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Cocotique Women Of Color Subscription Box Review + Coupon – October 2018

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Closed Box

Cocotique is a monthly subscription box delivering beauty and lifestyle products for women of color. Each month you receive a curated box of 5-8 full size or deluxe sample sized products.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Opened Box

Each month, Cocotique delivers a variety of products ranging from hair care, skincare, nails, fragrance, makeup, lifestyle products and more. Cocotique wants to help you “discover your ultimate beauty arsenal”.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - All Items Unboxed

About Cocotique

The Subscription Box: Cocotique

The Cost: $25 per month with discounts for 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions.

The Products: Full size and deluxe sample sized beauty products.

Ships to: the Contiguous US for free. Cocotique does not ship to AK, HI or outside of the US at this time.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 Review

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Cocotique Info Card Front

This month’s Cocotique box is all about finding self-care essentials to add to your beauty routine. The Cocotique info card describes the month’s theme and invites you to connect with Cocotique on their social media platforms.

The back of the Cocotique info card describes all the products included in this month’s box as well as information on where to purchase the products online and exclusive discount codes. I really appreciate when boxes make the extra effort to provide this information.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Cal Pharma Moisturizer 1

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Cal Pharma Moisturizer 2

Cal Pharma Ultra-Clear Daily Skin Hydrator SPF50, 3 0.42 oz tubes – Estimated Retail Value $33.00 (Buy 2-0.42 oz for $22 here or 1-1.7 oz for $34.95 here)

The Cal Pharma daily moisturizing cream with SPF 50 protects against sun damage and even radiation from computer and phone screens! Dark skin’s natural melanin helps provide some protection from damaging UV radiation. While melanoma is higher in Caucasians, African American patients are most likely to be diagnosed in later stages and have the lowest overall survival rate according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. So, wear your sunscreen ladies! I appreciate that this moisturizer is fragrance-free and contains a high SPF but I find it goes on thick and will leave a chalky film if too much is applied. Going forward, I’ll use less and rub it in well.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Dove Dry Spray Deodrant 1

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Dove Dry Spray Deod0rant 2

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, 3.8 oz – Retail Value $5.99

I use Dove soap. It’s the only soap that moisturizes and doesn’t irritate my skin. I haven’t had the opportunity to give Dove deodorants a try. This Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant claims to not only keep you dry but to also moisturize your underarm skin so that it’s soft and smooth. The deodorant sprays on light and clear and has a slightly shimmery finish. It has a floral fragrance that smells strong to me but I’m not a fan of floral fragrances. I was happy to see that the dry spray comes in different scents.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Dove Cleartone Deodorant 1

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Dove Cleartone Deodorant 2

Dove Advanced Care Solid Antiperspirant in Pink Rosa, 2.6 oz – Retail Value $4.89

Our underarm skin can get irritated from regular shaving and the same melanin that helps protect our skin from the sun also makes our skin prone to hyperpigmentation. This Dove deodorant with “clear tone” claims to help restore your underarms to its natural skin tone which is often discolored due to irritation. The deodorant goes on smooth and clear. The Pink Rosa scent is also floral but really light and fresh so, I don’t mind it.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Mask Front

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Mask Back

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Mask Opened

Garner’s Garden DIY Charcoal Face Mask, 3.2 oz – Retail Value $5.99

My friends and I are do-it-yourself junkies! We will easily whip up a hair, skin or other beauty product using natural ingredients found in the kitchen. Garner’s Garden provides a base to create your own detox face mask with the DIY Charcoal Face Mask. This product contains a dry mix of bentonite and kaolin clay and activated charcoal. In a separate plastic or glass container (don’t use metal), mix the product with water and add your favorite ingredients. I like apple cider vinegar and essential oils. I can’t wait for Self-Care Sunday to mix up this DIY detox mask.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Toner 1

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Toner 2

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Toner 3

Garner’s Garden Facial Toner, 2 oz – Retail Value $5.99

Another Garner’s Garden product included in this month’s box is the Facial Toner. I use a toner to calm my skin and remove excess oil and dirt. This toner is made with witch hazel and aloe vera juice – simple and natural ingredients which are perfect for my skin as it tends to be easily irritated. I’ll be adding this product to my “beauty arsenal’!

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Pads Front

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Pads Back

Genial Day Purse – Ready Pack – Estimated Retail Value $0.85 (buy a 24 pack of liners for $5.99 here and a 10 pack of pads here for $5.99)

Finally, high-quality feminine care products! I’m so impressed at Genial Day’s story and values. Their products are “toxin-free, unscented, heavy metals-free, chlorine-free and pH balanced”. Too bad I don’t use pads and liners. I hope they will be rolling out tampons soon in addition to their pads, liners, wipes and menstrual cups. This purse pack contains 1 liner and 1 regular flow pad. I notice on the website that you can sign up for a free trial (you only pay to ship) and individual packs or in bulk.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Bikini Balm Front

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Bikini Balm Back

Gillette Venus Bikini Balm, 0.49 oz – Retail Value $5.00

We discussed the challenge of skin irritation that sometimes leads to skin discoloration. When it comes to hair removal, black women also have the added challenge of dealing with hair that is often thick and densely curled. Included in this month’s box is another product to add to your beauty routine if you are experiencing these problems. The Gillette Venus Bikini Balm claims to moisturize and soothe redness, irritation and bumps caused by all types of hair removal – shaving, waxing and depilating. It can also be used on other sensitive areas including your underarms.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Edges Front

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Edges Back

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Edges Opened

Okay Pure Naturals On the Go Polished Edges with Nourishing Coconut Oil, 0.5 oz – Retail Value $2.99

If you have natural hair as I do, you know the challenge of trying to lay your edges! Personally, I’ve given up on this mission and unless it’s a really special event (like a fancy date night or a big leadership meeting), I don’t even try. Okay, Pure Naturals claims that Polished Edges has an extra strong and long-lasting formula with added coconut oil to aid in the health and shine of your hair. I tried the product and while I’m not sure if it’ll hold up throughout the day, it did go on smooth and clear and didn’t appear to leave any residue. That alone is impressive! The small size is also purse friendly for on-the-go touch-ups.

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Smile Front

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Smile Back

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Smile Opened

Supersmile Mini Whitening System, 0.21oz – Estimated Retail Value $5.71 (buy a 1.4 oz 1-month supply for $40 or a 4.2 oz 3-month supply for $80 here)

I tried whitening my teeth before my wedding. It was a really awful experience due to my sensitive teeth. This teeth whitening system contains a whitening toothpaste and whitening accelerator. It was created by the “father of aesthetic dentistry” Dr. Irwin Smigel and claims to be safe and effective on sensitive teeth. I’m super hesitant to try this mini (1-week) system. Also, is one week long enough to start seeing results? We shall see!

The final item in the box is one of the following items:

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Back Front

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Bar Back

Cocotique “Self-Care Essentials” October 2018 - Bar Opened

Truly Clear One-Step Acne Bar, 3.5 oz – Retail Value $24.94

I received the Truly Clear One-Step Acne Bar. It’s a bar soap that can be used on your face, back and chest and can even be used for shaving. The ingredient list for this soap is impressive and extensive containing acids, oils, butters, essential oils, and vitamins. It also smells amazing. I sometimes have random acne breakouts on my chest and lower back. I’m looking forward to trying this. The instructions say to wash twice a day, lather up, wait 2-3 minutes, and then rinse.

The Verdict: This is my first Cocotique box and I’m really digging it! It exceeded my expectations and is definitely worth the $25 a month price, including free shipping. I’m most excited to try the Truly Clear bar and make a DIY mask with the Charcoal Mineral Face Mask. Moreover, I’ll use almost every item included in this month’s box. It has me day-dreaming of soft, blemish free and rose-scented skin, pearly white teeth and laid edges!

Cocotique Beauty Box costs $25 with free shipping. The estimated retail value of the items included in my box is $95.35. Wow – the retail value is that’s almost 4x the cost of the box! What an amazing value for a box full of products that I can see myself using and adding to my “beauty arsenal”.

To Wrap Up:

Can I get this box if I sign up today?: Yes! This box is also available in the Cocotique shop for $25.00 here.

Value Breakdown: At $25 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Cal Pharma Skin Hydrator: $8.65
  • Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant: $1.57
  • Dove Solid Antiperspirant: $1.28
  • Garner’s Garden DIY Charcoal Face Mask: $1.57
  • Garner’s Garden Facial Toner: $1.57
  • Genial Day Purse: $0.22
  • Gillette Venus Bikini Balm: $1.31
  • Okay Pure Naturals On the Go Polished Edges: $0.78
  • Supersmile Mini Whitening System: $1.50
  • Truly Clear One-Step Acne Bar: $6.54

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Written by Shatae Hutchinson

Shatae Hutchinson

Hi, I’m Shatae; pronounced shhh-tay! I work in IT Healthcare, I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 cool kids. I am obsessed with black culture, lifestyle, travel and art made by and featuring women of color. I also love trendy plus-size fashion and accessories, eclectic and bohemian home décor and all things self-care, mental health and fitness. My favorite box is Izzy & Liv’s Brown Sugar Box; a monthly box offering tees, accessories and lifestyle products designed for black women. I also subscribe to TheSelfCareBox, FabFitFun, CauseBox and Merkaela. Being a wife and full-time working mom, subscription boxes are one of the few things that are just for me! They are fun, convenient, reasonably priced and full of surprises.

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Comments (8)

  1. This looks like a box from Walgreens. Just because you say women of color doesn’t mean you can just throw anything in a box and we’ll fall for it. This is a shame. IMHO.

    • Thank you for you comment. I’d only be able to find the Dove and Gillette at my local Walgreen’s. Some of the other items are not readily available but I see your point.

  2. Thank you Shatae, your reviews are wonderful! I’ve been getting this box for myself & a friend for awhile now and while I agree that sometimes it’s a bit of reach to consider it a box specifically for WOC, it does provide something that other boxes do not always do, products that work that are still affordable for those of us who live in the real world & simply can’t justify $75 for a facial scrub

    • Hi Katrina! Thank you for the comment! I look forward to continuing to receive and review Cocotique! I was really impressed with this box.

  3. Good mix of stuff, though not really black beauty focused. I might have to try edge gel though. I usually just use water and don’t care. That pad company does a free trial pack with $3.95 shipping, so I’m going to check that out!!

    • Not specifically black beauty focused (except maybe the edge) but I do think the products selected help address some issues that are unique challenges for women of color. Ok – maybe a bit reaching, LOL, but I do enjoy the products. The edge control didn’t hold up the whole day but my edges are truly defiant! I do the wish the company had tampons and I would be totally onboard too!

  4. Great review, but I am not impressed with the wide value between some of the options in the last item.

    • Thanks Jessica and I see with your point. The final item would ideally be around the same retail value unless subscribers had a choice as to which product they receive.

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