BoxyCharm October 2018 SPOILERS!

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We have the first spoilers for the October Boxycharm box! (Thanks for the heads up, Lien and Dehlila!)

All subscribers will receive

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

An exclusive collaboration PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the September box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just cancelled my Boxy subscription after being with them 2+ years. It took a while to get past all the “UPGRADE” buttons to find the “cancel” option. Now they want me to upgrade?

  2. I am not happy about the PUR face palette. Their eyeshadow palette was the worst I’ve ever had.

    • I agree and from this spoiler it looks like a mini mascara

    • For sure, that last PUR palette was sooo bad! Do not want another one! But I am stuck with boxycharm until at least Dec because I want the next Boxyluxe.

  3. Maybe I’m just being hormonal, but for those of you posting about how you just joined to get the LUXE boxy, I do not feel bad for you, I do however feel bad for the ones who have been long time subscribers who were not given a fair chance. They should of been first then so on, I was blessed enough to be able to receive a box and have been a subscriber for awhile, and still feel as if people who have been with them for four years should of got it before me even. IJS if your going to complain you just now joined to get the luxe box please keep that to yourself and think of the LONG TIME subscribers that did not get a chance to get a LUXE box that really wanted one.

    • I agree. I had a chance and I started in April. It should have gone to the folks who were subscribed at least a year.

    • I thought boxyluxe was just a new type of subscription. It’s not actually any sort of reward. Why do longer members feel entitled to it? All the people who got luxe paid for there box. And there will be upcoming ones in the future.

      • They don’t feel entitled, they feel cheated, and with due reason. So you join in August just to get a September boxyLUXE, and some waited to join till the DAY of the upgrade even. Where is the fairness in that? While some joined just to receive this box, others have been members for a LONG TIME and did not receive one. Where is the customer loyalty that’s the issue. If you don’t like that I had to say well then your just as shellfish as those I was talking about. I’ve seen some who just joined and only wanted to get a luxe box to sell it. That’s why I’m fed up with it, you want to make a profit because your “disabled” as one person said? Well I’m 28 9 months pregnant and have serious medical problems, I get my box to feel better not make profit. That’s my issues with this. And again where is loyalty to long time subbies whose stuck with them from the beginning. So I suppose if that seems “entitled” then I’ll wear that crown proudly

        • Couldn’t have said that better myself it’s self entitled people like that make me so mad what is smart alec sounds like a spoiled little brat to me

        • you do realize with the amount of subscribers they have that is technologically impossible and so many possible errors could happen if you start doing stuff like that which would hurt all your feelings even worse. Just saying. I guess I understand more working on the back end of things with computers and stuff.

          • It’s defini not beyond the technology of 2018 to have a website that doesn’t crash, nor is it beyond our modern technology to clearly communicate instructions to your clients and actually follow through on the company side on those same instructions. So tired of people defending boxy for an obviously poor launch. I got waitlisted after trying to sign up on 4 devices and finally a day later got boxyluxe, which I loved. Boxycharm as a subscription is wonderful but we have to stop defending things that happen that shouldn’t have. There are plenty of posts of the owner hanging out with Kim Kardashian and schmoozing with the upper class- enough with the opulence and invest more money into your technology!!!!

    • I completely agree! I’ve been with Boxycharm for almost 3 years and upgraded the day it was released and was waitlisted. Meanwhile I was seeing posts from others who signed up hours later than I did and they are getting the Luxe this month. That’s just shotty customer service that they waitlist long time customers. I have now cancelled my subscription

      • I am canceling also. Missed the special edition and now this one too. Waitlisted for the December box. NOPE. I’M DONE.

        • Same with me. No LE. No Luxe. Wait listed. Crappy palettes I could never use. So on and so on. At one time, Boxycharm was my absolute FAVORITE. Now I can’t wait for my prepaid annual subscription to end!!!

    • I think it should have been released like college classes are. People that have been with them since the beginning, then x years and so on. I’ve only been getting them a year, so I probably wouldn’t have made the cut off…but it is brand loyalty and should be rewarded.

    • Ty Victoria! I appreciate the ppl like you that stand up for people like me that has been a member for over a year + and I tried for 2 and a half hrs just to get waitlisted while ppl that JUST joined were bragging about how they were approved within the first 20-40 min and they still hadn’t received their August box yet……
      are you kidding me…. i guess thats 1 way to get new customers boxycharm, lets let all the new peeps get the big boxes first and we will just hope and wish in one hand that all our long time customers will just stay loyal with us as they have in the past, either way its a win win for boxycharm, they have ALL these new customers and only lost a handful of oldies…… well bite my hiney boxycharm you’re not playing nice!!!!

  4. I’ve had enough of Yosef & BoxyCharm. Treating your customers like crap with blatant disregard for them or their time is NO way to run a business.

    Thankfully with the launch of the Ipsy glam bag with full sizes and other companies really upping their game lately, there will finally be solid competition for BC and other options for us….YAY 😉

    So they can keep their charm and luxe boxes and since I’m a lady…I’ll leave it at that rather than say what’s really on my mind. I’m going to put my money into the new Ipsy bag or try Lola or one of the other boxes based on the MSA info.

    Thank You Liz for providing us with all the info we need to make decisions re: the sub boxes. I think Yosef can learn a thing or 2 from you on how to properly run a site, a business and most definitely, on how to treat customers.

    • I use the money I was going to use on boxy Lux and picked up the Lola Beauty Box and so Susan since this month they have great spoilers I’m done with boxycharm completely

      • Lola is also owned by Boxycharm so only a matter of time before it gets too big to care about us too. Really happy with the idea of Ipsy Glam Bag plus, hope I get an invite for the Oct bag!

        • Are you serious about lola being owned by boxycharm? Im gonna google and read about that.

          • I heard that Lola was started by 2 sisters

        • They said that was a rumor they are not owned by boxy.

    • I’m done with boxycharm. September will be my last month

    • From your lips (computer screen) to his ears. Sorry, I didn’t believe the pitty video of how they had planned to have champagne and a big party after the launch and then no longer felt like it. Whether there was a glitch or not, they were still going to have some/a lot unhappy people with the sell out/waitlist thing.

    • I agree. I am a long time customer–got up at 5:45 a.m. on a Saturday morning–got nothing for my effort and loyalty E-mail link wouldn’t work. Messaged customer service and was made to feel that there was something wrong with my computer. HAH! I am cancelling. I am expecting my Lola Box shortly and want to get the Ipsy full size bag. Am trying other boxes. The October BC spoilers do nothing for me.

    • I signed up for the bigger ipsy and was waitlisted . Then when I look at my bank account I was charged over 26.00 and never informed .. lol who knows

  5. My 2 cents. I’ve been with boxy over a year and I didn’t get the luxe box so I don’t have a dog in this race ( what a horrible saying by the way ) but used to explain – even though I would have most likely been cut off from being able to get it I think it should have gone by the longtime subbers getting it first. they easily could have sent the invites to the 4 then 3 then 2 and so on just to give them some kind of thank you for being with the company through thick and thin. Not first come first serve. To think that people that just signed up specifically to get the luxe box and got one while the longtime customers got shut out is so upsetting and I don’t blame them for being upset. that, to me shows they value you. this just seems like a money grab now to get new customers. This is totally different than a holiday limited edition box that every company and their brother comes out with and it’s been in the planning stages for quite some time. Look at allure for instance. They send out random gifts for anniversary’s so I CAN be done. Just a thought. Sorry for all of you that missed out on this that deserved to have the chance.

    • Great point. I agree with you, completely. I have no interest in the BoxyLuxe… However, they should have given their long-time customers first crack at subbing. Also, Allure surely does a great job at thanking it’s long-time customers.

      • Honestly, when my email with the link to upgrade arrived at 9:07 that’s what I thought they were doing. I got mad because I thought they gave preference to a group of subscribers by sending their email at 9:00 and the rest of us had to wait.

      • I’ve been subbed to BoxyCharm for 3 years and have not received a single email about the Luxe box. I even pay for a year at a time, so I’m not sure how they decided who got a chance to get it

        • You had to sign up to receive the email

        • In January I will have been with them three years . I did sign up to get the lux but the site crashed and I was waitlisted. I’m really thinking of canceling now too especially after his poor taste joke

    • I have to agree with you. I am lucky enough to have gotten one, I have not been with them as long as you and you should of been able to get one as well. I have been with them for a bit over a year now so I hope that counts for something and I’ve never complained on items I’ve received through them like many do. It was hell to get the box, literally I’m about to have a c section and I thought the stress of that was about to send me into labor, not even lying. You as well as many others should of had first pick as well! Just throwing that in there , loved how you put your comment.

  6. Man August was a bust for me and October doesn’t look exciting either. I’m not a fan of Pur.

    • Is this the same Boxy x pur palette we got about 6-7 months ago?!!

      • Looks like it

      • Noo, it’s not the “same” but, yes BC is doing another face palette with PUR

    • Completely agree. Especially after this upgrade fiasco (also a longtime subscriber who got waitlisted.) I might just upgrade my Ipsy instead.

  7. Aw. IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara was my Ulta birthday reward thing. ;( But, won’t hurt to have another I suppose. I just like mascaras with longer wands.

    • Also, if that picture of the PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette really has a red and a sparkly pink I will cry. I want more of those colors!

      • You should look into the Jaclyn hill vault palettes. They have a red/orange themed one that is gorgeous. They are $15 at Ulta and you can use coupons!

        • JHxM is an eye palette not a face palette like the Pur one.

  8. I was waitlisted finally. I started at 9 am and at 5 pm it waitlisted me. It’s ok because I wanted to wait til December for Christmas anyway. What I really want is to get the Ipsy Plus. I was on the fence about the upgrade anyway.

    • Same! Ipsy plus looks great.. I’m hoping their transition is a lot smoother :/ I can imagine many many people are gonna want that upgrade too.

    • I was invited to receive an Ipsy plus in October. Not sure how they are deciding who to offer it to.

      • I emailed this morning inquiring about the criteria used for sending invites for the glam bag plus. They answered with:

        “We’re currently opening up the Waitlist to active members selected randomly. We hear you, and we’ll pass your suggestion to our team to prioritize dedicated members.”

        RANDOMLY. I have been subscribing for 3 years 🙁

      • No clue. Not through the MSA wait list offer they originally had for sure though – I haven’t heard a peep, and I’ve been with Ipsy for years now. I’m a bit disappointed they’re skipping me for October it seems. 🙁

        • Yea I was surprised to get the invitation and offer. I didn’t use the MSA sign up so they definitely didn’t get my info from that. On another thread someone claimed that Ipsy told her they were picking at random but I don’t know if that’s true.

  9. I’m so annoyed. I wish Boxycharm would just do 1 thing & do it well. Since the announcement of BoxyLuxe there has been nothing but confusion. The spoilers are all over the place & OF COURSE the site crashed today from the get-go with no notification as to the status of sell out. BoxyLuxe should be a separate deal from Boxycharm. Keep it simple stupid.

    • Serious bs I was put on the wait list as well. Waited all august to try and upgrade but shrugged it off. Until I realize that there just going to wing it for this month. Disappointed to the max. Always talking boxy charm up to friends and family not this month.

  10. Looks like the October Boxycharm will suck because all the effort went into Boxyluxe this quarter. Easy cancel for me.

    • Me too. It’s a relief because I didn’t want to be tempted not to cancel. They’ve been getting my money every month for nearly 4 years now. I spent over 4 hours (nonstop) trying to upgrade only to get waitlisted for December. Yet plenty of new subscribers got to upgrade. And I saw on FB how people that got waitlisted after me later got to upgrade after all, seemingly at random. Such horrible customer service.

      • If you had watched the video boxycharm put out this morning on Instagram, Joe addressed this issue where people got waitlisted while others were able to upgrade. They’re correcting that issue.

        • Lies

        • what a ridiculous comment. No one should have to watch videos on social media to get the full picture. They should be sending emails.

      • I emailed customer service and while they apologized for me being waitlisted they were sorry but the box had sold out, however they were doing their best to get people off the wait list ? What is that supposed to mean; if toulol r sold out how are you still getting people off the waitlist. !?

        • I’m making sure they have enough products to send you in the December box is what I’m guessing I cancelled after being up all night and then still not being able to even get the site to work for me so I picked up lola and so susan

          • By not I’m

        • that was just a form letter they sent out about the waitlist all they did was build a macro to change the name of who they sent it to. they didn’t even read our emails.

    • Yup. Same. I only joined to get the Luxe and now I’m not even getting it. Bye!

    • I got waitlisted for boxy luxe with in the first 5 min. Of the launch shop i was rooks by an influencer in YouTube to get if I’d the waitlist andtry again so i did so and got waitlisted again..the site just kept crashing. What really rubbed me the wrong way is once I got wait-listed after refreshing for two hours was the little clip of Yosef taking the Box away from the girl who was happy that she had it and then seeing her disappointed face. It wasn’t funny it was downright rude and I think that all of us that got wait-listed and spent all of that time this morning trying to get a box should not have been addressed in that kind of manner it was heartbreaking enough to not get a box but then to have it confirmed in that manner was ridiculously rude and unprofessional. I doubt they sold out in 5 minutes but I will not get a box even though it was their website that had the issue I did everything I was told to do. That little clip was horrible by the way Yosef

      • I got waitlisted too and saw the same gif. I get he was trying to be funny, but it’s kind of mean! Especially after the LE fiasco!!

      • I agree, I’m canceling my 3 years of Boxy. I’m done.

      • Then again Yosef is no Micheal Kors, or Giovanni. He’s a basic boxy Charm boy. Micheal Kors would never do this to his clients. How do I know? Because I worked for him. Yosef you disgust me how you handled this mess

        • What does Michael Kors have to do with this? Just for the name drop?

          • 😂😂

          • She just means means hes higher class and more professional.

          • Lol exactly. Oh Lord 🙄

          • Yes, for the name drop. 😂😂😂😂

          • Well, she has a point. I’m not sure why you feel the need to follow her around snarking at her.

            So what if she was upset over it? Just because you feel the box isn’t worth your time or money, doesn’t mean other people felt the same way. Boxycharm treated a lot of long time subscribers badly, they have every right to be upset.

        • This is the weirdest comment of the day .

    • I cancelled also, and went back to Allure. My experience with Boxy is well and truly over.

    • To be clear I never even wanted Boxyluxe but I did enjoy my monthly Boxycharm. It seems clear by these spoilers that they are not putting much effort into the regular Boxycharm anymore or at least not this month. Easy decision to make. Cancelled.

  11. Cool. Kooks like contour palette ! Yea !!! I was ok missing out on the lux box. No domo on that.

  12. Why are they showing a travel size of the IT mascara? Not bringing the excitement with the major screw up of the luxe box launch. I do love all the PUR stuff I’ve received though

    • Boxycharm has sent travel sizes before. Most recently the Bum Bum cream so it’s not very common but they do occasionally.

      • The travel Bum Bum made sense though, because the full size would not have fit in the regular box.

        • Mmm riiiiight ok.

          • No for real. The regular sized bumbum cream is gigantic. There’s no way I would’ve fit into the regular box.

  13. Damn, that mascara irritates my eyes.

  14. Tried the Superhero mascara, wasn’t impressed.

  15. I don’t know when I’ll feel excited enough to subscribe to Boxycham again=/ I think i’m more excited for getting the Ipsy glam bag plus.

  16. I am hoping that the October box will somehow make me forget missing out on the September Luxe box…. even a teeny bit. ♡ Maybe it’s time to launch foundations? ;P

    • Sold out already?


      • Still waiting for my email. 😪

  17. I’ve wanted to try the It Cosmetics Superhero Stretch mascara for a long time now. I kept holding off on buying it myself because we get so many good mascaras thru sub boxes. Kept thinking I’d eventually get this one in a box, so I’m looking forward to that! As for the Pür collabe with BC, I’m intrigued with it being a case pallette. I’ll probably hang in there. Still haven’t received September’s box yet. I’ve been on the fence about cancelling. Especially with the Luxe box debacle this morning.

  18. my favorite mascara ever and i don’t have any right now so ill take it. is it going to be full size?

    • Should be, everything in boxy is supposed to be full sized

    • That picture is the travel size. They gave us a travel sized bum bum cream so I wouldn’t count on the full.

      • No, that wasnt but that was a 6 item box and they couldnt fit a full size bum bum in a box. Otherwise- usually, things are full sized. Im hoping the mascara will be too. 🙏🏻

  19. What do I think? I think I don’t care about this wack spoiler. I’m pissed about being waitlisted after three THREEEEE hours of trying. Ugh. Did they put this spoiler out thinking it will cheer us up? They need to do better.

    • Sorry Luna. I hope by now you discovered you received the box. Maybe Boxy should teach out to an outside tech vendor with these system crashes. I can see selling out but not the crashes again.

      • ** reach out*** subscribers shouldn’t have to endure two launches like this.

  20. The IT cos brand is pretty nice. And liking the palette so far. Hopefully will be better than the last collab. Im reqdy for more Oct spoilers & sept box to ship out already. BL was a major fail imo with the headband & tote fillers. So sad! As I wanted to love it, really wished BC kept their word about more beauty products but I guess this is where the get about way with saying “includes lifestyle” products. There’s a sample size, travel size, regular size and value(largest) size. Think BC is doing the same as Ipsy Plus k complaints are alrdy in before it’s release), they won’t include the value size but a smaller non sample size.

  21. I actually love this mascara!! It always makes my lashes look so good

  22. Cool I got waitlisted because of the server crash. The only reason I joined this sub is for that box so I guess I cancel. No way am I keeping this sub for month eyeshadow palettes and sample sized mascaras.

  23. Deluxe sample (that I’m picking up today for free as my Ulta b-day gift) and a palette from a brand I hate. I’m cancelling now!

  24. I keep wanting to love boxycharm, but I just cannot seem to get excited by it. I think I might cancel. I know the dollar amount is a good deal, but it feels like it is always stuff I don’t want. I despise that mascara for starters lol.

    • I agree, i just didnt want to lose my charms so i bought something with them yesterday and i plan on cancelling after my september one. Heres hoping i get into the ipsy plus program 🤷🏽‍♀️

      • I’m in the same boat. i’m not banking on getting the Ipsy Plus…but i’ve been much happier with ipsy and have been able to try some pretty nice products that i otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford (i.e buying full size than realizing it doesn’t work or my skin doesn’t like it).

        I’m waiting on my charms for the August box, will be redeeming, and then cancelling before October. I actually got even more mad when i went to log in and they are ADVERTISING Boxy Luxe and not disclaiming that it’s waitlisted at this point.

        have we even found out what the fifth item in the regular boxy for September is?

  25. Not another Pur cosmetics palette… they are not my favorite palettes…. im not sure i want the october box…. depends on the other spoilers… hopefully november boxycharm gets better.

    • Nope, that mascara makes my eyes itch!!!

    • Agreed. Every one I have tried has major fallout.

  26. If I get waitlisted, I’m just canceling. I never wanted boxycharm without the upgrade and it’s the only reason I joined. This is crap.

  27. I love PUR cosmetics and that mascara is awesome. I barely have lashes due to Lupus but this mascara makes me look like I am wearing extensions. October is off to a get start. I love BoxyCharm!

    • Awe I have Lupus too! I’m so thankful you found something that works great for your lashes. I’m excited about trying this out too now. 💜 🦋

      • Hey fellow Lupus Warrior. I hope it works for you too😘

    • Hi! I Fellow Spoonie here;) . I have the same issue with my eyelashes, so I’m always on the hunt for a mascara that would work. Now I’m looking forward To trying out this one.

      • Hey fellow Lupus warrior. I hope it works you too!

    • Hi this mascara helps u?? Thank God…. I too have lupus (along with MS, ANA Pos with kidney failure hold on it gets worse Microvascural ischemia (strokes at any given time) So like U…. Hair or lack of….. Makes me look forward to trying it out!! 🤗😘🤩❤❤❤🤩💋😃🙏🙏🙏🙏

  28. Excited for the mascara! However, I do NOT like PUR… the last item we received was the bronzer and highlighter pallete was awful. The formula for the bronzer was patchy, didn’t want to blend and barely any pigment… anything other than PUR products please…

  29. A Pur palette makes it a simple cancellation for me. I do like the blush, highlighter, and bronzer I already have from Pur but I never use the numerous eyeshadow palettes that have been sent to out. I think they should be following up their Luxe fiasco with a stronger, better quality brand than this. Those of us who wanted the Luxe box from the beginning are going to have far higher expectations going forward. I would have talked myself into staying if there had been a better palette in store for September. I love Boxycharm and I wish they would do a better job handling their customer growth.

    • I meant October not September.

      I am happy with the regular September box at least. 🙂

  30. Yay so glad I didn’t buy it.

  31. Don’t care about mascara, but the palette looks good.

  32. They can post spoilers for MSA to see but boxy can’t get their servers to work??? I’m agitated

    • You and me both!!

    • From what I have seen, these spoilers went out in emails to those waitlisted… Which means they were ready to go before all the other stuff. It’s not like they are sitting around purposefully making this harder….

  33. I thought we weren’t supposed to get samples from Boxycharm. That mascara is sample sized.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Boxycharm better be sending full size!

      • So they s already hmmm well luckily I finally got through and was not waitlisted even. 2 1/2 hours later .

    • I think they get around that by including items you can actually purchase in a smaller size. They have sent two previous items in deluxe samples, but they are purchasesble sizes – one was a primer from Becca and one was the Bum Bum cream. I think they have redefined what they consider “full size”. It annoys me a little.

  34. That is my absolute favorite mascara! Wearing it now 🙂

  35. I got the same spoiler since I’m waitlisted for December boxyluxe. However is the pur super hero mascara going to be a sample size ? I hope not since I really want to try this mascara ! Also I’m guessing that the pur collab going to be a blush palette.

    • I wish I could even get wait listed. I’m getting absolutely nowhere but that stinking error 502 bad gateway message… And I tried from my smartphone and my tablet

      • I kept on getting the same error too but then fiat may got thru and wasnt on the waitlist I got the confirmation about the upgrade

      • Try one more time for me I got waitlisted suddenly while I was trying then after an hour I got the box

    • So a quick update apperantly they are getting people of the waitlist I just got the boxyluxe although I was sent an email that I’m waitlisted.

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