BoxyCharm October 2018 Spoiler Theme!

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We have the theme for the October Boxycharm box! (Thanks for the heads up, Ambs!)


boxycharm october theme

The theme is Alter Ego!

And here are the other spoilers for October:

PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette

PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette

PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette

KAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – multiple shade variations

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?

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  1. The theme is alter ego…. does that mean my alter ego has aspirations of being a 90s street walker? Those colors on the palette are something else.

    • 😂😂 when i think of alter ego i think of dark and Smokey

    • LOL! Funniest comment ever!

      I agree. That palette is hideous. This will be my first and last Boxycharm!

      I am not interested in brown lipstick or that palette!

  2. Boxypreview (boxycharmpreview) has full spoilers for one variation posted.

    Looks like it includes: Kat von d liquid lip, it superhero mascara, pur midnight mascarade palette, dermovia lace a peel mask (2), and farmacy green clean (makeup remover balm)

  3. The palette is the Pur Midnight Masquerade palette, now available on their website.

  4. I think they palette colors are pretty awesome! I like the KVD liquid lipsticks. Looking like a pretty good box!

  5. Since when did makeup become soooo serious!?! It’s makeup, it’s suppose to be be fun. Who cares about their political or personal feeling. People are allowed to disagree with one another. Just because you buy their makeup doesn’t mean you follow or agree with their views! How many things do you use 10 items day that you get from a company or a person that has a messed up view of the world or you don’t agree with their moral compass or political stance that doesn’t publicly voice their views for the whole world to know. You probably buy things from those type of people and don’t even know. She just has the balls to voice her opinion. You don’t have like it. I could care less about Kat Von d’s view on life of politics.. her makeup is bad ass that’s what I’m judging. This is America we have free speak and God gave us free will. Why can’t we all just get along!?! Just stop the hate.

    • She has her opinion and she is entitled to have one. But she has been very rude to her followers and I don’t think that’s cool. I own a few of those liquid lips and they are amazing. After I saw a post when the told fans to F.. off because of their opinion on vaccinations I stopped buying her products. I don’t hate her.. I just didn’t like the way she handled it. And like me I am sure they are a lot of people who think that way, it doesn’t have to be necessarily because of her life choices, but then again we all have a right to not support people that stand for stuff we don’t like either. It’s not about the makeup, it’s about who is making profit out of it.

  6. Anyone else sick of pur?

    • Yes!!!

    • Me ! it seems like they give out more pur palletes then anything.

    • Not really? I know this is an unpopular opinion, but it’s a solid brand, right in the middle-high-end range between drugstore and luxury, and I feel the quality is solid. I really love that eye palette of sparkly coppery neutrals we got last year. And the little bronzer palette from a couple of months ago was an MVP for me this summer when I was traveling and counting every ounce in my suitcase. Also liked the lip scrub.

      Now if it was a bunch of Crown stuff …? That brand I don’t like so much.

    • Very much so…

    • ME TOO! I’ve given away my last 4 Pur palettes. The idea of the box is to try various brands & products… The colors are so redundant, I’ve gotten about a dozen orange shades. And then that Crown palette of browns, it’s still in the box under my sink. I would prefer to try new Indie brands over the Pur products, can you imagine getting a Juvia’s Place palette? How great! imho

    • Yes!! They really need to partner with another company. PUR IMO isn’t all that great. I guess they get good deals by collaborating with them but gee whiz enough with PUR already!!

  7. I am so feeling this palette this month. Oh, can’t wait. Signed back up after skipping September… No waitlist… i’m so lucky.

  8. Just saw swatches of the kat von d lippies… and there are a lot of browns 😕

    • Yeah, I got one of her brown ones in something else. i saved with a red liner. Don’t try a purple one thought. Made a color like mud after a day’s rain. Ugh. Blue red pencil worked well though.

    • I’ve tried almost all of the ones included (Lolita is my FAVORITE) but the others aren’t overly brown in my experience. The formula is my absolute favorite.

    • Haha! When I saw the pic of his hand holding them I immediately thought “Oh no there are a lot of those blah browns in there…”

  9. I love Boxy – some months more than others. I don’t really ever get a sense Boxy relates with it’s themes. But I love the product. Wish it would curate per profile when it comes to lip colors.

  10. Is it just me or do the themes have nothing to do with anything. I could assign a random “theme” to any makeup and it would make sense.

    • Yeah, I don’t feel like Boxy has quite gotten the hang of themes. Ipsy’s bags always feel really curated to the theme they have that round.

  11. Are the beauty profiles being implemented this month? Hoping to avoid another brown lippie.

  12. Oh goodie. yet another palette and this one looks unwearable. I was holding on to get off waitlist for LUXE in Dec., but may not be able to contain my joy until then.

    • LOL sameeee.

      • Lol same

  13. Love the theme… still really unhappy about the KVD lippie, though. The PUR palette helps because it looks really pretty. Hope the rest of the box is better so it makes up for them partnering with a racist, anti-semitic, anti-vaxxer.

    • Hear, Hear Jessica!

    • Wow I’m sure receiving a kvd lipstick in a sub box will not do you any harm.

    • Oh gawd

    • I had to cancel. I understand her concern about her baby, but anyone with Google and modest brain capacity would understand that vaccinations are worth the risk. Autism is not a death sentence. Vaccinations are our best defense against diseases that ARE a death sentence. Autism can be beautiful. There are worse things out there than autism. It is not caused by vaccinations – I blame puppies. Dang cute puppies! Feck them!

      • 🤯

      • Autism is beautiful? Tell that to my sister in law who would give her life for her autistic child to be able to speak a word… I can’t belive you even said that.

        • Is death beautiful?? Would your sister in law trade her child in for one that can speak? I sincerely doubt it just as much as I doubt vaccines caused the child’s (who, I am equally certain IS beautiful) autism in the first place.

        • Any life is a life and is just as beautiful and valuable. I have highly gifted nephews/neices and some that are extremely developmentally delayed (no diagnosis yet!). I love them all just as equally.

          Yes, dammit. Autism can be beautiful. It’s their life and how they experience it. We need to stop judging those with disabilities as somehow inferior.

      • There is no relationship between Autism and vaccines. None.

    • Why don’t you like the kvd lipsticks? They’re by far my favorite, super curious what about it didn’t do it for you

  14. Yesss boxy is being so stingy with the spoilolers

    • There was a sneak peak of im gonna guess a spoiler on Yosef’s snapchat on Friday that I think some missed. Well he didnt really say it was a spoiler but he kept snapping and making sure the pallet was visible trying to make it obvious of the Violet Voss eyeshadow pallet. Gorg pallet!!! Hopefully he was trying to give us a hint!

  15. We’ve seen that many times. We want more item spoilers;)

    • The theme was the spoiler. I’m sure the rest will be coming soon!

      • Is it just me or do the themes have nothing to do with anything. I could assign a random “theme” to any makeup and it would make sense.

        • They do always seem pretty random.

      • I see white flowers… could it be something white or a scent?

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