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FabFitFun Winter 2018 Box Add-On SPOILERS!

We have add-on spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter box!

  • November 1st – Add-Ons are available for annual subscribers
  • November 4th – Add-Ons are available for everyone

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

And here are the Add-On sneak peeks:


And here’s the first spoiler for the Winter box:

Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw – Retail Value $49

If you aren’t familiar with Mark & Graham, it’s a Williams-Sonoma brand that specializes in gifts and monograms!

This blanket measures 50”w x 60”h. Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

The blanket has a two-tonal color scheme, and it’s available in this warm beige or a cool grey:

(Annual subscribers will be able to select the color of their choice.)

The material is 100% acrylic and super soft!

It has fringe on two sides:

And it’s hand wash only.

My favorite thing about this blanket is how cozy it is! This is definitely a blanket for snuggling with a loved one!

What do you think of the first FabFitFun Winter Box spoiler?

Here’s the upcoming spoiler/add-on/selection schedule, too:

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • October 30th – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #1
  • October 31st – 2 PM ET – Add On spoilers
  • November 1st – Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for annual subscribers
  • November 2nd – 2 PM ET Winter Box Spoiler #2
  • November 3rd – Noon ET – Customization open + Additional spoiler reveals!
  • November 4th -Noon ET – Add-Ons are available for everyone

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!


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Comments (69)

  1. Just jumped on FFF and was able to customize my box. What a mismatch of eclectic items!

  2. Just jumped on and was able to customize my box. Quite an eclectic assortment of items.

  3. I want more COOLA Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea! So far don’t want the box.

  4. When is the last day to cancel this sub ? Not sure I want to get this if it is not going to come in before Xmas.Thanks.

    • Billing is November 10, so cancel before then

  5. I hope they have more Tease teas. I’ve gotten pretty much addicted to Skinny in the City and the 30-day detox pack and I’m too stubborn to pay full price.

  6. my spoilers are

    caj beauty flip and bend iron 69
    kopari coconut multitasking kit 19
    dphue argon oil therapy 11
    wellthy sleep night time fat burner 19

  7. Three foot creams…wow.

  8. These items were in my Sneek Peek Add Ons email:

    KALOS SKIN Queen Bee Retexturizing Serum
    DR. BRANDT® Pores No More Cleanser
    IMMUNOCOLOGIE Hyaluronic Serum
    COOLA Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea
    LAVIDO Age Away Hydrating Cream
    KOPARI Coconut Multitasking Kit
    DERMELECT COSMECEUTICALS Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment
    SKYN ICELAND Berry Lip Fix

  9. So happy for the throw. I got a puppy at the first of the year and he destroyed all of mine. I comtemplating buying one but now i dont have too. Wonder if I can get one of each color?

    • Ditto! The beige will look amazing on my couch and I would love to add another as a gift! Love this!

    • They’ll probably offer the option to add on the second one for 10$ like they usually do — just act fast before it sells out!

  10. The email I received about add on spoilers was completely different than these shown here and the ones someone listed in the comments too. This gives me hope since there are obviously more items than just what was sent in email. I might actually find something I want….

    • There are always a ton more than the little they show for spoilers. All very fun! ❤️👍

    • What did your email show for add ons?

  11. Is there still a coupon for getting a winter box for 29.99? My girlfriend wants to sign up

  12. Well that’s a first. I don’t want any of the spoilers (yet). But, I love the blanket! It looks snuggly!! 😍

  13. Oh I hope they have more Hey Honey – I love all their stuff!

  14. As always, none of the spoilers interest me. Nonetheless, I’m sure I’ll end up spending hundreds. 🤷‍♀️

    • omg me too i said that for all n spent 285 fml haha

    • Same.

      • LOL. Ive got you all beat, I spent over $500 last time. I have serious problems.

  15. So far my wallet is safe! ;))) Still waiting on my Edit Add-ons order. I talked to their CS, and apparently, ‘they have problem printing the shipping label’. Pretty upset with that. I wonder if anyone else didn’t receive their order yet.

    • I got mine weeks ago. 🙁 Sorry

    • I am supposed to receive mine tomorrow. This is my first edit sale and very disappointed it has taken so long to get my items.

      • I don’t know what is happening with them. Even if my box leaves the warehouse today, I won’t get it for at least 10 days. Given that they sending the boxes by smartpost and it’s coming from CA to the East coast. ((( I’m not happy with FFF at all. The CS is no help. She said, she’ll be sending me ‘daily’ updates when my order will be shipped. What the hell?!? They did take the money out of my account on time though…. The second the sale was over. The only thing they could say, is that they are ‘really sorry ‘ and ‘we understand your frustration ‘. Not happy with FFF at all right about now.

    • I haven’t received my fall add ons order yet either but they didn’t mention the label issue when I emailed them. They said that that’s the normal time it usually takes to ship the add on orders. That it usually doesn’t ship until a month after but its been longer than that and i just received a shipping confirmation today. I’m really unhappy about that either. I feel like it was done intentionally so that people who ordered another box add on don’t know what they are getting yet and end up paying more money on the winter add ons with the their winter box! Kinda shady! But i could be wrong! Still though it shouldn’t take them this long to ship add on orders. I might cancel!! Nothing in the spoilers looks good to me anyway! I hope my comment posts.

      • My previous comment about the FFF didn’t get posted… See if they actually shipped it. They created the label for my order on Oct, 19. As of today Oct, 31 the order still didn’t leave their warehouse. The CS couldn’t even tell me if it will go out by the end of this week. Really shady. If nothing happens in the next few days, unfortunately I would have to call the bank and dispute the charge. As of right now, I’m out of money and no items….

      • That makes no sense. I received my box weeks ago and I had a product that leaked and I’ve even received the box with those replacements! You need to be all over them! They are doin y’all wrong!

    • I got mine in the usual time frame but the editors box was another issue. I finally received that on Tuesday. I don’t think it’s FFF’s fault, more FedEx but FedEx originally said it’d be delivered on the 25th and I knew it wouldn’t be since it wasn’t anywhere near me at the time, then it was the 27th, still no. It was finally delivered on the 30th. 5 days not that material but it kind of is when you’re waiting on your stuff!! I’m spoiled by Amazon Prime though I think.

  16. Does anyone else hate that they open the customization on the weekend? I much prefer to be at work. I know I will be there during the week – hard to plan for this on the weekend. Maybe they do it hoping they won’t get overloaded and the server crash but we all know it does anyhow…. 🙂

    • Yesssss! I know I can be at a computer at 9am on a weekday. But on a weekend? That is my time to sleep in! Now I have to set an alarm to make sure i’m up in time for add-ons? Not cool.

      • One day out of your season please!! People ALWAYS complain about it being while they’re at work.

    • I prefer it! I don’t have access to the site at work

  17. The equal beauty super mist looks interesting. Maybe??

  18. I might be interested in the seasonings. Other than that my credit card is safe LOL.

  19. Here’s more add on spoilers.

    Terre Mere night cream
    Treatise mini contour kit
    Grown alchemists eye cream
    Summer & Rose Amelia trio necklace
    My tagalongs travel water bottles
    Deselect body contouring cream
    Doucce mascara
    Dr. Brandt ave delay cream

    • Trestique

    • I was looking up the Dr Brandt Age Delay Cream because after hitting 50, this is right up my alley. But after googling, I saw the FDA had an issue with some of Dr Brandt’s products:

      “Your above-listed products are not generally recognized as safe and effective for the above-referenced uses and therefore, the products are “new drugs” under Section 201(p)(1) of the Act [21 USC § 321(p)(1)].”

      Doesn’t specifically lable the delay cream, but it list similar products in the same line. So I’m going to investigate!

      • Dr. Brandt products are spendy lessons. If given a choice pick something else.

    • Awesome! I love Grown Alchemist so much. Where did you find these additional spoilers?

      • I was sent an email from fff

  20. Just as a heads up.. I purchased a Lionel handbag from one of the sales and the quality was terrible. I think I carried it for 6 weeks before it ended up in the trash from all the stitching falling out. I wasn’t carrying a bowling ball or anything to make it do this.

    • Thanks for letting us know. It’s super cute and it caught my eye so I’m glad you told us before I bought it .

    • Same happened to my Summer and Rose beach bag. I used it once and put three beach towels in it. Both handles broke. Never again.

      • Mine has held up just fine and I’ve filled that sucker to the point that I was seriously testing the zipper and weight limit. Maybe they have a quality control issue.

      • My Summer and Rose Beach tote has been amazing and I fill that right up to the top….sometimes I can’t even close the zipper. LOL I love that bag so much I’m going to give one as a gift.

      • Same here. The weekender bag, the zipper broke first time i used. Never again.

      • Yes! My weekender had a broken zipper when I received it! Never worked 🙁 But that’s the only time I’ve had that problem, hopefully a one off.

      • Same issue! Zipper broke!

      • Didn’t you tell them? I’ve aleays had my products replaced when they don’t come in good condition

    • Posts like these are extremely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to advise us.

    • Thanks! I thought it was a cute bag, but definitely only like quality real leather bags. I’ll avoid the bags.

  21. I might just get a second winter box for gifts and no add-ons.

    • if you’re going to sign up for a second box, make sure you add at least 1 item on.
      if you look at the shipping/billing schedule i doubt you will have the second box in hand before christmas (unless youre just adding on a second box as an addon) 🙂

  22. I recently introduced my friend to the skin & co line and was thinking of getting her some full-size products for christmas. Im hoping they have more than the face gommage, but I will be buying it regardless!

    • Skin&Co have a Halloween special atm for a three set of full size Toner, Cleansing Cream, and Cleansing oil (normally $85) for $49 with CLEANSING2018. It also adds a free gift to the cart which has a mini serum and a travel size toner. I’m using my $25 gift card from the Skin&Co bag from a while back, which drops it down to $24!

      • Where did you find that at? I have two $25 GC and need to use them.

      • The Skin & Roma site has good sales and you can stack codes with your gift cards. I used mine during the 30% off Labor Day sale on sale. It will automatically add gwp once you hit a certain amount too.

    • FFF has a coupon on their site for skin & co FFF25. They have a bunch of coupon codes on their site under the offers tab.

  23. I refuse to get anything from skin & co from the fff sale bc they refused to fulfill orders from the edit sale so a lot of people were hoping they’d get the toner and never did. I love their add ons every year

    • That’s strange. I received the toner. Did they give a reason?

      • I received it as well. The reason was FFF didn’t get as many as we’re expected so the ones that had it in their carts 1st and kept it there, we’re the ones that were able to get it. They ended up being about 300 short of what they expected to get. I am not sure where the mistake happened, but I am sure not going to boycott Skin & Co! Mistakes happen sometimes. I love their line of face products, and for the price we get them for from FFF is awesome!

    • That was an FFF mistake not a Skin&Co mistake. They had this problem with several items in the last sale. Silly to boycott IMO but to each their own, more for me!

  24. Very disappointed with the blanket. Look at this poo brown thin throw (hand wash only) vs popsugar’s gorgeous fringe cotton throw. If I wasn’t annual, I’d be canceling.

    • Pop Sugar’s white throw is dry clean only. Much cheaper, more convenient, and a time saver to hand wash vs. all that. I liked the PS throw too but cancelled when I saw you need to dry clean a white throw-not very practical!

      • I would not dry clean a throw—imagine the cost and I would never wash one by hand. Most items that say dry clean do it “just in case”. If you use cool water and gentle cycle you should be okay.

    • I thought that about the brown color too, but when FFF showed it on their live video on Facebook on 10/31, it was a much different color. When I saw the spoiler here, I hated the brown so much I seriously considered bumping to annual just to make sure I get the gray, but after I saw the Facebook video, I don’t feel that way.

  25. Liz,
    Can you get some wear out of that throw and let us know what you think of it? I still get the feeling it’s going to snag easily.

    I like! Multiple things I am interested in. Still not thrilled about that throw.

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