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BeautyFIX November 2018 SPOILERS #3 & #4

We have more spoilers for the November 2018 BeautyFIX subscription box!

Each box will include:

Tarte – Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess Deluxe Sample

Elemis – Pro-Definition Day Cream Deluxe Sample

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

SkinMedica – Dermal Repair Cream

SkinMedica – Dermal Repair Cream Deluxe Sample

LANCER Omega Hydrating Oil FULL SIZE! Retail Value $75

What do you think of the November BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. If you sign up now, your first box will be the October box!

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (59)

  1. Ughhh… these spoilers aren’t doing it for me. This is my 5th park ave princess Tarte bronzer! Good grief!

  2. Does anyone know when the subscriptions are open for BF? I can’t seem to subscribe yet, and it is November 1st.

    • I’m having the same issue. I actually need a new face oil, so I don’t want to miss this one. Everything else in the box is just a bonus

      • If I am able subscribe, I’ll post it ASAP.

  3. I’ve had this bronzer a few times from different subs. It makes a good eyeshadow. But I really don’t want any more as I already have more than I can use of this shade.

  4. Last month was such a good box., a lot of varied product types. But they have been on a roll with exfoliators the past few months. Now they have 3 face moisturizers in the first 4 spoilers? I only have one face…

  5. Oh man, this month is a pass for me. So far I don’t want anything. I loved, loved last month, but not this one.

  6. I’m thinking of joining beautyfix this month is there any coupons or free gift I can get with this…..

    • They always have a good deal for black Friday if you want to wait. I did it last year and got November’s box plus a free one. Hopefully they don’t sell out. It’s a great box.

  7. I unsubbed last month thinking I’d resub this month but I’m not feeling it. Really loving BeautyHeroes and DetoxBox tho. (I also get Birchbox, eh)

    • Totally loving Beauty Heroes. Lilfox and Josh Rosebrook. Can’t wait for this month. Love how they arrive on the 1st of month. Somehow can’t totallt part with Beauty Fix. I’ve gotten some major skin care hits. SK-II essence, Juice Beauty moisturizer, Lancer… we can’t break up! Lol

      • Lol! Yes I’ve gotten some major ‘hits’ with the BeautyFix box and it was one of my favs. But last month and this month, while still a good value!, are misses for me 🙁
        I love that Beauty Heroes and Beauty Fix both give you 20% off their sites for being a subscriber though too!

  8. Tarte is such a repeat…. The company is terrible…

    • Tarte is my favorite overall makeup brand (I have other favorites for more specific items, like Urban Decay for eyeshadow) so I am usually excited to see Tarte in a box! I’m not sure about the bronzer though – I have a bronzer/highlighter duo I bought from Tarte and the bronzer just doesn’t work for me. It’s not just that the shade is wrong, but it’s very hardpan for some reason. The highlighter works fine but not the bronzer. So I’m not sure whether I like the bronzer spoiler or not – I suppose I could donate it or gift it.

    • Not as terrible as NARS, who began testing on animals for no reason except to sell in the Chinese market. NARS is no longer creuty-free.

      • Sorry…NARS is NO LONGER cruelty-free.

  9. Can you ever use bronzer as highlighter? I can gift easily as well. QQ .. would you be offended if you gave box items you couldn’t use to someone and found they sold on eBay? Am I being too sensitive??

    • I’d probably be annoyed if the person specifically asked if they could have something and then sold it haha

      • yes. I realize when you give someone something it is their item. Why ask me for something you are not going to use. I

      • Amber … exactly!!! Again, hers to spit on once I gift it. I get that. It’s the specific, repeated asking … won’t stop me giving but I can’t to her … at least not now. Boys and girls club of America or a favored second hand store donation for now…

    • I dont think you are being too sensitive. I have felt the same way. I gave my friend a jewelry box with a bunch of jewelry in it for her birthday and after never seeing her wear one item, I asked her about it. That’s when I found out she sold it all. It was quite a bummer.

      • A long time ago I bought a necklace at Nordstrom for a friend, and she happened to know where it was from, so one day not so long after Christmas we were out together, and she was basically returning all of her Christmas gifts for cash, well wouldn’t you know that she actually returned my necklace when I was with her!!!! We were best friends then, and she seemed so touched by the gift when I gave it to her, so I didn’t think she’d return that, but with Nordstrom’s easy return policy, plus the fact she seemed like she completely forgot it was from me, she did. She did seem regretful (even the sales clerk made a “yikes!” face since I confronted my friend right then and there), and even though we’ve remained friends I’ve never gotten her a thoughtful gift ever again.

      • Wow!!!! Good for you for confronting. My friend made an excuse and didn’t ride with me. And avoided me all evening. Also, her husband was more making fun of me in the way he exposed her. She did seem mortified also as I write this I totally know she will NOT be getting that Ellen box … but not like she knew it was coming. She tapes Ellen every day.

    • I wouldn’t be offended. If it didn’t work for you then maybe they didn’t work for her either. Is it the fact that they sold it what bothers you?

      • Yes it is. Why ask for it? In the other hand, “i ll take anything you don’t want, consider me your women’s shelter” is an open statement. She said consider and it doesn’t mean she couldn’t sell.

      • If she asked for it and then sold it, then yes, I’d be miffed. No more for her! There are more appreciative people or charities to give it to.

    • I think everyone would be served better if we all remember that once you give a present it is someone else’s to do with as they wish. Nobody should be forced to keep something they don’t actually want or will use just because they are afraid of offending the giver, and no giver should equate how someone feels about a gift with how someone feels about them.

      • Well said Tamar!

        It’s a gift. The recipient should do what makes them happy with it.

        I understand it would initially hurt your feelings. Wouldn’t you rather they get some enjoyment by selling it or giving it to someone else instead of wasting away in a drawer?

      • Do you have any extra moisturizers lor any travel size shampoo you don’t want .. implies you want these things to use. So yeah, I feel a bit bamboozled. I didn’t take a box of goods to her and say here ya go. Have fun. Here is my unwanted rejects (rude anyway)… but true once I gave to her she could do as she pleased with items.

      • Well I dont consider it a gift if she requested for it. And as stated by the original commenter, it seems she has requested all unwanted items with the intention of making a profit out of them. To me this friend is trying to take advantage of their friend. You would be better off either giving them or donating them to someone who truly needs it, or selling them yourself on ebay.

      • She absolutely doesn’t have to agree with her hubby. But I felt like he spoke for both. She could see from my face gifts are over. I have had other people regift and I have regifted. Maybe it was the amount $400 or being the butt of a joke. Shrugs. Definitely in my feelings over it and she and I have not spoken since (three days) … look what you started Beauty Fix!!

      • I understand how you’re feeling. I just made a post sharing a somewhat similar experience. I definitely feel like once I gift something, it’s completely up to the person what they choose to do with it, but what I forgot to mention in my post was that my friend expressed her love of the necklace prior to me getting it for her, and even said she’d love to get that for Christmas, and what I found out after the fact while we were out was that her intention all along was to sell all of her gifts for $$$. I guess for me, I felt duped since she already had a hidden agenda with the gift. Actually, all she had to do was tell me that she would rather have had a gift card to Nordstrom, and I would have been totally cool with that!

      • Okay. You are an amazing person for continuing the friendship. Duped is a good word. And actually I realize I am not hurt but angry. This feels different from when a gift was literally trashed. Nothing I won’t get past it’s stuff. But processing …

      • Tanya
        I would feel like she took advantage of me. She asked for your items, and then sold them. That is pretty shady.

    • I wouldnt be offended. Its almost the same as returning/exchanging a gift in a store for something we like more or feel have more value. A friend of mine gets me stuff from Sephora (my fav store) every year for my birthday which I usually return for a store credit so I can spend that money on stuff I really want/need from there instead of stockpiling items I dont use. I guess it is the equivalent to selling on ebay since theres no gift receipt to return in the case of beauty box items.

      • Of course I do let the gifter know I’m exchanging!

    • The fact she profited from it would really piss me off as well. If she didn’t want it or wasn’t going to use it, she should have returned it. This doesn’t sound like a traditional gift giving scenario like Christmas or a Birthday. She ASKED for it… which in my mind indicates intent and I would feel like our friendship had been violated over this. I certainly would not feel that way if it was a birthday gift or something unsolicited, but that solicitation makes a huge different in my mind. Sorry you are going through this. I hope you are able to forge ahead and find peace with the situation but shame on her for putting you in this position to begin with.

    • No, if you have it to them for Free, then learned they were making money off of it, I would find that incredibly tacky. Call them out on that for sure!

    • I have someone who has sold gifts we’ve given her on eBay. At first I was mad, but then I realized this person lives paycheck to paycheck and often really struggles financially. She sells stuff on eBay all the time to make extra money. So if she needs to sell gifts she’s given for extra money to cover bills so be it. .

    • I don’t think you are being too sensitive at all. I have no problem with gifts being returned (unless the gift was specifically requested and expensive to boot) but this is not the same thing. I don’t even have a problem with friends asking for stuff to give to their friends. But in this case…I think it was dishonest, and disrespectful of your generosity and friendship and I wouldn’t give her any more freebies either.

  10. I have three of the Park Ave princess bronzers, so I think I will be gifting it lol. I see all these wonderful ideas for donations and I think I am going to make up nice box and donate it to the battered women’s shelter around here. I know they can always use some things to make themselves feel beautiful again and help with getting ready for job interviews to start their lives again. That’s definitely better than just letting them sit and expire!

    • I couldn’t agree more!

  11. Ohhh. Love me some Elemis… added to the SkinMedica, this box is starting to sing to me, LoL.

  12. LOVING IT!

    As for donations our church is putting together Christmas gifts for an orphanage down in Mexico that our teen group Goes to twice a year. We are making little make up bags for the older girls. I’m sure other churches are doing the same thing. I’ve been saving my Ipsy and Macy’s bags all year long just for this. So if you can’t find somewhere in your area you’re always welcome to send them to us and will send them down

  13. Oh now im excited! Tarte+elemis is like heaven for me

  14. Love getting Elemis products! Wish I could afford to buy them! Hoping for some other full size items..Bronzer and blush are a no go for me..meh.

  15. I was always in, but now I’m excited for it!!

  16. I guess November will only have one full size😕 item.

    • How do you know?

    • How many full-sized products come each month?

  17. So far this box is amazing! I love Elemis so looked at the website listing. This 0.5iz sample is worth $37.65 (based on $128 1.7oz full retail).

    If you have younger skin and don’t just LOVE this box, gift it to your mother for Christmas!!

  18. Seriously thinking of getting the November box, it is really shaping up to be a good one.

    Now I need to get rid unused products in my stash box. Think I will search for an organization to donate. Any suggestions?

    • Look up women’s shelters in your area, they are always happy to receive donations.

      • Thanks for the suggestion Arienrod.

      • Not necessarily. The woman’s shelter in Bozeman, MT only accepts cash donations. I know because I had thousands of dollars worth of new, unopened, full- and deluxe-sized beauty products, and they refused them (again, telling me that they only accept cash or cash equivalents).
        I ended up giving the entire box to a well-connected friend and asking her to give it all to people who she thought would like it.

    • Call your local Veterans hospital. There are women veterans. Society tends to forget them. And being in VA hospital is dreary. Call first to learn what they need and how to get it to them.

      • Great idea Tat!

      • Thank you for thinking about them. Some times budget doesn’t allow them everything they need. I know at the facility I work at toiletries are mostly made at holiday time and rarely do they think of women. They aren’t allowed certain products due to safety concerns. A social worker should be able to help you.

  19. Well, the bronzer is not for me but still happy with the box.

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