Play! By Sephora August 2018 FULL Spoilers Box #338 & #361!

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We have FULL spoilers for the August Play! By Sephora box #338 & #361!

Box #338 includes:

Box #361 includes:

Source: Instagram user champagneandchanel

Box #239 includes:

Box #395 includes:

Source: Instagram user cmcoving

Box #353 includes:

Source: Instagram user apinchoflovely

Box #379 includes:

Box #346 includes:


And in case you missed it:

Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate – 8 ml Value $20.80

This serum is designed to reveal “smoother, more radiant skin in as few as seven days.” It’s formulated without phthalates, parabens, or sulfates. And my favorite part? It instantly made my skin feel smoother!

And in case you missed the previous spoilers, some boxes will include:

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – 10 ml

Today’s lesson: it’s always smart to keep a few fundamental makeup, hair, and skincare products in your beauty bag—thankfully, your August box has you covered.

Now here’s a hint that you might want to jot down in your notebook…

Your August box will contain one of these essential products: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel; Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer; or NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

Each August box will have one of the following:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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  1. I received Box 346. I guess at least there are a few samples in this box that I will try like the one use shampoo & conditioner packets, lipstick, Dr Dennis skin cream, and maybe the MOROCCANOIL Dry Texture Spray. So I guess 3 out of 5 samples isn’t too bad. I don’t use eyeshadow base and I don’t use bronzers. I would have used more samples if I would have gotten a different box. I would have loved to have gotten the brow gel. My box just feels very generic and does Not feel personalized at all. Sephora’s beauty profile is very basic and needs to have preferences for what kind of items we like and what items we don’t like but I’m sure filling millions of boxes each month with products that a subscriber likes and dislikes is probably much more difficult. So I do get it but I’m wondering lately if I’m wasting my money with some of these boxes that I receive each month when there is usually 2-3 samples in every box that I don’t like and don’t use.

  2. I wonder what determines what Sephora Box we actually get because I can see by reading many comments that our beauty preferences sure don’t. Could it be what region we live in or something else? If so that’s Not cool.

  3. After finding out what box I will be receiving tomorrow and reading the comments on here, I cancelled my subscription. This was my very first box and I had high hopes for it because of the beauty profile. However, it seems from box #338 and the comments on here that Play by Sephora completely disregards the beauty profile… I am olive toned and do NOT need a bronzer, I have very dry skin and that clay mask does not suit me at all… I do not have a use or need for that brow gel or the living proof hair styler… the only thing they got right was the bonus sample which will be one use for me if I am lucky because I have very long hair. My dream box would have been #361. I subscribe to other boxes who get it right, so I gave this one a chance and it was a horrible FAIL!

  4. How do you know what box # you are getting?

    • Go into your profile and look for your current Play order. Click on it and it will show you the ITEM number; the box number will be the last 3 digits of the item number. Be sure not to confuse this with the ORDER number!

  5. I’m going to call and make a complaint and cancel because this box has gone downhill. Why are they sending a WOC with natural hair a box with texture and blonde hair products. I’m getting the allure box and might try boxycharm. They seem to have good reviews

    • LOL, Allure is a joke, I would be weary of them, and the hair products are just little foil bonus’s thrown in, they aren’t actually the curated items in your box.

      • I have been so satisfied with Allure!

    • I really like my Allure box. I get a lot more use o my Allure items than I do the Sephora items. As soon as I receive my Sephora box I’m cancelling.

      • I have been trying to sign up for Allure with my paypal acct but it won’t finalize. i can’t get it to work. I have tried a couple times to contact them but No answer. This tells me that their customer service isn’t very good.

    • I love my allure and this months spoilers, also you get full size products
      I’ve not felt like my money has been wasted yet ! Also you cant go wrong with Boxycharm! Wether you get the regular box or the luxe 9 times out of ten you’ll love it!

  6. My order number ends in 379 but, I received box 346. 😂 Not complaining since 379 is mostly samples I’ve tried before. I lucked out!

  7. So disappointment in Play my daughter and I get the exact same box all the time she’s young and opposite skins and hair then me. This month #338 and box # 239 so out shampoo type is different. Yep if not better next month canceling. Will do BoxyLux or another Allure box instead of these rehashed samples in play I have been getting.

  8. This bag is such a disappointment because I’m black and can’t wear most of the stuff in this box. Every month it’s at least two or more items that are not for me. I think I might just cancel my subscription and get an extra ipsy bag because it seem as if I’m wasting money with this subscription.

    • I’m sad about mine too #387. I just cancelled. The lipstick is too cool for mu skin tone. I don’t need volume in my hair. It’s curly. I dont use eyebrow gel. The highlighter is meh. I don’t think they’re selecting based on our profiles. 🙁

  9. I got box 338, yesterday i was so thrown back at how box 239 and 338 looks just alike.. its crazy how out all the subscriptions boxes that i keep getting the same makeup forever rouge lipstick, that and the kat von d studded lipstick in double dare. I guess those are the only samples that they make.. i will be gifting this also. Im thinking about cancelling this subscription after 4 konths. I loked my other bags because they were good. This one is a disappointment..i dont want the hoola bronzer i have 3 contour palettes for that. I dont want the ouai shamppo and conditioner, im tired of that also. Its getting annoying. Hopefully september will be better cancelling for can keep my $10.and go to colourpop’s website.

    Sorry for the vent… Sephora has so many products, they can give better samples… just saying. I really like their box.. not the same samples recycled.

  10. I have 361 and I’m meh on it. I like the sleeping mask and am always interested in eye shadow bases. Other than that there’s nothing great here.

    • You should see #353 : ( Especially if you aren’t a blonde. (Facepalm)

      • Totally get it. Brunette here, already have full lips, don’t use brow gel. I cancelled, will put the savings towards Boxycharm Luxe. I can’t believe they would send a brunette a shampoo made specifically for a blonde.

  11. I am getting 338. I like everything except for Living Proof (have so much of it already).

  12. Where are the spoilers for box 387? 🙁

    • Are you looking at the last three numbers of your ITEM number (not order number)?

      • Yes, she is looking at the correct number. I am #387, also, and anxiously awaiting info!

    • I was wondering the same thing. :0

    • I also have #387 I wanna know whats inside so badly!!!

    • I got 387 today. It had the OUAI hair products, Lancome concentrate, Ciate highlighter, Make Up Forever lipstick, and the Anastasia brow gel. Meh…

      • Thank you, Jess! I’m actually happy to try the Lancôme, and the lipstick is at least something I’ll use. Not stoked on the brow gel, but all in all this is probably better than alot of the other boxes for me.

      • Thank you Jess for replying!

  13. I feel like Sephora is either not trying to curate boxes towards our profiles at all, or they are trying so hard to keep them secret that they’re screwing up. I’m clearly listed as brunette and received blonde hair shampoos?! I’m African American 🤦🏻‍♀️ This is like the 3rd Sephora play that has been a TOTAL miss for me. If next month isn’t redeeming, I’m out!

    • I feel the same way you do! They should just be honest and say that the variations come more from the fact that they don’t have enough or any given sample to distribute to all, not because they take one look at your profile. I’m really close to cancelling as well. It’s not fun to get another makeup item that looks completely wrong on darker skin.
      I’m also annoyed about the Lancome sample. It seems like only a couple box numbers actually got the sample, and that seemed to the be the high ticket item they sent to this site to keep people interested. It feels deceptive.

      • Yes! That and the NARS, I would have loved to try that. Ugh. I think you’re right and I don’t know if I should keep hanging around. I want to try out Izzy and Liv, I keep hearing good things about their box! 😀

    • I agree I’m black and most of the stuff in this box I can’t use. Every month it’s at least two or more items I can’t use, so it’s like I’m wasting money.

  14. How are box #338 and box # 239 different? They look the same to me.

    • The difference is the type of Ouai Shampoo/Conditioner – #338 is Repair and #239 is Volume. Hope that helps!

      • Great! Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  15. It seems that mine is the only box NOT getting the awesome Makeup For Ever lipstick, which is VERY disappointing. What do they base this on anyway? I don’t recall whether or not I filled out a profile when I started this box last year, but I do know that lip color products are my favorite things to get in sample boxes and I definitely would have made that known.

    • You can literally HAVE mine, I’m so tired of it! Swap for something else? Kearstin1at

  16. i’m getting tired of the ouai shampoo/conditioner samples. I feel I’ve received plenty. . . I know they are a bonus item . . but still . . .

    I also wish I was getting the Laneige sleeping mask, because I love it! But other than the ouai hair products, every thing else in my box is new to me – which is the purpose of a sample box.

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