POPSUGAR Must Have Box Fall 2018 Review + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have is a lifestyle subscription box for women. Each season they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and home.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

As always, the pacakging is great. (This would be a wonderful subscription to gift, too.) And as you can see with the “But wait, there’s more!” cardboard piece, beneath the cardboard, you’ll find the special extra sponsored goodies! (These items are not counted toward the value of the box.)

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: $75 a box

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of your first box!

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

Each box comes with a booklet detailing the items included, and a letter from Lisa Sugar:


And POPSUGAR also included a card with coupons for the brands featured in the box:

Now, on to the items!

Soia & Kyo Larisa Scarf – Retail Value $75

This is one of my favorite POPSUGAR spoiler items ever! This scarf is so soft, feels so luxe, and I actually thought the retail price would be well over $100 when I first saw it. Plus, while I have a large scarf collection thanks to subscription boxes, I have nothing like this – it is so unique!

The flip side of the scarf has more blush pink tones. Here is a closer look at the material and subtle fringe on the ends:

(70% Viscose, 30% Polyester)

The scarf measures 24″ x 72″. I’ll hold it up to give you a better sense of scale:

And here is the reverse side:

Here it is on:

With the geometric print and the way this scarf drapes, it’s so easy to wear.

It’s long and warm enough to also function as a shawl.

A cape, or even a more “blazer-y” look:

Jules Smith Jane Cuff – Retail Value $90

(Subscribers will be able to pick the metal color: gold, rose gold or silver!)

This geometric cuff features 14k gold plating, and it’s adjustable.

Here it is on:

It’s kind of both bold and minimalist – I’m digging it!

And POPSUGAR sent us all variations so you could see the metal options:

Rose Gold


Tarte Tight & Bright Multi-Mask – $40

First, how awesome is this packaging? I love faux Agate lid! (And I’m always happy to see tarte in a subscription box!)

And the mask itself is beautiful, too. The gold side is for brightening and hydration – it’s great for sensitive areas like cheeks or under eyes. And the white clay side is designed to help tighten pores and detox your skin. (The white clay will dry over 10-20 minutes, the gold mask will not.)

I loved how my skin felt after I removed these masks – soft and smooth – and on the areas where I used the white clay mask, I could see a difference in my pores.

Lipstick Queen Method in the Madness in Manic Mauve – Retail Value $25

I love the Lipstick Queen brand (they have lots of innovative formulas like color changing lipstick), and this marbled lipstick is gorgeous.

Here is a closer look at the marbling:

This is pretty much my go-to lipstick shade, so I’m thrilled with the color. The formula is creamy and moisturizing, too.

Here it is swatched:

(And I’m wearing it in a lower photo, too.)

Umbra Pendant Accessories Organizer  – Retail Value $11.99

This rose gold metal accessories holder is pretty enough to display, but it also works as a regular hanger, too.

It’s easy to hang jewelry, sunglasses, etc, on it.

You could also use it by your door to keep all your going out essentials.

Or just as a way to keep track of all your POPSUGAR scarves in your closet!

Casery Phone Pocket Stick-On Card Holder – Retail Value $15

This stick on metallic card case has a 3M backing, just peel and apply to the back of your phone:

It should work for most smartphones, and when you want to remove it, there won’t be any sticky residue.


Tribe Alive Leather Marbled Valet Tray – Retail Value $58

This tray is stunning! It’s made with genuine leather and the paint is a hand marbling application.

FYI – it arrives flat like this:

You’ll need to bend in the corners to snap it in place. (The snaps unsnapped a few times before the leather adjusted to the new shape.)

I just love how this matches the scarf colors!

(Also, Tribe Alive is a wonderful brand that works to employ at-risk women across the world with living wages. Learn more about their causes here.)

HUM Killer Nails – Retail Value $10

This is a Biotin supplement designed to help support stronger nails and hair. (And the formula is vegetarian/vegan.)

This bottle includes 30 capsules (a 30 day supply), and I’ve used HUM products before and liked them, so I’m hopeful to see results in a month of using this. (I cut my hair last year and regretted it soon after – I’m trying to get to healthier, longer lengths as soon as possible!)

Now, time for the Special Extras in the box! (If you aren’t familiar, these are extra items that don’t count toward the value of the box. AKA bonus freebies!)

Liz Clairborne JCPenney Sloane Rose Gold Sunglasses – Retail Value $32

Are these the best/highest value Special Extra we’ve ever received from POPSUGAR? I think so!

I love the aviator style of sunglasses, so these were a welcome addition to the box for me. Plus the Rose Gold + Pink accents match the rest of the box color scheme so well.

Here they are on:

(I’m also wearing the lipstick in this picture, too!)

Bliss Makeup Melt Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes – Retail Value $7

Bliss recently relaunched, and I’ve been wanting to try their new products, so this was another Special Extra that was perfect for me. (In addition to new packaging and lower prices, all Bliss products are now  “PETA-certified, cruelty-free and blissfully-free from parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES and other bad stuff you don’t want on your skin or body.”)

The makeup wipes worked well too – they passed the “remove all my mascara” test!

For the final Special Extra, we have a laundry pack from Clorox:

CLOROX Zero Splash Bleach Packs – 12 count

These are super easy to use – just use one bleach pack per load – and put it directly into the machine drum. No pouring bleach! (I realize I may be the only one excited about this – but I seriously hate pouring bleach!)

And included with the bleach packs is a little Lavender sachet from K. Hall Designs to make your laundry smell fresh after it’s done!

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $325 not counting the special extras! (With the special extras, you are way over $360!) I think the value is great, and I am SO impressed with this curation! I love that everything has a subtle color coordination, I think all the items are modern and unique, and this entire box is a perfect fit for my style. Plus the brands are fabulous, too. This is one of my all-time favorite POPSUGAR boxes, and I’m already excited to see how they follow this with the winter box!

(And I truly believe that once you feel that scarf in your hands you’ll think it’s worth the cost of the box alone – it is amazing!)

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today?  Yes. When you click “Subscribe Now” on the POPSUGAR site, the box your subscription will start with will be highlighted.

DEAL – If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA15 to save $15 off of your first box!

What do you think of the Fall POPSUGAR Must Have Box? What’s your favorite item in the box? 

How do subscribers rate POPSUGAR Must Have?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I like the bonus items as much or more as some of the regular items. I also saw some birthday gifts in this box. My box is supposed to be delivered Saturday but I live 2 hours from the NC Coast so may not get it then.

    • I’m guessing even 2 hours away you’ll be impacted by Florence, be careful and know we’re keeping y’all in our thoughts and prayers.

    • I got the box in my issue is it’s not a 75.00 Box. No matter which way you cut it. It should have twice the items or they need to make the price the same as FFF. In my opinion

      • Popsugar has higher quality items though, and I am happy to pay more for top quality.

  2. I wasn’t going to get this box as it was not in my budget after losing over a $100 to LUXE PINEAPPLE POST! – I ordered things from their shop for Christmas gifts and two subscriptions. I never saw it coming.- I read so many positive reviews about the owner. I even contacted her myself questioning the 40% off and she assured me all was well. I feel so duped and taken advantage of….
    Enough of that! I didn’t mean to go there.
    But this box, PSMH really has it going on with this one. After reading this review I was so excited when I saw that I could still purchase one. Yeah! Excited.

    • If you charged, used debit card, etc. you can often get your money back through the company that you used for payment. I paid through Paypal and they have refunded the payment to me. Their email implied they were paid by Luxe Pineapple but I am not sure.

    • I hadn’t heard that news yet! I had two prepaid subs!

      • PayPal refunded me as well!

    • No I agree with you, we don’t really have another forum to vent! I prepaid for 2 subs- 6 months and a year, and lost all of my money with no recourse! It frustrating and I couldn’t find any info about what to do and the window had passed to do a chargeback.

  3. Yawn. Easy pass—not worth the price but I’m happy for those who like it.

    • I totally agree with you I’m glad other like this box but for me I don’t see anything exciting and especially for the price. Nothing here that seems worth it.

  4. Says my box will arrive to me on Saturday!!! I am so excited!!! Awesome curation 🙂

    • Lucky duck! Mine is apparently just sitting in a warehouse in NY. Hasn’t moved in days.

    • I just got my shipping notice. I am soooo excited!!!!

  5. I feel like the only person in the world who hates all these scarves. PopSugar does way too many scarves.

    • As someone who wears wraps all winter instead of a bulky coat I love That the boxes send these items. (And I do live in a climate where winter = 20 to -10 degrees)

      • I totally agree. I hate the bulk of coats so, I appreciate warm “scarfs” I use as wraps. And I live in the same climate. I only ordered this box bc of the wrap… Well and those sunglasses; you can never have too many….Winter is so bright with no leaves on the trees to hide the sun!!

    • I am with you. I live in Florida; I do not need a all the scarves and wraps. Especially, the wool ones. I understand those of us who live in the South are the minority but my money is green too. I also have no need for a new tray every other box (or somit seems) for my jewelry. I really wish they would find new items to add to the boxes. It seems as if some items that you can have too many of are all repeats – scarves, water bottle/glass, jewelry tray/small box. I know gifting the items is an option but if I gift what I already have I would often gift the whole box. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of subscribing to the box? I also know not subscribing is an option.

  6. Thanks for this great review! I’m really excited to get this box now. It’s not even because I’m so wowed by the individual items (I have plenty of scarves, bracelets and lipsticks already), but I love the curation of this box as a whole. It feels thoughtful and thematic and tied together. It reminds me of the best of the PSMH LE boxes (which I liked better than the monthly boxes), or a really, really good month, like last December. And, the sponsored sunglasses were exactly the right addition to make the box feel really full.
    I like this box so much better than FFF’s Fall box (which wasn’t bad, but didn’t feel cohesive).
    Good job, Popsugar! If the boxes keep going like this, I’m in for the long haul!

  7. I LOVED the items they spoiled, but not too keen on the card holder, the accessories holder, or the tray (the “marbled home accessory” teaser had me salivating for a home decor item).

    But overall, I still think this box is amazing and – to each his/her own – but I don’t understand why some people are saying this box should be worth only $50. Probably because of FFF and their crazy amazing $50 boxes. But I think the value of the PSMH items is MUCH higher than, say, Happy Rebel, and people are all about paying $100 for HR.

    One final thought: I feel like I won at life with those fabulous sponsored items!

  8. Great box!!! But I do miss their monthly boxes!! I wished the ones of us who hadn’t been with them since the beginning and weren’t on product overload could still get them!

    • I am still not sold on these boxes! I think because my FFF was values more and is cheaper. But it’s better then the Summer box! I guess I was thinking when they went to quarterly it would be like 3 boxes in one so 1 big box full of stuff values at over 400.
      I don’t care for the 80. Cuff but it’s a decent box. But still not getting the switch from monthly feel I still think they were better as a monthly box and you got better value!

      • Agreed!

      • I agree with you.. That is why I canceled.. I felt like the monthly boxes were worth it and much better.. I also canceled because I was forced to pay to ship something back to them in order to exchange something for a different size.. I should have gotten it in the first place. They do not go by their profiles, if they have you pick your size.. Plus they ran out of sizes.. My first seasonal box cost me $88. Canceled. They didn’t seem to even care when I complained either… Like FFF much better!

  9. Popsugar works for me, I find myself using everything & loving it.

  10. I’m weirdly excited about the accessories hanger, LOL. I have so many scarves now from subscription boxes that I was struggling with how to store them. This is perfect!

    • Same here! I’m looking forward to being able to find my fave scarves easily.

  11. I finally sent my FFF cuff to a brand new swapper for free to be nice and also because I couldn’t get a good swap for it, so how popular is this cuff going to be? And Revlon made marbled lipsticks 20 years ago. I know cuz I bought them.

    • I’ve always found the PS jewelry to be better quality than jewelry in FFF.

  12. BEAUTIFUL Fall box!!! I’m so glad I had a pre-order in!

    The box weight is 6.4 lbs.

    The value of the items is superb, and I’ll use every single thing.

    YAYm Popsugar and Lisa! Curate the most awesome Winter box ever, and I’ll buy multiples. 😉

    I REALLY would love a LE or Luxe edition Holiday box. Is there any reason to hope?

    • On their website they say that they aren’t going to do any more LE boxes, thought they did state that they would still do collaborative boxes. So I’m waiting to see if the Neiman Marcus box happens this year. That one is always so impressive, and totally out of my price range.

  13. Yay. I’m so happy to see that everyone in comments is happy. It looks like a nice box, I will use everything (except the tray.) Nothing wows me, but it sounds like that scarf may when I get my hands on it. And that 2 masks in 1 makes so much sense..I love that. The extras were necessary for making this box feel worth it to me. Especially the sunglasses. I’ve never worn aviators, I hope they look as cool on me as they do on Liz. 😃

    Sept is my birthday month and I always looked forward to that PSMH monthly box the most. I’m excited that the quarterly happened to arrive in Sept as well. Happy Birthday to me!

  14. This is my first box, ordered on the strength of the first few spoilers. I really like this! I’ve never really seen anything like that tray before; I think it might be my favorite item from the box. Also, though, I am weirdly excited to be getting the bleach pods. My kids help with the laundry and this seems like a match made in heaven.

    • Just looked through the reveal again. TBH, I’m really excited about everything in the box except the vitamins. But that’s because vitamins aren’t exciting, not because I won’t use them, because I will.

    • I love the tray too, especially since it’s real leather and not pleather like so many boxes use to cut costs!

  15. 💯 I am ecstatic 😍😎👍 !!!!!

    Love it all.

  16. Fabulous box!!! I’m hoping their future boxes will all be of this high quality and that the spring box was just a quirk as they were getting started with the new format.

    Liz, do you know if they will be doing any LE boxes for the holidays?

    • I’m not sure. I’ll reach out and ask!

  17. @Liz is the coupon code not good for annual subscriptions? I’ve never gotten a PS box before, but have now tried to sign up with two different emails and gotten the same result twice of it telling me to “Please input a valid code.”

    If it’s only for a single box that’s fine, I just know your Causebox code worked for my annual subscription so I wanted to be sure I am not doing something wrong.

    • I believe it only works on the single box, sorry!

      • Ah shoot, well at least I tried! Thanks Liz, I appreciate it!

  18. This looks like a great box and I am glad that there is no book and the organizer is versatile and can be used as a scarf hanger!

    I love rose gold and am glad I got it. I had the silver one marked and changed it to rose gold.

    The sponsored items are great!

    This box is so much nicer than their summer box!

    • I meant can be used as more than a scarf hanger. It is so versatile and I will use mine for jewelry and sunglasses.

  19. I just want the sunglasses. Hubby lost my aviators. 🙁

    • #divorce

      • right?

        • just kidding, it was an accident, but now I need new sunnies as I’m one of those people who can’t function without them, lol

    • I probably won’t be using mine.

      • I have pathetically little to swap but maybe we can work something out? I put my swap profile in the website link.

  20. I love it! Thank you Popsugar for no books.

    Very happy.

    • Me too! I buy Kindle books almost exclusively and everybody has different genres of books she prefers.

  21. I’m in love with this box! Can’t wait for mine too ship now. I’ll get use out of everything except the card holder (I have a popsocket on my phone and cant see how the two could work together) so I’m pretty happy! Definitely better than FFF this season, to me.

    Now if my PSMH and Margot Elena would just get here, I’d be so happy!

    • I finally got my shipping notification from ME, and it’s coming tomorrow! I’m so excited about it as it’s my first box from them. So it’s probably coming soon, keep an eye on your email.

    • I have a PopSocket, too. I’m trying to think of an alternative use or placement of the card sleeve.

  22. Really like the valet tray and the scarf. Thinking about ordering and the rest can be gifts.

  23. I never got to pick the bracelet color. Was not informed. Bummer.
    Liz, can you tell me if the lavender scent is detected in the Tarte mask? I see it on the ingredients list. Thanks.

    • Yes, but the scent is very subtle. Hope that helps!

  24. Liz – the discount code doesn’t work.. is it because I was once a monthly subscriber?

    • I just tested it and it worked for me, but it only is for new accounts. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you! I had to use another email, but it worked!

    • It isn’t working for me, either. I only received one PS box in the past, before they turned quarterly. I’m a little bummed and undecided about what to do now. I really like the box, but need the discount.

      • I would use a different email to get the discount!

        • Thanks, I may do that!

  25. I love the box on the whole, but I don’t like rose gold anymore. I wish everything was gold or silver. I feel like rose gold had it’s moment last year, designers this year predominantly used gold or silver. Rose gold is on its way out.

    • I think the rose gold theme is very much a Fall metal color…. the scarf hanger, the bracelet ( if rose was chosen), the phone pocket sticker, the aviators, as well as the color of the marbled leather.

  26. I love this box so much I resubbed! Bummed that the rose gold is gone, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for waiting… Side note: when did PS start adding a sales tax?

    • Popsugar now sells products in retailers like Ulta. If popsugar is sold in your state at a brick and mortar store or if your state now charges tax for all online purchases, you will be charged tax.

  27. I’m so excited for this box!! Summer was ok in my opinion but this is more what I was wishing for. Love each and every item!!

  28. This box is amazing. It still falls short of how fantastic last fall’s LE box was, but I’m still thrilled. I’ll love and use everything except for those sunglasses, since I wear actual glass and would require prescription lenses. But my sis will be thrilled this Christmas.

    • If you’re looking to swap the glasses, those are the only thing in the box I want, though I have little to swap.

  29. I’m so excited about EVERYTHING in this box!! Does anyone know when this ships? I couldn’t find anything on their website.

    • Mine has already shipped and due to arrive Friday. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • My date just changed to Saturday but I’m still hopeful for Friday too.

    • Mine arrived today!!!!!

  30. Wow!! I love this box! Can’t wait to have it in my hot little hands. The few things I won’t use will be perfect stocking stuffers for my daughter.
    Kind of wish there was a food item but that’s just me being greedy!!

    • “Kind of wish there was a food item but that’s me just being greedy!!”

      I wish too!

  31. Someone swap the umbra gold organizer to me, please!! I have boxyluxe and Causebox this month.

    • What’s your swap link? I missed out on BoxyLuxe and would love to see what you’re swapping from it. My list is linked to my name above!

  32. Do we know for certain only the fall box is shipping? I REALLY did not care for summer.

    • Yes I have confirmed with several CS reps that the summer box is completely sold out. I confirmed this before I ordered in August (my fall box shipping notification was received last night).

  33. Great box! I’m looking forward to getting this one! Much better extras than the summer box. I love that there is only one makeup item and it is a lipstick from a great brand.

  34. I’m excited about the bleach pods too! We were staying at an AirBnB in Paris this past spring and there was an incident involving a white couch and red wine! They had bleach pods on hand to save the day (and the couch slipcover). So genius!

  35. I was on the fence, but the special extras pushed me over. This is an incredibly solid box for me. Everything will be used and enjoyed! Thanks so much for posting, Liz!

  36. Sooo excited about the chlorox pods! I had no idea such a thing even existed! Not a fan of the sunglasses but I LOOOOOOVE the rest of the box! After seeing the scarf and the Tarte mask, I had to subscribe! Now just waiting on my shipping notice…..

    • If you’re looking to swap the glasses, those are the only thing in the box I want, though I have little to swap.

  37. This box is an improvement from the last box.

    Of this box the items that interest me are;
    – The scarf (don’t care for the colors so 1980’s to me, but like everything else about it.),
    – The organizer
    – The Tarte item
    – The Hum supplements
    – The bleach

    The tray would be nice if it was something other than leather. Like glass or something. The glasses are nice but my face is round and can’t pull off that shaped glasses. The bracelet thing, lipstick, and the card holder are not for me.

  38. Pretty happy with this box! Finally got my shipping notice yesterday. Shipping location (Wappinger Falls, NY) is 3 hours from my house – wish I could just go pick it up LOL

    • I live about 20 minutes away from Wappingers and it’s making me crazy!

  39. Does everyone get the special extras?

    • Yes!

  40. I don’t say this often about sub boxes but I think I actually like every single item. I’m def. a rose gold gal and am glad it’s en vogue right now because it’s easier to find. I even have rose gold shoes on right now. Is it crazy that I’m super excited to try the clorox pods? I would never know they existed. Great review, Liz.

    • No. When I saw those I made up my mind to buy the box!

  41. Your review was too good! I had to sign up! But FYI- the rose gold bracelet is already sold out! I didn’t find out until it was too late, but hopefully this helps someone else! 🙁

    • That made the decision for me. Thanks. I was waffling about whether I wanted to drop $75 on this. I think all the items are nice, but nothing jumps out and screams to me.

  42. Nice review Liz. I received my shipping notice yesterday and am so excited to get my hands on this box! I will definitely be using everything in this box.

  43. Looks like an awesome Fall Box!!! Can’t wait to get mine in the mail!!!

  44. Much better box than last season. Not enough for me to subscribe. But still a good box.

    • Agreed!

  45. Wow! What an amazing box. I love all the items and the review was awesome. Liz, Thank you for posting and keeping us in the know. Can’t wait for my box now!! Should be here soon!

  46. Thank you Liz for a great review! I really love this box, but I am not able to get it right now. I can, but I’m really trying hard to discipline myself with spending the past couple of weeks. I think us getting a house is gonna be 1st priority and then I can buy all of this wonderful stuff to fill it with lol…Maybe I can get the next quarters box? It is so hard to be good!!!!

    • You’re so much better than I am! My husband keeps saying we need to cut back on spending and more “stuff” since we’re building a house next year but I didn’t cancel. Fall boxes are always my favorite. I’m hoping I hate the winter box. 😂
      Congrats on your new home! Very exciting! Good thing you’re not building it yourself! Soooo stressful!

  47. Hey Liz I tried the coupon code and it didn’t work for me. Is something wrong?

    • I just tested it and it worked for me, but it only is for new accounts. Hope that helps!

  48. Disappointed they included a leather item. Of course they never promised they’d be cruelty free or vegan, but I will have to pass on the box now.

    • Same. I did tell customer service a few months ago that I would like the boxes to be vegan. They of course said they can’t promise anything, but they would pass on the recommendation. I think enough people might need to speak up.

  49. I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to receive it! They did a fantastic job with curation. Thank you for another great review, Liz!

  50. 👏👏👏👏love each item! Sent to mom as a birthday gift too! Thanks Liz for an awesome review and for all you do to keep me the know😁

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