Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2018 Box – Available Now!

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The Fall 2018 Walmart Beauty Box is now available!

If you are already a subscriber, you should be receiving your Fall box soon(ish). If you haven’t signed up yet, your subscription will start with the Fall box. (Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

(Products shown are examples, and may not be in the box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is the WORST Walmart box I’ve gotten. All foil packets plus 2 trail size charcoal crappy items. This is the first one is not even worth the $5 price tag. So lame.

  2. Last summer box I got ALL foil packets I couldn’t believe it!!!!

    I see a lot of you guys saying target box is better and I agree, why? Because if you get a full size item and dont like it you can totally return it for store credit, such a great policy.

    I got a mascara that I dont like and wasnt waterproof, which is all i can use and I returned it. Gotta be smart about your purchases!

  3. I already received my box today and was just billed on Monday! I get the classic box and received a full sized bubble sheet mask, a great lash mascara, hello toothpaste, biore charcoal cleansing water, a cetaphil cleansing bar, ganier whole blends shampoo/conditioner, Kleenex wet wipes and cetaphil eye-gel cream. Very happy 🙂

    • Awesome!!! My box was shipped and I get the classic box also. I only know it shipped because I have USPS informed delivery. I didnt get an email from them though. I hope I get the same as you!

    • Very Cool. I also get a classic box. I was just billed on Thursday. I like what your received it would be nice to also receive those items.

    • I got this same box today, I’m really happy too, so much better than the last few.

  4. Brandshare charged for the fall boxes a few days ago so I expect to receive the. By mid February. Lol.

  5. Yeah , I agree too, The boxes use to be packed deodorant , nail polish , mascara. If the box was what the “sample was showing “ it wouldn’t be that bad . They should make the size of the box smaller so everything looks bigger . LOL
    By the way The Classic & The trendsetter are not that diffident.
    I get both 🙃🙃 (bc I saw one on instagram that was good )
    They were exactly same Summer Box. $40.00 year , yep I am a fool , after this season no more . I don’t want to cancel now bc I’m afraid they will charge me & send nothing.

  6. For $5 it’s a fun game of chance ! Some are great boxes. It’s for fun I can’t wait to see what I get.

    • It reminds me of a grab bag when I was a child. So much fun and so right for the price point.

  7. So sick of these boxes!!! My summer box is just now on the way, I received my tracking info the other day. Now the fall box is out meaning I will get that around Xmas time. They are so backwards, they send their boxes out so late. If this is the case, I am cancelling!

    • I agree, walmart dont charge me for my hox until after they have sold out.all of the good boxes and them sends out some.weird boxes. The last 2 were not good, nmbut my other seasons were great.

  8. I cancelled after the summer box. Huge disappointment, and I was getting them SO late. I know it’s just $5, but I’d rather spend that on a fancy coffee 4x a year than a bunch of foil packets.

    • Totally agree, the target boxes are sooo much better! For $2 more, can’t beat it!

      • it’s not just the awful foils & the wait, they charge god-only-knows-when…sometimes, i can’t have even a $5 charge, unless i know when it’s happening–walmart used to take the cash right around the first week–i could plan for that…

        now, since “brandshare”…it’s willy-nilly-never-know…

        to the “used to be good, but now you’re bad” sub box graveyard with you, walmart beauty box!

    • I so agree! I finally cancelled too. I know it’s only $5. but I just got tired of having to email and ask where my box was. I can live without it.

  9. I plan on canceling if this box is a bust like the last time. Ridiculous.

    • Ditto!!

  10. Last month my Classic box was a bunch of foil packets, but my trendsetter made up for it. That box was great. Which iswhy I get both. 1 is usually better then the ther

    • What are the differences for each box? What was in each box. I am fairly new and kinda enjoying the box I get.

  11. If this one is foil packets like my last two, I’m out. This is their last chance, I’d rather buy a target box when it appeals to me than get all foil packets and half of which I don’t even use.

    • The target box is fun too. I really enjoy Ipsy though for the price and the product lines.

  12. I received all foil packets the past three boxes and they charged me for two boxes I never received. NO MORE!!

  13. The last box was such a huge let down, if this box is the same it will be my last. Five bucks is five bucks I can put towards something else.

  14. The Target ones for $7 are so much better. At least you do get one or two full size products, usually. The Walmart box turned out to be such a disappointment, especially the “classic” (or “old lady” one)!

    • How do you luck out and get the Target box? Every time I try it’s sold out.

      • both the september boxes are still available…

      • I’m pretty sure this months is still available actually! Or if not, it was just a few days ago, they’re listed around the first of the month.
        I’ve never seen one sell out right away before.
        Sometimes I’ll get FOMO and decide I want it later in the month though and it will be gone, but generally they last at least a few days. Wouldn’t really call that “luck” so much as checking the msa page often enough.

  15. I get full size deodorant and large samples. It is very useful and I look forward to it For 5 bucks it is worth it.

    • not this “tammy”…

      be gone, walmart…& take “brandshare” with you…

      • I received the Camilla box but it still sucked I know compared to the other boxes people got it was better but still not things I’d have bought.

  16. nope…not again

    $5 is $5…

  17. birthdate @ the year 2000 gets u trendy style which is way better than classic one

  18. The past two seasons – all I had was foil packets. That was it. Just 4-5 foil packets. It’s so hit-or-miss! And when you see unboxings that have have so much stuff and you get foil packets? It just makes you feel ripped off, even if it was only $5.
    I decided to take my $20/year and put it towards the New Beauty box. Walmart, you were fun while it lasted, but I’m out.

  19. It’s been hit or miss with the Walmart box for me. Sometimes I get full-size deodorants and nice sized samples and then sometimes it’s heavy on the foil packets with coupons. I think I’ve only had the foil packet issue happen twice out of all the boxes I’ve gotten, though, so for $5, i just stick with it.

  20. I have a feeling those are not the spoilers. Liz, if I’m wrong please correct me. I just read thats just samples of what may be in the box. If that was the spoilers, I think you would of said “spoilers?” Am I right or wrong? Please let me know, because I don’t want to be giving false info to anyone.

    • I’ve never received a box like the one pictured. I always got one use foil packets and never anything full sized like others got. I know it’s “free” but it was a big box of disappointment.

  21. Liz, what age do I have to enter when creating an account to get this exact same box? I’m tired of getting stuff different from what’s on the spoilers. The spoilers are better.

    • birthdate at year 2000 to get the trendy box

    • This is listed as (Products shown are examples, and may not be in the box.)

    • Elizabeth every one gets different samples. Most YouTubers and big instagram ppl get good boxes the rest of us get random things.

  22. I hope the boxes are full this time.with actual products and not fool packets, because i was not happy the last time with my boxes

    • Given the spoiler picture is mostly foil packets, that’s what I expect it’ll be. Cancelled as the foil packets just aren’t worth it to me even for $5. Their baby box has gone the same way. First couple I got were great. Most recent one was a mostly empty box with a couple of foil packets and single use cereal and a couple of coupons that are no better than what I can easily find online for free.

    • I love that you called them fool packets.

      • Anna lol, i meant to say foil but they really did fool us that time. I seen one youtuber get a box full of makeup and a free digital copy of camilla cabella cd. Which was a shocker. I guess they dont pay attention to the curating of all of their boxes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Meh. I’d rather put the $5 toward a different box, or even a latte at Starbucks. For $5, you can’t really expect alot…but these boxes are a foil packets snooze. 😴

  24. I learned my lesson from the past 2 boxes I got, I’m not gonna get it lol. I’d rather spend it on my other boxes everytime I’ve been disappointed by foil samples. Or imma just wait to see what others have received

  25. I wish that was what we are getting. Everything was foil samples last time.

  26. I have the classic box due Monday but my account shows it’s a summer box, which I got already. I hope it’s a fall box and that it’s better than the last few.

  27. The summer box I received had all foil samples. Not impressed. =(

  28. It looks a lot better than the summer one! I am looking forward to receiving it. You can’t beat $5!

    • That’s an example of items not what the box will include.

      • Or basically a tease of this is not what you are going to get…

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