FabFitFun Editor’s Box FULL SPOILERS!

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FabFitFun is launching a new Editor’s Box soon! As of the publication of this post, the Fall box was still available, but you can check the FabFitFun checkout page to see when it switches over to the Editor’s Box as the first box you’ll receive if you subscribe. This box is also currently available for purchase in the FabFitFun Edit sale!

And here are the full spoilers:


  • ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel OR Cuccio yogahhh! Detox Bath 
  • Crown Brush 6 Piece Brush Set in “Black + Rose Gold” OR ERTH TU Y YO Ring 
  • AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream With Dead Sea Water
  • Spongellé Freesia Pear Boxed Flower
  • Free People x Understated Leather Starry Eyed Travel Eye Mask (styles may vary)
  • Summer & Rose Brittany Tote w/ Navy Stripes
  • Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel

What do you think of the spoilers? Are you going to grab a box? If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off of your first box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have 4 of these items from the starter box and 3 from the fall box. The brushes are actually pretty nice and soft. I am not a fan of plastic handles though. I can understand why people would be opposed to having this stuff in a box though. Most people I know have lots of brushes. The bath detox is nice….but not any better then the 5$ few pounds bag at target or Walmart. I would never buy the bubble masks on my own…but I tried one and they are pretty fun. I am a regular sheet mask user though.

    The spongella is really strongly scented, but kind of fun.

    The eye mask I thought I would not like, but it actually is nice and relaxing. I am a data scientist….so after spending all day coding and staring at graphs and millions of numbers…..it feels really good to just relax my eyes and listen to some music or tv show.

    The bag is crap though. I hate the shape and I have gotten free ad bags that are better quality. It might be nice for a beach trip or vacation though. Just not something I would buy myself. I am a huge fan of make one investment in a decent product so you don’t have to buy 5.

  2. I had this in my cart for the edit sale but I’m really glad I looked this up before it ended so I could remove it. I would have been super bummed to receive this box after paying $50 as I’ve already received most of these items in the previous summer & fall box. As everyone else has said, it just seems they’ve thrown together overstock items.

    • Code fall40 and you get your first box for $29.99

  3. This is my first box. I see a lot of negativity on it. I am actually pretty excited about it because a lot of it will work well for travel- I am going on a cruise in 3 weeks. I haven’t had any of these items before so for someone who isn’t a current subscriber I think it is a great value. It is a little heavy on skincare items in my opinion. When I made my product choices, if I would have known I was getting the Skyn peel pads, I wouldn’t have chosen the Elemis enzyme peel

  4. This bag is awful as far as content but I have. But I love the ring and the bag has been great for me. You don’t want to overload it of course. But I have enjoyed mine a lot!

    Still this is just a hodgepodge left over from previous sales.

  5. I still think this box is a good value for the money (especially with a coupon code), but agree that it seems lackluster compared to many of their past seasonal boxes and editor’s boxes. I don’t think this is the type of box that will entice existing subscribers to purchase it as an extra…

    • I just did not like this fall box at all. I am always so excited, when I am opening it up. This time, there was no “wow!.. it was more like; “oh, this is alright if the box was $12.99.

      Please Fabfitfun get it together because, I will stop bragging about you on social media and I will start complaining about you.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I’m waiting for something better to come along. Two boxes ago, I was excited and wanted to try and subscribe based on some of the products in it. I signed up and EVERYTHING I was looking forward to was GONE so I immediately reached out to customer service and had them cancel. I didn’t feel like paying money to get a ton of stuff I just wanted to get rid of. So now, I try to gauge my thoughts of the new boxes based upon the spoilers and yeah, the fall and to-be winter editors boxes seem pretty basic. I guess I’ll keep on waiting.

  6. They just keep recycling the same stuff over and over and over. Go to swap site and you will see 50-60 of each item. I swapped that blue bag 3 boxes ago, finally got rid of the eye mask a few swaps ago, on my 3rd “special size” Ahava hand lotion {I swap for them} and I have tried to get the bubble mask but many who have it haven’t swapped in over a month.

    • i just got the last editors box.. or sample box.. whatever. my friend sent me a code and i got the box for just shipping- it came with these same items.. the ahava, the bag, spongelle, and eye mask.. then theyre just throwing in extras left over from the fall box (that i got accidentally because i forgot to cancel!) everyone seems to rave about FFF but i dont really get it. the fall box was totally meh for me. i like the umbrella but thats it. and thats not worth $50 to me AT ALL.

      • What was the code you used? Please?

    • ive got the bubble masks 😉

  7. Wow, I already have the peel, the bag, the ring, the mask, the spongelle. Glad I cancelled!

    • Current subscribers don’t receive the Editor’s box, unless they choose to buy it as an extra box. The Editor’s box is the box they have available for people who subscribe after last season’s box has sold out and before next season’s box has been released. That’s why it’s a mishmash of old items (it’s intended for new subscribers who haven’t yet received those items), and of course to get rid of old stock.

  8. I am not even a current existing member, cancelled almost a year ago and I have all of this stuff. Really bad the have sooooooo many repeats. They really must over stock.

  9. Ohhh NO NO No!!! Hard pass. They are getting rid of all of the stuff laying around and it really looks thrown together this time… uugh

  10. Leftovers!!

    Don’t get the ring. It just dosnt look good.

  11. My wallet is safe this time😁

  12. The last few Editors boxes I wound up liking more than the main box itself, so I figured I’d hold out this time for the editors box. What a let down…

  13. This is a very disappointing Editor’s box. I think they should just not have this one this time.

  14. Completely off topic, but since there is no longer a forum, I didn’t know where else to ask.

    Is anybody else seeing ads when trying to look through swap listings? I think it’s been a couple of days now that I see one between swap listings and it’s SO distracting that I end up giving up looking. Just wanted to see if it’s just on my computer/s or everybody is seeing this.

    I don’t normally mind ads on blogs since I understand how blogs make money and that usually involves Google ads, but when it’s between content instead of the top/bottom/sides, it just becomes too much.

  15. Can someone explain this box to me? I had a yearly subscription (winter, spring, summer & fall) that I will soon have to renew (If I decide to).

    Is this box in addition to the quarterly boxes? If I order from the current edit sale does that automatically make you buy the Editor’s box?


    • You only get the edit box if they’ve already sold out of their regular quarterly box and you are a new subscriber. Regular subscribers CAN order the editors box, but it’s an extra $50.

      • Thank you Sara.
        So the items in the current edit sale will be shipped separately from a quarterly box?

        • Yes. Free shipping with a cart of $25 or more.

  16. They changed it from what they revealed on FB too. 😡

    • Yeah they added it and removed the Skyn Iceland from the edit sale it seems.

  17. Hopefully there are more items? Because that sucks. I told a friend to sign up (new as an annual) because the edit sale is good. Pathetic box.

    • She didn’t even get to customize 🙁

      • That makes it worse it would be so much better to have some choices . Hopefully she will find some goodies in the sale

      • Neither did I. Huge disappointment given this will be my first box as an annual subscriber. It wouldn’t let me add sale items either unless I misunderstood that I could, there were several things I would have purchased if it would have let me. Reading some of the reviews is making me a little discouraged that I even subscribed. Hopefully I will be happy with at least a few things!

  18. Only item.I am remotely interested in is the bag…this is up there with the worst editor’s boxes(there have been a couple duds in my opinion lately)
    Not a bad thing for me though what with the edit sale, it would be a tough sell anyways!

    • I have this bag and looks super cheap. This box looks terrible to me!

    • I have the bag and one of the handles ripped the second time I used it. All it had in it were three normal sized dry towels!!!

  19. I have you agree with you ladies above this box is a really bad one. Especially for existing members who probably have or have had most of it. And it’s just not exciting at all.

  20. This seems like a ton of stuff they couldn’t get rid of during their past boxes or their sales….

  21. This one sucks…lol. Sorry, couldn’t think of a nicer way to say it.

  22. Worst. FFF. Box. Ever. I typically love all of FFF’s curations. But this is so hodge-podgey that I really don’t like it.

    • I so agree with you! The worst box ever

  23. Four of the items can be found in the $5 starter box. Easy pass!

    • How much would this be?

      • Sorry it’s $49.99

    • Agreed Cynthia! How do they expect new subscribers to purchase this box if they’ve already received a $5 starter box with half the items? $50 for duplicates from a $5 box???

    • How can I get a starter box?

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