?

  29. Hi Liz,

    Do you know what date the 40% promo, OMG40, is good through?


    • The 29th

  30. I got an annual subscription last Nov. 6th. I assume my yearly subscription will renew for another year on Nov. 6th of 2018 unless I cancel before then? Does anyone know if this correct?
    Can I cancel and re-subscribe with the 40 off on a new yearly subscription?

    • The 40off only work for the seasonal subscription.

      • Thanks Gigi. That makes sense. I really want the yearly subscription so I have more customization and early access to the other sales plus it saves you a little over the $50/box.

      • You can get the seasonal box with the code, then immediately upgrade to annual and you’ll get all 5 boxes with select privileges. So, you’d get charged for one box at 40% off, then charged the annual rate. So it’s more money at once, but if you know you’ll be around for 5 boxes, it’s worth it.

      • @MinnePuffin I have a Spring renewal so Winter is currently my last box. Could I cancel, and then do what you outlined (in current email address/account) or do I need a different email?


  31. I just signed up for the editors box like 2 weeks ago it hasn’t even shipped yet…I wonder if I cancelled that if I could subscribe again and get the 40% off the winter box…just a thought since they haven’t shipped my Editors box yet

    • You can cancel that subscription and you will still get the editors box. You could then open a new subscription with a different email to get the winter box using the coupon.

    • I have same situation!

      • Would you believe I just got a shipping notice…talk about timing lol

      • Me too!!lol

  32. You know what bugs me? When long-time subscribers aren’t rewarded. 40% is huge. It would be nice if every once in a while they threw a box discount our way as a thanks, or some add-on credit at least, right?

    • Agreed. I was going to sub as an annual starting with this box, but now I’m thinking “why bother…?”

    • I just figure that we got a discount or something extra when we first subscribed too.

    • The $20 off, which is what 40% off ends up being, is the same as the $20 off annuals get at sign up, so you could look at it that way.

      • Except I always cancel and resub each season. While you save $20/year with an annual sub, I save anywhere from $60-$80/year depending on the the current promo code. I don’t care if annuals get to customize 2 more items and get earlier add-on access.

      • Interesting. How do you do that? Do you make a new email address each season? With your same name and billing info?

    • I agree 100%! Credits for additional add-ons would be great! I wish boxes would consider this! It would definitely stop people from constantly canceling and resubscribing!

  33. Is the 40 percent off the winter box?

    • I just ordered using the coupon and it said my first box would be winter.

    • If you sign up today, you get the winter box.

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