LunaBabe Box Lifestyle Subscription Review – August 2018

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LunaBabe Box is a new subscription that offers up the “best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between.” Each box is unique and is customized to your style profile.

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

LunaBabe Box August 2018 review

About LunaBabe Box

The Subscription Box: LunaBabe Box

The Cost: $29.99 a month + free US shipping

The Products: Anything from cosmetics, to arts and crafts, to books, and more!

Ships to: the US for free and Canada for $19.99

Good to Know: Sign up before the 18th of the month to receive that month’s box!

Also Good to Know: LunaBabe sources their items from various suppliers who buy in bulk. Nothing you receive should be expired, but it’s not going to be something brand new on the market.

LunaBabe Box August 2018 Review

When you subscribe to LunaBabe Box you take a very detailed quiz in order to try and customize a box that you will really love. After my June box, I reached out to customer service to try and update my profile and be more specific in my preferences. This box does not come with an info sheet, so let’s just dive right in!

Tarte Tartiest Metallic Shadow in Shake Down,

Tarte Tartiest Metallic Shadow in Shake Down, Full-size! Retail Value $14 (found here for $10)

I am a big fan of Tarte eyeshadows, and I find their metallic shadows to be especially swoon-worthy. Shake Down is a gorgeous bronze taupe, and it can be worn by itself for a quick pop of color or in a full-on look as a transition shade. It applies beautifully and isn’t patchy or dry.

Here it is swatched!

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream,

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Full-size! Retail Value $5.89 (found here for $5.31)

I have notoriously awful cuticles, and I recently realized that I am slightly allergic to an ingredient used in acrylic which is most likely the root of the issue. I can’t give up my acrylic nails, so now I am trying to make a concerted effort to apply cuticle oils, butters, and creams at least once a day. I have used this before and I liked how thick and moisturizing it is without leaving my entire hand feeling greasy.

Born To Sparkle Glitter Infused Bath Salts, 7 oz

I’ll never turn down a bath salt, and the little sparkle of glitter these provides is a fun twist. These didn’t really have a scent, but I had fun adding them to my bath. A little glitter was left behind but my next shower took care of that.

Ulta Beauty Blush Brush

Ulta Beauty Eyeshadow Brush

These two brushes came packed in a plastic sleeve similar to the way brushes are packed in Ulta’s gifts with purchase. That is probably what these were at some point, but hey—they’re new, the quality is decent, and the brushes are soft. I used the eyeshadow brush to swatch the Tarte shadow and I was happy with how it picked up the color.

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes,

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Sunglasses Shaped – Estimated Value $3.99

I think almost every office on the planet has post-its in some fashion, and these super sticky sunglasses shaped ones are perfect for adding some pizazz compared to the standard pale yellow. I appreciate the super sticky aspect because if I am sticking something to the bottom of my desktop monitor they often fall off within a day or two. Not with these babies!

Victoria’s Secret Pink 3-wick Candle in Cotton + Gardenia

This is where the personalization aspect of LunaBabe Box comes in for the win. As soon as I opened the box I immediately started internally shouting “CANDLE! CANDLE” because I really love candles and I was so excited to see a three wick candle taking up space in the box. Victoria’s Secret no longer offers candles so I couldn’t get a price comparison, but I do think the design of the candle itself is really cute. The cotton and gardenia scent is very light and clean- this would be a great candle for the powder room or bathroom when you’re about to sink into a bubble bath.

Flower Lip Product

I am not sure what is up with this. I don’t know if it is a lip balm or gloss but there is a dried flower inside in the current trendy way. This did not come sealed, and I don’t feel comfortable putting an unsealed lip product on my lips.


This notebook is a bit neat in that it comes wrapped in a hard shell that unfolds. I think this would be perfect for someone who keeps notebooks in their purse if they’re a writer and need to jot down inspiration as it strikes because the shell will protect the notebook pages. I could also see this being a cute diary for a younger girl, too!

Luminate Rejuvenating Rose Cream, 1.7 oz

The brand’s shop is currently taking a break so I couldn’t find more information about the product. This, combined with the fact that there was no seal or box (to be fair, I don’t know if they come sealed to begin with), made me decide to pass on trying this to be on the safe side.

Verdict: I think the best way to enjoy your LunaBabe Box subscription is by having realistic expectations. Think of LunaBabe Box as your personal shopper through the aisles of TJ Maxx, where the more details you provide the happier you will be. If I walked into TJ Maxx and came out with a Tarte eyeshadow, some bath salts, some good cuticle butter, some makeup brushes, and a 3-wick candle from a trendy brand for $30, I would be happy. Therefore, I am happy with this box. There are some misses, and in the future, I would recommend LunaBabe only send out products that are sealed or are in their original box. Overall, however, I do think LunaBabe continues to improve as the months progress. If you are thinking about subscribing, make sure to provide as much detail as you can think of to your profile! They really knocked it out of the park by including that candle, and as soon as I saw it the unboxing process became so much more fun.

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you sign up today? No, but sign up by the 18th of this month to get the September box.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $29.99 + free shipping, which means that each of the 10 items in the box has an average cost of $3.00!

Check out all of our LunaBabe Box reviews to learn more about this subscription!

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What do you think of LunaBabe Box? What did you get in your box?

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t go on pizza and when I’m not studying for law school I’m relaxing at home with my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like!

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  1. Hi, I have also been waiting over 2 months for my subscription box and have received absolutely nothing. I got a fake tracking number that has never been picked up by usps. As far as I’m concerned they are thieves and the fact you have them featured on your site and actually have a review on them is disgusting. You should be warning future customers of what they are doing and not supporting or featuring them on your website. How can anyone trust you or anything your website features when clearly your past reputation of referrals is nothing but a hoax. Either you must be affiliated with them or just not care about your consumers but shame on you.
    I am shocked you have not had more public complaints yet.
    I have spoken to my card company and an investigation will be taking place. I look forward to seeing karma take a roll in this whole situation and a return on all money to those who have also lost as well.

    • Agree with all of this.

  2. Wow, as soon as I read this review, I could already see this was a shady operation. Now, with so many people getting absolutely no response, unfortunately, I was right. I am so sorry to all of you who have spent your hard earned money on this apparent scam. People who do this kinda crap suck! Talk to your card holder CS and see if you can do a chargeback and report the people associated with this sham.

  3. I cancelled my subscription due to non deliverly of box. Lunababe does not respond to emails, will send a UPS email stating shipping label was created but actual box is never mailed. Took my payment nearly 40 days ago. Filed complaint with FTC. RIP off company dont buy!

  4. I ordered on August 25th and the only communication that I have received from them is the confirmation of payment and subscription details. I have reached out in various different forms several times over the last 2 to 3 weeks but there has been no response back as of yet.. I did cancel my subscription because I did not want to pay for another box without receiving the 1st one. I did request a refund as I looked at the delivery schedule under my account details which according to the information they listed I currently have no deliveries scheduled. Does anyone by chase have a way to get in touch with a CS rep that will respond back? Thank you in advance for any assistance provided.

  5. I’ve been charged for aug and Sept and haven’t received either. No response from the company.

    • I’ve also been charged for two boxes I have not received. I’ve sent a couple of emails and a support request through their website and had no response at all.

    • Same. I was charged at the beginning of August and still haven’t received my box, with no response from the company via email, chat, messenger… I definitely cancelled after a little while because I didn’t want to be charged a second time for a no-show box from a company who ignores their customers. I was hoping to come here and see if maybe one of the MSA crew could look into this? Apparently a lot of people are in the same boat.

      • Liz has sent them an email to try and get some information.

        • Do you know of she has received anything back yet? I did get an email from them on Tuesday apologizing and stated that I would be getting shipping information the following day. I waited til Friday and have not received anything so I emailed again and currently waiting for a response. Do you or do you think MSA would know of a way to report LunaBabe? I have asked for refund twice (1st request was when I finally got some sort of communication but 2nd request there has been no response to).

          • I never received any response from Lunababe and have requested a refund from my credit card company. I’m now waiting to hear back from them.

          • I’ve not heard back but I sent her an email yesterday. The owner of the sub was posting pics of a new car etc on her Facebook while telling people she’s a busy single mom as an excuse. I feel like the best option for those that have tried to contact her is a chargeback at this point.

          • I emailed company for probably the 8th time stating that I did not wish to receive anything but my monies back as well as a confirmation that I had been refunded (which I was) or I would contact the FTC as well as the BBB and I gave a timeframe of I think 5 days for a respond. I did hear back within an hour or so that monies were refunded as well as a promise of a free box.

  6. It’s like…garage sale box.

  7. they call themselves a lifestyle box but I see 2 lifestyle items + a bunch of beauty products.

  8. No, this looks like a bunch of stuff nobody wanted. It seems cheap and like sloppy seconds. Lol No wow factor here at all. Like other posters have said, embarrassing!

  9. I keep reading reviews on this box because I have heard people say it’s improved, but I’m not sure I agree on that. 2 unusable or suspect items in a box is absurd at $30 a box.

  10. I too cancled my subscription. I was fairly happy with the contents that I received in my boxes however they NEVER shipped in a timely fashion. I would receive confirmation that my box had shipped however when I would track it with the tracking number provided, only a shipping lable was created and my boxes sat for weeks!! My July box came in mid August. Here it is September and I have yet to see my August box!!

  11. Wow this box compared to the last is truely like night and day. If they did these kind of boxes they would be set. But on another hand, for 15 dollars more or less you can get a FFF box too. I do think they totally did a nice box this month though and thought they should know.

  12. An embarassment of a box.

    • This. The reviews for this box give me secondhand embarrassment.

      • I feel like someone shopped like the back of my closet to come up with an old candle and some random stationary and questionable cosmetics and gift with purchases. Idk if I understand why these boxes exist when for very little more you can get newer, safer, definitely not potentially expired items. FFF is not much of a difference and it’s night and day. Couldn’t get me to buy it.

        • Honestly, I think these boxes exist for a quick money grab. It seems “customized”, in this case, means random stuff they can find from unnamed sources. If everyone gets a “customized” box, there is no way to compare. I’ve noticed a lot of boxes popping up on Cratejoy with pictures that are not accurate depictions of what actually comes in a box. What concerns me more is when legit sites are touting these as good things. It lends itself to the credibility of the box so that initial subscriptions will be higher. Once the box comes, it’s nonrefundable, so the company already has the money. And bloggers get boxes for free, so they aren’t out anything. But…if these boxes are bad and a blogger assigns a good review to it anyway, I do see that backfiring later. Trust is very important and very easy to lose. Just my two cents.

          • Hi Susan!
            Thanks for your input. I would like to point out that MSA paid for this box. I do my best to point out problems I see with subscription boxes as I review, but reviews are never made more positive if the box was provided for free.
            Thanks for reading!

  13. Hmmm don’t see the value. Looks like 2nds.

  14. I actually really like this box but the seal thing is the 1 thing holding me back from getting it. Even without a seal, if it was in a shut box, that would be okay with me. Love the review tho!

  15. I cancelled after my second box, but I did provide feedback that they needed to include items in a box or sealed. I got a Fresh face product that I ended up using as a body lotion because it was not sealed or boxed. I love Fresh so no way I was throwing it away!

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