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FabFitFun Fall Edit Sale 2018 Starts Now!

fabfitfun fall edit sale

The FabFitFun Edit sale starts now! (If you aren’t familiar, this is basically like Add-Ons, except these items aren’t shipping with your FabFitFun Box.)

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The sale will feature beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle items at 30% to 70% off.
  • Oct 1st at 9 a.m. PT: Open to SELECT members (annual subscribers)
  • Oct 4th at 9 a.m. PT: Open to ALL members..
  • Don’t forget that Edits are just like Add-Ons and you’ll be auto-billed for everything at the end of the sale. Billing begins on October 9th.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still access this sale if you subscribe. Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!  (Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!)


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Comments (105)

  1. Do you have to upgrade from quarterly to annual to participate? That would explain not being able to get into the sale.

  2. Just a warning to anyone placing a large order…I ordered over $700 worth of add ons last box. Everything was sent in a box with no packing material. This is the second time this happened. Because everything was thrown in one large box, many items were damaged in shipping or the packaging was damaged. Over $550 in items damaged. I buy all these as gifts for the holidays so items with bent and smashed boxes are not acceptable. I have spent hours on the phone with customer service and sent many emails with pictures and info. At the end, they refuse to replace the items, will not offer a refund, and will not let me send them back. They only offered a $20 credit towards my next add on purchase. They said to talk to my local post office since this happened twice. I told them I wasn’t suprised things were damaged since they shipped everything in one box with no bubble wrap, packing materials or any kind of wrapping. After hours of trying to work this out, I was told a $20 credit was all they are willing to do. I just filed a dispute with my credit card company. Just wanted to warn anyone placing a huge order that this happened. Best of luck.

  3. I have learned if you Google some of this stuff…you realize you’re not saving a ton. Like the Terre Mere eye cream…$219 – sale $19 I think, and Hautelook has it for $35. Cheaper yes, but at $35 its affordable versus the $219.

  4. I have a quick questions for you all that are knowledgeable with FFF terms and conditions….I am currently unsubscribed, if I subscribe JUST for this sale, can I unsubscribe before the next quarterly/edit box? Or do I have to get a box to purchase from the sale?

    • I don’t think you can access the edit sale without ever having purchased a box. I’ve paused boxes and then shopped the edit sale, but I did initially buy a box at that time.

  5. I received the juice beauty stem cellular anti-wrinkle moisturizer in boxy, and have loved it! So I have 3 in my cart, basically 3 for the price of 1 lol Other than that this sale has been a bit easier for me since I’m kinda on product overload. Im picking up a pair of earrings and some socks lol I’ve stopped purchasing items I wouldn’t buy at full price which also helped. Like Blur, great price, but I would never spend $175.00 on it, so I dont want to know if I like it or not lol Same for the Terre Mere products, great products, but nope. I had to find a system lol

  6. Whew! I started out with almost $1400.00 of stuff in my cart! It has taken me HOURS, but I now have it down to about $250.00. I still need to get it closer to $200.00, but I think I’ve done well for day one.
    How is everyone else doing??
    There’s just SO MUCH I want!!!

    • Mine started at $1350. I got it down to $900 but then was able to get the microneedling mask and headphones I wanted most of all. So I am back to where I started. It’s always a process for me. I work on reducing my cart a little bit every day until right before billing day. My ceiling is usually $200, but I was able to get it down to $100 last time. Good thing since I will definitely blow the $200 budget this time since those headphones are $139 alone! 😄

      • I put my headphones back. It was confirmed they are the wired ones. QVC had them for 90$ in black yesterday. I expect to see a better deal on Black Friday.

  7. Does anyone know what will be in the fall box if I get another one? I really wanted the poppy umbrella, and everything else will make great Christmas gifts.

    • I wanted the poppy umbrella too, super cute, but the Fall box customization is closed so if you order it’s just luck of the draw. I didn’t know that until I ordered one but I’m excited to get my box anyway.

      • Mine broke after 2 uses, so the quality is not there at all.

  8. Has anyone seen the therapy revitalizing gel by African Botanics? My shoulder loves that stuff!. I’m using the aromatherapy one from another box but it’s no match for relief.

    • The only thing I have seen in that brand is hand cream. But I will check again

    • The only African Botanics item I saw was the hand cream for $12.

      • Thank you both for checking. My shoulder had it good last winter…lol… .it better get satisfied with the Aromatherapy De Stress Gel. But if it gets really bad I might have to just buy the doggone full price AB brand. That stuff gets down to the bone and just stays there for hours. You forget your shoulder even hurt.

      • Tanya, if you’re not scared to buy of eBay, they have some for about half the price of retail for that item. I sure hope you get the relief you need!

      • Tanya: I believe the main ingredients in the African Botanics therapy gel are tiger balm and anrnica, which you can purchase and mix for a lower price than the AB gel. That’s what I’ll be doing when mine runs out. Good luck!

      • Sombra warm therapy is amazing. I have a hip/spine injury and it’s my go to. It warms up as you are active so you just have to be careful not to apply too much. I like it 1000x better than that Destress gel and it’s cheap! You can get on Amazon

    • I was really hoping I could stock up on it! I use it for my bad knee and my boyfriend uses it all over his legs after work as he’s always on his feet. While this doesn’t work as long as other types of topical pain products (Ben Gay, Icy Hot, etc), it works as well and without the strong unpleasant menthol odor. It smells light and natural/herbal. Plus if you accidentally get it on a part of your skin that’s sensitive it doesn’t burn! It also works better than the CBD Relief Cream I tried frim the last sale and it was twice the price!

    • I agree, good stuff.

  9. Out of curiosity, and if able to share this info, which / what price are the Terre Mere products that are in the shop? I am not a subscriber, but might be interested in signing up for access if those products are a good deal…

    • I think eye cream was $19, seemed like a huge discount. There are other products too.

    • SpringIsIn, there are 2 Terre Mere products, a masque and an eye cream, they are 86-91% off retail.

      • Thanks for the info! 🙂

  10. Hey guys what is in the edit fabfitfun for fall box besides the sales? I havent seen anything for the edit box.

    • The editors box has
      Summer & Rose Striped tote (editors box) I think
      Crown brushes (fall box)
      Glamglow masks (fall box)
      Ear buds (fall box)
      Ahava hand cream (winter 2017)
      Elemis enzyme peel (summer)
      Eye mask (spring)
      Shampoo & conditioner samples

      There’s a video showing the items on FFF Facebook.

      • I saw that video too, but on the edit sale website it says you’ll get the Elemis peel OR the Cuccio yogurt bath (fall) and the Crown brushes OR the ERTH TU Y YO Ring and it says selection is randomized for both items. I tried to post the list from the sale page but it looks like the comment was blocked.

  11. Yay! Totally forgot about it and just went to the site and didn’t want anything! Wallet win! I cancelled Christmas this year, so that helps. Good luck, everyone!

    • How does one “cancel Christmas”??? I love the family gathering aspect but not all the money spending!

  12. Anyone recommend some really exceptional products I might not know about?

    I’m curious about the Terre Mere and KarynG products, but anything that’s great!

    • I really love the KarynG products. I use the Complete Broad Spectrum Moisturizer/Primer and the cleaners. Also use the eye cream, but it is not on the edit sale. My skin is sensitive and I haven’t had any problems.

    • I like the Juice Beauty eye treatment, SKIN&CO Truffle Toner, and the Green Goo Skin Repair works great for super dry/flaky patchy skin. Hope this helps!

  13. My wallet is safe. 😅

  14. Could someone post what’s in the sale and the pirce, please? I am curious as quarterly subscriber… and there are no full spoilers.

    • Some members are posting photos on the official Fabfitfun community forum.

  15. Cancelled my subscription and definitely having FOMO. Want to see what I’m missing!!!
    I’m really missing the old message board… Hoping for screenshots 😉

  16. I feel like FFF REALLY wants us to start eating collagen.

    • Haha! I noticed the plethora of collagen products too. Not for me, thanks.

    • I keep losing count but there are 6 or 7 items or bundles in the sale of collagen powder. Is it just hype or does consuming collagen powder work as a dietary supplement?

      • If it is the right kind of collagen it is amazing how well it works to plump up you skin from the inside out.- I cant see what’s available because i’m not an annual member – I take marine collagen from Pro Caps Labs every morning and i have also used the one from Sports Research.

      • fish scales and shark bones for breakfast– yum.

      • Not from what I read…

      • It’s a fad but for those that don’t have a varied diet (ie animal products), collagen can be helpful. If you already eat a varied healthy diet, you likely won’t need the collagen. 🙂

      • Anyone know the source of the collagen? Thanks in advance.

    • 😂😂😂

  17. The one thing I wanted is already sold out. My bank account is happy LOL.

    • It’ll come back tho! I’m always to grab what I want eventually even if it’s sold out.

  18. Added less than I ever have at an Edit or Add-on Sale. Lots of repeats, but also a lot of new things I’m not interested in or haven’t heard of and will need to research.

    Anyone recommend some really exceptional products I might not know about?

    Mine is the Blaq Teeth Whitening powder–it’s incredible! I noticed a difference the first time I used it. Other than that, I love the usual suspects like the Ahava lotions and the Spongelle pedi buffer.

    • I haven’t tried them yet, but the charcoal blotting papers come in a little book you tear them out of. I get really annoyed trying to fish blotting sheets out of the little envelope style packages they usually come in.

    • Do you know if the whitening cleaner is hard on sensitive teeth?

      • Yes. I don’t have sensitive teeth, but I have noticed some sensitivity using this. I’ve read that you have to be careful about the abrasiveness of charcoal eroding enamel, so it is suggested that you just smear it on teeth rather than brushing it on.

      • Thank you Lori, I might have to throw some in my basket now. I’m dying to find a tooth whitening product that actually works. Mine aren’t bad but I can tell if I don’t something they’ll eventually end up looking like corn kernels. 😂

      • Hahaha! Happy to help 🙂

  19. Liz can you add screenshots of sale items?! Would love to see those kinds of sneak peeks :)thanks!!

  20. I actually managed to add everything I wanted. Two grown alchemist, glamglow, and Murad mask

    • What Murad and Glamglow items were there?? Any murad water gel or glamglow supermud Clearing mask?

      • It’s the glamglow highlighter palette! And the Murad pore mask 🙂 no water gel but there are other Murad products. Unfortunately the palette is the only glamglow item

      • There is also a glamglow multi mask set but it keeps flipping to sold out.

      • Ahh I didn’t see that.

      • Psychology has a water gel moisturizer and an overnight mask that both look nice.

      • *Patchology

  21. Has anyone tried the “10 degrees cooler” stuff? I still can’t find any reviews for it!

    • I got both of them from a previous sale….they smell horrible. The blue one is just plain disgusting and I had to stop breathing while putting it on. Worst buy ever. I didn’t even try it for long enough to notice a difference 🙁

      • @Hristina @Tanya M @Deanne thank you!! Love to see the good bad and the smelly of an item before I order it! That was greatly needed and helpful <3

      • I got both last time. While I didn’t notice any bad or good smells, I also didn’t notice anything else. Skin didn’t look any better even after I had religiously used both oils. So…meh. Might work great for someone else though!

      • I use the corscia one. It smells earthy…not bad in my opinion. I think it works great on my combination skin but I wouldn’t pay full price for it.

    • I did. I got number 03 and love it! One of my favorite bloggers Gothamista mentioned she was enjoying it as well. Not sure whether she was using 03.

    • I also love the midnight in corsica oil, I use it between nights of retinol or if my face needs extra moisture or calming. There’s a strong french clary scent that fades within minutes. I think it feels like an expensive oil!

    • I have 03 and it smells bad imo. I’ve heard 01 doesn’t smell bad so I’m going to try it this time.

    • I don’t like the smells of either of the ’10 degrees’ oils BUT I love how they make my face feel. The 01 is supposed to be a lighter moisturizing oil while the 03 is supposed to be more moisturizing.
      I admit that I do hold my breath when I put the oil on but the smell goes away fairly fast 🙁

  22. I don’t see anything that interesting. Which is good for my bank account.

  23. Based on the spoilers I was a little unsure of this edit sale. But Skyn Iceland is my go-to eye cream and for $12, I’m stocking up. Plus, I’m going to try anything This Works makes. Ive been wanting to try the detox mask, but didn’t want to pay $50 plus.

  24. I was able to get back on and add everything I wanted and much more. Good grief. I hate narrowing this stuff down.

  25. For anyone curious, I’m thumbs down on the 10 degrees cooler oils. I got the Midnight in Corsia (the blue one). Didn’t do anything and it smelled really bad. I have no comments on the yellow one as I didn’t purchase that one.

  26. The title of this should be “edit sale is crashed now!” Haha

  27. Crashed right when I was adding that sweet glam glow to my cart. 😂 does anyone know what the average downtime is? I can’t remember

  28. How long does it usually take for the site to get back online?

  29. Don’t they anticipate this much traffic and plan accordingly? Whyyyyyyy!!???

  30. Very slow moving. Takes a minute to load anything. Usual FFFun!

  31. I got 11 things in my cart before a crash. A new record.

    • I can’t even get on… grrrr – first time to this and its not working at all

    • If the things stay in your cart😔

  32. And here we go again..crash..error..crash..error.. come on fff get it together..this seems to happen for every edit sale and add ons… enough!!!

  33. So annoyed that the site crashed! Haven’t gotten my email invite either.

  34. I hope I can get what I added!!

  35. Aaand the site is down 🙄

  36. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the site to come back up?

  37. Crashed, ugh!!

  38. Great – was in and had a lovely cart full of the things I wanted, then when the page refreshed my cart was empty. This is starting to become really unprofessional.

  39. Oh look, the site’s down. Didn’t expect that one

  40. Per usual, can’t get on……….Get it together FFF.

  41. Haven’t been able to get the website to load at all. Every single time they have a sale or selection opens for a box or add-ons open, their site crashes. And by the time you can get in, everything is sold out. When are they going to fix their site?!

  42. Same old same old… crashed as usual.

  43. I can’t get in either. 🙁

  44. And in typical FFF fashion…the site is crashed. Sooo annoying.

  45. And it crashes yet again

  46. Page is not working…how predictable

  47. 9:02 and the site has crashed.

  48. I thought they had it fixed based on the Fall Add-Ons, but I’m getting a 504 Gateway Time-Out

  49. and their site is already down.

    • Yep

    • I was in for about 30 seconds… then it crashed…

    • Yuuup, I was (surprisingly) able to add 2 things to my cart, and then the site stopped loading. Bummer! Hopefully it is fixed soon.

  50. After the last round I thought they had the server issue fixed. Apparently that’s what I get for assuming. Ugh.

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