Play! By Sephora October 2018 Spoilers!

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We have twp spoilers for the October Play! By Sephora box!

Still trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween? Your October box might be able to help with that, but we don’t want to give too much away right now. Let’s just say it’s filled with some spellbinding beauty.

Your box will arrive the third week of October, but here’s a little spoiler to help you make it through until then:

Your October box will contain one of these products:

  • CAUDALIE – Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
  • URBAN DECAY – All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got 999 any information?

  2. im getting box 934 anyone have this one and whats in it?

    • I’m getting box 934 also, but haven’t seen any spoilers at all.

      • Not a clue, but that’s my box, too!

  3. I have box 975 and don’t know a thing yet, but I did see someone post a spoiler for box 991 and it was:

    Box #991

    MUFE velvet skin foundation in sand (Y315)

    Clinique chubby stick moisturizing lip balm

    UD all nighter setting spray

    Dr Brandt pores no more primer

    Fresh soy cleanser

    Maison M Jazz club

    • Oh just great! I have 991 and have gotten everything in that bag 5 or 6 times in the last 2 years!!!! Stupid mufe in sand!! I am canceling today!

    • Ooohhh I hope I get jazz club!

    • 975????

  4. Sorry but I am gonna play devil’s advocate a little. I know beauty boxes are not perfect because of the size of the products, repetitions, wrong shades etc. But it seems like some of the problems stem from our hoarding and FOMO behavior.

    I know subscription is an another addiction as website itself indicates, but if we complain more than we enjoy, maybe it’s time to control the addiction a little? If we have the 5-6 of the same product coming from different boxes, maybe we subscribed to more than enough boxes? or if we still have mini size samples from last year, (if we like it) what about using them throughout the year?, (if we like but couldn’t finish in a year?) what about tossing away the expired ones?, (if we don’t like it) what about giving them away to someone who would use it? If we try every way but still so many samples hanging around home what about unsubscribing till we deal with the situation, using up stuff and making a clean start?

    • Perfectly said.

      If I open a box and it doesn’t feel like Christmas…. The error is mine.

  5. I’m going to lose my mind if I get another Caudalie Vino – ANYTHING! Every freaking box has the same Caudalie Vino product and I don’t need another 🙁

    The same with the UD setting spray. I still have my last two bottles from last year.

    • The brands products for some reason break me out & I don’t typically get pimples that easy,I think they stink too lol I agree w/you!

  6. spoilers from IG

    urban decay setting spray, caudalie vinoperfect serum, bare minerals gen nude patent lip lacquer, first aid beauty coconut water cream, benefit gimme brow, dolce gabbana dolce perfume

    fresh rose face mask, caudalie vinoperfect serum, tarte sea quench hydrating primer, bare minerals gen nude patent lip lacquer, clinique black eyeliner, ysl mon paris perfume

    • bareminerals shade: everything

    • I would love box 1! Any idea what box number?

      • Unfortunately I don’t have any idea, these are the boxes sent via influenster to some people, so probably there are no item numbers attached to the boxes.

    • What did u girls think of the new plastic bag? I liked the other ones better… 😔

    • Omg how many boxes are goinh to have the time brow

  7. There are some boxes already on IG. Based on what I saw, it looks like a good month.
    Wasn’t the Caudalie birthday gift last year?

  8. Anyone else getting box 983?

    • That’s what my box is showing. Any idea of what’s in it?

      • Not yet but I’m keeping an eye out

    • Hoping for the all nighter spray

    • I am but I do not know what we are getting… Do you?

  9. We need 2 comment sections – one for those of us who are here for spoilers because we subscribe and want to know what we’re getting, and one for the people who don’t subscribe anymore, just unsubscribed, or are about to unsubscribe but like to come on here and complain. It makes it so difficult to weed through the garbage to find the actual useful comments on here for those of us who subscribe…

    • OMG, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot LOVE this comment enough.

    • Agreed!

      • agreeeeeeeeee

    • Oh dear, the Comment Police have arrived again. Comments are open for all opinions and everyone differs on which ones are useful. It takes but a nanosecond to scroll through the “garbage” ones you’re not interested in.

    • Love this comment! I come here to see what my five subs monthly have in them I’m impatient and a subaholic

    • I agree with Erin.
      I must have missed the memo re: switching from box # to letter? Anybody?? That’s no fun.

  10. I have never complained about any of my subs. However, I think Sephora needs to.step up to full size products. With all the subs out there will full size, I’m going to be cancelling all that only do samples. I am willing to pay more for full size subs. My favorite part is Sephora each month is the bag, until last month was a zip lock clear plastic pouch. I really didn’t care for it at all.

    • I totally agree! I’ve been a sub for over 2 yrs now & they really need to pic it up.

    • I agree with you. It seems like another Birchbox to me which also has the tiny samples that you can barely get any results from. This is how I find new products to use when I get samples but if the sample is so tiny that you get only 1 use out of it then it defeats the purpose of even subscribing. Last month’s bag had a tube face mask and you can clearly see that it was not full of the product. I also like the bag because it has a lot of helpful uses but not that zip bag.

    • They have switched over to those bags now,I hate both lol w/ipsy you at least get a real make up bag ,also ipsy is coming out w/a full size box w/full size delux make up bags for $25 . I still like play better I think for now but just an idea

    • The cute bags were sometimes the best part of the box. The stiff useless plastic is a toxic waste.

  11. ok i am really getting tired of receiving caudalie on every month or every other month’s box. why? arent we receiving new products sample. please make the next month better.

  12. I know people get disappointed by receiving repeat products.. but remember, Sephora is at the mercy of the brands producing these sample/deluxe sample sizes. The only brand they can control is the Sephora brand! And if nothing else, no one is obligated to purchase a subscription box if they are disappointed in the service. Just my $.02. 🙂

  13. They should be sending out the samples they are selling in the Luxe boxes to the Play subscribers. That’s what I signed up for…to try new products…not get the same old samples recycled every three months.

  14. Hoping for the serum; I don’t have any interest in the makeup setting spray. Last month was my first month with Play, and I wasn’t impressed; two my samples were one-use only, and my box was the only one without a lip product or scent – I got a plain brown eye pencil instead. BORING. If this month is a bust, too, I’m canceling.

    • I would love to get the brown eye pencil! Would swap for the lip products and scents I got.

  15. Please please PLEASE send me the serum, Sephora! 🙏 I use all Caudalie skin care products. Last time I “received” a Caudalie product in my bag, however, the glass container of essence shattered and they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, replace my item. 😢 I’m pretty sure any makeup user by now has used the Urban Decay setting spray. I want something new to try!

  16. I would be more interested in the serum. I love my Sephora play box and am always surprised how many negative comments are posted.

    • Same Same!

  17. I’m thinking that although I’ve been a loyal PLAY! subscriber since the very beginning the boxes are just not what they were & like others have stated are getting “boring”; so I believe I will be cancelling this monthly box along with the Birchbox cancellation. I feel like they have both just been riding the fine line for much too long at this point. It’s been fun, but I’m just not digging the items Sephora is sending & haven’t for a while now.

    • is my favorite, they are the price combined play and birchbox!

  18. zzzzzzzzz

  19. I’d like either but really want that serum!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  20. I really think it’s time to cancel. It’s always repeats and the samples are small. They could make this a really great sub box but they choose not to.

  21. Caudalie is my new favorite! I hope to get that in my box.

  22. These spoilers have FINALLY made me unsubscribe after getting Play for 2.5 years. It was the last box I still subbed to (after trying out at least 30 different boxes over 4 years), so I have zero now. I just have too much stuff, even with donating, gifting and ebaying a good amount of it. It’s time to stop. I hope to rejoin one day when/if I ever need beauty products again, but that won’t be for a loooong time. It’s been a fun 4 years on this ride. Thanks, MSA, for adding so much to the fun!! (I’ll still read this site, I can’t quit cold turkey. :-D)

    • I feel this way and I’ve only been subbing for a little over 6 months! I can’t imagine 4 years with of product!

    • Lol @mary k , you need to start sending me some products gurl! Makeup is never too much for me 😇

  23. I think everyone, just about, has received samples of these products at some point. In their play, gwp, free samples or rewards. Im thinking they need to get with some of the other brands, the newer brands and quit with all the repeats. If Im saying this it must be bad because in all my time with play I have never complained about the items Ive receieved in my boxes.

  24. With all the new brands that have been arriving at Sephora, it is disappointing they are sending out samples of cult favorites that have been around forever. Neither of these are bad products but it’s not exciting to get samples of stuff that has been around forever. Especially with all the new products Sephora has gotten. Glad I cancelled.

    • Exactly!! Makeup brands are coming out with new stuff so incredibly frequently these days, and they’re choosing to include things like UD spray and Benefit Hoola bronzer that the majority of people have already tried. I would assume the high majority of people subbed to Play! are not new to makeup, and would like a taste of new products coming out. I don’t understand how Sephora isn’t getting better samples. Maybe the monthly price needs to be a bit higher.

      • How many ppl have more than one Eyeko eyeliner? They need to stop putting that in all our sub boxes. And Sephora needs to make a full-sized play monthly subscription,I mean come on the products are there. They’re not a poor company.

  25. Yay! I’d love the Caudelie, but would be happy with either since I’ve never tried either one. A lot of time I feel like I’m the only person who is happy with my Play sub; so many people seem to complain about the products they get. I guess I’m easy to please for $10 a month, lol!

    • I’m generally happy with my boxes too. I rarely complain. Even if it’s repeats I’ll use it as it saves me from buying.

      • exactly! or it makes a easy present stuffer for friends or younger relatives just getting into makeup.

  26. Is that a sample size of the same serum in the Fall Box Of Style? Mine finally made it here today, and I haven’t exactly obsessed over it or used it yet.

    I’m sure if it’s the exact same thing, then it WILL be in my Play box for Oct. Also, I just got that UD setting spray in a Play box a few months ago and don’t want any more.

  27. Still don’t regret canceling. The play box just never sent me great stuff. Even when they were doing spoilers the stuff that looked best to me was never what I got even though it matched my profile. No FOMO 🙂

  28. Please the serum!!!!! I love caudalie!!

  29. Sephora really needs to change it up.Boring as usual.

  30. Serum! That stuff is incredible!

  31. Hmmm, not too excited about either of these. I’ve only had Play for a few months now, but I’m already so behind on using up the skincare products they send. I’m still working on a few serums they sent before, so this one would just get added to the pile. I do love All Nighter, but I have a big bottle that I’ve been trying to use up forever, and I still have tons left. A mini could be good for traveling or just as a backup though, so I guess that’s good.
    I’m really hoping for some sort of eyeshadow, mascara, or highlighter. The ‘makeup’ portion of my last box was just primer and a too orange foundation sample, so hopefully there’s something more fun in this one.

  32. I love both of these products! I have a lot of the spray, so hoping for the Caudalie.

  33. I hope to see some new products and less of Sephora’s brand.

  34. I already have both of these. I have the full size and travel size of the all nighter spray. If I get it no big deal but I would rather have more of the serum.

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