The Fall 2018 Beauty Report Box Launches Tomorrow + Full Spoilers!

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The Fall Beauty Report Box from New Beauty is launching tomorrow (9/11) and we have the full spoilers!

The Fall Beauty Report Box will include:

The Box: Beauty Report Box

The Cost: $29.95

The Products:

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  1. Ugh . . . mine arrived today, heavily damaged and missing two items. Should know better by now with New Beauty but got sucked in by the spoilers.

  2. Has anyone gotten a ship notice yet?

    • I got my shipping notice on 9/14/18.

    • I got mine today.

  3. Got mine! I just got 1 this time around because of all the repeats..

  4. You can buy it now, it’s on!

    • Saw it in a new post by Liz. Ordered! YAY!

  5. Finally able to sign up at 4:57 p.m. ET

    • Really? I just got on and wasn’t able to. I’m beginning to think they’re screwing with us😬

  6. I was at least able to sign up for pre-sale now! Hopefully that’s a good sign!

    • I was able to sign up too

    • Thanks Melissa, for letting us know. I was also able to sign up for that too.

    • Awesome, thank you for letting us know!! Km signed up to get an email…. I believe this happened last time, but maybe a day earlier? Thanks, though!!

  7. I called them just now and CS said that the supplies have not come in yet but they will be ready to order some time this week! Please New Beauty, get your act together, because it leaves you customers in the lurch. Who knows it may be out on Friday! 🙁

    • What would change if you get the box a few days later?

    • Probably will get caught in the hurricane.. Life!

  8. I remember it always going live late afternoon EST like 4/5. Check your past orders with them

    • Thanks Pixi! I’ll have to practice patience!

    • Thank you Pixi! I guess the IT guy finally remembers to turn it on just as he’s heading out the door.

  9. Well it’s still not available, and it is 12:35 ET. What is going on? Has anybody successfully ordered it?

    • Guys, seriously, what does it matter? It will go on sale when it will go on sale.

      • Lol. I was thinking the same thing. Mainly because to me it’s not that exciting of a box

    • No and can’t even enter my email for a pre-order!

      • Nor can I, there is some technical glitch. So not only can we not sign up to be informed, we will have to wait perhaps until Friday. If any of you ladies are able to order please let us know asap, as it is time consuming to keep checking back! Putting it into perspective though, we could always donate the $30 to some worthy cause (charity) !! :/

    • Agreed. I keep checking. This is ridiculous. They are the ones who advertised the date!

    • Not available, and when I try to enter my email I just get an error code. So annoying!

    • I have not been able to order it and I’ve been trying every hour. In the past, I was always able to order it between 9-9:30am PST the day it was supposed to go on sale. I’ve purchased them 3x this year and at least twice last year so this is the first time the link did not work for me. I’m sure they just had a delay or a site snafu and it will be available eventually. I hope whomever is able to order it will let the rest of the MSA group know that the link is working.

  10. Ha, who’d have thunk it, the Grande Lips is actually in a usable color this time around!

  11. I still can’t order it. :/

    • I can’t either. Really excited! Patience is a virtue we need to have 🙂

  12. I thought it would be available after getting to work today but….not live yet? Really? And I couldn’t use the link yesterday, kept getting an error message. Taking my money shouldn’t be this hard, Beauty Report! lol

    • As I wrote earlier we could just forget about it and donate to a worthy cause (charity), or we could get another beauty box or two! 🙂

  13. It’s 9:40 AM Eastern, and still not live. Patience is not my strong suit, especially since this could have been automated to go live without a human flipping a switch at the office today.

    • Nothing like a beauty report box to teach you patience… Hang in there.

      • 🙂 Just called them, and the poor woman who answered knew even less about it than I do.

        • Oh no!!! 🤔🙄

    • I don’t understand what’s going on here lol…usually, when something is supposed to go on sale on a certain day, it available by this time of the morning! Hmmmmm

  14. Does anyone know when it is going to launch? I’ve been trying the link all morning and I can’t get through. I even went on the website directly and can’t seem to get it either.

  15. I’ve talked myself out of so much stuff this week, that means I should get myself two of these, right?

    • Right!! 💴 😂👍❤️💰

    • Thinking of getting two of these myself. I’ll use everything and gift the lip color. It’s a skincare bonanza!

    • Well, I just talked myself completely out of this box as well and it’s all thanks to it not being available yet….I would of bought it at 8 or 9 a.m., but with all the delaying of launching it and making it available, I realized I am on overload with beauty products and went onto Victoria’s Secret and Express’ websites and spent my money on clothes instead! Yayyy!! Thank You for not launching it this morning lol

  16. As for the issue of expiration dates, I’ll be using everything up within a month or two, so no worries!

  17. I am going to purchase a box as it has so many great skincare products. I sub to Boxycharm but may cancel because at 62 the makeup is far too colorful for my age. This New Beauty box is ideal for my age and for no makeup makeup look. This is definitely a great deal and I love the Hum sleep aid, gives me a restful sleep. Overall I am excited about this one although I had decided to cut down on my sub boxes. Spending too much. : ) . I’ll be on the website tomorrow, ready and waiting to charge my card! Another thing is they are not charging shipping as they do with the Test Tube, which is definitely a bonus. Okay you ladies of mature skin go ahead and treat yourselves!!

  18. Easy pass for me. The Grande lip item and the Sio item completely turned me off. Which is fine b/c I am on product overload.

  19. Is this from the same company as the company that launched the New Beauty 2018 Awards Box back in August?

    • Yes

  20. I think I’ll have to give this a try!

  21. For some reason, it will not allow me to get on the waiting list to be notified early. Does anyone know at what time they will be out? I subscribe to test tube but they never notified us about this box. Oh well, I guess I will take my chances.

    • There’s some error on the link I believe. If you buy sometime tomorrow you should be fine. These usually take a few days to sell out.

      • Thanks, Nicole!

  22. Wow, this is a great deal but like others have mentioned, I wonder how old all of these products are?!?!?! I know, they can’t sell expired products but some products don’t have an expiration date in them.

  23. I’ve never ordered this box, but I think this is a no-brainer for a skincare lover like me. These are all high-end (translation: overpriced???) brands that I’ve never used. Just the full-size items add up to a whopping $271 retail value, and I’ll probably use everything (the lip color may be too dark for me, so I’ll just consider it a bonus!)

    (Self-talking into a purchase): $30 is really just four fast-food lunches. My body is much better off with more skincare and less junk food. Win-win!

    OK, done deal.

    • I justify it by saying that at least two products are more than double the cost so it’s like the rest is just bonuses. 😆

    • Yes, overpriced brands theoretically as well as sub boxes really harping on “retail” values to make you think you get a deal. When I received a bunch of crappy lip crayons touted as being worth $15 each and see the PRC on the label, I realized there was no “real world” value. So I take all these new products that don’t even have reviews and their assigned values with a grain of salt.

      However, there are winners here – the scar sheets work great for me with time and are expensive on their own. I also like the grande lips and will use the Hum. As long as you’re happy trying a bunch of new products and feel you have your hero items that justify the purchase, I say go for it. Ignore the retail value as it doesn’t translate to economic/real world value.

  24. I don’t need any of this, but it’s such a good value I don’t think I can resist.
    My husband like the melatonin supplement, so if I get those for him it’s like I’m getting everything else as a free gift!

  25. I’m definitely buying bc I just loved this awards box last time and can’t get enough. Lately their boxes are a lot more value and better than Testtube in the skincare department and it’s cheaper 😉

  26. I’ll probably grab one, but I’m so tired of seeing all these repeats. I have 4 of the Grande lip products, 4 silicone sheet boxes and 3 of the SIO eyelift patches that I don’t use and can’t even get rid of. I also have the Biopelle, Replenix and Neostrata from their last boxes too, but that’s okay because I love these products… It just makes me wonder how old some of this is?

    • Yup, I’m definitely getting this, but I’m also curious as to how old these may be. Seems too good to be true but I won’t smack a (seemingly) good thing just yet.

    • Has anyone tried the scar patches? I had my gallbladder removed this week and have 6 ugly tummy scars. 🙁

  27. I wish the supplements were the hair-skin-nails kind, but aside from that, sounds good!

  28. What a great value. I think I may need to get this. Someone help me…I have no self control lol.

  29. I was hating on this at first and now I think I have to have it! Such a good value!

    • I had the same thoughts! But now examining each, seems like good products to try!

    • Me too…Hopefully the expiry dates for the sunscreen is late 2019 or 2020…

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