Play! By Sephora – Play! Smarts Skincare Boxes FULL Spoilers!

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FYI –  Sephora is launching the next Play! Smarts Box soon  – Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 30s, 40s, 50s+!

This special-edition trio of PLAY! SMARTS boxes will help you master a skincare routine specific to your stage in life. Choose from the 30s, 40s, or 50s+ boxes for samples customized for your age – a $47-92 value for just $20!

Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 30s, 40s, 50s+ is $20 and a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription.

We now have a look at what may be the FULL spoilers for each box! (Thanks for the heads up, Coranne!)

FYI – These spoilers are listed on the Sephora YouTube page but are not 100% confirmed yet

Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 30s will include:

Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 40s will include:

Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 50s will include:

And we have an exclusive sneak peek at the case the samples will arrive in:

How cute is this hardshell case?

Are you going to grab a – Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 30s, 40s, 50s+ box?

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  1. I bought all 3 and boy am I regretting it.. I knew they’d be the small samples, but when they said the value of each box I thought there’d be a little more? A TINY 5 mL tube that’s 80% air & 20% product is 100% a rip off. Really pathetic. Each box isn’t worth $5, IMO. The little Sephora bag it came with is cute but what do I do with it?

  2. I received the 40s & 50s boxes today and here is the size and value breakdown:
    40s will include:
    Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment 5ml $15.80
    Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream 5ml $33
    Kiehl’s since 1851 Glow Formula Skin Hydrator 5ml $3.80
    Volition Beauty Detox Silt Gelee Mask 15ml $15
    Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil 5ml $18.33
    Tatcha The Water Cream 5ml $6.80
    50s will include:
    Fresh Soy Face Cleanser 20ml $6
    Algenist Elevate Advanced Retinol Serum 5ml $18
    Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream 5ml $33
    Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++ 5ml $10.83
    Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II 7ml $16.32
    Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream 5ml $6

  3. Here is the item cost breakdown for the 50’s

    Lala retro 5ml $6
    Estée Lauder night repair 7 ml $14
    Murad shield 5 ml $9.50
    Caudelie eye cream 5 ml $33
    Fresh Soy face cleanser 20 ml $5
    Algenist serum 5 ml $16

    Total $84 + bag

  4. Yay! Snagged 2 of the 50s sets. One is definitely for me, the other *might* be gifted if I can part with it. We’ll see! LOL

  5. I bought a 40’s box today. I am in love with Tacha products. Nothing has worked better for me even though it’s pricey. I plan to use the case for my earbuds.

  6. I was very interested in the 40’s box, but then I talked myself out of it. I already have two full size Luna oils and Allure is putting out the other Sunday Riley product next month. I have spent so much on subs for this month already, so I think I will save the $20 to upgrade my Ipsy for October to the Plus bag/box. It will be interesting to watch the YouTube video on how to use the Sunday Riley products though, because I think I may be using too much of the Luna Sleeping Oil. I have tiny bumps that only I can see lol but I know they are there and I think it coincided with adding Luna to my skin care routine. Idk but maybe using it every night isn’t that great for my skin type.

  7. I just ordered the 40’s and 50’s one, i hope I’ll get my money’s worth!

  8. The 50+ doesn’t seem to be available.

  9. Got the 50’s

  10. It’s live on site now. Grabbed a 40 yr bag., 🙂

    • Thanks! I did too. Plus a Viseart palette on sale that I missed with my VIB sale code. Never tried one of their palettes but always wanted to…

  11. In case anyone’s wondering about the size, on Sephora’s listing it says “trial-size”.

    Skincare by Age: 30s includes:
    -Six trial-size skincare products—a $47 value—including:
    – Dr. Dennis Gross treatment
    – Tatcha cleanser
    – Supergoop sunscreen
    – Fresh eye cream
    – tarte treatment
    – Kiehl’s Since 1881 cleanser

    Skincare by Age: 40s includes:
    -Six trial-size skincare products—a $92 value—including:
    – Caudalie eye cream
    – Volition mask
    – Sunday Riley oil
    – Sunday Riley treatment
    – Tatcha cream
    – Kiehl’s Since 1881 cream

    Skincare by Age: 50s+ includes:
    -Six trial-size skincare products—an $85 value—including:
    – Caudalie eye cream
    – Murad sunscreen
    – Algenist treatment
    – Esteé Lauder treatment
    – Drunk Elephant cream
    – Fresh cleanser

    • Thanks MSA and Christy! I was on the site today and saw these (I’m VIB Rouge) and the value price didn’t seem to match # of products. 50’s box averages $15 a sample @ full price. For that cost, I’m hoping it’s more than what I could just go into store and ask for a sample which they gladly give out!

      But I remember trying claudalie cru eye cream a few years back – and for that – I wanted to buy it. Together with Murad, Fresh and Drunk Elephant – I had to try. I will update sizes when it arrives on Tuesday/Wednesday!

      Also check out their sale on Boscia swirl gel whip moisturizer ($10 off)!

      • The premier cru eye cream sample lasted me a few months as I only wore it as night. It’s too rich for me during the day. And you only need at little bit.

        • Here’s the sample sizes in 50’s box

          Lala retro 5ml
          Estée Lauder night repair 7 ml
          Murad shield 5 ml
          Caudelie eye cream 5 ml
          Fresh Soy face cleanser 20 ml
          Algenist serum 5 ml

  12. Ladies they are out!!!! Go! Go! Go! I snagged all 3!!! 🙂

  13. Wish they didn’t cut us off at 60.

    • I agree, it would at least be nice for them to market it as “50+” to seem more inclusive. At best, it seems an arbitrary decade cut-off, at worst it reads “Just give up, you old hag!” Lol. Honestly, I’m 41 and plan on ordering the 50’s box anyhow because I like it better! They’re all pretty nice selections, though. Oh, if only I were rich and could order them all!

    • And what about us in our 20’s? Anti-aging routines work best when you start with prevention, I’m 25 and I use anti-aging products every day religiously. I kind of feel weird about the boxes being broken up into ages regardless because someone’s age doesn’t necessarily determine the strength and types of products a person uses, everyone’s skin is different. Oh well!

  14. How large are the samples in these boxes… it doesn’t say. If they’re one time samples not worth it. If larger, then this is a great deal and I’ll buy all of them

    • They’re usually deluxe. The size of their rewards.

      • Sephora says it’s “trial-size” though.

    • Sephora’s website states that they’re all trial-size, whatever that really means.

    • On the Sephora site, there are a couple samples pictured for each box:
      30s box: Kiehl’s face wash is 1 oz.; Dr. Dennis Gross item says 3 treatments
      40s box: Kiehl’s hydrator is 0.17 oz.; Sunday Riley Luna doesn’t state the size
      50s box: Caudalie eye cream is 0.16 oz.; Algenist serum doesn’t state the size

  15. OK…which box is worth $92.00???

    • Probably the one with the Drunk Elephant,

    • The 40’s

    • The Sephora website is advertising a $47 value for the 30s box, $92 for 40s, and $85 for 50s.

  16. I’m in my 30’s but will try to get the boxes for 40’s and 50’s. I don’t really care for the 30’s one..

    • Right?! I’m 38 so seems kinda goofy not to get the 40 one anyway…

  17. Would like to know when we can but them….I’d like all 3…I don’t live by a sephora and need to test things out before I spend full price….I don’t like the Luna oil, it breaks menout, and already use good genes…but the other stuff I’d like to try….

    I’m having texture or raised like dots (not like pimples or raised bumps) I’m trying to get to go away…I can’t wear blush or highlight because it draws attention to it and I’m paranoid about it. A lot of times now even foundation is making it more noticeable, so it would be great to try a combo of these to see of anything or what works before I invest in larger sizes

    • *buy

    • Miss Jamey, I had this happen too a few years back. Tiny bumps all over my face, but nowhere else, and no accompanying redness. It was a total mystery because I hadn’t switched up anything about my skincare or makeup routines. I ended up switching to a mineral foundation and those bumps cleared right up. I still have no idea what caused them, but I’ve been using mineral foundation ever since and they’ve never come back. Good luck!

    • I get the same issue and doing a peel (like the Dr Dennis Gross peels) once a week really helps, along with lots of moisturizer. Not a thick cream, but in layers like a moisturizing toner, then a serum, then a gel cream or mask at night. I also use the Tata Harper resurfacing mask a couple times a week and it really helps my texture issues.

  18. What about the sample sizes? These are just pix of full-size items, no?

    • they are all sample size and I’m sure some will be deluxe sized….I bought the pink sample box last year that had a random mix in it, and they were pretty decent sized samples.

    • I emailed Sephora asking them about the sizes, and they said, “The products in each box are trial sizes. It is a little smaller than the full size product but bigger than regular samples.”

  19. I’m in my 50’s and that has to be the best selection. I will definitely grab one.

  20. I’m in my 30’s but that kit is the least appealing to me. For sure getting the 40’s one. Might even pick up the 50’s kit.

    • Haha, same here!!!!!

  21. Imma buy all 3 Bc there’s a lot I want out of each one lol

    • Lol I want all three 😂

  22. The 50s box is tempting. Not excited by the Murad, since that shows up in the Sun Safety kit every year.

    The Caudalie, Estee Lauder, and Drunk Elephant would do.

    The case color is mildly icky; retro hipster mint does not thrill me.

  23. Do u have a date yet for release to buy??

    • That’s what I want to know. I don’t want to have them go live and then not be able to get any of them. I really want the 40’s and 30’s boxes! Just the Tatcha products are worth the cost.

    • I just saw on the Sephora insider app that it will be released tomorrow to VIB and I don’t know if it will be available for everyone. I hope so!!!

      • Thank you

      • Released to VIBRouges first then to VIB’s? Why release on a weekend instead of during the week?

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