BoxyCharm November 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box Variation #1!

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We have the full spoilers for the November Boxycharm box!

Here’s one version of the box:

Source: Instagram user Kimkardashian

Box #1 Variation:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the October box will be your first box! (Check out October spoilers here!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I like the colors of that palette.

  2. So this is another of those throw away boxes that you are required to get to qualify for the luxy box? I’m not impressed, hope this is revealed to be something else instead.

    • Ugh my feelings exactly! Stayed for July and August to get boxy luxe and now I’m trying to hold out for December and then take a break! I’m sure January will be amazing! 🙄. Glitter drops? Not for me!

    • I stayed for the August box, since they said that was REQUIRED to upgrade to Luxe. Little did I know that wasn’t true. I didn’t want the August box then tried for hours to upgrade and couldn’t even get on the waitlist for it. (after 4 hours of trying that day) I’m going to cancel before Nov. Nothing in that looks appealing to me.

      • I been with boxycharm a little more over 3 years, Boxyluxe is every 3 months, I couldn’t get the first box so I put myself in the waiting list, as far as I know I will be getting in December the boxyluxe, to be honest, they are great, great products. give it a chance and you will love it.

  3. How do you guys know which color you’re getting in the KVD lippie?

    • I got an email from them with the spoiler of what will be in my box. When I clicked on it, it went to the screen with the palette, lippie (with color name) and full size It mascara. The only two that are blocked out is the mask and the cream. I think you have to be signed up for emails from them.

    • It’ll be sent to your email!

    • Boxycharm will send you a email.

    • I am getting KDUB. My friends are getting Mother, Bow n Arrow, Vampira and Lovesick. Lots of variations of this lippie.

  4. Luxie Beauty commented on Kim K’s post saying “Thank you for loving our Luminous Eye brush set”

    • Ahhhh. There it is…

    • Omg I sure hope it’s a luxie product… I loved the tiny luxy brushes we got earlier from Boxy. They are my absolutely favorite. I looove soft, fluffy brushes! Please tell me it’s that.

      Also, the palette looks a lot more interesting than the Pretty Vulgar palette we got… basically a naked palette.

      I don’t wear lashes… I tend to tear my own off with the falsies. LOL… but staying subbed for the brushes, unless otherwise noted. lol

  5. I am getting the October box but I cancelled. After seeing reviews I am sticking with Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

    After seeing this spoiler I am happy I cancelled.

    Some boxes are better than others and it all depends upon the person.

  6. Looks like its the Luxie Luminous eye set!

  7. I was so confused when I saw this and then realized it’s for November… how the heck did we jump so far ahead, lol?

    Anyway, I love that eyeshadow palette. I love pinks and reds.

    • Also, I guess the tweezers could just be there to reference putting on the lashes? Like added decoration?

  8. so Octobers box has 2 skincare items and novembers will have tweezers as one of our items im kinda sad.. even more sad that there are those dreaded lashes i hope i get a variation without lashes i wish we could tell them things we dont like.. the beauty quiz only asks what you like. id like to tell them what i dont want also

  9. What is with Boxee charm sending me Brown Lippi’s I got the gross brown Smashbox Libby and I’m getting the Kat Von D bow and arrow which happens to be the same exact one I got from Allure….love to trade for just about any other color

    • Boxee always sends me one shade – poo like brown shade what is absolutely disgusting on me. I use only pink or mauve. I’ll get hawkwind in that box

    • im getting k-dub, ill trade ya lol

    • want lovesick? I love bow n arrow!

      • I’ll trade you bow and arrow for lovesick!!

    • Im getting Mother and i just got a color almost like it would you want to trade. Id take bow and arrow

    • I’ll trade you bow and arrow for KDub

    • I have vampira? Brand new

  10. The palette looks prettier on the brands website, more vibrant. But I’ve never heard of that brand before. I unsubbed for October cause I didn’t want another Pur palette I wouldn’t use and November doesn’t look exciting either. It’s really funny they’re already showing a variation for November and it’s the beginning of October. Also wonder about this whole Summer’s Eve deal going on, how many people are submitting receipts, will they get November’s box or a special promo box?

    • Ace beaute just came out with a huge 4 palette launch that was all over the Internet (mainly insta) for a few months. They look gorgeous and rival all sorts of popular palettes out there.

    • Ace BEAUTE is an excellent brand. Its not cheap and the shadows are highly pigmented. Im very excited to get this. I have their pallete Quintessential. Its amazing

  11. The brushes r Luxie brushes they posted this pic talking about they’re as excited as kim is that shes excited for their brushes lol!! Or said something like that but almost all the brands in the pic r posting stories and posts about them being in the box with swatches an all!!!

  12. Did anyone else see that Kris Kardashian did an Insta video with Yosef? I wonder if any Kylie or KKW will be showing up in the boxes in the heat future. Not sure how I feel about Boxy pairing with the Kardashians…

  13. Im super pumped for this box!!!
    I could do without the lashes buuut everything else i cant wait for…. and its just the beginning of october. Lol

    • This is just one variation of November.

      • Yea, i saw that. But excited either way… looks like some good stuff!

  14. Any one else notice that they misspelled “primrose” as “primerose” in the palette?

  15. Am I the only one not finding the picture of the palette remotely close to the palette pic on the actual website?

    I liked what I saw in the picture, the website not so much.

    But I am happy with the rest of the box items.

    • Is it the October palette you are seeing, maybe? Because the fact that the November spoiler is already out has had some people confused about which palette is which. The November one looks really pretty (the one in this post). The October one looks nice but it’s PUR and my results with them have been mixed, so we’ll see.

  16. Luxie posted on IG that the brushes are theirs.

    • Farah brushes just did on FB too. *shrug*

  17. I didn’t read anywhere that this was a confirmed November spoiler. I’m just wondering if these might be future items in a future box?

  18. I am probably the only one excited about getting tweezers (lol). Everything else is becoming repetitive. I am becoming overloaded with lashes and can’t figure who to give it to. At least with the eyeshadow and brushes, you can always gift it. Just not that excited this time around.

    • Haha! My very favorite pair of tweezers are from a Glossy Box about 3 years ago.

    • sounds like I am the only one excited for more lashes! I’d be happy to trade people for their over stock lashes!

      • Blondie1021 im excited about the eyelashes also, the more that we getbthe less eyelashes that i will have to buy…. i likebthe palette from november it looks very pretty

      • yes please i hate lashes

  19. Why are the boxes basically the same every single month?.. Do you think its worth signing up for someone who doesnt wear eyeshadow, eyeliner or bright/bold lips? I wouldnt use lashes either..

    • You just answered your own question lmao

    • No you don’t really sound like somebody who would benefit from this box. I love all these types of items so I can’t get enough of them.

  20. November will be the perfect time for me to take a break from Boxy. This spoiler is not one bit appealing to me. I don’t need anymore highlighter anything and I use a lot, but have more than I can ever use.

    • i hear ya if this is true im taking a break and going with ipsy plus

  21. Stop with the lashes already!!! I have several pairs and I don’t use them! Kinda looks like more boring leftovers that we must endure to stay on the Luxe December list. Ugh.

    • It’s not going to everyone

      • Well I realize that, but I always get the lamest version ( not complaining per say). And tweezers, no thanks.

  22. I’m getting k dub for the kvd lippie. This is horrible on me- and I’m willing to trade for almost anything else. Anyone interested?

    • I’m getting Mother; described as a dusty mauve pink.

      Yay. Mauves make me look washed out.

      • Hey there happy to trade with you. abisutton @yahoo. Is my email. Send me a message!

  23. Ugh. More lashes I’ll never use. 😒

  24. Oh my. For once I really really hope there are LOTS of variations next month. I have a ton of everything included in this box. Backups upon backups. The only interesting item is the palette because it’s a brand I’ve never tried. I’m glad most people seem excited about these items, but for me I am very disappointed. If I wasn’t waiting on the December Luxe I would definitely skip next month.

    Also…it’s so odd for them to post a full box of spoilers a month ahead! We didn’t even get an Oct full spoiler box until October! I am assuming this has to be because they’re collaborating with KK and she and Boxy both want as much publicity from it as possible. 😄

  25. My false lash game is almost ready to leave the house!!! Especially the right eye… so far, the right eye stays for hours while the left eye is still, well, wobbly… lol

    • I always had issues applying lashes until I started using tweezers to apply them. If you haven’t tried this yet it may help!

    • Lol! This false lash struggle honesty, made me laugh.

      There is definitely a learning curve to them, but once you’ve got it, you’ve got it. 🙂

    • Love the narrative! You’re braver & more advanced than me though! Lol

    • Oh …i get it. I thought I had mine on right the other day and went out in them suckers for the first time ever, and ugh I ended up ripping them off in the store!!!! Lol the struggle is real. I have like 30 pairs of lashes in a drawer and I ruin more then I’m able to get on.

  26. Ugh I just gave away 2 bottles of the Cover FX o.O

  27. Wait I don’t get it.. is Lashaholic Kim’s brand?

    How are we getting full Nov spoilers before oct? Lol

    • Really. My October box hasn’t even shipped yet.

      From their website, they are not related to anyone.

      Also, they assure us that the real fur lashes are made from hair gathered as the animals shed.

  28. Another eye palette? Oh joy. I would unsubscribe but I really want to get off the waitlist and get the December luce box

  29. Kim collabing with boxy? I must tell that you grow up!

  30. Some tarte brushes look like that the gold eye kit

  31. I’ve actually needed a new pair of tweezers for awhile, would be nice to get a good pair

  32. Lashes AGAIN!?!? Meh, another giveaway. Oh well.

  33. Ahaha … I read the title too quickly and thought this was a variation for October. I was very confused for a moment there 😅

  34. I saw in a Facebook group, the CEO said the lashes would be a variant and not all boxes would have them, stay calm!

  35. JUST bought one of the cover fx glitter drops. UGH. Fingers crossed I get a different shade. I do love the product though.

  36. I love getting Lashes and everything looks great to me!

    • Same! I wear falsies everyday. I was so bummed to get the Tarte mascara a couple months ago… I want ALL the lashes!

    • Let me know if you’d like me to send you my unused lashes and glue from Boxy and Allure. I never wear them and don’t even want to swap – I’d rather them just go to someone who’d wear them. My email is stephkloster at gmail.

      • If the other person isn’t interested, I am! My daughter is in showchoir and she and hundreds of other girls in her school wear them for competitions. They would be thrilled! My email is chadjulie6 at msn dot com.

  37. This box doesn’t make me regret unsubscribing at all.

  38. Like it!

  39. Some of the lashes on that site are very Kim K-like. I hope the ones we get are more modest.

  40. Anyone looking to swap the kat von d lip product?

    I’m getting K-DUB and looking for a nuetral shade.

    Email [insert at symbol]

    • I will totally swap with you! I LOVE K-Dub!

    • Hi. I was hoping to get K Dub but am getting the shade Lolita. If interested in that shade, please let me know if it’s a shade you’re interested in.
      Email: lindaluznovak
      [insert at symbol]

      • Linda, I sent you an email….

      • I would totally swap with you. I’m getting k dub but want Lolita

      • I so so so badly want lolita. I am also getting K-Dub. If anyone else would like to trade…. shaunnahafford at gmail is my e-mail account. I would be so happy! The guy at the Wendy’s drivethru was wearing Lolita and I’ve been in love since then! (With the lippie, not the cashier lol)

      • Sorry Linda. I already agreed to swap with someone. I would have preferred Lolita, but settled for K bow. Anything but that pink!

  41. I’m very excited about November’s box! I love lashes so the more the marrier! 😊

  42. I’m excited for the ACE Beauty palette! I’ve never tried ACE but I saw a lot of hype raised when they released those 4 palettes about 2 months ago. This will be a way to test their formula and see if it’s for me. Super exciting! Sorry for those disappointed.

    • I’m really excited for the palette too! I think it looks great.

  43. Meh… Nothing excites me at all. I think I’ve had my run with Boxycharm. I have three boxes left in my pre-paid yearly subscription. I already cancelled the renewal. Their boxes are redundant at this point… very predictable. Lashes, eyeshadow palettes and matte lip products.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Lashes, brushes, eye palettes, and nude lipstick. I used to be so excited to get Boxycharm, but now I’m just apathetic about it. The Boxyluxe fiasco really left a bad taste in my mouth, the Laura Lee disaster, and all the variations are not making me feel happy about them lately. I’m on the fence about canceling right now. I’m sure my husband would be thrilled if I canceled though! Lol!

  44. I love Ace Beaute, but at this point I’d rather just buy from that brand direct.

  45. the brushes look like they could be from Vasanti

  46. Didnt BC give us something similar to us in February from CoverFx ? I am thinking of canceling BC and keeping Ipsy Glam Plus. Or getting two Ipsy regular bags with the new add on features. I am not impressed with November’s bag.

    • I have the glam plus and am so utterly disappointed with it…its basically black eyeliner..lotion..mascara and a glitter smashbox pallette that barely even jas tutorials on it 🙁 they baited so bad…its worse than boxy and cost more.

  47. Lashes? Tweezers( I don’t consider that a full size item)? I sure hope this isn’t the only items and the Lashes are a variable item! How many of us have said “No more lashes”. I still have others i’m trying to get rid of! UGH! The brushes do look nice..wish we could see inside and know the brand…guess time will tell!

    • Looks like a whole nail kit to me with that pink case.

      • I think the pink case is actually Kim’s wallet…pretty sure that’s an Hermès kelly wallet. Would be great if they include that in the November box tho! LOL

        • Oh, ok lol.

  48. Looks good to me! Except the lashes, I hope they are a variation.

  49. Wow this box looks awesome !

  50. I feel like variation is full of leftover items from the charm room…

    • Yep. I ordered the glitter drops from the charm room… I’m seriously considering canceling now.

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