Be Kind by Ellen Box – FULL Spoilers!

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UPDATE – this box has sold out. You can sign up for the waitlist for the next box here. And if you are looking for a similarly priced box that focuses on giving back in the meantime, we recommend checking out CAUSEBOX!

Ellen Degeneres has launched a new limited edition box and we now have the FULL spoilers! (Thanks for the heads up, Marina!)

And even more exciting? MSA Insiders helped give feedback on the product curation during the initial market research!

The Be Kind by Ellen Box includes:

ellen box

Here are the details:

The Subscription Box: Be Kind by Ellen

The Cost: $54.99 (This is a one-time purchase box, but they may be launching a subscription in the near future)

The Products: “You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. And, to top it off, LottoLove has made a donation to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund because it believes in this cause.”

Are you going to grab a box?

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  1. I’m so happy with this box! I bought one yesterday before the spoilers were announced, but everything is useful. Both my mom and I use diffusers/essential oils. Helen Ficalora jewelry is lovely, you should see the other pieces on her website – some of the pieces (like the Wonderful Woman charm) give back to others, for example. Also, who doesn’t use dish soap? And the bars in this box help children. This is truly a lovely box. 🙂

    • I thought my mom might really like the necklace as a Christmas gift. And that makes my shopping a little easier already. I have a nice diffuser in my great room/yoga room, but one in my sleeping area will be awesome! I am really looking forward to this box and supporting the cause, and Ellen!

    • Yes I would love box Ellen I watch your show me and my elderly lady that I work for

  2. I waited on hold to cancel, then they instructed to leave a voice message so I did. It’s not a bad box, but I regret that I could spend that money on something I really want instead. The only thing I dislike is the dish soap. I like the brand, but why take up space in the box for dish soap, a heavy liquid item that could leak? Kind of lame. Anyway, if the cancellation doesn’t go through, I’ll consider it a lesson learned to wait for spoilers.

    • Hi Julie,

      If you can’t get a refund, I’d be happy to purchase the box from you! They’re sold out now, and I’d forgotten to snag it yesterday when I saw the MSA announcement for it 🙁

      Thank you!

      • Hi Julie!
        I can’t seem to cancel, and I really don’t want it (there’s nothing that I can use). I’ll put the whole thing on the swap site, as well as an eBay listing (it will be enough to cover the eBay/Paypal charges as well as the shipping).

        • You can have her pay you and change the shipping address to her. I suspect with that soap shipping will be a lot if you try to ship it after it gets to you.

    • Agree, not a bad box, but I wish I had not purchased. I don’t really need anything in here. So lesson learned. I requested to cancel, but have yet to hear anything. So we will see..

  3. I got an email back that they refused to cancel me. I am really upset. they said if I refuse shipment they will ship it right back to me. That is horrible.

    • I was told the same thing! Ugh.

    • That’s horrible customer service. Could you stop the charge with your CC company? Or maybe try again with a different CS agent, maybe someone else would allow you to cancel.

      • Stopping a charge that you’ve legitimately made is illegal. Most likely your cc will investigate and then find you liable for the charge. In a worst case scenario if your cc reversed the charge, the company you owe the money to could take you to court or put a delinqunecy against your credit report or you could be charged with credit card fraud if your cc company finds you fraudulently disputed a charge (yes, both unlikely to happen unless you’ve made a pattern of doing this multiple times, but it can happen).

    • Be Kind????

    • I am really surprise. Here what I got:

      Kylie C (ellen Be Kind Box)

      Oct 11, 08:24 MST

      Hello Svetlana,

      Thanks for writing us! I am sorry to hear you would like to cancel your order. Since the box has not left yet, I was able to pull it from shipping and process the cancellation. Could you share with me a little feedback on why you have decided to cancel? With this being a pilot, we appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
      Best wishes and be kind,

      Kylie C”

      • Kylie told me that my box had already been processed and it was too late to cancel. And box could not be returned. Lesson learned- wait for spoilers!!

        • I want the box but am broke right now 😑

      • this is what I got

        Kylie C (ellen Be Kind Box)
        1:20 PM (32 minutes ago)
        to me

        ##- Please type your reply above this line -##
        Your request (109) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

        Kylie C
        Kylie C (ellen Be Kind Box)

        Oct 11, 10:20 MST

        Hello Colleen,

        Thanks for reaching out! Refunds and cancellations are not offered on the box. Gift it to a friend and they will think you are amazing!

        If a box has been sent back to us without communicating with our Customer Care Team, we will ship the box back to the address on file. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
        Best wishes and be kind,

        Kylie C

        • I am really surprised at the response. She was much more nicer in my response. I am sorry but Kylie response to you not exactly “being kind”.
          I am sorry that you were not able to cancel the box.

          • Same here. 🙁

        • I haven’t heard back either way on my request to cancel. What a passive aggressive swipe to put that bit about returned boxes in there. If this ships, I’m tempted to refuse delivery and see how many times they pay to reship it.

        • I got the exact same message! It’s infuriating that they won’t let you cancel. If anyone manages to get a change in response, please let me know how you did it.

          • I got the same message that I was not allowed to cancel it. I haven’t received any emails about it being processed or anything, just that there are NO REFUNDS for this box. Never again. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever…

            If someone wants to buy this, and is willing to pay for shipping to them, I will send it sealed for what it costs to ship it to them. I’ve got multiple diffusers, silver jewelry, snack bars, and socks.

            Customer service wrote to just be kind and give it away to people since they don’t give refunds. Wow.

          • Hello! Is it possible to change the address for your delivery? I’d be happy to purchase it and take it off your hands 🙂

          • @h it won’t let me responded directly to your comment, but if you’re still interested in selling, I’d possibly be interested, depending on shipping cost.

            I tried to link my swap profile. I think you can contact me there. Nothing actually in swap right now.

    • I was told it depending on where it had gotten in the processing stage whether they could cancel or not. Mine was too far gone.

      • Hi Sarah! I would happily buy this box from you if interested plus shipping costs.

      • Hi Sarah! I’ll buy the box from you if you’d like 🙂

    • I emailed and haven’t heard back but the website says no cancellations in the FAQ. I bet too many people tried to cancel.

      • I can’t say I blame them there are no cancellations or returns for this box so if you are one that was able to cancel consider yourself lucky they were able to do that for you. For people to buy something blindly then decide they don’t like it and want to cancel and blame others , msa, Ellen ect I find so infuriating!

        • I can’t get over all the disappointment with this box. What were people expecting? Gucci? A car ? I don’t get it.
          There is a variety of products that are in my opinion so useable better then some other subs lately great value and quality which are so important.

        • I know right!?! You bought a mystery box that clearly stated no cancellations/refunds. To now whine because you don’t like the spoilers is ridiculous!! Don’t buy a mystery box if you’re not willing to take the risk on not liking the items!

        • I agree with you 100%.

        • I’m with you, Christine. Part of the deal with subscription boxes is that you just take your chances. I would never pay that much money for a box before seeing spoilers, so I didn’t buy it (and still won’t). If you’re going to blindly throw money into a box before you see spoilers, that’s on you. Ellen or MSA did not hold a gun to your head and force you to purchase this.

        • It’s like buying a Powerball ticket & expecting to get a refund if you don’t win! The amount of time, money and energy spent on those who return or cancel orders such as these affect all consumers in the same ways as those who don’t pay for what they take (stealing).

        • Thank you Christine for saying what I was thinking! You know you are taking a chance when you order a “mystery” box! If you aren’t interested in taking the risk of not liking it, don’t order until after spoilers ‘re available. It sounds like Kylie has her hands full responding to those who were a little too click happy! Take advantage of MSA’s wonderful swap site, and consider it a lesson learned.

    • They did to me as well. 👎🏻

    • But do these kind of boxes usually let you cancel after you’ve ordered??

  4. I’m super excited about this box I bought before any spoilers and I’m tempted to even get another. I have a bunch of young living essential oils and have been looking for a quality diffuser. I can’t wait to use it. I love that it’s black too cause I have 3 little ones nothing white stays white in our house. Also I have a love bar necklace but I wear it all the time so it will be nice having a circular one to switch things up with. And everything else is super useful in the box I will definitely use all the items. Plus it’s for a good cause so It’s a total Win! Win!

  5. Pulled the trigger early this morning and have no regrets!!!!

    Love it all ❤ except the Meyers stuff but I cant escape that brand, they end up in all my boxes.

  6. I’m honestly surprised that so many people are unhappy with this box. I purchased it yesterday, mostly out of fear of FOMO but I’m super happy with everything that that I’m receiving and really considering buying another box to use for gifts. The diffuser is crazy expensive and not all something that I would have purchased for myself. The necklace is exactly my style…simple, dainty and sterling silver, so perfect for me! I LOVE Fresh lip products, I love having nice smelling dish soap, the socks look cute! I’ve never heard of Lotto Love, but love the charitable aspect and after learning about them may buy more for Christmas gifts! I’ve never tried or heard of the bars before but my husband will literally eat anything so they won’t be wasted. After looking at the included items…I’m excited!!

    • Hi Kris,

      We are so glad you stopped by our site! Thank you for taking the time to read about our mission. Together we are bringing charitable giving to everyday gifting!

      Thanks a million!

    • Kris, I’m surprised at so many people being disappointed with this box, too. I agree about being super happy with the retail value of that beautiful diffuser, and I love Mrs. Meyers, and that necklace is exactly my style (and I have a small sapphire pendant from an old necklace I loved that broke that I’ll add to it), I can always use more socks, etc. I actually didn’t buy it until I saw the spoilers and saw that I like and will use everything in it. I see a lot of people saying that they have so many of all these items already from PopSugar or FFF but I don’t get either of those so maybe that affects my opinion too.

  7. The one box I would have loved… but wont ship to Canada. So so bummed. If someone doesn’t want theirs and is willing to just ship it to Canada instead, I’ll happily pay for the box and mailing! (Am I allowed to put my email in here?)

    • Beatrice- I will sell you mine as soon as I receive it 😊

  8. No regrets for jumping in without spoilers. Everything is useful and high-quality. No filler junk. Do we know if the Fresh balm is full size? Can’t tell from the photo. Excited to receive this box!

  9. Yikes, glad I waited for the spoilers. Diffusers are pretty cheap and I don’t care for the necklace. Everything else looks like Pop Sugar freebees. I hope those who want to cancel still can. Let this be a lesson to wait for some spoilers.

  10. The value is definitely there and I think the items are generally useful. I just don’t need any of them. Good box though. I want that oil diffuser 🤓

  11. She is giving away one of these boxes on her website today.

  12. I was tempted yesterday but learned my lesson about waiting for spoilers. Today when I first saw the spoilers, I was so happy I didn’t buy one yesterday. Then, as I looked into each product, I realized that this is actually a great box for me, so I bought it just now.

    Diffuser- Appears to be great quality and a nice little decorative piece
    Necklace- Even if I don’t like the charm, I can use the chain for other charms/pendants and it’s actually sterling silver which is so rare in the boxes I normally get
    Socks- I can always use more socks
    Granola bars- I like vanilla, almonds and honey, so I’m sure they’ll taste good. I’ve also never tried this brand before so that’ll be fun.
    Dish soap- I do dishes, so this can always be used. Plus I really like Mrs. Meyers products but some of the scents make my head explode.
    Fresh lip stuff- Great brand and lots of people love it. Honestly I have about 30 or so chapstick/balm items currently open so I can just hang onto this for a while after they all go bad.
    All the rest- not sure but I’m sure I can figure out something to do with them if I don’t like them.

    I’m actually very excited about this box. I’m not really sure who Ellen is, all I know is that she’s had a tv program for a long time but don’t know if it’s any good or not.

  13. I’m sure not everyone shares this sentiment, but I’m glad that the speculations swirling around a watch were wrong. I don’t wear watches and I’m trying to figure out what to do with the one I’ll be getting in the next Luxor Box. That said, I’m not exactly jumping up and down about this box as I don’t wear a lot of silver, but I like it enough to keep it and not try to cancel. I threw out my cheap plastic diffuser several months ago and this looks like an awesome replacement. The other items are fun things that will give me a smile. I’ll use everything, so I’m good.

    • Hi Sammee,

      Happy to hear the box and its contents made you smile!

      Thanks a million!

  14. MSA… you had to know the spoilers.

  15. All the audience members got one for free! I’m never that lucky, lol. I wish we could get a coupon. Liz, get us a coupon, please. <3 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I think it's a nice box but I would need to order two so as to gift the necklace without envy, one for my daughter and one for my son's girlfriend (they've been together a long time). It adds up!

  16. I’m allergic to lavender and the necklace isn’t my style, so I’ll pass on this. I do love the Fresh Sugar lip balm, though!

  17. Glad I did not succumb to the FOMO. I decided to wait for full spoilers and I’m glad I did. I like the diffuser though. I don’t see any essential oils to go with it though.

    • The spoiler says “vitruvi – Black Stone Diffuser & Organic Lavender Essential Oil”

      • That’s good! I’m glad they get at least one.

  18. I really like this box! The diffuser looks great and I have wanted one for my living room and we rarely get nice sterling items in a box at this price. Also love all the other items. For me personally, at the price this was a win for me

    • Same here! I have been wanting a diffuser and going back and fourth about buying one lol now I will have one. I think there is a good variety of products and I will definitely use everything . I would usually get a couple with a box like this to have gifts and extra but I have spent way to much the last couple months on subs so one will have to do lol

  19. pardon my bluntness… but what a sucky box. going to try to cancel

  20. I was looking for a diffuser. Black works great in our decor. I’m glad the necklace is silver. I can use everything in the box. Love the Fresh lip balm. This is for a great cause. Happy I purchased.

  21. So glad I didn’t succumb. There’s is nothing in here that wows me.

    • agreed!

  22. It would have been more honest of Ellen if she had posted on her site yesterday when the box went on sale that spoilers would be on her show today. She roped in a lot of MSA viewers with this. I bought it yesterday and now I will be stuck with yet another necklace that says “love.” I can only give my grade school age niece so many of those. I wanted a diffuser but not an black one that won’t go with my decor. Grr.

    • You can cancel your order. I saw a few people that cancelled with no problem.

      • Thanks for the tip. I just contacted them to cancel. Fingers crossed they do.

      • I hope you are right! I’m cancelling. I got the impression there would be no spoilers. Nothing I’m dying to have.

        • I cancelled as well. Bummer, I had such high hopes.

          • Can you share how you cancelled?

          • I tried and they told me that they couldn’t cancel….darn

          • I’m so surprised at all the disappointment with this box. In my opinion there is way more value and quality to this box then some others I have gotten lately I won’t name any names lol 😂 I think it’s pretty solid and will use everything in it.

    • That’s the risk you take when you blindly buy a sub box, isn’t it? I decided to wait, and I’m glad I did because I don’t need anything in here. It’s a nice box though.

    • I would be happy to buy or swap the diffuser/necklace from you!

  23. Glad I slept on it. Easy pass – it’s not a good fit for me. Have a million of those things already from PSMH and FFF.

  24. I don’t think there’s enough in here that makes me want to buy the box, but I have to laugh at the video where the hands change when she shows off a product, with the typical fake nails and overdone jewelry that you’d see in infomercials.

    • Lol I was shook Ellen wore so much jewelry on her hands and arms and did glam nails. Hahaha.

  25. For once I did the right thing and waited. Whew!! This would just add to the stuff I don’t need that is already cluttering my home.

  26. I purchased two of these – the diffuser is more our style than others we have seen – win. And, FINALLY, an actual sterling silver piece – not silver plate. Bonus, plenty of gifts from the second box to give for Christmas that match the style of family and friends. If this does become a month-to-month, it will be interesting to see what they are able to curate in the future and if they are able to maintain quality.

  27. I’m a little disappointed that I bought it. The diffuser is ok, but the rest of the box doesn’t speak to me. I wear more gold than silver, and I’m not a big fan of the Fresh lip balm. So for $55 I bought myself a diffuser I don’t really need and some other stuff that I need even less.

    • You can cancel your order. Just email them.

      • Nope, they are refusing returns.

  28. I was on the fence yesterday but after seeing these spoilers I am VERY excited! Just ordered! I was already thinking of getting a diffuser, plus I love the Fresh lip treatment and all things from the Mrs. Meyers brand! I will likely gift the necklace, though.

  29. meh… kind of boring.

  30. Looks good to me! I’ve been wanting a diffuser, and you cant go wrong with sterling, so I’m in!

  31. If the value is always as good as this launch box, I may have to subscribe. Nice mix of functional lifestyle, beauty and giftable products…just as I would expect from Ellen.

  32. I’m glad I bought two. My daughter n law has been wanting a diffuser and it comes with oil. I think the necklace is really cute. The Fresh sugar lip product is one of my favorites. I use Miss Meyer dish soap all the time. And I can always use another pair of soaks.

    The only thing I don’t care for is the bars. We don’t eat anything with sugar, honey, Ect. I probably will not plant the seeds either. I suffer from Black thumb.

    Win, win!

    • Hi Linda,
      My MIL is mean to me, will you adopt me?

  33. I cancelled PSMH since I don’t need another throw (already have 2-3 Pottery Barn and West Elm throws that are still in their packaging, will be new for the house this season). This is an excellent replacement for me. I love that the necklace is sterling and can’t wait to get my hands on this fancy diffuser. I’ve been wanting another fresh lip balm and am about ready for a new Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, and we actually use lavender, so perfect. I’m sure the bars are delicious and Lottolove is obviously for a good cause. All in all, a perfect box for me.

    • Hi Michelle,

      We are excited to be in Ellen’s BeKind Box. Thank you for checking us out. Together we are bringing charitable giving to everyday gifting!

      Thanks a million!

  34. Well, looking on the bright side, the sterling love charm and necklace cost more than the box total. YAY! 😉
    I’ll use the diffuser but wish it was one of the other 2 colors.
    Don’t understand the Lotto card thing. At all.
    Think the “This Bar Saves Lives” is AWESOME! They have great reviews- a box is only $24.00… We are getting 4 bars.
    Socks are always great.

    Totally approve of the Wildlife Fund. 😉
    It’s going to be OK, it’s going to be fun and fine and it’s KIND! 😉

    • Hi Lily,

      We’d be happy to explain the concept behind our company. LottoLove is a scratch off card with a social mission. Our goal is to bring charitable giving to everyday gifting! LottoLove can be gifted to anyone in your life for any gifting occasion. Each scratch off card donates to one of our charitable partners. For Ellen’s BeKind Box we are donating to her Wildlife Fund. 🙂
      Let us know if you have any other questions.
      Thanks a million!

      • Regarding the LottoLove card:
        Is this how it goes because I can’t figure out why this is considered to be a ” scratch off card” when the site says the prize was pre-determined by the color.

        I can keep, give away or throw away the card, it really doesn’t matter, because this item was paid for by Ellen, was in the box and has a value of $10, correct? The $10 is for the serving of water or food was predetermined by the color of the card, correct? It’s not really a scratch off card in the sense that anything the owner does makes any difference at all to anyone, right?

        I’m all for helping people. I just think it should be an outright donation or the card should say ” $10 of fresh water or healthy food was donated when ___________ purchased this card”. In this case, I think Ellen’s charity would be the purchaser?

        Do more people donate food, water, medical care, etc. when it’s a ” game”? If so, what does that say about humans in the 21st century? SMH.

        • Hi Lily,

          Thank you for your reply. We are happy to clarify these points and questions.

          Can you let us know where it says the color pre determining the charitable prize on the website? If that is stated somewhere then we would love to be able to correct it. The colors do not denote what each card donates. We have 3 colors and all charitable prizes come in all 3 colors. The prizes are actually a surprise for everyone! You have to play the game to reveal the charitable prize.

          You are right, you can keep or give away the card. The donation is happening regardless. We are in no way replacing people going to a Charity’s website and making a donation to them directly. Our efforts are in addition to the donations that already happen. On top of that, we are making a conversation and creating awareness about causes in an interactive and fun way! Giving back can be fun and social.

          When is the outcome of scratch off lottery card determined by the buyer? Standard scratch off cards are predetermined as well. It’s lucky if you’re a winner in those cases. LottoLove’s scratch off cards are all winners. People who typically gift lottery tickets have replaced those with LottoLove- that is a win in our book!

          Did you have a chance to check out our positive impact on our website? People are having fun doing good and it’s having an amazing effect on people around the world! We are so proud of everyone who has chosen to give a charitable gift instead something the recipient may not need.

          To clarify, we made the donation to the Ellen Fund.
          Thank you!

          • LottoLove, your item was the only thing I purchased from this box. (I just see what’s in subscriptions and mystery boxes to see if there’s anything I don’t know about and want!) They’ll be fun to add to holiday cards this year! Keep up the good work!

  35. I’m very happy with it. The diffuser and sterling necklace are the big ticket items, each at over $100 RV. I’ll use everything.

  36. I’m happy I purchased blind!

    These are all items I will use immediately out of the box and my purchase goes towards to a great cause.

    I needed to replace one of my diffusers and the stone diffuser will be an elegant upgrade over all the plastic versions out there. I also ‘love’ that the necklace is sterling silver and not plated.

  37. Charm is $75 + chain $40 = $115 + diffuser $119 = $234 just for those 2 items

  38. Should have waited. I cannot do lavender scents! What a bummer. Trading is my middle name!

  39. I think this is a pretty great box. Sterling silver jewelry, a home item, a food item, a universal beauty item, a consumable kitchen item, and socks! It’s basically a perfectly balanced box and some of the money goes to a good cause. I’m thinking of ordering a second, so my bestie and I can have matching necklaces.

    • Exactly! It’s not flashy but I love how it has a little of everything and are all things I’ll actually use. Glad I got it!

  40. The diffuser is $119 & the necklace is $75. Pretty good value!

  41. I actually decided not to get one yesterday but when I saw the spoilers this morning I changed my mind. Not a bad box and great value! Also nice it’s for charity too.

    • Hi Christine,

      We are so glad to hear that! Thank you for supporting the mission. Hope you enjoy the box!

  42. I’m so glad I didn’t get this. The diffuser is super nice, but I already have one, and there’s nothing else in here that’s worth $50+ to me.

  43. There must be more in there for a$300 value and she says in the video there’s more… I’m hoping for a surprise or two.

    • The necklace is $175 and the diffuser is $119, so it adds up to well above the listed value.

      • Oooo, sorry, $75, not $175, but I think it all still adds up.

      • The necklace is $75 (sterling silver version). Gold is $175.

    • Approximate but,

      Diffuser: $119
      Oil: $18
      Lotto ticket: $10
      Bars: $8
      Dish soap: $4
      Necklace: $75
      Necklace chain: $40
      Lip balm: $24
      Socks: $15

      Total: $313

      Wish it didn’t seem like such a random assortment. She doesn’t even seem that excited about the stuff in the video.

  44. Terrific for people who are new to sub boxes. Glad I didn’t order it. One can always support Ellen’s worthy animal-welfare efforts directly, without those opaque “Company XYZ will donate a portion we won’t disclose to you (five cents?) of your purchase”.

  45. Ugh. At least this box is for a good cause but I’m more than a little disappointed I bought this blind and could’ve saved myself 55$ by waiting less than 24 hours for spoilers.

    • Lauren, I was able to contact customer service and they replied in 15 min and canceled my order.
      The box has great value, but not for me.

      • I just emailed and asked if this is possible. *fingers crossed* 🙂

      • How did you contact them? I emailed and haven’t heard back yet.

    • I would love to buy the box from you if you can’t cancel. So sad that I missed out!

  46. I bought blindly and Ellen didn’t disappoint. I will use all of this and as a bonus I was just thinking of buying a new diffuser and I’m a silver jewelry girl. Plus…of course…the charity aspect. I’m happy.

    • P.S. I LOOOOOVE that it’s actually sterling silver and not just plated!! My sub box dreams have finally come true. LOL.

  47. I just ordered another. I need two of those necklaces for my two daughters. ❤️

    • Most of the two boxes I bought will go to my two daughters, I think they are nice items.

  48. Umm… Hard pass! I’m glad I waited for spoilers.

  49. Umm… Hard pass. Glad I waited.

  50. Darn, I wish I had waited a day. I most likely wouldn’t have bought it.

    • Yeah, me too. But at least it’s for charity.

    • Me too. But that’s ok. Live and learn. I won’t let the comments sway me for something like this again.

    • Same. There’s nothing here I will use or would gift. Not that they aren’t nice things, just not my style. I believed Ellen when she said unique and fun. The only thing unique is the LottoLove cards. Damn FOMO. I guess I’ll try selling these on eBay, though it’ll probably be saturated.

      • you can cancel your order. This is what I did and they were very nice about it.

        • Thank you! I am off to ask to cancel as well. Cannot do lavender.

        • How did you cancel? Via email?

          • when you go to their website, I used “help” icon at the bottom in the right corner. Kylie replied to me in 15 min with the message that she was able to cancel my order.

      • Exactly this. Things are nice just not my style. Plus I loathe the scent of lavender.

      • Hi Kimberly,

        Thank you for checking us out! We appreciate your support. Together we are making charitable giving part of everyday gifting!

      • Hi guys! I’m interested in buying one of your boxees! You can email me at chen776 at usc .edu 🙂

    • I missed it and am really sad about it. Please let me know if you’d like to sell it to me.

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