BoxyLuxe September 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the September BoxyLuxe box! 

Each BoxyLuxe box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. (This upgrade option will be available soon.)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. They sent out an email at 9am saying if you wanted the box you could still subscribe to boxycharm and upgrade to get it. So they were pushing for the masses and not waiting to see if they would sell out with actual current subscribers.

  2. I was at it before 9am, finally managed to waitlist at about 10:30, and just got an email at 12:50 saying I was charged for the September Boxyluxe. If it helps anyone-I think they are still playing catch up. The CEO posted on Boxycharm’s IGTV if anyone would like to see where he’s coming from…

  3. So the headband is the fifth item for the regular sept box, right?

    • No I think that’s the item that will be different between the 2 boxes but I could be wrong. I saw an eyeliner and a picture of an influencers September box.

    • Omg I hope so!!! I really want that!!

    • FYI I bought the same headband from ULTA for $5.00

      • Me too, Last month. It isn’t as good as I had hoped it’d be either. Gave it to my daughter.

  4. I don’t understand the frenzy for this box. I find it more of the same crap. Why can’t they be original if they’re launching a new box?

    I was more impressed with Ipsy’s new box.

    I’ll gladly sit this one out…

  5. Update I did get off the wait listed notice and did get charged and confirmation, it looks like I get a box!
    Looks like they are manually trying to get it done

  6. Waitlisted 😢

  7. Just saw that vintage brand headband at tj max yesterday for $5.00. U see a lot of vintage brand stuff at tj max. I don’t know how I feel anymore about boxycharm

    • T.J. Maxx sells a lot of brands that have overstock or are slightly defected in some way. Thats not Boxycharms fault, and this box is only $49.99….am I the only person that sees the value of the products in the box? If one can find all of those things cheaper somewhere else then congrats!!!! A lot of people have gotten to expect too much from sub boxes. But hey, I guess we all need something to be unhappy about.

      • 100 percent i agree if i had to purchase the fancy skincare the Smashbox setting spray and the Park Avenue princess palette that would set me well over $50 so I don’t know what everybody’s complaining about

      • Yes!! Jill – exactly my thoughts. I have paid full price for the Juice Beauty Stem Cell face products before, and just one of those products is close to DOUBLE the price of the entire box. So I am getting one product I love for close to half off, AND a ton of other items for absolutely free. I think that’s a pretty incredible deal 😁

        • Exactly!!! I can’t wait to get this box!! It is going to be like Xmas around here soon…Boxyluxe, FFF fall box and add-ons, Allure, Beautyfix, and Ipsy!! I have a feeling they are all gonna come around the same time! I should have a pretty great collection after this month.

      • I agree maybe it’s because I got a boxyluxe box , maybe people are actually not happy they did not get one and just need to vent. Either way I’m happy! The value is amazing and I’m so using the head band when I go in for my c section on the 18th if my box is here by then.

        • Congrats on the upcoming baby!! That is so awesome and you hopefully will have a nice gift before going in for your C-section.

  8. Liz can you confirm if this box is sold out? I saw the video saying they are taking the early waitlisted people off but is that it? He said something about an announcement in the upcoming days for those on the interest list. I would like to get BoxyLuxe in December but don’t want to have to stay for 3 more boxes to secure the spot.

    • Sold out? I’ve been trying all morning to add and it directs me to an error page. IM SO SAD. 😞

      • Same. Finally got waitlisted around 11:20 but it’s looking like they are out from how the insta video seemed. I just don’t get their thought process. They were still letting people sign up yesterday for their interest list and they didn’t even have to get that terrible August box and then he’s saying how prepared they were based on the interest list. Obviously the interest in this box is much higher than they are aware plus everyone who went through the limited edition fiasco knew we all had to be ready at 9am on the dot. Very disappointed!

      • Same with me! I’ve been trying since exactly 9am EST and I can only get as far as clicking the confirm my subscription button. Then I get an error code and
        it times out! 😤

        • exactly the same for me, I woke up at 8:30 and had my laptop and account prepared yesterday.
          It’s so frustrating, then after like hours of trials and error pages, I got waitlisted….
          I contacted costumer service and we’ll see what comes of this all…

    • on their twitter 2hrs ago
      2h 2 hours ago
      Please know that we have officially sold out of the BoxyLuxe box! Unfortunately, due to the incredibly high demand, some of our many servers crashed or glitched as a result of the traffic. Once again, we do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience!

      • This would be why I didn’t bother. I could see this coming a mile away. Get all the kinks out then maybe i’ll be interested. I’m about ready to split from boxycharm anyway.

        • Jenny haha right?! I had my popcorn ready for the comments about the site crashing while it instantly sold out lol

          • haha right !

  9. I was online before 8 am (9 eastern) and patiently waiting with my email, boxycharm, and instagram open. I literally tried at least 20 times. I kept trying for 45 minutes straight then gradually reduced it to every 10 minutes I’d try 2 times. I finally did 2x’s every 20 minutes and still had no luck.

    They did not in fact appropriately estimate demand like they originally said they would do. I still can’t even get in to get on the waitlist. How is this fair That I’ve been trying for 3 hours. I’m disappointed in them. I am almost tempted to redeem my charms and cancel. Only I can’t redeem my charms because even when I try they end up not having the product available AFTER I purchase it. I have to email them to refund charms. Ugh… sorry for the rant but I’m very angry and it looks highly likely the way they phrased it on instagram that contrary to their original promise to get everyone off in December that now even that will not be happening… good luck getting on the wait list. Now let’s wait for an apology to the charmers… but it’s pointless. Grrrr

    • Yes I tried for a couple hours this morning then , about 2 I finally got thru … waitlisted

    • Same. I tried for 5 hours only to get waitlisted for Dec. I was going to buy the juice beauty set that had serum and moisturizer during Sephora VIB sale, but didn’t because I knew it would be in the LUXE box. I can’t believe they let this happen again. I might un

  10. I wonder how many people were actually able to upgrade. I tried for over 2 hours and kept getting the error mssg. So very annoying.

    • I hope they don’t sell out like they did with their limited edition box. This is so frustrating.

    • I finally was after 2 1/2 hours I turned off my WiFi and suddenly it went through!

      • Same here! I think we just got lucky though lol

        • I agree I emailed boxy 3 times also while trying to get through informing them if this stress sent me into labor I was coming down there personally lol. I think that was the most stress I’ve had this whole 9 months 😭😂

      • Me tooo!!! How strange is that i gave up shut off my Wi-Fi and was going to make a call and boom it went through

    • It took me 2 hours and 6 minutes but it finally went through.

      • I got waitlisted after 2 1/2 hours

        • I was placed on the wait list at 9:45am est, I just got charge and received an email confirmation that I’m getting the boxyluxe, wait a little you may get off of the wait list like I did

        • Me too, but a few minutes ago I got an email saying I’m on the waitlist for DECEMBER! 😠😡

        • I got waitlisted at 9:10 and then two hours later got a email stating that I got a box

    • Same here. Finally got through and it says you’ve been waitlisted. Horrible service. I think I’m just gonna cancel altogether at the end of my 3 month. I have enough makeup and makeup samples.

    • i didnt think i got it bit just checked my email and i did and my account was charged!!!

      • Me too! I was waitlisted then later received an email saying that I was charged and upgraded for BoxyLuxe! OMG!!!!!

    • I gave up after 3 hours. I figured it’s a sign from the sub box gods that I shouldn’t upgrade.

    • I originally got waitlisted five minutes after it opened and about two hours after that I received an email that I was no longer on the waitlist and got charged for the September Luxe box

    • I tried for about 15 minutes, site kept crashing. Then it just went through. I have no idea what this wait list every one is talking about.

  11. I’m perfectly happy with the regular Boxy this month. I did wake up early and started trying to upgrade but gave up after a half hour. Looking at the Luxe items, the only thing I really wanted was that cool looking brush. I agree that including the hair and and tote as Luxe lifestyle items is lame.

    • Same here. My only real want was the LuXie brush. What a disappointment BL was. I’m glad they showed all the spoilers and didn’t sub waiting for killer mystery items (items 10, 11, 12)-lol. Hopefully Dec will be better.

  12. The site has crashed. I’ve been trying to upgrade for the pas half hour and get error 502.

  13. This box got me so hype for the Juice beauty and the lippy… however, it was so aggravating to go through almost 2 hours of trying to upgrade… I’m definitely not impressed by the tote and the headband…

  14. I have been trying to upgrade for the past few days but the page either doesnt load. Today I tried it again, and the site crashed. Is there any other way to upgrade? This is pretty upsetting having to deal with all of this mess.

    • I’m afraid not. Yes! It is very frustrating.

  15. Just received an email confirmation that I got the lux box after I was waitlisted for about an hour as well. I am a bit confused about the products in the box and the original spoilers of products we were supposed to be getting.

    • Same thing happened to me😀

  16. I got up at 4am to have time to prepare and 6am (pacific time) I went to my email and I received nothing. Then I went to the website at 6:01am and the site crashed. I then received my email @ 6:07am to upgrade and It took me an hour of reloading the page from my iPhone and iPad and it kept crashing. I finally get an email that I’m on the waitlist for December. After seeing the full box I’m not super impressed. I just checked my email again and they sent me a confirmation saying that I got the box. After everything I went through to get this box. I feel like it wasn’t worth it.

    • I’ve been trying for nearly 2 1/2 hours and I can’t even get waitlisted. I’ve been subscribed for years so I really resent that I can’t upgrade and I’ve wasted all this time for nothing.

    • Oh man. I have been waitlisted too. But I think honestly after seeing the full spoilers, it’s pretty much not worth it. So I’m hoping I don’t get the email that I got it.

      • I am there with you! Tried for like an hour, couldn’t get through. After seing full spoilers I am completely fine I wasn’t able to upgrade. The only thing I really wanted was that foundation brush. And I can live without it. Using my paw paw Wonder Blender anyway. Btw ladies if you are looking for an awesome dupe for Beautyblender for fraction of cost, I highly recommend you to check Paw Paw out.

  17. This spoiler picture is confusing me. Why isn’t the Smashbox primer water shown and is it really included in the box? The R+co hair product looks travel size in the picture, but everything in the box was supposed to be full sized. And what’s up with the $5 headband and promotional tote? Those aren’t luxe by any definition. I can see them as bonus items, but if they are counted towards the 11 “luxe” products that are supposed to be included then that’s just shady.

    • Omg exactly!! And I still haven’t even been able to be “wait listed” over it. Its bullcrap.

    • Exactly!!! If the primer water isn’t in there and yet 2 different brushes and a headband and freaking tote bag.. Waste. Like you can get bags like that at the dollar tree and the headband you can get similar for around 5-10$ 🙄


      I don’t even know why I’m mad about the smash box.. Here it is going on 12 pm and I couldn’t even get wait listed bc the site has still continued to crash.

      • The product list is below the picture. The primer is 2nd on the list. In parentheses it says “not pictured “. So, I am assuming we r still getting it . It’s just not in the pic.

  18. Well that was a short waitlist! About an hour after getting waitlisted, I got an email confirmation stating that I am getting the box and have been charged the extra $28 for the upgrade. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • I just got on the waitlist after 2 hours of trying. Really hoping I get off the list like you! Has anyone seen if it is truly sold out yet?

    • Yes…It happened to me after about 45 minutes of watching the site repeatedly crash on me…and I came back from running errands and found out I was Waitlisted…Then I checked my credit card…Saw I was billed the additional money and then received 2 emails from BoxyCharm saying “Congrats, You’re one of the few who have received BoxyLuxe!”…

      I am annoyed but Christmas is REALLY not that far off and I am glad to get this and start to divide it for some gifts for family and friends…

      Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! Be safe on your journies!

    • Yes I got the confirmation after being waitlisted too

  19. If the smash box primer water is included in the box why is it not in the picture? I feel its a little shady and its been “spoiled” on multiple pages and yet its not in the picture?! Its one of the items I was actually excited for but if its not in the box, its not really worth it

  20. I’ve tried about 15 times and finally got thru and the confirmation for my upgrade and when it’ll be shipped out

  21. Im not impressed…for me…Im actually disappointed about the luxe. I’ll pass on luxe

    • I agree! I had decided to take a break from Boxy (product overload!) but then signed back up for the Aug box which I knew had nothing of interest in it to me,just so I could be signed up in order to get Luxe. Now I have no interest in getting it Luxe…😩

  22. I tried to upgrade one time but went to error page and I didn’t try again because I didn’t want to get double charged so I have no idea if it actually went through. I haven’t gotten any emails since about anything. Waitlist or otherwise. But no big deal. I really only tried because I could

  23. Hmm..tote definitely should have been exclusive 12th bonus item for the BL launch, heck could have thrown the headband w/ bag. Not impressed with the filler items (headband & bag). In the end no primer (what happened?). I’m passing, let’s see how BL Dec goes after BC receivespecial some feedback from this launch.

  24. I knew can’t connect to get BoxyLuxe! DRATS…I keep getting errors (I knew it…even warned people this would happen). I’m pissed!

  25. The only reason I resubbed for August was in anticipation for the Luxe box. And of course, it’s a fiasco. I will end up unsubbing completely after the September box and save all my money for Ipsy. Because I know they will handle their customers better. And getting Ipsy Plus products will keep me from feeling like I am missing out on anything from Boxycharm.

    • I’m with you. Two hours wasted on this. I sent two tweets trying to get them to post an update on whether they’re sold out or what. All this hype, all this aggressive advertising, and for what? They weren’t even prepared.

    • Hmm… that’s if you get an invite from Ipsy Plus. Ppl posted receiving their invites for Plus alrdy. Ive been checking email everyday & haven’t received any invite. I doubt many Ppl will actually get an invite. With such high quality brand name items in Plus they probably don’t have enough supply & this is a good way to get Ppl to sub hoping to get an invite for Plus. Reeled me in, but I’m doubting I’ll get an Ipsy Plus invite (yes I even signed up via MSA link for early interest/waitlist and still nothing).

      • I’m being patient with waiting on Ipsy. I’m hoping it’s soon but it will be worth the wait imo. Ipsy does what they do well and their customer service is top notch.

      • I was invited for Ipsy plus and offered an October plus box but passed. I’m good with Ipsy regular.

      • I was invited to receive an Ipsy plus in October.

  26. I saw what everything was on the email they send, and I was underwelming. I only want maybe 2 things.

    See, what they SHOULD have done is, the subscribers that had been with them longer or even upgraded to the 3 months upfront payment or longer…should have gotten an email first. I don’t see how that isn’t fair?

    I tried so many times but im done. I wave my white flag. If anyone go the box and is like me, only want one or two things…I’d gladly like to know what your keeping and I can buy a thing or two off you for the 28bucks or something. ….this is sad and ridiculous.

    • I finally got a confirmation. Which 2 items were you wanting? I would be willing to work something out if we are after different products 🙂 if you’re on IG, you can find me Jackiesinger89 or comment back on here.

    • I agree! The only item I really wanted is the makeup brush, but I’ll pass due to all the issues on their site.

  27. After trying for over an hour..I got waitlisted! So sad. But..this box was just ehh, so December I will get upgraded. Imokay with that.

    • Are they waitlisting active subscribers who’s been with them for awhile?

      • Omg after about 15 tries finally got thru and confirmation for the boxyluxe upgrades now heading to bed after a 12 hrs shift and another 1 in half of overtime trying to upgrade to boxyluxe

      • Yup been a subscriber since 2015 got the email late then got errors for 20 min finally got through on hubby’s server computer annnd was waitlisted😜🤪

      • I’ve been with them for over 3 years now, and I got wait listed. Although, just a few minutes ago I got an email saying I’m off the waitlist. I hope everyone that wants a box is able to get one, and I hope its not as underwhelming as the LE box.

      • No. I’ve been with them 2+ years and I couldn’t even get waitlisted. I’d been trying until just a little bit ago, and finally saw something they’d posted on Twitter almost 2 and half hours ago they were sold out.

        Their lack of communication and their blatant disregard for the time of their subscribers is what has made me angriest about all of this. Something they have not even acknowledged.

    • I can’t even get waitlisted!!

      • Me either I’ve emailed them 3 times already also. I’m serious if this causes me labor Boxycharm will owe me BIG time .

      • Same?😥

    • I don’t understand I got through finally with a confirmation at 9:29 central so 10:29 eastern time and you posted at 10:14 eastern? Maybe it’s just the overload on the site

  28. I wish they would try and waitlist me! I’m 9 months preggers and been up since 5:48 am I’m on the same time zone as boxy!! I keep getting the error message. If I go into labor over this 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬!! I do want the luxe box something bad I love it all!! I’m Sceduled for a csection due to high risk and this is getting my BP elevated lol.

  29. I’m not sure this is worth the amount of effort and times I’ve tried to upgrade and crashed. They didn’t think this thru and I’m over it.

    *i wasn’t on waitlist. I upgraded immediately back at initial announcement and was removed from the waitlist same day*.

  30. I’m personally PSYCHED to be getting this box. Both of those Juice Beauty products are ones I use and would pay full price for. Instead, the way I see it: I’m getting one of them for almost half off, PLUS everything else for free. Seems like a pretty good deal to me – but I guess different products appeal to different people 😊

    • So you were able to upgrade?

  31. What happened to the smashbox primer!? Its not worth it anymore…

  32. Like others boxy server was not equipped to handle the 6 AM or 9 AM surge.

    I never got through but received an email that I am officially wait listed so will receive the December box.

    Frankly based on the spoilers, I am somewhat relieved and probably just kept attempting to get the boxy luxe option from sheer stubbornness.

    What the hell with the cheap tote and the headband. Not sure what spurious values they will place on those items but I hate boxes that load up with crap like that to inflate the value of the box. If I wanted a hideous tote, I could have my pick at the Dollar Store. 🙂

    • 😂😂😂😂😂 at the dollar store comment

    • Same here…tried for about 2 hours and kept getting the server crashed, left it alone for about a half hour and then got waitlisted for Dec box. I’m thinking that one will probably be better anyway so I’m not that upset & it’ll be like a Christmas gift to myself 🎄🎁😊

  33. I couldn’t upgrade cuz the site keeps crashing, but…. it may be a ok because now that I see what’s on the box It doesn’t look worth $50 to me.

  34. Tried and tried to get through but failed. However, I am not upset. Looking at this preview, I do not see anything exciting for me. I will not do this again so no BoxyLuxe boxes for me.

  35. I’m not sure this is worth the amount of times and effort this site has crashed on me. Over it.

  36. Check your emails if you’re waitlisted! And if you want it, try to get waitlisted. It looks like they are manually activating accounts who are waitlisted.

  37. I’m glad I’m not the only one that site crashed on LOL. It does show that they charged me for the month of September for the regular boxycharm box but it kept redirecting me to a crash site when I was choosing the upgrade option😣😕.
    Now that I’m actually looking at the pictures of the spoilers I’m not that impressed. That r&co product looks like a sample size to me. I thought all the products was supposed to be full-sized? Liz? Do you know anything about that?🤔

  38. Is the next boxyluxe box in december 2018? I think i will wait for that box and be waitlisted because im not really excited about this box at all.

  39. So relived I did get through! This looks lame except the tarte palette

    • Right! That’s like the only reason I wanted to sign up for the box in the first place😕😕 oh and for the Smashbox primer Mist 2

  40. After getting a gateway error two consecutive times I think I’ll pass. I like the tote though.

    • I’ll send you my tote 😂. I got confirmation that I’m off the wait list and I’ve been charged so I’m willing to part with the tote 🙂

  41. I can’t even get waitlisted. It just keeps crashing

    • Same😕

  42. Completely disappointed. On vacation, set an alarm to be up early. Signed in. Refreshed my email a thousand times. Finally got the email late, clicked it my card info was already entered because I’ve subscribed for 4.5 years…hit confirm and the site crashes. This happened 11 times. Who knows I’d any of it went through.
    This is not ok.

    • Check your email, because the same thing happened to me, like 20 times. And then, I finally checked my email and got a confirmation via email. I never got a confirmation screen on the site, however.

      • Michelle: I have been retrying it over and over again…to no avail AND no email from them.

        I think I am over this. I’m no kid and don’
        t appreciate being treated like an imbecile. Shame on you Boxy!

  43. I was on the website the second it was 6 A.M. (I’m in California) and it crashed from the get go. It was even crashing before 6 A.M. I was pretty upset but honestly these spoilers are looking lame… I feel like it’s just my stubbornness wanting to keep pressing tefresh until the page goes through but tbh I should just go back to bed 😅

  44. Apparently if you are waitlisted you will be getting the box bc they have stock but cannot figure their crap out right now. I have been trying since 9 and still nothing!! So irritating.

  45. Yeah, I really did want to upgrade all month, and then I actually forgot it was today. I’m glad I did! I’m think it’s a great box, but I’m just not wowed by it.

  46. After seeing the full spoiler I’m glad website crushed on me.😂

  47. I hope everyone who wants the upgrade box gets it.

    Just not impressed with the price and the products you get.

  48. Well I’ve been trying for 46 mins and still can’t get through . I’m not a hope woman right now. This is BS . It’s my birthday this month and now I can’t get the one thing I wanted. Thanks again boxycharm. Only been a loyal subscriber for 3 years.

    • Happy woman”

  49. So they’re out?

  50. Very annoyed right now as I attempted no less than 4 times to upgrade this morning and the Boxy site kept crashing on me to only finally get through and find out I’m waitlisted. Although looking at the spoilers, maybe that was a blessing. Ugh.

    • I feel the same. I’m honestly a little relieved.

    • Same thing here, fought thru to have it finally let me upgrade, then had to hit reload for another 5 minutes, only to be told I’m waitlisted.

    • Me too really annoyed. I started and had was logged into my account and hit upgrade immediately, kept getting a stupid error my message since the site kept crashing….ughhh. Looking forward to the Ipsy upgrade.

    • I’m frustrated!!! It said my payment went through, then crashed. Went back on and now says I’m waitlisted. Wtf!!! This was a real s#@! show.

      • Same and agree. However seeing the rest of the spoilers but I’m not really all that upset. I wanted the Park Avenue princess pallet but I have enough foundation to go return to Sephora that I think I’ll just buy it

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