The Fall 2018 Beauty Report Box Pre-Sale Available Now + Full Spoilers!

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The Fall Beauty Report Box from New Beauty is available for pre-sale now! Use this link to order the Fall Beauty Report Box now!

The Fall Beauty Report Box will include:

The Box: Beauty Report Box

The Cost: $29.95

The Products:

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  1. @Liz MSA,

    Do you know when the next beauty report box is coming out? I thought the winter box would be out by now. I missed Fall and have been checking, checking, and checking to no avail lol

    Any idea?

    Yours Truly,
    Patient BeautyReport Box Fan 😉 😉

    • I have just been stalking their website also.. I’ve been waiting. The last box brought me one of my favorite products!

    • It is March now and I was wondering the same. Last year it came around this time.

  2. So some people mentioned the eu2be moisturizer smelled off, well I live in Florida so if it went rancid from the heat it would certainly do that here. While I don’t think it went off it does certainly have a horrible unpleasant “unscented” smell, to the point I put just a little on and had to wash it off.

    I don’t think it is bad, it just smells terrible. The formula feels nice so what I did was to add 20 drops of lavender essential oil to it ( I started with 10 but that didn’t cut it for that size jar). Because the smell was so strong to begin with the lavender essentially cut the original scent without smelling like lavender. Now it is silky and light without any real scent. (tip I also put lavender oil in water and vinegar to cut the scent to neutral for cleaning)

    Hope this helps!

  3. I’m to miss out on this one…the Glowbiotics is one of my favorite products…..sold out…pooh.

    • sorry to miss out…

    • Hi, I have glowbiotic and can send it to you. No use here, so will be happy to mail it to new home.

  4. The surprise winner for me was the Derma Protect primer plus soft. I usually wear moisturizer with an spf, but have some others I have been wanting to try. This is great because I wear a primer anyways and it is not adding another step to my morning routine. And the color is great for me and it really helps blur my pores. My box was missing the biobelle, but I emailed cs and they are sending a replacement.

    • Please tell me the email address you used. Mine keep getting returned as undeliverable. Thanks!

  5. oh, another update… i just tried the grande lip, and, amazingly… i love it! i have been one of the people who wasn’t thrilled about getting another grande lip, but i love this color on. and it kinda looks like a blurred lip. the formula on this one isn’t even as bad as it was on the red apple and the color is wearable. i’m kinda shocked, but happy! 😀

    • Yeah, this is the one Grande Lip product I will actually try.

      At least for once they sent a usable color. 😉

      • amen, JuJu! let’s hope that the trend continues. 😀
        the clear one from the summer box and now this one, that’s two in a row! come on, lucky three!

    • I love the box and ordered another one. Only thing is the Grande Lips was missing so they are sending me a replacement. They said it would take 4-5 weeks to arrive. Anyway the next box has shipped.

  6. i got my box today!

    everything is as described, and nothing is expired or old that i’ve noticed.

    i did see someone mentioned the eu2be moisturizer being maybe spoiled, but mine is fine. i used it after washing my hands… the smell is light. it’s basically what every unscented cream i’ve used smells like, kinda oily scent, if that makes sense? but when it dries i do detect a slight, and i do mean slight, fragrance. it’s not bad at all. it took a little while for the cream to actually absorb into my hands, but it’ll probably absorb much better and quicker on the body. i can’t wait to use it after my shower in the morning, i think the cream will be really fantastic for the winter!!! oh, the batch number for the person who mentioned it is 1430436 or g, can’t really make that last number/letter out. looks weird to me.

    the only other thing i tried so far, other than the eu2be, was the moon drop moisturizer. i only tried it on my hands and elbows, so i can’t really base too much of an opinion, but it seems fine. i’m not crazy about the scent, it smells like something i’ve used in the past and can’t put my finger on what it is!!! not terrible or anything, but not something i’d buy in full size.

    tonight i’ll be using the hum melatonin. i use a bunch of their vitamins already, so the main reason i bought the box was because i need a sleep aid and i like hum!

    i’ll probably buy a second box for the eu2be and hum if the eu2be ends up working well for me tomorrow.

    as usual, you really just cannot go wrong with anything from new beauty. the value and the quality is just out of control! i’ve purchased all of their boxes so far, and will continue to. keep being awesome, new beauty!!! <3

  7. For the debate on tbe Eu2be cream, when i opened mine it smelled so awful (like burnt plastic) that i immediately closed it and held it as far away from my body as possible. Im gonna hope that means its spoiled because that’s not a good reaction.

    However kudos to test tube because I contacted them last night and they are already sending a replacement hours later.

    Otherwise I love the box. I have super sensitive skin so its nice testing some skin care products and that dr lima is fantastic!

  8. I just got mine tonight, I ordered 2 boxes so I could share with my daughters and sisters. Did any ones else get 2 Dermaflash and 2 Dr. Lima in there box? Both of my boxes had doubles in them.
    After reading all the comments on the Eu2Be smelling spoiled I had to check mine. I agree that it doesn’t have a nice smell but I don’t think it smells spoiled either. I put it on my hands and it just smells blah. Maybe I will try adding some essential oils for fragrance.
    lot #143043G on both of them
    I really don’t know why anyone would really complain about this box, it was only $29 with 9 full size and 9 travel size products of beauty and hair products to try. I love testing all these new products out with out paying full price. I bought this last year too and used a lot of it all year long, and loved that one also, that’s why I ordered 2 this year. I also love sharing with family and friends.

    • Same lot # on My Eu2Be…smells neutral as others have said, no tgreat but not spolied either.

  9. I just got my box today and I’m not that impressed. Most of the travel sizes are tiny. In the past the travel sizes where mosr like deluxe. The spring box was a way better deal then this fall one.

    • To be honest, I initially thought the same thing. But then I used some of the items and loved them so much I ordered another. While previous boxes did seem Fuller and with larger sizes, it was a ton of hair products. Those are the ones I have not used.

    • Totally agree with you

  10. Hum.. got my box today and 2 actually showed up on my door step. My order confirmation only says 1 box was ordered and was only charged for one, but they did take money out for the other box too, just on a whole different time. So weird. I guess that’s fine as I usually order a couple of these boxes, but I just think it’s weird that I never even got a order confirmation for the second box, it just showed up.. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • I ordered one box, and haven’t gotten it yet…then noticed that I’d gotten two confirmation emails from them, and was charged twice. I DID NOT order twice. I emailed them, but have to wait until Monday for their offices to open to discuss. I find it highly suspicious that they have done this more than once. It doesn’t seem accidental. I will update when I actually speak with customer service.

  11. Hmm, I received my box today, and compared to the previous boxes it feels half-empty. I know it’s about the value, but that’s just perception…

    I think I’ll hold off on the future boxes, I still have stuff from the previous ones I haven’t used up.

    • Just received my box. First time I have ordered. Half the products are supposed to be full-size but when I opened the box it seemed like only 6 were full-size. But I’m not complaining considering the price and free shipping it works out to $1.66 each. Most are new to me so will fun to try them.

    • Yeah it’s still great value even though this box seemed a little on the light side.

      The EU2Be cream is unwearable. I don’t think mine is spoiled. It doesn’t smell rancid – it smells like silly putty or play dough – that plasticy smell. So not disgusting, just not something to put on your skin. I’m 50 and I wasn’t at all offended by the “smells like an old person ” remark. More accurately I think it smells like my grandma’s old house (probably old, moldy and dusty). I’m sure that’s what she meant by the comment, not to insult anyone. This cream is NOT unscented. This cream has a bad odor. This is not something I’d put on my body. Maybe I’d put it on my feet, after mixing a fragrance in.

      I agree the Dr. Lima is great! And I looove three neostrata serum! The grande lips was too dark and dry and also smells like silly putty!

  12. Well, I finally broke down and bought one! I couldn’t pass up this deal, even though I am on product overload right now. I mean god forbid I was to run out of anything, right! Then I also had to get a few of the Juice Beauty Kits for 50% off from Ulta’s 21 days of Beauty Steals. Now the wallet has gone back in the purse and must stay there until the 1st of the month when the new boxes start to come out lol.

  13. The EUu2BE smells like dusty old people :p :/ I’m going to have to put some bum bum cream in some strategic areas in order to not repel people away lol

    • I’m sure you are young and meant that to be a joke but wait until you care for aging loved ones and see how you feel about terms like “dusty old people.”

    • I am 37 years old and still very young, but I really took that comment to be very offensive!! Maybe you should consider others feelings before you make a ludicrous comment like that in the future! There’s women and men of all ages that are on this site, because beauty is and comes in all ages! What is someone was to say ” The cream smells like an immature 20 year old!” I hope the Bum Bum cream helps you!

      • i’m 60, and smell quite lovely, thank you…

        i was very offended by that comment, too…

        karma is coming for that girl-trust me…she WILL get “old”…or die…there are only 2 options, amirite?

        • Thats right!! Some people aren’t raised with the same morals and values as I was I guess. Or they were and just decided to become spoiled and very rude instead.

    • I’m sure you meant to say it smells like a dusty old basement, right? Because you must know how utterly rude it would be if you were, in fact, making fun of senior citizens. Nobody wants to get old. But unless you die young, it WILL happen to you!

    • Amy,
      I saw the comments about your comment. All I have to say is that I am sure everyone that is “offended” has not every made a negative statement about another person in their entire lifetime.

      • when one knows better, one has the opportunity to do better, to be better…

        the point of telling “amy” that her comment was offensive, was to teach…now, she has been informed…now, when she has the occasion to comment, she will THINK first…

        • Well said, Tammy.

          Sandra, there are many people who would never think of saying, let alone posting, something like this. She posted her comments on a public forum, which made it fair game. The fact that you felt the need to defend it is surprising.

          • …this is a systemic result of the “social media-ization” of our culture–every person thinks that not only is *their* opinion valid, & worthy, it is also the “correct” opinion, & most importantly, it must be shared…this is a personality defect, a flaw, called “narcissism”-& our entire nation is eat up with it…we’ve grown two whole generations soaked in their own “self-esteem” & “value”…

            share away–but be prepared & expect to engage others…

  14. I received my box today, and the impression I got from the Eu2Be lotion is that it is a natural type of smell, or as someone posted earlier, “neutral.” On the container, it says there is “nothing superficial” and “just a hint of fragrance,” though to me it just smells like an scented lotion. It’s made from 13 fortifying oils, and made with 97% naturally-derived ingredients. I applied it to my hands a few hours ago, and they still feel hydrated. The natural smell isn’t necessarily good, but it doesn’t bother me. I look forward to using it on my body after a shower.

    • I don’t mind the scent in fact very little scent at all.

      • I agree! I used it on my full body today and the natural smell started out very subtle—I could only smell it when I deliberately sniffed the skin in my arm—and now it has completely faded. It’s definitely a good choice to pair with a perfume. Best part is that I like how it makes my skin feel. A little goes a long way, and the hydration lasts.

    • I thought it smelled pretty bad like rancid oil. What it really reminded me of was the plastic container I’m wondering if it was left out in the heat. I mean the smell is overbearing for me anyhow, even my cat smelled it and walked away. I was cleaning out my cupboards recently and I came across a couple of ramen noodles that were in the crinkly plastic you put them in the bowl and pour water on them and I decided to make one, it tasted like the plastic and when I smelled it that’s what reminds me of the smell of the lotion and I really think it’s the plastic container.

      • DM, my Eu2e Cream smells awful also. I came back here to see if anyone else had commented. It smells just like nuts that have gone stale/rancid. There is zero “fragrance”. I applied some & had to wash it off after a few minutes b/c it was that bad. For a $40 retail product, I can’t believe this is how it’s supposed to smell. They wouldn’t have any repeat customers.
        It’s one of the few full sized products & one I was excited about b/c I use body cream & lotion a lot. If it was a sample I’d over look it, but should I contact Beauty Report or the manufacturer about it?
        Liz, any imput would be appreciated.

        • Completely agree…mine is definitely VERY rancid oil, not just a “neutral” or “natural” scent. This was one of the primary items I was interested in so I’m pretty annoyed. I sent an email to their customer service, but have not heard back…it’s been a few days.

          • I actually contacted Eu2be itself about the product and they sent out a replacement in 2 days with an envelope to send the bad product back. The new one doesnt smell amazing, but so much better then the gone bad one! And customer service was extremely helpful and nice.

          • I contacted the Beauty Report Box company & explained about this product being rancid. They were fantastic about the whole thing. Replied to me in less than 24 hours to tell me they were sending me a new one. It should be here soon. They didn’t even want me to send this bad jar back to them. I’ve been completely impressed with their customer service.

          • Mine smells bad too, like olive oil that has turned. It has a distinctive odor. I wrote to customer service but no response yet.

          • Which email address are you all using to contact them? I emailed them about mine on 9/19 and again on Friday and still have not heard back from them.

        • My two smelled awful as well, stale nut oil. I emailed the company and got a response in two hours from the ceo/founder, Charla, who assured me that I dont know what I’m talking about but would send a return envelop for them if I insisted… I was just going to pitch them and chalk it up to experience but my eye fell on a couple bottles of essential oils so i mixed some in to each and now have perfectly useable lavender and sweet orange body lotions for winter and the company can keep denying that they need to rethink their formula.

  15. Here’s what you’re paying approximately for each item (can you tell my workload is low today?):

    Dermaflash sunscreen: $3.72
    Eu2be moisturizer: $3.31
    GrandeLips: $2.07
    ScarAway: $0.82
    Phyto-C gel: $1.61
    Veneffect cleanser: $0.37
    Taut sheet mask: $0.82
    Biopelle serum: $1.61
    Hum supplements: $0.82
    Neckletage: $1.50
    Sio eye patches: $2.06
    Colorscience sunscreen sample: $0.53
    Glowbiotics cream: $4.88 (I love this! Huge tube)
    HAU hair pack: $1.24
    NeoStrata serum: $0.82
    Dr. Lima moisturizer: $1.98 (it feels fabulous)
    Epicuren peel: $0.83
    Moon dip body mousse: $0.79

    • My boxes have not arrived yet. If someone gets the chance, I’d love it if you could provide the size (oz, etc) of the travel size products. Thank you!

    • I just opened my box and was going to calculate costs. Thank you for posting this!

    • Great breakdown! I wasn’t excited about yet another scar away product (have so much from last couple boxes) – but seeing it’s only .82 cents makes me feel better, lol. Same with the Hum supplements which I don’t like the flavor of.

  16. Got the two boxes I ordered (my first time with this box), and I love everything except the tingly lipstick and the Dermaflash sunscreen (I’m pale, and the heavy tint makes me look orange). The skincare value in this box is INSANE!!!!!!!!!! Literally ten times the cost.

    Just got back on their circa-1997 web page and ordered two more boxes.

    • How does your eu2be smell?
      Was anyone able to open the tiny tube of serum? I twisted and twisted and can’t get it open
      The other serum is divine and I liked the face cream and sunscreen. I’m fair to medium by end of summer despite wearing sunscreen religiously, and the tint is fine.

      • My eu2be smells neutral – doesn’t smell spoiled to me.

        The twisty serum: The cap does not come off. When you twist it, that’s an opening – just squeeze out without pulling off the cap. It feels nice on the face!

        • Oooohh thanks so much for the tutorial on how to open the twisty serum!
          I’ll be interested in hearing what others think about the eu2be.

    • I ordered another as well! Love the Dermaflash sunscreen and the Globiotics, as well as the Neostrata serum and Dr. Lima moisturizer. I’m getting more comfortable with the idea of the eu2be being natural/unscented, and I’ll use it when I want to wear cologne or perfume, I have so many heavily scented body products, this will be a nice change. Also, I only receive Allure now in terms of beauty boxes, so this will fill in the gap of not receiving Beautyfix anymore. So there. I feel like I’ve justified my additional purchase, and I’m set on skincare for a while … that said, if anyone wants to swap away their Neostrata serum or Neckletage, hit me up!

  17. *** SPOILED Product Alert ***

    The jar of Eu2Be Lotion smells Sour, Horrible and Rancid.
    Is there a way to find an expiration date for it? There’s not one on the jar.
    Who do I contact to get this replaced?

    ~ Did anyone else get a spoiled jar of this????

    ** Other than that:

    I just got my first box and it’s packed full of great products! Thankfully the Dr. Lima lotion smells Fabulous. I love that all those tubes have safety seals on them. I’m actually able to use all of the products in this box other than the spoiled Eu2Be.

    Thanks so much MSA for keeping us so incredibly informed.

    • Hmmm. Mine does not smell good either. Surely it’s not supposed to smell like that? I know New Beauty has replaced products in the past. Perhaps others will share thoughts.

      • I don’t think anything we put on our skin is supposed to smell like this! It smells soured & rancid.

        I turned my jar upside down. I found a number on the bottom of it which is probably a Lot or Batch number. Here’s the one on mine: 143043G

        Maybe we can share those numbers/codes here. If anyone has one that smells good, please share your jar number. Thanks!

        • EU2BE doesn’t appear to have huge sales on their website – only one recent review! The likelihood of spoiled product seems high… 🙁

          They have posted on their facebook page about being included in the Beauty Report box – so they’re active and will likely respond to any inquiry about manufacture date, based on your lot#.

          I am sure everyone here would like to know if they supplied Beauty Report with old product. It wouldn’t be the first time…

          Report back if you find out – thanks!

          • Yes! Mine smells horrible but feels incredible. Will have to write both companies about it because there is something not right

        • That’s the number on mine and it doesn’t smell rancid. It’s more of a lack of a strong artificial smell than an expired smell.

        • Thanks to all that replied :–)

          I have unscented and natural products. None of them smell like this. This is not smelling unscented…it SMELLS…Very Bad. Like a mix of spoiled produce and mold. Someone replied that she has the same number on her jar. So I’m thinking maybe it was left in a hot truck or shipping building for awhile and the high heat might have turned it rancid since this product is all natural. I’ll just throw it out. I did try a small amount on my arm. It was nasty LOL. I tried covering up that smell with a vanilla lotion from Bath & Body Works and even that couldn’t cover up that stench! I went and washed it off because I couldn’t stand the smell. Don’t leave your jars in a hot car LOL ! ! ! !

          • I contacted test tube and they are replacing mine. That’s what I expect, an all natural product in hot transport for a week and it went bad. I believe you can also contact the company directly.

        • I have this same code and mine smells ok. Sort of an unscented lotion with just a hint of the plastic container (I think that’s what I’m smelling). I live in the northeast and its just starting to cool off here so that may have helped during shipping.

          • I receives my box today. I will be using about 75% of products and the rest will go for swap. My lotion does not smell like anything, and it does feel very nice on the skin. Loved the box overall.

    • Ugh. First box ive ever ordered from this company. Just ordered today. Sure hope this isnt typical, having expired ir near expiration products. Any feedback on this? N may I ask how long from ordering till u received the products? Also , just wanna verify that this is a one time purchase right? Im noy gonna b billed monthly for this right? Appreciate ur help n hope they get that replaced quickly for u

      • …no, it is not “normal” or “usual” for dermstore–the parent company of new beauty–to “sell expired product”…this is a reputable company, with excellent products, albeit a simply horrid order form-i’ve never had an issue, and there is nothing wrong with my eu2be, or my sister’s, either…who knows? maybe it got overheated somewhere along the shipping chain…maybe somebody doesn’t know what it’s supposed to smell like, maybe someone is over-sensitive with scent…maybe, just maybe, some people will find anything to bitch about, & cannot be made happy…trust me, i worked in food service for 20+ years, & there are many-women, curiously, most often-who just want to pay for a bad time…

        don’t borrow trouble! if something’s wrong, there will be a resolution…&, christ, we got $300+ worth of stuff for 30 bucks…i mean, geez…these are the same people who won’t bat an eye at paying $6 for a cuppa, but it’s the ultimate insult if a $3 sample of a cream seems “off”…

        calm down, people…there are whole nations with starving children…priorities, please?

        and, yes…this box is a one-time purchase, it is not a recurring sub…

    • Mine smells rotten /rancid also. I sent them am email. It’s definitely not a natural or unscented smell. I sent them an email since there is no way I’m putting this on my skin. I’m sad to see that it wasn’t just me with this problem.

      Other than that, it really was a great box. I loved it!

      • I think ours must have been in a shipping batch that was in a State with high heat. That’s the only thing I can think of that would have soured this so badly since it is an all natural product without preservatives. I doubt it was sent like that since most of them seem to be fine.

        I agree, other than this product, this box is great. I can use pretty much everything in it.

    • Mine doesn’t smell like anything. Just a regular “unscented” kind of smell.

    • I received 2 boxes and both Eu2Be were rancid. I do live in Texas, so my boxes traveled in heat. I contacted TestTube and they are sending a replacement. Don’t know if it’s the same product. Doesn’t specifically state I’ll receive 2. I’m just hoping for something useable. My favorite new find (so far) is the the Dr Lima barely There

    • My Eu2e Cream smells awful also. I came back here to see if anyone else had commented. It smells just like nuts that have gone stale/rancid. There is zero “fragrance”. I applied some & had to wash it off after a few minutes b/c it was that bad. For a $40 retail product, I can’t believe this is how it’s supposed to smell. They wouldn’t have any repeat customers. I don’t think this is heat related b/c I got my box directly from my mail carrier. Same product lot # as the one listed.
      It’s one of the few full sized products & one I was excited about b/c I use body cream & lotion a lot. If it was a sample I’d over look it, but should I contact Beauty Report or the manufacturer about it?
      Liz, any imput would be appreciated.

  18. …got it today! but, my sister ordered one a couple days after me, & we’re going to open them together…so, mine sits in the closet, unopened…killing me, really…🤣

    • After reading everyones reviews and being referred by a fellow FFF friend/member I decided to give this box a try. I figured for $30 I couldnt go wrong n since its not a monthly subscription i dont feel “obligated” should I not care for it for whatever reason(s). Can u tell me how long they usually take to ship out please? Thanks n kudos to u. I cant EVER wait to open my boxes lol

      • …they ship out right away, & i got my box i less than 5 days, after ordering!

        i got to open mine this morning!
        and, just fyi, there is nothing wrong with my eu2be cream, or my sissy’s…

        it’s a great box!

  19. Mine shipped on the 14th, too! I went in to look at the products more carefully on the weekend, and man – this is a GREAT box. I will use a lot of what’s in here!!!

    I feel like I should order a second box before it sells out…I am surprised these boxes don’t sell out more quickly. I wonder why???

    All those $100 – $300 beauty advent calendars are going to sell out same day and don’t nearly have the same value at all. I guess it’s all in the packaging???

  20. Mine shipped, got conf. w/ tracking tonight!!!

    • …me, too!

  21. This is gonna be my first Beauty Report box, and the first box to pull me back into sub-related stuff in a loooooong time (had taken a long break to use up accumulated products). Running low on moisturizer, out of cleanser so I wish this had more than one travel size. But so darn excited. I’d forgotten the thrill of treating myself and getting great deals on things <3 Thank you, MSA!

  22. I’m pretty excited, this will be my birthday gift to me, too. I look forward to trying a lot of these brands!! I anxious about shipping and can’t wait!

  23. Did anyone have order issues? I tried three times and my order wouldn’t go through. I think it is a sign I don’t need more stuff.

  24. NewBeauty… Please, Please, Please.. No more Grande lip products, no more scar away and no more sio eye lift pads please. You’ve been putting them in your boxes since last year, maybe even since 2016? Otherwise, your boxes are fab!

    • …lots of people are trying these products for the first time, i imagine…

    • So agree!

    • I must admit I love the scar sheets I use to have deep crows feet and used the scar sheets and what a difference the scar sheets made ,really my crows feet are hardly there I love them .
      I believe the scar sheets are in the New Beauty boxes due to New Beauty promoting plastic surgery ,And because the scar sheets actually work .Surgeons recommend them so they are a great addition .They can be reused but they tend to roll up on themselves.That is just my opinion It would be nice for the people who don’t want them ,and getting them box after box to bad New Beauty doesn’t offer a option instead of.

      • Hmmmm….interesting. I have deep forehead lines – I wonder if these would work on them? These are really only supposed to work for raised scars – not wrinkles or lines. Anyone else use them for deep lines?

        • I sleep with a strip under my eyes , My crows feet have softened and people have noticed they are not as harsh. so I also bout a stop pollar machine and use it too so it is a combo.
          I also have some raised acne scars on my chin and use on chin also.

          • bought typo

      • Misti- you’ve got me curious! Do you cut down to a small size and sleep with them on??

      • Yes, please, more details on this.

    • I’m overloaded with scar away stuff, but I actually really like the Grande Lips line. At least they send out different shades! Plus since they are full size they are easy to gift. Better than some boxes sending out black eyeliners all the time I guess.

  25. I ordered a box. It will be my first box. I’m curious if everyone is very familiar with the brands in featured in the box. Aside a couple of items, I’m not. Do you think they are good quality brands?

    • I was wondering the same thing.. I also did go ahead and order a box but am sceptical regarding some of the brands..

      • …yes…this box is valued at $300+…google the brand names–that is what will tell you how pricey some of this stuff is–& frankly, i have found, the high-end skincare/beauty stuff really DOES work better…this is one area where you get what you pay for–more expensive ingredients, nice packaging…and more often than not, a product that works!

    • I’ve gotten a couple of the Beauty Report boxes, and I would say that overall the products are very nice and high quality. Some of the skin care in them is top-notch!

  26. I need more products like I need a hole in the head but this has always been such a good deal…can’t resist. Holidays are coming!!!

    • I can’t believe I’m going to say this Karen, but I’m actually showing some restraint with this box!!! :O Did you get the Skinstore Caudalie box? I couldn’t say no to that one. 🙂

      • Yes, yes, yes. I think I can use a lot of it for stocking stuffers so I’m jumping in. I can’t resist Caudalie so I had to get that too, I got Look Fantastic Eve Lom, Mintd Box Oskia too. I’m still waiting for my regular new beauty box. That mail man needs to get a Christmas present this year. ☺️

  27. …worst website, ever…but, omg, what a value!


    • They’re saving all their $$ to give us more goodies 😂

  28. Hi Liz ,
    My e-mail is advertising the following items. Could let me know which is the correct one. Thank you.

    amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo (f)
    BioSilk Silk Therapy Original (t)
    Briogeo Scalp Revival™ Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment (t)
    eos Crystal Lip Balm in Vanilla Orchid (f)
    Grande Cosmetics GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper in Clear (f)
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth® Frizz Immunity Primer (f)
    Kate Somerville EradiKate® Acne Treatment (f)
    Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover (t)
    Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (t)
    Lumene Lahde Pure Arctic Miracle 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water (f)
    Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes (f)
    Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair® Mask (f) PCA SKIN HydraLuxe (t)
    Revision Skincare Nectifirm® Advanced (t)
    ScarAway® Silicone Scar Sheets (f)
    SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser (f)
    Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (t)
    St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Everyday Multi-Active Toning Lotion (f)
    Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner (f)
    Zoya Nail Polish (f)

    • The items you listed were in the 2018 Beauty Awards Box. This is the Fall Beauty Report Box.

      • I knew something was off from the e-mail I received and the post here. Thank you for your response. That helps me make a decision.

  29. Nothing in this box I need, BUT I WANT IT ALL… so, 2 orders done. Please, take my money another box 🙂

  30. Got 2. One of the best valued boxes out there.

  31. ordered 3! two for me. One for stocking stuffers for family members. over 90% off. I can’t pass up. even thinking of ordering more for birthdays!

  32. This box is soooo tempting!I honestly don’t need anything, but the value is so good. I think I will wait a day. If it’s sold out, it wasn’t meant to be. If it’s there….

  33. Thanks I had such a hard time getting my email to allow to me to sign up then it finally worked and I got the alert.
    This is such a great deal so I had to get it.Birthday month so YAY for me .

    • Happy Birthday, Misti! : )

      • Thank You Sara

  34. Hey Liz – I received an email from Beauty Report about this and it has completely different items listed…Is there anyway to confirm what’s actually in the box. I can forward you the email I received.

    • You can disregard this. It looks like they listed what was in the Summer box.

  35. Hey guys…im confused btwn getting the beautyfix box and this one…could anyone tell me which one they generally find better….Seeing the site for this beauty box kinda makes me feel if the things will be legit…

    • Hey Neha, get this one for sure. It’s a one time purchases versus beautyfix, which is a monthly subscription. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck with this one.

      • Michelle ITA New Beauty Awards is the better deal and it is a 1 time purchase

      • Thnx for ur advice Michelle… I did order a box and am super excited about receiving it now… 😃… Did anyone get a mail confirmation for thr order?

    • It’s legit. I got 3 of the summer box, with no issues. As a web designer I balked at the sign up page, too. But, yeah, it’s legit.

      • I was waiting to read that, order it 🙂

  36. OK I was going to pass this one up but they I started clicking on the products and the prices just had me sold on the overall value of this box. What a great deal and frankly I could use some of the items and the rest I am sure I will find a use. I find myself really enjoying full size products now in my boxes thanks to FFF so I looking forward to this box. Thanks so much !

  37. Darn it I ordered….. I was trying to restrain myself lol.

    • OMG me too.. I am about to buy. Talk me out of it!

  38. Thank you so much, Liz! You are awesome. I feel like you’re everyone’s Godmother arouns Christmas Time giving us ways ans means to get the best presents ever!

  39. The order site keeps erasing my data!

    • It did that to me on my iphone. I had to switch to my laptop to order.

  40. That was an …interesting… link-to-the order form experience! Why does this process feel like I’m ordering something from my grandma’s Ebay store? Are they that small of a company?

    • Haha, I’ve always wondered about their site but forget how weird it was once I get the box!

    • That interface is older than I am. Not a positive experience.

  41. I can stop stalking now!

    • Me too!

    • I started checking at 9:00 this morning and kept checking every hour. I’m such a junkie!

  42. Ordered two. I’ll use it all. Thank you Liz for alerting us!

    Now, for some faith that they’ll actually ship them this month…

    • I got two too… thank goodness there were those scar sheets and Grande or I might’ve gotten three 💪😆

      • 😆😆😆😆 I know, right? I’m so sick of those scar sheets! I’m too lazy to use them plus my scars just don’t bother me that much.

        • I’d have to plaster myself with them after 3 kids 6 years breastfeeding and multiple back surgeries. I might have enough at this point but am way too lazy 😆

      • I would normally agree, but my hubby is having open heart surgery this fall, and I’ll be happy to have extra scar sheets!!!! Feel free to pass all unwanted ones my way, lol!

      • Do you have them up for swap? I just had gallbladder surgery and thought I would try them on my new (6) tummy scars.

    • I bought 2 also. The Awards version of this box shipped in 3 days, so it could be soon!

    • Says will start shipping on Sept 14th.

  43. ordered, yay!

  44. I will never say no to this. Such a great value!

  45. Ordered!

  46. Need nothing, could not resist. Ordered.

    • Same here. Like, really really don’t need ANY of it. But I will eventually. Well…maybe. My usual excuse is that I can always gift, swap, or donate it. At least I keep meaning to do those things with my gigantic beauty hoard. 😄

  47. thank you Liz! I ordered one. These boxes never fail to impress me.

  48. Thank you, I just pre-ordered it. Thanks Liz and Mysubscriptionaddiciton!

  49. HOORAY! Ordered!

  50. ☺️💕👍🏻

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