Oui Please Volume 3.5 Box FULL Spoilers!

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We have FULL spoilers for the Volume 3.5 Oui Please box!

Each box will include:



What do you think of the spoilers? Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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  1. i still have not received my box a month after the “Your box is shipping!” email. /sigh

    • Contact them for sure. I have no idea what’s going on with their system, but I fell through the cracks. It took ages to get through, but they are sending me a box and I expect to receive it this week.

  2. I got my shipping notice on Aug 22. STILL do not have tracking info, and no sign of my box. Emailed them yesterday and hoping to hear something back soon. This has happened with EVERY box in my Annual. Such a nightmare. They straight up lied to me when they said they’d ship me something “extra” to make up for box 3.3 being such a sham. (That was in March.) Still yet to see the “extra” they offered to keep me from canceling my Annual.

    This sub should come with a Warning label. It has been the most frustrating, inconsistent, and disappointing subscription box I’ve ever had.

  3. I got one lip balm but it says we get both. I did like the bag I chose and the earrings in coral but I can’t use any of the skincare. This was my last box and I’m okay with that.

  4. The customer service for this box is so bad. HORRIBLE. I cancelled my subscription in December 2017. Guess what I get every season from them? A box I didn’t order, another round of conversations with “Ashley” who always claims she somehow missed the numerous messages from me about cancelling, despite my including them in the gazillionth exchange expressing my dismay. And yes, on Sunday my pal “Ashley” sent me an email telling my box has shipped. It would be funny if the box wasn’t so expensive and out of my current budget. STEER CLEAR OF THIS ONE, FOLKS

  5. I actually really like the looks of this box, a lot and for me that’s saying a lot!! I don’t currently have the funds but if I did I might would risk it since it seems like their delivering what they promised this time. But at the same time they’ve been SO shady that I don’t know if I’m comfortable giving them the money if I had it! Oh to dream of sub boxes! Lol

  6. I avoided a swap once because a person asked to swap with me but she had multiple open swaps so MSA sent me a message saying this could be a dangerous swap because the person had multiple open swaps. I guess that’s a red flag. So I just said no to the person. Another red flag is if the person doesn’t post their own pictures of their item at all. For example I once saw a person had a swap list that had all only pics pulled from the internet none that they had taken. I always take my own pictures so people know exactly what they’re getting

    • I’ve not had an issue swapping, so I don’t think a few bad apples should scare you away. If someone has lots of positive reviews you should feel confident it will be OK.

    • Hmm, I’ve never posted my own pictures unless it’s a brand new item, and on the mobile site you can’t even see the pictures people post when you’re adding additional items to a swap….i don’t really think that should be a red flag I don’t think most people post their own pictures because it looks the same as the stock picture…

      • Agreed

      • Yep, some of us work full time and can’t dedicate too much time to swap listings, lol.

    • Suzanne – Are you new to swapping? Probably about 99% of listings are stock photos on swaps. It’s how we all do it because we all have the same item and list under the same listings. You have the option to post your own picture, but there’s no point unless your item is different, damaged, Ect. If your making your own listings you are doing it wrong and cluttering up the swap site with irrelevant duplicate listings.

  7. Got my box last night. I did receive everything listed, although a variant of the earring color. I also got a bar of lavender soap and a tiny cocoa butter balm. They usually send out a bar of soap each season. While there were no bait and switches this time, I am not particularly crazy about anything in this box. The crossbody colorful bag is MUCH brighter in real life and had I known I’d have chosen the black and white. Maybe I’ll gift it, as it’s insanely bright!

  8. My “summer box” arrived at the end of August, with almost nothing themed to summer in it. Um, I guess that’s good?

  9. What – no crushed cookies valued at $20? Good luck to OP subscribers – they do seem to be making an effort, but I wouldn’t dare subscribe to them ever again, aside from which, now they look like an overpriced beauty box. Wishing OP and their subscribers well, but I remain cynical.

    • IMO, there’s a lot of value in this edition of the box (compared with prior editions), however, if I’d subscribed at the full $150/box, I’d be very upset.

      • There is. I was able to find most stuff on the internet. THe purse is about $50, the serum $90, the kadaly cream is $25, the codage toner is about $48, the earring are about $50. Couldn’t find a price on the soap, trial size of the mask or lip balm. Although the box was beauty heavy, it was still a good value if you are annual subscriber and got 30% on top of that. I hope OP can continue to get it together and improve a bit and I will consider resubscribing when my last box is done.

    • Yep way too much beauty.

  10. Hard to get excited about Oui Please now that I’ve been completely taken advantage of by them. I bought 2 full year subs, received 10 boxes & now they’re saying my sub is over. I’ve sent numerous emails proving I still have 2 boxes left & get no reply.

    Also got swaplifted this week. Shady subs & swappers are taking the fun out of it.

    • What is swaplisted?

      • Swaplifted is when you send your swap to someone, but they don’t send their swap to you.

    • Oh no! How’d it happen? I haven’t had it happen to me yet but I’m always nervous about it.

      • I’ve had over 600 swaps & have been on the swap site since the very beginning. This is only the 3rd time it’s happened, but it’s the largest one.

        The person I swapped with has 16 positive, but has 7 in progress-I really hope that it doesn’t mean 6 other people are in the process of getting stolen from….

        We agreed on the swap 8/11 & she hasn’t shipped or responded to my notes.

        At this point, being an enthusiastic swapper & subscriber has resulted in being stolen from 4 times: 3 swaps + Oui Please… I’m starting to not only lose interest in MSA, but also feel like a rube.

        • Oh my goodness it’s happened 3 times?!? Ok from now on I will wait to actually ship out until they provide a tracking number as well. I would be so mad! Did you message her that if you don’t receive a tracking number you will have to report her and leave a negative review?!? That way she doesn’t do it to other people. Or it will get her in gear to ship out so she doesn’t receive a negative review.

        • Oh my goodness that is terrible!! I have been nervous to try to swap so I think I will stay away. You should report her and leave a negative review like Tara said.

          • I’ve not had an issue swapping, so I don’t think a few bad apples should scare you away. If someone has lots of positive reviews you should feel confident it will be OK.

        • 8/11 is only 12 days; that’s not that bad — your swap could still be coming. Her not responding isn’t a great sign, but sometimes things come up and people can’t respond. Don’t lose hope yet!

          • I have reached out to MSA & am hesitant to leave negative feedback until I’m sure of what is going on.

            Normally I wouldn’t think anything of it. It’s the combination of not shipping, not responding & accruing more swaps in progress that has me concerned.

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