LunaBabe Box Lifestyle Subscription Review – June 2018

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LunaBabe Box is a new subscription that offers up the “best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between.” Each box is unique and is customized to your style profile.

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

LunaBabe Box June 2018 review

About LunaBabe Box

The Subscription Box: LunaBabe Box

The Cost: $29.99 a month + free US shipping

The Products: Anything from cosmetics, to arts and crafts, to books, and more!

Ships to: the US for free and Canada for $19.99

Good to Know: Sign up before the 18th of the month to receive that month’s box!

Also Good to Know: LunaBabe sources their items from various suppliers who buy in bulk. Nothing you receive should be expired, but it’s not going to be something brand new on the market.

LunaBabe Box June 2018 Review

When you subscribe to LunaBabe Box you take a very detailed quiz in order to try and customize a box that you will really love. This box does not come with an info sheet, so let’s just dive right in!

Spaghetti Strap Shirt

Oh boy. This shirt. Being a voluptuous gal, I am very wary of clothing in subscription boxes—and this shirt isn’t going to change my mind. The fabric reminds me of a drawstring athletic backpack, which means it has NO stretch (and also that it just feels weird). I could not get this over my chest, and I have a strong suspicion that if I did I would have looked like an overstuffed sausage in its casing. Moving on.

4th of July Flip Flops

4th of July Flip Flops

This box arrived before the fourth of July, so these seasonal flip-flops were appropriate. These aren’t the sturdiest or highest quality, but I would wear them to a BBQ with no problem. I thought it was weird that these came with the tag attached, but the bottom (presumably where the price was) was ripped off.

Leopard Print Pouch

Leopard Print Pouch

The texture of this pouch reminds me of a really bad pleather, and I would say most Ipsy bags are of a better quality (for reference). I think I am going to stick the rings from this month’s box and other odds and ends and give it to my neighbor’s little girls to play dress up with—I don’t think I have an adult friend that would like this.

Crystal Mae Creations Vanilla Cupcake Soap, 3 oz – Estimated Value $8

I was surprised to see this brand in this box—I also got bath bombs from them in my June Lavish Bath Box! What are the odds? I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to bakery scented items—if you read my Shea Shea Bakery reviews you know my nose is really sensitive to artificial scents. Nothing about this soap smells artificial—it smells just like a vanilla cupcake, and if I closed my eyes and smelled it I guarantee you I would try to bite it.

SpaLife Vitamin Sea Face Mask

SpaLife Vitamin Sea Face Mask – Estimated Value $2.49

I couldn’t find this specific mask anywhere online, but other SpaLife face masks retail for $2.49 at Target. There was no expiration date listed for the face mask, but it had a pleasant smell and was comfortable to wear. It was really cooling on my face, which is just what I want when it is hot and humid outside. It also did not leave my skin sticky when I took it off, but it did take a bit of time to absorb.

Floating Flower Lights

Floating Flower Lights

These are pretty neat – the light In the flowers turn on when the bottom of the flowers come in contact with water! I haven’t seen anything like these before, and while I don’t know how I am going to use them going forward I am happy to have them. Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo above, the white flowers light did not work.

Temporary Tattoo and Ring Set

Temporary Tattoo and Ring Set – Estimated Value $20?

This set has a tag on the back that shows it used to retail at Kohls for $20. I have thick fingers, so these rings had no chance of fitting me—even some of the “midi” rings could barely fit over my fingertips. I don’t have anywhere to go that I would wear temporary tattoos on my skin, but you can actually use them on your nails for nail art! Apply to your nails like you were applying it somewhere else (cut down to size first), and then seal with a top coat and you are good to go. That is how I will be using them!

The Verdict: This box from LunaBabe Box was… interesting. When this box was first offered, it mentioned the value would be over $150. That promise isn’t on their website anymore, and while some older Instagram posts still have that language the newer ones don’t. That is probably for the best because I definitely do not think I got $150 worth of items. Almost everything was a miss for me, which is a bummer considering how personalized this box is supposed to be. However, this is only the second box that LunaBabe has put out. I have hope the boxes will get better as they continue to grow, and I also updated my style profile to be a bit more specific on my likes and dislikes. Only time will tell what the future holds for LunaBabe box!

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you sign up today? No, but sign up by the 18th of this month to get the July box.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $29.99 + free shipping, which means that each of the 7 items in the box has an average cost of $4.28.

What do you think of LunaBabe Box? What did you get in your box?

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t go on pizza and when I’m not studying for law school I’m relaxing at home with my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like!

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  1. Yikes!! Half this stuff seems to be dollar store stuff!

    So not worth it at all.

  2. I am so on the fence with this sub. I’ve cancelled it for now though I have a third box on the way. They definitely don’t offer $150 in value like early advertisements stated (my first box I estimated around $80-$90, my second box seemed higher but I didn’t price it out.)

    They do try, though, to customize – my second box fit me a lot better because I redid the survey and was far more specific with it, and while I wasn’t over the moon about my first box I could see why they picked the items they did.

    I got the cupcake soap and face mask, too (my toddler was ecstatic about the cupcake soap so I will probably put it in her bathroom when her current soap runs out.) In my latest box I also got a very cute *wool* cap (which my toddler insists I wear all the time, lol), a nice silk blouse, and a cotton maternity top – good quality materials and they fit me better than the items from my first box which were a tad too petite.

    My biggest problems with them are that many of their items have obviously been in storage for some time so may have wear or smells even if ‘new,’ and some of their items are past expiration. I was wondering why the nipple butter from my first box was so bad and kept melting and smelling funky – turns out it was a batch from 2015!

    Also, the ripped tags are just odd. I know they want to take off the sale price, but at that point I would almost rather they take off the whole tag as it gives the box a garage sale vibe.

    I’d be far more likely to have kept the sub if they hit the $150 value which seemed to be promised early on, but as it is it just sort of breaks even for me on what the box is worth to me. Since I’d rather pick clothing items out for myself to ensure color/fit, it makes more sense to save the money.

    • Did you get a response? I emailed to cancel as per the FAQ and left them messages on the chat page and crickets! I wasn’t mean just explained that this box wasn’t really me and I need to save some money and no response, confirmation…

      • I got a confirmation email. However, I don’t think I emailed them to cancel, I think I used the website. (At least I can’t remember emailing and don’t have one in my sent-box.) I know I emailed CS a while back after my first box about a few things like smooshed tea packets and a ripped item, but never heard back from them.

      • I still have not received my June shipment. The tracking number still shows it in preshipment. I emailed them to inquire about it and I have heard nothing. I emailed to cancel on the website and got no response there

  3. This seems to be a lot of items from liquidation wholesalers… which isn’t always bad if the items are returned Tory Burch wallets or the coach bags that never sold but I received socks for a toddler size 3-6, dress with shoulder pads (i love vintage… but no) opened manic panic hair color which I threw out because it was opened… my first box was better this time it felt like they knew they don’t have a sustainable model and are just dumping product.

    • Julie,
      Just have a baby then in a few years you can use the toddler socks, you can repurpose the shoulder pads into cutlets since babies make you droopy. It’s all about the glass half full, maybe it’s half full of ants but it’s half full. 🤣 Did you get some Fourth of July Dollar Tree items too

  4. I’m about 75% sure that leopard pouch came from Dollar Tree.

  5. Sheesh! Is it me or is there a disconnect between the beautiful box design and the contents?

    • I love the box design, but the contents are just horrifying.

      • Perfect word for it…OMG! Scary! I know they are a new box I’m guessing and feel a bit bad for being so harsh, but on the other hand they taking subscribers 30 bucks and innturn sending out DollarTree/ Dollar General type goods. This box reminds me of Peaches and Petals at the end. I swear that’s the name, and I think they are still around. Also nothing bothers me more then when customer service does not respond to emails and or blame it on spam.

    • It’s another case where they spent more time and effort in their packaging than they did with their actual product. Boxes like these don’t usually last long and I have a feeling they won’t.

    • Totally agree!!!!!!

  6. Based on this I’m glad I didn’t give them a second chance. I was one of the unfortunate guinea pigs on the first box. I got a dented, stained can of goat’s milk, among other things. And in my box some were definitely expired. There are too many good boxes out there to even consider giving this one any more business.

    • Ruth, you made my day!!! I keep visualizing opening a pretty box and pulling out a can of dented goat’s milk!!! I can’t even……😸😹😄

  7. Not impressed with the box but thanks for the tip about using temporary tattoos in nail art! I will have to try that.

    • It can look really fun, especially because of how metallic some of the temporary tattoos are!

      • Jessica, what is on your ring finger nail? It’s pretty fab!!! Looks like encrusted jewels.

        • me too, i’m dying to know! i’m obsessed with it, and i never do nails!

        • It’s Swarovski AB (which stands for aurora borealis) that I attached with nail glue!

          • Thanks, Jessica! After seeing how fab yours was, I looked up some nail tutorials on YouTube. It seems easy enough to do but I don’t think the little gems and sequins would stay on very long. Is there something you use at the end to seal everything together??

  8. Wasn’t this the box that people were getting used and expired items in?

    Regardless, nothing about this seems to be $30 worth. Everything seems to come from a shady discount store.

    • I believe there was an issue with their first box; when I asked lunababe about it they said they won’t be working with that supplier in the future and they hired someone whose job is specifically quality control on the items sent to be sure nothing is expired.

    • Yeah, I read a lot of comments elsewhere about this box. There were items from thrift stores (aka used clothing) and items that were tagged as coming from a certain store, when that certain store does not even sell those types of items. And yes, there were MANY EXPIRED ITEMS. What a scam

      • I canceled after receiving my first box. What a mess, all used clothing gross food items and expired beauty items. I want every business to be successful, and I feel bad for complaining. Also, it creeps me out that they starting following me on social media after I canceled.

        • I think the clothes I got in my first box were new (albeit had been in storage,) but I did get a couple expired products which was unfortunate. The tea bags they sent were smooshed and suspicious, too. I liked my second box a lot better and have actually been using the items from that – nothing obviously expired in it, either.

      • Yes. That was me. I received a shirt that was from fashion bug but had a kids clothing store tag on it. I am also pretty sure the shirt wasn’t new. My husband never has an opinion about my boxes he was pretty clear he didn’t want us to give our money to a company that is being so dishonest.

        • Did they start following you on your social media accounts after reaching out to them?

          • No, but I don’t have that many social media accounts. That is really weird that they started to follow you.

    • This was the box that the owner sent a used item from her Poshmark closet to a member, there were also the expired items and items with exp date cut off.

    • YEP!

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