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BoxyCharm October 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box Variation #2!


We have the full spoilers for another version of the October Boxycharm box!

Box #2 Variation:


Box #1 Variation:

boxycharm october box

Source: Instagram user cosmeticosalpormayor

Box #1 Variation:

Here’s a closer look at the October products that ALL subscribers will receive:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the October box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (108)

  1. Received my Oct boxy today. I got Variation # 1

    Pharmacy Green Clean balm
    Lace charcoal Mask
    Pur Palette
    IT Cosmetics superhero mascara
    KVD lipstick in shade Mother – it is a bright pink/plum color, good for summer mths

    So glad I did not receive the Ahava lotion, already have a large tune sitting around somewhere, the scent brings on a migraine.

    • Update, used the Pharmacy Cleansing balm and it felt amazing after. Holy Grail Product for sure!

  2. I’m getting lovesick, which is much better than the usual poo brown lipsticks that BC sends me. Unfortunately I already own it

  3. Who else got Hawkwind and what other products did you receive?

  4. I haven’t even gotten a ship notice yet. 🙁

    • Same here!

  5. I cant wait to see the December boxyluxe spoilers. It will be a deciding factor if I should take a break from boxy for a few months.

    • Totally agree! I am dying to see those spoilers too!

    • Me too

  6. I don’t like to complain because it is $21 for a bunch of products, but I feel like the quality has started going downhill over the past couple months. Perhaps I just feel that way because I am a bit on product overload, and keep buying what I actually want.

  7. I lucked out and got variation 1 which has the farmacy cleanser and the charcoal mask. I also lucked out and go the shade “Mother” which is a really nice every day color for me. I’m so excited because I’m known for getting bright orange lip products in these things!

  8. Received my box today. I have version NUMBER 6!
    I received:
    Full size it cosmetics mascara
    South mane beauty under eye gels (not happy of these but my mom enjoys under eye masks)
    Pur Palette
    KVD lipstick in crucifix
    Briogeo leave in moisture mask

  9. My money = My right to be sour

    My opinion = my right

    This box has nothing in it I will use. It holds zero value for me. I don’t do poop brown lips and glitter eyes.

    I don’t want more hand cream and I don’t like the hair conditioner. I’ve tried it.

    I buy a lot of sub boxes and this one is awful.

  10. I don’t want no damn hand cream. :/

    • I don’t either…..blah….boring stuff lol

    • What happened to 5 FULL size items?? Those two items don’t look to be full size. I’ve been trying to hold out for December’s luxe but at this rate I’m ready to cancel and just stick with my ipsy glam plus and my regular ipsy. Ugh!! Has anyone got an answer to why they are sending two deluxe size items when they promote 5 full size??

      • I was actually wondering the same thing.

  11. I really hope I do not receive this variation :/ I’m getting the Kat von D shade in Bow n arrow and so far everyone who has that shade has this variation. I have thick curly hair so that 2oz hair mask won’t do anything for me and that hand cream isn’t even full sized. I’m hoping for a miracle that I receive the cleansing balm and face mask.

    • hey so I have bow n arrow too but I saw a YouTube open her box, with the same shade but a different variation

    • I received variation 2 with bow and arrow kat von dee. But I received the mask and the hair stuff. I won’t use the mask, or the hair stuff. I was really hoping for the farmacy green as well oh well guess I’ll have to buy it.

  12. Nothing I post shows up anymore. I have no idea of why but why comment if the filters are set so high nothing goes through?

    • Same. Super annoying.

  13. I bought the October box and immediately unsubbed. I guess I will still get it. I have had no confirmation on what I am getting. I was billed on Oct 3rd and cancelled Oct 5th so I assume I will get this box of junk.

    These boxes are awful! This one is worse than the first spoiler. I daresay I will get stuck with all of this.

    This is one of the stupidest impulse purchases I’ve ever made.

    • I know this variation isn’t great. But come on. It’s $21 including shipping. This variation is still over $100 in value. I think if you expect nothing but stuff you love then sub boxes aren’t for you. I don’t agree with the way they do the variations but for $21 I’ve never been totally disappointed. Like the cuticle oil I thought what a joke but I love it. I would of never spent that much on a cuticle oil but it’s awesome. Try to think on the positive side there’s no reason to be sour.

      • The way I do it is I keep items that I’m not into safe and to the side and for birthdays or holidays I put together goodie bags for friends/family who would use them. It’s usually only one item out of the box I won’t want and most of the time I find some use for all of the items. At the end of the day I consider it a great deal and am always happy to try new products out but I can also see how some who aren’t as willing to try new products that they are unsure of may find this and other subscription services not worth it.

      • I hate it when i see people on here scolding other people for complaining. They say the same thing every time, “Sub boxes aren’t for you”…If we can’t come here to vent where can we go??…I mean isn’t that what a “Review” sight is for?? reviewing and giving opinions?? Oh yeah and it does say “What are your thoughts” In case you missed it…Smh. If you don’t like peoples opinions, positive or negative…Maybe a review sight isn’t for you. Maybe there is a sight that’s all about sub box praise and worship that you could find.

  14. I’m getting the shade mother, which looks ok.
    I’m hoping and praying that I don’t get Ahava. For starters, I boycott the brand. Second, I think their products are godawful. And third, I don’t use hand cream at all.
    I’m hoping for the Farmacy.

  15. im getting lovesick for the lippie and im good with that just hope i dont get the hair care thing because i already have two things of it and received it from boxy

  16. I am getting Lolita – So I am excited! One of the only lip products that lasts through my 12 hour shifts! The Palette looks intriguing – I LOVE the PUR Contour Palette – I use it to contour and as eyeshadow. Also – That vanilla smell!

  17. No sample or deluxe sample sizes in boxy should happen. Just not a good thing. The items aren’t bad, but the variations are getting pretty annoying. Why can’t they simply send one box out. I don’t get it. They don’t utilize anything on their customization. At least I have never received anything that was specific to me. I always get super bright or brown Lippies. Never a berry or rose color to match my skin tone and professional classic makeup look. I don’t mind trying new things, but they always seem to be a bust and get tossed.

  18. Sorry my post showed so many times. Nothing was posting earlier and I kept getting a spam pop up.

  19. I canceled last month but signed back up for the Farmacy so I’m going to be pissed if I get this variation instead.

  20. I’m getting K Dub ..I sure hope that is the version that comes with the Farmacy!

  21. Wow this variation sucks…

  22. They better not even try me with this mess. Lol. Jk. I’d still stay subscribed because of Boxyluxe; I feel like I am stuck with them now because if it. 😂

    • That is what they want…

    • Me too! I hope they eventually have a Boxyluxe only sub. I’d be cool with getting only that every 3 months. I loved my Sept Boxyluxe!

  23. I’m getting k-dub lippie my profile is a natural lippie ok

    • They aren’t using the beauty profiles yet. They are working on implementing them in the future.

    • And I’m getting bow n arrow when I hate nudes and only want reds and pinks 😩

  24. fuchsia and vampire black and hot pink and purple and poopy brown is what their surveys should say for lippies.

    My profile says natural colors like nudes.

    Am getting K-Dub.

    Ok not cool

    • Yea me too. Ugh

    • “Poopy Brown” is a neutral color…so once they implement it you will likely get more.

  25. Well, I’d like to thank Boxy for curing my FOMO? I was avoiding them over the KVD but reeeeaaally wanted to pull the trigger for the mask and the Farmacy – now I know I probably wouldn’t get it! 😂

  26. There’s nothing in these boxes that wow me.
    I’ve gotten the hair treatment thing 2xs before and really praying I don’t get it again.
    To me there’s Nothing I’m excited to get and try. The past couple boxes hasn’t been impressive to me. I love BoxyCharm I’m hoping that I will get a good box next month. Idk we shall see next month fingers crossed.

  27. I just watched an unboxing video on YouTube. The jar is Farmacy Green Clean Balm the $22.00 version at Sephora.

  28. I’m not sure why my previous post is showing. I just watched an unboxing video on YouTube, and the jar is Farmacy Green Clean Balm $22.00 one on Sephora.

  29. I don’t regret unsubscribing, but I hope someone enjoys it cause it doesn’t look bad at all. I think I’m just over boxycharm and I never thought I’d say that lol

  30. Bleh, I don’t get Boxy for hair and body products. Hoping for variation #1 obviously.

  31. For anyone curious about what the jar is… It’s Farmacy Green Clean. Just saw it on a YouTube unboxing. It’s the $22.00 version at Sephora.

  32. I just watched a guy unbox his Boxy on YouTube and he got the jar we’ve all been curious about. It is the Farmacy makeup remover balm!

  33. For anyone interested those little skulls with the air plants pictured above are sold at Trader Joe’s💀.

    • Thanks!!! Totally appreciated.

    • I thought they were the coolest! I wanted that in my box!

  34. I’m getting kinda irritated with Farmacy being variants in boxes lately. It draws us in and then we don’t get it. If you cannot provide coveted products to everyone then do them in luxe or limited editions so we all don’t feel jipped. Also every time Farmacy has sales on their sites they are sold out of key items! Get it together! End of rant!

    • So true. They give out all the good spoilers to keep people subscribed but then make them variations and it seems alot of people don’t even get them. They’ve been doing it alot lately.

    • “Gypped” or “jipped” is a derogatory term. It’s like saying you got “jewed” out of something. I’m just letting you know, a lot of people are unaware.

      • Was unaware of this being a derogatory word so sorry if it was offensive. Not to be a smart ass but what group is it exactly offensive to?

      • Snowflakes?

      • Gypsies, I believe. Which I guess is in itself a derogatory term.

      • The Romani

      • The Romani peoples. It’s an actual ethnicity to whom the derogatory colloquialism “gypsy” was given to. They would refer to themselves as being “Roma.” It’s pretty standard that a person refers to you as something you don’t actually call yourself, it’s meant as an insult. Think about it. No one says they’ve been “gypped” in a nice way now do they?

    • I know. It’s weird because farmacy said on a boxycharm post on Instagram “so excited for “everyone” to get this in their box”. And now we’ve only seen one person get that so far.
      And what’s up with this and the variants not being full size?

      • Hi. First off just in case everyone doesn’t know Boxycharm has over 1 million subscribers. Which is amazing and way more than any other sub box. I understand why there are variants. The value of the boxes is still over $100. That hand cream that everyone is complaining about is amazing. Watch the reviews once people start posting them. Each month we are given beauty items 90% is makeup yet anytime we get skincare people complain that they only want makeup. Does anyone actually read what they sign up for? Because if you all had read about what your paying for than you would know that this is a beauty sub box which means it’s a mixture of makeup and skincare. I wish we got more skincare but that’s what my BEAUTYFIX by Dermstore is for. It’s just tiring reading complaint after complaint. Cancel your sub if your not getting your monies worth. I don’t think BC is purposefully putting items that people may not be excited for to push people into Luxe. That’s just so fantastical. Anyways it’s makeup ladies the sub boxes are a low cost little gift we give ourselves each month. If your just frustrated and feel stressed than cancel and find something you do enjoy. So far there are at least 6 variations to this month’s box so obviously there are products that haven’t been announced

  35. I don’t think that’s Farmacy, which someone may have said already. The full size has a silver/metal lid, so unless that’s a deluxe size that’s probably something else!

    • It’s Farmacy. Nick Snider just did an unboxing. Based upon what he did, I resubbed (and now I’m finding that there’s a crummy variation!)

      • Side note: Nick Schneider shouldn’t even be getting comped boxes from BoxyCharm. He sells the products for FULL RETAIL VALUE on his DePop.

  36. Boxycharm sent out that brigeo product in a past box. I’d be ticked to get an item previously received from them.

    • Last time was cream, this time is spray but it is a GREAT line that many will be pleased to receive again. Counting myself in that group. Lol.

      • That product pictured and listed is the exact same one we got about a year ago. Really not fair that some people get new and interesting products while others get old products from previous boxes.

      • Watch the video. The picture here is not what was shown in the unboxing video. That’s a mask, this is a leave-in mask spray in the video

    • I know right. I’ve gotten it twice from them already,and I don’t want another hair products. I want makeup & skin care.

  37. Hmmm, more Birch box leftovers…I don’t know if I can hang until December

    • Me too, I have to hang in there for the Dec Boxyluxe and then I will cancel, that is promise I made to myself. After 2 years of average products, lashes and brown lippies, I need a break!! BTW, I am sure that I will get the worst possible variation again!

  38. Actually that box looks fabulous for price $21. No matter what variations I’ll get. After August disaster box it’s really greate one. Glad that I didn’t unsubscribe, november spoiler looks even more attractive to me:) stop regreting, guys, boxy does it’s best. If no – go and try spend $21 equalent to that🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Agree. Good box. I skipped September because I tried the palette and it didn’t work for me. So glad I got back in without being waitlisted. I always get $21 worth of something. Can’t bekieve how close I am to priductcoveeliad again!!!!

      • Product overload. Wait. How many boxes do I get a month?? … as Luna would say SO MANY not too many… hehehe

    • I hate when people use that arguement because they could easily just unsubscribe & save their $21 for something else instead of spending it on a box of stuff they don’t like lmao

      Just because it saves you money, doesn’t mean you need to buy it. That’s like buying a wooden palette that’s on a bundle sale.

      • People who pay only for necessary things, won’t subscribe to mystery boxes. I like surprises, makeup and have friends to gift them my overstock. So yes, for me $21 is good deal

      • I completely agree, I really hate that argument. If I spent my money, no matter how little, or how much, I’m allowed to be disappointed. Also, I don’t care that it’s $21 for over $100 worth of products, because is still making money. People act as if they’re a charity, or we should be so lucky to be among the “chosen ones”. I highly doubt they made it so that they’d lose money on every box.

      • I agree with your statement Leddy…. I think we all have experienced buyers remorse at some point in our life. I like some products and the ones I dont I gift to my sister… and other family members. That way I feel like if I’m not winning someone else is by getting a gift of make up that dont have to pay for. I plan on pausing some subscriptions. I already paused 3 boxes. I’m thinking about trying new ones in January forn3 months to see what I like… for me more bath and skin care boxes are my personal favorites and now I have seen some boxes from a far I want to see what they will send me. (I’m so glad to be trying different brands of eyelashes to weat) I LOVE eyelashes and I’m glad allure sent a full size bottle of tarte adhesive….

  39. The hair mask Sydney Smalls shows in her unboxing video isn’t the same as the one pictured/mentioned in your post here. Your post shows the Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask (a cream), whereas the one in her video is the Briogeo Strength + Moisture Leave in Mask (a spray). They’re both part of the Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair line, but they’re different products. I just wanted to point that out, hope this post doesn’t come off as rude or anything. I love all your posts and spoilers!!

  40. I will be very disappointed if I receive this variation. I am hoping for variation 1!

  41. Sidney (Smalls) showed us that her box variation was #3, not #2. This means we have an entirely new variation to expect for October.

    I’m not particularly pumped for this month’s box, but I am really looking forward to using the IT Mascara!

    • I saw an unboxing with the lace-a-peel mask and the Briogio. So that’s another variation.

  42. Did everyone got silhouette of the face mask and farmacy cleaner in their email???

    • I did, I’m hoping that’s the variation I get.

    • I did too, along with K -dub lippie. Hoping I get variation 1 as the trade off since I got a color I can’t pull off. If anyone wanted that color, I would love to trade for “mother” or “bow and arrow”

      • I’m getting mother and really wanted kdub. I’ll swap with you!

    • I did but I’m hoping and praying not everyone did because I want to believe I got that variation. It would suck if we all got those shapes but some don’t get those products. I don’t need any hand cream and that brand of hair stuff doesn’t work for me at all.

    • I did as well and if you read underneath them it sounds like they want us to guess what the silhouettes are that we got in the email. So I’m hoping we get what is pictured bc I really dont want variant 2!

    • I did, usually when the Boxycharm email sends the email they mail out that box… im excited if that is the box they will like the color of k dub, i have a bunch of nude colors and 3 other kat von d lipstick in lolita, studded lipstick in lolita & lip liner(the same) and the change up will be fun… im excited to get my box, the farmacy will be great to try and the face mask..

    • I did! So excited and I got the Lolita lippie!

    • I did as well and didn’t even realize they would be different. I don’t want #2. I have a tracking number and it’s moving. Should be delivered next Tuesday. Although it’s been a day before and day in the past after as it truly starts moving.

  43. Looks like a fairly disappointing box. I’m glad that I cancelled this month.

  44. That’s about a $50 difference between those 2 boxes! That’s not fair. For the people that get the travel size lotion and the hair mask, they’re really getting the short end of the stick here.

    • That’s a travel size pharmacy pictured. The dollar value of the boxes will be pretty close. Of course, personal value is another matter.

    • Also, the face mask is two uses not 5 uses and is valued at 20 something dollars not $55.

  45. I think this is awful.. i didnt pay for deluxe sizes!!

  46. See, this is where this variation nonsense causes a problem. Variation 1 is full of new products that seem great, variation two is a sprinkle of new with repeats and overstock. Fantastic.

    • Agree!! I dodged a bullet by canceling with the Pur palette spoiler. This one I’m sorry doesn’t look good at all. Hand cream??? How many dozens of tubes do we already have from various other boxes? And that Briogeo I’ve gotten so many samples of over the years and I’ve never used it.

  47. Briogeo is really nice product but I prefer variation with pharmacy, I want to try it. Sheet mask and hand cream both arent tempting to me

  48. I hope I get this variation!!

  49. I hope those of us that recieved the Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair last year in our September box don’t receive it again 😒😒😒

    • Have you tried the AHAVA water hand cream? It’s sooo wonderful!

    • I was thinking the same thing, I have received a few of these! (Breo hair repair) Ditto for the IT superhero.

    • Same. I’m going to email and complain if I get it again . Being with them a long time we shouldn’t get repeats. They need to come up with a way to track these things like ipsy does. It can be done, it’s just not being set up. They are a huge company so I don’t understand why a tracking system isn’t in place 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • If you watch the video they have this Brigeo product listed wrong.

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