POPSUGAR Must Have Box Fall 2018 Spoiler Hints!

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We have possible spoiler hints for the Fall 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box! 

Here is their Fall Bucket List:

And POPSUGAR hinted that the Fall box will help you check off some of these items. Any guesses on which bucket list items will be in the box?

In case you missed the official spoilers, each box will include:

Lipstick Queen Method in the Madness in Manic Mauve – Retail Value $25

Go bold this season with a marbled lipstick in a fashion-forward shade. The mauve hue will flatter a variety of skin tones and is perfect for everyday wear. Because of the marble effect in the tube, no two swipes on the lipstick are alike, but they blend together into a gorgeous complementary hue. It’s also ultra moisturizing thanks to the vitamin E in the formula, so the chilly weather won’t make your pout uncomfortable.

Here is a closer look at the marbling:

This is pretty much my go-to lipstick shade, so I’m thrilled with the color. The formula is creamy and moisturizing, too.

Here it is swatched:

And in case you missed the previous spoilers, this box will also include:

Tarte Tight & Bright Multi-Mask – $40

Check out all the benefits of this mask here!

The bracelet is malleable and easily adjustable to fit any wrist/arm.

Jules Smith Jane Cuff – Retail Value $90

(Subscribers will be able to pick the metal color: gold, rose gold or silver!)

Accessorize your favorite Fall sweater with an eye-catching bold cuff. The glamorous cuff is flawlessly smooth and also adjustable, allowing you to wear it on your arm or on your wrist.  It also features a geometric design that’s easy to slip on or flip over for a simpler look to complement every outfit.

Here it is on:

It’s kind of both bold and minimalist – I’m digging it!

Soia & Kyo Larisa Scarf – Suggested Retail Value $75

Wrap yourself inside this ultrasoft scarf. Both sides feature a stylish geometric pattern and soft gray and rose hues to complement all your on-trend Fall outfits. The luxurious accessory is a generous size, making it easy to wear not only as a scarf, but also as a shawl or cape, or even a travel blanket. We love that the dusty rose hue suits so many different tastes and skin tones.

This is one of my favorite POPSUGAR spoiler items ever! This scarf is so soft, feels so luxe, and I actually thought the retail price would be well over $100 when I first saw it. Plus, while I have a large scarf collection thanks to subscription boxes, I have nothing like this – it is so unique!

The flip side of the scarf has more blush pink tones. Here is a closer look at the material and subtle fringe on the ends:

(70% Viscose, 30% Polyester)

The scarf measures 24″ x 72″. I’ll hold it up to give you a better sense of scale:

And here is the reverse side:

Here it is on:

With the geometric print and the way this scarf drapes, it’s so easy to wear.

It’s long and warm enough to also function as a shawl.

A cape, or even a more “blazer-y” look:

UPDATE: Several readers requested seeing the scarf modeled on someone who is a different height, and Anna helped us out!

For reference, I’m 5’7″, and Anna is 5’3″:

Thanks, Anna!

Also, a quick update from POPSUGAR about petite sizes:

There are many ways to wear the scarf and that the product was tested on many petite editors here at POPSUGAR, including Lisa Sugar, and they are obsessed with it.

What do you think of the latest Fall POPSUGAR Must Have spoiler? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA15 to save $15 off of your first box! (Regularly $75 a box. Your first box will be the Fall box.)

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Arrrgg. No full spoilers yet??? I am having withdrawals with no PS spoilers. Nothing on the internet yet. Spoilers! Spoilers! I feel like Veruca Salt “I want it now!”

    • Check MSA bright and early tomorrow 😉

      • YAY! Thanks!

      • Liz you are too good. So excited for tomorrow morning. It’s like Christmas Eve when I was younger, well actually last year! Thank you for the update😘

      • Oh thank you! My curiosity just can’t take any more of this waiting. Those four items alone have me thrilled and are totally worth the box, but I need to know what else might be in there.

    • Lol me too!

      • No spoilers yet. But I can be strong. Good things happen for those who wait. I know this box is going to be great.

  2. I feel like I saw the first spoiler for the scarf a hundred years ago. It has taken so long between boxes and so long to get spoiler info that I’m not even excited about it anymore. This is probably my last one unfortunately.

    • I agree. This has been ridiculous. People have boxes arrive tomorrow so I guess that is how we will find out what is in the box since PS is being a total jerk about reveals.

      They said shipping in late August and the the LIED and said they never said that!

    • It does seem like so long ago & is so frustrating watching and waiting.
      I feel very annoyed with all 3 of the seasonal boxes: Fabfitfun, Causebox & Popsugar. The long waits for spoilers & shipping is crazy. It’s taking all the fun out of the experience. I usually love my boxes but, I just feel tortured.

      • While popsugar has definitely rubbed me the wrong way lately(thanks for sending me an XL robe when I indicated an S), I’m sort of impressed there hasn’t been anymore spoilers/leaks. That being said…I’m obsessively checking the internet for full spoilers every hour!

      • I think the quarterly system makes things less exciting since things seem to come all at once (typically late) then there’s nothing for months. They need to space out the spoilers to keep ppl interested. These hint things are just annoying.

        • And that’s why I’m so frustrated with PSMH right now. They totally had an advantage with how their original shipping schedule was set up. All the other boxes (Causebox, FFF, Happy Rebel, etc) are set to ship out mid March, June, September, and December. PSMH had their shipping schedule set to be a month ahead of their competitors, shipping out by the 31st of the month prior. It was a factor when deciding which box I wanted to splurge on this season. Then they decided to wait. Meanwhile, FFF got a whole bunch of boxes out super early, totally stealing their thunder.

  3. Hey Liz, what day this week is your full review of this box being posted?

    • She has to wait until Pop Sugar gives her the green light to reveal.

      PS is holding off until the last minute with this box in hopes of selling out.

  4. I signed up with the $15 off coupon they offered wayyy back in June… I need full spoilers!!!

  5. PS just did a sponsored post for Care/of personalized vitamins… so probably a voucher of some kind?

  6. Jealous of those with tracking #’s already!! Mine still says processing & I’m guessing it won’t ship out until Mon (or after) which means I won’t get mine until a week after y’all get yours!! Well, technically, like 2 days later….but it will be an entirely different week!!! 🤣

    • Omg same! Mine has said tracking for the past 2 weeks almost 😭😭

  7. Just got tracking. 6.5 lbs, delivery next Friday, although I usually get it a day earlier.

    • Heavy! Can’t wait to see what else is inside!

      • I’m pretty sure that means we’re getting a hardcopy What Alice Forgot. Unfortunately I just read it last week, but it’s very good.

        • I don’t mind getting a book as long as it isn’t Power Your Happy!

          My tracking is still processing and they have not charged me for my planner yet.

          I guessing a book and dark nail polish.

          I don’t know what else might be in the bag. Some type of Latte?

          • Mine is moving but this one shipped from NY so I’ll get it faster. Right now I have Wednesday 9/12 as delivery day.

        • That book was out in 2009. Why would they be sending an older book.

          • Good point. It’s on their Facebook. I hope you are right and it’s a different book.

      • There’s either a book or some form of home décor, hopefully faux marble. There’s almost always a home item, so I am hoping for home décor. But I’m also becoming convinced that the rose gold scarf triangle organizer is in the box. It’s shown on the bucket list spoiler thingy above, and it’s shown in a picture on their FB page. I think it’s a given at this point. So that might be the home item for this box.

        • We thought a tray for a bath was in the Summer Box. So nothing is a given. I hope there is no scarf hanger. I don’t think that is what will be in the box.

          They just need to reveal the box already! It is September 10th!

          • I really love that scarf hanger, and I want it! The summer box was one where I was definitely fooled.

    • Has yours starting moving yet? Still scheduled for delivery this Friday? Mine is still processing & I’m dying to know what’s in it!!

  8. Oh please do not include any books. I still have all the previous books brand new wrapped in plastic because I tried to sell them at my garage sale and nobody bought them.

  9. Please just release the full spoilers already!!

    • @liz Or anyone?? 😉 liked this box when it was monthly. I miss that. Any suggestions on a box to replace it with?

      • I miss the monthly box too.

        • Me too’ I have been searching for a like wise box let’s create one! I don’t mine spending 30. Month I can’t find any that we’re like the Pop Sugar Monthly

          • Me too. I came across Lunabox a few days ago but, it looks a little cheap & not as trendy as ps monthly was.

  10. Has anybody gotten their shipping notice yet?
    I’m still irritated that they didn’t stick to their initial shipping schedule, which said these boxes would be shipped by the end of August. They’ve said that the boxes would begin shipping this week and I’m getting very impatient.

    • I’m super frustrated too! I think some others noted that the site used to say that they were shipping the fall box the last week of August, and they claimed that wasn’t the policy and just changed the site. This box is on the list to get cut from my subscriptions if they don’t get it together.

      • I canceled my subscription today. I feel like there has been a leadership change or something. This box used to be my favorite…they’ve taken an abrupt turn downhill.

    • the site still says the Fall box will ship by the end of August. I reached out to them and also got a response that boxes would ship this week. But again, it is Friday and I still have no shipping info.

      • I only heard that they would start shipping this week. Hopefully they will all ship out next week. Smartpost takes forever to get to me, so the sooner the better.

        • Just got my shipping notice. Arriving on Sep 15. I really hope they are sending a book and a mug.

          • Unacceptable when this was supposed to ship more than a week ago! Ugh! And I haven’t even gotten tracking info yet, so mine will be even later. I’ve always preferred Popsugar to FFF, but this late shipping is going to be an issue for me. FFF just spoiled us by being so on top of it this year. Of course, once I get it and see the superior quality, I’m sure I’ll change my tune. I just want that scarf so badly. And I just spoiled myself with two pretty, gold stacking rings in onyx and amazonite that will look so prefect with the bracelet.


    I’m really happy with the spoilers so far, but I’m really hoping we don’t get a scarf organizer.

    A home item with marble accents sounds super jazzy, but I won’t hold my breath.

    I also anticipate a fall-flavored coffee/cappuccino item too.

  12. I feel like the spoiler hints and box themes are typically bs. Seems like they covered it already. Scarf, lip color, mask..etc. I was so excited for this sub but the summer box and the fall spoilers are a let down for me.

  13. Could it be one of the newer Kendra Scott home pieces? I think they may be marble?!

  14. @liz where did you get the purse you are holding in the pictures showing off the scarf and the cuff? It’s beautiful

      • Thank you so much! Now hopefully I can find it online somewhere (I’ve been obsessed since you first posted the pic of the scarf spoiler what seems like forever ago).

        • I don’t think Tribe Alive has it on their website any more, but there’s a bunch available on eBay right now if you search “Tribe Alive Bag.” The prices are certainly reasonable. Just be careful, I don’t know if I just got a lemon in my box, but one of the seams along the side started coming undone after the first time I used it and was completely undone by Spring, which was a disappointment. However, I also tend to be really hard on my bags, so that’s a factor too.

          • Mine was like that too

        • I think there are a number up for swap too.

          • @Kay, I only just saw this… I’m not on the swap list yet, but just requested to be on the waitlist! If you still have the purse I’ll check it out when/if I get on there!

      • I’m loving that purse too!! It’s definitely not available on the tribe alive website any more but I may have to stalk eBay & see if I can find one for a good price!!

        • Michelle and Kate, I would definitely be interested in swapping the purse!! I ended up with two.

          • @Ashley oh yes, I’d be very interested in that! Can I PM you somehow?

  15. Hi can I still order the fall box? I so want that scarf!

    • Yes, this box is still available!

  16. They guarantee a value over $300 so to me that means around $310, so far the spoilers add up to $230. There isn’t much more wiggle room. Unfortunately inflated RSV like usual.

    • For the summer box, it was “over $250” and the items were worth $365!

  17. I am going to say marbled book ends, scarf organizer, supplements of some kind and coffee mixes. Maybe even a novel?

    • All good choices.

  18. I’m hoping for something with marble accents. “Incorporate marbled accents in your home.” I’ve been happy with the spoilers to date. The Fall box looks more promising than Summer IMO. But maybe that’s because I like Fall more than Summer!

  19. I really wish that the full spoiler or review were out; I’m trying to decide if I should order a few for Christmas gifts.

    When can we expect a review here?

    • They will review it. Supposedly the boxes were going to start to ship this week, according to their Instagram comments.

    • That is my question, as well.

    • You can expect my review next week 🙂

      • Oooh!!! So you already have it & know what everything is!!! 🧐
        I do hope you mean Monday….☀️bright & early at that!! The suspense is killing me!! LOL

  20. Things I’m really hoping for, given those spoilers:

    Pretty dark nail polish
    Some form of pretty marble home decor item, maybe a tray to organize that nightstand?
    A nice candle in a pumpkin, apple cider, harvest type scent

    But for the love of all that is good, please no stupid toothpicks or napkins for a dinner party.

    • I think that sounds pretty good! I’m with ya sister

      • Pretty good, for sure.

  21. I am guessing the scarf organizer and perhaps a mug with some pumpkin spice late mix 🙂

    • That scarf organizer would be really nice!

      • I think the scarf organizer is in the box. It looks like umbra, about $15. Super useful and leaves more RV for other stuff!

        • I would love that so much!

  22. There are a couple of mentions of pumpkin spice latte, and the book What Alice Forgot is shown next to the Husband’s of Evelyn Hugo, which we got last year. I just finished What Alice Forgot on Kindle so definitely don’t want the hardcover.

    • It’s a good read though!

    • Where are you seeing books pictured? What am I missing?

      • It was in a post from August. They showed the 2 books side by side. I may be reading too much into it but reading a book is also mentioned in the fall spoilers themes.

        • Oh ok. Gotcha!!

  23. How much longer do we have to order this box?

  24. Liz, do you know how many items there are?

  25. Umm okay, pretty annoyed that were not seeing a full reveal.

  26. Hmm dark nail polish, a book, a mug and maybe a reusable bag?

  27. The cover photo on the PSMH FB page features the triangle-shaped scarf organizer and a pretty (faux?) leather snap valet tray (I hope!); these are my guesses!

    • YES! That cover photo definitely has spoilers in it! I can’t tell what the bottles in the little leather-looking box are, but I bet just about everything in that picture is in the fall box except the vases and furniture.

    • The rose water spray from herbivore is past summer box, I don’t recognize any of the rest but the jewelry up close I bet is stuff we have seen in past boxes. Wasn’t the leather tray in one of the past boxes for him?

      • One of the bottles looks like the Tokyo Mill fragrance from the Feb box.

        I really really don’t want that scarf organiZer

    • That’s what we thought inthe summer box then we were disappointed… to receive the bamboo bath tray. When is this coming… it was in March that they shipped the last one… that was 6 months ago… they need to step this up… or I’m out. Boring, uneventful… and excitement for a scarf and bracelet… same stuff as FFF. Zzzzzzz

      • The last box was May or June it had a robe.

        • I just looked back, charged 3/24 , shipped and received early April. It says charged 9/2 for the this box. 23 weeks since the robe box was charged. Almost half a year for the “quarterly” box. Better be amazing! This is the last chance after switching from “monthly” to almost going to 6 months!

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