Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2018 Bag Spoiler!

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We have the first confirmed spoiler for the October Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! (Thanks for the heads up, Savi!) The bag design previously sent out to influencers will be the bag all subscribers will receive: 

FYI – even though this subscription is called Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, and it is a monthly subscription box, you will only get the makeup bag once every three boxes. You will get a makeup bag in your first box. (So this bag is the makeup bag all new subscribers will receive if their first box is the October Box, the November Box, or the December box.)

If your first box is the October box, you’ll receive this bag + 5 products in October, 5 products but no bag in November, 5 products but no bag in December, and then in January you would receive a new bag design + 5 products.

This one is a beautiful faux blush suede with burgundy accents. And there’s an outside card pocket:

Here I am holding it to give you a better sense of scale:

What do you think of the first confirmed spoiler? (FYI – you should be able to see what you’re getting in your first Glam Bag Plus on 10/2).

This subscription is $25 a month and in waitlist mode. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Did anyone else get charged more then $25?
    I’m assuming it’s just tax, but I never had tax on the $10 a month one.

    • Tax is new . There was a law passed that starting October 1st people depending where they live will be charged a sales tax.

    • I’ve always had tax on mine. My regular bag was usually $10.83, and the Plus charged me $27.05

      • Me too

      • Thank you!!

    • It’s weird i live in FL and was expecting a sales tax, but no I was charged exactly $25.00

  2. I can’t wait for tomorrow to find out what everyone is getting… Including me!!! Hoping I get the Tarte mascara and purlisse mud mask! Wouldn’t mind the setting spray and lip balm too!

  3. Anyone getting the glam bag plus and the regular bag on another account using the same credit card…now there is a billing error for the new account today for the regular glam bag. I keep putting that card in, still says billing error??? I only have one credit card

  4. Ipsy just posted articles with some full size spoilers for the October Plus bag.

    -Ciate Dewy Spritz Luminous Prime & Set Spray
    -Morphe High Impact Highlighter in Extra
    -Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara
    -Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner
    -Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette in Bold Glitter
    -Beauty by Popsugar Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm in Blush Crush
    -Purlisse Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant

    • Where if you dont mind me asking?

      • If you’re subscribed to the Plus bag they show up in your account when you scroll down under the main “Glam Bag” tab. Usually each month with the regular bag there are articles posted that feature some of the items for that month’s bag. They’ve done the same thing for Plus. I wish I could post screen shots, but the two with spoliers are titled, “5 Makeup Looks to Channel Your Inner Girl Boss” and “How Purlisse’s Founder Got Her Start Fighting Power Rangers.”

        • Thanks so much, i did a massive Google search for these spoilers wish I’d been more patient for your answer lol ive only gotten 3 bags from ipsy in over a year so i had no idea they do this. Its good to know though! I’m excited, cant wait to get the bag:)

        • Thanks;)

        • They show that for beauty news for regular bag to so I thought the smash box glitter palette was coming in regular bag!!! Especially since it is only .21 oz which is 5 grams pretty small for a $25 bag. I wish they did not show Plus spoilers under regular Ipsy bag news it will be confusing.

    • I just read the posting on the IPSY sight you refer to. They do indeed say several of those items are ‘October’s Glam Bag Plus items.’

      Personally, I’m not thrilled that the Eyeko Liner is in the Plus Bag. That’s in every $10 bag in the sub box universe, or it feels like that anyway.

      And more Morphe highlighter? I had requested from my regular $10 Ipsy account that I no longer get highlighter. I have this sinking feeling that when they changed my account to Plus, they didn’t keep the notations on the account. And guess what will be in my bag… ugh.

      Where’s the Bum Bum cream?! Or the CEO moisturizer? Instead I’m getting more highlighter and another eyeliner?

      If so, this is the first and last Glam Bag Plus, lol. I can get disappointed at less than half the price with regular Ipsy.

    • Wow, These spoilers are really disappointing compared to the PR bag. A frickin EYEKO Liner?? and that pallet is small…ugg, and a lip balm?? I like the blue lotus mask though, that is something i have wanted to purchase in the full size but couldn’t justify the price.

  5. Ok so I signed up for the early access to the waitlist through my subscription addiction, I also got on the waitlist through ipsy’s website. On September 12th I received an email stating that I was all set for the glam bag plus and would be moved to an active membership later in the month. I went to check my account today and noticed that my account hasn’t been upgraded at all! I’m on the 3-month subscription and I guess their only able to upgrade you if you’re on the monthly subscription plan. This is pretty unfair as I’ve been loyal to them for over a year.

  6. Well it’s official. My PayPal was just charged $26, yay!

  7. So i’m thinking thinking that the PR Ipsy Plus bag was our October spoilers and not just for the bag obviously lol, but for the items . It supposed to be have variations just not as many. Pretty sure that the items all the influensers and bloggers got are Some of Octobers upcoming items.

    • Double thinking…thinking too hard lol.

    • I think we will get mostly the same items as well, so obsessed I had to check my account to make sure they billed me for Ipsy Plus 🙂

      • I just got billed through my paypal, YAY!

        • Me too 🙂

    • +1

      I’ve seen ppl on reddit saying “ipsy’s insta comments say the items will be different!” but from the wording of the replies, I think that just means the bags will not all be exactly what influencers got, because the bags are customized to our profiles. I think there’s a good chance that we’ll each get one or more of the influencer items in our bags.

      … or maybe I’m just rationalizing because I REALLY want that CEO moisturizer. 😂

      • I really think we will too and think you are right, they will be different but that doesn’t mean completely different. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense for those 5 items to not be part of the October variants.

      • I said that on Reddit and posted Ipsys comments . Also spoilers are out there mini Smashbox palette not Morphe , tarte mascara not other one and only bum bum cream is tiny one coming in regular BUT if plus is like regular there are a lot of variety so sure 1 item from Sept might end up in someone’s bag . They seem to have a lot of bum bum cream as it was given as welcome gift.

  8. I re-subscribed for Ipsy just to get the Glam Bag Plus. Now, a month later, still no email of getting onto the waitlist (let alone getting the Glam Bag Plus). I think me and pretty much everyone who re-subscribed are going to give it a month of two and then unsubscribe for good. TBH, I like Sephora Play better, but am willing to give Ipsy a shot for the Glam Bag Plus.

  9. I’m about to cancel my Ipsy now, because I was an annual subscriber they had to refund me and switch me to monthly so I could get the plus bag soon. Then they forgot to switch it to monthly so I emailed them they corrected it. I asked about the plus and they told me i had to resign up for the waitlist. Ipsy has no interest in giving long term subscribers help to sign up. I had previously signed up via MSA link, was not on list. Then signed up via ipsy email. Then now a month later told I needed to sign up again even though I had been confirmed on the list.🤬

    • That is terrible. I know when I emailed previously about why I didn’t even have the option to sign up for the waitlist.. which personally I want to wait and see what they do with it first. I have alot of stuff already so waiting to see what they offer. However, I wanted to know why it wasn’t even an option. They said basically the wait list was closed for now. Hope you are able to get on it 🙁

      • Thanks, I did get on the waitlist for 2d time. I’m overloaded on samples too. Not really sure I need more skincare or make-up. I just really wanted the make-up bag lol. I hate that I had to go back to bottom of list. I’m debating if getting another regular bag is worth it, I have 750 points to use still.🤔 It sucks to know if I had created a new account I probably would of been getting the bag now.

    • I totally agree. I signed up to be on the MSA waitlist the first day and got an email on Sept 12 telling me to reactivate my already active account. I emailed Ipsy for clarification and was told I’m not even on the waitlist to get on the waitlist?!? The Glam Bag Plus is just as frustrating as the Boxyluxe. The fact that neither company values long-time subscribers irks me.

  10. I have seen a few people ask how to get Glam Bag Plus. You have to be a subscriber. The wait list is currently full, so to get on the wait list you just need to wait until it opens. Unless you already were selected for the wait list, it probably isn’t even an option on your account. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Thank you for the info. I have been receiving ipsy for 3 years now and I haven’t even received anything to get on a wait-list. You would think that ipsy would allow their long time subscribers to get on the wait-list first.

  11. Will they still release spoilers for the regular bag or will it just be about the Glam Bag Plus now? Or does anyone care about the regular bag now?

    • Liz posted a bunch of spoilers just for the regular bag a week or so ago!

      • Thanks!

    • I care about regular bag and don’t care about $25 bag actually.

      • Lol. So why are you here?

  12. So it’s the same bag as September?

    • Only one new bag every 4 months.

      • Actually it’s every 3rd delivery. Quarterly is 4 times a year.

        • Meant 3, thanks for the correction.👍

  13. So sad that this isn’t available in Canada or if it ever will be 🙁

    • I know.. thats way i unsubscribed 🙁

  14. I unsubscribed from ipsy cuz I was disappointed but I wanna see if the plus will be a better option. I emailed them and was told I would hav to resubscribe to get the ipsy plus. But if there’s still a wait list then I’ll again be getting the ipsy bag before I get off the waitlist for the ipsy plus which is stupid as I unsubscribed. Is there a rlly big wishlist? Or did you get off the waitlist real fast?

    • I resubscribed in September (and got the regular September Ipsy bag) to get on the waitlist and was taken off that waitlist last week. So I can’t say how it will be for you, but for me it was quick. I imagine they are going to have to blow it put of the water right away or a ton of people will immediately unsubscribe (including me).

      • Yeah, I have to say I am leery. I am going to wait a bit before upgrading to make sure it is things I would use. Even the one Influencer one, there was only one thing I would have really used.

      • same, I re subbed Sept just for the plus and got taken off the wait-list about a week ago, thank God cause i did not want the little samples.

      • I re-subscribed for Ipsy just to get the Glam Bag Plus. Now, a month later, still no email of getting onto the waitlist (let alone getting the Glam Bag Plus). I think me and pretty much everyone who re-subscribed are going to give it a month of two and then unsubscribe for good. TBH, I like Sephora Play better, but am willing to give Ipsy a shot for the Glam Bag Plus.

    • I resubscribed in August as soon as heard of the glam bag plus. Signed up through the MSA site waitlist. Then was put on the ipsy waitlist and was taken off a week ago.

  15. I can’t wait…in-season and current, not discontinued products for a change! I am so excited that Ipsy started the Glam Bag Plus!

  16. Can you see that you’ve upgraded in your account? I have the email inviting me to upgrade and I swear I did, but don’t have an email confirming the upgrade and my account subscription still says glam bag (not plus)…

    • Hi Lily, in my account I see that I am now glambag plus. And I did receive the off waitlist email.

      • Well crap. Thanks for confirming! I am now with 15k others on the waitlist 😩 I think the issue was that I have two accounts – my main one uses the app, and for the other I use my phone browser. The link from the email to get off the waitlist opened in the browser, which wasn’t the right amount… But of course it didn’t tell me anything like that so I just figured it had gone through. Fail!

        • That’s how many were o when I signed up and I got in for October, so I’m betting you won’t have to wait too long.

      • How do I get on the ipsy glam plus please

        • You have to already br an Ipsy subscriber and then you can get your account put on the waitlist, either on the website or through the app.

          • There is also a wait list to get on the wait list…lol. I was confused about that for a bit.

    • Mine doesn’t show it on the main page, but if I click on the account page then go to edit my account settings, then click on membership it shows that I’m on the monthly Glam Bag Plus $25 plan. Keep in mind I use the Ipsy app but I imagine it’s similar using their page on a browser as well. Hope this helps!

      • How do I get on the ipsy glam plus please

        • I sent them an email asking them about it. They told that as soon as positions come available they will slowly start sending out invites. She told me just to keep a watching my membership page they will send me the option to upgrade.

    • Yes you can. In the Ipsy app that I have downloaded to my phone it shows now the new Ipsy box and says “ The Glam Bag Plus” instead of Glam Bag and that their making my box and to check back on October 2nd to see my product’s. Hope this helps😁

  17. Super happy! I actually forgot about the influencer bag that was shown last month. I love it and need one that fits more than 3 items.

  18. Really wish this was available for Canadians 🙁 happy I can still get my regular bag though 🙂

  19. What? No nail polish, Liz? lol

  20. Ipsy has some really good short- term full sized product sales going on right now. They have the full sized PURLISSE BEAUTY Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm
    1.7 Oz for 30% off. I have received mine, and I totally love it!

    Next, there is a new sale. 4 full sized Laqua Cloud lipsticks, Retail for $68, on sale for $18 with free shipping. I bought these, also, but haven’t received them yet.

    Note, these are not products from our previous bags, although I’ve had samples of the Pur-Lisse which is why I knew I wanted the full sized tube and maybe a trial sized Laqua lipstick in another bag.
    These products are also not Ipsy Point freebies.

    I still think they’ll appeal to some people looking for early holiday gifts or stocking stuffers at these prices. I’ve never seen the fairly new Pur-lisse gel at any discounted price through any of their authorized retailers before.

    • I have seen Pur-lisse discounted at a Marshall’s store. Not sure if that helps but you can find the brands at these discount stores if you check.

      I prefer to buy online from brand websites or from Ipsy personally.

  21. Yay! I was hoping they would do this. I can’t wait!

  22. So I upgraded to IPSY GLAM BAG PLUS for the October bag…Now what happens in the months in between? Do we get our regular IPSY GLAM BAG?

    • You will be billed $25 every month for the Glam Bag plus unless you downgrade back down to the regular $10 one of pause/cancel your subscription. The Glam Bag plus is still a monthly subscription of full sized products, it is only the physical bag itself that we only get every 4 months.

      • According to Ipsy plus FAQ
        How often do I get the deluxe bag with the Glam Bag Plus?

        First delivery: You’ll get 5 full-size beauty products plus a deluxe makeup bag.

        Future deliveries: You’ll receive a deluxe makeup bag with every 3rd delivery. You’ll receive 5 full-size beauty products in every delivery.

        • Yeah I meant every 3 months, not 4, but what I think she is asking is do we get the normal $10 subscription in between and only the $25 every 3 months.

          • No, its the Ipsy Plus full sized items EVERY month, we will only get the actual make up bag every 3 months now.

          • MzBev, that’s what I already said…

    • Sorry meant 3 months, not 4 (for a new physical bag).

  23. I truly hope the products are high end and no more of this made in China junk….and i hope to see a product spoiler before 10/02!!

  24. I never got taken off the waitlist despite getting the email on the 14th saying I would be moved off the waitlist later this month and charged in October.
    I’m not super worried about it though. I’d rather see a great box in October and try and write CS to figure out why I didn’t get it and how I can get on later than get a crappy box and be out $25.
    I am hoping for everyone else’s sake it’s a great box though, but I’m definitely not crying over that bag. It’s a bit bland in my opinion.

  25. I’m happy to see the first bag design is the same one as influencers got for promotion.
    Now I’m impatiently waiting for Oct. 2nd🤩🤩🤩

  26. Ive been dying for spoilers since I got off the waitlist a few days ago, I clicked this link for a spoiler so fast!!!!! And its just the bag…….. whyyyyyy?! Why you gonna do me like that?! Hahahah. The 2nd cannot come fast enough. The ipsy plus that some people got this month was sooooo good. Im so afraid I will be disappointed. I mean, I know $25 isnt a lot, but its a lot when youre a mom and have a budget. I just hope its good. Regular ipsy has disappointed me in the past. Im just praying there’s not 50 million variations.

    • LOLOLOL I thought the same exact thing

    • I thought the same…mean. just mean.

    • I think $25 a month IS a lot, given what we know Boxy can achieve for less and what regular Ipsy can provide for less than half of the PLUS price. So IMO, it’s legit to say expectations are high. Sure, I don’t expect the moon 🌙 but I do expect something worthwhile and special for that price tag.

      • I think $21 a month is a lot and never been into Boxy. I am sticking with $10 bag with my 2-3 full size . I did not even like a single thing in Sept Ipsy plus.

        • I hear you! I’m expecting to probably downgrade back to $10 regular Ipsy in short order. I was spoiling myself to be in on the first bag!
          I did see on my Ipsy account that you can choose how frequently you receive the bag or skip a month. If I get to see the spoilers in time and don’t like the possibilities, I might save the cash and skip that month.

  27. It makes sense that they manufactured a big run of these bags; they wouldn’t have made them just for the influencers. I was really hoping for an item spoiler too.

  28. I got my email today! Off the waitlist! Woo hoo!

  29. Do I have to open a new Ipsy account under a different email to get the Ipsy bag monthly? And do I have to fill out a new profile as well? Does anybody have both the Ipsy and Ipsy plus?

    • You have to have a separate account for regular Ipsy, they’re going to have an option eventually to have both is what the things I read say.

      • They already have that option. When I went on waitlist they asked if I wanted both.

        • It’s not an option yet. Right now you have to have 2 separate accounts if you want both bags. If you go into your membership options it will ask you if you want to switch to travel size items. Ipsy has said that they will roll out the ability to have both bags in the future.

          • This is from the Ipsy FAQ

            Can I get both the Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus?

            Not at the same time. When you’re on the Waitlist for Glam Bag Plus, you’ll continue receiving the classic Glam Bags until a spot becomes available and you’re moved over to the new membership. We’re not currently set up for both memberships, but if you’d like to receive both Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus, you’re welcome to create another account!

          • Thank you girls for the info. I see it now. It shows I have the Plus. I will make a separate account until they can connect them both. Thank you again for the reply’s.

  30. I was hoping for a real product spoiler lol guess i will wait for the 2nd

  31. I’m very excited for 10/2. I received my email several days ago that I’m off of the waitlist and will definitely receive the October glam bag plus. I was successful in upgrading to boxyluxe. Now I’m ready for all of the amazing better than Black Friday deals…Anyone else?

    • I’m actually dreading them! I have no self-control when it comes to a great deal! If I can justify it I usually cave. I pretty much only shop online so a few years ago I was safe since most deals were in-store only. But now they have BF deals online plus Cyber Monday! I was bad before, but now with my sub box addiction I fear I am really going to do some serious damage! 😬

      • I’m new to sub boxes…what are these deals? Are they ipsy deals? Just general sub box deals?

        • MSA does black Friday deals with boxes that are supposed to be better than their typical black Friday deals. I’m sure soon we’ll be hearing a lot more references to “Better Than Black Friday” or “BTBF”. 🙂

  32. While I’m not thrilled with the design of the bag itself, I hope this means that since we’re getting the same bag influencers got in September, we’ll get the same items too.

  33. So is this the 1st Real Glam Bag Plus for regular subscribers?? Meaning this is the 1st real month for this plus bag??? From What I understand the plus bag that influencers were getting to show and hype/pull in ppl to get the bag, was just that not something that regular ppl could get at all! It would be truly messed up and a big No No if they put that epic plus bag up for all to want and then the 1st official bag now was not as good!! Like there was some pretty knockout brands in that look what we’re doing Youtuber Bag, I mean cmon yall know what I’m sayin! If the bags to come aren’t on that brand level ppl will be so mad including myself! I hope this little feeling I have that they did that as a draw in and then its just crap isn’t the case, I’m gonna just hope for the best! Let’s all be real the brands an items in the Youtuber sale bag is what made us fall all over ourselves wanting to get our hands on it!! Then we find out oh well no body can get that bag!!! U know what I mean, sorry I have a little anxiety about it!

    • This will be the bag the products won’t be the exact same as the promo bag sent. I still chose to get the October bag but there’s still time to opt out for those that were off the list but didn’t want the October Ipsy plus.

  34. It’s like they teamed up with Sephora to give you a place to put your make-up instruction cards from Sephora’s recent smarts boxes.

  35. I’m glad they’ll be sending the bag no matter when we get our 1st box. That’s pretty cool of them.

  36. Reallly gonna be annoyed seeing awesome.product spoilers and despite the fact I signed up as soon as the sign up was posted, and emailed from both ipsy accounts,and have not received an email saying i am.getting ipsy glam plus. I was eligible for boxy luxe and the site was crashing amd trying from start that morning and late in day got a waitlisted email.

    • There was a place in the app for those that signed up for the waitlist to get on the actual waitlist then they used the MSA list to remove people.

      • I’m not very excited for these spoilers considering I haven’t received an email to upgrade to the Plus. I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber since 2011, signed up for the email interest via MSA, have emailed Ipsy, and nothing….meanwhile, brand new September subscribers are getting the October Plus bag…..so NOT cool Ipsy….😕

        • I signed up for ipsy in September because I wanted plus. I just received a little bag of junk. I guess it’s only $10 but looks like I’ll receive another little bag of junk in October. I am not even on the waitlist yet. Not sure how many little bags of junk I will tolerate before giving up.

          • Ipsy has a skip a month & a bimonthly option for their subscription. I don’t think you’re eligible to upgrade if you’ve skipped when the waitlist opens up but you could email and ask.

            You can adjust your profile so that you’ll be more likely to get items in the regular Ipsy bag you like. Ipsy plus will also use your profile,so the better it matches your likes the better chance of getting a plus bag you’ll love.

        • I’m in the same boat. I signed up for the waitlist through MSA but still haven’t received an upgrade email. I don’t even have the option to sign up for the waitlist on that account, but my second account gave me the chance to be wait listed. I’m trying not to be salty about it because I was one of the lucky ones that got in on Boxyluxe, but it’s super frustrating. *sigh*

  37. Yeayyy!!! Super happy me!

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